Spiderclaws and canines and felines..Oh My!

Monaco Bay Weyr- Cove Beach

The darkling black of the sand merges with the crystal blue of the water, creating a brilliant and playful blend of color that fluctuates by sunlight and moonlight. The cove spreads from the mouth of the river towards the ocean, mixing saltwater with fresh for an invigorating rush that is teeming with life.

Vantayne's just returned from a bath, after he went for a runner ride on the very fringes of the Weyr…the young man now out on a walk to soothe his soul further after his duties have been finished. It's the sound of Feyran's voice that troubles his conscious mind first, making the holder squint out from beneath his broad-brimmed sun hat to locate where the loudmouth might be. Oh…ahh…gathered in a small group some 100 meters away. A shrug of shoulders soon sees the quiet candidate continuing on towards the cookout gathering, his sandals making soft 'shoof'-ing sounds as he strides lazily through beach sand.

"I'm pretty sure," is Sigel's mild response to Feyran when she checks on the whole dress situation. He keeps to plating spiderclaws and setting the plates on a table so that they can cool whether people are taking the plates or not. Feyran calling attention to Lerius's activities earns Sigel's as well and he squints over at the other young man only to look back at the pot and comment, "Leruis is good at finding lost things. He found a whole bunch in the clearing the other day." Hm de dum. With most of the spiderclaws (the cooked ones, anyway) now plated and laid out for who wants them, Sigel stands with his own plate in time to see Vantayne's arrival. He lifts his hand in his customary fashion and says, simply, "Hello. I'm Sigel." Yes. Good. Social.

Leruis blinkblinks innocently, see, look at him, all innocent. He's certainly not doing /anything/ abnormal. "Me? I'm getting restless, I mean, c'mon. I'm hungry. Free food is where it's at and it's at here." He offers a wide grin, look at that winning smile. Winning! "See! Sigel has me straight, I'm good at finding stuff. Was looking tos ee if anyone lost anything. Y'know, people lose stuff all the time. And I'm a good guy. I return stuff. Return it!"

Tifla is late. She always seems to be late for these things. Since it's a beach party on a warm day, she shows up in her new swimsuit, a black two-piece. Upon bounding onto the sands and realizing that nobody else seems to be in swimwear, she turns a little red and immediately feels underdressed. "H… hi, everyone." She greets quietly, edging towards Feyran and Milo.

Milo is… well, angry doesn't quite cover it. At first he's surprised, as spiderclaws climb out of the bag Feyran threw at him. Then he's angry as they start swarming over everything. Including the food probably. But mostly over Milo who gets pinched more than a few times as he flings the spiderclaws off himself. "OW. FEYRAN! WHY! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?" Unfortunately everyone else is ignored. Feyran should probably start running, because Milo doesn't look happy and he's charging after her.

Oh look, it's Angry! Feyran grins and raises a hand to greet him as well before snagging one of the cooked spider claws that Sigel has plated out for people. "I don't recall Larry talking about /finding/ things and returning them…but I do remember him saying stuff about obtaining things and selling them…" Fey might look at Leruis with a slight hint of suspicious, but there's a little shrug because she's distracted by someone else's arrival. "Tiffy!" So Fey /might/ have gotten the name wrong, but…maybe they can all pretend it's just a really cute nickname? Either way, there's a smile for the other girl. "Welcome to the partYYYY!" This is why she needs leggings! There's a laugh on the winds as Feyran starts running across the sands in her boots. See? Totally came in handy! Run little trader guard, run! "IT WAS FUNNY, THAT'S WHY!"

Sigel blinks as Milo is suddenly swarming with small spiderclaws. Well. Uh. He picks up two plates of the cooked ones and proceeds to offer one to Tifla, "Hello. Milo made spiderclaws." The other plate is offered to Leruis, since he's hungry, and he'd probably hand one to Vantayne if he had three hands. With Milo after Feyran and spiderclaws on the wind, however, he feels a more pressing need to trot after the pair of them, "Wait, come back! I know how we can get them off!" So it's, well, it's a spectacle, is what it is. Should he catch Milo, he'll helpfully pick him up and plunk him in the water, figuring the spiderclaws will be happy to return to their natural habitat. So. That will be… goood.

