Egg Touching!

Monaco Bay Weyr-Hatching Sands

The sand of the cavern stretches out to all sides, searing hot at all times of the day from the geothermal heat that this extinct volcano provides. With only the very top of the cavern open to the elements, allowing vision of the sky and the occasional shower through, but little more. Thick with dark sand, imported and sifted for its extreme fineness and silken feel, this cavern is home to the Queens during their brooding and their multitude of eggs. Off to one side is a risen platform for the Queen's rider and her mate's rider, allowing them a rest from the heat their dragons endure.

Sydney makes his way into the cavern following after Vantayne and R'en. Not having been on the sands before he is surprised by the heat of it and he looks around to find the clutch sires and dams to bow politely to them, "Good evening my good dragonfolk." he says before he moves off toward the Fields of Blue egg and rests his hand on it.

R'en escorts the candidates onto the sands, where there are two golds watching protectively over their clutch. Sindrieth is here as well, giving the candidates a look over as though determining their worth. There's two distinct piles of eggs, one colourful and one.. well, not. "Like I said, watch your feet. Ceresth is protective of her eggs." Protective, but not looming. Not yet.

« Doombringer does not welcome intruders, that much is apparent from the barrier that appears to be in place at the first touch. It's not curiosity that draws the presence to allow entry, instead, it is morbid humor that weakens the veil and allows you to go within. The sands all seem like a bright memory in this dark place, the heat and light being sucked away and replaced with cold darkness. There are no questions, only examination of your inner worth and strength. Stripping apart the layers, this is no gentle hand that caresses your mind. To pull away may cause pain, even if that isn't the intention. »

There's ample hints of caution, eagerness, and curiosity on Tayne's face - in his whole body - the holder stepping onto the torrid Sands so lightly as to make his footfalls near-silent. It's a good thing he's wearing his working boots, even if they're rather conspicuous when paired with cargo shorts and a tank top, for the heat of the Grounds is already making him start to sweat. Both golds and their mates are given sweeping bows, and then his hazel gaze drifts over all the ovoids…careful paces that are wary of hidden eggs drawing him near one egg that looks to be in Exquisite Agony.

Sydney pulls back in a bit of surprise, but he keeps his hand resting gently on the Fields of Blue egg, attentive to what the being inside is attemtping to communicate to him. He smiles a bit at the welcome images that flicker in his mind, "You telepathic beauty you…"

Almost immediately upon touching that ovoid of Agony egg, Vantayne's brow is creasing, his mouth touched with a hint of a twitched frown. Hazel eyes lift from egg to dragons, then flick back again as he summons the nerve to very gently cup his whole palm to the surface, and stroke over it. Blink…squint. Nothing is said as their examination of each other intensifies.

R'en wanders over towards where Sindrieth is watching the Candidates that are hovering towards where the coloured eggs are, and watching them like they best watch their step. But, overall, the new father is doing well with letting them near the eggs.

« Doombringer is the master of the domain in this dark chasm, the only winking illumination from lights under its own command. As layers are stripped away from your mind, it's exposing the weak spots to see beneath the facade presented, to see if you are the person you think you are. It's not dark, in the manner that darkness means evil, it's dark as in the manner that it doesn't care if you are wanting to expose your weaknesses or not. It will find them, and it will exploit them - and in the end, when all of them are exposed it will make a decision on your worth. Your word will not do, for words can be lies. It will know your true form, whether you like it or not. The only way to escape judgement is to flee, and the veil remains thin. »

Sydney goes from a smile to a rather deep frown, he doesn't let go of the Fields of Blue egg just yet, but his hand wavers a bit on the smooth surface of the egg, "You have some bite to you little creature." he responds to the telepathic prodding.

Tayne almost withdraws his hand from Agony's shell, but something makes him wince slightly, then decide to keep his palm upon it…soon joined by another hand. There's a squaring to his jaw - not angry, more determined - and finally the holder slowly squats before the ovoid, leveling his serious stare upon it. Is it a battle of wills, or of differing dooms?

« Doombringer is the judge, jury, and executioner in this realm. Lines of power are in its command, you have a feeling that if you are not strong enough on your own - having this ally will make all the difference. However, Doombringer does not deem the weak worthy: there is a certain amount of strength that is required to befriend this being. A strong, powerful presence requires one in kind, in many ways an apprentice to the master of the realm. There were no questions, only an examination - cold and unforgiving and then after completion, there's an escort out. Through the cold dark veil and back to the hot heat of reality on the sands. Permeable as the barrier might be at the moment, once through, the barrier is sealed and no further intrusion is allowed. »

Sydney freezes, almost as if he was rooted to the spot, for a moment. Just for a moment though. As the image that plays in his mind continues he very quickly takes his hand from the top of the egg as if it was on fire, "You are a morbid little creature you are, and far to young to be that obsessed with death." He takes a moment and stands and careful moves away to find another egg. This time he hovers over the Lamiaceae Dreams Egg and gingerly rests his hand against its shell.

At times, it might appear that Tayne /is/ almost daunted by the presence within Agony's egg, but just when he might seem to wish to push away and stand, something stops him, demands he press onward with his silent want to match the spirit within it. "C'mon on…" is murmured stoically. But, in the end, there's nothing but mental silence following, and finally the young man sighs, shakes his head, rises to amble over towards and egg Gleaming with Iridescence. Along the way, Sindrieth is offered a polite bob of head.

