Not a Dream

Monaco Bay Weyr - Exercise Yard
Sheltered from the direct heat of the day and the storms of the season by the rocky walls of the weyr, this exercise yard holds a thick layer of lush grass. The yard offers room enough for the entire class of weyrlings to stretch, romp, and practice behind a tall wooden palisade meant to keep the pre-flight dragons from wandering off too far. To the west, just against the palisade, a small coral of ovines and caprines has been erected for convenience. A freshwater pump is installed to the north, against the wall of the caverns, to provide just enough water flow to clean a weyrling dragon after a meal. When the palisade gate is open, there is a clear, stone-lined path leading towards the paradise river and the designated weyrling beach.

Dawn isn't so much clear and cold as vividly red and frigid. The sky overhead still looks pretty dark, except for the bloody tint reaching almost to the western horizon, just starting to go golden in the east. With the ash hanging in the air, it's an odd effect, red-gold all around. Bundled up in blankets, Tyr'ie and Khaatxhath take advantage of the morning's quiet, when not inside among a whole mess of baby dragons. Granted, it's hard to do any major enjoying of the great outdoors with a scarf wrapped around all but be-goggled eyes, but look. At least it doesn't smell like meat mistakes out here. Who knows what it smells like, actually? Not Khaat, who's curled up around Tyr, a wing pulled out of their blanket pile to provide some shelter for the falling ash. Overhead, the shadow of another dragon leaps off from the weyr's bowl, bellowing a goodbye (or, well, a « DON'T MAKE ME COME BACK AND SHOW YOU HOW TO SHAKE IT, LITTLE ONES » that probably wakes up the entire barracks) to the bundled-up pair. Tyr'ie drops his heavily-scarfed head onto a shoulder-propped arm, sighs. Riiight.

From within the barracks comes a mighty, impressive crash, followed swiftly by a scuttling blue dragon who's hiding a fresh new limp behind… well… a lot of hectic movement and shouting. « Is that a challenge?! Come back here and fight me, you overgrown sky whale! I'll give you an UHNF, and a WHAP, and a NNTZ NNTZ NNTZ boots and cats and boots and cats and— » Well, you all get the picture. Seksicanth is awake, a barely-dressed B'an emerging in his wake. He's only got a light jacket that he's tossed over pajama pants, and what was probably a sarong bound across his face, but it's more important to keep Seksi from further injuring himself, probably. "Can you not! You were halfway through breakfast," he says, exasperated. Rolling eyes land on the much more appropriately bundled Tyr'ie, the hand not holding the tiny blue back by one wing gesturing emphatically. How. What. Help. What. Are. This.

The noise and disruption that accompany B'an and Seksicanth as they exit the barracks completely obscure the quiet appearance of Wendyn and Kiyaszaeth - the gold pair slipping into the yard in the wake of their clutch sibling. « I think if you had had another minute, you might truly have gotten it. » Kiya has to add her own observations to the matter, even as she is nudging Wendyn to make a wide circle around the blue, the human half of the pair giving the human half of *that* pair an apologetic look - but no help.

« Boots and cats? » Sleepily does Khaat's voice come, in spite of a surely-too-close-and-personal meeting with the loud dragon. « Quick, Tyr, call her back, Seksicanth obviously needs a healer. Astartith's? Where are you? » "Come on, Khaat, give him a break, he's…" What is he, Tyr? What is Seksi? Yeah, the Weyrling doesn't seem to have much of a response, there, instead following Wendyn with his eyes. "Good morning." He calls, quiet — unlike some folks, Tyr seems more or less happy to let the quiet linger, Seksi and Ily. The human of the weyrling pair has a smile for his fellows, not that they can see it — or even do more than intuit that it's him that the greenling is cuddling up to. "Sorry about that." Tyr adds, flapping a hand out of the blankets. "Suppose I should be glad the whole bunch didn't stay past the feast." « Early for work, isn't it, Kiyaszaeth. » Khaat adds, after a beat, head craning up to follow the other pair with her eyes.

