2014-08-03: Ceresth and Sindrieth and Pyrith and Tebinth's Eggs Hatch (24th PC Clutch)

Monaco Bay Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sand of the cavern stretches out to all sides, searing hot at all times of the day from the geothermal heat that this extinct volcano provides. With only the very top of the cavern open to the elements, allowing vision of the sky and the occasional shower through, but little more. Thick with dark sand, imported and sifted for its extreme fineness and silken feel, this cavern is home to the Queens during their brooding and their multitude of eggs. Off to one side is a risen platform for the Queen's rider and her mate's rider, allowing them a rest from the heat their dragons endure.

Monaco Bay Weyr has rated this upcoming Hatching Feature as PG-13. There will be injuries and some blood, there will /not/ be gore or excessive violence. This notice is given as a courtesy to all guests joining us out on the hatching galleries for this event. Any and all questions should be directed to Search Co staff. Thank you for your time and attendance.

Pyrith shifts then rises to her feet, her head and neck stretching upward as a deep humming rises from her. Yes it is time! From all over the weyr the humming builds as the other dragons catch onto the golds announcement that the eggs are ready to hatch.

Milo steps onto the sands.

Zahleizjah steps onto the sands.

Feyran steps onto the sands.

Tifla steps onto the sands.

Sigel steps onto the sands.

Sydney steps onto the sands.

Blank Canvas Egg rocks to and fro, causing the sand that's been packed around it to shift in small waves.

Vantayne steps onto the sands.

In The Galleries» Eilistra was all elbows and wiggling as she worked her way up into the galleries, trying to wedge not only herself along in the crowd, but also her equally tall and gangly twin brother, Siaryn. The young lad was pretty quiet for the time being, but Ellie was much less so. "'Scuse, pardon," she muttered repeatedly as she wended her way along, dragging Ary along until she finally spied two open seats next to one another. "There," she said triumphantly. "Got us a ride with Weyrwoman Neyuni /and/ good seats. You can thank me later." Because now was time for watching the hatching begin, of course.

Tifla rushes onto the sands, a visible bundle of nerves. She fiddles with the sleeves of her too-large robe before reaching out to grab Milo's hand, giving it a squeeze in an attempt to calm herself down. Once in position, she drops into a deep bow to the clutch parents. As she rises, the motion of the eggs catches her eye. "Ooh, they're wobbling already…"

A blue rider AWLM is leading the candidates to the sands in a single file. Barking towards them he reminds them. "Don't forget to bow!" he watches them come in with a fierce look. "Line up!" he then bows to the clutch parents before retreating to the back to watch for newly paired riders.

Sydney enters into the hatching sands, robe and all, the moment of truth has arrived. If he is nervous he isn't showing it in his face. He just looks curious and determined. He walks onto the sands and bows to the clutch parents and then lines up with his fellow candidates.

Milo steps out on the sands, mixed in with the rest of the candidates. There's a blink as Tifla runs up to grab his hand, and he gives her a reassuring smile. He gives a polite bow to the clutchparents, then shuffles in to find a place amongst the rest of the line. "Mm. It doesn't take them long…"

In The Galleries» C'rus made his way to Monaco this evening because Jaicoureth had let him know that it was time. It's an incredibly odd thing to both just know that and then to arrive and be on the other side of the galleries. It's certainly far less stressful. He looks about the galleries to see if anyone familiar is about.

In The Galleries» Kera is among the masses converging on the gallery, a quick glance around for the young Xanadu resident that was Moncerath's passenger. Tugging the fastening of her jacket as the heat from the sands is felt a polite nod is given to people that rush by to get good seats. She waves to faces she knows, mostly from Fort and Xanadu. Sudden murmurings signal at least one egg moving so she simply hurries to find a seat. Most likely one of the nosebleeds.

Vanessa rushes in once the dragons start humming and she takes her place near Nadina. Nervously she reaches for the other gold riders hand and gives it a squeeze. "Oh my gosh..it's time!" she squeaks out. Ceresth hums along with the others and her whole body shivers with excitement as she gives the candidates who approach a baleful stare. Her Children! Are /they/ worthy of Her Children?

Outside the wind is howling, rain is pouring down. Now and then the lights on the sands flicker. The colored sand the candidates brought out still highlights the hatching sands amidst various debris that has been blown in since the sands were cleaned just hours earlier.

Zahleizjah is a paint speckled looking Candidate. While her robe may be a pristine white, one may wonder exactly what was going on in the Barracks as her skin tells another story. A smattering of royal purple and vibrant green paints accentuate tanned skin in tiny spots (and no they're not just freckles) with one purple smear across her right cheek. She looks a little flushed from the flurry of chaos getting on to the sands, but remembers to bow as she files in.

In The Galleries» Nyalle sits with some other Fortian riders, the Senior watching the Sands below with a distant smile on her lips.

Vantayne's both nervous, full of awe, and quite reticent all at once, which makes for a perhaps strange image the young man presents upon his face. Still, he's operating on autopilot at this point, bowing deeply to the clutchparents, then standing in the traditional semi-circle alongside whoever.

Feyran shoots a smirk over at the barking AWLM, but for once she does follow directions…mostly. The trader girl follows the rest onto the sands and dips a quick bow in the direction of the clutch parents, but there's a grin on her face as she elbows Sigel. "Looks like we're in for a storm…" The wind whips about her newly green paint soaked hair, leaving a few marks on her cheeks as it does so. The flickering lights? They only seem to make the trader more excited.

In The Galleries» Dragons are humming - that's a good sign. In comes a troop of weavers bearing Ista Weyr colors, decked out in their finery. They take their seats near the bottom of the galleries, chatting amongst themselves as they watch the eggs rocking in the sand. Zilisa is among them, seated primly beside her fellow apprentices, with her hands folded demurely in her lap. She has a nod and a toothy smile, that doesn't quite reach her eyes, for any familiar faces.

Blank Canvas Egg begin to bulge in some rather odd places as the hatchling within pushes outward creaking ever growing cracks to mar the eggs surface. A large chunk of shard falls away leaving a gap through which an eye can been seen now and then.

Sigel makes a point of snagging not just Feyran's hand after paying respects, but Vantayne's too, meaning he's likely to get at least a little bit of green paint on his hand at this point. It seems more for solidarity than anything else, ensuring that none of them are alone in this particular moment. Of course, his hand in Feyran's may also be to help remind her to bow as well, because he certainly does before finding a place in line as well. Perhaps to share in painted glory, he'll try to get in line near Zahl, with Feyran between them. The storm just seems to make him a little uncomfortable.

Conquered and Triumphant Prismatic Egg rocks wildly from side to side as if the young dragon is showing his impatience to escape this hard shell and start living! The rocking continues widely for several moments before abating into silence. For now.

In The Galleries» Neyuni makes her way up into the galleries, going with the flow of people. Eventually she's about to find an empty seat and squeeze in. Rank matters little at such an exciting event, although she's become rather seperated from the contingent she brought from Igen. The movement on the sands draws her attention, the humming dragons and murmurs through the crowd mixing in that unique way to signal things are about to get very interesting.

In The Galleries» Innes is sort of sulking about in the galleries. The weather provides a convenient excuse for the Xanadu Junior to wear her hood up and tugged just about as far over her face as she can manage. Is she hiding? Maybe a bit. But even so, she's not above showing off her knot long enough to snag herself a good seat fairly close to the front.

In The Galleries» Eilistra might not be familiar, but she definitely flinches when the lights flicker, unsure eyes casting about. A polite tap on the shoulder is given to C'rus, the female twin from Igen not really frightened, but definitely curious. "Think the power'll go out?" Because /that/ would be a show.

In The Galleries» C'rus spots Kera soon enough and as he passes Nyalle he offers her a salute and a smile, before making his way up to her, "Hey Kera…" he says finding a seat beside her and taking a look down at the eggs, "Here we go again. I like it better on this side of the galleries."

In The Galleries» Kaitro makes his way into the gallaries with the other Xanadu riders, catching a ride with someone else. He follows up with Kera, plopping into a seat next to Kera and grinning. "Well, this is a good thing to have after a party!"

Zahleizjah gasps slightly as eggs start rocking all over the place and the storm outside picks up in severity. "Again…" she mumbles about the flickering lights as eyes scan across the colored sands. "You said it Feyran…" she says to the young trader, sending a small smile towards Sigel, Tayne and anyone else who's gaze she catches between nervous glances.

The sands are warm indeed, just as Sydney remembered them being when he was out touching the eggs. He raises his hand to wipe some sweat from his brow as he watches the eggs begin to hatch. They have the best seat in the house. He looks along the line to watch the expressions on his fellow candidates face and smiles a bit, this will be an event to remember.