What; there's upset where Feyran dwells? Say it's not so. Vantayne, overhearing the small caterwauling as he slowly nears the little beach gathering, gives a long, low siiiigh and a small shake of his hat-covered head. A greeting hand is lifted to Fey's own, and soon enough, longer legs slow, finally bringing 'Tayne up to the fringe of the group…the holder not saying much at the moment, since he's dipping down and moving about to gather up any of those spierclaws that might be trying to make an escape. Though he's never actually said more than a word or two to the rest of those gathered, Tifla, Milo, and Sigel all get bobs of his head in greetings, while the unknow Leruis is looked over, on occasion.

The shouting clues Tifla into the presence of the horrible spiderclaw swarm. Her eyes got wide with alarm as she spots the terrible skittering critters. "Oh… oh no…" Her cautious optimism about the party is replaced by outright terror. She flees, arms flailing wildly. "Eeeeeee!" She is too startled to properly return greetings.

Milo would feel better if he could ring Feyran's neck. He's less concerned about the spiderclaws still stuck to him (at least it's mostly his clothes) and more concerned with why Feyran would throw him a bag of live spiderclaws. Or where she even got them. Milo can be the new Angry! At any rate, when Sigel does catch up to him (Milo is in sandals, which are not conducive to running), he'll find the muscular candidate isn't going willingly into the water with his clothes on. So there's definitely some fighting there, and Milo lurches and twists to get out of his grasp. "Let go of me!" Yep. A spectacle.

Leruis glances over towards the chaos, "Hey, I didn't know there was gonna be a show with dinner tonight. Now /this/ is some entertainment. If only we had food to go with it, any chance the spiderclaws are ready?" He laughs cheerfully, shaking his head at the pandemonium that the spiderclaws cause. "I find stuff too, lost things, important things. I return them, of course, I wouldn't do anything else." Of course this explanation will probably fall upon death ears, as there's more important things about. Like running, and screaming, and all sorts of interesting things to watch. And those fingers will stretch out again, certainly this is enough of a distraction?

Feyran runs on ahead and pauses when she hears Milo and Sigel struggling. There's another laugh for this, and soon she's doubled over trying to catch her breathe. It takes a few moments but /eventually/ she does manage to find her voice again. "The water will get them off…Sigel's just trying to help!" Poor poor guy. Oh well! The trader girl's muscles tense /just/ the slightest, making sure she's ready to take off if Milo decides to run after her again. "Relax a little! It was just a harmless little prank…you'll live!" These are /probably/ not words that are going to help calm him down…or Tifla. Whoops!

As long as nobody's going to get a busted head, Vantayne won't bother stepping into the tussle between either Tifla Vs. Spiderclaws, nor Milo Vs. Sigel. In fact, the holder offers the sight of all of them a soft little smirk as he lurches down, grabs up a spiderclaw at one rear-most leg…avoiding the pinchier bits, that way. On his way past Feyran to capture another vagabond spiderclaw, 'Angry' notes dryly to her, "Causing mayhem and destruction again?"

Sigel wasn't really trying to FIGHT with Milo, but he's realizing rapidly that the older man doesn't want to be picked up. With an odd bit of immediate response, he disengages as soon as he realizes this, possibly leaving Milo in the middle of a bit of wrestling without a partner, "Oh. Sorry. You should go in the water, though." Yes. There we go. Sigel does turn his attention to Feyran after that, however, frowning at her and putting his hands on his hips, "/Fey./ Milo made dinner." It's as close to a chastizing tone as he generally takes with her, signifying Not Okayness. Fortunately, while all this is going on, Sigel doesn't actually have anything on the beach for Leruis to "luckily find" and "return to original owner" later.

Tifla seems to have somehting of a phobia. Who'd have guessed it? She doesn't actually seem to have gotten close enough to get any of the spiderclaws on her, but she got close enough to feel like that was a risk. Hence the continued flailing, running, and high-pitched screeching.

Leruis can run off with the cooler or some sausages or something. At this point Milo might not even notice. Of course if he does notice… he might decide to box Leruis's ears in later if he finds out who took his stuff. "Harmless!? Milo yells to Feyran. "I got pinched like 20 times! I'm going to have -welts-!" There's some grumbling at Sigel, and Milo makes his way over to the water. He strips out of his clothes other than his undershorts and then heads into the water to remove any spiderclaws that might still be hanging on his skin (with much owing from the places that were pinched). Then he removes the rest of them by dunking them into the water if needed. Milo blinks at the girl running around flailing. And it takes him a moment to realize who it is. "Tifla!" He makes an attempt to intercept her. Hopefully without clotheslining her in the process.

