No Stealing Allowed! (Wendyn is Searched)

Monaco Bay Weyr - Galleries
The Galleries consist of a multitude of rows, cut into the rock of this vast cavern. The heat here is stiffling any time of year, but the breeze coming in through the open roof high above makes it bareable. Sheltered from the coast's weather, this cavern looks out into it but rarely experiances any of it. Stairs lead down to the Commons Cavern, from one side, while at the back of the galleries there is a passage way leading out to the treetop dwellings. Far to the other side of the galleries are several stairs leading up to the multitude of ledges where the dragons and riders view the hatching.
The cavern has gained the added illumination of daylight, filtering down from above, but from this angle, the majority of the light still comes from the multitude of papercovered electric lanterns that cast their cheerful warm colors on the galleries and the rest of the cavern. Springtime has arrived on Eastern Weyr, the flowers budding with wild abandon and all about new growth of the jungle seems to be the theme both in the animal and plant kingdoms.

As A'she leads Wendyn into the galleries, he nods quietly to some of the others gathered to stare at the eggs. "At least he'll have a hard time sneaking one out under so much scrutiny," he murmurs softly to his sister, leading her towards where a large satchel sits under the watchful gaze of the bronze dragon perched up in the dragon galleries above. "You know, you're really good at spoiling my surprises," he adds conversationally.
"Are you -actually sure- about that?" Wendyn asks with a snort, glancing up at Trix where he sits overhead. "I mean, I'm pretty sure he is exactly as creative as he would need to be." That is a compliment, right? Following along after A'she, eyes on the prize that is booze (though who knows if she really needs any more of it) - she spares a glance for the sands below, before glancing back at A'she. "What surprise?"

Rolling his eyes, A'she clamps his hand over his sister's mouth. "Can you not puff his ego any more than it is. Nor give him ideas - I think Seyu might be a bit put out if Szetamirath ate me and Trix didn't make it home to help watch the kiddos." Remove his hand before she can bite - or lick! - it, he plops down on the seat next to his sack, reaching in to retrieve a plain brown bottle and hand it to her. "Trix and I didn't exactly come to steal the clutch, or join a party. We thought we'd come and collect you."

Lucky for A'she, he is quick, because as he pulls his hand away, Wendyn is snapping after it, wrinkling her nose at him as he wanders off, before catching up and taking the brown bottle with a grin, opening it to sniff carefully before taking a sip. And then another, nodding appreciatively at it. "I thought I was going to have to -beg- you to take me back there, with everything. But shards, Szetamarith was loud enough and Fuerioth has *got* to be close and I just can't face dealing with that again." That being bad life choices thanks to loud golds, that is. Clearly someone has missed the point.

"Uhm." A'she stares out over the Sands. "I… wasn't planning to bring you back. Not exactly. Trix and I thought… you know, we've got a clutch on the Sands. His clutch. Our clutch." He doesn't really say much more, simply tilts his head to one side and glances at her, one eyebrow raised up. He cracks open his own bottle, taking a long pull at it before turning his head to gaze down at the nine eggs nestled below. "As soon as I heard Szetamirath had clutched, I knew we had to hurry."

<Sands> Below, Szetamirath stirs, her attention flitting up towards the Stands, then back to her eggs. She noses quietly at the Promises of Gold and Treasure Egg, drawing it into the curve of her tail before stretching out to bat Is It the Real Egg into a better position for admiring.

"Wait. What?" Wendyn slowly lowers the bottle to stare at A'she, blinking at him, peering at the bottle, and then back at her brother. "Is there something in this? I swear you just.." As the gold on the sands begins to rearrange eggs, she pauses, before glancing back at A'she. "Are you.. asking me to be a candidate?" Tact - Wendyn has it not.
"Well, yeah." A'she tosses it off as though it's no big deal. "I mean, you're my sister. It's our clutch. Who else would I want on the Sands for Trix's first eggs? He thinks you'd stand a better than even chance - I mean, you're kind of his, too." Above them, Qhatiratrixth rumbles his agreement, peering down at the pair with one fond eye. « Really, you belong there. You know you do. »

<Sands> Szetamirath stirs again, rumbling discontentedly. She bats at this egg, paws at that, but nothing seems to suit her sense of aesthetic. On the edge of the sands, seated on chair made of metal and cloth, Jazhira frowns at the gold. Ignoring her rider, the queen heaves herself to her feet and begins pacing through the sands, grumbles growing progressively louder.

