Weyrling lesson: Straps

Monaco Bay Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
Huge in its own right, this series of interlinked caverns is the complex that houses both candidates and weyrlings. Fashioned out of a multitude of hollows, it serves as a central gathering area as well as classroom. A number of deep pockets have been laborously smoothed to provide comfortable dwellings for the young dragons and their riders away from the weather of the central area, and affording them some privacy but not much. Above, the cavern opens to the sky, holding out the worst of the island's weather but allowing an aerial exit and providing natural lighting to the area. Branching off from this cavern is an opening that leads to the exercise yard, and another carved passage that leads onto the hatching sands - though this entrance is typically closed tight to prevent mischief.

Early evening has fallen over a quiet Monaco Bay Weyr. Just past supper time for humans, and hopefully growing dragons have eaten as well. Vanessa comes skipping in with an armful of leather and a bucketful of metal bits, along with an AWLM who has the same items. "Good evening!" chirps the cheerful Jr.

S'dny is anything but cheerful, though at least he is sitting up on his cot and not laying face down on his cot as he has been for the last day or so. The bronze dragon is close by the cot. The young dragon is alert and at his best during the evening hours and so looks over immediately as someone walks in, his eyes glowing a shade of yellow that is very close to green, but not quite there yet. S'dny offers a slow salute to the weyrwoman as he looks around the barracks to see who else is here, not realy having paid much attention earlier.

T'ayne finished his dinner a half-hour ago, and is presently feeding the last hank sof raw meat to Kelmaimenth. Good thing she prefers eating from a pail, by now, though the very last bite is received from her lifemate's hands, the moment a quiet but powerful one that ends in the silvery-green rubbing her cheek against T'ayne's chest. A soft, slightly strange smile touches his whole face for a moment, the man wrapping his arms around her jaw, neck for a long squeeze before he pulls back to allow her to lick his hands clean of blood. It's as this is taking place that both overhear the entrances of the AWLM and too-perky Vanessa, both receiving a salute from the weyrling and a chuff from Kelmaimenth as they approach.

Feurioth and Reya seem to have been lazing about in their wallow, the quickly growing dragon on the floor and the trader girl curled up beneath her wings. They make quite a pair with the matching scars on their foreheads and one sharpening her knife while the other seems to be running her talons against each other. Fuerioth's moonlit dipped tail is curled around Reya's waist and occasionally there's a contented sigh from the weyrling and her lifemate. Of course, that all changes when the Jr. comes skipping in with an armful of stuff. There's a quick salute from Reya as well as a dip of the head from Fuerioth, but the trader seems to be eyeing all that leather and metal warily.

Vanessa ignores any not so happy looks or wary looks or anything but salutes. Those she notes and salutes right back. "Weyrlings! To your feet." barks the ALWM once he's in fully. "Strap lessons!" he barks out.

Meanwhile Vanessa is all smiles as she looks about for work space.

S'dny sends a look over toward T'ayne, and then glances over to the bronze almost asking what he should do. In response Marzoth leans over and gives him a gentle nudge on his shoulder, «Do the lesson. It won't hurt anything. You don't have to leave the barracks.» he says in a way that is positively understanding. The last couple days have been a growing experience for the young dragon apparently. S'dny absently nods and gets to his feet, "Ok." he says softly to his lifemate as he walks away from the cot and moves over toward the work space.

Though he may not be a fan of leather working, T'ayne is conversant enough with it to have made his own strap that holds his quiver of arrows and his bow securely at his back, when he utilizes it. Hunters use what they have at hand, after all. Word of their first strap-making brings a quick nod from the ex-holder - already on his feet - while Kelmaimenth makes a soft, curious sound in her long throat, accompanying her human wherever they go. Along the way, the green perhaps meets up with Marzoth and Fuerioth, both given light buffets of her shoulders on either side…which might amount to a human fist bump.

