Impromptu Etiqutte lesson

Monaco Bay Weyr- Candidate Barracks

Huge in its own right, this series of interlinked caverns is the complex that houses both candidates and weyrlings. Fashioned out of a multitude of hollows, it serves as a central gathering area as well as classroom. A number of deep pockets have been laborously smoothed to provide comfortable dwellings for the young dragons and their riders away from the weather of the central area, and affording them some privacy but not much. Above, the cavern opens to the sky, holding out the worst of the island's weather but allowing an aerial exit and providing natural lighting to the area. Branching off from this cavern is an opening that leads to the exercise yard, and another carved passage that leads onto the hatching sands - though this entrance is typically closed tight to prevent mischief.

With Ceresth's loud demands of the early morning no doubt waking some up,
Vanessa finally has the golden queen content and sleeping even though surely
others are not sleeping any more. Wide awake and full of energy the bubbly
gold rider comes bursting into the candidate barracks. "GOOD MORNING!" she
chirps cheerfully to all here.

Where is Feyran? Feyran is in the farthest darkest corner of the barracks
feeding the little wild feline that had been brought in the night before.
It's been bandaged up a little and given some nourishment, but it's still
weak so the little thing remains asleep in a small pile of blankets….for
now. The trader girl glances over her shoulder at the sound of a very
cheerful good morning and wrinkles her nose a bit. Uh-oh. Hopefully the
goldrider doesn't feel like exploring the barracks. And the best way to
avoid that is probably for Fey to head back to her cot…which she does.
"Morning." Causal? Extremely!

Sydney is not a morning person. So when the bubbly happy cry reaches his ears
he just turns over on his cot and makes every effort to fall back asleep. It
is far to early to be up. Nothing good happens before mid afternoon. Though
when he hears the added voice of Feyran speaking he forces himself to sit up
and look about the barracks to make sure that she isn't up to something. He
spots her soon enough and says, "What did you do?" He then glances over and
spots the weyrwoman at the door and offers her a salute, "Good day to you my
good weyrwoman."

Somehow, Sigel has managed to turn himself upside down in his sleep, with his
feet resting on his mussed pillow just outside the blanket and his head at
the other end of his cot, covered completely. It's a little disorienting.
The sudden cheerful chirping of a cheery Ceresth caretaker has him, well,
not doing much at all, really. He's used to sleeping around a ton of
siblings, so it doesn't do much to wake him up at all. Snore.

Always bubbly and happy person there's little doubt as to Vanessa's ever
present cheerfulness. Not the most observant though for she doesn't notice
Feyran's casual trek to her cot and subsequent greeting. "Good morning
everyone." is said again with a flash of a brilliant smile. Salutes are
returned. "I'm not sure if I've met all of you yet. I'm Vanessa, rider to
Gold Ceresth. You /may/ have heard her this morning." as in maybe the deaf
person sleeping under a rock might have missed the bellows.

"What I did…wouldn't you like to know." Feyran smirks at Sydney, the
expression promising some wickedness for him in the future. For now though,
her gaze strays to the sleeping Sigel and she wanders over to his cot.
"Sigel! C'mon, you gotta wake up…I'll draw on your face if you don't!"
Because threats always work? She's probably got a piece of charcoal
somewhere. "They're sic'ing Vanessa on us…wake up!" Because any goldrider
in the barracks means something unfun is coming in Feyran's mind…even if
it's the most friendly one out of them!

"No I really probably wouldn't. As long as whatever it is keeps you far away
and busy with someone else then I'm good with it." Sydney responds to
Feyran. Because Feyran's are naughty. All the time. He gets himself up off
of his cot and sighs trying to figure out waht time it is, by the looks of
it far too early. When Vanessa describes her dragon's early morning loudness
he speaks up, "She has a lovely voice weyrwoman." If a poorly timed one.

Sigel makes some kind of sound that is generally impossible to translate,
proving that he may, in fact, be some version of conscious. He pulls the
blanket down now before scratching behind his ear, his auburn hair looking
very much like it was used by weasels for a nest last night, "Hrm? Do what?
Vanessa? What's happening?" He sits up all at once, turning to plop his legs
over the edge of the cot and taking the time to rub hard at his eyes as if
the pressure alone would get them quicker to properly functioning.
Recognizing what sounds like Sydney speaking to a Weyrwoman causes him to
rise and he bobs his head and gives a somewhat absent-minded style of
salute, "Oh. Good morning, ma'am." Having grabbed a bit of what she said
moments ago, he adds, while fighting back a slight yawn, "Is Ceresth

Lovely voice, not so lovely disposition when it comes to dirty candidates
putting their grubby hands over /her/ eggs. Vanessa smoothly glides further
into the room, the feline corner being missed for now, and winds up right
next to Sigel's cot. A bright smile appears on the young woman's expression.
"Good morning…Sigel." there was the briefest of pauses as she recalls his
name. "Ceresth is fine. Resting now." she assures the candidate. "Now since
we're all awake let's have a class!" she says this with a clap of her hands
as if it wasn't one of the top 5 worst things to hear so early in the
morning. "But not here though! Too stuffy. To the living caverns." where
incidentally food can be grabbed too.

"But if I told you anything you were the target of…all the fun would be
ruined." Feyran grins over at Sydney and shoots him a cheeky wink before
turning her attention to the newly awakened Sigel. But what? There's talk of
/classes/? Feyran looks at Vanessa a bit suspiciously now, and the trader's
smile is quickly turning downwards into a frown. "What kind of class?"
Because for Feyran? This is /definitely/ not something she wants to be doing
first thing in the morning. She'd rather go muck the stalls and hang out
with all the beasts instead!

Sigel doesn't really mind classes, but he does echo Feyran's curiosity as he
pushes himself to his feet and shuffles over to his chest, intending to
change into clothes for the day, "A class about what, ma'am?" He shucks
clean of his teeshirt and proceeds to rifle through his
less-than-thoroughly-organized chest for a clean shirt to wear, coming up
with something that even fits him loosely; hate to see the older sibling it
came from. Since he slept in his underpants, he has no need to flash the
barracks, just digging out a pair of long shorts and tugging them on as
well. Ta da! Prepared for the day! Or something.

