Midnight walk

**Monaco Bay Weyr-Exercise Yard*

Sheltered from the direct heat of the day and the storms of the season by the rocky walls of the weyr, this exercise yard holds a thick layer of lush grass. The yard offers room enough for the entire class of weyrlings to stretch, romp, and practice behind a tall wooden palisade meant to keep the pre-flight dragons from wandering off too far. To the west, just against the palisade, a small coral of ovines and caprines has been erected for convenience. A freshwater pump is installed to the north, against the wall of the caverns, to provide just enough water flow to clean a weyrling dragon after a meal. When the palisade gate is open, there is a clear, stone-lined path leading towards the paradise river and the designated weyrling beach.

It's the middle of the night a couple weeks since these babies have hatched. Not much has changed other than this time has been spent feeding, bathing, oiling, mucking and bonding. Oh and growing. These boys have grown since emerging from their shells. Having fed Askaveth as quietly as she could Sonya doesn't take long to realize he's not ready to go back to sleep yet. So out to the training yard they go to work off some energy. Shouldn't take too long considering he's still young. The pair are walking laps around the yard. Blue wings are spread out for balance, his large head tilted awkwardly to one side as if compensating for something. "That's it…I know it's dark but your eyes /are/ better than mine." one eye swirls in a rainbow of colors while the other remains dark as the day he was hatched.

T'kel is also awake but this is before feeding Szikranth obviously or he would have changed from his nice black vest with the multicolored flowers and black shorts to his "work clothes" of black denim. He is also walking his big…and getting bigger…bronze, easily keeping pace at a good speed (for walking) with his dragon. He spots Sonya and her blue up ahead and calls a soft "Good night, Sonya," in his now melodious tenor, his voice having broken the moment he Impressed Kziranth.

Having been woken up from a dead sleep, Sonya simply threw on her grungy clothes from earlier when she'd been working out with Askaveth. Streaks of oil are seen across the dark brown tunic and across the black baggy pants. She'll turn at the sound of her name squinting to see who is behind them. A smile cracks her expression as they halt for the pair to draw closer. "T'kel! And Szikranth. Good evening. I hope we didn't wake you?" after all the crashing of several empty barrels being knocked over by an awkward blue is bound to wake up someone.

T'kel yawns and streches his long arms over his head and he and Szikranth draw up to Sonya and Askaveth. "No, you didn't wake us…Szikranth's stomach woke him and he woke me." Which isn't hard considering the young man sleeps with his dragon although he has a perfectly good, if a bit short for his legs, cot. "So I decided we'd come out for a little exercise before I fed and oiled him. It's what we usually do…exercise first, then eat, then sleep and repeat," he says with a soft laugh. "How are you and Askaveth doing?" he inquires politely but with interest.

Ah, stomachs. The reasons for many a late night awakening. It isn't hard for Askaveth to wake Sonya either for mostly she sleeps on a pile of blankets beside him. The cot mostly gets used by three firelizards. "They are always stressing to walk and stretch wings." which explains why she's a tad behind her blue due to his wings being outstretched as wide as they can be. "He um…he has depth perception problems." there's only ahint of worry in her tone that may or may not be picked up on. "Congratulations again on impressing…he's handsome." at the question she nods. "We're good! It's…well it's still strange to be honest." the admission is easily given. "Another mind linked so closely to mine…"

T'kel falls in to keep pace, the big bronze adjusting as well to stay at his shoulder. "That's right, wings!" he says and hurriedly steps back. "All right, stretch your wings slowly out and then back in again a few times, Szikranth. Just don't knock anybody off their feet this time." He looks to Sonya. "He did that to me yesterday when I didn't stand back far enough." A rush of air as bronze wings extend and then furl and then extend again. "Congratulations again to you too. I hope the problem clears itself up quickly," answers quietly. "I know what you mean. It's almost like there's two of me in my head or something but the second one isn't me at all. It's strange yet so wonderful. I enjoy our bond but I'm still getting used to it too, having to share my thoughts and feelings and sharing in the thoughts and feelings of another. It definately takes getting used to.”

Sonya covers a smirk with one hand. She's not laughing at him honest! "Honestly I didn't expect…" a shrug. "Not after being left on the Sands at Fort." clearly she was apprehensive this time too, uncertain if she would be left alone on the Sands once more. "One thing is for sure…I'm in for some great adventures with him." a head of them Askaveth is keeping his wings aloft as they walk, really working those wing muscles. « Adventure!? » clearly someone wasn't paying full attention to the conversation until the word adventure grabbed his attention. His projected mind voice is aimed not only at Sonya, who winces slightly at the echoes and pure loudness of his tone in her head, but at the bronze weyrling and his rider. Sonya casts an apologetic glance to T'kel for that. "Sorry…he likes to talk. A lot.”

T'kel laughs softly. "All right Szikranth, enough wing work for now. Don't want to strain anything. Let's just walk for awhile now." He falls in again at his bronze's shoulder, shaking his head at Askaveth's unexpected communication. "And Szikranth is relatively quiet, unless I talk to him first about something. Rarely asks questions but when he does they're most perceptive and usually require a long answer." He pats his dragon's shoulder. "Which I don't mind. So far I've always had an answer. And don't worry, no harm done.”

Sonya's eyes unfocus slightly which indicates she's have a quiet conversation with the blue. Or at least a conversation that the Blue doesn't include everyone in this time. Slowly his wings furl back to lay neatly along his side and back as he keeps walking. His head goes down though to snuffle and occasionally blow a hard stream of air at the ground below his inquisitive muzzle and nostrils. *sniiiiiffff* *snooort* repeat. Sonya watches with some amusement. "So…training." she grins towards T'kel. "I hope you still find time to do your drawing. At least eventually." when they settle into some semblance of a routine that is. After all Sonya's been basically sleeping whenever her Blue does just cause if she didn't she'd never get any sleep. One knuckles reaches up to rub at her eyes, very itchy from being out here with blowing pollen.

T’kel stops to stay within easy talking distance of Sonya, sending Szikranth on for futher exercise to develop his fast-growing muscles. "I haven't touched a pencil since I Impressed," he admits. "Haven't really even thought about it to tell the truth. Spend all my spare time eating and sleeping and getting in some exercise of my own…the beach is a fine place for a swim…but hopefully as Szikranth grows older I'll have a little more free time. He's still a baby yet, though he certainly doesn't look it.”

"Easy to get caught up in the care of them." Sonya knows that feeling well. "Still though…soon enough you'll be able to pick up your pencils again. And you've a lovely subject to draw." one hand waves over towards the bronze. "If he'll stay still long enough!" a grin appears then turns into a yawn. "Oh my…sorry! Come on 'veth…lets go back to the barracks. Maybe get some more sleep." to T'kel she notes. "Sometimes he doesn't notice when he's tired." such as now as he heads back all droopy like just because he was just getting ready to do something Interesting when she called him over. "But he is." or at the very least she is so she's informing him that he is too.

T'kel inclines his head gravely. "Then the both of you rest well. We'll try to be quiet when we come in. Fortunately I can see well enough by a lamp of dim glows to do what needs to be done, I think. Szikranth will guide me if I falther no doubt." And he raises a hand in farewell.

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