Pre-egg oogling!

Monaco Bay Weyr- Hatching Galleries

The Galleries consist of a multitude of rows, cut into the rock of this vast cavern. The heat here is stiffling any time of year, but the breeze coming in through the open roof high above makes it bareable. Sheltered from the coast's weather, this cavern looks out into it but rarely experiances any of it. Stairs lead down to the Commons Cavern, from one side, while at the back of the galleries there is a passage way leading out to the treetop dwellings. Far to the other side of the galleries are several stairs leading up to the multitude of ledges where the dragons and riders view the hatching.
The cavern has gained the added illumination of daylight, filtering down from above, but from this angle, the majority of the light still comes from the multitude of papercovered electric lanterns that cast their cheerful warm colors on the galleries and the rest of the cavern. Springtime has arrived on Eastern Weyr, the flowers budding with wild abandon and all about new growth of the jungle seems to be the theme both in the animal and plant kingdoms.

He's here for a sevenday, and so Vantayne makes the best of his time in the area, the guy from a minor Hold inland this day visiting the Weyr, where he was assured by a certain artistic bronzerider that interesting sights might be found. At this point, the quiet young man's treading very judiciously into the Galleries, looking all around him with barely-disguised awe.

Sydney has been flitting about from place to place as he continues his vacation. After being stuck at the healer hall for the quarantine he'd left and spent some time back in Xanadu, and then moved back to Monaco. He'd spent the day lounging on the beach, nothing too terribly interesting happened so he wandered back to the weyr proper and up into the galleries to take a seat, "Hello." he waves to the new person wandering in.

Thank the stars Vantayne's both arrived after that quarantine, and also that he's not from an area that was under it in the first place. His footsteps are quiet, hazel eyes flicking all around to take in the majestic vault of the torrid galleries and Sands below, until the holder's attention is drawn to Sydney, via his greeting. In case there's dragons anywhere near to potentially irk, he keeps his light baritone modulated while responding back, "Greetings."

There won't be any 'irking' going on at the moment. Syndey has been plopped here for more than a candlemark and there's been nary a whiff of a dragon in all that time, "Welcome to the gallery. Feel free to have a seat and take a load off." he says with a smile. Apparently he gets to be the official greeter for the evening since there is no one else, "I'm afraid its all quiet down there. Though I hear that may change at any time." At least thats the rumor spreading around the place. Two golds, sharing one sand, "Might well be an interesting evening."

That easy greeting from the Harper earns him a hint of a small smile, Vantayne listening in pointed fashion, then letting his hazel eyes slip from Sydney back to the Sands below them. They return, of course, to what's before him as the holder moves closer to the other man, and once he's standing beside the seating section just below where the other sits, Tayne inquires, "So that's what the bronzerider meant about two clutches of eggs." Pause. "There's none yet?"

"If there are I haven't seen them yet. Course I could have poorly timed my arrival and missed the whole thing." His luck isn't always perfect, "Yes. Two so they tell me. Though I suppose until the eggs are actually laid its all rather up in the air. Much like most things in life." Sydney won't really worry too much about it one way or the other, "There certainly doesn't seem to be much of an audience either way."

Maybe Vantayne will be lucky enough to see those upcoming eggs before he departs. The look on his tanned face speaks of mixed feelings as he listens to Sydney, the holder finally allowing himself to settle into a seat before he cranes his neck all about…rubbernecking at this first sight of one of the 'taboo' parts of a Weyr. Quietly, "I'm Vantayne."

"I'm Sydney. Very good to meet you sir." he replies back quickly. Sydney has had pleanty of time to gawk so his reaction is slightly more muted, "If you stick around for a sevenday or so you will probably get to see the eggs and the dragons too. It wouldn't surprise me in the least. Should be quite a show to see if they manage to get along." He wouldn't place any marks on it. Mother dragons are finiky creatures.

