On Resort Time

Monaco Bay Weyr - Poseidon's Court
Graceful columns stretch skyward, light wisps of silken canopies stretched between them to give just a hint of shade to the main commercial area of the resort. A rough marble courtyard is encircled by the canals, in the center of which streams of water shoot skywards, angled so that they arch outward and downward to create a sparkling splash fountain for those seeking a bit of refreshment. Around the rough marble courtyard housing the fountain, grass has been allowed to grow, carefully cropped and maintained, perfect to cop a squat for reading or a picnic - or a pick-up game of ball.

Surrounding the fountain courtyard is the main canal, from which many smaller tributaries split off to carry floaters through the shopping district. Steps and bridges are placed at regular intervals to allow those in the canals to exit in their desired location, while those wishing to stay dry can easily cross from one side to the other. Eight distinct storefronts can be seen from the main courtyard, and smaller kiosks and stalls have been set up to offer small gifts, food, and drink as well.

There's something for everyone in the Main Courtyard - shaded places to sit and people-watch or read or congregate with friends, shopping and dining and drinks, water features for young and old alike, right in the heart of Monaco Bay Resort.

The final touches are being put into place around Monaco's new resort leading to a rush of workers coming in and out. Summer though it may be, mid-morning remains quite pleasant so there aren't /too/ many sweaty brows that pass Reya as she makes her way to the central courtyard. Her current attire is courtesy of Fuerioth and certainly /nicer/ than usual. A flowy off the shoulder stop is paired with vertically striped blue and white pants. She isn't quite as rambunctious as usual but…that may not be a good sign. Still, she makes it to the smith craft's shop with relative ease and eventually finds herself leaning in the doorway looking for someone that could be helpful!

One of the smith co-owners of the shop is at the counter, leaning over a collection of cut gems that catch the light, the tiny prisms sending a scattering of colors this way and that as he nudges them around with a finger. Wendyn, meanwhile, seems bored with the careful examinations of her buyer, for rather than offering defense or comments about the cut stones, she is wandering around, leaning to peer at the jewelry pieces that have already been stocked into the cases around the edge of the shop, pausing and glancing up as the light from the doorway is interrupted.

"Gooooood morning," Reya lilts with a smile that can only be considering slightly alarming. She's far /far/ too calm. Her attention initially falls on the smith but she doesn't want /just/ a stone, she wants jewelry she can /wear/ so it's poor Wendyn who gets the brunt of her attention. She'll try and sling an arm around the minecraft apprentice's shoulder (but is quite easy to dodge) before her attention turns to the jewel cases. "You know, the nice ones are expensive….how /is/ everyone at the holds affording these?" There's a wistful little pout because sure she could afford some if she wanted - but Fuerioth is currently playing voice of reason.

There is an arm around her shoulder and Wendyn looks at the Smith with a look of 'Halp!' but the man merely lifts his gaze to peer through the magnifying scope at the two, before shrugging and going back to sorting the gems, leaving poor Wendyn all on her own. "Shards, I wish I knew. I think he is going to give me a bad price, because -there are too many on the market- but its not like he actually has any of them to sell." If the Smith won't help her, watch out, here comes the dragon bus.

"He definitely /shouldn't/ give you a bad price, that would be very very bad for someone just opening their shop here," Reya replies with a distinct frown thrown in the man's direction. "Where are they coming from anyways? You all didn't just happen to find some massive cavern of gems downs below, did you? Because," and here she is looking at what Wendyn's brought in, "it doesn't look like it." And yet, there /are/ so many just floating around in everyone's hands. The Weyrwoman crouches down in front of one of the cases now, both hands moving to the glass so she can lean in and /staaaare/ at some lightly colored pieces that appear to go quite well with Fuerioth's hide. "Plus I thought the process was complicated, seems like it'd take a while to make all that stock…not that I'm an expert."