"The fun would be ruined for you, but not for me. I like having fun. Just not
anything that involves anything you were a part of." Sydney shoots back at
Feyran. The the verbal war begin! Though he can't afford to get too involved
in this at the moment. Not with the Weyrwoman present, "That sounds
absolutely lovely." he says to the weyrwoman, in his best and most positive
tone..even if what he said was a complete and total lie. He is also curious
but his associates have already asked so he won't pelt the young lady with
questions on that topic further.

Vanessa simply smiles at the questions of 'what' classes and shakes her head.
"Follow me boys and girls. I'll let you know what we're going to be learning
once we are settled into the commons rooms." she's steadfastly ignoring any
word war between anyone. For now. "Let's go!" with that she turns and walks
out with the assurance they will actually follow.

Monaco Bay Weyr - Common Caverns

A grand stairway leads downward into the cool rock of the commons
cavern, a place for socializing and relaxing, as well as an area that
provides solid shelter from the seasonal storms of this area. One of the few
caverns at Monaco Bay Weyr, the rock here has been worn away by centuries
worth of water movement, leaving a nearly glass smooth polish over much of
the room. Rocky shelves line the walls on which electric lights covered with
paper lanterns rest, providing adequate illumination for the area. High
above are further light fixtures, enabling a wide range of lighting options
here. A natural pool occupies half of the far end of the cavern and is
supplied with heated water piped in by an ingenious techcrafter. All about
the room are balconies of rock with stairs leading to them and small
dumbwaiters for the purpose of delivering food and drink to their heights.

Feyran doesn't comment about Sydney's fun or her own, but there's a definite
nose wrinkle when he says the classes sound good. "Lovely? Sounds absolutely
horrific, bleh!" The trader girl makes a face, but…at least she's already
dressed? The girl's an early riser so she's already wearing shorts, a dress,
and her oversized green jacket. She's also wearing a pair of boots that make
a bit of noise on the floor as she follows everybody to the caverns.

Sydney follows the small group out of the barracks and into the common cavern
where it appears there is indeed food. Good gracious! "To eat at this time
of day….must be bad for you." is his comment to Feyran, who has an
unenthusiastic statement of her own to share. Sydney for his part sleeps in
his clothes and so while he may look a bit wrinkley he is present and
accounted for, and he would also point out sober, very important that.

Sigel doesn't have any strong feelings about the class either way, shrugging a
bit at Feyran and Sydney as he says, "I don't imagine we can guess if it'll
be bad OR good yet, seeing as we don't have any idea what's happening." Ah,
Switzerland. He has enough time to get some shoes on, hopping to get his
foot in, before he has to trot a bit after the others following Vanessa.
Vanessa is now the Weyrwoman in Pern that has the most ducklings.

Vanessa is already out of the barracks before she can hear Feyran's assessment
of the class not sounding so lovely. Passing by the food, she's not hungry
yet, she does obtain a mug of klah before selecting a larger table suitable
for her needs. Standing at the head she waits patiently for the candidates
to grab whatever food and drink they like and make their way over to her.
"Sit sit." she encourages. "This morning I wish to talk about basic
etiquette for both candidates and riders." she keeps it simple.

"Breakfast's supposed to be good, you know." Whatever Sydney might have been
trying to say about her goes right over Feyran's head as she heads straight
for the food tables. Her plate? It's quickly getting piled high with just
about everything. The girl might be slight, but she can definitely eat a
lot. It's almost a miracle that she manages not to drop anything and also
carry a mug of klah to the table. And that's when she hears it…etiquette
class. The trader doesn't even bother trying to stifle the groan that
escapes her lips. Early morning torture! And once Sigel's close by..she'll
whisper, "It's bad, super bad."

Sigel is glad that they'll be able to acquire something to eat before sitting
down to talk. He fills up a plate with relatively light morning fare, taking
advantage of Monaco's access to fruits, and a hefty mug of klah along with a
glass of water, all of which is balanced with great care as he shuffles
slowly over to sit at the table by Feyran. He sorts all his things out, then
drops into his seat and shrugs again, mildly, "We probably need it. I don't
want to get stuck in the position of not knowing what to say again. That
felt kind of bad." He frowns at the memory, breaking a biscuit in half and
chewing on the end of it thoughtfully.

Nadina slips in from the bowl, hands resting on her growing belly. Now and
again the goldie shoots a dark look back towards the bowl as she moves
towards the serving tables. This and that are dropped on her plate, a mug of
klah is grabbed before she turns and heads towards Van and the candidates,
"Tell a joke when in doubt." is offered towards Sigel before the goldie
drops into an emoty seat.

Vanessa gives a firm nod once to Sigel. "Exactly." is all she says on that.
"As candidates and if you find your life mates, riders, you will represent
this weyr." she pauses. "Even as simple residents you represent this weyr.
That means your actions reflect on the good of us all. When you visit
another weyr. Or someone from out of weyr visits here you must know how to
address them properly." she now gives a stern look towards Feyran. "Loudness
does not always mean better." here she pauses to sip at her drink.

"Yeah but it looks like we're going to get lectured…" Feyran whispers again
to Sigel before glancing up at Nadina's arrival. See that? That's a method
she things is awesome. Laugh it off! But there's really no comment on any of
this because Feyran tears into a roll. At least she isn't chewing with her
mouth open, but the stern look from Vanessa does earn an eyeroll. "So we're
going to learn how to address people? Cause R'en already told us the duties
to X Weyr and its queens thing." Difficult student? Oh yeah, definitely.

Sigel is doing his best to be attentive, at least, though Nadina's comment
earns a swift and vaguely amused smile from the young man before he pops
that bit of biscuit into his mouth. He looks to Feyran when Vanessa does,
then nudges her lightly with an elbow and leans over to whisper something
back to her. Whatever he says, he just straightens up afterwards and pops a
bit of bacon into his mouth, followed by a small wedge of melon. Nawm.

Nadina looks to her fellow goldie "Lemme guess it's Etiquette time." and the
way that it's said clearly says that Naddie herself thinks very little of it
and failed that course. Food is ignored but the klah is not as she lifts the
mug to her lips and sips "Least we aren't giving you something as embarasing
as a mating flight lecture."