"Mayhem and destruction is what makes life fun…I saw that smirk." Feyran grins wickedly at Vantayne, though the expression fades some as Sigel turns to her. In fact, the trader girl actually looks a little put out at getting 'scolded'. "It was just supposed to be something fun…more food in the end if we catch some!" She'll wander up to him and nudge his side a bit, "C'moooon. It was interesting, right? Right?" It's about then that all the screaming reaches her ears and the trader looks to Tifla with a raised eyebrow. "So if she's afraid of spiderclaws…how come she came to eat a bunch of them?" Feyran: the girl who has never been delicate about sensitive topics! Stuff to steal? Fey doesn't have anything except what's in her jacket!

He doesn't make light of Tifla's potential phobia, but Vantayne doesn't indulge it, either, the holder/hunter simply watching her progression from fear to shrieking, his hazel eyes rolling just a little. Over in her direction he moves, sandaled feet lightly kicking any errant spiderclaws away from her and towards the fire, the young man then doubling back to toss the pair of sea bugs he's holding into the boiling pot, alongside of Milo. More food, coming up soon, apparently.

Sigel does take the time to consider it, but ultimately his expression looks a little crestfallen more than angry as he confides, "No, I think it might have turned out to be a little mean." This seems mostly directed towards Tifla, considering the current predicament. He pats Feyran's shoulder lightly, however, and is quick to assure, "I know that's not what you were going for, though… you might want to say sorry to Milo. Later." Right now, an apology will probably land Feyran in Hurt Village down the road from Punchtown and on the edge of - well, you get the idea. For the time being, he's happy to let Milo try to calm Tifla down, considering he doesn't know her a whit and doesn't quite know how to handle someone flailing and screaming like that. He will bustle about to collect the small spiderclaws, however, and either usher them to the sea or to the pot.

With a dissapointing turnout in things to steal, Leruis pushes himself to his feet and stuffs his hands into his pockets. Dissapointing haul indeed. The teen sneaks back out of the crowd as quickly as he came, not even bothering to stop to grab food. After all, if it is free there's no use stealing it!

Tifla is startled when she sees someone attempting to intercept her, but calms down a bit when she recognizes it as Milo. "Wh… wha…" It takes her a little before she can compose herself enough to say anything intelligible. "… Why were there all those spiderclaws?"

Milo wraps an arm around Tifla, and leads her back to… hopefully where the spiderclaws have all dispersed from. So he can eat some of the food he's prepared. Though he is still in his underwear, since he doesn't want to get his clothes wet. "Feyran." He says to Tifla, drolly. Once he's back he helps himself to the spiderclaws, cracking them open with his bear hands. Which helps to reduce his stress, actually. And it gives him something to eat. Though he still stares daggers over at Fey. Maybe he'll be less crazy after his blood sugar returns to normal. He does have several welts from pinches. "You look nice." He says to Tifla. "Are you afraid of spriderclaws?"

Feyran might actually look crestfallen for a split second. Unamusing! That's the worst news she's heard all day. There's a small frown up at Sigel but she'll eventually sigh a little bit and nod. "Fiiiine, I'll go and apologize later." Apparently she does listen to certain people…sometimes. For now, the trader girl stoops over to gather up a few spider claws and move over to toss them into the pot. "At least they weren't anything poisonous!" That's her oh so helpful comment when she cracks a grin again and moves over to grab some food for herself as well. "Do those taste good?" This said about the stuff Vantayne's thrown into the pot.

He's caught his fair share of scuttling spiderclaws, Vantayne moving to sit about the fire, equidistant from any others. His chin is soon settled atop bent knees, arms looped loosely about shins as he simply enjoys the day, casually watches the others interact, listens. For Feyran's inquiry, there's a small shrug, and a low, "Spiderclaws taste like spiderclaws. Not bad." Pause. "You've never had them, before?"

Sigel seems happy that Feyran agrees that an apology's in order, seeing as his chastizing tends to lean more towards feeling bad indirectly or some such nonsense. He is happy to make his way over to the table and pick his plate back up, sitting down on the oh-so-comfy looking rock and folding his legs up so he can crack one open and start pulling the meat out. It's likely to get messy quickly, but they're near the ocean, so it'll probably be fine. He looks content enough to watch the others chat a bit as he does his best to pull the meat whole from inside the shell. He starts making a little neat pile of shells in the hollow of the rock, for posterity.

"A… afraid?" Tifla tries to look brave, but the way she wrings her hands and keeps glancing over by the spiderclaw infested area makes it very clear that the answer is yes. "N… no. I'm just… I'm just not hungry anymore. Y… yeah. That's it… I'm gonna… gonna go someplace with less…" Spiderclaws? "… Food." She starts fleeing again.