Feyran lets her gaze slide first to Zahl and then over to Sigel, "Looks like they want to get out, huh?" She leans forward a few inches, craning her neck as if she might be able to see the eggs better. "I hope they appreciate the nicely colored sands." As if that were all for the sake of the soon to be hatched dragons. She won't break from her position in line though, just bend around to get a better look at all the eggs.

Blank Canvas Egg shatters abruptly spilling its treasure onto the sands. Caught up in a gust of wind the poor hatchling finds itself coated in gritty sand and bits of this and that as well.

Whirlwind of Sand and Debris Hatchling
Caught up in a whirlwind at the sametime as it hatched, this pour hatchling has become a managery of everything. Bits of shell, leaves, colorful sand and more cling to its wet form. There is no hiding that it's a long and lean hatchling, well built and refined from the tip of its snout the the end of its tail.

Zahleizjah oos as the first egg hatches. "Is it me or is it hard to see out there?"

R'en comes from the direction of, well.. doesn't really matter, with the wind and the storm it's not like people can see much anyways. He skitters up towards where Sindrieth is, who is watching over /his/ progeny as at least one of them struggles to get out of its shell. Using the bronze as a weather stopper, R'en just peers to see if he can see anything from where he is.

Milo looks out to watch the eggs watching, though his eyes do turn upwards as the lights flicker. He gives Tifla's hand a squeeze. "It's gonna be hard to look after dragons if the lights go out…" Not to frighten her or anything! Though he doesn't sound to sure himself.

Conquered and Triumphant Prismatic Egg picks up the pace once more for this one is not to be outdone by any weather or clutch sibs for this is the one all eyes should be on. Large cracks striate the green wrapped egg though nothing emerges just yet.

A wild gust of wind runs rampent through the hatching grounds. Leaves and twigs are tumbled in with it along with a few odd pieces of…Laundry? Oh Yes there's a sock and a pair of pants too!

His hand's grabbed up? For a moment, Vantayne tightens up at such propriety… and then promptly relaxes. It's Sigel. His own grasp of the other young man's hand waxes and wanes in time with the egg movements…and after some seconds, he seeks to take up Zahl's hand, as well. Might as well share the discomfiture. A storm…and now a debris-clad hatchling? Those are reason for a faint twitch, and a squeezing of both hands. "What the Shell…?" is muttered for all the debris blowing around. This is -hardly- dignified. All thoughts of the crazily colored sands are left behind in the frenetic pace of the hatching.

In The Galleries» Nyalle shades her eyes and squints down to the sands, shaking her head slightly. So she turns to C'rus and Kera, and then Kaitro with a warm smile.

Things are a bit hard to see so Sydney nods his head in agreement with Zah. Sydney just stands against the wind as it blows, "Is that a pair of socks?" he asks. Ahh well. Who said hatchings had to be dignified?

Tifla winces in fear at Milo's words of warning. "Is that… is that likely to happen?" She squeaks, barely containing her terror. Her gaze remains locked on the eggs, especially as the first begins to emerge from the shell. "Oh!…"

Sigel is glad he's holding onto people, especially if the lights decide to drop out. It's hard enough to see properly without losing total track of the people around you. When the wild gust of wind rushes past, his momentary attempt at studying the newly hatched dragonet is cut short as he squints against it and ducks his head. Maybe they'll all get blown away before anyone Impresses, that would certainly be a first. Sigel will move a bit so Vantayne can link up with Zahl, just glad the chain is continuing, and he'll nudge Feyran a little before nodding in Sydney's direction - or whoever that is now beyond her. He's not entirely sure. Everything is purple and green and leafy right now and - gah! He is left blinking as a pair of pants smack him squarely in the face and continue off towards the galleries.

In The Galleries» Ellie doesn't seem to notice when C'rus leaves to join friends - she's already turned back to whisper bets with Siaryn, best which quickly raise in fervor as the first egg hatches and — the dragon is too covered in debris to tell just what it is. Well. Won't that just make things interesting. Or. Well. Even more interesting, considering there are pants rolling across the sands. Brow-raise. Wonder what the circumstance behind /that/ is.

Milo blinks sand out of his eyes and brushes some from his skin. "Bleh… I think I got sand up my nose." He pinches the bottom of his robe with his hands. He doesn't want wind blowing sand up it! "Is that a dragon? Or just some debris?" He asks, squinting his eyes.

Zahleizjah blinkblinks, even her eyelids have paint speckled on them! Those in the stands will likely have an interesting time figuring out what sort of decorations (or illness?) has struck the Candidates. One can rest assured they're not sick as they likely wouldn't be here right now if they were. Wearily she scans the Stands, and when she catches sight of T'revs there is some reassurance there. When she feels Tayne's hand clasp hers she finally remembers to breath, squeezing back and smiling before nodding. "I think so… this is weird." She says to Sydney.

Feyran's brows furrow at the appearance of the first hatching and she winces a bit as the bits of debris stick to the poor creature. "That's got to be nice…first second out and you're about to get smacked in the face with a pair of pants!" The trader girl is /trying/ to behave, but she can't help the slight smirk that's appearing on her lips now. "At least it isn't someone's underpants…" Or wait? Are they? The wind continues to smack her paint-soaked hair against her cheeks, causing the trader to finally begin wincing a bit.

In The Galleries» Kera grins and nods agreeably with Kaitro's comment. "I did manage to puyll it off without anything blowing up, so a big success." Plopping down with a chuckling, C'rus is spotted and she waves him over, which he was already doing anyway. "At least our nerves aren't as frazzled as theirs are." A quick gestures towards the white robed figures beginning to pour onto the sands. Going quite, she watches as a couple eggs begin got crackle and flake a little. One little hatchling tumbles out and it's difficult to tell just what shade it is. "Can anyone see what just hatched?" Her curious gaze slips around those nearest her, then outwards. She'll catch a few people's eyes perhaps, and nod with a smile their way. Like Nyalle.

Conquered and Triumphant Prismatic Egg waits for the perfect moment before shattering with such a strong force that egg bits go everywhere into the wind. A dappled and quite damp hatchling goes tumbling out with a creel of protest.

Build me a Tunnel Hatchling
Even at birth this one is destined to lumber. Large limbs flail against the sudden onslaught of sands that seek to cover and obscure this one quite well before they can move too far. A darker tail slashes unhappily at the ground, a deep throated protest is uttered once. The bulky form of this dragonette lumbers more than walks. Subtle shifts of light will reveal a mottled lighter pattern of colors upon darker streaks but the color is simply too obscured to tell for sure!

In The Galleries» C'rus nods in agreement with Kera's asessment of the party, "I had a great time Kera.." he says offering a polite nod to Kaitro as well before turning his attention onto the sands, "I'm not really allt hat sure….there's another one though…" he says, not really sure what it is either. One thing is for sure. There are dragons down there.

Vanessa frowns a bit as she moves to stand beside Ceresth with one hand resting on the golden hide. She squints before she finally declares. "I can't see what colors are hatching!" Ceresth croons happily towards her children but only a quick thought from Vanessa will keep her from lumbering after them to stop them from trying to Impress!

In The Galleries» Innes glances left and right, twisting around in her seat to scan as many faces as possible. With no members of her family visible, the goldrider drops her hood so as to get a better view of the sands. Well… what little there is to see, at this point. There are mysterious dragons! And laundry. Somehow, this seems different from what she remembers.

Nadina waddles onto the sands a bit late "Horrible wretch" is grumped out at her lifemate "Naps can wait, eggs can't" there's a rough thump against the golds shoulder moments before Naddie leans against the golds shoulder.

Sydney listens to the call of protest from the newly hatched dragon, "I can't say I really blame him for being irritable. I'd not like being born in the middle of this either." Not that anyone gets a choice when they come into the world, or likely out of it either. He glances over to the mother, and can certainly understand her worry. This is a mess. He turns his full attention back to the hatching dragons. The reason they are all here.

Whirlwind of Sand and Debris Hatchling gives a wild shake trying to dislodge the debris that clings and seems glued to its egg-goo wet hide. It stumbles wildly bugling with all its might while trying to shake its poor wings. Towards the line of candidates it goes, perhaps there it'll find someone to help it. It is almost helpless as a piece of egg shell slips over its eyeridges to cover its left eye. Such a mess is this poor bit of dragon flesh that it sits down and begins a wild bleeting as if opting to have its new rider to come to it instead of the other way around.

Lesson in Uniformity Egg refuses to budge, even wiggle. No, it keeps watch silently over the sands, as if attempting to guard the other eggs as they hatch. It has a duty to do, after all!

Build me a Tunnel Hatchling is unsure of this world that seems to windy and full of debris. Is this a proper and fitting welcome for one such and this one? Shaking the wedge-shaped head frees it from a tunic that suddenly covers it and lumbering forward the hatchling begins the process of seeking out a mate. Pausing to listen with its head cocked to the side in a listening pose. Somewhere out there! Clawing impatiently at the sand beneath its talons soon enough the Build me a Tunnel hatchling realizes that it is not underneath themselves where they hear someone so close but ahead of them. Onwards!