Whatever Sigel says has Feyran glancing over to him. There's a moment where
she's just still…and then a slow smile spreads across her face. And Sigel?
He earns a cookie for whatever was exchanged and for a while Feyran actually
/is/ quiet. But since Nadina is talking about other stuff…well, Fey is her
immature self and kind of snorts a laugh. "That'd be more interesting at
least! Not the topic but seeing everyone get all awkward." Are you not

Sydney does not go over to grab any of the food, because thats just wrong. He
does, however, come over and sit with the group. He isn't surprsied at the
topic and there are certainly worse things that could be talked about, "It
won't be that bad…" he tells his fellow candidates. Being a harper you get
schooled on all the proper manners and such, some of it is at least mildly
interesting, "Just sit tight and see what you think."

Patience is a besetting quality of Vanessa. She casts a brief look and smile
towards Nadina and her comment then sweeps her gaze to the rest of the
candidates. "Ettiqutte time is more than just greetings and addressing
people." explains Nessa patiently. "Thought that certainly is part of it.
You need to be aware of your actions at all times. But this isn't just going
to be me talking and you listening. I want you all to really /understand/
this lesson as it /is/ a most important lesson. So we'll do hands on! We'll
start here and then if everyone is up for it perhaps a field trip will be in
order." she says brightly. Isn't is exciting??

Patience is a besetting quality of Vanessa. She casts a brief look and smile
towards Nadina and her comment then sweeps her gaze to the rest of the
candidates. "Ettiqutte time is more than just greetings and addressing
people." explains Nessa patiently. "Thought that certainly is part of it.
You need to be aware of your actions at all times. But this isn't just going
to be me talking and you listening. I want you all to really /understand/
this lesson as it /is/ a most important lesson. So we'll do hands on! We'll
start here and then if everyone is up for it perhaps a field trip will be in
order." she says brightly. Isn't is exciting?? (re)

Sigel doesn't comment on his own personal feelings regarding the mating flight
topic, mostly because he has no idea how embarrassed he would be. Instead,
he seems pretty well focused on poking food into his mouth at a steady rate
and washing it down with enough klah to stay awake for the next few days.
Mm, klah. He will say, between bites and in a rather stifled tone, "Isn't it
hard, being aware of your actions at all times…? How will we make
friends?" He rubs the tip of his nose absently, his eyebrows arched with

Feyran looks like she's about to say something to Sydney but she instead
stuffs some food into her mouth and starts chewing. She's good for a little
bit, just sitting there all quiet and listening to Vanessa's little spiel
about etiquette other than greeting." But the thing that does catch her
attention? The talk of a field trip. Feyran's eyes snap up from her plate
and onto the goldrider, "A field trip to where?" This is important!

Sydney is very much along for the ride at this point and so he simply nods his
head to the weyrwoman running the class, "I would be happy to attend a field
trip to any location." If he is out of bed he had might as well do
something. He does cast a glance to Feyran though, "It isn't polite to ask
too many questions. Sometimes its best to just go with the flow and see what
happens." he says.

Don't mind 'Angry' there in the back of the rest of the candidates; he's just
here for the lesson, too. Vantayne remains silent while the others speak,
listening to everything, even as his booted feet shift him about some to
keep the young man's muscles from tightening.

"There's nothing wrong with asking questions." Vanessa says firmly towards
Sydney. "How else will you learn if you don't ask!" she demands. "Alright
then. Find a partner." instructs the gold rider. "A trip can be taken to
Xanadu I think. It's good to meet other weyrs and several of you have been
to Fort already." "After you pair up then I want you to each greet each
other as if you've never met before."

Sigel perks with interest at the idea of a field trip as well as it becomes
something of an open topic, shrugging a bit when he finds out they may be
going to Xanadu. He looks at the other candidates curiously at first, but,
likely unsurprisingly, he pinches Feyran's sleeve with surprising delicacy
and murmurs, "Um. Partners?" Some day, he'll probably just assume, but for
now it's good to be polite and ask. Right? Sure. As for Sydney, he cocks his
head a bit and points out, "It's impolite to presume superiority over
someone else when you're a student in the same class."

"Shards, you're a suck up aren't you?" Feyran glances to Sydney and smirks,
though she's trying to say the words quiet enough so that only her fellow
candidates hear. But…one never knows who has good hearing. When there's
talk of pair up, Feyran immediately tugs a corner of Sigel's shirt in reply
to the tug she gets. "Hey partner, looks like we're going to Xanadu!" Guess
that answers that question. For the first time this morning the trader girl
actually looks excited about something. Even her food is forgotten for the

Sydney just rolls his eyes at Feyran when she calls him a suckup, "And you are
such a pest." he says equally quietly. He takes the werywomans rebuke with a
certain amount of grace and simply nods his head not arguing about it. He
turns around and spots Vantayne. He gets to his feet and marches over in his
direction, "Looks like its going to be you and me going to Xanadu. I've been
there nice folks…its where Innes is from." he adds knowing that Vantayne
will be well aware of who that is.

There's a nod from Vantayne when Vanessa's order comes to find a partner, and
hazel eyes flick around for someone perhaps closer to his age, who hopefully
shares a somewhat more serious 'stance' on life and learning. Forget Fey and
Syd, then; heh. Starting to step towards Sigel, the holder halts when he
sees him pick 'Pesty,' his attention then turning to some of the others
candidates. Woe; it seems as is many of them are easily younger and less
'level' than him, and so Sydney's offer is graciously (if silently) accepted
with a small bob of head and a few steps that draw him closer to the Harper.
"Oh, lucky me…" is murmured quite softly to word of getting the joy of
seeing Syd and Innes potentially interact, again.

"Partners had?" Vanessa carols out. Klah only makes her more hyper and nice
and fluffy. "Good. Do your greetings." she orders simply. "The sooner you
show me that you know the basics the sooner we can find rides out to

Sigel seems to realize that Vantayne was heading his way and frowns mildly,
lifting a hand in his direction as if to apologize. He looks to Feyran after
that and drinks the last of his klah, setting the empty mug aside and
folding his hands loosely, "If we do well with etiquette, anyway, we will.
Remember. We have to learn how to be proper and polite if we want to go
anywhere." He clears his throat carefully, then smiles at Feyran and offers
her his hand, "Hello. Duties from Monaco Bay Weyr to you and your queens.
I'm Sigel. It's nice to meet you."

