Trader meets Trader

Monaco Bay Weyr- Cove Beach
The darkling black of the sand merges with the crystal blue of the water, creating a brilliant and playful blend of color that fluctuates by sunlight and moonlight. The cove spreads from the mouth of the river towards the ocean, mixing saltwater with fresh for an invigorating rush that is teeming with life.

It's early evening and most of the Weyr has gone in for the dinner rush, which leaves the beach fairly deserted. Not everyone's keen to join in the mob though, and Feyran is one of them. She'll have her dinner later, but for now the trader is enjoying some of the free time she has outside of chores. The trader girl is dressed much the same as usual…leggings, and a dress…though her large green jacket with it's many pockets filled with baubles and food has been laid neatly aside. Fey doesn't seem to be paying much attention to anything, just drawing a bunch of stick figures on the sand.

Leruis comes carrying in a rather shiny object which he flicks into the air and then catches it when it plummits back to the ground. The merchant, seems quite pleased with himself, really, having secured some st—merchandice from a totally legal source. Really. He did. No lie. The teen is whistling rather cheerfully as he ambles upon the beach and gives a little wave towards Feyran. "Greetings! Nice day, isn't it?" The stash of baubles and stuff is eyed curiously but he seems to decide it's not quite worth it.
To be fair, no one can really see what's inside the jacket pockets, but it's obvious by the cloth's lump form that she's got plenty of random things stuffed inside there. At the greeting, Feyran glances up and raises an eyebrow at Leruis and his shiny thing. "It's alright." There's a tiny smirk on her lips as she slides one hand back and tilts her head to the side. "You don't feel like joining in the dinner rush either?" Fighting for food isn't fun for her, not unless it's with her caravan.

Leruis makes his way over towards Feyran, sitting probably a bit too close than what is welcome. He leans backwards, placing his left hand towards those tempting jacket pockets. Time for the waiting game. "Well, sometimes it's not so bad, I mean, there's lots of people to bump into, and you're always meeting somene new! It's great." He cheerfully smiles over at Feyran, "You're one of the candidates, eh? Welcome to the weyr! I'm a passerby myself, a merchant…more or less."

Feyran doesn't seem to mind him, but the girl does raise another eyebrow at where his hand is placed. She flicks her gaze back to the ocean, but the trader might be keeping an eye on things from the corner of her eye. After all, this /is/ her job after all. Despite it all though, her body and demeanor are both relaxed. "I don't mind it when I'm just being social, but when I want my food…I want my food." Feyran smirks a little bit and kicks some sand with her feet. "MHm, and thanks. I've been in and out of the Weyr for weeks though, so maybe /I/ should be welcoming /you/?" Apparently this is amusing to her because the trader girl snickers quietly under her breathe.

"But that's the /best/ time to be social! I mean, you got all these people around you who are all talking to each other. And it's the greatest, I always do better with crowds than on a one-on-one basis, y'know?" Leruis grins cheerfully, rolling his shoulders in an indifferent manner. "Have you? I'm passing through, myself, decided to take a load off and try weyr life for a bit. Figured it might offer me opportunities I might not otherwise have." He laughs cheerfully, "Well, thank you very much for welcoming me to the weyr! I'm Leruis, a merchant of sorts."
"I like the people, I like talking to them…I don't like having to wait for my food. I'll give it a few until the line dies down and then go talk to people afterwards." Feyran smirks, her words making it sound like this is the most obvious thing on Pern. "Opportunities like what? And merchant of /what/?" The trader girl looks skeptical to say the least, especially since she hasn't heard of any other caravans parked around the Weyr and their neighboring holds. "Feyran River of the River Traders, nice to meet you Leruis." And she'll probably forget his name five minutes from now.

