Monaco Bay Weyr - Monaco Bay Resort
Untamed jungle surrounds the paved trail leading to Monaco Bay Resort, but it isn't long before the dense foliage falls away to make way for an expertly manicured garden that serves as a gateway to the developed area. Two large dolphin-shaped topiaries and a massive sign welcome visitors from both near and far, bidding them to continue onward, while a long tunnel of greenery stretches forward. Fronted by an archway made of fruit-laden trees and shaded by a roof of flowering vines, the pathway is protected from Rukbath's rays. The flora is occasional interrupted on either side by arches allowing visitors access to two mid-sized fields. Short, silky grass covers these open expanses, creating the perfect landing zones for dragons.
When the tunnel finally ends, the view is nothing short of breath-taking. Cobblestone walkways race out in every direction, however these are no ordinary stones. Among the dull rocks are large pieces of smoothed agate - blue, pink, purple, and brown mix together with shades of cream to create fantastical accents for a thing that should be quite ordinary. While the trails are beautiful, the agate stepping stones disappear as the walkways cross elaborate bridges. Each one boasts railings carefully twisted and shaped into dark iron waves, to protect visitors from a fall into waters below for here large man-made canals have been carved into the earth, allowing water to flow slowly amongst the structures. Staircases and towel stations are set up at regular intervals, encouraging visitors to float to their destinations, and consider a new perspective.
Tall lamp posts line the walkways, and should Rukbat be below the horizon, the multi-colored lights that send cascades of shimmering light onto every surface of the resort will be clearly visible.

It's a lovely, warm autumn afternoon at Monaco Bay's resort. Rukbat is shining down merrily through fluffy white clouds, and a trail of bright lanterns leads the way to the resort. The view on the far side of the tunnel is even more impressive than usual, with small carnival booths set up here and there with various games one can play, foods one might sample, and drinks of zero to alarmingly high alcohol content that one might try. A well-dressed candidate stands amidst it all, bidding people to enjoy themselves, or at the very least, inflict misery upon the candidates seated at various booths. One candidate seems dubiously content to be pied in the face with pans filled with whipped cream, while another is actively egging passers-by on to try to dislodge him from his seat above a pool of water. The well-dressed candidate… slightly-less-enthusiastically suggests visiting the facepainting booth, which seems ominous but there are people walking around with it done, so surely it can't be that bad. There are picnic tables to sit at while eating, and a dance floor replete with musicians for those inclined to dance. The overall air is of pervasive merriment.

Isn't it drink and be merry? A'she has part of it down, at any rate. The bronzerider, briefly liberated from the Sands to come see the goings on, wanders down the path towards the resort, an open bottle dangling loosely from his fingertips. Many similar bottles - each labeled carefully with the bronzerider's personal branding and the seal of the Vintnercraft - have already been delivered for everyone except the Candidates (they're watching you, Wendyn!) to partake of liberally. Kind of like the journeyman himself, as A'she might well be half-fershnickered already - for all the vintner has a steady gaze and step and his voice is calm as he greets one of the resident drink vendors.

Ityrziel: not so terribly concerned about his fate. He's watching a group of 'brats getting their face painted with a vague kind of smile, and okay, maybe he's not as enthusiastic as Mr. Dunk Me!!!, but look. He's watching the face painter paint what might be a porcine face onto a weyrbrat's face, and he might be a little bit distracted. "Do you think that they think they can't dunk you?" Tyr calls across the way after a beat, because reverse psychology totally works. Or…something. "Maybe you ought to get a bigget ball to throw." He points out, eyeing A'she maybe a little mournfully. CRUELTY.

While some of the other candidates have taken a more.. active roll in the activities currently going on, Wendyn is noticeably not in the dunk both or the pie booth - though she is currently lingering over the shoulder of one of the face painters - giving Oh so helpful advice. Luckily for that poor soul, her attention is caught by A'she as the bronze rider wanders, and Wendyn is distracted, pouting even as she slinks after her brother quietly.

Brohdan is buckled up and READY TO ROLL, if by 'buckled up' we mean clinging desperately to the edges of a seating platform to keep his balanced, and by 'ready to roll' we mean, "YOU! You have a fine, strong arm, milady! Come show me who is boss!" Shouting. We mean shouting. The northerner has leaned into this situation for all it's worth, merrily crowing at people who walk past in an attempt to coerce them into throwing balls at the little target at the base of his pool. "You there! I've seen you on the sands!" Yes you, A'she. You aren't off the hook just cause Wendyn's following you! "Since I cannot partake of your booze, can I partake of your marks? Show our visitors how skilled you are!" As for Ityrziel: "Indeed I do not, my friend! In fact I hope one of them can! I am quite warm up here, a dip would be refreshing!" There's no helping some people.