« Lord of Breaking Traditions snaps at you in quick succession: stand straight! Tall! Tilt your head up! The very force of will pushes your body into position, sharp stinging permeates across the skin where errant limbs ventures. Discipline and poise is what this one wants, you are representing the world, you must be greater than it. Oh, but this part of you, this part of you will not do. Small, frail, weak, it shouldn't be nurtured or allowed to thrive. It should perish for the greater good… »

"We seem to run the gambit here. You are full of life you are." Sydney replies to the Lamiaceae Dreams Egg's first vision. The smile he had lost returns to his face and his hand remains firmly on this shell, not even wavering as this initial vision of life fades from his minds eye, "What is so funny?" he asks the egg with a brief little chuckle of his own, "The world outside is fully of humor if you know where to look."

For some reason, a brush of fingertips to the surface of that Iridescent egg inspires a sudden stiffening of back from Vantayne, the holder standing ramrod straight as he just stares at his choice. Feeling rather embarrassed by his reaction to the mind within, he once again reaches out - with a firmer touch this time - then shaking his head quietly to what the presence seems to demand.

« Lord of Breaking Traditions is against that foolish small force by your side but by your side it remains, strength and confidence leans against your legs as the world changes before your eyes. Fear, outrage, uncertainty fall from the grey sky overhead like drops of rain. As they hit the ground, they whisper: failure. Failure? No! This one's will is strong and through the storm it sends it's courage surging through you as though you've been struck by lightning! Together you are formidable, a force to be reckoned with. »

Sydney continues to smile as the egg shows him more, "You do have a very fine little giggle there." He'd say miss, but he is still unsure of just what is behind it. The smile fades, but only slightly, as the egg continues to prod with more questions, "My good egg your answer to those questions is as good as mine. In the end I just figure why not? Not really searching, just present." he says before he finds himself back on the sands.

He's not proud of his 'weaker' bits, either, but with the hint of strength and then the electric surge of force conducted from Iridescent's occupant to him, Tanyne shivers heavily, his body enervated by energy for some moments. Finally, "Jays…"

« Lord of Breaking Traditions bows down in silence acquiescence before you. You and the strong essence of life that stands by your side. The storm subsides and the brilliant beacon of light spills forth, casting everything you see in an array of brilliant hues. The endless depths of the sky to take wing, onto bigger and better things. The vibrant grasses of the land your feet will touch and rule. The rich earth in which to grow new beginnings. The rise and fall of one day to the next. The world is yours and yours to take, with this will intertwined with yours, only destiny awaits. »

Sydney remains in silent contemplation as the egg and he continue to commune. His eyes remain open, but don't see the sands that surround him. His grin grows wider as he is shown just that much more, "Full of surprises you are little one." A bit of a dreamy look crosses hsi face before he comes back to himself more fully, "Just a touch familiar though…" He pulls back as the egg seems to sleep and gets himself to his feet, taking a moment to dust himself off before moving off to touch the Conqured and Triumphant Egg.

A quiet sense of wonder fills Vantayne at the images he receives from the Iridescent egg, a hesitant, yet honest bit of a smile touching his mouth. Alas, it's time to move on as the life within quiets again, but move the holder does, to that Lamiaceae egg, to give it a cautious carress.

« Bounding Whispering Fields flutters against your mind as soon your hands touch the egg. You are unsure where you are as there is a faint purple fog that drifts through one's mind. It soon starts to slip away and one finds themselves within a vast field of flowers, flowers that range in color from purple and blue, to white to pale yellow in some areas. There is something out there in the bushes of flowers moving around and causing the bushes to sway this way and that. There is a moment of something, the color is unsure but it has a smooth hide and what seems like a soft giggle is heard echoing through your mind. As soon as the giggle is heard everything goes black. »

Sydney blinks quickly a couple of times as he touches the Conquered and Triumphant Prismatic Egg. He rocks back and forth for a moment, but does not let go, "You are a busy little one, and I assume you have much to say…" His hand remains firmly on this egg, ready to experience more of what it has to offer.

Blinkity-blink. His large, sculpted hands never leave Lamiaceae egg's surface, but Vantayne draws back in surprise. Is that a strange hint of a smile on his face? Unknown, for the candidate is daring to press his forehead to the shell, and murmur very softly, "Come out come out, wherever you are."

« Bounding Whispering Fields offers a sense of surprise once you have returned. What is this? Back for more? The fog is there once more, drifting across the fields of flowers, there is a scent in the air, one from the flowers but not a normal flowery scent and you find yourself becoming more relaxed the longer you spend time around the fields of flowers. A soft giggle is caught once more, but before you black out you are able to follow them, there is moving towards a small pond that is surrounded with the same flowering bushes, the water is faint lavender which could be thanks to the purple bushes that are around the pond. If you are brave enough to step forward a glimpse into the pond will show your own reflection. Questions slip through your mind, why are you here? Why do you linger? If there something you search for? Before you can come up with an answer the giggle is heard and then a slight splash, but if you should look up you find once more that you are back on the sands surrounded by the others. »

Sydney doesn't exactly wince this time around, but it's pretty darn close, "You are a bit nosey young one, and the answers to your questions that you find will likely disappoint you as they have disappointed nearly everyone else." he responds to the egg he is touching, "But what about you? What is it you do?" he asks in return, gently though. He is speaking to a baby after all.