Milo is smacking his lips like a dog with peanut butter in his mouth. "I can feel sand in there!" Not that whatever he's doing is going to help. He peers out at the sands. "This colored stuff is stickier than normal. What color is that dragon out there?"
Tifla pouts at Milo's question as she stares at the hatchlings with those terrified eyes of hers. "I don't know! I can't see!" She's clearly on the verge of panic.

Squiiint - squint squint. Vantayne's trying to see more of those first-out hatchlings, but the storm, sands, and garbage - oh, and don't mention the crappy lighting conditions - make it mostly impossible to make out distinguishing characteristics. Then - holy smokes! - Ceresth is wanting to move? The holder flicks his hazel gaze uncertainly towards the overly-maternal dam and her rider. Oh man, keep her over -there-, please! Syd's comment get a quick nod of agreement, though Tayne's eyes move agian to the loudly calling hatchling, then its lumbering sibling. For Milo's inquiry, a dour and slightly unhappy, "Probably purple…" is offered down the line.

Whirlwind of Sand and Debris Hatchling rises to its feet as a laughing boy from High Reaches comes forward and kneels before the hatchling. "Easy Enzerith let me help you." With hands shaking with excitement the boy carefully begins removing the egg shard from the dragons head. "I'll never tell, I promise…As your J'erson I'll keep all your secrets safe from today on." In a touching display of caring, boy and dragon touch heads, "Now lets feed your belly then get all this gunk off your blue self." As the boy rises one of the AWLMs comes out onto the sands and escorts the new pair off the sands.

With a triumphant cry the Whirlwind of Sand and Debris Hatchling has found its lifemate at last and its color become clear.

Master of Knowledge Blue Hatchling
Electric blues swirl in endless eddies upon this lean hatchlings being. A lengthy head is rather refined, giving him a rather wordly appearance. His neck is finely arched, proud to say the least. Neck tapers into stately shoulders before stretching out into the strone lines of his back. Eager wings are the colors of the summer skies, speckled with hints of gold and bronze. His tail and limbs are all long and lean, his tail tipped with a spade of royal sapphire while claws are a rather earthy brown.

After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Feyran let's go of hands to scrabble at a shirt that's blown straight into her face. It's quite quickly tossed aside, but as soon as she can see again…the trader realizes that the debris-covered dragons are now beginning to approach the line they've created. She swallows a bit, but the storm and flickering lights and the dragons…it all seems to just bring a wicked grin to the trader girl's face. "Purple or fuchsia…or would you call it magenta?" This about potential dragon colors. But look! An impression! "That was…quick." And she'll smile her congratulations to the first pair!

Zahleizjah is quiet for a few moments, her gaze turning over to Feyran at the comment on pants, wait pants? "Underpants?" There is another glance back to the eggs, and the hatchlings that can be found while she swallows nervously. She gives Tayne's had a squeeze as if it helps calm her nerves to some degree. At the answer to the question on the color of the dragon she looks a bit unsure to say the least.

Lesson in Uniformity Egg gives the slightest visual of shifting on the sands, as if attempting to get comfortable and shift its weight. It's still watching, it will guard the others and set a precidence to the other eggs.

Sigel gives Vantayne's hand a little tug to try and help be reassuring, even if he's not terribly comfortable with what's happening right now, either. He squints at the different hatchlings and seems surprised to find out that someone's Impressed. For Zahl's sake, he helpfully explains, even while trying to tilt his head to avoid getting purple sand in his eyes, "I got hit in the face with someone's pants. Is this how normal Hatchings go? Because I feel like it isn't. Not that I'm complaining." No, never. Ahem. He laughs a little at Feyran's seeming excitement over all the chaos and spits out some sand before he calls over to her, "Violent violet?"

Sydney watches as the first pair are lead away. One down and so many more to go. Then he can go grab himself an ale, "If any of you don't impress I will buy you a round at the tavern as soon as we are done." Way to go Sydney, gotta be encouraging. He doens't focus on his fellow candidates long, however, as there are more young dragons to keep your eyes peeled for.

In The Galleries» "Well the first's a green for sure," Eilistra intones, "and if the second's not a brown, I'll eat my hat." Nevermind that she doesn't have a hat. She's too amused making bets. And then, suddenly, she's wrong! It was a blue all this time! Brows raising, then furrowing, the Igen weyrbrat passes her brother a handful of credits and crosses her arms. He always bet blue, and was frequently right. Hopefully her second guess was right at least.

With a triumphant cry the Build me a Tunnel Hatchling has found its lifemate at last and its color become clear.

All the Treasure is Mine Bronze Hatchling
The enormous bulk of this dragon lends to the surprise when his color reveals to be a dark bronze against the color of the hatching sands. From the top of his head to roughly the middle of his back he's a burnished bronze coloring with little variations. Only when he turns does he expose the streaks of gold intermingled thoroughly down to his tail which then picks up the burnished bronze with no interruption of color throughout. Spreading his wings wide shows the mottled colors of a deep brown that plays well against his bronze color.

After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Build me a Tunnel Hatchling struggles to walk upright against so much determined to bring this one down. Bawling a protest there's a determination to the stride this one takes in the search of a life mate perfect for them. But one must persevere and that's what happens when shoving aside Chrystopher so that the lad falls to his knees, the hatchling presents themselves to a young Qu'ill who embraces the bronze and reveals his name as …."Don't worry Pentatuechath! I'm sure he's fine. We'll find you lots of treasure to horde…and food." an assistant weyrling master is quick to step over to lead the new bronze riding pair off.

Lesson in Uniformity Egg seems to spontaniously explode from the inside out and the wind suddenly picks up to speckle the newly hatched dragon with a fine layer of colored sand, obscuring its color from view.

Milo laughs a bit at Vantayne. "Well, I hope you impress one of the purple ones." He blinks a bit, then his face contorts and he sneezes. "Bleh…" He says, wiping the hand he sneezed in off on his robe. "I could go for a pint. I'll buy your second, Sydney."

Must I Master My Color Too Hatchling
From the top of its large head to the the tip of the long tail, this dragon has been coated in a fine layer of purple-tinted sand. The sand clings to the hide almost like a second skin and give it an almost pinkish sheen. Specks of pink flicker down along the barrelled chest and appear once again along the spine as if someone wasn't quite sure how a dragon should be colored. Its strong and toned legs have been dappled with specks of sand that coat down to the tips of the talons where black lethal edges scrape the earth. Sand-ladened wings drag against the ground, causing them to be dappled with an assortment of colours causing this hatchling's colour to be a mystery.

Blinkie? Already? "Is that… a blue?" Vantayne inquires a little too loudly as his nerves start to get the better of him, the squeezing of Sig's and Zahl's hands perhaps becoming a slightly painful affair, at times. "Underpants?" is rather daftly inquired of Zahl at her mention of such. "Oh…" is muttered back a Sigel explains the comment. To Syd is called, "I'm in on -that-." the booze. Because, really…booze is good food…and a good sedative. Wait-whut? A "Bronze? This is all…so fast." Gulp. "Oh…maaaan…" Yes, he sees it. A -purple- dragon. Nothing like guilt.

Feyran lets her gaze wander over to Sydney at hearing his words, "Oh come on…you might have an entire turn more to go sober!" She nudges Sigel with her elbow a bit again and nods, "Violent violet…sounds absolutely perf—oh, another one!" It seems that all it takes is a blink of an eye and there they go. Another pair is being led off and another hatchling appearing! "Now /that/ is a purple dragon if I've ever seen one." And this time, Fey laughs fully…which earns her a mouthful of sand and a round of spitting afterwards.

Uniformity of Color Egg shifts only slightly, so slightly that the actual motion might just be missed. Such a sneaky little movement it is.

In The Galleries» With so much to see and it all happening so fast C'rus sits in his spot next to Kera and just keeps his eyes peeled on what appears to be a chaotic hatching down on the sands. He is privately very glad his own was a more peaceful experience.

Zahleizjah sends a glance over to Sigel and chuckles a touch, a soft smile seen before she nods. "I see. Well no, it doesn't tend to happen. Well at least the bit when it deals with underpants. Not that I have seen anyway." She looks to Sydney now and shakes her head at the thought. "Perhaps, though first let's get through this? Who knows there rae still plenty of eggs left after all!" This said as she smiles and is quick to look back to the sands, along with watching as the pair of newly impressed are helped off the sands.

Must I Master My Color Too Hatchling makes its way out of its egg and gives a startled bugle! The colors! The Sounds! The things in white! So many new things. So much to explore, so much to learn! It slowly stands to its shaky legs which wobble uncertainly underneith it. But first it must master these things. Such a travisty for one destined for greatness as itself!

Uniformity of Color Egg gives no hint, no warning, no nothing as fine lines begin appearing upon the shell. Still no sound, but the hatchling within is pushing a little harder to get out now and small shards flake off and fall sandward.

