2008-08-27: Talisyth Flies Again


Eastern Weyr - Commons Cavern(#9528RIJM)
A grand stairway leads downward into the cool rock of the commons cavern, a place for socializing and relaxing, as well as an area that provides solid shelter from the seasonal storms of this area. One of the few caverns at Eastern Weyr, the rock here has been worn away by centuries worth of water movement, leaving a nearly glass smooth polish over much of the room. Rocky shelves line the walls on which electric lights covered with paper lanterns rest, providing adequate illumination for the area. High above are further light fixtures, enabling a wide range of lighting options here. A natural pool occupies half of the far end of the cavern and is supplied with heated water piped in by an ingenious techcrafter. All about the room are balconies of rock with stairs leading to them and small dumbwaiters for the purpose of delivering food and drink to their heights.

Talisyth> Eastern Weyr - Feeding Grounds
Talisyth> You stand in the open pasture that serves as the feeding grounds for the dragons of the weyr. All around you are feeding animals of all types and sizes, kept in a huge corrall so that many dragons can feed at once without stampeding the entire mixed herd. Off to one side, up under a lip of rock, an area is picketed up with a large thick door. The barns, attached to the Commons cavern through a rough huen passage, this allows the herds to be protected even in the worst of storms and provides fresh meat to those sheltered within.

Jheina is sitting in a corner, isolated from everyone else who could possibly be mingling in the commons. But her attention isn't focused on staying invisible, but instead on a piece of fabric into which she repeatedly stabs one of her embroidering needles, her brows furrowed together in a grumpy expression.

"Hello my darling Jheina, how are you this /fine/ day?" Es'nak declares to the room at large as he spots the goldrider, beaming broadly as he strides towards her. "You look so cheerful, it brightens my day!"

Talisyth> What had been a peaceful and tranquil early evening is no longer. Talisyth rises from her spot among the high ledges of the Weyr, letting loose a bellow to deafen the dragons within easy hearing distance, and rattle the thinner stone walls. Without a second thought, the autumn gold dives off the ledge and doesn't even give the herd a chance to panic as she pins down an impressive buck, sinking her jaw around the belly of the dying beast and sucking it dry.

Talisyth> What dulcet tones are they, ringing over the feeding grounds? What beauty uttered thusly? Aevisaanth was sunning himself in the clearing nearby, but he roused as soon as he heard the gold. A hop, a jump, a glide, and he lands in the feeding grounds. More specifically, he lands on a herdbeast a distance away from Talisyth, regarding the gold intently as he bloods it as well.

L'ton is escaping from whatever meeting brought him to Eastern, sighing loudly as he's ducking through the caverns. Dodging out of the way of a young woman with a large tray of hot rolls, L'ton's eyes widen slightly and he winks at the girl, elicting a giggle before he's back weaving his way through the tables. However, at the name Jheina, L'ton is turning in the direction of the voice rather nervously, eyeing the woman in the corner, careful to keep a safe distance, though he is offering a waggle of the fingers. "Ah'm sure Zhein would say hi, if'n he could, Jhei-dear." He offers teasingly.

A'ven arrives in the entryway just in time to hear Es'nak's cheerful greeting to Jheina. He sighs, pinching the inner corners of his eyes with the thumb and index of one hand. "Oh, that helps my headache. Thanks a lot, Es'nak.. don't you ever switch off?", he shakes his head irratably and selects a few things to eat. When he sits down though, all he can manage to do is pick at his food.

Talisyth> Dhonzayth had found a lovely ledge high above the Eastern clearing, settled there to watch the various pretty greens and golds while his rider was otherwise occupied. Offering a croon to those who flit and fly past, he's quite relaxed when suddenly the golden one's call is breaking his quiet contemplation. However, its only a moment before Dhonzayth is following suit, diving down after Talisyth towards the grounds, backwinging and catching a wherry with the buffeted winds of his wings, stunning the beast long enough to bring it down under his light-hued bulk, the Istan bronze wasting no time in dropping his muzzle to the beast's throat, draining it of his life to give him a quick burst of speed in his own. Wings spread wide, keeping him balanced as he lifts his head, tongue darting over his muzzle as he watches the gold with faceted eyes showing hints of excited orange.