Yes, that is indeed a soft grin on Tayne's features, his eyes closed as he takes in the mind within Lamiaceae egg. "Who are you?" is asked in return, his eyes finally opening to stare at something not truly before him.

« Bounding Whispering Fields is amused now that you have returned. The fog is ever present and swirls around you now, tickling and pressing as if it had a very life of its own until you are back in that field of flowers. The pond is gone, in its place is a simple little stream that stretches on for miles at a time from the looks of it. If you attempted to follow it you would find yourself not moving far from that point where you have started, and ever present would be the flowering purple bushes that line the stream. Petals from the bushes dance across a warm breeze that is found flowing into the area, the petals form different shapes in the air. The shapes can be any number of things, but are things near and dear to the one that is touching heart. The giggle is heard, louder than in the past and something brushes up against you, curling and snuggling close as if someone has tucked an arm around you (or perhaps a leg, or tail). Soon enough you're back on the sands. »

"Busy indeed…" Sydney responds to the next vision that the little egg brings before his minds eye. He casts his gaze here and there at the vastness of the image, "Though what does it mean?" he asks the little egg. He leans in a little closer and offers the egg a gentle whisper that only he and the egg share.

Is the holder… hugging Lamiaceae egg? It's snuggling him, after all. Well, one arm is kind-of half-curled very gently around it, quiet whispers offered to the life inside…until it grows quiescent, once more. With a soft sigh and a head shake of gentle humor, the holder pushes up, lets it go, then looks about to note the tempers of the four dragons out here.

« Bounding Whispering Fields offers sleepy fog to enter your mind, the same flowery scent is caught, much stronger then before and lingers now even if you lean away from the egg. The one that rests within this egg seems to be sleeping, and that same snuggling feeling is felt while someone is almost purring in your head once they found a cuddle buddy. »

Sydney rocks back on his heels as he lets go of the Prismatic egg and moves away careful not to step on any of the little ones resting beneath the sands. He next places his hand upon the Sweeping the Firmament Egg.

"Strange…" Vantayne murmurs only to himself as his form finally moves from that egg, a hint of its simple charm left over, still dwelling on his features as he peers around, then moves towards that Uniform egg…to slowly drop to a crouch and touch it tentatively.

« Thief in the Night engulfs you in pure black, slowly awakening in your consciousness where it stalks it's prey from everywhere and no where all at once. A hint of curiosity begins to pull within the darkness this one resides in, a flicker of light shimmering to draw your attention closer. Closer. The chill of frigid air permeating into your skin down to the core of your bones. Not a remnant of warmth or breath of air to join you in the deafening silence. Just a sense of presence - an essence of power slowly circling, prowling. Perhaps you could be something useful… »

Sydney remains unflappable in the face of this eggs mindtouch, "If you are going to try to intimdate me you are going to have to far better than that. I've faced down opponents much more scary than you." he states rather boredly to the little creature that resides in the shell, "So get to your point."

Good thing his touch is tentative, for Vantayne pulls back for a moment, staring at 'his' Uniform egg with a mixture of vague trepidition and more small displeasure. He slowly touches the shell again, murmuring a soft, yet quite firm, "I'm nobody's tool…"

« Thief in the Night slowly glides in, warm silk in the dark working away the chill of the cold. It couldn't be all that bad, could it? You cant be that weak, are you? A shimmer of light emerges, radiating an array of colors against your skin and clothes, illuminating your fingers like the jewels of many rings and adornments. A taste, a touch of greater things to… Do you have it? Is it in you? The warmth in the glow envelopes you, cradling you close. Predatory and seductive in it's possessiveness. You will give in to it's wishes and demands. »

Sydney yawns a little bit as the egg continues to unfold its mind to him. Is he actually tired or is it a subtle little taught offerd to the creature within its confine, "Yeah. I get it. You like to intimidate. You'll get nothing from me unless I get something in return." the harper states bluntly to Firmament Egg.

Almost growled, yet still very quiet, "No," Tayne offers to the presence inside that Uniform egg, his head shaking a few times as he seeks to gently, yet firmly push away whatever's in his head. Or is it a denial of what he's judged to be?

Sydney rewarded for his statement. He smiles just slightly, "There you are. I see you now…" he trails off as he lets the egg take a look through him as he looks back in the darkness between thier two minds, "Here we are crossing the boundaries that separate one person from another…You have style. I like you." he states genuinely, "Your technique is poor, but we can work on that. You are only a baby dragon after all…" Sydney says.

Sydney gives Firmament egg a nice little pat as he gets to his feet once more, "Rest well little one.." he says as he moves along the trail of eggs and comes upon the Agony egg and lays his hand on that.

« Thief in the Night has been patient long enough. The chill and deafening silence return, slicing into your skin like hungry fangs, drawing out anything and everything of value. Flashing before your very eyes are things long since forgotten: greatest hopes and most violent of nightmares play again in quick succession as its devoured by greed. Your glimmering lights, the warmth vanishes and you're left with nothing more but the empty dark. For a moment, all is still, then a faint touch of warmth touches upon your cheek before youre violently thrust from the depths of this egg. You have served your purpose for now. Discarded. »

How could a simple egg cause such a reaction? For Tayne's jerking himself back from Uniform egg as if he's been burned, a look of consternation, small ire, and mistrust upon his features. Be careful, his mind warns him - there's dragon parents out here! - and so, instead of glaring at the egg, the holder simply turns his back on it, and moves back towards that Conquered egg, inclinging just enough so he can tentatively touch it.

