Down By The Mudslide

Monaco Bay Weyr - Blocked Road [TP Room]
Where once a road ran along the base of a cliff there now is destruction. The recent rains caused the cliffside to give way, slumping down onto the roadway and causing further destruction to a stand of trees on the other side.

Someone has started trying to chip away at the unwanted roadblock and several shovels have been piled up near the edge of the road.

Group: Monaco Bay Weyr
Title: Landslide!

It was inevitable with the amount of rain that had fallen that something would go wrong eventually. Word came slowly that a landslip had occurred blocking off the road to one of the minor holds. As soon as it was deemed safe the weyr sent a group to help dig out the road.

((OOC - Come play in the mud! Help dig out the road and… well just that would be a bit dull wouldn't it. See what else is discovered. @tel #4789!))

The rain has slowly tailed off, stopping completely about an hour before word managed to reach the weyr that there had been a mudslide. As quickly as possible a team was dispatched to the area and once declared safe more were rounded up to aid with the clearing of the road. Upon arrival it quickly becomes clear that there is little in the way of leadership here, and people are all doing whatever things they feel the should - in some cases not very much at all.

Pleased with the rain in Ceresth and she has been most of the time it's been raining actually. Of late it's been all Vanessa can do to keep the small, shivering, Gold from just diving into mud puddles to color her hide a muddy brown. So it's in the middle of one bath that they get the news of a mudslide. Immediately Ceresth is wanting to go help. After all she's a Queen and there's no one better suited for helping out in a situation like this than her. Only..well there are others suited better for Vanessa really knows little of rescue word but…she mounts up in some old, worn out clothing. Tossing on Ceresth's straps the pair heads to where they told it was at, only half-bathed. It's a swirl of muddy brown and Gold seen as they land and immediately Vanessa looks about to see who is in charge. She grabs the arm of a man she comes up to and tries to pull him around to face her. "Who's in charge here?"

An eloquent "Huh?" is the immediate reply to Vanessa's question, but the man quickly follows it up by pointing in the direction of a cluster of people near some shovels. Of these people there's one man that stands out simply by the fact that he's the cleanest of the group, a woman who is clearly Not Happy, a younger man leaning heavily on a shovel and looking bored, and a girl that seems mostly intent on staring at the bored youth. Quite the rescue party. Another 3 dragons land a little way off, quickly depositing another cluster of people and then heading back to the Weyr for more.

Vanessa follows the direction of the pointing finger and with a vague 'thanks' she heads off that way. Quickly sizing up the group her gaze slides over bored man, staring girl and Not happy woman..which leaves mostly clean man. "I'm Vanessa and that's Ceresth." one thumb gets jerked backwards over one shoulder to the queen who is now sprawled out in presumably the biggest mud puddle she could find. Vanessa can only stifle a groan at that for even though she has not turned around to see it she just /knows/ what her life mate has done. "More are coming to aid." as is evident ny the three dragons dropping off people. "What's the situation?"

As the Clean Man opens his mouth to speak the Angry Woman cuts in before he so much as finishes breathing. "The situation is that nobody knows what is happening and, frankly, for all the shouting he's been doing you'd think this one would actually lift a shovel but he thinks he's too good for that." As she rants the man looks more and more shocked, eventually adding a quiet, "Well someone needs to supervise." From the direction of the newly arrived comes a call of "Did someone send for a miner?" which seems to please the Angry Woman as she replies with "Finally." and stalks off in that direction.

Well that makes it as clear as mud. An amused smirk crosses Vanessa's expression as she listens to Angry Woman rant about Clean Man. "Supervision often means getting your hands dirty." she advices him kindly. "Now then..from what I can see there was a pretty good mudslide to cover the road. Was anyone hurt? And have you more shovels?" she digs into her old jacket she threw on and pulls out a pair of dark brown work gloves. "I brought gloves." is pointed out needlessly.

Perhaps surprisingly it's the Quiet Girl that speaks up. "Wasn't anybody in the road when it came down, they were running late. That's why she's mad. She was supposed to meet someone and now she's late and they probably had a lucky escape from her." A snort of laughter comes from the young man, the Clean Man simply looks skywards and smirks. "There're a bunch of shovels, only nobody really knew where to start cause we don't want more to fall."

"Well…can't you just start tossing the mud away.." questions Vanessa though she trails off in thought as he mentions not wanting any more to fall. "She always that angry?" she wonders as she looks in the direction that the Angry one went. By now the passengers of the three dragons have approached and are gathered around Vanessa. Quirking a brow she gestures towards where shovels are no doubt laid out. "Find some heavy gloves too if you've not brought any of your own." she adds.