A polite bob of head is all for Sydney, 'Tayne's eyes widening just a bit as he mulls over the prospect of witnessing what the Harper describes. Not wanting to sound too back-woods, the holder does manage to allow himself a few questions, wanting to fill his general ignorance of at least some of the Weyr's ways. "So them laying together is…rarer, then?" Hazels again lift out to where said eggs will soon be deposited, then drift back to Sydney. "Might I ask whos eggs?"

"I suppose it probably is a bit more rare. It happens from time to time." he says recalling stories from earlier times and even more recent history, "Though when it comes to their names I couldn't tell you. I'm not from here. I'm not sure who the lady dragons might be or who their riders are, or anything of that sort of information, though I'm sure that will also come out in good time…" Sydney says.

There's thoughtful inclinations of his head to Sydney's points of dual clutches, though Vantayne does look slightly chagrined for a brief moment at finding out the other man's not a Weyr Harper. "Are you visiting, then?" the holder murmurs, even as he again divides his attention between between his conversational companion and the new sights about him. As the harper might suspect, he's taking second place in the 'oggling' category, given he's merely human. Tayne's seen lots of those before.

They are all only human in the end, "Yes. I'm on vacation. Been making the grand tour of Pern. So far I've been to Xanadu and Monaco. I'll eventually wander toward's Ista and Half Moon. I hear the weather in both places is lovely." It's easy to figure out that the other man is also just visiting, "What brings you to the weyr?" Sydney asks.

As Vantayne listens to the Harper, once might notice the vestiges of wanderlust at the fringes of his gaze, the aura of someone who's led a 'limited' life at home perhaps dreaming of larger vistas. "What does Xanadu look like?" is finally inquired in a cautiously hopeful tone, Tayne's smile a quiet thing as his torso inclines slightly towards Sydney. If the Harper wants an audience…he's apparently got one. That inquiry, however, evinces a sudden caution within the holder, his eyes flaring an honest moment's discontent - even anger - before he glances out to the Sands again, and answers flatly, "I came to find some items at the Hold that my family needed…couldn't wait for. I thought I'd see the Weyr, while I was here."

"Xanadu is a fairly tropical local. One of the riders there was kind enough to take me on a tour via runner. They are situated on a lake and the beach is quite lovely. I do recommend seeing it if you ever get the chance or the inclination." Sydney's view of the places is very favorable, "It is also populated by charming people." Which reminds him, "Do you happen to like reading and beaches?" he asks. Though the man's explaination does catch his attention, "Sounds like a rather urgent mission."

Yes…he'd much rather concentrate on Sydney's vocal images of far-away places, Vantayne giving a silent sigh as those words take him away for even a few moments. "Perhaps someday…" the holder murmurs, his chin dropping downward a little to chest, then quickly lifting as he refuses to indulge himself this mood. Headquirk. "Depends on what I'm reading… and I haven't seen a true beach in Turns." Beat. "Until I visited here." Ah… now /that/ brings a small, though pleasurable little smile to his solemn features, though it disappears again at mention of his reason for being here. "Not truly." His lips press thin for just a moment, then part with, "It simply wouldn't wait for a few months, for the next caravan to pass through."

Sydney checks off a few requirements in his mind, "Excellent." he says. That might be close enough, "There is someone that I think I'd like you to meet. Though not tonight obviously." he says as he figures out how he'll convince Idrissa to come up here. Probably wouldn't take much. He'll have someone send a firelizard or something, "Ahh…well sometimes things just don't wait." He knows how that works, "Speaking of which I guess I might need to find a place to sleep for the night." he rises to his feet, "It was a pleasure to meet you sir. I'm sure we'll see each other around if you stick around for a few days."

Wait… someone's going to…read with him? What's Sydney up to? Tayne's eyes narrow just a fraction in suspicion and plain old confusion before he simply accepts the other man's words as just a strange flow of Harper consciousness, the holder dipping his head again and murmuring, "Thank you for your pleasant company. Have a kind day, Sydney." As for the youth? He'll linger here, quietly eyeing all that's to be seen of the grounds, before he meanders on towards yet another part of this whole new 'Weyr world.

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