B'an is grateful for the look, even if it doesn't offer much in terms of a solution. He meets Wendyn's eyes, rolls his skywards as though to say 'of all the things I expected, this was not it,' and then turns to take Seksicanth's face in his hands before he can give his siblings some flavor of an acerbic reply. "I need you - hey, hey, eyes on me," fingersnaps, "I need you to just… stay there. Right there. Nahhh nah nah, you put that toe right back where it came from, mister. Just… stay while I go get the rest of your bucket." Seksi stares after Brodie as he darts back into the barracks, waiting until the exact second the boy's heels disappear beyond the door before he surges to his feet and gimps his way over to pour himself all over poor Khaatxhath. « I don't need a healer! I just need to prop my foot up. » On Khaat's head, of course. « There. Right as rain. » Head lolling back to stretch out on the ground, he points his snout in Kiyaszaeth's general direction, milky blue eyes whirling. « Hello, favoritest sister of mine. You're looking very regal and avoidant today. Love what you've done with your weyrling. » There's a grumpy crackle of static for the dearly departed gold. « You're right, though. If only I'd given my maximum effort. Bad Seksi. »

Do Wendyn and Kiya look relieved as Seksi goes streaming straight past them to their green-clutch sibling? Most definitely. For her part, Wendyn snorts a softly 'Yeah right' as B'an attempts to leave instructions for his blue, even as Kiya slowly trails after said blue as he makes his escape. « It seems as if you will have a second attempt.. Better effort this time, perhaps? » She says all so encouragingly, even as Wendyn stares after her. "Hey, that's not nice." A bit too black, that, not nearly gray enough on Wendyn's scale. "They do that, though." Who? "At least A'she was first, so some of the awe was gone with mine." Perhaps not enough, but some. As Kiya settles down near her siblings, she does so with much more grace and poise, even as she stretches a nose towards them. « Khaatxhath - if you ever stop working, you will miss your best opportunities. »

Br'aby and Yevith are late to the party, but that is not /Yevith's/ fault. Br'aby is still rubbing sleep out of his eyes and generally seems to be dragging today. He falls behind a little as a bright-eyed and very much alert bronze stalks into the yard to have a look around. « Good morning, comrades. » His attention is soon drawn to the blue, so he heads in that direction, head tilted with some curiosity. « What has happened here? » Meanwhile, Br'aby is halfway through a jaw-cracking yawn as he follows, apparently oblivious.

Tyr'ie's head shakes ruefully just as soon as poor B'an's back is turned — like Wendyn, he's pretty sure « That dog ain't gonna hunt. » "Hey, that's…weird, alright." Khaat hums quiet agreement of the fact, and doesn't quite shrug off the blue, but she does fix him with a look that could melt glass. « Funny, I was just thinking you might be better off without that foot. » You know. The one on her head. Close to her teeth, the implication is immensely obvious, not that she'd ever do more than grumble and gripe. For his part, Tyr looks more or less resigned to his fate — draped by two dragons, only just escaped the one big-and-glowy one. WOE. It takes him a second to catch up with Wendyn's words, but when he does, Tyr huffs a muffled laugh. "Shards, I think they just like an excuse to throw a party. Mom might not disown me, even, since I'm not the first Journeyman to go to a dragon instead of the craft." He adds, brightly, lifting a hand to wave for Br'aby and Yevith. « Seksicanth's contagious. Best not risk it. » Khaat snipes, hazy-slow and not sounding amused, but she's relaxed and not actually spitting nails so…maybe it's cool. "Oh, don't." Tyr adds, caught on the yawn, head slumping backwards as his green makes a thoughtful kind of rumble. « What about the opportunity to enjoy a nice sunrise with yours? »

