A Grand Opening!

Monaco Bay Weyr - Poseidon's Court
Graceful columns stretch skyward, light wisps of silken canopies stretched between them to give just a hint of shade to the main commercial area of the resort. A rough marble courtyard is encircled by the canals, in the center of which streams of water shoot skywards, angled so that they arch outward and downward to create a sparkling splash fountain for those seeking a bit of refreshment. Around the rough marble courtyard housing the fountain, grass has been allowed to grow, carefully cropped and maintained, perfect to cop a squat for reading or a picnic - or a pick-up game of ball.
Surrounding the fountain courtyard is the main canal, from which many smaller tributaries split off to carry floaters through the shopping district. Steps and bridges are placed at regular intervals to allow those in the canals to exit in their desired location, while those wishing to stay dry can easily cross from one side to the other. Eight distinct storefronts can be seen from the main courtyard, and smaller kiosks and stalls have been set up to offer small gifts, food, and drink as well.
There's something for everyone in the Main Courtyard - shaded places to sit and people-watch or read or congregate with friends, shopping and dining and drinks, water features for young and old alike, right in the heart of Monaco Bay Resort.

A pleasant evening breeze rushes through Monaco, and on it are carried the smells of food, drink, and most importantly…the sea! The sun has set and with its disappearance the multicolored lights of Monaco Bay Resort have flickered on. The entire resort has been decked out in utter glory, but no area is quite as striking as Poseidon’s Court. Clearly, this is where the pain party will be held. The silken canopies overhead billow gently in the wind and when one looks upwards they can see dozens of stars between the gaps. Tables filled to the brim with food and drinks are found just about everywhere along the edges of the courtyard, each one placed strategically so as not to block the entrance of the newly opened shops. Vendors stand outside, beckoning people to try samples, or come in from the veritable carnival to look at their wares. The scene is abuzz with people dressed in finery as well as those dressed in bathing suits - after all, the river is meant for people to swim and float in!

Amongst all that is one /very/ proddy Reya who has taken a more fancy approach to this evening. She’s currently clad in a sleep dress consisting of a nude colored skip and lacy gold overall. It seems to match quite perfectly with a necklace/earring set, as well as Fuerioth’s hide. Though the dragon herself is nowhere to be found. At the moment, Reya seems to be flitting about - there’s a bite of food, then a sip of drink, and then an /invasion/ of people’s conversations. So much to do, so little time!

Though generally somewhat reclusive, the Weyr's most recent addition to the archival team could hardly miss the opening of the resort, right? Armed with a handsome book and a pen, the harper is haunting one of the food tables and writing studiously. He's dressed for the occasion, too; Monaco's dark blue in a fine shirt, silver brocade vest, looking like he's enjoying every minute of it in spite of the fact that those have to be new shoes. The archvist does, at least, have a little plate of samples next to him — and a wildly brightly-colored drink, of course. Ityrziel looks like he's having the time of his life, in spite of the fact that he absolutely does seem to be working during a party. He does seem to be following certain individuals with his eyes; one of the main builders, a few bakers (although, given the sweets piled high, that may be less archives-related than tummy-related). Them, and: "When you have a moment, Reya!" Tyr calls, on one of the rider's closer approaches, wiggling his pen jauntily.

Clad in a lovely emerald dress - one with a high waist and a lovely flair when she turns too quickly - Wendyn is lingering outside one of the Jewelry shops along the court, chatting with the Smith who seems to run it, and those that happen in to take a look. The miner herself, however, is missing any major pieces of jewelry - even as she urges others celebrating the opening to take a look. As one couple hesitates, moving to pass the shop by, a finger is pointed towards Reya, something murmured but lost in the crowd, though given the pair shrugs and heads inside, it could be that 'see, this is where even the *Weyrwoman* got her jewelry*. As the shop fills up, Wendyn excuses herself, meandering this way and that through the celebration, eyes roaming over both stalls and attendees alike.

A party? At a fancy resort? With swimsuits and shopping? That is /exactly/ Barnaby's speed. He wanders through the place, dressed in one of his nicer suits of a pleasant slate color. It contrasts horrendously with the hat he's wearing. Or more specifically, the giant iridescent purple feather sticking up out of said hat. It almost creates the impression of a butterfly flittering about above the heads of the crowd, stopping here at this kiosk, there at that food table… He pauses at one food table in particular, slightly round-eyed at Ityrziel's eye-catching drink. "My word, /where/ did you get /that/?" he asks, pointing at the drink. "And does it taste as pretty as it looks?" He already has a drink in one hand and a slight flush, but that doesn't mean he can't plan for the future, right?