"Well hi there young man, my name's Feyran…Feyran River of the River
Traders, it's a pleasure to meet you." Apparently one of the candidates is
jumping right into greetings. It's not exactly the most formal thing, but
there's a smile and a hand held out for a shake. Actually, it's kind of
funny the way Feyran has to crane her neck up to look at Sigel. Why must she
be so short? Either way, she /is/ still being kind of cheeky. And then
there's a slight pause and she drops her voice to her whisper, "Think that
was good enough to pass? Maybe I should go more serious…deadpan."

Sydney looks to Vantayne and can see the excitment written just bursting from
every seem of the holder, "Greetings. I am Sydney Candidate of Monaco.
Monaco's duties to Xanadu and her queens." he says smoothly. He is
momentarily distracted by Feyran's greeting and so he turns his head for
just a moment before turning back to Vantayne to see what his reply is.

A dip of head is for Syd as Vantayne tries out his own stretch for manners,
the holder then murmuring a level, "Well met, Sydney. Vantayne, of G…" The
wince is almost hearable, though barely see-able. "Of Monaco Bay Weyr. Our
duties in return." Smooth, practiced, equtable, aside from that one hitch.

Vanessa stands and watches the greetings with a pleased smile as she sips from
the klah mug. "Very good!" she says to each pair who do the greeting to each
other. "Now then…Vantayne, Feyran..pick a topic and ask your partner about

Sigel shakes Feyran's hand properly and does his best to smile nicely, "It's
lovely to meet you." He shakes his head slightly at the mention of being
deadpan only to shrug slightly. He really wouldn't know. He turns his
attention momentarily to Vanessa when she tells certain partners to pick
topics, clasping his hands loosely in his lap again and giving Feyran a
slightly amused look, as if he were fighting the urge to start laughing.
It's all a bit awkward, after all, and enough to be funny.

Feyran looks momentarily relieved when her greeting passes Vanessa's
inspection. Of course, that doesn't mean she's going to take the fun out of
everything. The amused look from Sigel earns an oh so sweet smile from the
trader girl, "Where /did/ you get such lovely muscles, Sigel?" Hey, it's a
topic of sorts! But really, it's impossible to hide the laughter in Feyran's
eyes. Luckily she still has the self control not to laugh out loud!

Sydney has apparently passed the greeting muster much to his great relief. He
was fairly sure that he had been right but one never knows. He can't help
but turn his head once more in Feyran's direction as she picks her topic. He
shakes his head for a moment, but keeps his mouth shut and doesn't plan on
interferring in that conversation. He turns back to Vantayne who has been
charged with picking a topic and waits politely for the holder.

Topic, eh? Vantayne rummages around in his brain for one…and then a slightly
sly look fills his eyes, what's within his mind prompting the holder to
inquire of 'Drunky,' "I'm curious, Sydney." There's a look at the likely
Crafter insignia on his shirt. "Does being a Harper allow you
certain…freedoms when interacting with people that others might not
experience?" KaPow.

Sigel bites back hard on a laugh at Feyran's question only to clear his
throat, expression becoming more serious, "Well, Feyran, if I can call you
Feyran, of course, while I wouldn't call them lovely, I owe my overall frame
to the years of physical labour spent working with my family's caravan." He
pauses a moment only to suddenly continue with, "Speaking of, you say of the
River Traders? It's good to meet another trader here at this, um, event.
I've heard good things about the River caravan. I hope business is going
well." Some of it comes a little flatly genuine, but at least it's all

Vanessa's eyes widen and she stifles her amusement as she hears Feyran's
choice of topic. Clearing her throat she stammers a bit. ""
she manages to say as she continues to listen to the topics being chosen and

Vanessa adds also. "I think." she says after a pause. "That perhaps we can get
ready to leave for the trip." she tilts her head to the side a moment as she
converses with Ceresth.

"Oh yes indeed, you're more than welcome to call me anything you like." Feyran
says in a singsongy voice and bats her eyelashes. But if she wants to keep
from laughing, the trader girl can't keep it up much longer. There's a
glance back to Vanessa as well as a grin and thumbs up, but attention shifts
back to Sigel soon enough. "I /am/ of the traders, I can see why you built
up so much muscle if you're in the same occupation." Feyran knows real
words! "Business is going quite well, I do hope yours is doing alright?"
Wait, did she say time for Xanadu? Cue a fist pump. "We passed!"

Ceresth sends out a light mind touch as a flowery touch. « Vanessa wants to
know if you and R'en are available to take some candidates over to Xanadu.

Sydney can't help but chuckle a bit at the topic the holder chose. Sydney
knows exactly what he is referring too, "Of course not my good sir. Though
harpers are held in high esteem, especially those of us that intrepret and
study the law." he pauses for another grin to cross his face, "Freedoms in
interacting with others come from pre-established personal relationships as
I'm sure you will see and experience in time." He neglects to mention that
some personalities seem to be able to pull it off easier than others,
"Charisma goes a long way."

Sigel nods his head positively and affirmingly when Feyran asks about his own
business, commenting lightly, "Very well. We've been doing a lot of metal
trade recently…" But then there's news of a trip to Xanadu actually
occuring and he drops the test-conversation, looking instead to Vanessa,
"Oh, really?" He winds up smiling brightly at Feyran as she fist pumps,
"That was actually pretty easy. It's just… kind of being nice, isn't it?"
He steals a lingering sweetroll from his plate, tears it in half, giving one
part to his partner as a celebration. Woo, sweets!

[Dragon/Monaco Bay] Ceresth carols out cheerfully, a decided difference from
the crabbiness of this morning. « Vanessa wishes to travel to another weyr
with candidates. Who shall be free to take herself and those other people?

He just had to hear it from the horse's mouth, so-to-speak, and all Vantayne
does is nods a few times, his lips tipped into a faintly - if somewhat
darkly - humored bit of a twist. "I see…" is murmured non-commitally,
hazel eyes then turning to Vanessa. Well, apparently even -they- manages to
pass. For the weyrwoman, "Can we get something to eat there, ma'am?"
Somebody didn't have time for breakfast, apparently.