A transplant from Half Moon, Suyi is fairly new to the area…but this is a great introduction. She may not be altogether unfamiliar to the candidates, especially the Half Moon ones, as she was an AWLM there. The brown skinned woman's long locks flow freely across her back as she walks about from area to area. A slim fitting pair of white capris and simple blue shirt are her attire, and though Zych isn't here /yet/, she's matching him. The bluerider/harper can't help but cover her mouth as she chuckles, gaze switching back and forth between Ityrziel and Brohdan before she makes her way to the drink table…the stronger the better!

"Stop skulking, I love you, but you are not getting my beer." A'she doesn't even bother to glance back at his sister as he lifts his bottle to his lips and drains the last of the ale, leaving the empty in a container meant for such glass bottles. "I gotta be all responsible and shi - stuff." He sneers faintly at the word before whirling on heel and reaching out to try and grapple his sister into a headlock. "How'd it feel being out there with the eggs hatching? The healers tell me the rest should Hatch any time now." There's a slight hitch in his voice, but he continues on as if it were nothing. "And soon Monaco's first clutch'll hatch - then their second - gonna be poppin' eggs for weeeeks." Brohdan's call is noted, blue eyes tracking towards the Candidate perched on the dunking platform, and he smiles slowly. "Wanna go see if I can give your friend a much-needed bath?"

Ityrziel definitely isn't eyeing those shells full of delicious cream a little covetously — but come on. Can't have wine (rude), nobody's throwing pies at him (cruel), what else is he supposed to do? The answer is, obviously, stick a subtle finger in one of the pies, scoop some whipped cream, and not-at-all-subtly shove it into his mouth. What else would it be? "Free throw if you bring me a glass of wine! It's such a warm day, I'm parched." That's not how it works, Tyr! And you shouldn't have on so many layers if you don't wanna be warm, dummy. "Refreshing…say, maybe we should change up." Tyr eyes the pool of probably-tepid water thoughtfully. "It does look quite nice. Terrible that nobody's got the arm on them."

Much-needed bath!? Wowowow shots fired! Brohdan laughs openly for the implication, arms spreading wide as though inviting it. "Please, do try! I have heard tales of this drink of yours, though, and perhaps it has addled you to where you will not succeed?" The friendly candidate shrugs great big and very pointedly turns his attention to Suyi. "What about you? Do you think you can put all this," he gestures at all of him, "into all that?" THE POOL. "Of course, if that isn't your style, my friend here looks very bored, and very much like he wore the wrong clothes to be splatted in the face." He is, of course, in a lurid yellow-and-green flowered shirt that perfectly clashes with red board shorts. Because of course he is. "At least some of us can dress the part." SMUG.

"That…sounded like a challenge from the candidates!" Suyi has definitely just grabbed an entire bottle of wine and takes it with her as she moves to where Ityrziel is. Her free hand picks up one of the pies and she examines it for a moment. "How about we compromise?" And the Half Moon AWLM is /definitely/ pouring a quarter of a shot of wine over the cream. It gives it a wonderfully purple tinge, and it looks like Suyi /definitely/ intends to throw it. The harper doesn't do so /yet/ though, as her attention quickly switches towards Brohdan. Immediately a smirk graces her face and is aimed directly for the candidate. "Those /are/ some very…nice….colors," though she seems more amused than impressed by his carefully selected attire!

Caught. Wendyn's attempts to sneak are are failure and she finds herself caught by A'she, groaning as she moves to try and wiggle away before after only another second, her shoulders sag and she resigns herself to her fate. "You don't have to actually -tell them- its beer. You could.. just put it in some other container and I'll tell everyone its juice." She argues, even as she leans against A'she's side, eyes wandering distracted to the antics of Suyi, finally answering the rest of his questions. "Terrifying. It was terrifying. And you know it was, you did it too." Hmph.

Some of us prefer to not make the job of targeting them any easier." Ityrziel sniffs, oh so prim, nose up — smiling, all the same, sneaky and small. "You've taken all of the colors with you, so here I am, left only blue." BACK HIM UP HERE, CASS, RE: your brother's complete lack of any fashion sense. And oh, but it looks like somebody is taking his challenge up, and at first? At first, Ityrziel gazes adoringly at Suyi, smiles so terribly brightly, like she's bringing his salvation, and — "oh. why." voice very small, the harper stares mournfully at the creamy wine-pie. Is his lip wibbling? MAYBE. What's it to you. "That seems a cruel thing to do to that wine." He adds, reproachful, eyes narrowing between that pie and the rider. "…do you mean to throw that." He ventures, maybe a little wary. Abandon ship! Red alert!