There are a few muttered "Yes ma'am"'s thrown at Vanessa as people move to get started, the bored youth being one of the first to move and actually get digging. The clean man shrugs out of his jacket, hangs it on the handle of a shovel, and actually moves to help. The quiet girl's eyes grow wide, but she manages a nod before the Angry Woman comes back and addresses the young goldrider. "Apparently you're in charge. I can't dig, I have a bad back, so hurry up there's a good girl."

Great, she's in charge. Not truly what she wanted but the youngest Jr. Weyrwoman straightens her shoulders slightly. "Aye, then. If you can't dig then what /can/ you do?" she inquires of Angry One with only a brief narrowing of her eyes as she's called a 'good girl' and to hurry up. Gesturing with one hand for Angry to follow she strides to where the other workers are assembled in half hearted attempts to start to clear. Not knowing to much she orders. "You, you and you." she points to three people, two of them being Quiet Girl and Clean Man. "Start clearing /that/ side." she gestures towards the left of the slide. "You and you and you." three others are pointed at and directed. "You guys work on that side." her idea? To meet in the middle? Perhaps.

"Well actually…" The Angry Lady begins, but as Vanessa moves off she stammers to a halt. "Well really!" It seems she's determined to be angry no matter what happens. The workers, the real workers, actually get moving quite quickly once there's someone there to get them started. And pretty soon the clean man has definitely lost that title, and the bored youth has gone so far as to take off his shirt - an act that very much pleased the quiet girl. If the angry woman had not stomped off again in the huff then doubtless she would have been horrified. The mud is fairly easy to move, not yet dried and hardened.

Vanessa barely flickers a glance behind her to notice Angry Lady didn't follow. Dismissing her from any further thought she grabs a shovel and starts helping the digging process on the right side of the slide. It's easy at first and the turns that have passed since she's Impressed Ceresth has certainly improved her endurance and arm muscles. After a minute she starts whistling a working tune. It's off tune but she's trying!

Another dragon load of workers arrive, falling into place with barely a word, and pretty soon the roadblock is being dug away at from both sides with increasing vigor. The man digging next to Vanessa picks up her tune, and tries to whistle along. He also is musically challenged but it's not long before the tune begins to spread and take on a life of its own over and around the mudslide.

Pleased that her whistled tune is catching on, Vanessa keeps whistling and digging. Work work. Zug Zug. Work Work. Easy turns to rougher until she finally has to pause. Leaning on the handle of the shovel she looks about her to see the progress they've made so far.

Despite all the diggers it's slow work, though perhaps that is down to the small number of wheelbarrows that have been acquired to move the mud that's been dug out. The angry lady is still angry, still sulking, and still mostly clean, but even she startles as a scream comes from the far side of the mound. A female voice shouts "It's a face!" quickly followed by a man replying, "It's a doll, you wherry. Must've been dropped at some point, got swept down."

The cavalry has arrived! Actually no. A weyrling has arrived. S'dny had been told that his assistance was needed with digging out a road that had been covered by a mud slide. In his past life he probably would have declined politely and hit the bar to drink himself silly, but when you are a weyrling you do what you are told. Slowly but surely he come upon the scene and sighs. Great that just looks like fun. So. Much. Fun. He spies Vanessa and gives her a salute as he begins to shovel away at the dirt pile.

Vanessa casts a weary salute. "Be careful digging. I imagine too much movement could cause more to slide." warns Vanessa towards S'dny. "Glad you could come help." a muddy hand crosses her brow leaving behind a muddy smear. At the cry of 'it's a face' she's taken two steps that direction before it's also heard to be a doll. With a shaky laugh she lifts her shovel to start digging once more.

Over the mound drifts the continued arguement. "Well it looked real." "Seriously? When did you last see someone with sewn on lips." "Well it could have been!" "Just dig." Another voice pipes up from the cliff end of the mound. "Hey someone come look at this!"

"I'll keep that in mind…" S'dny says as he begins to work carefully on the large pile blocking the road. He does glance over to the weyrwoman though, "Ma'am are you sure you should be out here doing this? Certainly there are others that could take your place." Not that he'd begrudge her if she wished to be here, but his is a weyrwoman after all. They should be granted a certain level of deference. And it isn't long before he hears the shout to come look at this, and that is precisely what he does. He stops his work and moves over toward the cliff end of the pile.

"Why..*shovel* should I *toss* be out here * shovel* *toss*. Mud is flung with less energy now than in the beginning of this. "As Jr. Weyrwoman I should be involved in anything I can be and help was needed here." is her logic on this matter. "Now it's not like Fi is out here as Senior though certainly I wouldn't stop her if she did come out here." at the sound of the shout she too is stepping behind S'dny, the weyrling being quite a bit taller than her so she's hidden perfectly behind him as they go to investigate.

