An Umbrella Dilemma (Tykel is Searched)

Monaco Bay Weyr - Cove Beach
Sparkling black sands are gently washed over with crystal blue waters, creating a playful blend of colors that twist and meld under the alternating rays of sun and moon. The cove stretches out from the mouth of the river towards the ocean, mixing saltwater with fresh for an invigorating rush that teems with life.

The coast curves eastward, the waters growing more quiet along the broad expanse of beach before finally meeting a large cove. Here there are few waves, the ocean?s movement reduced to little more than slight swells. What might have been an idyllic and peaceful area however, is interrupted by a brilliantly gleaming structure that stands on the edge of the sands.

Large steel poles soar upwards, supporting a staircase that leads to a pair of water slides. The height of the structure is remarkable, standing at a height comparable to that of a small gold dragon. Pipes pump water upward, creating small pools at the entrance of both plastic blue slides. The rush of water moves with the slides, following their twisting course downwards while easing their passenger?s journey. Parts of the slides are open and others covered, creating a thrill for each voyager before unceremoniously dumping them into the still waters below. For the safety of all patrons, a large net has been drawn across the mouth of the cove to prevent any accidental drifting away.

Not far from the slides is a small stand that also seems to have been built just recently. A menu is posted on its side and displays a variety of drinks and snacks for beach goers.

Afternoons in Monaco Bay Weyr are truely paradise, bringing out both tourists and residents. The idyllic weather has even lured out the somewhat reclusive Weyr artist Tykel to set up his umbrella and his midnight-blue and silver striped beach towel on his own patch of beach…the less crowded part. Sketchpad by his side, eyes hidden by visor-style sunglasses, shirtless with a vambrace on his left lower arm, skin gleaming with sunscreen cream he is just sitting, watching what is going on around him. Seeking inspiration perhaps?

His dragon might be a clutch daddy, but that doesn't mean I'aija gets a day off. It's a fine afternoon indeed, which finds the Deluge wingleader out with several of his wingmates, finishing up some rescue practice. By the time they're finished, the other riders are winded and the bronzerider is laughing, clapping the shoulder of a bluerider before sending the man off. He goes to collect his shirt and a towel to dry off and dress again, only to pause when he spots that umbrella over yonder. He raises a hand in greeting - unfamiliar faces? They'll always get a greeting. And where's Elsvruth? Not here, that's for sure.

Tykel 's head raises and he extends a hand return greeting and gets slowly to his feet, unsure if he should approach or not. An unfamiliar face…after all this time there were still too many unfamiliar faces. Finally curiosity gets the better of him. "Azure Flame, to me!" he commands and a partly grown blue firelizard alights on the vambrace. Rubbing the little blue's head he starts a cautious advance, not wanting to bother should the stranger be busy.

The manifestation of a blue firelizard is noted with a lopsided grin from the bronzerider. "Hey, there," he calls, his course apparently set to send him in Tykel's direction. He pauses, though, gaze tipped skyward mere moments before a shadow sweeps over and descends some distance further down the beach. With a shake of his head, his attention shifts back to the artist - who is now approaching as well. "Ah, you didn't have to get up! I have to go that way anyway, heh."

Tykel allows himself a narrow-lipped smile. "It's all right, I was ready to move around anyway. You can only sit around on your haunches for so long." He pauses for a moment. "A fine day, sir, no?"

"Yeah, it is. A great day for swimming, that's for sure. I'm pretty glad that my wing does a lot of work in the water; makes for a pretty good excuse, you know?" I'aija's grin is boyishly lopsided. "Ah, but you don't have to call me sir. I'aija, bronze Elsvruth's. It's nice to meet you- ah…" he trails there, leaving a wide invitation for an introduction. Behind the artist, along the beach, something wicked this way comes - all shadows and champagne stretched on lean lines. Elsvruth is a stealthy cuss when he wants to be - and that's what he is now.

Tykel nods. "I see…I enjoy swimming myself, when I'm not working with the tourists." He shakes himself. Fool! His ears rim with red as he extends his hand, slathered in sunscreen. "Tykel, Weyr artist. Well met."

"Ah! So you work at the resort, then?" I'aija takes the offered hand, sunscreen-slick as it is. He has a towel; he'll live. "I used to be a cook at one of the restaurants there. I still sometimes sneak in there to help from time to time. Well met, indeed, artist Tykel! So. What brings you out here? A swim? Some peace and quiet?" Elsvruth's approach remains measured, slow and purposeful. And when he's able to stretch his head out and duck it under the umbrella - he will. Will he be able to wear the umbrella like a hat? That remains to be seen.

Tykel nods. "I'm independant but I work here doing sketches and portraits for the tourists. Sometimes I work the beach, sometimes the Boardwalk…but today I'm just out for a little peace and quiet and probably a swim later. I do take a day off now and then. Oh yes, I also take special comissions from the Weyr and there is my dragon-and-rider project I should set you down for."

