A Touching In Two Parts (Egg Touching)

Monaco Bay Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sand of the cavern stretches out to all sides, searing hot at all times of the day from the geothermal heat that this extinct volcano provides. With only the very top of the cavern open to the elements, allowing vision of the sky and the occasional shower through, but little more. Thick with dark sand, imported and sifted for its extreme fineness and silken feel, this cavern is home to the Queens during their brooding and their multitude of eggs. Off to one side is a risen platform for the Queen's rider and her mate's rider, allowing them a rest from the heat their dragons endure.

It's well into the evening, but the whims are dragons are not to be questioned and I'aija's dispatched to round up a select gaggle of candidates to come and touch the eggs. Elsvruth looms in the background like a shadowy specter; his rider, on the other hand, is merrily rattling through Ye Olde List Of Rules. "No running, no shouting, no rough-housing- uh. If you do anything that catches Kiyaszaeth or Elsvruth's attention, stop immediately. And if you need to catch your breath or get some water or anything, feel free to go off to the sidelines." And, with that, the candidates are released to get handsy with eggs.

Tykel is among the group of Candidates, three things notable…his tunnelsnake fang necklace is not around his neck, Azure Flame is nowhere to be seen and he's wearing a new vest, sapphire blue with a silver paisley design. He's clearly on edge though, excited and eager, eyes practically glowing. He doesn't stay standing at his full height long, instead he selects the nearest egg to squat down beside. It was bigger than he was, by a good margin. Eyes widen and one hand reaches out gently to touch the egg, a soft-fingered caress ending in a hand splayed against the egg's side, delicate fingers outsretched. He cocks his head as if listening, eyes falling half shut in concentration. Thoughts of welcome, encouragement love…such does he give the unborn dragon, thoughts he pictures as golden light flowing from his mind down to his arm and through his arm and into his hand, transferring to the egg itself, or he hopes so.

< Tykel touches egg 1 - Daybreak's Bell Egg >

Tykel tenses for a moment, cocking his head again. Did he just sense something from that egg? Gentle and welcoming are his thoughts, a tremenduous eagerness to see what this egg holds, to welcome this dragon into the world. Could it be his? He slowly raises his other hand to rest beside the first, splaying his fingers as far as they will go and conentrating on his thoughts of welcome and love…for he does so love dragonkind. His sketchpads betray this.

Tykel tenses again, one hand going to his forehead for a moment. Yes, this time he was sure he picked up something. Not alone, no never alone…he would see to that if it was his own destiny. He returns his hand to the egg, concentrating again, this time adding a bit of reassurance to welcome and eagerness and love. Awe is there too, for the bond between dragon and rider is like magic to him, Holdbred as he is.

Tykelalmost smiles. Okay…enough for this one. He disengages reluctantly and then his eyes light upon a nearby egg and soon he is squatting by that one, one hand splayed on the egg and reaching out with his mind, seeking and sending an intense scintillating love that he has held in his heart for all his life. He waits, letting his emotions of eagerness, welcome, love and hope flow freely through him, a powerful surge indeed, pent up as it has been for so long.

< Tykel touches egg 2 - Cloaked by Magic Egg >

Tykelsmiles. Almost got lost there. What lurks in this egg? He half closes his eyes and extends his other hand so he is touching both sides of the egg. The emotions do not damp down…if anything they intensify, picturing the golden light flowing from his hands into the egg, reassurance and love and welcome and eagerness…love and eagerness predominant.

Tykel is starting to really enjoy these egg-visions. Half-open eyes whirl with soft blue fire, the silver flecks molten flickers of light. He shifts position slightly, for comfort, and then makes contact again, inviting and reassuring and loving and eager. So, so eager. And the awe returns again…he was actually experiencing this! This was no dream! This was reality!

Tykel decides the egg must be telling him it's time to move on. So, with a fond, gentle pat he rises again and moves on to the next egg, squatting easily on his hams, though his chin almost rests on his knees his legs are so long. Again a hand splays against the side of the egg. What will this little dragon show him? he wonders as he initiates a sending of intense love and eagerness, joy and welcome, a stab of reassurance mixing in with the others like a silver light among all the golden warmth he offers the unborn dragon.

< Tykel touches egg 3 - Truly Outrageous Egg >

Tykel likes this, he really likes this egg vision. He loves music. Curiosity adds to the mixture of eagerness and love. Who are you in there? he wonders, concentrating on his message of love and welcome and eagerness.

Tykel is almost in raptures, music, music and more music. Maybe he could remember the tune? He lets himself be studied, be examined. And he is aware as well, keyed to a heightened level of living. The other hand comes up to stroke the egg gently, hardly brushing the shell but making contact. More love, more reassurance, more wonder, more welcoming does he offer, giving freely.

Tykel shivers slight as the music returns, enhanced, and then fades away. Okay, he has the signal down now. Time to move on. He rises easily, looking around for an egg that hasn't felt his hands yet. Finding one he slips into a crouch beside it, one hand splayed against the egg's smooth flank. Again his eyes fall half shut and he reaches out, offering love, offering encouragement, offering eagerness, offering welcome. And he's ready to see what this egg will reveal to him.