"He doesn't think he'll be able to sell them, when people have ~nicer~ gems already. But.." The miner shrugs and rolls her eyes, before following Reya to lean down and glance at the case, lifting a hand to point at a necklace and bracelet set, careful to not leave smudgy prints all over the glass. "Those are some of my favorites - Stones are from Crom. Probably some of the best pieces I've cut, and you'd get a good price since its apprentice work." Wendyn straightens, shrugging a little. "Everyone's just saying they are from down south. Someone got lucky. They're all that clear color though.. I prefer a bit of hue to my stones." Diamonds aren't Wendyn's best friend.

"Well /I/ like them, and honestly what's the point if there isn't any color? Pretty but shallow." While this doesn't entirely make sense - it /is/ Reya and it makes sense to her. There's a glance at the piece Wendyn has pointed out followed by a glance over to the man examining the new gems. "What if I request a piece made specifically from what you just brought in? Still apprentice work so…." Fuerioth can't complain /that/ much, right? "Though I like these ones in the case too…" It is probably not a great idea for near-proddy Reya to have walked into a gem and jewelry shop.

Not a good idea? Whatever could Reya mean - this is fine. "Depending what you're looking for, most of those are probably suited for rings and small cuffs - I thought maybe they'd be what would get someone to buy a piece of jewelry to take home as a souvenir. But someone seems to disagree." Rolling her eyes, she casts a glare at the Smith who finally seems to have had enough, for the magnifier is set aside, and a number of mark pieces are set on the counter top as an offer, even as Wendyn glances back at the pieces already done. "Those I think would suit you - and you could take them home today."

Reya, who is not /nearly/ as considerate as Wendyn, begins tapping her fingers on the glass case. Her lips are pursed just the slightest as dark eyes shift back and forth between the counter and the display. "Alright then, these it is!" Let the marks flow freely! Somewhere off in the distance Fuerioth is lamenting, but far less so than she would have with the more expensive pieces. There's an abrupt straightening before the Weyrwoman is walking towards the counter and leeteeeeeaning closer to the smith. "You know, I'd like to take those pieces off your hands. But…really? Is that a fair price for one of our Weyr's loveliest apprentices?" A fingertip casually rests on one of the marks. "She's worked so hard for them, and these aren't some silly southern imports."

As Reya approaches, the smith straightens, tilting his head as he watches the Weyrwoman cautiously - for while he may be a relatively new arrival - transferring with the opening of the resort - he has heard stories, man. "Uh, of course not, Weyrwoman." He clears his throat after a moment, another pair of mark pieces sliding onto the counter, eyes lifting back to Reya, to see if that will pass her judgement. Wendyn though, seems to think this is a right fine deal, for she is following in Reya's wake, sweeping the marks off the counter in one motion, pocketing them hurriedly - though careful observation would reveal that perhaps that was not all that went with the marks, and a few of the gems may have once more returned to her pocket as well. "Pleasure doing business with you, sir. Now, won't you show the Weyrwoman your amazing work?" And she waves a hand back at the case they'd been examining. "Make a bit back, before you even open."

Reya's smile is nothing short of sweet, "How very very kind of you." And Faranth she's reaching over to pinch the man's cheek. Perhaps that's better than irritating him half to death? Reya may or may not have noticed the disappearing gems, perhaps not given that she doesn't comment on them. Instead she lets her gaze slide to the pieces of jewelry and back to the man, "You know if she keeps doing work like this I imagine her pieces will be regulars in your shop." Surely! Again, inconsiderately, her fingers tap against the case and are likely to leave a smudge or two. It's only after he steps away to look for the pieces that a fiendish gaze is quickly shot towards Wendyn, "What do you think? Fair price? Fuerioth said not to but…what's a reputation when you can't put it to good use?"

The Smith just takes the "abuse" from Reya, though as soon as his cheek is free from her pinching fingers, he is retrieving the indicated pieces, having also collected a pair of earrings with similarly hued stones, arranging the jewelry on a dark piece of soft cloth, even as he turns a light to better illuminate the stones, letting them practically glow. Wendyn seems to consider the pieces, before leaning closer to the Weyrwoman, dropping her voice. "Ask for a locals discount. He'll make it back on visitors later, and he'll still make some marks. I know what he paid me for the stones." A pause. "Uh, ma'am." She adds, blushing even as she leans away, flashing a sweet smile at the Smith. She's not giving away secrets, she swears.