"But like.. It's not for real, right? It's just because its Trix's eggs and you can do whatever.." Wendyn doesn't seem particularly bothered by that, though, for she is glancing up at Trix with a soft laugh. "Ok, ok, fine. Especially because it will make sure I am not stuck around here. Even -if-, if I were to believe R'en, I will have to worry about the Weyr falling down around my ears." Even as she agrees, her attention is drifting towards the sands, and the gold, and the growling. A hand reaches to gently shake A'she's arm, looking a little worried. "Uhm.." She manages, biting her lip and fumbling her other hand for the beer bottle without taking her eyes off the gold. She is going to need something to drink, for this show. "That.. seems bad."

"Fuerioth is proddy, or so Trix says. She might just be reacting to that." A'she seems completely unconcerned with Szetamirath's dramatics as he beams at his sister. "It's totally for real. I mean, even if Trix didn't want it, I'd still ask, because you're my sister and all, but he really does want you on those Sands. He brought it up first, even." As she remarks about the Weyr falling down, his expression tightens and he hunches his shoulders. "Look - don't bring that up at the Weyr. I'll give you the honest truth, Wen, I'm very unhappy that Seyu insisted on staying. I don't think the Weyr's in serious danger, but I think that it's a bad idea to have a clutch of eggs on those Sands until things stabilize."

<Sands> Ladies do not bellow. They do, however, let forth with genteel roars, such as the one Szetamirath lets loose as she begins stalking across the sands towards the galleries. Jazhira nearly falls out of her chair - it really is the oddest contraption, all metal and rope and cloth and terribly complex - trying to get to her feet. "Szetamirath, wait! Damn it!" She casts a frustrated glance upwards and hurries off of the grounds, heading for the gallery steps.

"Oh shards, hopefully she isn't going up -now-. Can you imagine everyone at the opening?" Wendyn definitely needs to take a drink to -that-.. a very long one in fact, before she shakes her head and has to keep from rolling her eyes at her brother. "I promise, I won't say anything like that at the Weyr. I'll even be on my -best behavior- so I don't embarrass you, or anything. Ok?" And then she glance upwards at Trix, ready to repeat the question to him, but then there is a gold basically charging at the galleries, and Wendyn yelps, scrambling off her feet, beer bottle still in hand as she works on slowly climbing backwards up the steps, not taking her gaze off the rather loud gold below. "Nope, not ok."

Even A'she can't be very sanguine about it when suddenly there's an angry Szetamirath glaring at them. "Uh, hey, what the eff? Trix, what's going on?" The bronze isn't much help - his violet-shot eyes are fixed on the gold, his head lowered between his feet. His expression seems caught between arrogant rebuttal and sheepish apology. "Man, all the more reason to get you out of here. They're crazy here."

<Sands> « NOT. YOURS. » Szetamirath hasn't really been her usual eloquent self lately - something to do, perhaps, with the same reason Jazhira has begun eschewing alcoholic drinks. Whatever the reason, the gold's voice rings out, accompanied by a brassy fanfaire. « She is not yours, Qhatiratrixth. She does not belong to you, and you will not STEAL from me. » Rearing back on her hind-legs, the gold hauls her bulk up to sit back on her haunches, putting her head almost level with the section of the galleries where Wendyn sits.

"Aaaaaa'she…" Wendyn drags out nervously, even as she freezes in place, caught in that glare from the gold, not daring a look of her own up to where Trix is settled. "Its.. I.. I'm.." Wendyn stammers, completely at a loss for words as to how to possibly soothe the gold that is quite loudly at this point sharing her views, though she does manage a hiss at her brother. "Shards, don't say that til -later-."

« She's mine's sister! » Qhatiratrixth's protest is… lacking… in emphasis. It's hard, very hard, even for a bronze as arrogant and independant as Trix, to stand up to a queen in full fettle. « She was ours first! » A'she just sits there, reaching out to rest a hand on Wendyn's arm as he gives a low, pungent curse. "Your Weyr is some kinds of ass-backwards, sis. Queens don't Search." And yet, there's a queen, staring right at Wendyn, and denying - DENYING - his right to take his own sister to stand for HIS clutch.