Milo blinks as Tifla gets up to run away. He stands up and sighs. "Well, enjoy the food everyone. I guess I'll come back for the pot and things later." Milo grabs a couple of the sausages (hopefully Tifla isn't afraid of those) and runs off after the girl.

"Oh? You threw in spider claws? I thought….nevermind." Feyran shakes her head for a second. Whoops! Her mistake…and here she thought Vantayne was eating sea slugs or something! "Spiderclaws are good." Which is why she's eating more. There's a bit of a glance towards the departing Milo and Tifla but the trader girl is now concentrating on feasting! There's even juice in the cooler left behind!

Sydney had slept in today after his late night in Ista. Which meant that he had to rush to get all of his assigned chores done, which include taking care of his new bovine, who he has affectionately named 'Lunch'. But now that allt he chores are complete he decides to take a walk along the beach to relax before he heads off to sleep to get caught up on the sleep he lost the previous evening. He spots a few of his fellow candidates and gives them a waves.

Sigel waves after Milo, giving him a bit of a sympathetic smile since he has to run off and leave his own cook-out. He will wave his hands energetically at Feyran when and if she goes for juice, communicating a desire for, uh, juice, probably. He turns his waving into a greeting for Sydney this time, too, then lowers both hands to break the long chain of waving he's been caught in. Wave-chain. He deliberately lifts another piece of spiderclaw, eyes shifting to the side, and nibbles out the meat. Suspicious over-waving. Hm.

How they scatter like grains of wheat. Vantayne watches Milo trail after shrieky Tifla, his quiet eyes then turning to watch Sigel pick the meat out of his spiderclaw's body. More honestly, his gaze focuses on the actual picking out of meat, the repetitive motions of such a sort of mindless draw to the holder. After some long moments, his eyes close, only ears left aware of what might pass about him. To Feyran is murmured, "Just 'claws," while one eye opens to notice the arriving Sydney. His footfalls and breathing were heard, yes…though, for now, the sitting holder simply watches the Harper quietly.

"Hey there! Come to join the party…our host left after an unfortunate incident." One that she had absolutely nothing to do with! Not. She grabs some juice for herself and catches all of Sigel's waving from the corner of her eye. Of course the trader girl will bring him some juice as well! One glass is handed over to him before she takes a seat and glances over to Vantayne, "I bet there are some pretty weird things you can eat on the beach…you think they're gonna make us feed our pet ovines and bovines to the dragons when they hatch?" Where did that line of thinking come from!?!

Of course Feyran didn't have anything to do with anyone's sudden departure. Perish the thought. Sydney is still very wary of Feyran after 'the incident' and chooses to ignore her as politely as he can while focusing his attention on the other two guys, "How are you both doing tonight?" he asks before focusing his attention completely on Vantayne, "You would have been so much better off last night if you would have followed my lead. Instead you got stuck dancing with the weyrwoman. You did a good job though. You would be perfect for Idrissa though, seriously. She's a real nice gal very down to earth." Syd is not letting that one go.

That single open eye roves over to Feyran when she speaks towards him, 'Tayne mulling over an answer before quietly noting, "Sounds like you've already decided you're going to Impress." And then Syd's mouth starts pitter-pattering, Vantayne rolling his chin, head along his knees to bring the Harper into clearer view…though it might not make any difference, since his eyes are again closed. "Fair enough…" Nose-wrinkle. "It wouldn't have got you anything more than tossed out on your ear, and me alongside you." Sigh. "The weyrwoman was…interesting to talk with. I didn't feel 'stuck' with her." In the end. As for the greenrider, "Let Idrissa chose her dance partners."

Sigel finishes off a bit of his meat and first thanks Feyran for the juice before he admits, "I've been wondering about that. If we DO Impress," he glances over at Vantayne, "then will they make us feed our animals to the dragons?" That looks to bother him, unsurprisingly. He's very fond of his little oinker. He licks his fingers absentmindedly and takes a moment to introduce himself properly to Sydney (and Vantayne, just in case), "I'm Sigel." This whole business about dancing makes him tilt his head and he drinks some juice to clear his throat, asking curiously, "Idrissa? Are you good at dancing?" This last seems to be directed to Vantayne as well.