In The Galleries» Welp, looks like Ellie's going to be eating some hats. She's never been a good better, a fact that makes her purse her lips sourly, but nothing but nothing can keep her from noticing a purple-pink hatchling. "Shells," she breathes, knowing it was just sand, but it's hilarious just the same. "If I weren't stone sober, I'd be worried about myself right now." Cue snickering at her own joke. Incorrigible. She's her father's daughter alright - her real one, not the one she invented for herself.

Lamiaceae Dreams Egg wiggles with just enough enthusiasm to indicate freedom is impending.

Sigel shakes his head at the idea of drinking and states, "When all this is over, if I don't Impress, I'm taking a bath." Gah. He is trying to keep up with who is Impressing and to what color, but it's just plain difficult right now for the sturdy teen. Feyran's attention to the freshly hatched purple dragon helps him focus, at least, and he lifts his head so he can better see, well, what's available to be seen. He's distracted by his friend eating sand, however, and has to bite back the urge to start laughing and earning himself a mouthful as well.

Uniformity of Color Egg comes apart at the proverbial seams spilling it's sneaky little occupant onto the sands where it topples and rolls until it comes to a stop on its belly.

Stealing Debris Hatchling
A scattering of all things blown onto the sands, along with a fine coating of sand in a varying array of colors, cling to the bulky form of this hatchling. Large head is dapple with bits of twigs and pink sand, while the rest of it's squared body is matted with bits of eggshell and even a few stray bits of laundry.

Tifla nibbles on her lower lip almost hard enough to draw blood. She hasn't blinked in quite a while. "… They're so… scary." She's scooting as if to hide behind Milo. Pure terror.

Feyran is rather unladylike as she spits and wipes the mouth with the back of her hand. If her robe weren't so covered in the stuff, she'd probably be using it to brush the sand off. She /will/ however throw a look at Sigel and wrinkle her nose. Don't you dare laugh! "We've got another incoming…this one looks…pink, ha!"

Gleaming Iridescent Egg offers a small hint of movement before it is still once more. Only those watching directly would have seen the light hit the pale patchwork of colors perfectly so to display all the colors before it is back to a simple white.

Another wild gust of wind roars through the Cavern, shaking the lighting causing shadows to jump and dance. A group of female candidates shriek and sob in fright as they move to stand in a very tight knot of white.

Lamiaceae Dreams Egg sends several shards of green shell falling to the ground that leaves the egg looked quite cracked in several places.

In The Galleries» Blue! And bronze! Innes gives a little nod of approval as the first two hatchlings reveal themselves, and this strange hatching starts to make sense once more. But in spite of a sense of vague relief that the dragons are, in fact, normal colors (in spite of that purple one on the sands), the impressions are dismissed rather quickly. Her gaze is fixed on the couple of candidates she cares about as she hunches forward in her seat.

Sydney grins as it seems that others are going to take him up on his offer. Great! He'll have some drinking buddies. Or not depending on who impresses and who doesn't, "The offer stands…" he says. Though it seems taht a couple of new eggs are hatching, he can't make anything out so he has largely given up trying to figure out what is going on. He spent most of his life drunk enough and managed. He doesn't have to know what is going on to function, "Pink is good…I like pink." As the gust of wind comes through he braces himself so he doesn't fall over.

Must I Master My Color Too Hatchling rumbles in annoyance as it finally masters those things sticking out of its body. Right, move that thing there, and then proceed with the next thing. Soon it's moving forward, it's tail lashing out behind it as it moves towards the candidates, rumbling something like a quiet simple tune. Oh, the white things are very interesting! It must investigate.

Milo wrinkles his nose at the next dragon to pop free, covered in sand and debris. "Ew. I don't remember things being this dirty at the last hatching." Milo is suddenly finding himself hoping he impresses just so he doesn't have to clean up the mess. He turns to look at Tifla. "Just relax… they're not too scary. They just look weird because they're covered in… stuff."

Stealing Debris Hatchling snorts loudly before slowly rising to its feet. As a gust of wind swirls through the caverns the hatchling eyes a large leaf that is carried along and charges off after it. MINE! It seems to say as it lets loose with a screechy bellow. In it's quest for the leaf the line of white is noticed, and for the hatchling the calling for something else to steal for its own has begun as it sets to stalking the line of white robed bodies. You see this hatchling issly, it's just going to slink along in the shadows provided by flickering lights so that it can creep along behind the candidates, checking this one and that but making no inroads towards choosing just now. A young Harper is headbutted hard and sent sprawling causing the boy to begin sniffling has he gets to his feet and brushes the hot sand from his knees, hands, and legs.

Lamiaceae Dreams Egg bursts open in an explosion of energetic activity to send the wet and bedraggled hatchling free!

Don't Wake me I'm Sleepy Hatchling
Neither too large nor too small once emerged from the egg it is impossible to distinguish the gender of the newborn hatchling. Shaking its head reveals your typical wedge-shaped head though the red tinged eyes have a sleepy quality about them. Completely covered within the sticky egg goo, every movement simply ensures more sand to stick to the hide. Moderately sized wings spread open wide and a drowsy creel of protest emits from the open maw.

In The Galleries» Ka'el is lucky, in a way, to have been on Monaco Bay for a friendly visit. He's unlucky, in other ways, that the storm came when it did, for now he's drenched, and the storm still rages! He's not flying out in this, and thus, with a hatching underway (which is where the luck comes in) he arrives in the stands and finds himself a seat, apologizing for drippage and view blockage before sitting.

Okay…he's trying to be solemn and dignified… But when the Debris hatchling rolls out of its shell looking the way it does… Vantayne huffs out a low burst of laughter, then promptly silencing himself and looking around guiltily at his own crassness. Feyran gets a -look- - all -your- fault! - and then the holder startles as the lights waver again. A look over Milo and Tifla-wards earns him nothing but surprise at the Debris hatchling surprises it's chosen one…and the rest of them, likely. "Damn!" is barked out as Tayne jumps a little, nearly squishing Zahl's and Sig's hands, in the process.

Stealing Debris Hatchling charges forward into a group of girls, sending many shrieking out of the way. The small hatchling stops and belts out another screeching warble as it peers up at the face of its chosen. Yes This one, this is she is Mine! "Stop that Sclaneith, you did not steal me at all." The girl that speaks is a tossle headed young woman from Fort Hold. "Yes I shall help you and I choose to be you Renli." A firm but gentle hand begins sweeping sand and debris from the hide of the young dragon, "Food then a bath so that your green hide won't be harmed by all that covers you."

Gleaming Iridescent Egg is growing impatient within the confines of this small egg. With little warning the egg is now wobbling harder and faster as the cramped occupant struggles to escape the prison of this hard shelled egg! Cracks spiral crazily along the entire egg.

With a triumphant cry the Stealing Debris Hatchling has found its lifemate at last and its color become clear.

It's All Mine! Green Hatchling
Dark and rather stocky is this little lady. Tones of Emerald are mixed with tracings of olive upon her square head, before is becomes pure of color over a short neck and bulky shoulders. Back down over her hind is well padded with layers of baby fat and muscle and all painted in mossy shades that carry over into short legs and a squat tail that ends rather bluntly at the spade. It's only her wings that give her glory for they are gossimer fine in their shimmery sea green shades along the sails while spars are only marginally darker.

After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Don't Wake me I'm Sleepy Hatchling yawns yet again. So much energy this is taking to find the right one for such a perfect dragon as themselves. Such energy being used to fight this weather! Unable to make up their mind the dragonette turns towards Ceresth for help. An encouraging croon is cast before the sandy muzzle swings once more towards the waiting Candidates. Wait…what's this. There! With a glee the hatchling rushes forward to head but a Starcrafter by the name of Q'uark. It's a blissful expression upon the lad's face as he cries out her name. "Paavelith! Finally we can watch the stars together. Let's find us food!" A large gust of wind just then blows most of the clinging sand to reveal the color.

With a triumphant cry the Don't Wake me I'm Sleepy Hatchling has found its lifemate at last and its color become clear.

Somnolent Green Hatchling
Plain lines of minty green race along the shortened muzzle of this little lady. From her muzzle to the tip of her tail she's a uniformed bright green at first glance. It's only the second and third looks that reveal a mottled pattern of darker greens that dance and whirl in camouflage patterns. Translucent wings display the same pattern all along them with the curved claw tip a dark brown in color. No matter the emotion this one is displaying there is always a sleeping somnolence to her as if she is simply waiting for her next sun filled nap in a meadow somewhere.

After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Sigel flinches as the wind rushes through the Sands once more, inadvertantly tugging Feyran and Vantayne closer towards him as if they, like penguins, could group up to protect against the winds. He just gives Feyran an amused look, totally lacking in guilt, before he makes a choked sound and has to tug on the hand inside Van's, "You're going to snap my fingers, mate." Ouch.