Sydney seems to moving from one strong personality to another, though this one is different, "Well well…well." he says softly as he kneels by the egg, a look of concentration crosses his face for just a few moments as the being attempts to peel through the layers of his mind, "You sir." he says assuming a gender here, "Are even more nosey than some of your brothers, but I've had hangovers worse than you…" the Harper responds, though the look on his face belies a certain strain present.

« Rebellious Charlatan offers a sense of relief. You've returned! Acceptance and overtones of approval wrap around you briefly before floating away. Immediately once your choice is made to stay you are promptly returned to the tunnel. The lights and sounds are that much louder as that presence urges you to continue your journey towards the end. The flickering of the torches, cause shadows to dance along the tunnel walls. Whilst the tunnel seems empty the presence hovers at your side as if showing off their own masterwork within this tunnel. More inquisitive this time there are questions posed to you. ?Who are you? ?What do you do? ?Have you treasures within you to share with it? If you are willing enough the dark presence over your shoulder will rummage through your thoughts to learn more of you. Not ruthless in its quest it simply seeks simple answers to its questions. Very little of itself is shared as you get the feeling you'll learn more of what makes up this presence once you reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Just before you reach your destination though everything fades away slowly until once more your awareness is returned to the sands. One lone whisper reaches your ears. "Will you return to finish the journey?" »

"Journies can be dangerous…" Tayne murmurs with quiet assertiveness to the Conquered egg, but just as quickly he whispers, "Or informative." This time, his fingers gently probe the ovoid in various places, as if he too can try to figure out more about who's inside.

« Rebellious Charlatan hums softly inside your mind. Within a blink of an eye the sands retreat once more from your awareness as you're returned to the edge of the tunnel. It opens to a wide, cavernous room in which a festivity of activity assaults your senses. Fire surges in forges, hammers strike metal and light glitters off mounds of treasures piled high through all the room. All around you the sounds of deep, husky voices clang around the hall to surround you in a cocoon of noises. Inevitably the presence wraps around your mind in a reassuring gesture. Don't be worried. You're not alone. If there is a joining of your two minds together you are assured that you'll never be alone again. You simply must have the patience to wait…slowly the scene fades away though the feeling of a warm comfort around you lingers long past the time you've stepped away from this egg. »

Doombringer will be more than satisfied, for there are many weak spots to find, though most Sydney wears on his sleeve anyway. Though a certain few secret ones bring a look of frustration to the harpers face, "You are strong indeed…but you'll find me to be a man of very little shame." he lies. At least he thinks its a lie, "Bring it on then. Do what you are going to do and be done with it." he says leaving his hand on the egg, "I don't run away from challenges. Only idiocy."

Alone… in his own way, all his life. Vantayne tries to hold onto Conquered's presence, and then chastises himself for doing such a foolish thing, murmuring "Smith?" instead as he pushes back and simply peers at, lightly touches the oval.

« Rebellious Charlatan offers a sleepy rumble only with a hint of irritation for being disturbed one last time. »

Sydney gives a quick shake of his head, "You are a judgemental little creature. I'm not terribly sure I like you, but if you meet another candidate named Feyran…have at her for me." he adds with a little smirk upon his face, "Though maybe you are just a bit uptight because you are stuck in there. If I was stuck in one spot like you I'd be a bit cranky too.."

A strangely mixed expression touches Vantayne's face, soon smoothed clear as he quietly rises, and moves away from the now quiescent egg towards that Smooth egg, settling down on haunches again to regard it, then touch.

« Irresistibly Impish Insights appears with a flourish, suddenly there without question or demand, just stopping you. Howsit? Whatsit? Who're you? It doesn't give you a chance to back out, pushing for more and more. It's not subtle in the slightest. It takes your hand and tugs, pulling you forward. Images flash past like a rapid mosaic of color and sound. It's almost overwhelming, yet somehow still structured, and beneath it all comes the steady beat of a drum. thump tumtum thump. »

Sydney lifts his hand from the egg, holding it within his vision for a moment before continuing on to the next egg which just happens to be the uniformity egg.

Whoa! He's dragged in, pumped for more information? Vantayne nearly falls back on his ass to the Sands as he pulls away from the imp within Smooth egg, surprise and consternation again warring on his features. After a small shake of brown head, the holder's regrouping - after looking around furtively for a moment - then glancing his fingtertips over the shell, once more. "Easy…" is murmured to the occupant, some mental brakes applied.

« Irresistibly Impish Insights returns with a flourish, the steady beat of drums growing stronger, and this time it questions you. Questions you don't have a choice but to answer. Where are you from? What do you do? Who do you want to be? What do you feel when you ride a runner? Question after question after question as it tries to understand you. And the more it gains, the more the drumming picks up a rhythm, a pattern that conveys a meaning all its own. »

To go from the Agony egg to this Uniformity Egg is a massive, almost head turning change of pace. He is not tenative at all in heading into the vision that this egg presents. His face is neutral but internally there is a good deal of motion, "I think you might be disapponted too, but I'm willing to show you what I've got going on for myself since you asked so politely my good dragon…" Sydney says.