The Weyrwoman's head immediately twists at the sound of her name and soon her dark gaze comes to rest on Tyr. Immediately her lips curl upwards in a bright smile and she begins weaving through the crowd. It doesn't take long before she's by his side and attempting to slip the archiver a side hug. "Try! Hardly working, I hope?" She leans in to curiously look at what's written in his notes, but attention quickly flicks away upon Baranaby's arrival. "Oh. Faranth. I /love/ your hat!" There's genuine excitement in the woman's voice as she tiptoes up to try and get a closer look at the accessory. By the sound of her voice, she's entirely sincere in her compliment. And then there are even more familiar faces, and though attention is still on the hat there's a grin and a thumbs up in Wendyn's direction. May the business thrive!

Is this Ityrziel's swimsuit? You bet your butt it is. This idiot doesn't look like he sleeps in less than three layers, doesn't he. He doesn't seem to be lacking in things to do, either; delicately sampling each little morsel of dessert and then adding to the report. The future citizens of Monaco are certainly going to know how good the food was! The approach of one of the party-goers — with a giant feather, eyed with curiosity before Tyr seems to realized it's attached to a person — gets a bright smile from the archivist. "The fellow with the, ah, the sequins? I'm afraid I don't remember which one." He makes a rueful face, thrusts the vividly-colored beverage at Barnaby. "Oh, it does, try it. I'm afraid that if I keep drinking, my report to master Bierkal is going to be sub-par." He doesn't seem to have spotted Wendyn yet, but it's only a matter of time before the mysterious cupcake-bearer gets accosted, too — like Reya, who Tyr patiently pat-pats, smiling brightly. "Do you have anything you want to add to the record? Oh, I'd hardly call this work…" The archivist beams, and pointedly stuffs an entire — macaron, maybe? — in his mouth, beaming. "Ah! Orange." Gross. Manners, man.

Arriving just a few moments late of the initial start, Ysabella is looking about the court with nerves flickering across her face. She isn’t quite used to large crowds, so the celebration seems intimidating. Her loose-fitting cream-colored blouse flutters in the breeze, her navy skirt doing the same. Ysabella’s clothing is simple, even for a party, but the bangles and earrings she wears say she’s much more interested in accessories than the clothes. As such she wanders over to the jewelry shop that Wendyn had moved away from, eyes sparkling as they moved over the different wares.

Barnaby suddenly has a drink for /both/ hands, and looks positively delighted by this state of affairs. "Oh? Well, thank you! I believe I shall." He proceeds to take a tentative sip of the brightly-colored concoction, only to take a more healthy drink when he discovers that it's to his liking. "That /is/ good…" His attention is drawn then to the weyrwoman. He may or may not recognize her as such, but that doesn't stop him from responding to her compliment with a brilliant smile. "Do you? I was worried it wouldn't quite match the suit." He considers Reya's getup, sipping thoughtfully at his newly-procured drink, and then gives a little 'hm.' After a bit of juggling glasses to hold two in one hand, he pulls the hat off his head and plops it onto Reya's. He stands back to take in the effect, then beams again. "Thought so. It looks quite fetching with the gold."

Barnaby is not the only one eyeing that fantastically colored drink, because Wendyn's gaze lands on it in short order - before being drawn away by a similar concoction going by on a platter - a platter that doesn't stop no matter Wendyn's attempt to get the waiter carrying it to simply pass the drink over and go get another one. A sigh, and she shakes her head, sulking a little as she meanders once more - looking for the source, or someone who will return to the source for her - "Wait, where did you get -that-?" She asks Tyr, likely implying the now gone cookie, even as she is turning to peer over the various food tables - only to catch sight of that *hat*, and she is snorting, and taking a few steps to try and regain some sort of composure.

"Well, as long as you're enjoying yourself!" Reya lets out a small laugh at that before promptly stuffing her face with what looks like a couple of bite-sized cakes. Hyperactive though she may be, she does appear to be a neat eater at list. Not a crumb falls on her dress! "/I/ think it goes well with the suit!" Though apparently it goes even better with her dress? She's looking at Barnaby as if he'd just given her a new life, or millions of marks. Immediately fingers are cleaned off on a napkin and she reaches up to touch the hat gingerly, "/Really/? You think so?" Cue a wide grin and a quick twirl, "Looks great, right Wendyn? Right?" She thinks so at least! Eventually Barnaby will get it back though, "Thank youuu! It's perfect, though I won't keep it from you for very long!"