Gleaming Iridescent Egg finally cracks through the hard membrane and shatters the egg into several large pieces and out emerges a bedraggled, wet hatchling who utters a long creel of accomplishment for its escape!

How Undignified is This Hatchling
The vibrant colors of the hatching ground's sand stick firmly to the wet hatchling that has emerged from the smallest egg. Despite the annoyed sounds the emit the gender is indeterminable with so much purple and fuschia swirled sand upon its body. Each wing unfurls in a futile attempt to dislodge the sticky substance but to no avail. There's a leanness to the young body that could mean it is a larger dragon though the muzzle as it swings around to peer forward is quite small. Red tinged eyes reveal only the growing hunger and impatience of the hatchling as they move forward to find their mate.

Must I Master My Color Too Hatchling wanders towards those candidate things, sniffing, snuffling, humming. At least until it stops in front of a group of candidates. There! That one! It pushes its muzzle in front of a boy, absolute adoration in its whirling eyes. You. I choose you.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Must I Master My Color Too Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

No Need to Harper About Brown Hatchling
Redwood flows over the head of this dragon until it reaches crested ridges. There the hue darkens again until it is almost a murky brown that swirls over his eyes in a sideways turned S. Amber brown returns in the curvature of his rather long neck where it lightens at the front of his huge barreled chest. Powerful muscled legs are tinted a mixture of amber brown and darker brown, causing the muscles to be more defined than might be normal in a dragon while blackoned talons curve at the end of his toes, deadly under the right conditions. Wing spars have been dipped in the same dark hue as the swirl about his eyes, but it is in his sails that all the colors come together. A fine polished sheen coats the most of the dragon's rather large and powerful body, causing his hide to shine in the right sort of light. For he is rather big for a dragon of his color, and though he is abnormally large, he isn't as stocky as most of his type. Instead, this dragon is more rounded, especially about his large, barreled chest and his powerful hips.

Sweeping the Firmament Egg moves slowly, living up to its name as the tufty green tip scribes an odd circle in the air before tilting dangerously over to one side.

In The Galleries» Kera squints trying to see through the storm raging on the colorful sands below. "Maybe Innes has something with getting a better seat. I can't really see much of what's going on down there from up here." Seeing robed before go down she winces "The infirmary is probably gonna be quite busy this evening."

Zahleizjah eyes widen as she watches the eggs hatch, one after another and they are all so different! "Oh look at them all!" This said with a soft murmure while she bites down upon her lip a few moments. One going here, and the another this way while a worried breath escapes her now.

In The Galleries» Eilistra definitely makes a face as Ka'el edges past - the rider is dripping wet, after all! - but declines to say anything because it was hardly his fault after all. Apologies are met with a nod, gaze focusing back on the sands as soon as he's past. Ha! A pretty pair of greens! She hadn't wagered on them, but they were there just the same, Ellie possessing the same fondness for the color as her brother had for blues. That sleepy one was particularly cute, the possessive one rather scary. With all this bouncing about, someone was bound to get hurt. It is brief, but for one moment, there were /two/ purple hatchlings on the sands. "Yikes," she laughs. And then, one shook it all off, revealing a lovely but muscular brown. Nice. "Better be a few more greens, though," she says, mostly to aggravate her brother.

How Undignified is This Hatchling shakes a head that's completely covered in goo to send flying egg goo everywhere. With a disgruntled snort the hatchling creels out impatiently before moving away from the shattered egg shell without a look back. There is work to be done after all!

Tifla wrinkles her nose. "… Do they smell as gooey as they look?" Probably not the biggest thing to be worrying about at the moment, but at least it stops her from panicking about more serious issues.

Eggs hatching everywhere! Sydney watches each as they move about. He glances over to Tifla as she asks her question, "Don't worry. If you impress you won't care how the dragon smells.." It isn't an encouraging statement probably, but it is the truth.

Sigel is momentarily stunned, his hands suddenly no longer clasping so tightly to his friend's and his hair whipping around his face with no attention paid to it. He blinks down at the hatchling in front of him, finally able to see that it's actually brown, as difficult as that can be to pick out amongst everything flying around. He looks a little dizzy, gently pulling his hands free from his friends with an absentminded twitch of apology on his features, all so he can place them carefully on the little brown's head, "Obrinth…" He nods a little bit to whatever the dragonet must have said, lifting his head to try and find where he needs to go so he can lead. Someone's going to have to lead him, though.

Sweeping the Firmament Egg twists, falling completely onto its side and rolling a little away from its previous home. Myriad cracks run over the surface, tiny breaks through the woody braids that hint at the fragility and temporary nature of the shell.

Milo chuckles a bit. "What does gooey smell like? I've had gooey bubblies before that smelled good." Though other things gooey did not smell so good. "Hopefully they dry out and the sand brushes off of them. And the oil smells okay."

Feyran grins up at Sigel and shoots him a quick wink, but as she huddles with the others her gaze moves out to the dragons suddenly spilling out and impressing. Only…only one is moving and oh!! She's quite quickly stepping aside as the brown and her best friend pair off. And now? Now she lets out the most undignified little whoops and jumps while doing a fist pump. "You go Sig!"

In The Galleries» Of course Innes has something! She's a genius. If anyone would pick the right seat, it's her. Granted, she can't actually see much better than those up in the nosebleed seats, because for some reason those infernal hatchlings insist on covering themselves in debris… but in theory she has the better view.

How Undignified is This Hatchling can't get their bearing right what so ever. No matter how they try to go /forward/ they seem to be swept /backwards/ with the wind causing this disturbing phenomenon. Tumbling head-over-heels goes the hatchling with a creel of distress that brings Ceresth's full attention upon it. Is there an injury? With the windy conditions making it so hard to see one can't tell right away!

"Sorry…" Vantayne mutters in clipped fashion - must be the nerves! - to Sigel, then forcing himself to relax his grip some. Must not crush the hands of others. "They're -everywhere-…" is hissed out in response to Zahl's utterance. Kind of like lice…sort-of. Maybe. All the egg-wriggling and hatchling-motion make him a small sight to behold, 'Tayne's eyes flicking here and there like a ferret on cocaine. Gasp! "Sig?" is mumured thinly at the other young man breaks hands with him…and speaks to the hatchling suddenly before him. "Brown…" is weakly whispered out, followed by a gulp, then a thin, but well-intentioned, "Congratulations, Sig."

And another pair goes off the sands. Sydney grins as he sees Sigel impress, and a brown none the less. He'd been close in his guess, "Congratulations." he says quietly to Sigel, who likely is too excited and wrapped up to hear, but good for him. His head turns back toward the sound of the dragon who seems to have gone head over heels, "Ouch.."

Sweeping the Firmament Egg wriggles for a moment then sags down into the sands as the underside gives way completely. A taloned foot pokes out, barely visible for a breath before it pushes down deep into the sand. Slowly but surely the egg crumbles, the hatchling pulling itself out in a shower of sand and sticky egg innards.

Mountain of Magenta Hatchling
For all the length of this hatchling it managed to be coated completely in the multi-coloured hues of the recently dyed sand in less time than it takes to blink. Bright fuchsia crests its headknobs, mixing with the more natural sandy colours that have been smeared across its back and limbs. Long and lithe it keeps close to the sands, blending in until it chooses to move.

Milo blinks as the brown moved over to Sigel. "Ooh, congrats, Sigel!" Though he's already moving off the sands. Milo's attention turns back to the eggs, just in time to be rained on by more sand and egg pieces. And…. a magenta dragon?

In The Galleries» C'rus grins to Kera and chuckles, "Maybe she has, but I guess in the end it doesn't matter. It will all be sorted out in the end no matter what…" he says giving her a gentle nudge with his shoudler to hers.

Feyran is left next to…Vantayne now, poor guy! She shoots him a quick grin, "Relax!" Her gaze moves out to the hatchlings again now. Is there…one? Or two? Her lips moves downward in a tight frown at the creeling sound hitting her ears, but it's hard to see with the new gusts of wind bringing the colored sands to assault candidate faces.

Exquisite Agony Egg trembles, shifting in the sands as though attempting to get the larger point downwards and buried into it. Twisting and shifting in the sands, it settles once more to rest.

Tifla manages to overcome her nerves long enough to offer at least a quick little word of congratulations for Sigel. "Congratulations!" She squeaks out before she's back to cowering.

How Undignified is This Hatchling manages to get to their feet once more though it is hard to see yet if there are any injuries. There is certainly an undertone of annoyance within the creel that is uttered from the young one's maw. Moving sideways it nearly stumbles right into the Exquisite Agony Egg before it rights itself once more and shuffles forward several steps.

Mountain of Magenta Hatchling seems to revel in the sand that sticks to it and hides its colouring. It flattens to the ground, remaining still for a time so that it could easily be forgotten were it not for the occasional blink of an eye.