With a gentle noogie, A'she finally releases his sister, although he keeps one arm slung companionably around her shoulders as he steers her towards the dunk tank. "I was glad I'd been nervous enough not to eat anything all day," he replies cheerfully, eyes on Brohdan as he calculates his odds of dunking the Candidate, "because sure as anything I'd have pissed myself. Especially when Trix approached me. He may not be much to look at," and it's likely Wendyn is included in the bronze's indignant response, "but he can be right terrifying when he wants to be." « Hrmph. Suck up. » "Alright. Think I can take him down?" He plants himself in front of the tank and releases his sister, offering a mark out to trade for the three balls.

Right on time, R'en shows up however much late this is to the party. Doesn't seem to matter though, since he seems more like he's trying to skirt around the edges to get a look without actually being seen. Not that easy for a tall-ish blonde guy, but hey, he can think he's as stealthy as a cat hiding behind a curtain with their tail sticking out, right? There's booze, right over there, and there is where he decides he's going to go - so long as there's some good booze over there with the frilly drinks that might exist as well. But, he is somewhat distracted by this dunking thing going on too. Peeeeer.

Brohdan is PROUD, and perhaps totally oblivious to the amusement in Suyi's tones. "It would be a shame if something were to… happen to them?" Okay, maybe not that oblivious. "They might be slightly less colorful wet. I would not know." And he, in his smugness, isn't about to find out at this rate, or so says his face, all haughty smirks and jovial laughs for Ityrziel's discomfort. "That is the point, friend! We are earning money for… our ship captain!" … For Faranth's sake, does he not even know the name of the man they are sponsoring? He does not, but he is going to wipe away a pretend tear from his eye. "Such a noble cause. He deserves every eighth we can give him for landing us safely ashore." What, y'all didn't sign up for the dramatic retelling? TOO BAD, he's only getting started, and only A'she stepping up to the plate to give him the what-for might stop him! Go, bronzer, go!

Tagging along by A'she's side, she wanders to the dunking booth, giving Brohdan an apologetic look as her brother changes his mark for some balls - "I think if you can't, you need some face paint. Maybe.. Maybe a nice dolphin." Because what else are little sisters for, besides coming up with ridiculous ideas. Of course, Tyr is also under Suyi's sights, and Wendyn is shifting to try and keep an eye on both of her fellow candidates in their current predicament.

Suyi pauses, lips pursing slightly as she glances over to Ityrziel. "And here I thought I was being nice! It's so little alcohol and didn't you /just/ ask someone to bring you wine? Or was that someone else?" The AWLM looks absolutely put out for a second and she disappears into the crowd, only to return with…a spoon? And now she's mixing the pie with the wine and…it's a little /more/ liquid but still mostly solid and a lovely light purple, "How about that?" Whether Tyr agrees or not she's satisfied enough that her arm pulls back and the pie goes FLYYYYYING into the air! She makes note of A'she stepping up at the dunking booth but right now…she has not know if she aimed well!
Dice> Suyi (#5604) rolls (-1 modifier): 4 4 2 -1 = 9
(She's just a harper but COME ON PIE)

"Captain Burtke." Tyr supplies, brightly. Is he guessing? You BET he's guessing. "Captain Burtke doesn't know how thirsty I am, though, I'm sure of it." The harper adds mournfully, completely oblivious to the Dramatic Retelling of ol' busted-head's saving them from the storm. He's very focused, obviously. Or not. He's actually eyeing Suyi mournfully (okay, he's eyeing the remaining wine mournfully, in fairness), and — blinking, perplexed, when she disappears. "Was it something I said! No, look, we can discuss this…" ALAS, the wine, it's gone. Tyr makes big sad eyes at Wendyn, because surely she Gets Him. And R'en? He might have outed the not-so-subtle rider, if not for the fact that the pie returneth, and — "No-o-o-o!" it goes sailing right by his outstretched hand. Womp womp. "The wine!"

Worry not, good Weyrleader, if A'she is around, you know there's plenty of beer. The good stuff, even, none of that watered-down runner piss made by some vintners. Hefting a ball in one hand, A'she pauses to grin down at Wendyn. "A dolphin? C'mon, kid, you can do better than that. Nothing wrong with a dolphin - although I do shudder to think of paint in my beard." He reaches up with his free hand to rub thoughtfully at the thick, ruddy hair. "Still, she doesn't look entirely unskilled." Hopefully, she's also not close enough to hear how dubious he sounds. "Anyway. Moot point, 'cause I'm going to rock this and dunk myself an egg-catcher." He winds up for the pitch. He shoots. He…
Dice> A'she (#5512) rolls: 3 2 2 = 7
… sucks.

Helping himself to some of that non-watered down beer, R'en gets an eyeful of Tyr .. missing the piece of pie by a mile, followed by A'she missing dunking someone by less than that. He can't help but laugh, though, and then adds, "It's Captain Markian, you guys." Maybe he's just pulling people's legs too, but it's hard to tell with just how sincerely he corrects the name being given to the captain of the poor ship. "Come on, don't you get a few tries to knock the person down? Grab another, now that you know the weight of them and how they throw I'm sure you'll do better." He suggests, but, he seems quite happy chugging beers.