The macaron goes down eventually, and Tyr adds at least two lines about it to his record before he makes a happy kind of noise Barnaby-wards. "He did say that the secret ingredient was a fruit only found here. Wouldn't say what, though." The man looks like it offends him greatly that ol' sequins wouldn't share, but, completely oblivious to poor Wendyn's search of the man, Tyr can only beam when she approaches. "That, I remember. One of the new shops, here, young lady over — there. Passing out samples." And he points, definitely not at poor Ysabella but maybe close enough for some mistaken identity. "I don't know how they got them so colorful." Tyr hums, happily, watching the exchange between Barnaby and Reya with amusement, and, you guessed it, another quick notation into The Book.

Barnaby waves Reya off at the promise to give it back. "Oh no, you should keep it. It looks /much/ better on you, I've just decided." He laughs a cheery little burble of a laugh, sips his drink, then adds, "I can get another one. I'm thinking perhaps I'll try something orangey-yellow to go with this drink." It's hard to tell whether he's joking or not, since that good humor seems to be a permanent fixture on his face. He reaches over to the food table, snags some sort of crystalline sugar treat, and has a nibble. "Hmmm. Now that is delightful." He finishes it off, snags another, and passes it to Wendyn. "Here, try this. It looks like cotton, but it tastes divine."

"Its, uh, definitely something." Wendyn manages to choke out as she is questioned directly by Reya, barely catching the indicated direction from Tyr, because there is suddenly a treat in her hand and it is in fact a welcome diversion. "I… I am going to trust you on this.." She manages after a moment, the treat lifted to examine it for a moment before she takes a hesitant bite of a corner, hmming softly before shrugging and popping the rest of the treat into her mouth. "Still need a drink.." She mumbles, snagging something off a passing tray as it is held over the waitress's shoulder - hopefully no one misses that - holding the glass full of a slushy pink-hued drink up. "How bad could it be?" She asks the others, as she considers it for another moment.

"Oh, you asked if I wanted to add anything, didn't you?" Reya's gaze shifts back to Tyr once more and her lips purse just the slightest. "Ummm….well, actually I don't know what to say, but people seem to be having fun, and getting drunk, so…everything is /great/!" Just great, even if Wendyn doesn't /fully/ appreciate the purple hat as it should be. "The drink looks good though, and if it's bad you can chase it down with whatever - ah, what's your name dear fashionista?" Her words are meant for Barnaby if the direction of her gaze is any indication.

"He has a point. It does look lovely on you." Tyr points out brightly, then nods in what might be a sagely fashion for the second bit. "Matching is never a mistake, in fashion, or food, or…" Maybe that's not his first brightly-colored drink, come to think of it. The archivist eyes Wendyn's newly-grabbed drink for a moment, thoughtful, then: "Surely it wouldn't be terrible. Wouldn't want to put a bad front forward tonight." He points out, reasonably, though perhaps very belatedly, on a bright smile for Reya. "Of course." Scribble scribble scribble, and — "Oh! There he is. Give me a moment, I'll fetch more drinks." Tyr is off like a helpful shot, not quite full-on sprinting for the poor guy in teal-and-gold sequins, but I mean, it's close. He's not not chasing down the poor guy.

A brief escape from the Sands - thanks, Reya! - sees Jazhira decked out in her colorful bathing suit and a wrap-around skirt, sandaled feet light on the ground and the ever-present tinkling of bells accompanying her. There's delight on her face as she peers around, amber eyes bright with cheer. "Oh good," she sighs, "it does look just right with the crowds. I hoped it would." Curls bouncing as she clasps her hands in front of her, the weyrwoman twirls slowly in place, eyes drinking in everything and everyone.

Finally, after another moment's consideration, Wendyn is sipping the bright pink drink she stole from the passing tray, wrinkling her nose a little. "This does not taste -pink-." She protests, though what exactly 'pink' should taste like isn't stated. However, she is soon taking another sip so clearly it can't taste too bad.. she does call out after Tyr though as he goes chasing after the sequined drink-bearer, "I want one too!" - before she shrugs and takes another sip. "I guess it's growing on me.." Eyes wander as she does so, meeting the gaze of the Smith at the jewelry shop across the crowd who gives a thumbs up, before ducking back inside, leaving Wendyn to do a happy little dance.