Reya rolls her eyes slightly at the grumpy AWLM and sticks her knife back into the halter she has at her waist. It's with a slow grace that Fuerioth unwraps her tail from around the trader girl and moves to her feet. Something must be said between the pair because Reya lifts one hand to hide a smirk behind it. « How is yours? » The chill of Fuerioth's mind reaches out to Marzoth and Kelmaimenth, though the question is meant more for the bronze. The darkness of her mind is haunted, but almost calming at the moment, as if one were floating somewhere with their eyes closed and utterly relaxed. Fuerioth will bump shoulders with Kelmaimenth as she and Reya follow to the workspace.

Vanessa gives her 'aid' a look and flickers her fingers towards the door. "I think I can handle this lesson just fine. Go growl at someone else for a bit." she says pleasantly before turning patient attention to the weyrlings as they make their way towards her. "Straps are very important and like your dragons, ever changing. Once this lesson is done you will be expected to have a full set of straps ready for your dragon before mounted flights start." while she talks she's laying out various lengths of straps. "The leather must pliable enough so that the hides aren't rubbed against." now she's sorting out the metal bits. She gives a cheerful smile to the assorted group that's come to watch. "Lessons are boring enough without me talking the whole time so I always thought hands on was better." with that she steps back to pull out from a bag she had set near the door, a full set of straps that looks well worn and sized perhaps for a brown or large blue. "Who can tell me what size dragon these would be for?”

Marzoth accepts the chilled question, «Mine is…» he struggles for a way to put the feelings into words, «…better than he was.» Just stick to the facts and you will be alright. He also accepts the gentle bump from Kel. The bronze peers curiously at these pieces of leather and turns his attention on the weyrwoman. Syd stands there looking rather glum, but he is paying attention…he really is.

Kelmaimenth listens to her brother and sister exchange their greetings, a chill upwelling of pure lake water from her depths drifting over them in her own wordless form of greeting…though her shoulder-bumps speak amply of her comradery. While T'ayne halts near Vanessa to listen intently - only his hazel eyes holding some humor as the weyrwoman dismisses 'grumpy' the AWLM - Kel settles just behind her lifemate, the green's head settled beside him so she can watch, too…blue eyes whirling moderately. The goldrider's question brings a disfocus of hazel eyes, and suddenly T'ayne's covering his mouth to stifle a low sound of humor, Kel rumbling softly as she imagine a really huge green for Marzoth and Fuerioth. Looking to one side to try and distract himself, the young man finds himself eyeing Syd, and the Harper receives a light, fraternal bump of T'ayne's shoulder to his.

Reya smirks after the back of the disappearing AWLM before her attention flicks back to Vanessa. She's listening, really…but it's kind of going in one ear and out the other. For her part, Fuerioth simply stands there leaning against Reya a little bit and idly flicking her tail occasionally. « Better is good, perhaps you two should enjoy a night on the beach. You may enjoy the water and the darkness. » Fuerioth is another that seems to be bored already, though physically she looks alert and her eyes are whirling as if she were paying close attention. The shared picture from Kel earns a soft peal of raindrops playing off of icicles, the gold's laughter. Apparently the image is shared with Reya too because she has to turn her head away to snicker, but there doesn't seem to be an answer from her either.

"No guesses?" Vanessa seems almost deflated until a small voice of a young man speaks up. "Ah, Q'uark." Vanessa smiles encouragingly at the greenrider weyrling. "Correct. It's a brown dragon straps that I'm borrowing." now her gaze flickers to the rest of the class. "I hope you are all paying attention." with so many eyes on S'dney it's who she looks to next. "S'dny!" she says brightly. "Tell me what would happen if you let your dragon outgrow his straps.”

«I would not object to a night on the beach…» Marzoth's darkness rolls back toward the gold gently, «But after the lesson.» Lessons are terribly important after all and he has an interest in this. S'dny hears his name called and brings himself out of his reverie for a moment, "Ummm…well…the straps might break?" he asks, "I'd also imagine it would be very uncomfortable for the dragon." Like when you have shoes that are too tight and need a new pair." he says hoping that he is right.

