Missing stuff? ( Sigel is Searched)

Monaco Bay Weyr- Main Clearing
The main clearing of Monaco Bay Weyr is immense, a sprawling space carved out from the verdant jungle that is constantly threatening to encroach from the north and east. There are a few pathways paved with dark stone; otherwise, the ground is full of dust — or worse, mud, during the rainy season — due to the constant churn from dragons taking off and landing. The trees tend to be enormous affairs, sweeping the skies far above the heads of any dragons, with trunks bigger than a dragonlength around. Shaded by the surrounding foliage is the single feature that makes this area suitable for habitation: a series of large bubble caverns provide permanence and shelter for the inhabitants of this tropical Weyr.

Ah, cue the act! Leruis looks innocent, pointing his fingertips at the ground. "Just look at it!" He tells the nearing teen. "You wouldn't believe what I just found. Someone put a bunch of stuff here on the ground." He ambles forward, picking up one of the things and giving it a scrutinizing look. "Huh, must be someone's shirt by the look of it. Chi, huh, well, I better go and return his shirt to him."

Sigel looks curiously at the various items on the ground, then at Leruis as he 'innocently' picks up a shirt with clear intent to return it to its owner, "Maybe Chi left it here for a reason? It seems very, um, intentional, doesn't it?" He takes a small step back from the large ring of stuff that's been laid out, shifting his crate to the side to study it with a serious expression on his square face. He sets the crate down, which rattles softly, and lifts a hand to scratch the back of his neck, clearly having mixed feelings about the entire situation - or seeming to, anyway. After a moment or two, he looks over at Leruis again and asks, tone inquisitive and conversational, "Did you make it? It seems very complicated."

Leruis blinks over at Sigel, dropping the shirt back onto the ground as he stands to his feet, dusting off his hands. "I dunno, that's what the shirt says. Who goes around writing their names on their shirts anyway. It's silly." He laughs cheerfully, shrugging his shoulders as he considers the ring of stuff. "Me? Of course I didn't. I'm the one that found it, didn't I? I was gonna go give it back, y'know. Maybe get a reward for my efforts."

For a moment, Sigel stares blankly at Leruis, his head cocked to the side. After a few seconds, he waves his hand at the ring a bit, "I meant… put this together like this. I didn't think you were the one who… lost it. I guess." There's a minor pause as he peers at some of the things just beyond his toes, frowning minutely, "It doesn't seem right to want a reward… I wouldn't be happy if my things were out in the middle of the Weyr like this." Another beat as his brain grinds through the various thoughts that he's apparently managing in this moment and he looks at Leruis with a furrowed brow, "What if they blame you, just for returning it? That'd be unkindly, wouldn't it?" Hm, hm. It's hard to tell if he's actually getting at anything or just thinking a lot, very vocally.

"Exactly, I didn't do it." Leruis says simply, tapping his chin. "But someone clearly did, and I suppose we'll have to figure out who did it." Leruis tilts his head to the side blinking over at Sigel in mild confusion. "Why? It's only right to want a reward, I mean, if I don't get one, that's fine, too. But, if I were to loose something and someone found it for me. I would certainly give them something nice. It makes sense, after all." He nods his head idly to himself, glancing up at the sky thoughtfully. "Why would they blame me? It's not like they have proof, and I'm the one that found it and brought it to them. Why would I do that if I did it?" He laughs cheerfully, shrugging his shoulders. "I'm sure whoever did it just wanted to have some fun with people, taking their things and putting them somewhere else. No harm no fowl, right?" Right. Or, at least, that's what Leruis thinks anyway. He glances to the side as more people start to fill into the bowl, a brownrider makes his way over towards the circle, clearly confused. "What's this stuff doing here? Hey, is that my shoe? I was wondering where it went…do you two know how it got here?" His brown rumbles quietly, snuffing the ground in curiosity.

Sigel frowns even more as Leruis describes it so cheerfully, scratching his head and then folding his arms as he shakes his head in disagreement, "I think it's kind of mean, really. Not only did you lose something, but it's out here, sitting in the dirt all day, where everybody can see. I'd be upset." He props his jaw on his fist now, looking oddly morose in sympathy for whoever has lost their things here, if indeed they did not just decide to make them part of a strange art installation. When the brownrider makes his way over, Sigel shrugs his shoulders helplessly, nodding towards Leruis and explaining, "No, I'm not sure. He found it and we were talking about taking things back to people, if we know who they belong to. So, well, um…" He proceeds to step forward, pick up the noted shoe, and then shuffle over to the rider so he can hand it to him. There. Solved.