Contrary to the fact that he said he wouldn't be coming, R'en does make an appearance at this grand opening event in well, neither finery nor swimwear. That isn't to say that he doesn't look good in what he's wearing, though. Dark fitted leather looks good on most people, and allows him to lurk in the shadows a little better than average even if his blonde hair might give him away for those really looking for him. He mingles in with the crowds, shifting through them to make his way to one of the new stores that's opened to get a look inside and perhaps snag a glass of something that's going around should it pass him. Food, well, that does draw his attention as well as he shifts so he can get a better view of the spread available. "Tell me there's more than just fruity drinks here tonight." He mutters to himself.

"Doesn't it?" Reya's voice carries over the crowd easily enough, and the question is meant for Jaz. "They did a wonderful job…whoever they are." At this point in time she can't quite remember who was in charge of all the planning - maybe she'll remember in the morning. It's then that Reya notices she's finished all the food on her plate…which leaves hands open for drinks. She briefly pops away to obtain a glass with some kind of liquid that looks nearly black. Or perhaps it's a dark navy blue. Either way - she's drinking it and liking it. She's already on her way back when R'en, poor R'en, catches her attention with that blonde hair. "This one's fruity!" Unhelpful Reya.

Barnaby finishes off the brightly colored drink so that he can stop needing to juggle two glasses. The next time a waiter passes by, he deftly drops the glass onto the tray, then focuses his attention on picking out a new snack and finishing off his other drink. He's halfway through biting into some sort of pastel cookie when Reya makes her unhelpful statement, and he looks up with a slightly owl-eyed expression. "Who's fruity?" he wonders, then glances over at various passersby. Possibly to judge their potential fruitiness.

Pink drinks? Jaz is in! Snagging one off a passing tray, she lifts the glass to her lips - and freezes. « NO. BAD. » "Damn it." Handing it off to one of many in the throng of guests, she sends a sulky glance in the direction of the Weyr and the Hatching Grounds, then helps herself to something a bit more fruity and a bit more non-alcoholic than her previous drink. "It does and they did. And they looked great while doing it, too," she adds, with a sly little grin at her fellow rider. "Which one's fruity? The drink or the rider?" She eyes R'en thoughtfully. "Seems to me half the bronzeriders and more are these days. Speaking of, Wendyn! You tell that delicious bite of a bronzerider to stop lurking in my galleries before I spirit him off and gross you out." « NO! BAD! »

"Reya, I think." Is Wendyn's answer to Barnaby's question about what is in fact fruity, "Though, maybe 'nutty' is a better term." Either probably works though, given her current state of proddiness. All her enjoyment of her drink is ruined though, at Jaz's offhand comment, the miner spitting the mouthful of pink out in a fine spray, and starting to cough, leaning over to try and catch her breath, stop coughing, and to also attempt to avoid discovery by those poor fools' whose finery is now slightly tie-dyed. "Shards, not my -brother-." She finally manages from where she is crouched over, shaking her head again.

"The /drink/ is fruity, and Wendyn's right I probably am too! It tastes kind of like berries?" Though Reya can't help but let out a bright laugh at the assumption that R'en might be the fruity one. She leans back just the lightest, squinting as she looks at him. "R'en though, he's more like a tall, dark, sip of klah." After that statement said in a tone that is most /definitely/ salacious the Weyrwoman goes about her own business for a moment and sips at the alcoholic beverage. Though eyes do quickly flick to Wendyn, "Your brother's here? Doing ok then?" There's a flicker in the back of her head reminding her that there /are/ things that actually need to be worried about at Half Moon. But hey….DRINKS. So she's going to sip some more.

Reya might mean the drink she's having, but R'en's mind also follows the train of others as he glances towards Barnaby to try and discern whether or not he's fruity. "There have been quite a few fruity bronzeriders, but I'm not one of them." He assures nobody in particular, as he starts sorting through the drinks to see which of them has the least chance of being too sweet for him. The comment about whatever bronzerider in the galleries flies right over his head like most things tend to, as he comments, "Why is it that when people think of summer drinks they have to be all ice and fruit and sickly sweet?" He says just about the time as Reya's talking about him and he about chokes. "Wh. What?" He gives Reya a good /long/ look. You know, the one that makes you think he's about ready to skip right out of this rodeo.