"Worse than a kid…" Tayne murmurs only to himself around a tight little half-smirk, the young man doing his best to answer what he will while seeking to ask his own questions of the Imp within Smooth egg. He's trying not to let himself be overwhelmed.

« Irresistibly Impish Insights is slower this time, subtler, though no less invasive with its steady beat with that catchy, unnameable rhythm. This time, it's not about you, but about challenge. Can you hack it? Harsh cold assails you, then desert warmth. Then, you can almost feel the squoosh of marsh mud between your toes, seeping up into everything. Even the smell is there. Wait, no, that's not marsh, that's… boiling numbweed! The voice giggles as it recedes, leaving you alone again. »

He's been through some hardships in his life, already, and so, "Of course I can…" Tayne murmurs to Smooth's challenge, not even the mud daunting him, until, "Ack!" This time, he does fall to his butt on Sands while pulling away from the ovoid, staring at his booted feet in utter consternation, until he finds them only normal. As he rises to feet, the holder's look says it all: little twerp. Maybe that Blank Canvas beyond will be less intrusive…and pesty.

Sydney remains fairly nonplussed by the images, thoughts, and feelings that this egg brings out in itself and in himself, "I think you'd like to go to the Harper Hall. The library there would be something that you would enjoy…" he says as he waits for the next response, and it isn't long in coming. He scrutinizes the images that the open books show to him. If the dragon was looking for response its one of puzzlement, "I'm afraid I don't understand the stories that you're trying to tell. You are going to have be a bit more clear…"

« Keeper of Secrets pulls you away from the heat of the hatching sand into a safe void where there's oh so much to see and learn. It swirls around you, teasing you with snippets of things of the past brief blurred images of what could be Landing without buildings. It wants you to know more, it tugs you to come deeper into it so it can share with you all that was, is, and very well could be. Do you have what it takes to come with it? To come back for another visit so that it can share more with you? Slowly you are released, but the one within the shell tries to leave behind the tempting want to come back. »

It's sheer curiosity that draws Vantayne deeper into that Blank Canvas, his touch growing slowly bolder as his frame, his head incline towards it. He /did/ come to the Weyr, after all…but it certainly wasn't easy. "What are you trying to show me?" is murmured to the occupant.

« Keeper of Secrets comes forth with ease, cooling you from head to toe so that there is no need for you to rush away. There are images of what very well could be Fort Hold, and the sound of so many instruments and voices carrying tunes. Somehow you know that it wants to know more, to learn about places and these sounds so that it can record it all for later reviewing, for the knowledge of it to be shared with others in time to come. Can you help it? Do you know of places and sounds, and more that it can learn from and about? It doesn't beg or plead, but it leaves you with its wistful wanting as it returns you to the sands. »

Sydney can't help but smile at this next vision that swirls in front of him both in his mind's eye, and his mind's ear, "You do have alot to say.." he says and a bit of a chuckle in his his voice, "I'm afraid that I'm not meant for greatness…you might be though. You may need to look elsewhere, but I think you'll find what you are looking for if you keep searching…"

"Don't go…" Tayne whispers intently to the life inside Blank Canvas, his mind trying to offer back a myriad of images from his own limited life's pallate. There's so much, even then.

« Keeper of Secrets is adament that you pay attention, flickering images come faster and faster, a rush of info that it seems to know but want to know more about. Soft music, the scent of foods of all types march through your senses. Please help it, there's so much to get into record, so much that has to be saved right? The sound of a distant storm is there only to be replaced by the crashing of waves which gives way to the soft sound of rain of a roof. All of it, it wants to know it all. Help it please. »

Sydney lifts his hand from the egg with a wry smile and once more stands and moves off to the next egg in the cavalcade of colors that rest in the sand. The next egg to be touched is the Gleaming Egg.

Feyran wasn't in the barracks when they gathered candidates for a touching…no…she was a little busy trying to help with the runners. It was pretty fun, but it was messy and of /course/ they made her get all cleaned up before she headed to the sands. Now the trader girl's arrived, still looking frumpy but most definitely clean. You can even check under her fingernails, they're perfectly clean. There's a dip of the head to anyone that she sees or recognizes, one to the dragons and then…well, then she's sort of just picking one at random. She almost passes up Fields of Blue Egg….but, well then she stops and just kind of…pokes it.

Something in him is prompted by those calls, Vantayne pressing both palms firmly to Canvas egg - along with his forehead - as he attempts to pour into it all that he can, in the unhatched one's need for knowledge. Until he remembers where he /really/ is, and finally seperates himself from the ovoid with a vague look of deep concern. Headshake. He almost got sucked in. Maybe the Lesson egg will be less desperate.

« Master of Music strums a simple tune that spins around in the darkness of your mind. Not much here, is there? Well, that is alright, here, how about this? You find yourself whisked along with the music until the darkness seems to vanish and things start to materialize out of the darkness. Bookshelves full of books line rows upon rows of a great and impressive library, it's almost as if any book at all could be contained here. A gentle and comforting warmth comes from a fireplace just in front of you where a chair sits and a shadowy figure can be seen gently strumming a guitar. It almost feels as if this a place of great things where anything is possible. There, that is better, isn't it? Now, what is special about you? What can you bring that no others can bring? Are you a good singer? Perhaps a brilliant strategist. Do you face up to danger with a bravery that is unrivaled? Don't be shy, everyone is a Master in their own right, they only need the potential to realize it. »

Sydney snaps to attention as he kneels on the sand beside the Gleaming egg that holds this force of nature, and truly it is a force of nature, "Whoa…" is the only response that he can offer to the intense sensation that ripples across his mindscape and along his physical body too. He has the look of someone who has just stuck thier finger into an electrical socket.