"It's not mean, I mean, if it was really mean, I'm sure the person would just take the items and not return them, right? So obviously it's a prank of some kind. I think it's kind of funny, really. Leruis grins to himself as he eyes the circle of bits and bobs, none of which are remotely of any real value. The brownrider receives the shoe, turning it over in his hands carefully, as if examining the shoe, just to make sure that it is indeed his. then, he tucks it underneith his arm and turns his gaze towards Sigel and Leruis in turn. "Well, thank you, both of you, for returning my shoe. I don't know how it got here, but at least I have it back. Lerith and I'll have to take it back later." The brown rumbles, his whirling gaze shifting towards Sigel as the object is returned. "Ah, Lerith wants me to thank you as well."

Sigel nods to the brownrider amiably, then does the same to the man's dragon, only to point his thumb in Leruis's direction, "It was his idea to try and return things, but you're welcome." Not one to take credit when it wasn't his idea, apparently, or just too awkward to bother. Whatever the case, he bites his thumb after that and eyes the rest of the ring, looking generally concerned. He looks at his crate again as well, then back to the ring, eventually huffing a light sigh and looking at Leruis again, "It's a bit of a mean prank. I guess people didn't put their things here willingly, though, so we should try to return them - and get them out of here and off the ground, at least." Another one of those pauses and he blinks, suddenly and abruptly thrusting his hand towards the other young man, "Oh. I'm Sigel. Hello."

"Very well." The brownrider conciders the two boys, his hands dipping into his pockets. Lerith considers the two boys but his whirling gaze seems to be predominently on Sigel, reaching out to offer his muzzle to the young teen. "C'mon, Lerith, stop that. I'm sure he doesn't want to give you attention." The brownrider rolls his eyes in annoyance, pushing the big brown muzzle away and offering an appologetic look. "I'm K'ris, this is Lerith well met." The brownrider's eyes go distant a moment, considering the brown. Leruis seems to be grinning, however, "Aw, c'mon, don't be such a bad sport. It's all in the name of fun and things'd get too boring around here without a bit of entertainment. I, for one, welcome a bit of intrigue!" He laughs cheerfully, offering his hand towards Sigel. "Leruis, I'm a merchant here, provider of cheap stuff! You need something, anything, I can get it for you at a cheap price."

Sigel seems happy enough to offer Lerith some kind of attention, however, if in the same sense that he'd probably offer it to just about any kind of animal seeking it. He tries scratching the dragon's nose like with a runner, just in case that's more or less how it works, only to blink curiously at the rider and offer him a hand as well, "Oh. It's nice to meet you. I'm Sigel." Just in case. Never hurts to introduce yourself properly. For Leruis, he brightens slightly and squeezes the other youth's hand, "Really? I'm a trader. My whole family is, anyway. It's always nice to meet people who sort of do the same thing, isn't it?" He'll let go of Leruis's hand a moment later, well aware that his tendency to be effusive sometimes leads to that special 'crushed fingers' feeling. He rubs the side of his nose absentmindedly and admits, "I guess some intrigue can be fun. I didn't mean to be a bad sport. I just feel bad for people whose stuff is out here." He hums under his breath again, pushing his hair off his forehead, where it promptly manages to make itself into an oddly shaped cloud of auburn.

The brown seems to croon in contentment, his eyes lidding slowly as those fingers work into his muzzle, causing his rider to roll his eyes in annoyance. "Alright, alright! Fine, have it your way." He stuffs his hand into his pocket and produces a white knot, offering it to Sigel. "Lerith wants you to stand for the sands, what do you say, kid? You'd make a great addition to the candidates." Leru's eyes shift to the rider, his lips widening in a grin. "Well, I'll be, you should say yes! I mean, it's a good thing!" He doesn't even seem to mind his bruised fingers, though he does give them a little shake to restore some feeling back to them. "Don't feel bad for them, it's not like thier items dissapeared forever and a little bit of dirt never hurt anything. It'll come off."

Sigel looks understandably surprised by this development, taking the white knot and studying it a moment before he shrugs and smiles, "Sure. Lerith seems nice, so I don't see why not." Perfect logic. He looks at Leruis and cocks his head again, looking interested in the fact that not long is the dragon for it, but it's also apparently a good thing to do all around. Glad to have fallen into such a good decision, he takes a moment to fiddle with the knot, tying it on his shirt wherever it seems the most likely not to fall off. He rubs his nose again absentmindedly and smiles once more, "There. I'll go to the Sands or the stands or wherever. It's a good thing." He nods at Leruis, both to show his agreement and somewhat to double-check, though he does ask, after a moment, "Do you figure I'll be able to finish my delivery and help return people's stuff, still?"

The brownrider nods, seeming to be happy with this. He nods to the crate offering a faint smile, "You should probably finish delivering that and then you can move into the candidate barracks. If you need any help, feel free to ask any one of us." And then the brownrider is off and Leruis tucks something into his pockets, grinning widely. "Well. Do you need help carrying that?" He asks, mentioning to the crate.

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