Hiiiiiisss. Es'nak's voice today make's Jheina's spine go straight and a baleful look is sent his way, but the addition of L'ton's voice makes her eyes light on fire, as her spine then goes rigidly straight. Oh /great/, this is really what the junior needed to add to her day. "You two can just …." For a moment she looks flustered, innate anger dulling even her tongue, "Go between and /stay/ there!" She snaps, possibly loud enough to further irritate A'ven's headache.

Talisyth> Glyith lifts his head and tilts it, suddenly alert. He gathers himself urgently, pausing only for a little stretch as he lumbers over to the grounds, joining the others in their 'fun'. How lovely, an array of four-legged choices. He swings his head into a nearby herdbeast, not bothering with the business of flying such a short distance. The blow catches the unsuspecting beast offguard and it stumbles. It's last, as a talon makes short work of it's underside. He drops his head to drain it.

A'ven blinks back a retort, controlling himself with effort. "I feel like I'm already between.", he says with an attempt at humor. "Maybe I should just put my head down…" He chuckles, doing that. "No… no that doesn't help. Maybe if I have a drink…" He casts a glance about for some wine. That's unusual.

"Ah ain't gonna mess with ya, lil'bit, Ah promise." L'ton even seems to be willing to keep his word, for he's pulling a chair out at the table as far away from her as he can, settling into it with a flop. Running his hand through his hair, it ends up even messier than it started, and then his fingers are grasping the table edge to hold him steady as the firont legs are tipped up from the ground. "And, Ah would have gone Between, and gone back ta Ista, but Ah think yers has mine just a lil'bit distracted. Ah'm sorry Jheina-dear, yer stuck with my company fer just a little bit longer." Though, he does relieve her of his presence for at least a short while, for he's dropping the chair legs back to the floor, and standing once more to go and retrieve a mug of juice, taking a sip where he stands to regard Es'nak and A'ven with competitive curiosity.

"I am not a mechanical contrivance with an off switch, no." Es'nak retorts dryly towards A'ven, then narrows his eyes at L'ton. He hears things about /that/ guy. He's got more kids than golds have eggs! Pfft. Dismissing him, he turns back to smile brightly at Jheina. "You know me, just here to brighten your day."

Talisyth> Talisyth lifts her muzzle from the buck she had brought down, tongue flicking out to catch the dribbles of blood from when she sank her fangs into the beast. Her eyes whirl an irritated crimson, flecked only on occasion by the orange of excitement. Before any of the others can say 'boo', she litterally drags a freshly killed beast away from an intimidated brown who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time as her maw once again latches onto the beast. Draining it to the dregs, her dark talons release their grip on the limp body as her haunches bunch and spring her into the air, massive wings downsweeping with such force a few lingering beasts scamper away.

Talisyth> The instant Talisyth gains the air, Aevisaanth leaps after her, silver-gilt body glimmering in the light as he darts after her. The small bronze uses his large wings to strongly propel himself forward, utilizing every trick he knows as he chases after her. He really knows the skies of Eastern, having been born here. He knows all its currents! A clarion call is sent ahead towards Talisyth, letting her know that he's here, and he is coming. Come my darling! Let us dance together!

Jheina resumes her glaring which is heavily directed at Es'nak, seeing as how L'ton is being a fairly good boy and keeping his distance from her. "You know you /darken/ my day, you cocky excuse for a rider." Now if that was directed totaly at Es'nak that's unsure, part of that jibe was likely meant to go off in L'ton's direction as well, and A'ven is eyed. "Wine does /not/ help headaches." The funny thing is? Besides for the fact her temper rose extremely easy this day, one might not notice that much of a change from her normal attitude.

A'ven rolls his eyes. "Mechanical contrivance?" "Who talks like that?" "Speak plainly, please.. every word hurts. Try to use as few as possible." At that moment, his head snaps towards the entrance, reacting to something outside. In a moment his eye catches Jheina's and his are held fast, looking much longer than he intended. He looks away with effort.