"So chat with them in the line! I always feel that makes time go by all the quicker, y'know? You make friends while you're waiting and then you get food and can sit with them and chat." Leru nods his head in agreement with himself, tapping his fingers against the sand as he gazes onto the water. "Oh, you know, to get stuff that I might not otherwise get. I aquire items from people that want to get rid of them and sell them to other people. Or…I get stuff from the crafts and sell them to others for cheap. I sell all sorts of stuff, whatever I can get my hands on, anyway." He grins cheerfully, offering his hand to Feyran. "Nice to meet ya, Frey! You can call me Leru, nice to meet another trader!"
"…I'm not anti-social, I just don't want to wait for food. You get that, right?" Feyran talks slowly, as if Leruis might not be understanding something here. The trader girl smirks before glancing over to the teen's fingers as they tap on the sand. There's a raised eyebrow for that before she lifts one hand to take his and give it a shake. "Leru? You already introduced yourself a few seconds ago…you nervous or something?" This one…well, this one is extremely blunt and she isn't gentle with anyone's feelings, much less a merchant's. On some level, she seems to think that someone in the same business will be similar. "Hope your…acquiring of goods is going well. I can understand not wanting to disclose your suppliers." Those words come with a knowing smile.

Leruis tilts his head to the side, a brow arching on his forehead curiously. "Everyone has to wait in line, I mean, while you are waiting for the line to go down, you could make it go by faster by waiting with others. I always find that is quicker than waiting for the line to go down." Leruis shrugs his shoulders, "Indeed I did, but I rather people called me Leru, rather than Leruis, sounds too serious for me, if you know what I mean. I'm not nervous, I'm sitting here, relaxing, chatting with you. What could be better?" He shifts slightly, stretching out on the sand. "Oh! Business is always good with me! I'm always making a profit, and it's a lot of fun. And difficult, and I always have to keep pushing myself to new heights! I mean, it's great."

"Kid….once most of them have gotten their food, I don't have to stand there and smell all of that for as long as I would if I went with there in the middle of dinner hour." Really? Calling someone else kid with that face? Feyran just shakes her head and snickers at the merchant for a moment. "What could be better? Sitting here, relaxing, eating something?" The trader smirks and tilts her neck to one side and then the next, a pop clearly audible when she does so. "Isn't that the way with business? Have to make sure you aren't losing things, and sometimes you've got to take bigger risks. Course, that's my parents deal not mine." No, she plays a different role in the caravan.

Leruis stares. "Kid? I'm sure I'm not that much younger than you. It's Leru! Lerrr-ohh! So? If you stand there smelling the food, you're that much hungrier! And a girl like you needs a good meal, after all! None of you eat properly I swear!" He laughs cheerfully as he leans, shifting himself perhaps just a bit closer. "Always! There's always that risk involved, but sometimes it's worth it, y'know! Like this!" The shiny thing is lifted up, causing Leru to grin widely as he moves it over his fingers. "I reckon it's gotta be worth a fortune and the guy who gave it to me didn't even ask a good price!"

Feyran smirks when he says he's not a kid and shoots him a quick wink before nodding, "Exactly. I ear more than enough…give me some bread rolls and meat anyway. Besides, once everyone's gotten most of the food they'll replace it with more and then you get your choice of all the good parts." Oh yes, the trader girl is very cunning in that regard. She certainly notices him moving closer, but she doesn't give any indication of it. No, she's acting much the same as before. "What is it anyways?" She lifts an eyebrow and glances at the shiny thing, but it's for a brief second.

Leruis shakes his head, lifting up a finger to wiggle it playfully at her, "See! Bread and meat, that's no meal, that's a snack! Y'gotta eat more than that, I reckon!" He winks playfully, shrugging as he leans backwards, glancing over at Feyran. "I suppose, but then you miss all the good opportunities to strike up a good conversation and meet people! And that's always a good thing, I reckon." He tucks the shiny back into his pocket, shrugging. "Jewelry? Some sorta stone? A coin? Dunno gotta get it checked out, I reckon. You wanna look at it?"