"What?" Feyran knits her brows together and kind of looks at Vantayne like he's crazy. "I said /the/ dragons, not /our/ dragons. I haven't decided anything like that. Back with the caravan is probably where I'll end up, and I wouldn't hate that. I /do/ know that the dragons will hatch and everyone says that they'll be hungry so I'm wondering if they're going to use our ovines and bovines to feed them…" Even the trader girl doesn't look to pleased about this. Not her Spot, she likes him! Dancing? Vantayne? Oh this /does/ sound interesting so there are now curious glances directed at Sydney and Vantayne in turn.

Sydney is good with his bovine becoming actual lunch and not just being named 'Lunch', "Personally I hope that the dragons don't get my bovine. I've put in alot of work and I'd rather have him for myself." he says with a grin. If there is any emotional attachment it seems to be fleeting, "Yeah. After you left the other weyrwoman and I had a very nice chat about just that topic. She says that it doesn't matter if you've been a screwup before the dragons don't care. So those of us here who think we have no chance best be getting cozy with the idea that it might really happen. Honestly I'm not sure what I think about that. I only did this for the heck of it." Sydney says with a shrug, "I'm sure she would have chosen you if you'd been more willing, but you'll get another shot."

"My mistake…" 'Tayne murmurs back to Feyran, his chin turning head to direct his attention towards her again. Still, his eyes do not open. "Maybe you can bring your plight to the Beastcrafters' attention?" Shrug. And then Sydney collects the holder's attention again, hazel eyes slowly opening once more to look directly at the Harper as he speaks of their Istan evening. "Nice?" the seated man inquires with some odd emphasis, his look a bit dubious on that 'fact,' 'Tayne's expression then shifting to something more withdrawn, perhaps slightly irked when Syd speaks of him being a screwup. And finally, finally that head of his lifts from knees, so he can more properly turn and -stare- at the Harper, and finally ask him straight-up, "You decided to Stand on a mere -whim-?" -That- seems to displease Tayne, though he frowns soon enough at continued word of Idrissa. "Stop trying to fix either of us up with another. I've no interest in handfasting… weyrmating anybody."

Sigel looks curiously over at Vantayne when he seems upset by the whimsical ways of their fellow candidate, "Why did you decide to Stand, Vantayne? …I was happy to be asked. A dragon liked me and said it was a good idea." He nods philosophically, then eats some more spiderclaw. Nom. Sucking idly on one of his fingers, he looks between Feyran and Sydney, taking in the different standings regarding their farm animals, "I don't want to eat Colin." That just seems rude at this point, like poking a fork into your buddy. All this talk of ovines and bovines apparently reminds him of something, however, as he starts slightly and then carefully climbs to his feet and takes his spiderclaw shells over to the water, tossing them in so they can be nibbled at by various and sundry. He also takes the time to rinse and scrub his hands a bit, commenting aloud to the others, "I need to go feed and wash him. It's bath day. I nearly forgot." The solid young man will make quick work of the sand, waving to everyone amiably, "I'll see you guys later. Bye, Fey!" Yes, Feyran gets a special goodbye, because they are besties to the end and such.

Sydney takes a seat with the other candidates, "Yeah. Nice. She is capable of being nice sometimes." he adds, "Innes and I have something of an odd relationship and it isn't as bad as it looks. She's a very intelligent woman and makes for a good sparring partner. We don't take our barbs personally." he explains to Vantayne. At least he is pretty sure that Innes doesn't take anything personally, and neither does he really. Syd had been referring to himself as the screwup, but eh communication isn't a perfect art, "I wouldn't call it a whim. There are perks and some downsides too…" he says as he eyes Feyran, "It means that the hall can't call me up no matter what. I have a few blessedly free months of work. So its a tradeoff really. I had thought my chances of impression would be low but Innes says not to be so sure so honestly a bit freaked out…" In sort of a non-plussed, carefree sort of way. He returns Sigel's polite introduction with one of his own, "Nice to get to talk to you." he calls as the man heads off for the night.

"I just decided to stand cause it sounded like fun…hang around the Weyr, do some work, get fed, hang out with dragons and stuff." Apparently also kind of decided to deal with this whole white knot thing on a whim. Then again, she's never been one to think too far into the future. Wait, Sigel's leaving? Feyran actually looks pretty put out when Sigel says he has to go and give Colin a bath. Awww! "Bye Sigel, see back at the barracks!" SIGH. Now her bestie is heading off so she has to sit between Sydney and Vantayne and their talk of /girls/. Actually, this could be pretty interesting…ammunition for future teasing. But right now? She'll just wave until Sigel disappears! As for people impressing or not impressing? "People say you get searched for a reason…who knows, maybe it'll all work out!"