Oh man…there's a break in the 'security' of the hand holding thing, and without a Sigel to ground him, Vantayne, gestures Sydney closer in half-frantic fashion. Oh, wait… it's a Feyran on his other side, the holder's gaze sort-of having bypassed her automatically, and her words make him remember their fractious relationship…the man offering her a polite bit of a nod, and nothing more. For cowering Tifla, there's a low, "You'll be okay…" followed by a small gasp as Undignified hatchling almost crashes into Agony egg. In all the ruckus, he misses that Magenta, hiding hatchling.

Zahleizjah shifts closer to the ones that are left, which is how many now.. Even she lost count! Her gaze turns quickly to another hatchling that is up and moving forward and she swallows once more, eyes wide while watching one and then another moving ever so closer. She feels hot, she'll be blaming the sands later most certainly. There is a crash and then there is more movement which makes her frown. "I hope everyone is alright.." She can't actually see from this spot she's picked!

Feyran can't help but wince as one hatchling nearly crashes into another egg, and she takes a step backwards because of it. "Man…." There's a nod over to Vantayne too, but now she's just trying to keep track of the eggs and hatchlings as they move. One hand moves to her brow, wiping the bit of sweat that's started to work up there. The winds seem to help with the cooling, but it's still rather difficult for her to make out anything.

Sydney is taking all of this in as much stride as an event like this can be taken. The weather sucks. Its true. Though there is nothing that can be done about it. When he sees Vantayne gesturing to him he takes a few steps toward him and offers his hand. Might as well stick together now, "Eehhh. that one might a bit clumsy, though I'd be too." He offers a reassuring smile to Tifla, "You will be fine…probably."

Exquisite Agony Egg suddenly comes to life once more, and while the fat end of the egg refuses to move it makes no difference. The egg cracks suddenly, one singular crack that threatens to spread across the surface in small fissures, before again, movement ceases.

Smooth and Even Egg does a little shimmy, rolling across the sands and then coming to as top again.

Mountain of Magenta Hatchling moves slowly, flowing over the sands rather than moving with any obvious purpose. It stops regularly, going through a continual move and blend cycle that seeks to keep its true goal, its final destination, secret.

In The Galleries» Ka'el shields his eyes slightly, squinting through the mess of wind and fragments of shells. It truly is difficult to see the minute details of what's happening! But, well … dragons are being led off and eggs have cracked, so all must be going well enough, right? As well as one could hope, when dragons are harching in the midst of a storm. He closes his jacket around himself, huddled slightly in his seat as he watches on. He won't even try to guess these colors! Maroon? Magenta? "There will be tales to tell of this night," he chuckles to no one in particular.

How Undignified is This Hatchling stays absolutely still because if it doesn't move then it won't be blown about. Right??

Milo rocks himself on the sands. He's given up on trying to color the hatchlings. Now he's just trying to keep the sand out of his eyes. Though, right now it seems like a lot of the hatchlings are just… hanging out and not moving. Maybe they knew something the rest of them didn't?

In The Galleries» "I hope so," Eilistra chirps in response to Ka'el's chuckled statement. Now that he's seated, he's much less inavertently offensive. "I can't wait to tack fierce rumors onto them." Her grin is absolutely innocent, as though this was a perfectly ordinary thing to do. Making crazy stories even crazier, wasn't that how it worked?

Flicker Flicker Gust and Howl! The storm is building up out there and in here.

Exquisite Agony Egg has a singular crack that is slowly spreading, and rather than popping or bursting, what comes out simply oozes towards the sands in a sticky heap that ends up completely covered in sand. A sharp intake of breath and the hatchling pulls itself to its feet, shaking itself in an attempt to get the stuck on sand off.

All Mixed Up Hatchling
Slender and whipcord, this dragonet moves with fluidity that doesn't appear as gangly and unkempt as some of the other hatchlings. Large, though not overly so, it appears as though this might, possibly, be a brown - maybe a bronze? It's hard to tell with how quickly the sand stuck to its hide as soon as it was shelled. The parts that aren't stuck with colored sands seem dark on the body, leaving one wondering what color this one is. A closer view offers no solace, the sand has mixed to a ruddy shade of brown mixed with black by the time it lurks closer to the candidates.

How kind of Sydney to put himself between Vantayne and Feyran! Fool. 'Tayne takes up the Harper's mitt in his own, giving it a manly squeeze of greeting (and over-excitement), the holder merely nodding to 'Drunky' as he begins to sweat in earnest, now. It's only now that the motion of Magenta hatchling manages to catch his hunter's eye, and the candidate zeros in on it like a hawk assessing another predator: fixed and unblinking. "D'you see that?" is muttered tightly to nobody in particular. And then Agony egg's loud cracking has him looking reflexively towards it…and losing where the former was. "So far…" is remarked aside to Zahl…Tayne then squeezing her hand and Syd's harshly once again as the power, lights flicker.

Fields of Blue Egg begins to tremble, vibrating any grains of sand free from it's shell before settling down once more.

Mountain of Magenta Hatchling rises suddenly and rushes forwards in a flurry of sand, wings, and tail. Previous slow progress is forgotten as it drives a sandstorm before it, masking itself and its chosen one so that the melding of minds is semi-secret and a tall man with blue eyes is claimed forever as a dragonrider.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Mountain of Magenta Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Siege of Darkness Bronze Hatchling
The last embers of a once great fire enfold this dragon, smoky hues rendering his form a shade of bronze so dark that he could be black. Flecks of dulled copper speckle his neckridges, shading to an eerie green-gold between his shoulders, before being swallowed by the sooty hues that dapple his back. Thin trails of fiery red appear in the right light outlining the lithe musculature of his lengthy form, while obsidian claims his deadly talons and the tip of his whipcord thin tail. His wings lie furled like a charcoal stained cape around him, but when spread reveal golden embers liberally sprinkled across the sails. Hidden beneath the darkness a burning red-gold crescent rests on his underbelly, a hidden ember waiting to reignite the fire within.

Smooth and Even Egg jumps again, more violently this time. NOTICE ME! It shifts and shakes like the hatchling inside is banging against the inside until it cracks, leaving a jagged line of darkness along the white surface.

How Undignified is This Hatchling soon learns that several things are keeping it from perching here and staying indefinitely. One being the mother, Ceresth is urging it with not so gentle nudges. One such nudge causes a squeak and a creel as it tumbles into the newly hatched Mixed Up Hatchling. With hardly a pause the How Undiginified is This Hatchling lurches forward, though is clearly favoring one foreleg and one wing and decided RIGHT NOW that it is time to find the right one for itself.

In The Galleries» Ka'el glances up to the lights as they threaten the worst. Will they go out? No! Electricity wins this round, which … likely everyone is happy for. (Especially those Candidates down there!) He exhales a breath, and with it, his eyes track to Eilistra. A single corner of his mouth quirks up in response to her. "I'm sure the fierce rumors are already being conjured," he remarks, looking back to the sands. "The question is just how quickly will they spread? And how far?" He chuckles, head shaking slightly. "I've a theory that dragons sense when the most inopportune time will be to hatch … and then decide that then is the best time to hatch."

Feyran's hands are trying, ineffectually, to keep the hair and sand out of her eyes. She leans forward at the waist now, grunting and rubbing at her eyes as she gazes out over the sands. The trader girl glances one advancing hatchling to the new one slithering out of it's egg. And then there's another egg crying for attention and it's all the trader can do… "Is it hurt?" There's a hint of panic in her voice as she sees the crash and tumble between some of the hatchlings!

Sydney lets his hand be taken, "Vantayne there is no reason to be nervous. It's only the most massive life change that a person can probably undergo. No reason to be nervous in the slightest." he says with a little chuckle. Though his own excitment is growing and he has good reason to be excited. For the bronze dragon comes to him and soon enough the Impression is made. Oh dear. The normally verbally effusive harper is at a loss for words. S'dny now. Oh crud. Innes was right, "Ok." is all the harper can manage to say before he and his dragon are lead away.

In The Galleries» Innes crows in triumph as the hatching that she hadn't even seen (so much for the better view!) steals his way forward and picks out a certain Harper. "I knew it! I said it!" The goldrider cries out to no one in particular, all too proud to have been right. Take that, Sydney. Guess who won this round?

How Undignified is This Hatchling is pushed forward by a sudden gust of wind. Unable to keep its balance yet again it falls straight into a knot of candidates. One being taller than the other and brown haired, he is the victim of the hatchlings clumsiness as talons rake along the 6 foot tall lad's neck and chest. It's hard to tell the extent of the scoring done but suddenly Impressing happens at the same time.

"Oh shells…" Vantayne mutters in mixed aw, surprise…and consternation as yet another anchor of his is 'robbed' from him. "Syd…" peep. "Congratulations." A bronze, too!

