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Monaco Bay Weyr-Galleries
The Galleries consist of a multitude of rows, cut into the rock of this vast cavern. The heat here is stiffling any time of year, but the breeze coming in through the open roof high above makes it bareable. Sheltered from the coast's weather, this cavern looks out into it but rarely experiances any of it. Stairs lead down to the Commons Cavern, from one side, while at the back of the galleries there is a passage way leading out to the treetop dwellings. Far to the other side of the galleries are several stairs leading up to the multitude of ledges where the dragons and riders view the hatching.
The cavern has gained the added illumination of daylight, filtering down from above, but from this angle, the majority of the light still comes from the multitude of papercovered electric lanterns that cast their cheerful warm colors on the galleries and the rest of the cavern. Springtime has arrived on Eastern Weyr, the flowers budding with wild abandon and all about new growth of the jungle seems to be the theme both in the animal and plant kingdoms.

Viren's laugh is light. Honest. "All the best people like pastries. Have an extra one for me." There's a wistful note to that, but who can say if that's because he's not allowed then or already ate half a dozen. To be honest it could be both. "Thanks for a loan of your…" His hands make a quick extending and shrinking motion, "Telethingy That was fun." And then she's off, and it's just him and a candidate that has cleaned their way off into the other corner and then given up entirely. And all the way down there… the eggs.

Enter Sonya, stage right? Somewhere, perhaps out of storage, she has found a large floppy brown hair. Almost too big for her head it comes to her eyebrows luckily keeping her eyes free to see. Climbing up the steps she looks about first on where she is going to perch to study/stare at the eggs. It won't just be staring though for the apprentice weaver has a sketchpad and sketching materials in hand.

Someone, at some time, must've told Viren it's rude to stare. Staring at eggs = good. Staring at people = No, bad Viren. And yet…. At least he doens't keep it up too too long, but long enough to be noticed most likely even before his greeting of, "Hey. Come to eggwatch too? You just missed…" Don't panic, Viren. Find the name. There aren't that many candidates. "Lily."

“Egg watch. Egg…draw…?" Is that a thing. It is now! Sonya replies as her steps take her to the same level Viren is observing from. At the mention of Lily she spouts off a known fact of their fellow candidate. "Oh Lily, she's from Landing." is said matter of factly.

"Oh you should have been here earlier." Viren slides up a few seats to make room - not that it's really needed in the mostly empty galleries, "She had a telescope so you could see the eggs up really /really/ close. Though I guess it might not work too well looking through it and then trying to draw them." As for her coming from Landing he merely nods, hoping that he can mask the fact he didn't know that well enough. He can’t.

Sonya looks impressed. "Really really close hmm?" leaning forward slightly she peers towards the eggs at this normal, boring distance. "Soon we'll be close enough to touch 'em." back to Viren. "Been a candidate before?”

Viren nods, "Really close. There's one…" He pauses, finding and pointing at the Outrageous egg, "that looks sparkly up close, but not really from here unless you look just right. You really should talk to her. She's doing measurements and things on them, tracking…" what was it she said, "mating patterns and things. I have no idea, it sounded complicated to be honest." Her question results in a shake of the head, "Hatching adjacent, but never at the hatching." He adds by way of explanation, "Baker." Then, “You?”

Sonya studies the egg in question for several minutes before shrugging. No sparkles to be seen. Sadness? "Tracking mating patterns? From eggs?" for a moment Sonya doesn't quite follow the conversation that Viren is offering. So it must be pretty complicated! "Oh um…" she drops that subject for at least a moment to say. "Weavercraft." a bright smile appears before a glance down to her uneven clothing. The smile fades somewhat. "Not very good though. I have such a hard time!" woe is her. Then.."Oh! But yes, I've been on the Sands one time before the eggs." a pause. "I didn't Impress." as if she had to add that last part.

Leaning in a little Viren confesses, "To be honest I'm not sure I really understood it. But she has notes. Lots of notes." As Sonya's smile appears and then fades he frowns a little, "Can't be that bad if you can actually wear it. I still struggle with pastry. Too thick, too thin, too… pastry." At least he doesn't actually mention soggy bottoms, but that's definitely where it was heading. Quick! Change the subject. "Where did you stand?" The enthusiasm behind the question at last does not seem faked or forced.

Sonya settles the sketch pad comfortably on her lap. "I'll have to ask about her notes sometimes." Sonya sounds honestly intriqued. "I've never tried baking. But I'm sure your stuff tastes fine in the end." she assures him. "Fort Weyr for their last hatching. It was…pretty…" she struggles to find the right description. "..amazing. Even if I didn't find my lifemate there. It was so neat watching them being born right before me. And then when they chose…" she trails off her eyes going distant in memory.