Talisyth> Dhonzayth would chortle if he could as a unlucky brown loses his kill and is left to stalk another of the frightend beasts. However, the distraction delays his slaying of his own second beast, this time gliding far enough off the ground to topple a beast injured by the initial dragon infiltration. This beast is brought down much like his first, though his wings are used to protect it from anyone who decides to mimic Talisyth's move. Unfortunately, as he's hording his source of liquid gold, he's also distracted from the gold's progress, only the movement of Aevisaanth triggering his senses. Crouching low, his large wings are already extended for that first crucial downsweep, hind legs pushing him quickly from the ground for that all important upward momentum before the Istan bronze is aloft and attempting to find some warm thermal to help his cause, not wasting his energy to try and lure the gold to his side.

Talisyth> Glyith too, gives chase. He takes to the air like a thrown brick! Agile he is not, particularly limber, he is not. The large bronze is simply aloft, expending very little of his vast strength. Surely, he'll not be a contender early on. He's full of too many blunt angles and edges to be out first… but then, bullets are blunt too.

L'ton is clearly amused by A'ven's sudden acknowledgement of the… events… that are transpiring outside, chuckling softly at the younger rider's shock before he's meandering back to his recently abandoned seat, settling down in it and relaxing, pushing the next chair out to prop his feet up on it, as he lazily sip his drink. "Ya heard the nice lady, man. Let her be. Trust meh, ya dun wanna be on the losing end of her gaze." The Istan teases Es'nak good naturedly, before it seems that he's found a spot on the ceiling particularly interesting, letting Jheina's annoyance be directed elsewhere.

Es'nak snorts softly. "I was winning flights before your dragon was even shelled." he retorts to L'ton. "And if you think she's talking just to me, you don't know her as well as you think you do." A'ven's reaction also catches the attention of Es'nak, and he merely grins. "So, Jheina, how about we go someplace else, hmm? Now that Talisyth is finally going up?"

Talisyth> Talisyth's head curves down and to the side to spare a glance at her chasing suitors. There's fewer than she thought there were, but there is still more than the gold finds comfortable as she lets them know with a prolonged hiss of displeasure. Her wings pump at a steady but laboring beat as she heads out towards the water and open air. « Insolent hatchlings! » Her sensuous voice drifts through their minds, trailed by a musky scent and a streamer of burgundy. « What makes you think /any/ of your are good enough for me! » Because of course, her superiority is evident in every single move she makes as she shoots out over the shallows, putting distance between her and the slower ones.

Jheina's lips quirk into a very faint, but extremely pissed off smirk. At least Es'nak isn't as dense as some of the other bronzeriders can be. But any hands that dare approach Jheina get slapped at viciously, which is a rather dangerous maneuver since she still has a needle in hand. "Cocky bastard! You're as bad as /he/ is!" A finger is pointed in the Istan's direction as she fumes. "I. Will. Not. Go." Which will prove mighty interesting once her dragon is caught…

Talisyth> Dhonzayth wastes no time or energy in swivling to look at his fellow chasers, instead deciding to use Talisyth's momentarily glance as a change to close the distance even if its a single wingstroke's worth. He, like his rider, is unphased by the hiss emitted by the female that is his particular goal at this point, losing the benefits of the rising air as they sweep out over the ocean. Each wing requires just a bit more effort, muscles laboring just a bit more without the aid of the air. « We will only be worthy when you judge us worthy. But, it is your duty. You will choose one of us, in time. » Glints of mica catch bits of light in his thoughts as he banks slightly to turn out after her, chasing the open sea, the open sky, and the great golden beauty that is sweeping across it much like a smaller Rukbat within the atmosphere of Pern itself, come to burn up those who are weighed, measured, and found lacking.

A'ven blushes fiercely for a moment and then goes pale as his stomach catches in response to Glyith's flight. He looks at Jheina like all the wine on the planet can't help him now. A breath he didn't realize he was holding escapes him as he allows himself to be caught up with Glyith for a moment. This does not help matters, physically, as now the young man looks a bit green. But, at least, mentally it calms him. "I don't suppose 'I have a headache' would work?", he says quietly, he could be addressing his dragon — or perhaps someone here. It's hard to say.

Well it's a good thing Es'nak didn't reach a hand out to her, and actually is a few feet away. He knows better than to approach a proddy goldrider in a bad mood. "Suit yourself." he replies with a shrug, hovering casually nearby. He doesn't mind where it is anyway. "What, you don't like flights?" he asks A'ven with a raised eyebrow.