"I mean, I wouldn't want anything so embarrassing to forever ruin your chances, while you are still settling in here." Wendyn counters, shaking her head at A'she, even as her eyes watch the double failure at the pie booth. "That poor wine. That.. That poor Pie." As for Tyr? Maybe not so poor Tyr. And so, she is distracted as A'she makes his first throw, turning just to see it bounce, and Broaden left safe above the water. "Keep that up, and you'll fund the captain's boat by yourself."

Prepare for insufferability in 3… 2… 1… "OH! A very near miss, my good man! A very near miss indeed!" What, did you think he'd take the piss out of you, A'she? Hardly! Brohdan is thrilled by the attempt, even though the ball ricocheted off the pool and rolls off merrily through the crowd. To wind up at R'en's feet? Maybe. "Our dear weyrleader is correct! Two more tries! I think if you maybe aim a smidge… more towards the target… you could make it." Helpful. Thank you Brodie. "I do hope you are right, Wendyn! Nothing would make me prouder. Perhaps you'll lend this man a hand in case? You have a mean arm on you, I'm sure of it." He's teasing, tone gentle despite being pitched loud enough to hear. But for just a minute his attention is going to focus on Suyi and that pie-mixture of doom and — womp womp! "Well, if that is not a sad sight, I am not sure what is." As for story time: "It matters not what his name is!" Nice… real nice… "What matters is how bravely he ran himself aground when he very well could have let us blow into deep, stormy waters! I have never experienced such a harrowing thing… Off the hatching sands, anyways."

Suyi /also/ mourns the loss of the wine pie. There was a whole quarter of a shot in it! "Maybe it needed more alcohol…maybe /I/ need for alcohol." Her lips purse again slightly, gaze eventually wandering back to the archivist. "Or no wine?" Whether she's making another concoction or not, the AWLM is apparently going to try again! Through all the talk of this captain there's a small snort from the harper, "Wouldn't he get washed away too if he /didn't/ stick with everyone?" But hey look, she's contributing, see? More money is set down and them WHOOOOSH pie #2 is flying through the air.
Dice> Suyi (#5604) rolls (-1 modifier): 3 5 2 -1 = 9
(Take two?)

"Captain Markian! Right, that was it." Riiiight. He definitely believes that. Yes, poor Tyr, though, can't you see he's wasting awayyyyyy. Despair! Agony! "It was an abomination, surely, but…" Too young to die! Too pretty. Unlike Brodie, who's mostly just insufferable, says Tyr's amused glance in the other candidate's direction. "Perhaps you should allow somebody else to carry your beverages! Clear heads for throwing, and all. Wendyn's right there!" He's got you, boo. In a totally, completely subtle way, too, right? Also insufferable: this idiot. He's not going to take Brodie's limelight of dramatic storytelling, but he is going to duck automatically when a pie comes flying at him, which. Would be fair, except he's here to be pied. "…ah." Beat. "That one's on me." His catlike reflexes? Riiight.

"Well shit." A'she studies the second ball in his hand, then his sister, then the … not so heckling??… Candidates. "Hey R'en," he calls casually over to the Weyrleader as he tosses and catches the ball lightly in his hand, his gaze trained on the dunk tank target. "I've been meaning to ask you. Since it seems this is my new home, as they finally called Half Moon a wash, think maybe I could step up as an assistant Weyrlingmaster? Need something to do with myself while I get the stills up and running and a new batch aging, and I think Suyi might need a bit of help with this bunch of jokers." His eyes slide towards the other bronzerider for a half a moment, sly and grinning. "Unless, of course," he adds, "you want to offload your old knot on to someone new. I'd be happy to take that one off your… shoulder." He punctuates that little bit of arrogant ambition with a fastball at the target.
Dice> A'she (#5512) rolls: 3 1 1 = 5
… A'she didn't miss. Wendyn fouled him. That's his story.

"HEY!" Suyi scrunches her nose in Ityrziel's direction when he ducks, "I definitely had that one…." There's a /sigh/ from the woman as she pauses to take a sip of wine. "Maybe I'll have better luck with the fish…." The AWLM turns to move over in that direction, pausing only when she hears the comments from A'she. Dark eyes flick over to him and both eyebrows rise, "Me? Need help? I think I could handle them…but you could be assistant to the assistant weyrlingmaster?" (Get it guys?) For a brief second there's a coy smile on her lips before she's walking over to snag one of the multiple large hooks near the 'fish' pool. She weighs it in her hands for a moment before dipping it down…C'MOOOOON!