He's no dummy, but a Master? Vantayne feels rather out of his league, trying to drown his own self-doubts before Lesson's mind, while staying true to himself. Trying to redirect, he mumbles to the shell, "What d'you want?"

« Master of Music seems to smile as you come back and it warmly welcomes you back to its library where the warmth fills your bones with reassurance and endless possibilities. Ah, you are back. Fingers seem to fly over the guitar as it strums a simple and easy to remember tune that you almost find yourself humming along to. Books slowly fly off of the shelves, allowing brief glances at a life that could be, might be, but will it be? One book flies in front of you, showing a great gathering of dragons that stand over a dying man, or is he? Another of a man being held captive and forgiving them, even in the face of adversity. Stories? Or realities? It is hard to tell. The Master of Music seems to turn its attention back to you, studying your reactions to these tales. Are you a disbeliever, or can you accept the unacceptable? Will you rise triumphant or will you fall? It fades away, seeming to await your response. »

Feyran's eyes close and her head tilts back just the slightest. Is she huffing something? No, but the trader girl takes a deep breathe, almost as if she were basking in the sun. She reaches up with one hand to tuck a few strands of hair behind her head, but then allows one eye to open lazily so that it rests upon the egg. To whatever question there may have been, Feyran gives the slightest of nods and a crooked smile before giving it another light poke…more of a tap now really.

Sydney can only hold on for the ride as the egg proceeds to once more zap him. There is a slight shudder that once more runs along his spine causing him to shake slightly. The sensation isn't dis-similar to some things that he has felt before, "You might be a bit better than some of the hard boozes." he says softly to the egg, "You have some of the same effect. I like it…I like it quite a bit." he responds.

"Are you…a MasterHarper?" Tayne almost manages to breathe aloud, the man then shaking his head at the thought of an unborn dragonet being capable of such. He isn't completely sure of what he is, honestly. And then, he manages to catch a bit of Sydney's words, and finds himself chuckling before he looks at 'his' egg, again.

« Master of Music welcomes you back with a soothing tune that lifts your spirits as it fills you deep to your core. Jubilant, joyful, it rejoices at your return. It is here that it proves that it is indeed the Master of Music as sweeping melodies fills the emptiness that you might not have realized you had. They fill the air with powerful but easy to remember music that leaves one humming for days on end. You have returned and this time there is no judging, there are no flashes of a life that might have been, only acceptance of who you are and who you might become if only you had the chance at greatness. It shows you a brief glimpse at that life, you and it standing side by side with everything at your fingertips. And then it is abruptly gone, a life yet again winked out and simply awaiting the future and what may be. »

What he could be with the hand of a Master faithfully guiding him… It's evocative to someone like Vantayne, and he finds himself nodding, smiling a little as he barely touches his forehead to Lesson's shell…then sighing as the presence within withdraws. As he slowly rises, a vaguely lost expression drifts over the holder's features, and it's finally Firmament egg that provides some stability, to which he's drawn.

« Twinkles from the Underdark flicker on the very edges of your vision, always remaining tantalisingly close but just out of reach, vanishing completely should you try to focus your attention on them, slipping silent around you as the being inside the shell watches carefully from afar. It would be easy to feel afraid, like prey being stalked, but for all this shelled creature's careful studying there comes with it a feeling that it means no harm, for now at least. »

Sydney can't help but laugh a little bit at what the egg shows him next, "Sydney you are drunk aren't you?" he asks. No. Yes. Difficult to tell, "I haven't seen colors like that in an age…" And the power, he is unbeatable, "You are a force to be dealt with you are good sir." For he is fairly certain this one is a sir, though he's been wrong before, "I'm not going to want to let you go. Do you want to come off the sands and live in the barracks?" he asks.

Watched, in a neutral manner… Tayne still feels a little unnerved by such, and his hunter's reflexes kick in, making him remain standing near the Firmament egg, his fingers barely in contact with it. He's readied…but for what?

« Twinkles from the Underdark remain distant, but it seems that you are deemed worthy of at least a more careful examination. They linger longer now, but melt like icicles should you try to concentrate on them, leaving only a vague chill. The gentle susurration of leaves bring with it an enquiry, a wish to know who you are. Not your name. The real you. Theres something almost beastial about the way the thought circles your mind, but still it seems to hold that in check, its priority to find out why you are there and just what your intentions are. »

Sydney stands away from the egg, more reluctantly this time, "Sleep well little egg. I hope we meet again.." the harper says as he slowly walks away and touches the next egg that just happens to be the Smooth and Even egg.

Bestial… Tayne remains cautious, alert, his own mind likewise circling that of Firmament's life, testing passes of real and mental fingers made as he tries to guard himself.