L'ton give A'ven another look, arching an eyebrow. "Ah strongly recommend something stronger than wine. Far, far stronger, 'specially if yers ends up with hers. Ya'll need it, and need it bad." That it certainly something L'ton knows from experience. Being extremly careful to not even look in Jheina's direction, his attention shifts to Es'nak, shaking his head. "If'n ya've been doing this fer as long as ya are saying, ya should know ya gotta wait til /after/ ta say that. Specially with them fiesty ones.

Talisyth> Aevisaanth continues his path towards the dazzling gold, unperturbed by her antagonism. His large, silver-hued wings beat the air, and his orange-strewn eyes gaze eagerly at her as he strains forward. « Worth is in the eye of the beholder, lovely one. » his mindvoice is slick, almost oily, and suave. Like a door to door salesman! He croons in reaction to her hiss, sweeping forward as fast as he can work his wings.

Talisyth> Glyith rumbles, amused at behing called a hatchling and taking no offense at it. After all, he is one of the youngest bronzes here. It begins to show, as he gains on some of the slower pursuers, undaunted by the gusts over the water that might impeede his smaller kin. The urgency of this ancient dance begins to fuel him, and his efforts begin in earnest. Life is long, but this moment is short. He doesn't spare a fraction of it on drippy words, he only works to coax the wind under his wings just a little faster…

Jheina looks at A'ven for a moment in confusion, before shaking her head, disreguarding that comment, whomever it may have been for. "I guess you two really are two a kind." Her voice sneers as she starts to pack up her kit, and the little bits of thread scattered around. "Unphased by such events, makes one wonder how you can even find someone who cares for you." Except no, she doesn't really wonder. In her mind she's wishing them the darkest bachlor-esque life one can have.

A'ven nods mutely to Es'nak. "I don't like flights.", he agrees. "Nothing against you and yours, Jheina.. she flies well. I just don't like being compelled to…" he doesn't finish, shrugging. Of course, in this company he doesn't have to. The realization that they're ll in the same boat together, as it were, relaxes him just a fraction and he laughs at L'ton's advice for something stronger. "If I drink anything too strong… I'm going to…" another stomach-catching moment halts him. Then… "I'm glad I didn't eat a big meal just before…"

"Maybe ya'd be lucky 'nuff ta pass out, then, and then ya dun have ta worry about it either way." L'ton offers as advice to the youngest bronzerider present, before his attention finally is back on Jheina, and he's shaking his head. "That ain't ta nice, Jhei-dear. Ah mean, Ah ain't wishing no bad on ya, even though ya have meh in quite an awkward spot, Ah must say." And then he's leaning awkwardly against the table, resting his elbow on the top of it, and his chin in his palm as he watches her. "Ya can't be thinking of leaving us all by our lonesomes already, can ya? Ah mean, Ah dunno about Mr. Guy here, but Ah'm perfectly happy just looking, fer as long as yer willing ta stay put." After all, that's all Dhonzayth is getting to do for the moment too, so its not fair to give one something, and not the other, hm?

Talisyth> Talisyth snorts as her head swivels forward once more. Two sweet talkers, and one just completely focused on catching her, plus the mixed batch which is starting to fall behind, minus one other equally determined bronze. With minimal effort thanks to her fun-free-flying trails, she rises a dragon's length in the air before her wings snap to full extension and she leans to the right, turning as sharply as possibly for something her size. For that unfortunate unnamed bronze however, she lands ontop of him as she dives, and rumbles with amusement as she uses his rear end as a launching pad, shooting off to the trio's right flank.

Talisyth> Glyith rumbles again, pleased! There's a small moment of oportunity that might gain him a little time. Slow to start, and with distance enough not to overshoot the quickly-changing direction of the queen, he follows her new path, tilting his wings to keep his muzzle just ahead of hers along the curve of her turn in a lead pursuit. If she changes direction again, he'll either be slightly ahead of her, or able to drop and gain speed as he follows. Excellent.