Dice> Wendyn (#3925) rolls: 3 1 4 = 8
"Shards, -really- man?" Wendyn groans as A'she makes a pitch for a new role at Monaco. "Are you so afraid to let me out of your sight for even -that long-." Because yep - his sister has taken his request to help with the Weyrlings as a personal "attack" on her - she is after all a candidate. As A'she misses again, Wendyn rolls her eyes, reaching across to snag the last ball from her brother's hand, lobbing it at Brohdan - and failing just as spectacularly as the bronze rider. With a groan, she sighs. "Shards. You even have an excuse for being terrible.." But as a poor candidate? Wendyn does not.

It should be of no large surprise that Xh'vyr is taking a turn around the festivities, outfit crisply — and not in Zephyr whites for once, but his own finely turned-out threads. He's known as something of a clotheshorse, and it shows in the quality of his subdued colors and well-cut garments. He has a beer in one hand, foaming and really picturesque (raise yo hand if the gram looks like you work in a brewery!), and he pulls up adjacent to R'en with a deferential nod. "Sir," he greets, his pale gaze shifting toward Wendyn and A'she and Brohdan and — okay, this whole purview.

Hand holding some of the best beer at the party, or so R'en might tell himself, he wanders over towards where A'she is throwing the balls from and arches a brow as another one misses the target. The question, it isn't missed, though he does say, "It /is/ Captain Markian." He says, though who knows at this point what the bloke's name is. Maybe he doesn't recall it himself, and so R'en's taken the pleasure of renaming him to Markian. "More in the wrist, there, A'she." When Wendyn makes noise about the suggestion of A'she becoming AWLM, his brow does arch. "Being a candidate doesn't assure you're walking off the sands with a dragon, you know. You could walk off with nothing but some bruises or scrapes for your trouble." There's R'en, ever the optimist. "I don't mind if you want to be an Assistant Weyrlingmaster, though I would suggest /IF/ your sister Impresses that she not be under your supervision." He does notice Xh'vyr slide on up, and gives him a nod as well before seeing if the suggestion is fine with A'she.

Brohdan. Says. Nothing. It's impressive, I know, but after that particularly ambitious statement followed by a loud THUNK as another ball goes rolling away… Well… "MY DEAR ITYRZIEL." Scandal! It's all in his tones, finger waggling at his fellow male candidate. "That was cheating! I do not think a free throw is nearly enough. Perhaps one of those stuffed felines, over at the ring toss game?" Brodie stop giving away the profits. It hardly matters anyways at the moment, she's wandered off to play go fish, and so Brohdan presses a hand to his chest and gasps, dramatically, as though to say 'moi?' "I'm with the ladies! If anyone needs babysitting, it's the lot that's already hatched to the Half Moon candidates! They really are quite boisterous." But alas! The weyrleader's opinion trumps all, so Brodie sulks a very fakely put-upon sulk and says, "Well, we shall just have to hope to not impress. Now! Are you up to try again, third time is the charm." And Wendyn conveniently stole his third ball! This is good math, right?!

"/Assistant/ to the Assistant Weyrlingmaster would still be a better position, just saying!" Suyi teases in the bronze rider's direction, before distraction arrives in the form of a caught fish. Slender fingers exchange said fish for a small bag of hard candies and she promptly tosses one into her mouth before walking over to the crowd. She'll offer one to both A'she and R'en though, before tossing a salute in the Weyrleader's direction. "Could I possibly bribe you with one of these, sir?" C'moooon, feed her amusement! Sure there's no such thing as an assistant to an AWLM but think of the possibilities! Given the humor in her eyes though, the harper is joking!

"Oh, for —" Ityrziel has the good grace to look chagrined as one of their peers not-so-gently steers him away from the table. "I didn't mean to duck, honest! I'm terribly sorry." The candidate doesn't sound so terribly sorry, but you know what. At least a cranky-looking girl has control of the pie table, now, and Tyr is freeee. "Look! Perhaps you should get pies thrown at you." He sniffs Brodie-wards, subtly going to stand in line behind A'she and Wendyn. Not that he has any actual reason for being there, mind you. Suyi's got all the goodies, though, and she's not sharing any of them with Tyr — which, alright fair, she absolutely did try. That doesn't stop him from eyeing the other harper sadly, all the same, not that he does anything further. Maybe he's tormented the poor thing enough for one night. He's just going to get his face painted real quick while he waits for his chance. REAL QUICK.

A'she doesn't miss that R'en totally dodged his other suggestion, and sends the Weyrleader a dry grin - the kind that says he's not quite given up yet. "Why, think I'd go easy on her? Clearly, sir, you don't know us that well." He grins at his little sister, eyes twinkling, then yelps as the girl plucks the ball from his hand. "Minxlet, give that back!" He snatches for it as she throws, fouling her shot in return - because, you know, she totally jinxed his tosses. "See what you get? Now I'm out a mark and all I've got to show for it is a bit of bruised dignity. Just for that, I'll leave you with Suyi and you can enjoy her tender ministrations." After all, he knows all about it. "Hell. I want a drink now. Want a beer, sis? Oh wait." Grinning at her, he takes the offered candy from Suyi, winking towards the bluerider. "I mean, it'd be under you, so definitely a good position." Wait, wut?