« Twinkles from the Underdark shine brighter and all of a sudden your vision clouds, a fleeting black and white image of a tiny dragon appears. It lies, curled in its shell, staring right at you with dark eyes that could penetrate your very soul. Almost as quickly the twinkles return, blotting out the image and returning your vision to the sands and the egg that lies under your hand. A feeling of satisfaction seeks to enfold you, and if somehow youve been found worthy of at least that brief seconds glimpse of what the future might bring. »

Sydney blinks once, and then again and shivers as he comes into contact with this Smooth and Even egg. He almost lifts his hand from the egg, "To go from the sands to this is uncomfortable.." he states to the egg, willing to give her..for he is sure that its a her, only a lady can be that cold, "Speak. I'm listening."

And Vantayne gasps softly at what's shown to him by Firmament's 'owner,' his hazel eyes widening, even as he dartingly removes himself from contact with the shell. The holder looks as if he's not certain how to feel for some moments, his expression wary and puzzled…and somewhat stressed. Wiping the sweat from the heat of the Grounds away from his face, the young man rather hesitantly makes his way towards the Blue egg, perhaps hoping for a mental reprieve.

« Twinkles from the Underdark flicker slowly, sleepily, as the dragon within tries to stay alert for danger but is soon overwhelmed and falls to rest. »

Sydney lifts his hand from the egg, apparently unwilling to go any further with this Smooth and Even egg, "My good lady. I think you and I are headed down two different paths. I wish you luck in yours…" he says as he heaves himself upward and toward the uniformity of Color egg.

« Prestige of Nature brings you to struggle in the darkness, no where to turn and nothing to be seen. Suddenly, in a flash the world is washed in warm, bright light. The scent of fresh cut grass and distant blooms are carried into the cool wind, winding across your clothes and through hair. Glistening beads of crystalline glass begins to form on your skin, reflecting the vibrant hues of tall green fields swaying in the breeze. Those fresh lights flicker, trailing down to fingertips before falling back to the soil beneath bare feet. Who? Who are you? The ground itself reaches out to your senses, reaching up to gather your attention. Are you listening? »

Feyran raises an eyebrow at the current egg she's on and then…laughs before pulling away. "No, I don't think I need any of that. You enjoy yourself…" The trader steps away and shakes her head, clearly not overly impressed with whatever thoughts are held within. Her eyes move to another now…it's almost intriguing the look of this one and she can't help but let fingertips brush against Exquisite Agony Egg.

That blackness is quite disconcerting, but before Vantayne can withdraw his already stressed mind from Blue egg's life, the light comes on, and he's shivering in relief for a moment. The scents of nature coax him out again, and finally, the young man is inhaling all that greenery…and finally smiling softly. "Yes."

« Prestige of Nature roots in deep, shedding old layers of pain, of worries hidden deep within your the depths of your hardened core. Each bit of your past and agonies float away, dried leaves drifting off in the sharp updraft blowing against you and you're helpless to stop that. There has to be room for new growth! To mature and bloom, the world demands sustenance and sustenance it did take. »

Sydney is half tempted to let go of the intitial blast of activity from this egg. His body jerks forward as the egg, well…eggs him onward, "You are a quick mind I can tell, perhaps too fast paced for me." he says to the young dragon inside the egg, "What are you getting at?" he asks.

He understands, bone deep, what Blue egg's contents tell him. "Yes…" Tayne again murmurs, his forehead once more touching the shell, his expression almost peaceful. He's dwelled close to nature for enough years to understand.

At the first sign of resistance an almost wicked grin appears on Feyran's face, as if to challenge. In fact her fingers now press harder against the shell rather than pulling away…as if she might be pushing past a door and into something else. The tiny bumps on her arms may be the only clue that something has changed, and while her posture is no longer relaxed the tension is not fear. Rather…it almost seems like she's…showing off? But underneath that…underneath all of that she may have trembled, just for a moment.

Sydney can sense that this egg is one of a good deal of boundless energy, "My good little dragon, I think that you have far too many questions for me ever to answer them all. I think you need someone a bit more fast paced than I could ever be." He smiles and bids goodbye to this egg and once more stands before moving off to the blank canvas egg.

« Prestige of Nature takes you in your rawest form, the weight of the weary world has been discarded and now greater things demand you. Pulled from the safety of the soil you're cast out into the world, laid to watch the rest of the world go by. Quickly, those soft waves of green flash into death: a crackled brown as the wind blows. Remnants of what they once were and the scent of blooms is gone. The cycle continues and it's time to transform. Your being is thrust into the dark once more, loud and unforgiving. An eternity passes, and your emergence brings about new life. Nothing of your past self remains as you stand new. Before the world flashes before your eyes, everything you see is washed in a uniform harper blue. Perfection. Darkness. »

For a moment, Tayne appears fearful… But this too is the cycle of life, and again, he understands what Blue egg shows him, the hunter nodding a few gentle times against shell. Wait… Nothing of it? "Nothing?" Tayne gasps out softly, his hazel eyes opening, widening as he shakes his head in denial, pushing himself away from contact with the ovoid. "I am /me/…" he asserts, staring at the egg, then finally looking all around to try and re-orient himself with reality.