"Oh, good, good. Yeah, I imagine there's a fair bit of good money to be had if you're any good at it." Which Tykel must be, if he's able to take time off! I'aija is resolutely ignoring Elsvruth's efforts - which means the bronze does get away with getting an umbrella on his head. He balances it carefully, though for what and why is a mystery. I'aija continues, making a point not to look at the bronze: "Dragon and rider project? What's that? It sounds like- well, something that Wendyn and Kiyaszaeth might be interested in." Maybe.

Tykel 's narrow-lipped smile appears again. "Doing protraits of all the riders and dragons in the Weyr," he answers, enthusiasm in his tones. "As a thanks for the safe haven I've found here. No charge for sitting or the final working."

The bronzerider's expression skews thoughtful and he nods, slowly, and sucks his teeth in thought. "That's mighty generous of you. If you wanted to get a two for one in, though, I'll check with Wendyn and see if she's up for it, too." He opens his mouth to add something else, only to utter a sigh. "Faranth's sake, Elsvruth. Stop that. It's not a hat." Elsvruth just stares at his rider, only to tip his head a little to drop the umbrella to the ground.

Tykel nods. "I'll pleased to accomodate you both…" he trails off as he notices the bronze and the fortunately undamaged umbrella. "Shards, where'd he come from? Well no harm done, I don't think. I'll just have to shake the sand out of it." Which will be a task considering the size of the parasol. "Good exercise for the arms and shoulders. Azure Flame's already put a few little scratches in it…his favorite perch." And the blue's chittering is only a little irritated.

"He does that," I'aija replies, his mouth flattening out as he looks at the stealthy bronze. "As long as it's not damaged, that's the important thing." But, good luck getting the umbrella. Elsvruth is quick to collect it by the handle, carefully clamping his mouth around it. He proceeds to lift it just out of reach of artist and rider alike, because- because, that's why. "Ah, shells. Elsvruth, c'mon. Put that down - or shake it out at least and spare Tykel from having to do it. Sorry, he's just- being him." Exasperated? Just a little. But don't mind that he's patting himself down for something or another.

Tykel pulls down his sunglasses for a moment to reveal his piercing blue eyes. "It's all right, as long as I get it back in one piece," he says, half chuckling and half irritated himself. "Azure Flame just loves to play keep away with my pencils, usually when I most want them."

"This isn't-" but what can he say? Elsvruth is gonna Elsvruth. I'aija tilts a sympathetic look to Tykel. "You will. And, if you don't, I'll make sure to get you a replacement. And- ha. Li'l Sizzler is like that, but with cooking utensils. He's kind of a pain." Elsvruth steps back a little, taking the umbrella with him. Finally, I'aija just pinches the bridge of his nose. "Okay, sorry. He wants you to come closer and he'll give it to you, but you need to shut your eyes and trust him. Just, uh- hold your hands out."

Tykel nods. He has been around dragons for awhile and not found them to be dangerous, so he makes two strides forward, pushes up his sunglasses so the bronze can see him close him eyes and he extends both hands. Azure Flame takes to the air to get clear, just in case Elsvruth misses.

The artist will not receive a parasol. Instead, he will get a neatly folded knot, pressed into his palm. I'aija has apparently taken some stealth lessons from his dragon to sneak his way around to Tykel's front to make that happen. "He lied." The bronze grunts. "Okay, he misdirected - is that better?" That last is tossed behind him at the dragon in question. To Tykel, "He says he'll give you the umbrella back if you agree to his conditions - accept the knot and Stand for the eggs on the Sands." He leans in and adds in low tones, "But if you don't want to, that's okay; I can distract him and get the umbrella anyway."

Tykel 's mouth falls open and his eyes twitch without opening. The right hand closes upon the knot. "I accept his conditions gladly and with honor!" he cries, enthsiastic as a little boy, reddening slightly as his voice cracks to low tenor on the last three words. "It will be an honor to Stand, I'aija. I accept!" He opens his eyes and cannot restrain a full smile, showing strong, perfect white teeth in a brilliant flash. "I am deeply honored. Yes, and yes again I accept."

The bronzerider grins at the enthusiastic acceptance and reaches up to take the parasol as Elsvruth finally offers it up. The bronze practically radiates utter satisfaction while the lad voices his agreement. And, with that? He makes his way properly to the water. I'aija chuckles, "Good, good. I'm glad. Because he's persistent when he sees someone he likes. C'mon, Tykel. Let's get you situated in the barracks and introduced to some of the other Candidates. I can take this. Looks like you'll also get a good look at the eggs, if you wanted to draw those, too!"

Tykel just barely remembers to pull his sunglasses back down. "I'd love to draw those eggs…and I'm ready to come with you. Azure Flame, to me!" The little blue comes in to land, eyes full of excited emerald fire. "I hope he'll be welcome in the barracks." He moves to slip his new white Candidate knot over his right shoulder, careless of the sunscreen. He'll clean it off spotlessly later.

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