Across at the cliff one of the diggers has a new party trick and is showing their disappearing shovel to everyone that gathered around. "It's a hole!" He's very observant, but also very hopeful. "Bet it's full of smuggled stuff! Or… or… Stuff!"

One of the advantages of being tall is that you get a good look at everything even if there is a crowd. He really is almost sorry he stopped digging, "Yes it's a hole." S'dny replies. Good job! That one is a towering intellect right there. He shifts to turn and walk back toward where he was already digging, "I understand." he says to Vanessa, "…but is there another way you could help that would be easier for you?" Not that its easy for anyone, but still.

Vanessa stands her ground with arms crossed, glaring at the weyrling. When he turns to return to digging he'll either have to side step around her, walk through her, or stop before doing either of those things. "Why easier for me? Just cause I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't do hard work!" the announcement of mysterious stuff down the hole does pique her interest but first she wants an answer from the man who towers over her.

Maybe it's the potential for treasure, maybe it's just sheer curiosity, but as S'dny moves off towards Vanessa there comes a flurry of activity next to the cliff. Forget clearing the road, it seems that the hole is much more interesting to them.

S'dny finds his path blocked by the young woman, "Doesn't have anything to do with being a girl. Women are capable of hard work." He wouldn't object in the least to see Reya or L'ei out here, "It's because as a weywoman you deserve better than having to dig through a large pile of mud. You have to put up with too much already." Does he actually care that much? The expression on his face remains fairly neutral so its hard to tell, "At least I think so anyway." His reply finished he tries to step around her to go back to work if she will let him. As he does so he glances back toward the crowd around the hole, "Great…less people to help dig."

And in a minute there'll be one less person digging as well since Vanessa's curiosity is peaked. Her ire melts away quickly at S'dny's explanation. "I wanted to help. No matter what other stuff I have to do…well, this is as important too." briefly she lays a hand on his arm as she implores him not to be upset at her having to help. Quickly though she removes her hand. "Come on…lets see what they found! A couple minutes stoppage from digging won't matter." she's stepping towards the hole.

There's a flurry of digging going on, far more enthusiastically than before. "He's right, it's a cave!" "Treasure!" "Anyone got a light?" A fair amount of mud has been cleared revealing an opening that a person could easily fit through.

S'dny has had to put up with all kinds of emotions since he impressed, emotions that he had long thought dead and buried. At least as burried as this road is. The combination of life, lack of drink, and a dragon has broken though the wall. If he was ever upset he did a good job of not showing any bodily or facial expressions of irritation, "As long as you want to be here its fine with me…" When she lays her hand on his arm he doesn't pull away, and follows after her to take a look at the hole in the ground leading to the cave, "Why do you think there is treasure inside?" he asks. His eyes glaze for a moment as he calls for someone who he knows can see through any darkness. And sure enough Marzoth appears in fairly short order walking irritably down the road. It isn't nightime yet, and so the dragon is wearing his odd dark goggles. S'dny looks back toward the road and instantly answers the dragons concern, "You don't look stupid you look fine, come here."

"Of course he looks fine." Ceresth who has been idly watching and simply waiting to see if she's needed, perks up with some interest as she spies Marzoth. A crooning warble of greeting is cast to the bronze. Vanessa looks excitedly to the cave that's been unearthed. "Ooh, can we go down it you think? Who's got light? We should check this out!"

"It's a hidden cave, of /course/ there's treasure." The reply to S'dny's question is delivered in a definite 'duh' tone of voice. Marzoth's arrival warrants a few interested glances, but no intense scrutiny - yet. "Who's gonna go first?" "Chuck a stone in, see how deep it is." Everyone seems to have an opinion on how to proceed.

S'dny speaks up when he sees his dragon starting to get odd looks, "Let him take a look. He'll be able to tell you what's inside. Won't matter if its dark." Marzoth snorts at the looks he gets, very much looking like he'd be willing to step on the first person to ask a question. At the greeting from the gold he turns to her, holds his head very high and inclines his chin just slightly in a silent greeting before he begins to lumber off toward the hold, "Give him some space everyone." Syd calls out, he'd hate to see him cause some kind of injury and Marzoth probably would care little.