« Prestige of Nature is nestled and cozy, safe and sound, sleep it wants and sleep it needs. Gently it guides you back into the big world. »

Feyran digs her heels into the sand, leaning forward a little bit more and gritting her teeth. Is that sweat on the trader's brow? For a moment she pales and her body goes limp. Everything that is her, everything she has kept hidden is now out and ready to be judged. And while unsettled at being seen so plainly, the trader is quick to pick herself up. Judgement? She lifts her chin just the slightest and looks down upon the egg with another silent challenge. Flee? Run? What you may decide won't break this one.

Sydney is growing more than a little fatigued after touching so many eggs and it shows on his face, but he has just enough energy left to go on the journey with this knowledable egg, "So. You are a smart cookie are you?" he asks. Clearly the answer to that question is given, "I see. Let's see what you have to show me, ay?"

Feyran's eyes drift closed for a moment and when they open again it's…well, she's got a bit of a quirked eyebrow. "Is this your idea of fun?" The trader girls certainly doesn't seem to share any opinion. Not the most interesting place to go about exploring, but Fey is curious and so with a shrug of her shoulders she brushes her hand against the egg's surface once more.

"I have done a great deal of traveling…" Sydney says to the egg, "What is it you are exactly looking to know? I'm willing to share…" he says to the young little dragon within its shell.

Feyran…actually seems to be getting a bit bored as she stands there. "Yes yes, go on…look as you want." The trader girl rolls her eyes a little bit and then smirks. "Well, aren't /we/ just so needy? Nice, but very needy." Oh the two pronged words of little miss Trader. But again, she shrugs and simply stays there with her hand upon the egg. Might as well see what it wants!

"Now /this/ is more like it…" Feyran grins and nods her head, but only for a moment. But after a while? She might be looking just a slightest bit annoyed. "Clingy…" Mind melding? Yeah, this one is definitely not for the trader girl. She gets plenty of love from her family! After stepping away from the egg, Fey gives it a little wave and instead looks to the Lamiaceae Dreams Egg.

Sydney can sense the potential present in this egg, but also a certain need that he can't mend. At least Sydney doesn't think he can, "There are many beautiful places on Pern. When you are older and free of your shell you will get to travel and see them all. I'm sure of it." he says with a grin, "It takes time to know all that you wish to know. There isn't a quick answer."

Sydney is feeling almost exactly what this little egg is feeling. He lifts his hand tiredly from the egg and steps away. He has now touched more eggs than he can actually remember touching. It seems like so many even if it was only 10. He offers a smile to the dragon parents, "You have a good group of children." he says to both pairs, "A very good group of children."

Feyran's posture changes immediately as she touches this egg, almost as if she's gone on full alert. There's a smile to her lips now, but it's more wicked than kind. It almost looks as if she's ready to wrestle…or perhaps pounce on some type of prey. It's only moments after she's pulled back to the sands that she's touching the egg once more. Getting away from the trader so easily? Most certainly not!

As Syd offers up his own tired opinion to the draconic parents, Vantayne's still working to overcome the weird and not-welcomed mental sensation of having too many people and things inside his skull. What ever happened to privacy? The heat of the sands is well on its way to making his booted feet a little uncomfortable to bear, and so the candidate shuffles around slowly as he regains his marbles, giving long and musing looks to not only those strange eggs, but his fellow candidates. Let's not forget dragon parents, either.

Sindrieth keeps his eyes on the candidates, and attempts to keep Ceresth at bay since she is the one of the two golds that is most uptight about /her/ eggs. Surely, once the candidates have left she'll search for a better hiding place on the sands to put them, so they can be hers a while longer. R'en looks pretty tired, sitting out here on the sands with the dragons and watching the group, but as a couple seem to be finishing up he gets himself back to his feet to wander over to where they're mulling about. "It's hot out here, so feel free to go back to the barracks when you get tired. It's a lot to take in, for sure."

"It most surely is." Sydney responds with an itch to one of his forearms. He offers a little bow to the dragon parents and makes his exit out into the cooler air. The other candidates are largely ignored by the harper who looks preoccupied in thought.

That's just what he wanted: permission to depart! With not only R'en's words - but also Ceresth's eyeballings of those damned white-knots perusing her eggs - Vantayne decides to get the shell out of Dodge. A smart little salute to the dragons and then their riders soon sees the mincing holder off the geothermal hot spot, and out into the open of the Bowl. And if he's incognito for an hour or two afterwards? Surely it's only to get some down time utterly to himself.

Feyran sort of wrinkles her brows a bit and then shakes her head, "Man…you're like my brothers." She smirks a little bit and then sort of steps away before giving herself a tiny shake. Too touchy feely! Now…which one next, which one which one…aha! It's onto the Sweeping the Firmament Egg!

Feyran's lips curl upwards in a smile, almost as if she's actually enjoying this one…afraid? No, the candidate doesn't seem afraid in the least. Her fingers brush against the egg again, almost as if reaching for…something.
"Who am I? I might ask you the same question…" Feyran smirks a little beat, another wicked grin crossing her lips. Her eyes flick to the side under closed eyelids, almost as if she's trying to catch sight of something and failing…yet, this one…this one is pretty interesting and so she stays.

"Worthy? Well…if that's what you've decided then alright." Feyran smirks a little bit, but there might be just a hint of hesitation in her words. But now, well…the girl is looking a little tired. She steps back and wipes some sweat from her brow. "I think I'm going to go and get some water…thanks!" There's a smile to the dams and sires, another for the riders there and then…she's gone!

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