See, this is why you don't speak of the devil. Especially one like A'she, who, with a lifemate like his, is all kinds of devilry bundled into one bearded package. "Taking my name in vain, little sister?" he asks Wendyn as he ghosts up behind her, reaching out to take her drink and sip at the remains. "Hmm. Nice bit of tart there. Blushberries, I'd say, with a bit of a citrus chaser for good measure. Guess I don't need to pass that beer I've got off to you, after all." Bright blue eyes flicker over Jazhira with interest, linger approvingly on Reya, then dance to R'en thoughtfully. He offers his ex-Weyrsecond an acknowledging salute - jaunty, irreverent, but nevertheless respectful. Then to Barnaby, to whom he answers, "I mean, give someone the right opportunity and they'll probably qualify." Beneath the devil-may-care attitude, however, there's a deep-seated strain in the young man's face.

Barnaby looks a little puzzled by the variety of answers to the fruity question. Just as he's on the cusp of asking another question, Wendyn saves him with her spit-take. He bursts into a brilliant laugh, through which he really can't ask anything, and by the time he's done, he's entirely forgotten the question of who, precisely, is fruity. He pats Wendyn on the back and offers her his drink (or what's left of it). "Careful, dear, you'll choke yourself." He looks over to A'she, with an honestly blank smile. "Qualify for what?" How many drinks has he had, exactly? However many it is, another is about to join the others, as he snags something random off a passing tray.

The time spent admiring the jewelry was well worth it in Ysabella’s eyes, the world around her seeming to fade away. At the moment she wasn’t there to buy anything, but her eye was caught by a few lovely pieces she might come back for later. In the meantime, she stepped away from the shop and in to the crowd, narrowly avoiding bumping in to someone. Pausing, a little flustered by the near miss, Ysabella grabbed a drink from a passing waiter eyes wandering over the crowd. They caught on Wendyn, a familiar face and after a moment of hesitation Ysabella wandered over to the group. “Good evening,” she says to the group at large with a respectful bow of her head, “Wendyn, it’s nice to see you again. Are you doing alright?” Ysabella hadn’t missed the coughing.

Reya just returns R'en's look with an absolutely innocent smile and a quick shrug of the shoulders, "Just calling it how I see it!" And lest he think he can get away /easily/, she's now attempting to hook her arm in his. None of the others seem to be a flight risk? But this one - definitely. Maybe this is all just the alcohol, R'en - cause the Weyrwoman is making quick work of that drink. Her attention does briefly break from R'en though upon A'she's arrival, and though she doesn't go breaking into /that/ conversation initially there's some mild curiosity in her features. "Drink stealer? Tsk tsk!" And here comes another familiar face, who earns a quick wave from the goldrider. "Hello!"

"I mean, look at that," Jazhira replies helpfully to Wendyn as the bronzerider in question appears. "Okay, I'm not very picky, but… your brother is cute. So are you," she adds with a grin to the miner. "So don't be jealous." With a laugh, the plump weyrwoman reaches up to pinch the journeyman's cheek before dancing off to inspect one of the stalls, its array of tchotchkes catching her eye. She begins to sift through the jewelry, sipping thoughtfully at the fruit juice in her hand. "Oh, Reya, look at these." She holds up a set of seashell necklaces, cream and pink and simply adorable. "And look, they have a nicely tooled sheathe here, too, just for you." She dimples in the direction of her Weyrwoman.

"Shardin' shards.." Wendyn mutters as her brother sneaks up on her, straightening as she narrows her gaze at him. "Don't you dare.." Leave without giving her the beer, that is. Mouth opens and closes, pondering exactly what to say to Jazhira before Ysabella is saving her, and Wendyn is moving to try and loop an arm around the Healer's shoulders, looking quite thankful for the 'rescue'. "HI." She says, far far too loudly, smiling widely, even as she is taking the offered drink from Barnaby. "See, -someone- knows that you should share what you have.." And a pointed glare goes to her brother. "I'm sure Ysabella would like if you shared, too." Sorry, Wendyn-bus tends to hit everyone.

Having his arm hooked around does get R'en to stay, though occupies the hand he might use to give a wave back to A'she in return. He starts the process of trying to pry Reya's arm off of his with the pretense that he might need it for some food or drink that he wants to get from nearby, "There is /far/ too much flirting going on here." He says, glancing between Jazhira and Reya, and then raising a brow towards Wendyn as well. "So, I came to check out the grand opening. See. I'm here." He says, and then thumbs back towards the direction of the weyr proper. "But, I really think I need to get back to do some other things." Important things, of course, in his mind anyhow. "Maybe grab a bottle of something stronger to drink than these fruity drinks." He teases.