"Ooooooo!" Reya's bleeds enthusiasm as the lights turn on, and though her gaze is exclusively for the jewelry her ears are honed in on Wendyn's words. "Now those /are/ wonderful, but what could you do price wise?" There's a softer smile from the Weyrwoman as she looks to catch the smith's eyes. "After all, you're opening a show here in Monaco, I /live/ here in Monaco…I'll be needing a regular jeweler after all." It all makes sense really! There's a glance over to Wendyn and a small laugh at the word ma'am followed by a quick shake of the head, "I'm feeling old enough already these days." Nevermind that she is not, in fact, old. "Just Reya is fine." But now she has to look and see if the haggling has worked!

The smith's mouth narrows into a thin line, and he frowns for a moment before there is a long sigh, and the price on the tag considered for a moment, before he finally answers. "I'll throw in the earrings, for an extra sixteenth.. They'll be hard to sell, without the other pieces." With the earrings marked at a quarter mark, Wendyn gives a slight nod of her head, indicating its a good deal. "I'll let you think about it." And he turns to meander to the back portion of the stop, leaving the two woman on their own. "Shards, if you are old, my da's are ancient." Wendyn is Oh-so-helpful in her assessment. "I think you should get them, though.. They'd go well, and he'll be stingier once there's more people to sell to."

"A sixteenth?" Reya let's out a quiet 'hmmm' as her gaze darts towards Wendyn. Still, she'll wait to reply until after the Smith comes back. Once he's out of ear shot though, a grin spreads on her face. "I think I will, you really did do some nice work, I love the color." Her fingers cautiously reach out to trace across the edge of one of the earrings, "I'll have to pick out a good dress too."

It's currently mid-morning and the Resort's grand opening is still a bit aways, but still there is a crows as various workers and crafters come in and out of the area to prepare. Reya and Wendy have currently made their way into the smith craft shop where Reya is about to purchase some very fine jewelry - made by Wendyn - it seems!

"Cutting gems is the easy part.. I'll leave turning them into actual wearable pieces to other more capable parties." And Wendyn waves a hand in the direction the Smith disappeared in, the motion apparently summoning the man back. Arching an eyebrow at Reya, curious to her decision, "Have you decided?" He asks, while Wendyn gives the pair a bit of space, pausing to glance over at Reya once more. "I am sure you'll find something to go with them, just take them along." Easiest way to find a matching outfit, right?

"What on all of Pern is this?" R'en says as he walks through the graceful columns with his gaze lifted upwards rather than looking forwards to see who he might actually be talking to. There's a faint look of surprise, as his pale blue gaze lowers and sees all the storefronts and such that line the courtyard. "This doesn't look like the Monaco I know." He adds, giving Reya a look before quirking a quick smile at Wendyn. "I guess I've been too occupied to notice this out here, heard some talk about it and thought I'd come see what it was all about."

"Well, I probably can't tell one cut from the other but they certainly look beautiful," Reya replies with a grin and when the Smith returns there's a quick nod from the Weyrwoman. "I'll take theeee— R'EN!" Hold that thought, because all that relatively odd calmness that was happening just a few minutes ago? Well, it isn't happening now. Even Fuerioth's influence only goes so far at the moment. "You've been hiding, haven't you? I've been trying to run into you ever since you got back!" Ok ok, she isn't being /that/ annoying, but she's quite clearly enthusiastic. "Wendynnnn, this is R'en, who is finally back after turns of /abandonment/." That's quite the severe word for it, and it certainly wasn't anything like that, but this is Reya.