Soon enough, Kelmaimenth is again focusing (mostly) on the lesson at hand, T'ayne first bobbing his head enthusiastically to Vanessa, then nodding fractionally at S'dny when he answers how the other man would've, a faint smile and nod given to the glum Harper. A glance over at Reya finds what he thought he would: attention, but without true focus. Sigh.

Vanessa beams. "Great! Now..everyone grab some leather bits and start working on the start of your straps. I want two good lengths done.”

S'dny takes a look at the pieces of leather and begins to try to figure out just what it is that he is supposed to be doing. It can't be /that hard/ right? It just can't be.

"We're to use the ones you just showed us for a reference?" T'ayne inquires with a hint of uncertainty, the seemingly-complex mass of dragonriding straps before them all looking rather challenging to him. He too is taking up lengths of the supple leather in hand, and peering up and back between the 'real thing' and what's in his hands. Kelmaimenth lowers her head to peer at what's in her lifemate's hands, as well.

Reya purses her lips and looks at the straps before grabbing two of the longer leather pieces. "So…you want us to stick the metal in the leather and copy that?" The trader girl hasn't worked with leather much so this is still mostly a jumble too her. For her part, Fuerioth noses the leather straps absently before shaking her head and letting out a small huff.

Vanessa isn't the greatest teacher so really at this point she's starting to flounder. Lukcily though 'grumpy' steps back into the picture and does a demonstration quickly on several strips of leather. "Braid 'em strong." he grunts out but mostly is just showing what to do. "Get 'em started. I'll help if needed." says grumpy. Vanessa simply beams a smile and stands back to watch.
S'dny does his best to try braid the straps together, "Brings me back to the days of making instruments in the early days of my training…Best to learn by doing I guess…" he says to his fellow weyrlings offering some sort of encouragement. Marzoth is sitting nearby looking intently at these straps, «I wonder what they will use these for..» the young bronze questions his fellow dragons.

The 'grumpys' of the world to the rescue! T'ayne's eyes focus more in recognition of what the weyrlingmaster shows them all, the greenrider nodding quickly as his fingers settle into a rhythm of braiding that shows he's conversant enough with such…especially since his hair is braided. Each strand is smoothed, lightly tugged into perfect place, overlapped…and he'll even quietly offer to help Syd and/or Reya, if they want such. For now, Kelmaimenth watches her lifemate's fingers weave the leather strip, fascinated.

Braiding? That Feyran can do, though with her small hands its a bit harder to work with leather rather than hair. She's working on it slowly there but there's a point where she's grimacing and looking at the other two. Help? Sure, she'll take it and kind of holds her straps up to T'ayne for a moment. « They can't ride us bare back, these may be for practice but the better pair they make will be to use on us…so they don't fall off, as amusing as that might be. » For a moment, there's a hint of dark humor from the gold at the thought though it slowly recedes as she watches the weyrlings work.

While the weyrlings work diligently on their straps, both the npc AWLM and Vanessa move about them to aid when needed. "Now while you've some time until you're flying on your life mates, you should have a finish set by the end of the seven day." she grins a bit. "Now of course you may have to make two or three new sets before the mounted flights but practice does make perfect! That's why we're not using the best leathers and it's not dyed. Sometime shortly before graduation you'll want to make your final set of straps and that's when you can make them fancy. Any questions so far?”

Reya's silent 'hold up of hands' for help prompts T'ayne to set his own strap down, and utilize long, nimble fingers to very slowly braid the gold weyrling's proffered pieces of leather…any potential flubs she might have made undone, smoothed out, and re-braided so that she (and others who might happen to look over) can clearly see. Kelmaimenth breathes softly over T'ayne's head while she watches him, and others, as well, the green noting to Fuerioth, « They can, I think…but only casually. Straps are safer. » To -her-, the idea of T'ayne possibly falling from her neck is reason to shake her waters in a crisp negative, Kel's chin settling very slowly and gently upon her human's head…which makes him look up and around at her questioningly, for just a moment. Between his fingerwork, T'ayne asks Vanessa, "Are there points on riding straps that get weaker first? Like there…" He's trying to point to the full set of them on display, and specifically to the leather that would meet the lowest point of the dragon's neck and shoulder, where much motion might occur.