Brodie heard that, Wendyn, and for sure stuck his tongue out at her as he disappeared inside. Listen. He's only sore because he knows she's right. See? He's not nearly surprised enough when he emerges moments later to find Seksi giggling at Khaatxhath's threats. « Aren't you just a bucket of freaking sunshine. If I didn't know better - boop! - I'd say you didn't like me much. » At least he removes his foot from the top of her head ensuing that snoot-boop, body careening sideways so he can hop to his feet, inspired by Kiyaszaeth's words. « You're right. Next time I see her, I'll twerk her dumb gold face into the next century. Thanks, Kiya, you're the best. » Is she though? Is she? Because here comes Br'aby and his bronze and… well… « <3 <3 Yevith! <3 <3 » The hearts are there for visual effect, sticker-images of them bubbling up around the great-big bronze's name as Seksi awkward-hobbles over to brush up against his brother's side like a happy feline. « Nothing, big boy, I just misssed youuuu~. » Contagious, indeed. "Alright, you, that's enough," B'an finally interjects, shooting Br'aby an apologetic glance as he pulls Sek away. "Sorry if he woke you guys last night. I caught him getting up to curl up on Yevith at least twice." Which probably explains why Brodie looks like he hasn't slept, eyes baggy and bloodshot over that sarong-scarf: he just. Hasn't.

« You -can- do more than one thing at once. And perhaps a nice sunrise is the perfect opportunity. » Kiya counters to her little sister, even as she stretches and carefully rearranges herself once more, a soft whisper of fog surrounding her words as Yevith appears. « Seksi is learning to try harder next time. » She offers with amusement, a flash of light appearing with her words. « I am sure you will succeed next time. » She adds, encouragingly - perhaps just to ensure that she gets to see the aftermath of the blue's next attempt. « I will watch, and give feedback for how to approve. You should.. practice. » Gentle nudge? A wave of her hand and Wendyn is moving to lean against Kiya's side, taking some sort of comfort from her life mate as she does. "I think with Kiya I could sleep through anything.. though sometimes I wonder if I am asleep when I am not."

Yevith blinks in mild astonishment. Very mild, all things considered. There's a almost canine head-tilt going on there, while he decides just how to react. Apparently, his chosen reaction is…nothign. His head swings to Br'aby, who is still blinking with a dopey look on his face. His gaze shifts to B'an, with a very articulate, "Huh?" Blink blink. "Oh. No, it's fine… Ah. We were up with the sun, I'm afraid. Nothing to do with you." « And a glorious sunrise it was! » claims Yevith, who didn't see it because he was indoors. Details, details.

« Now, who said that. » Khaathxath counters, watching the foot drift by with something in the vicinity of patience. Or possibly hunger; it's been a whole five minutes since she ate, after all, maybe longer. Faranth forbid! Is Tyr asleep? MAYBE. Maybe not. Who's to say: he's a weyrlingburrito, completely obscured by blanket, scarf, and goggles that don't quite fit. « It's a perfect opportunity, you're right, » Khaat hums, on a vague impression of a far more pastoral morning. « To sit, and think. Plenty to think about, isn't there, Tyr'ie? » "mmh." Scintillating input, there, Tyr. The green seems content to do most of the talking, anyways, favoring Yevith-and-Kiyaszaeth with a thoughtful look. "Hope it wasn't Ily, parked on top of the barracks yelling." Ah. Tyr's more awake tha he seems, maybe! Or possibly the blankets have gained sentience. Who knows. « Was it? Glorious? »

Seski is not disappointed by all that big buff nothingness coming from Yevith. If anything, it seems to egg him on just as much as Kiyaszaeth's encouragement. Perhaps even moreso. « You're glorious, » the blue breathes with dead-serious devotion, and… something he's doing in his head has Brodie rubbing his hand back and forth in the air, as though erasing an invisible whiteboard. "Stop that. No more brain art. Eat your breakfast." Seksicanth 'heeheehee's aloud but does what he's told, if only to keep it safe from Khaatxhath's clear and present hunger. This frees Brodie up to slump to the ground, giving his fellow weyrlings a grateful look. "I'm glad. And jealous. He slept in increments," B'an murmurs, head resting against one of his own arms, looking just as likely to fall dead asleep as Tyr'ie. "Swear it was half-hours at best. I feel you on the asleep-when-awake thing. This is…" He takes a moment to just look at Seksi, expression going a bit soft even though the blue is making a royal, absolutely disgusting mess of himself. "A very weird dream."