< Tykel touches egg 4 - L-egg-endary Defender Egg >

Tykel is excited by this vision and he at once brings up his other hand, not stopping the flow of his own emotions, dipping deep into reserves he didn't know he had but had been there all the time, just waiting for a time such as this to be used. He loved stars…and he loves the dragon in this egg, and he lets the love stream from him like a river of warm golden light.

And that affection is returned, as Tykel concentrates on it, offering his own affection in return. Love and welcome and eagerness…a tempered eagerness but intense nontheless. Yes, he is ready…and he reassures the little dragon that he is there for him or her, his eyes slitting as he puts all his effort into sending his feelings to the unborn dragon.

Tykel withstands the flood of evil memories for there are those good ones to triumph over them. A final sending of love and the Candidate understands it's time to move on. Again his long legs unfurl and take him to a new egg. He lowers himself into position again, both hands splayed, one hand on each side of the egg. What visions does this one hold, he wonders as he starts the riverine flow of love, enouragement, reassurance, welcome and eagerness.

< Tykel touches egg 5 - Moonlight Legend Egg >

Tykel answers curiosity with reassurance and love, powerful and strong and unbreakable. Curiosity is there as well, as is welcome and eagerness, but mostly it is love that surges forth from untapped wells deep within his soul, surging like a lightning bolt of golden energy down his arm, into his hand, into the egg. His eyes slit again as he focuses, reaching with his mind and releasing the force of his own love.

Tykel senses the question and offers happiness and love for an answer. He shivers slightly in excitment then redirects his focus to sending thoughts of love and welcome and peace and happiness and joy along the tenuous bond.

Tykel sends reassurance and affection and then understands it is time to move on. So he breaks contact and stands, looking around for a new egg and taking slow, measured strides to one he hasn't touched yet. Once he gets there he hunkers down, one hand splayed against the egg's flank, offering an introduction of love and welcome and eagerness, a hint of reassurance in the mental tones as well.

< Tykel touches egg 6 - Mysterious Mutagen Egg >

Tykel shivers slightly. This one was a little strange in sensation. But he's not afraid. Instead he just continues to send love, joy, peace, welcome, reassurace and eagerness surging through the tenuous bond, raising the other hand to rest on the other side of the egg, careful to disturb the sand as little as possible.

Tykel feels the hairs on the back of his neck rise at this examination but he remains calm and focused. This little one will be loved and wanted and welcomed just as much as any other and Tykel lets the unborn dragon know, focusing on sending love and reassurance and an intense eagerness and curiosity to see what is in this egg.

This one leaves Tykel a little confused but he closes with a send of affection and reassurance as he breaks contact and rises to his feet. Two eggs left…which one to go to first? He waits for another Candidate to move away from the closer egg and then moves in himself to crouch, this time resting one hand atop the egg, warm and smooth against the shell. Love and welcome and eagerness he sends, announcing his prescence gently but persistently, curiosity entering the mental touch as well.

< Tykel touches egg 7 - The Spark of Artificial Life Egg >

Tykel does consider and consider well. This egg's visions were most thought-provoking. Another hand moves to splay against the egg's flank and the Candidate opens his mind again, love and welcome surging forth like a waterfall plunging into the egg. Eagerness joins the flow, as does curiosity…Tykel wonders what lurks inside this unusual egg.

Tykel half closes his eyes again. This was a most thought provoking egg indeed, he muses before returning to his thoughts of love and welcome and curiosity and eagerness. This one has interested him the most so far. More emotions sent in powerful currents along the tenuous temporary bond.

Tykel sends a farewell of love and welcome and eagerness, so much eagerness and love before the vision fades and then he rises one last time. One more egg to go. He crosses over to it swiftly, eager to see what it will tell him. One hand touches, flesh pressed gently against shell, and contact is made. In greeting he sends love and welcome and reassurance and eagerness and curiosity, making the emotions flow like a rushing river from his mind to the unborn dragon within the egg.

< Tykel touches egg 8 - Fifty Shades of Blue Egg >

Tykel smiles. Another musical egg! He focuses his emotions into a tight beam, love and eagerness and welcome and curiosity all surging together into one harmonious golden flow. Yes, he did love music…and he was curious to see the dragon this egg held. The hand gently strokes the smoothness of the egg's shell as the Candidate half closes his eyes in concentration.

Tykel is especially gentle with this skittish egg. He sends reassurance, adding a generous dose of love and welcome to the mix. A touch of eagerness and curiosity and it is complete, flowing to the unborn dragon in a swirling stream of golden light.

As the touching continues, Elsvruth's stoic bearing begins to shift - until, abruptly, his attention fixes on one of the older lads that really should know better than to spend that long at any one egg. That stare is a hard one and the candidate, realizing the weight of the shadow-wrought bronze's gaze is upon him, abruptly scampers for the sidelines. I'aija pinches the bridge of his nose and blows out a slow breath. "Sorry, guys. Finish up with the egg you're at and then you're dismissed. Thank you all."

Tykel hears I'aija's words and with a last quick send of reassurance and love and welcome and eagerness he disengages and rises. A bow to bronze and he is gone off the sands and out of the Hatching Caverns, visions dancing in his mind.