« Yes, casually…certainly not when flying, not unless there's an absolute need to. » And as dark a thought as it may be, the pale little gold certainly seems to be considering it. That earns a brief from from Reya, but she's slowly been getting used to Fuerioth's opinion on these sort of things. The gold still looks like she's paying attention to the straps making, eyes alert and her body poised perfectly, but her mind has already wandered to thoughts of the ocean and other such things. Reya at least seems to be paying attention to T'ayne when he works on the strap. "Ahhh…thanks!" She shoots him a quick little grin before leaning down to bring her gaze just a few inches from the leather, as if this might help her a little bit.

"There are points, yes, that you'll have to check daily to ensure mending is not needed. Mending your straps will be a daily chore once those guys are in flight. Tomorrow's lesson will be unmounted drills. To become familiar with the drills on the ground before you are doing them in the air. For tonight though we'll simply work on straps." she keeps on mingling. "How are your bonds growing? Nicely I hope. Everyone is doing well during weyrlinghood?”

L'ei has been… lagging behind to put it bluntly. She just can't help that Zalnitakyth is easily distracted and super excitable. Today they had a lesson in concentration and stillness- two things essential for bonding and two things the energetic blue is no bueno at. Sitting silently was a nearly impossible task, Zal's fidgeting was unstoppable. He really just wanted to cuddle, or explore, or talk. Calmness is not really a word in his vocabulary. The pair enter the barracks- late for their straps lesson due to how long the last exercise took. And just like that the night cloaked blue is be-bopping along the way while encouraging L'ei to join in his dancing shenanigans. "Ok Zal, enough boogying… it's lesson time now." The starcrafter whispers this to her lifemate despite his abilities to read it from her thoughts. While he chills out a little bit, that tail is still swaying from side to side. « We make things? » the stellar rumble receives a nod as they head inwards towards the fellow Weyrlings and their mates. "Hi guys! How's the straps commin?" L'ei asks with a smile and wrist flick for T'ayne and Reya as she starts to dig through the scrap leather pile. Head bows with a quick salute to accompany the following greeting "Vanessa m'lady" before she grabs three like sized strips and heads for the

Kelmaimenth chuffs softly in wordless agreement with Fuerioth, the long green giving her sister a solid, mental nudge to try and incite her to concentrate on the lesson. Meanwhile, T'ayne is nodding absently to Reya's thanks, and soon enough eyeing her gazing, his fingers simply continuing their motions without him needing to look. Blink. For a moment, he cogitates, and then the man notes quietly to Reya, "Can you grab me that slightly-twisted strip of leather over there?" At the young man's 2 o'clock position lie two strips of leather upon the ground, one of them just a hint twisted, the other straight. -If- what he suspects is true - if Reya can't see them clearly just beyond her - she stands only a 50-50 chance of picking the correct piece.

Overhearing Vanessa, the ex-holder notes perhaps just a tad too quickly, "Thank you. Fine, ma'am." Right now, the bulk of his focus is upon Reya. Blink. Oh, it's L'ei. "Okay…" his light baritone murmurs to the arriving woman, Zal's boogying receiving a faint smile-smirk of familiar indulgence before he focuses back on Reya.

Fuerioth is completely bored with lessons, which means that the arrival of the blue pair is earning her attention. There's a soft croon towards them, followed by the chill of her mind flowing out towards Zalnitakyth. « They're learning to make straps…it's a rather boring process to watch really. » Which is why Kel's little nudge to pay attention isn't really working, it only earns a wave of chilly waters to mix with the green's own. "Theyr'e coming along…I'm not good with leather thow." Reya throws these words over to L'ei before she's glancing at T'ayne's hands, then to his face, and then over at the leathers. It isn't that Reya can't see well really, it's just that she's got this strange notion that if she looks from closer up she's more likely to get how this leather working…well, how it works. She moves over to the straps, picking them both up and eyeing them critically before finally handing over the right one to T'ayne. "This one, right?" And then a glance up to Vanessa, "Doing alright…T'ayne's helping me.”