Vanessa finishes her klah , setting down the mug. "I'm sure that Xanadu would
offer hospitalities, Vantayne." she answers him. "Just be sure not to be too
crass in shoving food down your gullet." is all she says of that. "Now then
if we're ready we'll wait to see if we can get a rider or two to take us
since clearly I can't get Ceresth to leave but she's being generous and not
minding if i leave. Only for a little bit though." is added.

Feyran beams at Sigel and accepts the half sweet roll with a grin, "It is! I
guess they mostly just want us to…stick to safe topics." Which the trader
girl has a tendency not to do. "I should actually check out your caravan
though…you guys do a lot of weapons work?" There's definitely curiosity in
her voice, though that's accompanied by a glance to Vanessa. "Every rider's
dream, taking us to another Weyr!" And being annoyed by them the few moments
they're in the air!

Sigel nods his head affirmatively once more at the question about weapons,
while gathering a couple 'rolls from his plate, "Yeah, sometimes. Weapons,
tools, whatever da thinks there will be a demand for." He pushes himself to
his feet for a moment, shuffling along to offer the two rolls (one meat, one
sweet) to Vantayne, "Here, uh, so you won't be too hungry, I guess." Not
that it would've been impossible to get his own, but they are in the process
of learning to be polite-slash-nice, so it makes sense to offer.

Sydney is ready to depart and offers a smile to the weyrwoman, "Xanadu is very
hospitable indeed. I've spent some time there. There are a good many very
fine people that call it home." Vantayne gets a look and a smile, "The food
is very good there. I'm sure you will find something there that you enjoy."
He draws himself up and stands straight ready for directions to where they
are headed.

"Only enough to make my stomach quiet down…" Vantayne promises
Vanessa…upon which said belly gives off an obnoxiously loud gurgle-squeal.
'Tayne has enough propritey to look vaguely embarrassed, but he's smirking
softly, too. "Thank you, Sigel." Quite thoughtful of the burly
candidate to feed one of 'his own.' As he accepts the 'rolls, quickly and
neatly gnoshes them down, hazel eyes flick to Sydney, the young man offering
the Harper a distinct nod. Back to Vanessa goes his gaze.

R'en comes from the direction of the infirmary, being tugged away from his
duties by Sindrieth trying to be pleasing towards Ceresth. However, he looks
a little less impressed as he walks out and sees Feyran there. Well, at
least this whole candidate thing will be over soon. Right? Right? Then she
can scamper off with her trade caravan wherever she came from. "Sindrieth
said you wanted a ride." He says lightly, and looks at the small group of
candidates. "I think we'll need a couple more dragons though." He says and
thumbs off towards the exit where at least his own dragon is waiting.

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing(#1873RJ)

A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard
although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this
space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish
them to the forest that creates a border to the north. Where the ground is
less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded
hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.

The cliff looms imposingly on two sides. Toward the southwest, a spire
stretches up to high above where the everpresent watchdragon sits on a
lonely peak with Xanadu's Starstones. A massive rocky spur extends to the
north, curved slightly to hold the clearing and pocked with doors and

The hatching arena and Dragonhealers' Annex sit to the southeast,
built together into a single complex that takes up a large portion of the
perimeter beneath its domed roof. To the southwest, wide steps lead up to
the caverns, and almost directly south is the entrance to the Infirmary.
Nestled between the infirmary and the main caverns there's a human-sized
archway with frequent traffic - it leads to the Wanderin' Wherry Tavern.

Tucked near the arch, just off to one side is a tiny wood-frame shop
bearing the name 'Wildflower Boutique'. Windows have been cut along the
cliff in various places along the cliff. Those of the administrative offices
are placed to have the best view of Xanadu's airspace - to the southwest,
over the entrance to the caverns and the infirmary. Others mark the
dormitories and those of lucky residents, while toward the northern edge of
that spur cluster the windows and entrances to the crafters' complex.

The rest of the Weyr lies to the north and east - a broad road that
leads through the meadow and the trees of the forest beyond. At the far
northern edge of the clearing, just inside the perimeter kept clear of
trees, a clocktower sits and proudly displays the hour.

A party from Monaco Bay Weyr have arrived in the form of bronze Sindrieth and
two others! Vanessa admires the view of the weyr from above as they glide
down to land.

Autumn on Xanadu is certainly something to see! Colors paint the tips of tree
leaves and the overall temperature hovers at that not hot, yet not chilly
mark as well. A perfect day for a stroll! Or in Ka'el's case, a stroll from
one meeting to another, though the Weyrleader looks unhurried enough that
wherever he's going must not be an urgent thing. Hands behind his back, he
moves through the clearing, heading towards one of the complexes that have
been built, but he pauses as eyes turn skyward. Watchdragon to Kanekith.
Kanekith to Ka'el. There are visitors approaching! Squinting, he shields his
eyes to peer up at the unfamiliar dragon that makes his way down.

Sindrieth announces himself to the Watchdragon, of course, then makes his way
to the clearing so that his rider can help the others off of him. He gives
Feyran a /look/, one that obviously is meant to try and get her to behave,
though he doesn't seem sure that she will, and Vanessa is given a hand down
as well. He gives Ka'el a salute if he sees him, and will leave Vanessa to
deal with the formalities - don't need a chorus after all, right? He seems
eager to slip off to the infirmary as soon as possible, just quickly telling
Vanessa that's where he'll be when they're ready to leave.

It's a green dragon bearing Vantayne and another candidate or two, the holder
starting to pick up this dragon mount and dismount thing a little better,
after having done it a half-handful of times. When he's down, a small bow is
offered to said green and her rider, the holder then joining Vanessa and
Sindrieth's other passengers.

Feyran smiles cheerfully at R'en and gives Sindrieth a thank you
because…well, Sindrieth is awesome like that. She likes him more than his
rider, though the stick in the mud isn't bad! Once she's down on the ground,
the trader girl begins stretching this way and that as if they'd been flying
for hours and not mere moments. Now…where are Drunky, Angry, and Fluffy?
There's one!