"Language, language, little girl," A'she teases Wendyn. "Do you kiss your fathers with that mouth? And in front of such lovely company too," he adds, turning a welcoming smile on Ysabella before giving his sister a pointed glance. "Who's your friend?" Abruptly his expression shifts, smile slipping away, and his shoulders hunch slightly. "I don't have a whole lot of time," he murmurs softly to the miner. "As I'm being pointedly reminded. Trix… isn't very happy about us not being at Half Moon right now. He's… not very happy about a lot right now." Again, the bronzerider's glance steals towards R'en.

"Sheathe?" Reya's interest is piqued because the woman /does/ love her knives - though she can't wield them quite as well as she used to. It's enough of a distraction that R'en has no trouble prying her off. Quick footsteps take her to Jazhira's side and fingers reach out for said sheathe, lightly brushing across it. "Nicely made!" There's a good chance that she'll be buying it before the end of the night. For now though, she's taking another sip of her drink.

Holding her drink with both hands, Ysabella didn’t move away when Wendyn went to but an arm around her shoulders. In fact, she looked a little bewildered, having just walked in on the conversation. “Oh, it’s alright I, ah, grabbed a drink just a moment ago.” And she lifts the drink her hand just barely to show. A slight flush rushes across her cheeks and after clearing her throat she holds out a hand toward the rider, a slight smile on her face as she introduces herself. “Ysabella, Journeyman Healer.”

"Meet my wonderful brother, A'she." Wendyn explains as Ysabella introduces herself, rolling her eyes as she does so. "Bronzerider at Half Moon, which is I suppose of note, but the -beer- he makes is really what matters." And Wendyn is holding out a hand expectantly, though her joking matter drops off and she stiffens, arm tightening slightly around Ysabella's shoulder, before she is murmuring and apology and dropping it back to her side as she stares at A'she. "I mean, it's fine right? You could be back there in 10 breaths.." Clearly, no one should count on Wendyn for self preservation. "And what could he even do? Hold the ground in place?" Despite the serious look on her face, she doesn't hesitate to take a long sip from her drink, which sort of ruins the moment.

"I knew you'd appreciate it," Jaz replies as she studies the sheath with Reya, catching the stall owner's eye and sharing a grin. Fishing a mark piece out of the pocket of her wrap-around, she buys several of the shell necklaces and strings one around her head, then loops one over the Weyrwoman's neck with a light air-kiss above her cheek. Then she's off, the bells at her ankles tinkling merrily as she swings over to Wendyn and Ysabella, depositing strings of shells around each of their necks. A'she is given a once-over and a flirtatious smile - although the latter shifts to a scowl as Szetamirath repeats, firmly, « NO! BAD! », not caring that her voice is echoing in more than just her rider's mind. "Brat."

Ysabella only glances at Wendyn curiously when she murmurs the apology after dropping her arm. A frown slips itself onto her lips, and her brows furrowed slightly concerned as A’she and Wendyn speak. Though Ysabella can only hear a murmur it’s the serious tone that has her concerned. But she’s distracted when the string of shells is put over her neck and she turns to look at Jazhira with slightly surprised eyes. “Um, good evening Weyrwoman.” Ysabella sips her drink a little nervously.

Reya lets out a delighted laugh with the necklace placed around her neck, "Thank you!" Her gaze will follow after Jaz for a moment before something else catches her attention - a group heading towards the water. "Ohhh, wait for me!" Apparently she's got a bathing suit stashed somewhere because after disappearing for a good few minutes she emerges in a black one piece. Into the water she goes, disappearing under the surface….and then dragging someone else under. Hopefully no one drowns tonight? Perhaps she'll come back for food later.

Lifting his shoulders to shrug slightly, R'en has no true response to A'she's glance over towards him. Only so much he can do, and he's done what he can for the time being. The bronzerider watches as Reya darts off to the water, and a sigh of relief washes over him when she decides to go harass some other poor sap in the water. "So, huh. I think I'll go check out one of the other areas." He says, snagging a plate and some bits of food to toss onto it before he walks off towards the direction of the boardwalk.