"Nahhh, see that's where you're wrong. You're thinking that once they're out of line you can't just invite yourself over to a table with people that look interesting and have a conversation. /That's/ what you do." Feyran grins. No, she doesn't have any qualms about barging in on people have dinner conversations. "Bread and meat is the stuff of life, don't know what you're talking about." There's a smirk for the merchant before she's shaking her head at the offer, "It's alright. My parents deal in jewelry anyways so I pretty much see that sort of thing everyday."
Leruis stuffs his hand back into his pocket, prooffering it towards the other trader. "Maybe you can make heads or tails of it for me, then. Tell me what it's worth." Leruis says with a wide grin, laughing. "Yeah, but see, I do that anyway! Intrude in on the line and then invite myself to a table full of a bunch of new buddies who all wanna have a good time and a good chat. Things are great that way!"

Feyran laughs, "Me? Nah, that's my parents business. I help out here and there but they're the ones you have to take that to." No, she does something else for the caravan that most certainly doesn't involve jewelry. She will take the thing though and look over it for maybe a second or two. After that the candidate is holding the thing back out to Lerius. "You've got more patience when it comes to smelling food than I do then."
Leruis shakes his head slowly, "Remind me to drag you with me to the line next time and show you the ropes. You'll love, truely! I'll even introduce you to a lotta people. Like there's this kid named Sigel, and then there's a rider I met the other day, and he had lot of stuff that he was just waiting to be rid of." Leruis grins wdely, tilting his head. "So, what /do/ you do with your caravan then? I'm a loner myself, it…it's better doing what I do alone. Easier. I get more of the profit." He shakes his head, laughing, "Well, when you've been on the streets for as long as I have, you learn to appreciate the little things, like the smell of perfectly good food! Even if it does get your hunger going!"

Feyran smirks at Leruis, "I think I'll pass, you have fun with that though. It's not like I never get in line, I just didn't feel like facing up to the smell of food today." The trader girl shakes her head once and then again at the name drop. "Never heard of him, and there's a ton of brown riders here." What does she do for her caravan? There's a sly sort of smile, but she doesn't seem to be giving away much when she does answer. "A little of this, a little of that. I help everyone out really." The talk of streets? That earns a raised eyebrow. "So you're not a weyrbrat or hold brat or from the traders or crafters or something?" That's kind of surprising to her.

Leruis shrugs his shoulders, "Fine, fine, but you're welcome to join me in the future. It'd be fun, you'd see! And the smell of food isn't really that bad, I mean, I can think of worse things, like wondering where your next meal is coming from." Leru shrugs his shoulders, glancing up at the sky thoughtfully. If she feels inclined to keep her secrets, Leru doesn't seem inclined to press too much. He has his own, of course. "Nope, not really. I'm a loner, trying to make the best of things as I can. I travel mostly, going here and there. Don't stay in one spot too long, hoping to…clean things up a bit this time though."

"If I spot you in line at the caverns, I'll come and tap your shoulder. How's that sounds?" Feyran grins for a moment before tilting her head to the side and raising her brow. "You've had to wonder where your next meal is coming from? Cause if I were you I would've just camped out at a Weyr sooner. They don't care who comes and eats their foods…shards, they let /me/ in here." And no one would let Fey in anywhere if they knew her! "Clean things up so…stay somewhere? Change is nice sometimes. Course, that's why I said ok to this thing." She flicks her white knot. "Something new, something fun…who knows, staying in one place for a while could be interesting."

Leruis shrugs his shoulders, "Weyr's not the right type of place for me, I figure. Too many people makes me shifty. I'm better at the holds, less people." He says, glancing over towards her, grinning. "Well, I figure it's time to try. And anyway, I seem to be doing better. Sorta." He laughs cheerfully. "That's what I thought, too. Stay in one place, try to clean up, do things the right way. Maybe get a good reputation, and things'll be better. That's what I figure, anyway."

"Holds? Really? Don't they kind of creep you out…so many stiffs!" Feyran glances over towards him and shoots him a quick wink at the grin she gets. "You've got food, a storage cavern full of clothes and other things…you're probably doing pretty good. Build up your merchant rep here and then you're good to go for the road." And all this talk of trying to clean up and do things the right way? That earns a curious and…well, she asks cause that's who Feyran is. "What'd you do the wrong way?"