Ceresth snorts once as she too meanders closer to see what is going on. She didn't like the plain greeting she got from the bronze! « Little one. You are growing well! » her mind thoughts are a shower of color cascading across his mind. Vanessa stays by S'dny's side to watch on curiously.
As Marzoth approaches the crowd of diggers parts, and those mildly interested looks become all out stares. In a voice that is probably not meant to carry as much as it does one man comments, "Not ugly enough to be a wher, but shells it's weird." and is rewarded with an elbow in the ribs from a friend.

Marzoth had bad manners to begin with, but is learning to be sociable. The gestures he is imitating now he learned Kanekith when he visited. The weyrleaders Bronze had been just as aloof, and so Marzoth figured that is the way of those with power, and boy does Marzoth want power, «Yes. I am strong.» The darkness of the young bronzes ancient forest reaches out to try to cover the golds colors. The dark trees sway gently in the warm night air. Though as the comment rings in his mind the trees stop suddenly and all light in the forest goes out suddenly. The dragon's eyes, which were already red to begin with shine all the brighter. The dark bronze raises his right front claw to point to the general area where he heard the comment, while at the same time fixing the man with a stare, «Peasant!» is the word that rings out for S'dny and no doubt Ceresth to hear as well. S'dny has never been good at controlling Marzoth, there are times when its even odds that he can be convinced at all. The man can only intervene before things get worse, "Apologize to him. Quickly…like you mean it." the harper warns. The hole has been forgotten by the dragon for the moment.

Vanessa looks shocked at the insult that's heard. The reaction from Marzoth is heard through Ceresth as well as seen as Marzoth lifts a front claw and turns his head to glare with his bright red eyes. Immediately Vanessa calls out. "Ceresth!" to her the immediate problem isn't getting the apology but is getting Marzoth to back off. Ceresth's mind is suddenly pressing hard against Marzoth's thoughts with a rumbling growl rolling low through her mental tone as she orders. « Marzoth! Calm down right /now/. We do not hurt men! »

Were the ground to open up and swallow him now the man that made the comment would be extremely happy. In the blink of an eye the people near him sidled a step or two away and the colour drains from his face. "S…s…sorry. I'm sorry!" There's real panic in his voice, and if it hadn't been for fear causing his body to freeze up there's a good chance he'd be curled up in a ball by now.

Marzoth cannot help but comply with the gold's orders, even if he resents them terribly, and freezes in his spot. His mind still a sea of darkness, «I…will……not damage him.» He breathes in deeply. He can't even enjoy the state of the other man now, too wrapped up in his own plight, «The peasant insulted me. I am not ugly.» Terribly insecure though for sure. S'dny raises his hand, "Weyrwoman…it's alright. He won't hurt him. Please let him go…" he begs, not only for his dragon's sake, but for everyone involved. He crosses the space toward Vanessa to try to address her as quietly as he can hoping that he can defuse this quickly, "He never forgives. The longer she holds him the more he will resent it.." And the more posturing Syd will have to put up with as the dragon goes over the situation again and again.

Amusement, briefly, flickers on Vanessa's expression as Ceresth relays the peasant remark. Where does he learn to speak like that! However though quick enough she's turning more serious with a quiet conversation to Ceresth. "She'll not hold him longer than needed." murmurs Nessa to reassure the weyrling. Indeed the pressure on Marzoth lifts as soon as Marzoth says he won't do harm to the person. However she still hovers close both physically and mentally to the young bronze. "You shouldn't worry he would resent his queen. She restrains when needed." is commented quietly. For now her concerned gaze lands fully on S'dny and the others are momentarily forgotten. "You must learn to work with him. He can not threaten someone like that and not expect consequences. We'll discuss this more at length back home. For now." and now her gaze flickers to the scene behind them. "We work here."

As soon as his brain frees up the man with the poor thought process buckles slightly at the knees, and were it not for a hand on his shoulder from behind that drags him away from the situation, there likely would have been a puddle of man lying on the mound. "We'll just… work over here." The man vanishes from sight, his friend easily heard as he berates him all the way to the tree line and beyond. They're going to work on the very end of the mudslide. The very /very/ end. Around the opening a few remain, though it seems they're slightly less enthusiastic about it than before. Eventually one young man offers, "I've got some rope."

Marzoth, once he is free of the gold's control, snorts and stares at the man in the crowd. Doing his best to memorize his face. Oh sure, he will forget in time..but he will force S'dny to remember for him. Nothing must be left to chance. Not ever. The bronze turns away from the crowd to look back at the gold for just a moment as if studying her before he heads off to do what he came her to do. S'dny sighs in relief as the situation seems to be going back to normal, "Weyrwoman. With the greatest respect…you don't know him." And she doesnt' have to live with him at the end of the day, "He's…kind of scary…sometimes." Indeed Syd spent the first few weeks getting bullied around before the young bronze had any conception that others had feelings, "He's so much better than he was." he's quick to point out. The bronze is now poking his head into the cavern to see what he can see.

