Free time for riders?

Monaco Bay Weyr- Docks
A thin, windy pathway lined with paper lanterns leads to the sturdy docks made of stone and wood that stretch out into the deep azure waters. A large wall of stone curves around the docks, protecting the small docking harbor from the weather. Nestled against the intersection of docks and land, a large hollow has been carved out of the rock, the formation intended for storage of smaller ships during the worst of Monaco's storm season.

Given the way he was 'encouraged' to take temporary leave of their hold by his father and brothers, Vantayne finds little reason to limit himself to Monaco Bay Hold only, the man taking his third day free to wander away towards the Weyr. By this point, he's treading the docks and looking around with the somewhat wondering stare tourists often have when seeing new and impressive sights for the first time. He's playing it smarter than he did at the Hold, however, and as such carries a large skin of some liquid he partakes of now and again against the heat of the day.

On the dock near to the waters edge, S'ic sits with a easle before him him looking out across the water. The harper turned rider stares into the distance, a sea scape on the canvas before him. Hearing someone approach he looks slowly up and smiles, Afternoon.

Ambling closer to the artist, Vantayne peers first at his knot, then at what the rider is painting, finally murmuring pleasantly to S'ic, "Hello." Pause, peer. "I'm Vantayne." Hazel eyes lift from rider to the scene he's rendering onto canvas. "I thought dragonriders were always busy folk." It's not an accusation, the holder man's words merely curious.

S'ic looks up and smiles, "Oh we are." he grins, "It all depends on what our duties entail." he stands and offers his hand, "I am S'ic Bronze Xtzaltuth ride and harper." he smiles, "I am part of the crafter wing so my craft is my duty."

"My pardons for interrupting you…" Vantayne murmurs as the rider stands, the equally tall holder grasping the other man's hand and giving it a firm shake before his own mitt falls away to his side, again. With the Harper-rider's words of his craft comes Tayne's return to looking at the painting compared to the actual scene itself, a hint of pleasure touching the holder's gaze. Quietly, "Our Harper at the hold has no talent for art… just words and teaching, and some music." He's musing, apparently, and only interrupts that to take a sip from his skin, then belatedly offer one to S'ic. "Fruit juice…nice and cool."

S'ic smiles and says, "Diffrent harpers specilize in diffrent things I am an artist, though I do have some skill with music, it isn't my major field of study." he says, "I do mostly portraits." he looks to Vantayne and smiles, "Which hold are you from?

"So our own Harper says…though I wasn't sure she told the full truth," Vantayne murmurs aloud in light baritone to S'ic, the two of them standing and talking to one side of the bronzerider's easle and canvas. "Are you an Apprentice or a Journeyman?" the now-curious holder inquires further, then noting in slightly terse voice, "I'm from <insert yet unthought of name of a Minor hold inland from MB Hold here>."

S'ic smiles and says, "I am an apprentice though I am almost complete with my journeyman project." he smiles and says, "it will be any time now."

"Luck to you, then…" Vantayne murmurs of the bronzerider's upcoming exams, something quietly envious in the timbre of his voice, behind hazel eyes. A small chew at his lower lip precedes a soft, "How did you come to be a rider?"

S'ic smiles and says, "Well I was an apprentice here at the weyr and one of the search riders grabed a hold of me." he smiles, "I though standing would would a good experience to teach more more about life..'

"Weyrfolk, first, then…" Vantayne notes in return to S'ic around a twitch of mouth, his eyes darkened a little and looking out somewhere else for some moments. When his gaze returns to more present company, the holder manages to find something of a small smile for the bronzerider-Harper, and asks him rather cautiously, "If I… went to the Weyr to look at it, would I be intruding?" He's never seen one, before…or so his words and the look on his face might say.

S'ic shakes his head, "Not at all, everyone is welcome." he smiles and says, "It is encouraged to come and look at the eggs when they are on the sands.'

For some reason, S'ic's enthusiastic welcome is unexpected by the hesitant and cautious Vantayne, the holder blinking at first in suspicion, then surprise. It takes him a moment to recover, and after he does, the young man asks, "There's eggs now?"

S'ic nods and says, "There are." he smiles and says, "And there are about to be more actually.'

S'ic /must/ be pulling Vantayne's leg, and the small narrowing of the holder's hazel eyes quietly speaks of his doubt. "I thought dragons laid only one clutch at a time."

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