Leruis rubs the back of his head absently, laughing half to himself. "Ah, yeah, that's true. All sorts of free stuff, just there for the taking." Because that's certainly not a temptation "I can't believe people just let you have whatever you want, people must be pretty trusting in the weyr. It's not like that in the holds or the crafts even." Leru gives a shrug, grinning. "You tell your secret and I'll tell you mine!"
"Apparently the Weyr takes care of its own, which is kind of like my caravan. Someone needs something? Then we make it happen." Feyran shrugs a little bit, "I don't know about the Weyr, but I trust everyone in my caravan so many it's the same?" It's clear that the trader girl hasn't really given much thought to life at the Weyr. She's just in this to have fun. Tell her secret? "I don't know what you're talking about…but, I'm not going to coerce you into saying something." Cue smirk.

Leruis nods his head slowly, "I suppose you're right. But it just baffles my mind. All that stuff, all the food you can eat, and you don't have to fork over a mark. I could get used to this sort of thing." Leru grins and shrugs his shouders, "Yeah, yeah, I know you evaded my question, and now I'm gonna evade yours. So there. No secrets from me. So. You're a caravaner and you're now a candidate. How is that working out for you?"
"People do work though, doing something or another usually. At least, that's what it looks like to me." Feyran shrugs a little bit and glances over to her jacket then. She holds it up and digs around in one of the pockets. There's some clanking and jingling, but eventually she pulls out a red fruit and puts the piece of cloth back down before starting on her snack. No secrets? Feyran just shrugs and takes another bite of red fruit, "Candidacy? Eh, it's alright so far…work's work you know." But oh that glint in her eyes…the fun will start soon, very soon.

"Work, eh? What kind of work? Maybe I could…be helpful, though I don't have much experience with actual work. My expertise lie elsewhere." That jacket gets eyed thoughtfully as it clinks and clutters and he watches it touch back to the ground. "Yeah? Doesn't sound too interesting to me. I never figured myself for a dragonrider myself. Not really the sort to ride dragons, I reckon."

"I dunno, it's a tourist place so…waiting tables at the Pier, or bar tending, or something like that?" Feyran gives a little shrug of the shoulders. She is /not/ the person to ask about the Weyr. The girl doesn't seem to pay attention much to Weyr life. There are chores, there are candidates, and there are riders….and she's just interested in fun, not in how they all interact together. "Being a rider's only part of it…trying something new's more fun."

"Tourist place? You mean tourists come here?" This brightens up Leru's face considerably, "I mean, I had heard a lot about how this was a nice place and all, but I didn't know it was a tourist attraction. This could change everything. The possibilities…" He drifts off, tapping his lips thoughtfully and he pulls his hands closer to himself. "See, I like your thinking. I'm always up for something new and fun, that's more to my style."

"That's what people keep saying, and I'm pretty sure half the people in the water don't live here…beaches and all that." Feyran smirks a little bit and takes another bite of her apple, "You could probably sell them all sorts of things and tell them it's something to remember Monaco by." The thought earns a faint chuckle before she's sliding one hand back to proper herself up. "New is fun, doing the same old thing every single day? Now /that/ is boring. Not my style."

Leruis seems lost in thought for a moment, shaking his head half to himself. "This will require some thought put into it, I reckon." He murmurs half to himself, finally turning his attention to Frey. "Y'know, I think you're right. You could make out like a bandit here if you play your cards right. Say the right sort of things, slap on some fancy words and before you know it, they're taking some cheap-ass item that you charged for a heafty mark." Leru grins, "Well, maybe I could interest you in a bit of my fun, sometime. But, then again, maybe not."
"That's probably the reason that our caravan's been here for so long. We usually move on pretty quick, but….you tell the tourists that there's a caravan in the area? They flock." Feyran smirks and finishes off her red fruit before using both hands to prop herself up in the sand. A curious glance is given to Leruis then as well as a raised eyebrow, "What kind of fun?"