"I'll just take it as it comes." Es'nak replies, smiling at Jheina. Y'know, he's kinda enjoying this banter, whatever Jheina might think. "Well if you really don't like it, you could always try to recognize the signs and leave ahead of time before a gold or green goes up." Es'nak has no qualms about thinning the ranks in the future.

Talisyth> Dhonzayth seems to have given up the sweet talking now, as the flight is continuing out over the water. Then, suddenly, the gold pulls a quick move, and the bronze is trumpeting in surprise as the gold first rises upwards then banks sharply. There is yet another surprised cry when the bronze is used much like a flying trampoline, though his vocalizations can come nowhere close to those of the unfortunate bronze. The Istan seems to hesitate a moment as the gold goes shooting off to the right, and he's left pondering his options, chosing to spiral upwards, lacking the unexpected agility of the gold, rising higher into the sky even as he banks. Finally, however, he's exiting the upward corkscrew with built up momentum, and once more he's on Talisyth's trail, attempting to close the distance and be once more on her tail, quite literally.

A'ven quietly vomits into his glass and puts it quickly underneath the table. Nobody saw that. "I feel better now.", he says, more cheerfully than before. He looks at Jheina again, smiling a little now, caught again in her gaze but saying very little.

Talisyth> Aevisaanth sends a mental flick of disdain towards the bronze that got used as a trampoline. SUCKER! Aevisaanth, noticing Talisyth's change of direction, swerves neatly on a wingtip, following Talisyth. He soars up on a thermal, to slightly above her. When the time comes, he'll use gravity as his partner to claim her!

"Offense… not taken." Jheina grits out as she tries to shut out enough of Talisyth's consciousness to keep a control of her, but not get the full blast of sexuality that's coursing through her. Without any success of course. "/I/ have you in an awkward spot?" She asks of L'ton, fuming because it's just about the only way she can diffuse a lot of the tension in her body as she picks up her kit, trying to edge toward a more open area where she could bolt to the safety of her hut. "I suppose you'll want to say this whole thing is /my/ fault as well?" Her frame is starting to shake slightly, betraying all of the tension that's still in her muscles, wanting a way out, but not appreciating the complusion as much as A'ven.

"Mmm? Ya, cause if'n ya were just anyone, Ah'd be sitting over there with ya. But, because Ah dun wanna worry ya, or anything, Ah'm all the way over here, and Ah'm stuck just looking. And, Ah think that makes it awkward." Thankfully, L'ton misses A'ven's little performance, and thus avoiding a chain'd performance from the Istan. As Jheina begins to sneak away, L'ton actually sits up enough to drop his feet off the extra chair, turning as she creeps towards a more open area. "Aw, sweets…" He murmurs, though not actually getting up to physically stalk her, yet.

Talisyth> There's a time during her maneuver that puts Talisyth right in the midst of the trio still flying to catch her. The ones that had the stamina to last. This is usually where most golds fail to escape, but lashing claws and a tail ward off an unwelcome attention during the pass. But her foiling point is her lack of memory for air thermals this day. As she nears the shore, land hits along with a wall of wind shoving against her causing her to backwing with a cry of dismay as she tries to sort her limbs and wings out before that blasted trio can get /any/ closer, since they're almost on top of her as is!

A'ven washes out his mouth hastily with some unknown liquid nearby, now not caring so much about that as Glyith's emotions finally catch up with him. A small part of him fights to the end, looking for the moment, very trapped. Then, something much older, much more urgent, much more primal wins and he produces a surprisingly rakish cunning little smile, leaning his chin on his hands. Suddenly, there's no hurry. Suddenly, the light is just right. Suddenly, there's soft music in the background… that is, until the smell from the thing below the table catches him. He dry heaves just a little.

Talisyth> Aevisaanth sees a chance and tries for it, only to be rebuffed by the lashing claws. He barrel rolls to avoid getting gouged, and also avoids the countercurrent that Talisyth ran into. « Are you all right, sunshine of my life? » he asks her, all concern. See? He cares about her! « Come, I'll make it all better. »

Talisyth> Dhonzayth should have learned by now the perils of lashing claws and a flicking tail. However, as the gold came close the first time, the Istan became over eager, stretching out and trying to snatch her from the midst of the others. However, he catches a handful of talons across his chest, stunning him for only an instant before the rush kicks in, and he's unwilling to allow himself to fail in such a way. But, suddenly there is a chance for Dhonzayth to catchup, despite his momentary set back, for the gold has hit a verible wall of air, stunning her as he was so recently stunned. Its then that Dhonzayth see's his chance, attempting to dodge in and snag her, trying to intertwine his own neck with hers and offer his wings as support while she's left to sort out her own limbs. Having already met the claws once and survived, it seems that he has no fear of them again, hoping that the end will justify the means.