"Yes, please do make sure he is -elsewhere-. Uh, sir." Wendyn hurriedly appends the last bit, even as she bites her lip, perhaps now remembering that she should at least put on some sort of a good show. The Weyrleader's pessimistic warning? That doesn't seem to phase her, however - though perhaps its because A'she is back to picking on her and she is aiming to stomp on his toes in retaliation - because clearly her brother brings out her inner 5 turn old. "Ugh, gross." She groans as he makes a pass at Suyi, ducking away to try and loop an arm with the displaced Tyr. "Shards, save me. Please."

Xh'vyr pauses, lifts his beer to his lips, and silently lifts both his eyebrows at Brohdan. It's very eloquent, really~ It's entirely in tea-drinking meme response to that I'm with the ladies bit, but he doesn't comment, instead shifts his attention now to Suyi. The peanut gallery absolutely has commentary, but for now Xh'vyr will stand and ill-hide a smirk behind his beer stein. After a moment, the bronzerider shakes his head and disappears into the crowd, off to find trouble of a different sort.

"Ha! I'm sure the Weyrleader has better things to do," Suyi adds with a quick laugh. She takes a quick sip from her bottle of wine, her gaze shifting back to A'she as she does so. A quick wipe with the back of her hand leaves an impish smile behind, "A good position indeed, so you agree then? Hopefully it's an honor." As soon as the words leave her mouth she lets out a laugh and is flitting away to Brohdan's tank, where she promptly offers him a candy too, "It's your own fault for ducking!" This to the archivist, "Protect his poor sister's ears over, I think they might bleed soon." She'll just lean on the side of the tank for a moment, surveying the area for a moment. It's just in time to see Xh'vyr leave and a hand raises to wave a quick farewell, then she is…looking to see what Ityrziel got painted on his face!

"No, because I think you'd spend more time tormenting each other than doing the teaching that's required." R'en says, though he doesn't appear to mind when they both go to do basically what he assumed they'd be doing anyways. He takes another drink of the beer he's carried, and no, he didn't miss the other question that was poised to him but he doesn't address it either. "Who wants to try to get a pie-shot in on me before I head to get washed up? I'll double the donation of whoever manages to hit me, so that Captain Markham is well taken care of." Markian, Markham, whatever.

Ityrziel pats the looped arm genially, making a rueful face for his poor peer. "Siblings insist on being mortifying, don't they?" He commiserates, eyeing A'she with amusement. "Too bad he's focused on that, instead of his aim." The harper adds, expression so very innocent as he swishes his face from side to side. Mirrors? Nope. It's probably for the best that Tyr doesn't see the spooky vines winding all over his face. "Is it nice?" He ventures, vaguely, for Suyi, nose scrunching. "I believe I saw a little girl painted to look like a fish, so I'm afraid to ask." A beat, and the harper squints between Brodie — still! not floating! — and the Weyrleader, thoughtful. It takes a moment for him to decide, but honestly, R'en totally deserves Tyr paying up to throw a pie at him, right? "You can tell Sindrieth it's his fault for all those extra laps." The candidate points out, and —
Dice> Ityrziel (#5878) rolls: 5 3 3 = 11

"This is true," A'she replies to R'en, "I suppose she would torment me terribly - dragonbait," and he nods to Tyr, "has the right of it. At least the girls." He, of course, is a complete angel to his foot-stomping sister, stretching out one long arm to ruffle her hair before his head comes up, eyes darting towards the Hatching Grounds. "Alright. I'm being summoned. Be a good girl, Wendyn, and go put that beer you stuck under your shirt back on the table. You'll probably be able to drink before too long. I mean, odds are long, right?" His smirk says it all - he clearly thinks she's going to be boozless for much longer than his words suggest. Fingers flick against his forehead - first to R'en, then, ironically, to Suyi. "See y'all on the flip side, and keep an ear out. Healers say it won't be long now." With that parting shot, the bronzerider oozes through the crowd and disappears into the jungle.

"It's uh….well, it's quite unique? I definitely haven't seen anyone else with a face painted like that?" Suyi hides her chuckle behind another sip of wine, and once she's done offering candy to Brohdan she'll wander over to finally offer the archivist one. "And I'll give you an extra candy too if you manage to hit him!" Because that would be entertainment at it's finest after all! A'she's departing actions get a slight smirk from the blue rider, but now her attention is on the candidates in R'en. Pie pie pie!