Sigel decided on riding with Vantayne this time around, as if to make up for
pairing up with Feyran earlier - not that it's something he needs to
apologize for, but still. It's good to be social. He's not exactly a
creature of grace, however, so he more slip and slides off the dragon than
steps off. He makes it to the ground in one piece, though, and that's what

Sydney makes his way down from the green dragon that had been so kind to
provide transport to the wonderful, beautiful, exotic locale that is Xanadu
Weyr. He takes a look around and takes in the air once more, "It is good to
be back." he says to Vantayne who just so happens to be nearby. He also
offers thanks to the good green and her rider before walking away and seeing
just where they have landed themselves.

It's not just Ka'el who's been informed of the new arrivals. Kairoikyriath is
Ever Vigilant! As well as Very Bored. Which means that Innes has been
receiving a running commentary about everything that could possibly be
of the most remote interest for much of the day. The goldrider has entirely
given up on the prospect of work in favor of getting out of dodge and going
just about anywhere that isn't Xanadu. In fact, she's making her way toward
the clearing with the intent of finding a certain dragon when the news of
the new arrivals is relayed to her. Guests? Well, since she's already in the
area, she might as well just pop in and say hello.

Vanessa gives R'en a cheerful smile before the bronze rider sneaks away.
Absently twisting the silver bracelet around one wrist she watches the
candidates disembark once by one. "Alright then guys! Best behavior and
we'll see if we can fine someone…" with that she spins in place to look
around the clearing to see if there is a someone around to find!

Darsce IS in a hurry. Why? That's got to be obvious. She hurries past Ka'el at
a stumble-run (damn high heels!) with a six month old child in her arms, the
sound of his wailing completely overrides the comment - or is that a
greeting - she makes as she goes by. The babe looks fine, if unhappy. His
mother on the other hand, though impeccably dressed and groomed, looks
utterly flustered. She's aimed for the cavern entrance, though, not the
infirmary, so things can't be all too bad, can they? Her progress comes
to a stop as the watchdragon bugles a greeting and she too, looks skyward.
Visitors might require her to see Cook for a platter of refreshments, after
all! The child she's carrying? Hiccups and quiets, but that's only because
he's found the headwoman's shoulder knot and is busily chewing on it.

Since Sigel is with them on the green, he might be able to barely overhear
Vantayne murmur urgently, low to Sydney, "Please… - not- in from of our
weyrwoman," as all three approach Vanessa. Oh crap… ohhhhh crap. And now
there's a Innes joining them, as well. Doomed. Doom-doom-DOOM.

Kanekith, being the amazing hunk of bronze that he is, is not missing an
opportunity to have new eyes feast upon the magnificence that is him! And
thus, another bronze makes his way in the distance, calling a greeting to
those dragons who reside below as he makes his way down. Ka'el's eyes follow
that of his dragon just briefly before his arm is lowered and the arriving
party is regarded as they dismount from their dragon carriers. He heads
towards them, catching the tail-end of the salute given by R'en just before
he's gone, nodding even though it's too late for the man to see it! Other
faces take his attention, at least one (no, two!) of which are familiar.
"Xanadu's duties," he greets, zeroing in on the Weyrwoman Junior of the
group, "To Monaco Bay and her Queens. .. Welcome!" he offers, sidestepping a
rushing Headwoman as she .. well, rushes past.

For once Feyran is just kind of quiet. She'll let Vanessa take care of the
formalities and hang back with the boys while everyone gets the greetings
out of the way. There's a glance at Innes and Darsce and a grin for them
both, but…well, the trader probably /isn't/ the best choice to start off
all the greetings. Definitely not!

Vanessa looks over her group of candidates she's in charge of and nods at what
she sees. They are presentable at least. "Aha…there's someone." she
mutters to them before saying louder towards Ka'el. "Greetings!" says the
bubbly and fluffy cheerful gold rider. "Vanessa and Gold Ceresth." who
clearly isn't here right now. "This is Feyran, Sigel, Sydneyt and Vantayne.
And that was R'en." of the departing bronze rider. And a couple of npc
riders. Nameless. "We offer our greetings to Xanadu and hope our visit isn't
too badly timed?" her words lilt upwards slightly in a questioning manner at
the end.

Sigel isn't exactly throwing himself forward to try and greet himself, but he
will salute promptly when he hears his name, figuring that's the least he
can do. He watches R'en disappear into the mist, then takes a moment to look
around in a thoughtful, absent-minded kind of way, scratching his fingers
through his impressively cantankerous shock of hair.

Sydney smiles when he hears Vantaynes whisper and just whispers right on back
to him, "Relax. I got this. You worry too much. They like me here." He too
stands there amidst the other candidates until the greetings have been
properly completed.

Innes' lips curl in a gr in as she gets a bit closer and begins to recognize
the faces that are gathered in the clearing. Oh, hello. With Ka'el doing the
formal greeting, it leaves her free to simply saunter up and sort of wave.
"Hey." Candidates, don't use her as an example. She glances at familiar and
unfamiliar faces, finally focusing in on Vantayne with an easy grin. "Nice
to see you again, candidate."

If one can read lips, Darsce's comment to Ka'el was, 'Look out!' because
smacking into the Weyrleader is bad juju and possibly injuring him - worse.
Neither of them need that. As for their visitors, she neither salutes (one,
not a rider, two, her arms are full of child) nor echoes the formal
greetings. But now that she's not being deafened by her offspring, the
panicked expression morphs to curiosity, then somewhat enlightened. Ah,
these are candidates, the poor sots. So her greeting is informal, but
also semi-helpful, "Does anyone need herbal tea for queasy stomach?" Also
teasing! Not…mocking. Not her! She positively beams (probably because
she's horrible) back at Feyran before iceblue eyes drift over the rest of
the group. She'll linger, sidling nearer to Innes and murmuring, "Will they
be requiring a cookie platter and drinks then?"

What's this? Feyran's -not- yapping, for once? Vantayne peers at the trader
for a long moment, then shakes his head just a little before turning his
gaze to the arriving Headwoman and the native bronzerider. Indeed, let perky
Vanessa introduce them all! The holder gives a respectful dip of his head
when mass-introduced to the Xanaduans, though his eyes can't help but slide
a quick, sideways glance at where Innes stands, especially after how Sydney
responds to him. When the Xanadu goldrider chooses to greet him, she
-almost- gets a bow, but he stifles it when remembering her preferences,
'Tayne instead murmuring a polite, "And you as well, weyrwoman." See?! No
'ma'am', either! Hopefully people will forgive him when the candidate's
stomach - still yearning for more food - gives a particularly obnoxious yowl
on the heels of Darsce's word about food and drink. At least 'Tayne's decent
enough to look a little embarrassed.