Talisyth> Glyith catches the tip of one of her talons in the leg. It's just a nick, but a formidable distraction. Ordinarly, it might jolt the inexperienced bronze into confusion — but she is too close… and so the injury is for now, just an interesting sensation to be cataloged for later. The burn of it fuels him, and by sheer will, he gains again.

Es'nak happened to catch A'ven's little display, and pulls a wry face. "Y'know, if mating flights make you sick, maybe you /should/ avoid them. That was just disgusting." he takes a step closer to Jheina, ignoring the others now. "Need any help with that?" he asks her carefully.

"No." Jheina says firmly, her chocolate brown eyes boring a hole into L'ton as only a female can manage to do. "I am not your sweets. I am not /anything/ to you." Beware, oh whomever is the lucky winner, the first one to approach is going to get some hefty abuse to anywhere more secluded. "I don't know how you manage to come when Tali's rising, but I am not /anything/ to you!" She shifts as she takes another backwards step towards the door, the anxiety that courses through Talisyth giving her a bit of the frightened-doe look as A'ven gazes, L'ton watches and Es'nak approaches. She freezes in place, seeming to wait for the crucial moment to know how fast she should start running.

A'ven stands up. "You're right.", he says in a determined voice through his clenched jaw. "Why am I here… I can't possibly compete with anyone here. You've got new women dripping off of you every second sevenday…" He starts toward the door, stumbling here and there.

Talisyth> Talisyth is more now than just a mass of her own confused limbs, but has added three other sets to it as the trio of bronzes closes in on her, making her fight a bit more frantically. As Dhonzayth slides up her front, she rears as best as possible, pushing him away as forcefully as possible, potentially leaving more pinpricks on the Istan bronze. « Do not coddle me! » She roars in defiance both mentally and physically, twisting somehow away from the smaller Eastern bronze, which shifts her right into the yearning path of Glyith. And though she struggles against /any/ of this, she's caught. Her momentum is completely gone, and any twisting and turning is beyond her strength reserves.

Talisyth> Dhonzayth catches another set of claw marks across his body, and it seems no gold, as he's being buffeted both by the other males and by the wall of air, though he finally rights himeslf and falls back to the ground to nurse his wounds, and his ego.

Talisyth> Aevisaanth at least is glad he got out of this unscathed, unlike Dhonzayth. But he didn't win! Oh yes, he definitely has some scathing words for Es'nak for the next few days, about how he took him away from the golds and wasted the prime of his life on a mountaintop with only an occasional green or two for company!

Talisyth> Glyith spreads his great wings, stablizing their mutual flight as best he can. It is done. His instinct knows the path he must now take. He takes it gladly, joyously, unreservedly, and completely. At least today, the dance ended well for him. This day, at least, his line will continue… and hers — for the strength of all.

Es'nak winces suddenly as the flight ends and he's suddenly barraged, and he jerks away from Jheina, moving towards the exit. Sorry, pissed off dragon. Please leave a message.

L'ton makes no move to go after Jheina this time, unlike last time, instead remaining in his chair and just dropping his forehead to his palm with a soft sigh, before he's pushing himself to his feet and striding past Jheina to meet Dhonzayth - certainly there is a particular destination in mind.

A'ven finds himself where he least expected — but, like his draogn, now fully engaged, he does not fight it one bit.

Jheina looks up, vaguely noting the lack of the two other bronzers, one of whom she really /can't/ stand. The junior stands, her frame trembling. "C'mon.." Her voice is hesitant, but the woman not longer has the strength to fight against all of it.

Talisyth> Talisyth gladly, if reluctantly, takes the strength that Glyith offers to her, letting instinct guide them both back to where they need to be, wings necks and limbs entwined somehow.

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