It might have taken a while for the canines of the weyr to notice that there was a party on the beach, but there's a couple brown mutts - and one large one that has something in it's mouth heading towards the party. At first, it might look like an orange and black child's plaything with how it hangs from the maw of the dog but as the animal gets closer it's noticably squirms. A couple barks from the canine's compatriots are given as they trot closer, begging the larger canine to share the 'toy'. However, for one who looks closer they'll notice it's an injured jungle kitten with only half a tail, and looking sickly and frail as it squirms from between the canine's teeth. Easy to get a look as the canine comes over to where the food is and drops the animal on the ground to beg for scraps from the meal.

In quiet answer to Sigel, "Because I…wanted to honor R'en and his lifemate." No mention of anger, doubt, or anything else enters his voice, though hazel eyes flick down from the brawny candidate. "Whatever you say…" is murmured to Sydney's words of Innes, the man shrugging at the Harper. Didnt look that way to him. As Feyran answers it was for fun and curiosity, 'Tayne can't help but just stare at her, too, like he did at Syd, before. He's clearly consternated for some long seconds at how lightly those two appear to have treated being asked to Stand…but what can he do? Perhaps he's a black sheep, even here at the Weyr. Shaking his head once, Sigel receives a lift of hand in farewell from the holder, as well, while he gets to his feet, and reached out for the tongs beside the pot to fish himself out a fresh spiderclaw to pick through, gnosh on. Blinkie. Dogs approaching? They're too valuable to be feral, so when Vantayne notices them, he simply stands quietly, firmly, awaiting who should be with them. "What the shell..?" is murmured intently when he spies that odd color scheme within one canine's mouth, eyes narrowing when it moves. Oh. Oh man… a wild cat. Frownie, stare. To keep the canids from potentially killing the 'runt,' Vantayne tosses a spiderclaw apiece to them, watching their reactions for a moment, then slowly moving in a non-aggressive manner to approach both them and the kitten, dumped onto sands.

Sydney watches the canines make their way down the beach with some level of curiosity. As they come closer and closer he tries to identify the object that they carry with them, until it is dumped on the beach making it abundantly obvious what it is, and he quickly gets to his feet in response. He looks here and there trying to spy out where the creatures mother could be. After the last incident he's had all can handle of felines. He looks from Feyran to Vantayne and back to the cub, "See ya." and with that he is off like a shot back toward the barracks. If there is going to be another angry mother he will have no part of it.

Feyran's head immediately jerks upwards at the sound of canines and there's an immediate smile on her face when she sees the pack approaching. In fact, the candidate is already on her knees and offering them some scraps before she sees the black and orange 'toy'. "What did you bring us, hm? Such good canines…yes you are yes you ar—" That's when she finally gets a good look at creature that's been dropped onto the sand. "Shards…" Yeah, all that sympathy that Milo didn't get for his spider claw injuries earlier? The tiny wild feline gets all of it and more. Feyran shuffles forward on her knees, neck craning to get a look at it. Once she's close enough, the trader even leans down and puts an ear near it to see if there's any breath or heartbeat. There's a wave for the departing Sydney but…Fey is /definitely/ more interested in the tiny kitty.

When the kitten's released, it tries to get up to its feet only to end up back on the sands again. It's obvious from a look over that the kitten is relatively unharmed: just dehydrated and weak, and well, the dogs probably had something to do with the stubby ended tail that's there. It's alive though, and just gives a drawn out sigh when Feyran shuffles over to it. It's a young one, somewhere between milk age and weaning and while not overly runtlike - it was probably the smallest of the litter. The canines snatch at the spiderclaws and run off to go eat them, leaving their toy behind for now in favor of the much more delicious snacks.

Though -he's- not retreating, Vantayne can basically understand why Sydney is doing so. He was -there-, too. With Feyran's perhaps foolish actions with pups and kitten comes his at least somewhat interested, "Is it alive?" the holder then scanning around with cautious eyes, just in case any nearby momma wild cat decides to take this tender little scene as a threat to her progeny. One of his hands absently scrubs at the shoulders of the nearest canine before they bound off with their snacks, while the other is lightly settled atop the hilt of his biggest knife…ready for a quick-draw. As he temporarily eyes the small wild cat, he can't help but notice, "Stub-tail… bleeding. Either got injured o nits own, 'r the dogs did it."

