Bright lights, dark goggles. ( Unmounted flight lesson)

Monaco Bay Weyr - Weyrling Barracks

Huge in its own right, this series of interlinked caverns is the complex that houses both candidates and weyrlings. Fashioned out of a multitude of hollows, it serves as a central gathering area as well as classroom. A number of deep pockets have been laborously smoothed to provide comfortable dwellings for the young dragons and their riders away from the weather of the central area, and affording them some privacy but not much. Above, the cavern opens to the sky, holding out the worst of the island's weather but allowing an aerial exit and providing natural lighting to the area. Branching off from this cavern is an opening that leads to the exercise yard, and another carved passage that leads onto the hatching sands - though this entrance is typically closed tight to prevent mischief.

It's been a couple months since Vanessa's been able to visit the weyrlings. Little details of being a junior weyrwoman have kept her busy plus the rain's been coming down like crazy! Though outside the clouds are gathering for what could be one hell of a storm to hit soon the rain is not here yet. So mid-morning brings a Vanessa strolling into the barracks and all smiles. "Alright! Weyrlings drop what you're doing. We're having a lesson! Time to get these dragons in the air!"

Marzoth is doing what Marzoth does best. He has found the darkest corner of the barracks and is surveying the barracks like they are his personal domain. He holds his head high and regal like he had witnessed the other evening when Xanadu's weyrleader and his dragon had come for a visit. His eyes glow red, though for Marzoth that isn't necessarily an indication of anger, that just seems to be his default color. Especially when he can see clearly in the darkness. Syd is in the corner with him having a little conference, "I know. It isn't good…" The dragon snorts and regards the rider when an intense expression, "We'll have our time. We will…" It's then that Vanessa with her ever bubbly smile appears, "Weyrwoman." he says with a salute. Syd steps forward as does Marzoth whose eyes shift to something of a whirl when he steps into the light.
Along with S'dny stepping forward so does Q'uark, weyrling to green Paavelith. "Yes ma'am." says the lad with excitement in his tone.

Vanessa waits patiently until several have stepped up. "Good. Now it's not raining again but it could pour at any moment so we better be quick. It's unmounted so really we don't need the straps but they should be used to flying with them on anyways so…" Vanessa looks thoughtful a moment. "So bring them along also. Everyone meet me outside in 5 minutes!" with that she turns to depart, her boot heels clicking quickly on the ground as she strides out.

S'dny grabs the straps that he has made for Marzoth. It was actually a good deal more simple than he'd thought. Just a matter of reading and following directions, much like maing instruments back in his old apprentice days. He puts the straps onto his dragon and in just a few minutes both he and Marzoth walk slowly onto the training field following in the direction of where the weyrwoman had gone. The dragon has also been fitted with something else the that the harper had cobbled together. A strap around his head holding in place what look to be a pair of dark goggles, not unlike what riders themselves wear when they are flying between, «It will work.» The dragon says to his rider, "I certainly hope so. If it doesn't land.”

Sheltered from the direct heat of the day and the storms of the season by the rocky walls of the weyr, this exercise yard holds a thick layer of lush grass. The yard offers room enough for the entire class of weyrlings to stretch, romp, and practice behind a tall wooden palisade meant to keep the pre-flight dragons from wandering off too far. To the west, just against the palisade, a small coral of ovines and caprines has been erected for convenience. A freshwater pump is installed to the north, against the wall of the caverns, to provide just enough water flow to clean a weyrling dragon after a meal. When the palisade gate is open, there is a clear, stone-lined path leading towards the paradise river and the designated weyrling beach.

Vanessa waits for the weyrlings to arrive in the middle of the yard. Grinning at them she notes the curious thing that Marzoth wears. "What's that?" she asks with a gesture to the 'dark goggles’.

S'dny takes a deep breath. He'd been sure he would be getting that question. He looks to Marzoth and gives him a gentle pat on the shoulder knowing how hard it is for him, "During the day he can't see very well. So I thought I'd try to make him something to wear that would keep things dark." Marzoth just snorts, his dignity wounded by others knowing this. Syd looks to the bronze and sighs, "Marzoth she won't tell anyone..and the other werylings all know already. It's better that you fly safe than hold onto your pride and have an accident."

Looking worried, Vanessa asks. "Have you seen the dragon healers yet? To see why he doesn't see well during the day?" the lesson momentarily forgotten she steps forward to peer curiously towards Marzoth. "Is he upset at wearing those? Will he be okay to fly today? We can wait if you want." she gives him the option.

S'dny shakes his head, "He hasn't seen a healer yet. I told a healer about it and she said she was going to have her friend who was a dragon healer come and look at him but she hasn't come yet." The dragon snorts one more time not liking his problem to bet he focus of so much attention which catches Syd's attention. The dragon fixes him with a gaze, "He says that when he wears them he can see fine in the light, but that he doesn't like being different, at least thats the gist of it.”