The crowd is thinning as people disperse to the shops or the other areas, and A'she glances around, trying to judge the mood of the remaining crowd. "Well," he replies lightly, "I am wonderful, and I am her brother, so for once, Wendyn speaks the truth about me. Be still, my heart." As the miner pokes at the dragon in the room, the bronzerider's lips thin slightly and his glances goes sea-ward, in the direction of Half Moon. "He has eggs on the Sands," he finally reminds her, gaze sliding back to both journeymen. "And he's very, very anxious about leaving Seyu and the eggs alone even for this long. But I needed to talk to you."

Wendyn is seashell'd, the action so at odds with the hushed conversation between the miner and her brother that she is pulled out of the moment long enough to blink around her for the source, long enough to catch a glimpse of Jaz and get an echo of Szeta's reminder. Mouth opens and closes, some smart thing about at least 1 being being on her side in this, and then she is staring back at A'she with a tilt of her head. "Everything is fine? See?" A pause. "Or.." She trails off, letting him supply if there is something else needed to be said besides merely a booze delivery.

As the crowd thins, Jazhira answers the soft, insistent summons from the grounds. "Ladies, gentlemen," she murmurs softly, slipping behind A'she on her way towards the Weyr proper. Did she just…? No, surely not even she would be so crude.

She did. Jumping, A'she slaps his hand on his ass and stares after the weyrwoman, blinking in startlement. "She just…" Shaking his head, he goggles a moment longer, then turns his attention back to Wendyn and Ysabella, casting a long glance at his sister. "Everything is not fine," he mutters. "I wish Suriya had listened to me and moved before Seyu clutched. I don't like what's happening, and I don't like that that idi- well. That Z'tan isn't taking it seriously. But I'm just a brewer, what do I know?" The bronzerider's sarcasm is thick enough to spread on toast. "But, this is a party! And you have a drink. And I have beers waiting for you with Trix - he's in the galleries, staring rather rapaciously at those eggs. Because he doesn't have enough," he adds, with a hint of bite. « Never enough. I really like that kind of shiny one. »

"Serves you right.." Wendyn mutters at her brother as he is left to stare at Jazhira, rolling her eyes a little bit, "Though, I thought Reya was the one to worry about." Clearly, just avoid the whole lot of them, they are scary, and her brother is -not- appropriate prey. "Yes, but everything is fine -here- and you don't need to worry about me. You have enough to worry about." Shockingly, Wendyn does not have her own opinion to give on the Half Moon matter - likely though from just general ignorance than any loyalties. "Maybe its a good thing, though, he is worried about his eggs, or if you hang around here, I suspect you'll have more, soon." Pause. "I know I just said I was safe here, but.. want to take me back with you?" Away from loud, sharing golds?

"Back to Half Moon? I - uh…" A'she is slightly blindsided by Wendyn's directness, and he takes a step back, studying his sister. "I - ah, hmm." Azure eyes narrow slightly and he rests his fists on his hips, one foot tapping thoughtfully against the stone path beneath his boot. "Look, why don't you come back to Trix, have a beer with me, and let's talk." He fidgets slightly, hand slipping from hip to rear, and glances around again to see if that butt-pinching goldrider is still around. "I have thoughts on a few scores, and I could use your opinion." His gaze flickers towards the others - Ysabella, Barnaby, those few who have lingered nearby. "Or once you're done with your friends, you could meet me there?" « Hey. This one is an awfully nice shade of blue. It would look great with that orange speckled one we have… » "Soon?" he yelps. Is there any dragon around here that doesn't just talk to all and sundry?

A long glance at the others, and Wendyn nods her head quickly, turning to offer a few words to those lingering - she'll be back, thank you for the drinks, and such - before she is laughing softly at Trix's commentary, waving a hand. "Lets go before somehow he actually puts actions to his words." Faranth forbid -that- happens - Eggs need to be leaving Half Moon's sands, not joining them!

Ysabella seems a bit out of her depth as the crowd ebbs and flows around her. So she simply sips her drink, taking in the sights and nodding her head when Wendyn sets off. After waving good-bye to the Miner, Ysabella lets her attention get caught by the shops and settles to go browse through the various goods.

"Indeed," A'she replies, turning towards Ysabella and offering her a slight bow. "I apologize for stealing her away - I promise to return her unharmed." Of course, he doesn't say when that will happen, but… details. « Oh. Ooo. I really like this one, with the fuzzy lines. Go release some herdbeasts into the Caverns, that might distract Szetamirath… » "Oh, sweet Faranth."

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