<Sands> The oath Szetamirath utters at Trix's protest is brief, pungent, and completely unladylike. She has nothing more to add to the conversation - instead, she simply sits there. Glaring. Eyes whirling. Glaring. Jazhira pulls herself up the steps, cursing under her breath, and heads through the galleries towards Wendyn and A'she. "So, uh. This is awkward," she apologizes to both the miner and the bronzerider. "But, uhm. Yeah."

"You, uh. I mean.." Wendyn spares the briefest glance at Trix - really, that is about all she dares - as the bronze gives his halfhearted rebuttal, biting her lip and glancing back at the gold. "I mean, I'm sure we can, uh.. sort it out or something." A pause, and she slowly lifts the beer bottle to her lips, finishing it off in one long pull, squeezing her eyes shut as she does so. And then, Jazhira is appearing and she nods slowly. "Uhm, yeah. I.." she waves the empty bottle at Jaz. "I probably should stay." And not get eaten or anything. "I mean, I'm sure Trix will have more clutches." And she isn't holding her breath.

"What… seriously?" A'she gazes at Wendyn, dismayed, then transfers his attention to Jazhira, glaring at the goldrider. "Of all the lousy - " His beard bristles with indignation as he thrusts his chin forward, clearly ready to fight over his sister - then, abruptly, he deflates. "The decision is yours," he mutters, glancing sidelong at the miner. "I can't make it for you." « You are a dragonrider in your heart, » comes Trix's reluctant rumble. « Ultimately, where does not matter. » His capitulation, however, does not reflect in the hot, seething anger glittering in his red-orange whirling gaze.

<Sands> Szetamirath is smug, and it shows in every last golden inch of her, from the way her tail curls over her feet to the way she thrusts her muzzle tauntingly towards Qhatiratrixth. Jazhira is less so, glancing between brother and sister and looking dismayed. "I can't say I'm unhappy to hear you say that, Wendyn," the weyrwoman finally murmurs, "although I am sorry, A'she. I don't have any siblings, but I'd be pretty upset if one of my children stood for any clutch but Szeta's." Her hand goes to rest on the slight curve of her belly as she speaks and she casts a glance over her shoulder towards the gold. "I appreciate your sacrifice."

Another glance at the gold, and Wendyn is slipping to her brother's side with a soft laugh, dropping her voice for his ears alone. "Besides, dear brother. If I'm here, and you are there, Trix won't have to worry about -my- dragon being either competition or a challenge." Moving to throw her arms around him in a long hug, she continues. "Besides - I'll give it a few days, and see what things look like. You know they don't remember things. If I'm not right in front of her, maybe I can.. transfer, or whatever." And then she is is straightening, glancing back at Jazhira and nodding slowly. "Of course.." Pause, "Do you think I can go, when they hatch, just to see?"

Mutinously, A'she clenches his jaw shut, stiff in Wendyn's embrace. For all of like, two seconds. Then he sighs and hugs her back, wrapping his arms around her in a tight bear-hug. "Ah hell, Wendyn, you know better than that. You're going to find yourself hard pressed to find a moment to yourself, much less time to escape the Weyr. Don't worry about it. Trix'll get over it once he's picked up a few more strays at the Weyr to corru- ah, Search." He chuckles - it's a bit forced, but it's relatively genuine - and stands up beside her, reaching out to ruffle her hair. "Anyway, at least this way I don't have to be the heartless one and tell you no when you want a beer." Oh. Right. No alcohol. Blue eyes shift to Jazhira, harden. "You better take damn good care of her."

<Sands> Snorting, Szetamirath looks hard at Wendyn, then A'she, then drops back to all fours and goes back to ordering her clutch for the proper presentation. Jazhira lets out a soft sigh, staring after her gold for a moment longer before she turns back to the pair. "We take good care of all of our Candidates, bronzerider," she replies dryly to the Half Moon rider. "I mean, we hardly ever maim them and we haven't lost one in, like, three turns! Don't worry, daddy," she teases, more relief than humor in her voice. To Wendyn, she gives the girl a measuring glance, then smiles. "And I don't think you'll find it to onorous a duty, being a Candidate. We'll actually be having you guys working at the resort for much of the time, this time around."

"It'll be -fine-. I promise." Wendyn reassures her brother once more, even as she nods with a hesitate smile at Jazhira, glancing at the eggs down on the sands as the gold rearranging them. "I suppose.. that's that, then. I'll go move my things?" And with a glance between the two, she is slowly edging away, letting the opposing forces figure out anything else amongst them, without her watchful gaze.

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