Wendyn inclines her head towards Kiya as B'an mentions it being a very weird dream, and she fails at covering up the snort that escapes her, though there is a last second attempt at turning it into a snort. "You, uh. You don't say." Kiyaszaeth though, turns too snort at her rider. « We have discussed. This is not a dream. I am -quite- real. » Tail lashes a bit, even as she tilts her head at Khaathxath, crooning softly. « I am sure you brother would share his breakfast with you. » Perhaps she is enabling a bit, but that is her job, right? « Surely, he wastes most of it, getting it everywhere. » Men, right? Br'aby gets an encouraging smile through the sleepiness, even as she shakes her head a bit. "They, uh, say it gets better?" Maybe.. maybe not.

« It was, » Jevith confirms, without a shadow of hesitation. He plants himself in place, still perfectly ignoring the attentions of his strange blue sibling. Instead, he just gives a rather intent look toward B'an, considering him in silence. Br'aby scrubs his face, which just manages to smear around the remnants of soot which is just… everywhere these days. "Hm. If you all are any indication, it sounds like an early morning is getting off lightly." He joins his dragon in giving B'an a rather intent look, though his has a distinctly human flavor of concern. "Perhaps you should try to take a nap." Jevith's commentary is offered to Seksi. « If you kill yours, you won't get another, you know. »

It seems likely that Khaat, at least, would appreciate Kiyaszaeth's support — except her burrito of a boy's sleepiness has maybe caught up with her. « Such a waste'a good food. » The green mumbles, soft, half-awake; and then not, head slumping back giraffe-y against Tyr's. She's not quite beaming dreams of soft fields of grass and warm-warm sun, but well…she's not not dreaming loudly enough for everybody. Tyr? Yeah, he's definitely out, at this point, elsewise why would be be snoring so loud in all those scarfs?

Brodie can't help it - that ill-disguised snort from Wendyn breaks some dam inside him, something like a giggle bubbling up in his chest before boiling over into gently-hysterical laughter. "Don't act like you thought it would end this way," he accuses the goldling, trying but failing to force a twitch-up grin off his face. "With all of us here. With them." He extends one hand towards Seksicanth, and is awarded with a splat of gore across one cheek from a particularly enthusiastic chomp. "Like this," is delivered much more deadpan, an attempt to wipe the blood away just making further mess in the descending ash that's settled on his skin. « Whatever, B'andabear. You loooove me, » Seksi croons, licking lets-not-think-about-it business from his maw, cleaning most of it off before he rubs his face all over his rider-to-be and… flops all of his weight on him. "OOF," says B'an because that's all he can manage for a second, shooting Br'aby a helpless look and a shrug. "I guess that's the plan." « S'alright, I'll just come live with you and yours. But not today. Today - », the blue yawns, great big and dramatic-like, squishing a few of Brodie's internal organs as he settles more comfortably, «- today he lives. Night night. » Annnnd there he goes, conking out with just as much enthusiasm as he gives everything else, taking Brodie with him because the kid isn't about to look this gifthorse in the mouth. Besides, what's cuter than a pile of passed out dragons and weyrlings? Nothing. Nothing at all.

If Kiyaszaeth could give a look of disgust, the sudden departure-into-sleep of two of her smaller siblings would likely provoke it, the gold's tail twitching as she snorts, before she is giving Wendyn a sharp nudge with her muzzle, back towards the barracks. « If they will not eat the rest of their breakfast, -I- will. » She shares, even as a deep fog billows over the other weyrlings, and Wendyn is left to stumble a few steps before regaining her balance, trailing in the wake of her life mate, though she does glance over at B'an as she passes. "I mean, -you- aren't a surprise." Gory or not. And then she is gone before he can ask what she means by that, with a nod to Br'aby as she goes - and a silent invitation to the bronze from Kiya - More food is all theirs for the taking.

Br'aby and Jevith stare at B'an and Seksi with identical nonplussed expressions, but the dragon recovers first. He heaves a long-suffering sigh, hauls himself to his feet, and uses the advantage of size to not-so-carefully nudge the blue /off/ his rider before the poor human can suffocate in his sleep. « If he kills his, he is /not/ living with me, » the bronze calmly announces, then starts to saunter off for a bath. Br'aby catches on to this goal belatedly and trots after the bronze, with only a glance backward. "Um, if we're getting clean, I should probably get some clothes and… Ah… oil…? Right?" But Jevith isn't listening, so the two continue water-pump-ward.

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