Ka'el lifts his browss a little, now that he has a closer look to all of the
arrived faces and, most notably, the white knots on their shoulders. A grin
soon follows. "Candidates? A visit from Monaco Bay is never ill-timed,
Weyrwoman Vanessa," he assures, his smile kind and welcoming. "Good to meet
you all," he says, nodding approvingly to those that salute, grinning mildly
to those who hastily correct themselves. "I'm Ka'el, Weyrleader of Xanadu.
Kanekith," a nod to the landing bronze who gives his head a lavish (and
rather unnecessary) toss, "my lifemate. And Junior Weyrwoman Innes," he
offers in introduction to the Xanadu goldrider, although she already seems
familiar with some of those faces! As is he! "Sydney…the same from some
months back?" he says to the man with a grin. "Congratulations."

The Junior isn't being formal? The Head Woman isn't being super formal? That's
all that Feyran needs. You spoke too soon Vantayne. "Hello!" The trader
calls out cheerfully, though she will at least offer them all a salute. As
if on cue to Darsce's question to Innes that the trader can't hear…there's
a loud rumble from her stomach, one that Feyran looks completely unashamed
about. Whoops! She /did/ eat a full breakfast though, but the trader is
apparently a monster that just keeps eating!

Sydney offers a proper salute to the weyrleader as he offers his greeting,
"Monaco's duties to Xanadu and her queens." he says first before adding on,
"One and the same, and thank you most kindly good sir. It is always a
pleasure to be back in the lovely Weyr of Xanadu with such fine and
upstanding people." He turns his attention next to Innes and offers her a
salute as well, "Monaco's duties to Xanadu and her queens." he says formally
before he grins even wider, "It's most agreeable to see you again." He casts
a glance to Vantayne as if to say, see I've got this. The headwoman also
gets a polite greeting and so the adventure has begun.

"I'm not sure they deserve it," Innes quietly confides in the nearby Darsce,
though she's careful to put a little bit of extra distance between them.
Small children are dangerous things, after all, and she wants nothing to do
with them. After a moment, she seems to think better of her first
suggestion, and amends, "Well, maybe some of them do." And she'll just leave
Darsce to guess at which ones aren't so lucky. She arches a brow at
Vantayne's greeting, which isn't quite as informal as she'd like, but it's
still better than it was. That's… something? And then Sydney speaks, and
his formal greeting is met with narrowed eyes. To Darsce, she notes, "That
one." A finger is pointed in Sydney's direction. "No cookies for him."

Darsce doesn't bother to introduce herself, looks bored with all the formality
but the stomach grumbles amuse her. Jiggling the child in her arms somewhat
absently, she considers the lot before murmuring facetiously back to Innes,
"We could make them pay? Or… earn their treats doing something…
interesting." She coughs but of course makes no suggestions as to how.
Sydney's little speech garners an eyerolled snicker and she can only murmur,
"I see your point." Really, she's a terrible example of manners despite the
care she takes in her appearance. Still she casts a peek at the Weyrleader;
she's not the one in charge of this visit. Perhaps he's taking them on a
tour or someplace important. So she simply asides, "I'll have Cook make a
platter; just notify me where and when you'd like it." And then she nods to
the group, "Enjoy your visit." She has a child to deliver to the nannies and
a soggy knot to dry. Oh yes. And cookies, thankfully not baked by her, to
arrange for!

That salute is a little foreign to him, but when the bronzerider introduces
himself as they Weyrleader, Vantayne goes with the flow, and gives the best
approximation of the gesture he can belatedly form. His light baritone
offers, "Well met, sir," to Ka'el, then a small bow to Darsce, along with
his mellow, "Ma'am," head turning after a few moments to see what Vanessa
wants to do, hazel eyes then shifting back over to Innes. Oh, wait…
Feyran's -not- keeping quiet. The trader-cum-candidate's blurted,
super-informal greeting makes him wince just a little internally,
but…well, it isn't -his- call. And then Sydney goes way overboard in his
own greeting, making 'Tayne roll his eyes faintly at the Harper-Candidate's
excess. Yeah, suuuure you got this. Blink. No cookies for Syd? Pardon 'Tayne
if he hides dark humor behind a quickly raised hand to mouth and his small
cough. More stomach gurgling again greets Darsce's talking about food, and
-this- time 'Tayne hunches up just a little, trying to quiet his rebellious
gut. Hopefully the Headwoman's honestly joking about them earning food.

Vanessa's stomach isn't growling, luckily, but perhaps the klah is enough for
her for now. Her gaze sweeps the various people here, from Ka'el to Darcse
to Innes. Brilliant, teeth baring smiles are cast for all. Especially the
baby. Babies draw out smiles from everyone, right? "Well met Weyrleader
Ka'el and Kanekith!" she can't forget him. "And Innes." another glance
towards the candidates but so far everyone seems to be behaving. "We're
going over skills for etiquette and diplomacy." she explains to the
Xanaduian weyrleader. "A field trip is always a good way to get them
interested..yes?" she smiles pleasantly.

Speaking of etiquette and diplomacy…where are the latrines? Seriously! Fey's
gotta go and so instead of asking the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman the trader
girl sort of slips away from the group to ask the nearest resident. Look,
that's polite…or something? Either way, she's off and will likely return

"Everyone deserves cookies," remarks Ka'el, the resident cookie monster. He
gives a sidelong look to Innes, a corner of his mouth quirking up before he
looks to Sydney again. "It's good to see you're doing well, Sydney. I've a
feeling Monaco Bay has great things in store for you. All of you," he
extends to the other Candidates. "Candidacy's an unforgettable time, I'd
have to admit. Whether or not it's your first go at it, take advantage of
all the opportunities that'll open up to you." Like … Weyr visits, for
example! "Has your Weyrwoman set you free to roam?" he asks with faintly
raised brows, glancing to Darsce at her commentary. His mouth pulls
slightly, a faint twitch at the edges. He answers, "The Caverns will do," he
answers with a light nod to the Headwoman as she leaves, returning his
attention to the others. "Of course," is answered to Vanessa. "Multiple
trips to get it right, in fact, if I remember my own lessons correctly."