Fields of Blue Egg vibrates and begins to sway, dislodging itself from where it was nestled, tipping onto one side! Cracks spread across the surface of the shell. Help! I've fallen but I can't get up!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the How Undignified is This Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

The Lady of the Weyr Green Hatchling
Whorls of silvered dust sprinkle over the tip of this pale green's muzzle, dipping towards her forward slung jowls. Ivory fangs bare in the fierce gleam of a cruel sneer while her wolfish maw curls at the corners that bring attention to her widely set predatory gaze. Armored, is she, plates of pale silvered green that spread across her flat head and brighten to a luminescence over her head knobs and pours 'twixt the crags of jagged emerald peaks of her tightly muscled back. Amber green pours down along the rippling muscle of flanks to long limbs crouched in grim and fatal sprawl, leaving no doubt as to the feral nature of the beast. Wickedly curved talons of darkest obsidian shimmer with each serpentine movement, deadly in appearance. Biting, brutal, the ice pelted broad chest, plates of pale green shattered, broken by cold between where cracks of fracture sleek against her armored torso. Emerald green presses upwards towards the silvered green of her back, enrapturing her gossamer wings which delicate silvered spars are twisted and wrought with the dark ivy of her underside pressing through. There's an elegance to this serpentine green's movements, calculated and meticulous in its ferocity.

In The Galleries» Kera can't really see who's who down on the sands, but evidently Innes can as the Xanadu Junior's voice rings through the gallery. Chuckling to C'rus, she nudges his shoulder back "I knew she was protesting him a bit TOOO much."

All Mixed Up Hatchling was just getting to its feet when its clutchmate tumbles - really it was going to look /so/ dignified, except now it ends up in a heap on the sands and lies there with an indignant sound escaping it. A sock ends up somehow wrapping around its tail and it gets up to try and shake it off. It moves in a few hops and jumps towards the candidates as though seeking help for its predicament.

Milo blinks as Syd is chosen by… a bronze. "Woo, congrats, Sydney!" So much for his beer buddy! Alas! He looks back to make sure Tifla is still standing. Which she seems to be. For now.

Tifla squeaks a bit and slides behind Milo a bit more as one of the dragons gets close. There's a bit of a wave to Sydney as he is paired up with a bronze. And then a bit of a sigh of relief as the approaching green finds a partner.

In The Galleries» C'rus grins to Kera as she makes her little statement about Innes, "It would seem so, though with Innes one never really knows." At least all his interactions with Innes have been less than cordial, "Do you think she's fallen for him?" he asks, not having heard much about this situation at all. Now that he is free he also needs to get up to speed on what has been happening.

Fields of Blue Egg rumbles once more before those cracks engulf the ovoid form, erupting into projectile shards of shell across the sands, revealing an egg-wet hatching with a piece of shell covering it's wings! The dragonet rumbles, he's a dragon! Not a ladybug!

Fingerlickin' Good Hatchling
Poised and perfect on tiny little baby feet is this young dragonet. Everything seems to be in order: two feet, two wobbly fresh legs and an adorable slender tail and widdle dragon nose with bright new eyes. There's only one thing: The poor little one is looking a wee bit crispy? Sugary! Down to it's little dragon wings, there's not a speck of color under it all to give away if this little creature is done baking all the way through. One thing is for certain: this little one is seriously rocking fuchsia! It must be the color of the season.

In The Galleries» Eilistra laughs for Ka'el's series of suppositions. "Oh, no doubt. If they haven't already begun spreading, I will be shocked," the teenager says in an amused manner. "As for how far, one can only wonder, but I'll be taking them as far as Igen at least, so there's that." Smirk. "Sounds about right, though. A hatching couldn't possibly occur on a sunny, breezy day just in time to interrupt lessons or wing exercises. Middle of the night or the middle of a storm or bust." Sagenod. And then there is a small whoop for the reveal of another green. They were greatly outweighing the blues so far, take that, Siaryn!

Just as he was looking over at Sdy… WHUMP! Under claws and down goes Vantayne to the torrid Sands, the holder trying to roll into a defensive fetal position… too late. "Augh!" it's a call of pain, even if low and tight, and T'ayne finds himself both trying to hold close and keep away the source of his agony. And then he ceases struggling with the green, starting to shiver heavily as he just stares into Kelmainmenth's eyes. Totally stunned, utterly surprised…and bleeding all over. Staggering up to a stand - ignoring his wounds right now - all the man can do is gape at his Lady…and nod daftly. "Food…"

In The Galleries» C'vryn is late to this hatching, but he finds a spot to sit next to Janja and Neyuni, settling in between the two ladies happily.

Feyran can't help but grin as Sydney impresses, "No drinks for you!" That's her way of congratulating them! But now she's suddenly backing up again and glancing over to Vantayne and his newly impressed Vantayne and his green. "Nice!" And even now she can't help but whistle in appreciation at the new pair. But ouch those wounds, those will smart! Uh wait…what? Dragon with a sock on its tail? Feyran snickers a bit, a hand moving to cover her mouth. How rude of her!

Smooth and Even Egg finally splits, spilling its egg-wet occupant onto the rainbow sands where it becomes totally coated in the odd colors.

Mysterious Cloud of Colors Hatchling
Tiny and lithe, this might just be a green, but it's impossible to tell as the hatchlings entire hide has been coated in the oddly colored sands. Pink and yellow are spattered across it's face, fading to purle and then green down it's neck. The wings are marked with every color of the rainbow, even seeming to drip them from time to time back to the sands from whence they came. Feet, stomach, and tail are so smeared with colors that they appear even brown.

In The Galleries» Nyalle gasps, a hand to her throat when the Candidate - Weyrling - is struck down by his dragon. Her eyes hastily scan the Sands for the Healers.

All Mixed Up Hatchling wanders closer to the group of candidates, searching though it's obvious there's a bit of a gash on its head, though the sand is quickly sticking to it as it swirls around. However, the sock being firmly stuck to its tail is causing it to swing it around and try and get it off. Pointy tail forks swinging towards candidates as it tries to get it off. It will prevail, it will!

In The Galleries» Janja snuggles right up to her 'Ryn. "I missed you, lovey. I'm so glad you are feeling better."

Fingerlickin' Good Hatchling snorts in annoyance at the sugary crispiness to its wings and body. Looking down upon itself it snorts once more in protest to this. How unfair! Spreading open wide wings there's only once course of action and that is to stumble forward in hungry anticipation of food.

Milo grabs Tifla to pull her away from Vantayne and the crazy green dragon. "Careful!" It's sort of a general comment. "Ooh, congrats. Vanatayne…" Milo looks a bit surprised though. Green for him? There's not much time to contemplate though, as a flailing dragon tail whooshes by!

Zahleizjah looks after another one that finds their lifemate, and seeing that it is Sydney she smiles. "Congrads Sydney!" She calls out after him before there is another bit of movement and. Then there is Vantayne impressing as well? Her eyes widen as the dragon and the weyrling go down, but as they are up all seems good!
Mysterious cloud of Colors Hatchling doesn't even bother to right itself formally, it just sort of rolls until its on its feet again, then lifts eah claw and checks its tail, too, for good measure. Everything seems in order, so he turns his gaze to the candidates and starts bounding, nay, skipping that way, light hearted purpose in its steps even as the cause a constant rhytmic beat against the sands.

Feyran takes a quick step back as the dragonet with a sock on its tail begins moving closer to the candidates. "Is it bleeding?" There's a frown on the trader's lips but her attention flicks away again and moves to the hatchling in its cloud of colors. Ha, it's almost as if it were marching…or dancing? It certainly brings a tiny hint of a grin.

Fingerlickin' Good Hatchling gives another snort of distress as a large towel soars in to cover its head completely. Shaking wildly it lurches forward to nearly run right into the Mysterious Clouds of Color hatchling. What is going on within these sands! Surely the weather is making this all sort of crazy down here Once the towel is partially moved so the hatchling can see then once more the path towards the candidates is stalked out. Food…food…towel. Oomph! It doesn't taste good and is spit out.

Tifla lets out another squeak and latches onto Milo. As the dragon tail goes by she cowers and shuts her eyes. "Ohh-ohh no!" It's all so scary! And the dragon tail is coming back around again!

Any congratulations he's offered are on the periphery of T'ayne's consciousness, right now, the utter shock of Impression to his Lady readily apparent in huge, hazel eyes…in the slack-jawed gape of his mouth. Duuuuhhh… Is there blood and pain? Who's is it? Too slowly, his training kicks in, and makes the former-holder's fingers race all over his new lifemate, searching for anything that might ail her…and finding such touches reflected in his own body. Shudder. He's shivering heavily…but is it from shock or something else?

In The Galleries» Ka'el can't help but to laugh at Eilistra's cheerily painted day of interrupted lessons for a new lifemate. "Wouldn't that be grand? Less rumor-worthy, maybe, but…" He pauses with a wince, having caught the tail-end of that dragon pounce upon a candidate. "…Less injury as well…" he finishes with vaguely furrowed brows. All seems well though, and he combs fingers through his hair. "Hopefully no more of that."