"They are -the worst-." Wendyn agrees, even as Tyr is stepping away to take his own revenge, and the candidate is distracted by A'she's parting words. "Ew. Do you want warm beer? Because.. that's how you would get warm beer." She mutters to no one in particular, before the comment about face painting has Wendyn frowning. "Shards. He thinks he can get away without …" And Wendyn is offering a random, rushed apology to those around her before she is darting after A'she - with a quick grab of one of the spare sets of faceprint as she goes. He won't get away so easily!

Brohdan sees Xh'vyr's browlift, and raises him a browwaggle. For what, he truly has no clue, the man is damned dense as to any and all things that come out of his mouth, never really one to regret them later no matter their content. That #yolo life. But the expression is short-lived - Suyi is flitting his way and Brodie is… in a predicament. "Ah, if you could just… Are you always this vertically challenged? Here, let me scoot, I think I can… Ah ha!" VICTORY. Brodie stuffs the candy into his mouth with aplomb, looking very pleased with himself that he managed not to careen into the water of his own doing in the attempt. "G'bye," gets chirped thickly towards A'she and Wendyn's departing forms, though he looks a little green around the gills at the idea of the eggs being close again. "I will hope you are wrong!" Bless. Butt wiggling to a cozier position on his seat, Brohdan watches a be-vined Tyr take a very daring bet indeed and launch a pie at their brave, valiant weyrleader! "Captain Markhus will be so touched." DEEP SNIFF.

See, R'en got distracted by both A'she leaving which gets a wave before he just /blinks/ at Tyr's face. Right there. "What in the.." He says, before the pie that's thrown smacks him half across the face. A spluttering, before he lifts a hand to wipe off the remnants of.. well, he'll take a lick off his lips to see if it at least tastes /good/, before wiping the rest off. "Bet you can't do it again, vine-face." He says, before looking at Suyi and giving her a quick smile. "This opportunity won't last long. And it's Captain Makhaus." He clarifies, once again for the hard of hearing. Maybe it's just said differently because of pie-face.

"As soon as he's done, I am /definitely/ up next. You've proven that you won't duck like a certain /someone/." Suyi's gaze turns to the archivist as she offers him a candy, though given the tone of voice she means it all in a playful manner. "For our dear dear Captain Makes." Another swig of alcohol and she's putting some more marks on the table. This is a game of telephone, right? Right. "Surely someone can take over for a bit so you can come toss things at the Weyrleader too?" Words carry over towards Brohdan and his shirt, "Though I've yet to try my hand at the dunking booth…" There are just a /lot/ of things to do guys, and she's going to keep moving around between them /all/.

Yeaaah! Go, team! Looking proud enough that he might as well be celebrating winning a million marks — rather than pieing his tormentor's lifemate in the face, oops — Tyr beams at R'en. "Sorry, sir!" He chirps, not sounding at all sorry, and lifting a hand to wave ruefully after Wendyn. "If you catch him behind the knees, he'll slow down!" He imports, like she doesn't already have all the Sibling Hacks anyways. A beat, though, and oof. "Unique? It's not…it's not a wher is it? Tunnelsnake?" The harper ventures, rueful. Beat. "Vines? Vine-face?" Whaaaat. A distracted, "Markab," For Brodie, because obviously that's what they decided? Right? And he's squinting between Suyi and R'en, now. "…I believe I've taken enough of your shots at the pie table, ma'am, he's all yours." He just wants to spare you the dishonor, R'en, really. Or, you know, sneakily try and dislodge Brodie from his un-watery prison. ONE OR THE OTHER.
Dice> Ityrziel (#5878) rolls: 2 4 2 = 8

Did anyone say that R'en couldn't gather up the used thrown pie and toss it back towards Tyr as he apologizes? No, no they didn't, so he starts piling up some of the goo'd pie and trying to make a small pile out of it that he could send flying back the direction it came. Maybe he didn't get the memo that this isn't a food fight? Well, maybe now it is. He makes a face at Suyi, and then laughs, "Bet you can't hit me, I saw how you were throwing earlier." Did he, now, yes. Maybe. It's possible. "Yes, /vine face/. Or.. are they tunnelsnakes? There's sure a lot of it going on around up here." He motions with one hand as the other flings the pie remnants right back. See, getting hit isn't so bad, it makes getting retaliation so much easier. Maybe.
Dice> R'en (#5445) rolls (-1 modifier): 4 6 6 -1 = 15
(Not the best constructed pie-bomb.)