"It's alive!" Feyran declares enthusiastically when the little feline tries to get up, and there's certainly a lot of relief in her features. "The poor thing…" She'll hold out the back of her hand to the little creature, letting it sniff it. And if the tiny kitten doesn't kiss or scratch she'll go ahead and try to pet it. "I think it should probably see a healer to get stitched up…there's no way it can go back to the jungle like this." The trader glances up to Vantayne, perhaps looking to see if he'll agree. either way, she doesn't seem like she's just going to leave it alone.

There doesn't appear to be any mother following after the kitten, either the dogs managed to get it away from her or she abandoned it. Could it be one of the kittens from before? Hard to say. The kitten looks like it might have a couple bite marks from the dogs tossing it around, but nothing overly fatal looking. The kitten stirs but doesn't get up, as it doesn't have the energy to do so. One of the canines finishes their snack and comes back over to Vantayne wagging its tail to beg for more spiderclaw treats.

He figured she'd be the warm heart, given Feyran's previous behavior. Still… "That could be dangerous, Feyran." Though he's not cold-hearted, Vantayne is a bit of a pragmatist, after a fashion. "It's mother could still be somewhere around here… Or it might be carrying some disease." As gently as he can say it, "It might be best to just leave it back where the dogs got it from…" He wasn't super hungry, anyway, and so when one of the canines returns, 'asking' for more food, 'Tayne moves to the pot, fishes out one of the many spiderclaws cooking within, then tosses it to the animal. "Hot…" he notes unnecessarily.

"It's injured and it can barely walk…if it's mother were around there's no way the dogs would have gotten a hold of it." Feyran doesn't even seem angry right now, just very worried about the little thing. "What if it doesn't have any sort of disease? We can't just…let it die. The canines will eat it." She brushes a hand against the kitten, fingers reaching to give it a little scratch behind the ear. "C'mon Vantayne….aren't there any healer candidates? We can at least take it back to the barracks and give it some food and water…" PLEASEEEEEEEEE?

He doesn't particularly enjoy the idea of abandoning a stray animal to its fate, but Tayne still has to state the consequences aloud, to be fair to himself, Fayren, and others. "You know that it'll grow up…become unmanageable? A danger to everybody, everything." Pause. "If it lives." He's looking her directly in the eye. "Healers are for humans, Feyran. It needs a Beasthealer…and there's none of those as candidates."

"We can just…help it until it's better and then release it back into the jungle? It might not hurt us…if it gets to know humans then…" Feyran is still petting the little kitten now, but she's looking a bit more crestfallen by the second. "But a healer could at least bandage the tail up, right? We can take it to a Beasthealer and…" Wait. "Do you think they'd do something to it? Not treat it because it's a wild feline?" Now there's another whole issue to worry over.

He also looks more uncertain, though he tries to hide it, 'Tayne growing a bit more edgy as he continues to scan the surrounding area for any signs of a wild cat showing up. To his fellow candidate is murmured, "It's a wild animal, Feyran. Even if it could ever get used to humans, it'd still do what comes naturally to a wild feline." Sigh. Again, hazel eyes look to the girl. "If it got scared, or upset, or hungry…it'd lash out…pounce." At some point, his gaze falls away to the pot with its heating load of sea bugs within, and reflexively jerks away, back out to the beach. Finally, "If you don't want to leave it behind…it's best to take it to the Beastcrafters. They'll be the best ones to decide how to help it." He can't bring himself to say 'Or end it.'

"It's just a baby…if you showed it how I'm sure it wouldn't hurt anyone. Even if it did after we released it, it deserves to have that life." Feyran sucks in her breathe, fingers still running over the tiny kitten's ears comfortingly. "You didn't say. You didn't say whether you thought they might do something to it." Even the trader girl won't say anything about the beastcrafters possibly killing the kitten, she can't bear it. There's another pitiful mew from the little ball of fur as it tries to get up again but just ends up falling into the sands.

At some point, Vantayne finally lets his guard drop some, moving over to squat on his haunches beside Feyran, and look at the young wild feline under her tender care as he searches for some decent answer. Finally, "I…don't honestly know…" Sigh. "I… I -think- they'd likely try to help it, since there's rarely ever a chance to see one this young this -close-." Out to the environment go his eyes, unable to look at her, right now. "You need to be fair not only to the cat, but to the other candidates. Some of them might be frightened of it, or actively dislike it. If we tried to keep it, it'd likely be discovered at some point." And what if Fey Impresses…what then? "The Beastcrafters are its best bet."