"Of course I don't know him though as Junior weyrwoman I should learn of all the newest weyrlings and especially bronzes." Vanessa says quietly. "I am no judging, S'dny. Merely trying to advise is all. "As he grows older he'll change and perhaps mellow a bit more. Don't worry." a slender hand lays lightly on S'dny's shoulder. "Still though punishment must happen for he threatened another person. Regardless if I know him or not it really is unacceptable and he has to learn he can't do that. Keeping his temper in check may be difficult but over time it's exactly what I expect you to learn to do." with that said she smiles brightly. "Now! Why don't we see what's going on over there."

As Marzoth moves to the cave entrance the group parts around him, each person standing just one step too far away to be casual except for one young girl. She quite happily attempts to stick her head into the cave right alongside Marzoth's, and follows it up with the very observant comment of, "It's really dark."

S'dny is still rather surprised that he impressed at all. Landing here with Marzoth has been a massive detour in the road of his life, not that the road had been going anywhere really…except perhaps toward liver failure. All S'dny can do is just nod his head to what the weyrwoman has to say, "I certainly hope so." Though he has his doubts. Marzoth ignores the young girl sticking her head in. He scans the room quickly enough and conveys the visual information to his lifemate. He pulls his head out from the hole to address S'dny and Ceresth, «It's a hole.» he annouces with little fanfare before he looks down to S'dny, «This is boring, and the people are rude.» he adds for emphasis as he surveys the crowd, «And most of them shouldn't talk about being ugly.» With that assessment of the situation he wanders to try to find some shade, for its too bright out here. S'dny listens to Marzoth and takes in the visual, "There's a room there…pretty big. And a tunnel leading off. Thats all that he can see from here." He politely leaves off the other things that were said.

Ceresth gives a mental snort. « Be patient my son! » she advices. « What is in the hole? » Vanessa moves to peek as best she can into the uncovered hole, standing right on the edge. "Oooh, can't we get some light in here? We've got to send people in. I'll go in. S'dny can go with me." turning her head she points to three others. "Them too. Find light!"

"Um… we've got some little glows but I don't know how good they'll be." One man offers, and when he returns with the glows it is proven that little was an accurate description. "My kids love them." He adds, by way of explanation, offering over a handful of pebbles. Even outside they give off a faint greenish light, but it's probably not enough to light a full cave's worth of darkness. "One each?" Before he finishes the word each another man is rigging up the rope so that it falls down into the darkness. "Me first!" Without even grabbing a glow the curious girl grabs the rope and is gone, swallowed by the dark in the cave.

Marzoth would probably be in a better mood if it was the evening, but as it is it is daylight and even with his goggles he hates the light. He hates it so very much. He mentally wraps himself in as much of the darkness as his forest can provide before answering the gold, «Son?» he questions. He has difficulty grasping personal connections, «What is this?» he asks tentatively, before continuing on, «It is a room. There is a tunnel off of it. Not too different from home.» Meaning the barracks of course, «It is empty.» S'dny has already seen inside the cave in his own way, but will need the light as well so he takes one of the glows and readies himself to head down the hole.

«Son only because you came from my clutch. Naturally I have strong children and when you grow you'll be an equal to myself! » there's only a slight haughtiness from the small, shivering queen who lurks nearby. With her thoughts the aromas and warmth of fresh cut grass and fruits attempt to wrap around the darkness of Marzoth's forests. Dark golds and yellows dance playfully.

"Empty?" questions Vanessa sadly. "It can't be empty!" cause that would make this a boring discovering. Stifling a yelp as suddenly the curious girl goes down quickly Vanessa doesn't think twice but grabs the rope to and follows without taking the pebble of a glow.

Marzoth considers the words of the gold long and hard before answering, haughtiness is something he understands very well, and is more relateable than warm fuzzy feelings. The darkness lessens just a touch as he says, «I will be equal to you?» All of his young life he has been surrounded by strong females. So this concept appeals greatly. S'dny gives a small shrug, "I'm sorry…but in that main room there is nothing. If there is something in the tunnel it couldn't be seen." After the weyrwoman disappears he hops inside after her, "Are you sure this is a good idea…" he calls through the darkness.

"Not empty any more." The previously-bored-youth comments, grabbing a handful of the glows before calling into the hole, "Elly you better not have broken anything, your Da'll have my hide." He has to do a bit of juggling to do before he manages to get a safe grip on the roap and the glows before he too slides down into the darkness.

Continued in… Forgotten Caves!

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