"Good good." Vanessa says brightly and moves on to help a couple more with their straps. "Good!Good. Keep working for a bit longer on these before bed tonight. And be sure your life mates are exercising their wings too!"
Well, then; Reya's not nearsighted. T'ayne nods as he accepts the strap, lays it over one of his thighs after (falsely) examining it, then offers the strap he's braiding back over to Reya, once again. "Go ahead…" the young man murmurs in somewhat encouraging fashion to her to do what he just did to get the proper weave, then taking up his own set, once more. Truth tell, Kelmaimenth is also getting a little bored by now with the endless repetition of braiding going on about her, the young green's mind not yet fully matured enough to lend her to concentrate on mundane matters for very long. As such, the 'Lady' slowly withdraws from behind T'ayne - almost like a silvery ghost - and moves over beside Marzoth, observing -his- observation of his own rider. She overhears Vanessa, though, and Kel gives a small shake of her ivy-clad wings in answer. Already doing such!

L'ei tips her head towards T'ayne and Kelmaimenth with Zalnitakyth warbling a warm greeting as well. "Okay…" the gal repeats T'ayne's answer with a bit of a shrug for the murmur as she takes a seat nearby. "S'cuse us for being late Vanessa. We had… some complications with this morning's assignment." The playful glare shot Zalnita's direction gets a chuffed warble of a dragon sigh in response. How can one expect him to sit still when there's so much fun to be had? The blue's dancing to whatever non-existent song is playing in that dragon head continues with wiggles that start at his tail, creep up to a bounce in hind legs, and end with a tapping of front claws and swinging of noggin. There is no containing the blue, and especially not when Fuerioth is crooning so. Her frigid projection is met with the excitement of a sunset giving way to the clouded darkness and stars of his own « You don't have to convince me sis! I just had to sit for a whole candlemark. Can you believe it?! Sitting! The whole time!! » Zalnitakyth speaks of this like it was the worst torture on Pern or something. « Does yours like the lessons? Maybe we can take them away? » This notion is scolded by L'ei's throat clearing and some immediate exchanges of thought as confirmed by the haze over her irises. The Starcrafter turned Weyrling stretches and straightens out the leather strips she's brought over "Can't say I've had a whole lot of opportunities to work with leather m'self Reya. Do you know what colors you'll choose for the final set?" A head nod takes direction from Vanessa and extends it to her lifemate who's already plotting to distract. The end of the leathers is tied together, a criss, a cross, another one and it's beginning to look like the beginning of a braid.

"It's okay!" Vanessa chirps cheerfully towards L'ei, returning the salute with one of her own. "Work on your straps and have him flare his wings out. If you've any questions ask the assistant weyrling masters. I'm not the best teacher but I like to sneak in here and get some teaching in." she smiles crookedly. "I'll be back for more later in your lessons too. Etiquette again and /this/ time I want everyone to pay attention or I'll make you paint! Good night for now!”

"Good evening, ma'am…" T'ayne notes with some honest warmth to Vanessa - the only 'Leader to perhaps care about them.

S'dny had kept himself busy quietly working away while the others went about their own work. Doing something and getting his mind off everything had helped, even if only for a little while. He looks up from his work as he realizes the weyrwoman is leaving and salutes her, "Good evening ma'am." he says softly. He takes a moment to look around and finds that L'ei and her dragon had also joined the group while he was zoned out focusing on the leather, "Hello L'ei…" he adds. Marzoth too has been engrossed in the work that was being done. He had taken to heart what was said about straps being important and he couldn't help but turn his thoughts to what it might be like to fly through the darkness of the night's sky and become one with it. What might he see and encounter! That's exciting.

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