Sydney grins widely at Ka'el's response, "I believe that it does as well.
Lovely place." When Innes denies him cookies though he tries not to chuckle
openly. He'd expected soemthing like that from her. He regards weyrwoman
Innes with a look for a moment before he turns back to Vantayne, "See. I do
have this." he says softly before looking over to weyrwoman Vanessa to see
if they are indeed unleashed, so to speak.

Earning treats? Judging by the wicked grin on Innes' face, she thinks that's a
fantastic idea. Or perhaps that sentiment applies to certain candidates
only. Either way, the headwoman's instructions regarding cookies are met
with a nod, and a promise to inform the woman of what's happening. See?
She's professional. "Well met," she answers Vanessa, seemingly having
realized that diplomacy involves acknowledging other leaders. "We'll make
sure there are some refreshments available." At Ka'el's words, she scowls
and adds, "For everyone."

Apparently Sydney certainly -does- get around, and Vantayne's small lofting of
one brow Harper-wards might silently say such, as the Weyrleader speaks to
his fellow candidate. Whether the hooligans with the white knots are
unleashed or not, 'Tayne is indeed pleased at being able to travel so much
for the first time in his relatively young life, a deep breath of Xanadu's
autumnal air taken as he casts his hazel gaze all around. Who knows; this
might be his last time here…and the sudden thought of that intruding into
his consciousness is reason for the holder to frown to himself…though
Syd's eyeing of him makes him wipe that expression from his face. That Innes
winds up caving to her Weyrleader might bring a faint hint of humor to hazel
eyes for a moment, but nothing more. Perhaps for mere propriety's sake, his
winds up inquiring of Innes, "How're you and your lifemate?"

"They may, of course, roam." Vanessa's mouth quirks slightly in amusement.
"Provided I don't hear any bad reports on their behavior! What good is
visiting a weyr if it is not explored." she offers simply.

Leave it to a 'sick-in-the-mud' like Vantayne to inquire aside of the generous
Vanessa, "Do you want us back here by a certain time, weyrwoman?" Sans
rumbly stomachs, hopefully.

Everyone gets cookies! Except Kanekith, who isn't interested in them anyway.
He is, actually, interested in the visitors, and the resident bronze lumbers
his way closer to the Candidates and their Jr. Weyrwoman escort. Closer.
Closer. Close. Helllloooo. Ka'el glances, then chuckles at the nosey bronze,
laughing a little as Innes relents on just who gets cookies. "You'd withhold
treats from Sydney? What wrong has he done to you deserve such punishment?"
he says lightly. "The Caverns will have them shortly, as well as any other
food any of you may be hungry for. If you've the time to wander, there's an
excellent view of the lake nearby. And the tavern has a host of games and
entertainment." Not trouble, see. Games!

"Be back in a couple of candle marks." Vanessa says. "I, however, think I'll
go find R'en and see how he is faring."

Since the blessing has been given to wander Sydney breaks away from the group
of candidates at least a little bit. He can't help but smile at Ka'els
words. He says nothing but certainly could offer a few guesses. He passes a
sidelong gaze Innes's way before he turns his full attention to Kanekith as
he comes closer and closer to the group, "Hello there my good bronze sir.
How does the evening find you? Hopefully all is well." He'd seen him in
passing when he visited before but never really had the chance to speak to

Innes isn't thrilled to be forced to capitulate, but unfortunately she
respects Ka'el and does tend to listen to him. Sometimes. Besides, she's not
so invested in torturing Sydney that she can't allow him to have a couple of
cookies. "He knows what he did," she tells Ka'el archly, deliberately not
looking at the candidate in question. The sober expression on her face turns
to a smirk as she tags on, "Also, it's just fun to tell him no."

"Yes, ma'am…" 'Tayne bobs his head to Vanessa, a small smile offered to the
Junior and her quest, the candidate then turning his head to find a bronze
dragon moving closer, closer towards them. While he's not really afraid,
there's plenty of respect about the holder for the potential damage such a
huge being could do, if it wanted to. Tayne offers the bronze a deep bow,
then stands mostly still, allowing Kanekith's inspection if the dragon so
wishes, even as Sydney just strides up to him and talks. To Ka'el, "Thank
you, for the information, sir…" is honestly offered to the man, even as
his ears perk towards Innes and her 'explanation' about the 'Sydney versus
the cookies' thing. To the Xanadu junior is inquired, "Can you point me to
the living cavern?" Since his gut won't shut the hell up.

Kanekith swings his head in Sydney's direction, pleased at the attention. He
lowers his head enough so that he can get a better look at the man, nostrils
flaring as a breath is exhaled. There are no words to be heard in return,
but Kanekith certainly does seem to be paying him attention. Maybe he's
listening! Maybe he just likes words directed in his direction, whether or
not they're being spoken to him. Who knows! Other than Ka'el, that is. There
are others to look over. Like this fellow who is standing so nicely still.
Vantayne is not disregarded, and the bronze giant soon shifts his attention
to him. He earns a long gaze from gently swirling eyes, eventually
punctuated with a faint snort of a breath as he raises his head up again.
Ka'el glances between Sydney and Innes with a faintly arched brow and a
chuckle for the exchange. "Well, I hope for your sake, Sydney, you get back
in her good graces. I won't always be around to spare you cookie
starvation," is said in jest.

Sydney couldn't even begin to guess what is going on in the bronze's mind, but
given that he is the weyrleaders dragon and Sydney has seen the weyrleader
in action he'd assume nothing but positive things, "At any rate I do hope
that your evening is lovely good sir…" he says as he moves back toward
Ka'el, "My good weyrleader I will certainly do my best bring myself back
into her good graces, but you know how difficult she can be." he says with a
wide grin, clearly there is no bite in his words at all. He smiles over to
Innes, "I'm hurt my good lady that you would treat me in such a callous
manner. To be deprived of cookies is a grave situation to find oneself in. I
will do my best to make due as best as I can. If you will both please excuse
me." he says as he wanders off to find some food as well.

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