Suyi isn't about to back down from a challenge and immediately her hands are snatching for a pie. She pulls her arm back, releasing it /right/ after R'en has seen the own results of his pie toss. It's the perfect moment of distraction, right? She can do this…right? Of course, the woman /has/ been drinking and he's right…she's a harper so the tossing earlier was just about as good as she gets. But perhaps, just perhaps, there's dumb luck on her side? Please?
Dice> Suyi (#5604) rolls (-1 modifier): 6 4 4 -1 = 13
(C'mon :|)

WELP. Worry not, guys - turns out Brodie's pretty darned good at dislodging himself! Listen. It's all R'en's fault, really. It was one thing for Ityrziel to succeed, but a whole other to witness the weyrleader's face in action. The candidate tries and fails to contain laughter, wobbling precariously on his perch. "Ah, I just… you've got a little something… right there, sir. Thought you ought to know." R U D E. He doesn't look nearly threatened enough by Tyr coming his way, though he tries his best to tamp down on his humor, managing to reduce chuckles to the occasional snort as the archivists winds up… takes the pitch… BLONK. Aaaand he's back at it again, shoulders heaving because the man's got the giggles okay, when, "Oh no." He has one of those brilliant slow-mo moments of clarity in which he gets to realize every one his life choices leading up to this instant has been bad, hands scrabbling for purchase before — "NOPE." Splash!!! Well… At least now he can join the party, heaving himself out of the pool to laugh, much more subduedly, as Suyi throws down her marks and Tyr takes some whipped cream revenge. "Ah, you did deserve that, my friend. Excuse me while I—" Definitely don't snort back a giggle when Suyi succeeds with alacrity. Not him. No. This isn't the candidate you are looking for. Move along.

Second-hand pie? NOT as good as first-hand pie, so Tyr's face has every right to be utterly scandalized, right? Riiiight. "Sir!" The candidate gasps, like a hearth auntie, hand rising to his chest and all. "That's hardly sporting." He points out, and is he grinning, behind the arm that swipes pie right off of his getting-grosser-by-the-minute face? Maybe. MAYBE NOT. Who's to say. "I'm sure it's not tunnelsna- yeaaaaah!" Should he really be that loud, raucously gleeful for Suyi's excellent throw? LOOK. Maybe not. Revenge is sweet, though, literally sometimes. "Nice shot!" The candidate's beaming grin is short-lived, because he's got his game face on again, turning to deliver Brodie into the watery depths because surely this time it'll work except. "Aw." Well. Nothing stopping him from bonking the two remaining ones off of Brodie's head in retaliation, now, is there.

It's possible that R'en might say that he was again distracted when he got a face full of Suyi's pie this time, but it doesn't happen immediately. He was in the middle of saying /something/, when the pie hits directly in the center of his face. There is now, no place left un-pie'd on his face as he lifts an arm to wipe the pie remnants down to his.. well, it's his lap. He wasn't thinking of revenge so much as, "/WHO/ did that?" He asks, a blue eye trying to open but finding that he has to wipe away the cream once again before he sees that it's Suyi. No pie retaliation this time, as the pie is wiped off his lap this time and his gaze lowers forlornly at the lost opportunity. "You guys must have just been joshing earlier, or you really want to get me covered in pie." He says, but then laughs, "Hope that Captain Markus appreciates all this."

Suyi raises her wine bottle in the air, letting out a cheer despite R'en's initial reaction. She takes a triumphant swig before making her way over to the Weyrleader and offering him the bottle as well. "I wasn't! You just seem to bring the luck out in all of us." There's a smile for the man before she realizes perhaps she should have offered him a /glass/, but…ah well, whatever. "I'm sure that Captain Maracas will /definitely/ appreciate your noble sacrifice for everyone's amusement!" And hey, if he doesn't want the bottle she's pulling out a cloth napkin from her pocket?

"Ack! Hey! The target is that way!," Brohdan protests of the balls being lobbed his way, hands lifting to protect his very fragile, VERY BEAUTIFUL face from the assault, thank! He's far from actually upset, laughter leaving him in skips and beats as he risks a glance upwards just in time to catch R'en hoving handfuls of cream into his own lap. "Maybe she just needed a warm-up?," he suggests of Suyi's sudden success, though whether he means the practice shots or the alcohol, wellll… "At any rate, I'm sure he does. He's a good man, Captain Marvelous. Speaking of which, he should be around here somewhere. We arranged for a hero's parade for him." Because of course they did. "'Scuse, while I look into that. Until later sir, ma'am, Tyr." He claps his fellow candidate on the back, smiling cheerfully at them all before squelch-squelch-squishing away while another candidate gets sacrificed to the NPC gods and assumes his position on the chopping block.

"The parade!" Tyr didn't manage to duck that whack, but joke's on Brodie, he's got PIE, NOW. "Excuse me, sir, ma'am — got to make sure that the dolphin puppeteers are ready." Ityrziel jolts, a little, eyes the riders mournfully. "At least captain Marvey can have wine." SIGH. Not that he's jealous. With that, the candidate's off, moving at a good clip for parts unknown. Theoretically to grab somebody with a dolphin puppet. MAYBE to get some tacky bracelets at the ring toss. Who's to say. WHO'S TO SAY.

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