Leruis nods his head slowly, "See, that's the good sorta thing you get from working alone, you don't get the dodgy ones fleeing from you all the time. I usually just go up to someone and strike up a conversation, try to sell 'em whatever I got, and bingo, I get money for something I put little effort into." He grins impishly, leaning forward and lowering his voice to a whisper. "If I let you in on it, you can't tell anyone. It's super top-secret."

"The thing is…working alone would be boring. I like my caravan, and…selling things isn't exactly my strong point. I'm not charming enough for that." Feyran snickers a little bit and lets her gaze wander over to the waters that hit the shore. "Oho, a super top-secret? Don'y know if you should really be letting someone like me into that." There's a glance to him and a smirk, though then she's back to watching the waves. "I don't think my family would appreciate me helping the competition, you know?"

Leruis snerks quietly to himself, "Boring?! Bah! My work is hardly boring. It's exciting, and intense, and it's a lotta fun. I couldn't imagine doing anything else, I mean, it gets your heart beating." Leru grins widely as he laughs cheerfully. "Alright, alright. Point made, you don't get to share in the super-secret fun that I get to have. Poor you, you'll just haveta carry on having your candidate fun. Sides, I don't think you're allowed that kinda fun anyway. It must suck having rules on your head, yeah?"

"Plenty of things could get your heart beating, but glad that you see my point." Feyran glances over to Leruis and throws him a little wink. "Rules? No fighting, no drinking, no sex…not too hard really. Besides, you're fine as long as they don't catch you doing anything bad." Which is exactly why the trader girl is planning on bending all sorts of rules. As long as no one catches her or snitches, she's fine!
Leruis grins wickedly and shrugs, "Eh, I don't trust you anyway, never did trust anyone but myself. But it could've been fun to have a partner for once. Even if only for a bit. And I'd get into too much trouble. I don't want to go back." Leru rubs at his legs for a moment, frowning half to himself. "That's true, so long as no one catches you, you can break as many rules as you want. But you gotta be careful, cautious, make sure you look before you leap. That kinda thing."

Feyran finds a random stick in the sand and starts drawing some sloppy lines on the ground. It's nothing like a drawing, just something to keep her from fidgeting too much. The girl? Yeah, she doesn't sit still for very long. "Eh, maybe you'll find your partner in the Weyr somewhere. I'm sure there are plenty of options." Her gaze is still on the sands, though his next words earn a bark of laughter. "What's the worst that can happen? As long as it's something small even if they catch me it'll be mucking stalls or the latrines or something. I'll plan stuff out, but it's no biggie."

Leruis lifts his finger, caution filling his voice. "Just make sure you don't do anything too bad, trust me. There's worse things they can do than make you muck stables. If you're gonna toe the line, make sure you're careful about it. If you need someone to help you plan, you could always seek me out. I might be able to help you. Not that I have experience in rule breaking, of course." He coughs quietly into his hand. "Maybe, better to not have a partner then, no one to squeel on you."

"Nahhh, better to not have a partner right? It's not like I'm going to go around stealing things or burning someone's stuff." Feyran smirks and shakes her head. "Nothing I'm going to do is gonna end up as anything worse than stable mucking…get too serious and it isn't fun." The trader girl waves off his wards of warning nonchalantly before continuing her abstractt sand drawing. "Either way, I'll find some way to entertain myself." Poor Weyr.

Leruis nods his head slowly, leaning back. "Yeah…don't go doing either of those things, they could get you into a lot of trouble." Leru frowns thoughtfully. "Still, you need help, you let me know. I'll…think of something." The teen stands to his feet and brushes himself off, "Well, I wish you much entertainment and a lack of good smelling food! I have people to bump into!"
"What are you? My dad?" Feyran raises an eyebrow are Leruis before smirking and rolling her eyes. "Don't count on hearing from me, you do your thing and I'll do mine." No, the trader girl probably won't be asking from help anywhere. She makes own messes and she cleans them up too. "Thanks Larry, I'll see you around!" That thing about forgetting names? It's quite a serious issue. But for now, she'll just wave at his departing back.

"Leru! It's Leru!" He'll call out just before leaving.

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