"There are a few empty alcoves at the back of the caverns…we don't have to tell a lot of the others. Just…just until we're sure the beast crafters won't…" Feyran trails off and shakes her head before glancing from Vantayne to the kitten once more. There's another futile mewl as a breeze begins to blow and a shiver runs through it's body. It may not be cold outside, but with those injuries the feline certainly isn't at it's best. "I'm being fair. Being fair is making sure it gets a fair chance to live, right?"

Perhaps Vantayne is merciless, ultimately, for - after some time for thought - he looks back up to Fayren, muses, "That won't help it, in the long run, Fey." How he dislikes being the heavy. "Animals make noises, like babies…whenever they do. They get hungry often, and wander around whenever." Sigh. "Is it fair to the kit to keep it in hiding, cooped up…just so you can have it around?" No, he's not glad to be doing this…but someone has to." Damn it. "Let's take it back to them. they have medicine, water, the right food." Think. "Maybe it's still drinking milk, too. We can't provide that."

"It'll be just for a bit! Just for a little bit until we know whether they'll kill it or not. I'll take care of it, make sure it doesn't get into any trouble….just until we can find a way to subtly ask the beast crafters." Feyran shakes her head at the idea of taking the kitten to them and instead continues to scratch its ears. "It isn't as if I want it as a pet! I just want to make sure it has the best chance…we can tell one of the beast craft apprentices we need milk, I'm sure one of them wouldn't mind giving us some! Or we can get it from the caverns."

"How can you -know- what they'll do if you don't ask them?" Vantayne notes around a hint of urgency, or faint irritation that doesn't yet reach his voice. With unfelt sternness, "You're being selfish, Fayren." Those words don't come easy.

"I WILL ask them, I'm not saying I won't. But if I hand it over immediately and they /do/ immediately want to kill it, what then?" Feyran hisses up at him through her teeth. "I won't give it to them until I'm sure they won't kill it. This isn't being selfish, this is me trying to make sure that no one kills something so innocent just because of /what/ it is. It hasn't done anything, and it most certainly doesn't deserve to die."

He can't bring himself to say any more about the pathetic kitten, and when Fayren hisses at him, Vantayne simply turns aside, slowly rises to his sandal-clad feet. "It's up to you…" is noted quietly, the young man moving to retrieve what's left of the spiderclaws from the pot, so he can toss another couple to the returning canines, and have the last one himself…his smallest knife drawn, moving to pick the body apart.

"I'll take it back to the barracks…for now. I don't want to keep it as a pet, there are actual felines for that. I /am/ going to scope out the beastcrafters and see if I can subtly ask about what they might do to it before handing it over." Feyran looks down at the little feline again before picking it up and holding it to herself. "You can squeal on me to someone if you want, but I'm not going to change my mind. Do you want to help or not?"

"Be careful…" Vantayne murmurs, his baritone a little tight. "Others might not be…as understanding." As he is. "I won't tell anyone…unless they come right out and ask me, point blank." He's being honest with her. "I…I don't know if I should…if I can." He made a promise to R'en.

"We might get in trouble, they might be…I don't know, perhaps they'll be allergic to a feline but would anyone really hate this little thing?" Feyran bites her lip and sighs. "I won't try and force you into helping, but I don't think they'd kick us out of candidacy for trying to help an animal…if you do want to help though, I'm sure it would be appreciated."

Clearly, 'Tayne isn't crazy over the idea of getting in more trouble than he's already in, and so - when he finally answers Fayren again - it's a little strained, unhappy. "-If- I can help you, I will." He might not be willing or able to, is the unspoken admittance. "Don't depend on me." -That- admission is difficult, showing in a small drop of his head. Picking bits of spiderclaw flesh from opened up legs, the holder mutters, "Let's get going. It needs food and water."

Can we say happy? Yes we can. Feyran actually looks beyond delighted, even if it's a small admittance that may not come to pass…he didn't outright say no. "Thanks…" And for a moment she trails off, but now…now it seems like his name is worth remembering because after a very long few moments of searching she says it correctly without being reminded, "Vantayne…really, thank you!" She huddles the kitten into her over sized jacket, shielding it from the weather and following along after the holder. Food and water time!

There's only a small bob of head from 'Tayne as he takes a moment to douse what's left of the fire beneath the pot, since someone said they'd come back for the thing, later. As the two candidates move back towards the barracks, only the breeze might hear the holder murmur, "Don't thank me yet."

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