All Mixed Up Hatchling gives a quick shake of its tail in frustration, swinging it to and fro with such vigour it looks like it might just lose its balance. Swinging tail heading towards Milo, and then a few hops and skips before it ends up in front of a black haired young woman where her tail ends up whacking her right on the forehead. A creel is given, and the hatchling knows it's found it's match, eventfully.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the All Mixed Up Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Through the Fire and Flames Gold Hatchling
Dawn breaks pale over her head in early morning glow to the shimmer of moonlight faded to silvered flickers of forked tail. Lambent, she, with star-bright brilliance masking a face in so white a gold, rays darkening outward to the burnished amber of deep, drizzled honey across headknobs and puddling as pitch between each gilt-tipped 'ridge. Hide flames fire-forged in molten orange descending down lithe neck through whipcord lean musculature of her body despite her size. Her wingsails, they glimmer and sparkle, pale to the point of nearing purest platinum nearest the edges, hungrily licking in embered tongues of tangerine setting spars ablaze. Like her sire, she has hypnotic weaves of amber gold and torchlit bronze that lace through them on the underside while the top - lovely still, aren't as glamorous as the underneath. Blackest night claims each talon, each polished point eclipsed in ebon save for subtle sheen where light dances merry along wicked curve of a hunter's claws.

Milo manages to evade the first whoosh of tail. But he's too busy checking on Tifla for the second go. The end of the tail smacks him squarely in the chest and he's knocked backward onto his rump. Milo sits up, coughing and holding his chest. The tail had enough force to slide through the thin fabric of robe and leave him a nice laceration. After a few moments blinking, he staggers back to his feet.

In The Galleries» C'rus stays where he is but does look more closely at the sands when the candidate goes down. That has to hurt. Surely there are healers on hand right? He glances to Kera and blinks, "That doesn't look good."

In The Galleries» Kera snorts at C'rus's questions "Good luck getting her to admit it. She'll deny it for turns and turns." Turning her attention back to the whirling chaos below, the Xanadu greeny frowns "And I thought my nerves were a wreck during Moncerath's hatching. Some of them may well need a few mindhealer sessions after this." A little shake of her head, oddly enough, agreeing with her fellow healer.
Hatching Sands> Pain! It rolls through him, T'ayne knowing the keenness and location instantly…but it's not his. Is it? Blink. "Hold still, Kel…" is murmured with the intensity of a paramedic running on auto pilot, the creels of his green under his prodding fingers making him forget utterly his own blood and pain. It's not until he's called out for a Healer- any kind of Healer will do, right now, but most especially a dragonhealer - that he realizes red is dripping onto beautiful green hide, tainting it… T'ayne then slowly and deliberately lifting Kelmaimenth into his arms like a babe, and slowly staggering his way off towards wherever he's pointed.

Mysterious Cloud of Colors Hatchling doesn't stop. It just keeps bounding up to the candidates, then turns in a wide arc, spraying the few remaining with sand as it skids to a stop in front of a dark-haired youth that looks almost too young to stand at all. There's that moment that ever rider remembers, then the man's face bursts into a grin, "Yes, Mipanth, I'll be your N'fan."

With a triumphant cry the Mysterious Cloud of Colors Hatchling has found its lifemate at last and its color become clear.

Fantastically Rhythmic Scamp Blue Hatchling
Azure wars with peridot across this hatchling's smooth hide. He's small for his color and lithely built. Delicate wings are just barely large enough for his body, but full of color. Every shade of blue imaginable is dappled across those delicate membranes, creating an indelibly beautiful and patternless pattern that just barely starts to dapple over his back.

After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Zahleizjah is caught by surprized, that scent of blood oh yeah she knows it and it is here and there. Then ther eis movement and a glance is sent towards Milo as he is sent backwards before there is another dragon finding it's lifemate. Everything is happen so quickly, and she is a bit lost on who is left in all honesty at the moment.

Fingerlickin' Good Hatchling doesn't want to be left all alone out here. Barely able to tell when its clutch mate are actually making their own impressions this one lumbers forward uncertainly for the pull of The One hasn't hit yet when suddenly it is like a light goes off. There! How could this have been missed. Snapping at a discarded sock, perhaps the one wrapped around the Gold's tail, the hatchling hurries forward to bury a head right into the stomach of a white clad candidate with speckles of paint everywhere. A woman with dark ebony hair that will go so well together with the color of its own hide…once it's revealed!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Fingerlickin' Good Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Stellar Beginnings Blue Hatchling
In the beginning there was darkness: a narrow pitch black snout glistens with the faintest touch of indigo over small nostrils, blending into whirling clouds of stardust upon this midnight form as they reach each bright eye of this young dragonet. Softer indigo drifts between neck ridges down over hind quarters, to the tip of a long and slender tail. Tips of tiny razors are set ablaze: electric blue tentrils wrap around each digit and sweep up lithe limbs, light escaping between the grasp of delicate milky talons. The finest feature upon this small dragonet are wings in great proportion to it's average form. Midnight wingsails are adorned with mottling of the same electric blue, covering over the darkness as though the stars are born from each sweep of of powerful wings. The finishing touch are three prominent stars that align across the belly of this beast, a belt of brilliant light.

In The Galleries» What can Eilistra say, she's an optimist. Seeming please to have earned some laughter, she smiles a contented smile, hand swatching to and fro dismissively. No no, leave her to her fantasy of a gorgeous, dainty hatching. "Nonsense. There would be plenty else to gossip about." She, too, winces for the full-body tackle on the sands, as well as for other dangers she can just make out through the gusting dimness. "Thouuugh yes, admittedly, there are times when less to gossip about is perhaps better." Cough. "We'll see. I can't say I blame them, though, it has to be miserably hard to tell things apart down there." Indeed, one hatchling had even tried to eat a towel, or so she thought! Brows do raise though, when two impressions occur in quick succession - gold and blue! Well! Things were starting to pick up!

Feyran lets out a grunt of pain and stumbles backwards a few steps as one hand moves to her forehead. Blood drips through her fingers, but the sand whipping about soaks most of it until there's just a single trickle moving down over her face. But for a moment, it seems to the trader girl is in another place altogether, seeing something else. "Oh…oh it is…" She reaches out, one hand moving to rest on the little dragonet's body, "Fuerioth…" She can't help it, the trader girl seems shell schocked so it's certainly the lean little gold that is doing the most of the leading here as they move off the sands.

Tifla squeals as her protector is knocked down, nearly taking her with him. She helps Milo back to his feet, even if she's trembling while she does it. "M-Milo… you're hurt!" She points at his chest a bit. "M-Milo?"

Zahleizjah looks towards where Feyran is now catching something wet looking on the other. She is about to question how she is, is she alright? She can't recall this happening during any other clutch in the past, well the injuries at least. Then there is something there, something moving towards her? She looks up just in time to have the head of the hatchling pushed against her chest and her breath escapes her at the sudden voice that hits her like a tone of brinks (at least it feels like that). Her hand settle upon the young dragon's head and she swallows before smiling warmly as she lets her head press against that blue face before her. "Zalnitakyth…" Is said softly. "Of course I am your L'ei and yes let's go eat." She is ever so hungrey at the moment herself.

Nadina rises to a full standing position, moving forward as the last hatchlings finds it's mate. She clears her throat speaks up loud and clear, "I want to thank each and every one of you for coming here, for working and playing hard and for walking out here amidst the storm." She pauses to look at each of the remaining candidates. "Your Lifemate may not have been out here this time but that doesn't mean that he or she won't be out here next time and if not here then on another hatching sands." She motions to the healers standing by to take care of those who suffered injuries. "We'd like to invite everyone to the Commons Caverns to partake in a post hatching celebration." With that she moves back to her lifemate to run a gentle hand along the golds hide, "Lets see to getting the next generation settled."

In The Galleries» "It's a miracle in fact that there haven't been more accidents," remarks Ka'el whose eyes shift upward as if the storm itself could be discerned in the darkness. "Thankfully." No one wants blood on the sands! It's a tedious task to get all of that cleaned up. .. And of course, the pain and shock of it all is a factor. Of course! "Here's to peaceful, pleasant, sunny-day hatchings for Monaco Bay and Weyrs beyond in the future," he says in mock toast now that things seems to have settled. At least, with the hatchings. There aren't any more eggs, right? Eyes turn to the Weyrwoman as she speaks, and he nods with a light smile, turning to glance at his conversation partner, rising to stand. "Let the far-fetched rumors begin," he chuckles, politely offering a helping hand up.

The Weyrlingmaster staff takes charge off the new ones to lead the new pairs off the sands efficiently while Vanessa trails behind. Ceresth leaps up to go hunt in the feeding grounds!

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