"Honestly I'm better at bread. I think I have the hands for it." If such a thing were possible, but in Viren's world it is. Her story, however, is much more interesting to him. "Is it scary?" Odd for a big guy to ask such a question, perhaps, but there it is. "I've only really got bird eggs to go from but they make such a mess so… I don't know.”

Pulling her mind out of the memories of the Fort hatching Sonya glances back over to Viren. "I /thought/ I was going to be terrified but it's not really that scary. As long as you are alert and careful out there. Watch out where the little dragonetts are at all times." someone has clearly not seen a hatching at /this/ weyr yet. "It is messy though.." she'll add. "Covered in goo from inside the eggs. And they sounded so hungry!”

"Albumen." It's pretty much reflex that has Viren correcting 'goo', but either description is right. "Sounds a bit like kitchen birthday parties. Flour everywhere, make sure you don't sit in cake mix if you've been drinking, and be ready to run if the headcook makes an appearance. Um… not that those happen very often. or ever.”

Sonya blinks at Viren. Several times. Evidently she's trying to process his interpretation of goo…albumen covered babies being like um, messy kitchen birthday parties. For 5 turn olds evidently. Maybe. Still processing she almost doesn't and then…she asks. "Wait..kitchen birthday parties?" that part is tackled first over the alternative wording for egg goo.

Viren actually blushes! "Could we… just pretend I never mentioned that? It only happened once. Okay, maybe three times, but we did clean up afterwards." Perhaps he feels the need to confess, paherps he just assumes she wouldn't let it go, but he adds, "We were apprentices still, there was some wine involved. Baking's best done sober. Like weaving! I bet you can't weave… straight… um… if you've been drinking.”

"I can't weave too straight when I'm sober. Maybe I should try drinking." Sonya states dryly but there is a twinkle of amusement in her expression. It soon turns to a thoughtful one. "Turnday party…hmm. We should have a turnday party for a candidate." excitedly. "Oh it'll be fun. We can sneak into the kitchens. You can bake us a cake!" she's already got half this planned in her head.

"I can?" Viren blinks, but then shrugs, "I can. Don't even need to sneak they're sort of… used to me here." Anyone that sneaks out of the barracks at night to go backing is sure to get known in there pretty quick. "I promised Lilyera a souffle, but sure I could do a cake. Who for though?" He doesn't elaborate on why he promised a souffle but the information is there.
Sketchpad is completely forgotten for the moment. One finger moves to tap her chin thoughtfully. "Hmm..well." she isn't sure. "We will just have to ask around to see if anyone has a birthday coming up." sounds simple enough to Sonya.

Viren thinks for a moment then offers, "But what if there're a few, how would you pick who gets it? They might object if we're making extra cake every other day." But he does seem rather fond of the idea, offering "Maybe we could just have barracks cake? Sit up one night, have cake and just… do stuff." Very helpful.

Sonya taps her toes as she works all this out in her head. Or attempts too. "Hmmm." so many good points! Sonya struggles to figure it all out. "A barracks cake! Yes. You." she points to Viren. "Well make the cake. I." a thumb to her own chest. "…will decorate the barracks. Then." a dramatic pause. "CAKE FOR ALL!" someone's hyper over this idea.

Viren does a very good impersonation of a fish out of water for a moment, mouth moving by no sound coming out, but eventually he nods. "Sure, it's just a cake." Is it ever just a cake? "I… guess we should get the others involved too. I bet they'd all want to do something." Like maybe getting permission, but hey details.

It's never just a cake. Buahaha. Excitedly Sonya rubs her hands together. "Oh this'll be so much fun! We'll do it. Soon." cause otherwise she might forget. "Of course." she hops to her feet. "You go find Lily." he gets this task since he was the last to see her. Surely that means he knows where to find her? "I'll look for others. We'll meet up in the barracks tonight and discuss…the Plan!”

"Soon." Viren echoes, though just what he may have set in motion does seem to be dawning on him slightly. "She went get something to eat, shoudln't be too hard to track her down. Assuming she actually did go and didn't wander off to work… in… peace…." Some other things are dawning on him too, oh well. "I need to sweet talk a couple of the cooks, so it might take a day or two, but this isn't a spontaneous sort of party. Planning. Definitely planning." By the second 'planning' he's on his feet and ready to go.

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