Vanessa looks thoughtful as she considers. "Who did you speak with? Surely we could find someone at the weyr to look at him. It's really something that shouldn't wait too much longer." she fixes the bronze with a warm smile. "Nothing wrong with being different, Marzoth." with that she steps back to her former position in the yard. "Alright then!" she calls attention to the others that are out here. "We'll start by having them stretch out their wings for a few minutes. Their first flights will be short so that their muscles are not overly strained. But from now on it'll be up to you to ensure they fly a little bit everyday so that we build up to mounted flights.”

"Kera. She's a healer from Xanadu. She said that her weyrwoman was a dragonhealer and that she'd speak to her about it." Syd explains to Vanessa. Syd can only shrug as Marzoth interrupts his thoughts with a rather irritated stream of thoughts that causes Syd to pause in his speaking. The rider taps his bronze on the shoulder to try to catch his attention and get him to stop, "Where did you even learn some of the words?" he asks softly trying not to call attention to himself. He then turns back toward the weyrwoman, "I think I would like that." he says to her nodding. Marzoth has already moved on to stretching his wings, he will show everyone just how capable he is. He's mastered every lesson up to this point and he won't let his difficulty slow him down.

Vanessa misses the quiet conversation between Syd and Marzoth as her attention is on the rest of the class as they stretch. After several minutes she claps her hands for attention. "Okay then!" her gaze sweeps the area. "Syd..let's let Marzoth show us how well you two have absorbed your lessons on flight so far. Have him take off and fly the length of the training yard here and land all the way down there." a hand gestures to the opposite end of the field.

The moment of truth has arrived for Marzoth. The dragon has been practicing, and learning all that he could. He would feel extra confident if the lesson had been taking place at night, but alas most of them take place under the bright rays of Rukbat. Though he can at least be thankful for the goggles and for the cloudy skies. Syd steps away from the lithe bronze and calls out to him, "Marzoth don't over do anything. Just keep it simple. There will be time later to really show what you are capable of." Sure the hardheaded bronze probably won't listen, especially with an audience…but he had to try. Marzoth stretches his wings one last time before he breathes in deeply to center himself and then takes a few quick steps forward while at the same time he gives his wings a few strong flaps trying to get himself up off of the ground. On the third flap he feels his claws leave the earth for the first time. Becoming more bold with every passing moment he begins to build his rythmn soaring not too far off the ground toward the other end of the field. «This is not hard.» he mentally projects to his rider, his dark forest gently swaying in the wind. »Don't get cocky about it.« Syd sends right back to him. As the bronze nears his goal he begins to ponder a question he hadn't really considered, «How do you land?» he asks. »What do you mean?« Syd responds in alarm. The bronze gives his head a bit of a shake and grunts, «I will figure it out myself.» Oh great. The bronze flares his wings to slow him down and then reaches out a claw to try to touch the earth, which he sorta does…for a moment before his wings continue to carry him along, «*!#@!» he swears as wobbles in the air one wing dipping lower than the other which causes him to become unstable in the air. The steady beat of both wings no longer being maintained causes him to land rather abruptly, though at least he doesn't crash and face plant himself into the ground. He does stumble a bit but eventually comes to a stop. He quickly stands himself as tall and regally as he can. No one saw that right?

Vanessa watches quietly with the others waiting for their turn, her gaze never leaving the sight of the lithe bronze as he takes his first flight. "Very good!" she exclaims as he soars smoothly. There's a moment though that her hands fly to her mouth as she gasps with each wobble he does. Finally though he lands without a face plant. "Excellent! He'll be smoother in the landing over time which is why it is important to practice so that when you are mounted on him you don't topple off with a rough landing." all smiles the jr. Weyrwoman beams at S'dny. Then quickly her attention wanders to a green rider, Q'uark. "Your turn! Let's see how it's done. One by one each weyrling out here gets a chance to take off, soar across the field and then land with little problems each time. No one's landing, though, is perfect and a couple do face plant but with no injuries. "Oh that's wonderful." Vanessa praises each one. "Any questions for me?" is asked to everyone in general.

Marzoth walks away from the spot with his head held high. That's right. He's bad and he knows it. He accepts the praise from the weyrwoman with a slight inclination of his head just as he had seen Kanekith do the the other evening. He is far to cool to accept a compliment with joy. Aloofness is the way of the bronze, at least according to what he had seen. Syd walks over to meet him and offers the bronze a smile, "Nice job." Marzoth doesn't lower his head but simply raises his chin to look down his nose at the world, «I fly the best here, and I will fly better still. When Pern sees me fly they will marvel at my greatness.» Syd can only sigh at his bronze's arrogance, "Buddy we are going to work on your ego ok." he gives him a gentle pat on the leg before looking over to Vanessa with a relieved smile, "Nothing from us, other than perhaps setting up a dragon-healer visit." That will bring the bronze back down off of his high horse.
IVanessa nods. "I'll ask Fi if we've any Dragonhealers who are Master class or above." assures Vanessa. She spares a glance towards the sky where the clouds are gathering thicker than before. "Class dismissed." she tells everyone.

Marzoth still holds his head high, even the prospect of having to see one of those healers can't bring him down. He begins to stride confidently back to the barracks with the other dragons, assured of his own greatness. Syd nods to the weyrwoman and offers her a salute, "Thank you.." and is soon headed back to the barracks.

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