Some time passes and Elsvruth either forgets whatever that candidate (fortunately nameless) has done to offend him, or I'aija settles him. In either case, a few more candidates are ultimately ushered in and given the regular run of rules: no running, shouting, or other shenaniganery. I'aija rattles all of that off, then motions to the eggs, releasing the candidates to touch as they like. "Just… if you're doing something that gets Kiyaszaeth's or Elsvruth's attention - stop it. Immediately." There is no 'or else'; there is no need.

Zelien finds his way to the sands by following a few locally searched candidates. The Weyr is clearly still a but of a maze but when he reaches the sands there is a familiar burning warmth through his shoes and the protective walls of the cavern seem nothing compared to the large queen brooding over her clutch. He swallows and is neither the first nor last out onto the sands, but somewhere comfortably in the safer middle. There's a respectful bow towards the dragons present and then he's slipping toward one of the eggs that caught his eye from the gallery the other day. Not that any didn't exactly, but one starts ever from somewhere. Fingers gingerly reach out to stroke the shell of the cloaked by magic egg.

< Zelien touches egg 2 - Cloaked by Magic Egg >

Zelien eyes another candidate that drifts towards the cloaked by magic egg, and he not quite subtly glides his fingers along so that his body turns to step between the egg and the other. There's plenty of time and he only just got here. The egg itself catches him then, gaze slipping unfocused a moment before blinking. "Well, that's rather different. So verdant." but he likes forests afterall, though not quite sure what to make of this particular vision. At the same time he is clearly enthralled to have this chance to be amongst a clutch again. He presses his luck a bit, lingering to see if there might be a bit more to experience from this hardening shell, another path to follow?

Zelien hmms softly, admiring both the shell and the touch of the one within. He might just have stayed there forever but for another candidate eyeing a turn, and manners kicking in. There should be other chances and he gets up clearly a bit reluctant, meandering steps shifting to another of the eggs at random. Finding the moonlight legend egg unoccupied he reaches out and lays a hand flat against he warm shell this time.

< Zelien touches egg 5 - Moonlight Legend Egg >

Zelien blinks, feeling the questions rising from within the warm shell beneath his hand. Simple and yet depthy, answers are both easy and not "Zelien, just your average candidate I suppose. If words even mean anythign to you." the deeper parts of him, even he is still discovering with each new experience. Words can't entirely capture ones' entire self and he thinks instead, trying to think of a picture of himself, or at least the reflection he'll catch in the mirror.

Zelien hrms "wait, my hairs not so spiky, well mayby in the morning." he finds it suddenly hard to concentrate with the questioning and energy of this one, slippign to a knee without realizing. He pulls his hand abruptly off the shell and the presence fades allowing his mind to register the warmth of the sands soaking into flesh. Rising quickly, a hand brushes off errant sand from his knee, totally meant to do that, right… The egg is left for another to experience and he looks for another unclaimed, spreading out the experience so that he can compare notes with the other candidates later. Perhaps this one? Hand reachs to stroke the fifty shades of blue egg.

< Zelien touches egg 8 - Fifty Shades of Blue Egg >

Zelien is honestly unsure how to respond to this one. "So, different. Hello there. I'm afraid music isn't my forte." haha. but really, he tries to linger jsut a bit longer. This one so different form the others.

Zelien doesn't mind silence, his presence is hopefully non threatening. As the quiet extends he shifts away "I'm sure there'll be a few harpers amongst our group. That tune'll be slippign thru the caverns for sure" at least for those who grasped it, as already it fades in that just out of reach way as a dream. He glances towards the dragons but apparently talkign to eggs is 'normal' or at least in the non-threatening category. Footsteps meander to another, the spark of artificial life egg this time.

< Zelien touches egg 7 - The Spark of Artificial Life Egg >

Zelien rocks back on his heels a bit, touch seperating from the surface of hte shell in such a shock from that experience. Hero or villain? It seems to echo in his thoughts and another candidate drifts in and strokes the shell as Zelien just sorta stands there. His life just hasn't been that exciting, normal, standard, even dare say predictable? Perhaps one of the hatchlings within will shake up that boring standard. As to which direction, good or bad, his life might take, hard to say depending on the influences "So back at you," he murmurs settling his hand back on the warmed surface as the other canidate moves on. What indeed lays beneath such simple touch?

As the touching continues, Elsvruth's attentions fixate on one of the female candidates who is talking a little too much with another candidate and not, oh, paying proper attention to his and Kiyaszaeth's brood. The candidate is oblivious for a time, clued in only when I'aija ambles over to explain things in low tones. She's escorted to the sidelines, along with the others, and he blows out a breath. Elsvruth is suddenly looming. "Okay, okay," is exasperated, lifted to the beast. "Okay, finish up with the eggs you're at and you're dismissed. Sorry, kids; there'll be more touchings soon, I promise."

Zelien might linger more, so many questions suddenly swirled into his thoughts but there's a large and /looming/ presence and he might just have squeaked without realizing it as reality filters back onto the heated grounds. He licks his lips and moves quickly to the sidelines and then out of the cavern with the others.

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