The Smith would roll his eyes as yet another rider appears in his -totally not ope shop- but he would like to keep his job, so instead he settles for a soft sigh before he goes about getting Reya's purchase ready to go - a quick polish of the stones and metalwork. Wendyn winces as Reya's calmness evaporates, shrinking back half a step from the Weyrwoman, giving the Smith another 'save me!' look before he just shakes his head, pockets his new gems and disappears, leaving Reya to settle the bill at her convinience. Abandoned, Wendyn straights, smiling and nodding her head like a good little apprentice. "Sir." She offers politely, even as she casts a hesitant look back at Reya, eyes finding R'en's once more, mouthing 'Is she ok?' silently.

There's a glance between the Weyrwoman and the gems/jewelry she's looking at and then a side eye at the question which may lead someone to believe his words aren't true. "Ah, no. Of course not, Reya. Though when there's a gold going up I do try to hide maybe, just a little." He admits, and Sindrieth was conveniently absent helping moving some of the last residents from Half Moon that /wanted/ to go, despite the assurances that everything is going to be okay. He wanders closer, giving Wendyn a little more of a look over once he's close enough that it's not some weird across the room glower. He loosens up just a little and reaches to try and ruffle Reya's hair just like she's still some little kid. "Nice to meet you…" The dramatic pause is maybe for effect, maybe for being filled in.

"Fuerioth's not /that/ close to rising," or so Reya claims, she may be purposefully trying to produce a false sense of security - who knows! There's also a quick hand wave in Wendyn's direction, "I'm /fine/, absolutely fine. Just missed an old friend is all!" There's another enthusiastic smile from the woman, which only grows at that hair ruffling. Far away there's a rumble of discontent from Fuerioth because she /did/ get Reya to actually spend some more time on appearances today, but certainly cain't be helped.

"Oh, shards." Wendyn manages, as R'en's words and Reya's attempt at a rebuttal actually sink in, frowning as she scoots a littllllle further away, just in case. "Nice to meet you, too. I, uh, yeah." Wendyn bites her lip, before giving Reya a look. "How close is not close?" She finally asks, curiously, even as her hesitation gives way to a snort at R'en's ruffling of Reya's hair, the reaction causing her to blush again and find the jewelry case next to her quite interesting indeed.

"I was talking about the one that was.. what, it wasn't that long ago. Not long after I got here." R'en fumbles around, because well, does he even really /know/ Jazhira? Not really. "That one, not. Wait, you're not saying Fuerioth is going to go up again soon too, are you?" He gives Reya a glare, but then it's followed by trying to give her a side hug with one arm. "She's not bothering you, is she? You have a name?" He asks, with a small grin crossing his lips at the blush that rises on Wendyn's cheeks.

"Hmmm…well, I don't think it'll be before Grand Opening," and hopefully not during it for everyone's sake. But in case Wendyn thought Reya hadn't noticed that subtle shifting away…the woman very much did. She'll lean against the apprentice's side for just a second - just for fun - and perhaps there would be more teasing but thankfully her attention is swept away. R'en's words lead to a grin she shoots in his direction might be a bit disconcerting, and perhaps slightly predatory. "Not /that/ soon." But her demeanor relaxes as she returns the side hug with an affectionate squeeze. "Really though, it's good to see you back - though maybe not under these circumstances." At least she seems to have calmed down a bit.

It takes a moment, distracted as she is, before Wendyn realizes there was a question directed at her, and she ooohs softly, shaking her head. "Wendyn.. I was just giving her some advice on jewelry." She offers, even as Reya is leaning against her and Wendyn tenses just a bit. "Shards, I hope not.." When it comes to flights and grand openings - "The last one caught me off guard as it was.." And Szeta is incredibly difficult to ignore, and from the shifting of Wendyn's feet, it seems the young woman found herself in an interesting position as a result. "Wait, what circumstances?" She glances at R'en, unaware of his most recent home.

R'en's eyes narrow as Reya gives him that predatory expression, certainly he doesn't believe her - it's pretty well obvious from his reaction. "Right. Not that soon." He repeats, and then grins at Wendyn as she tries to explain her being caught off guard by the other flight. "Ah, yeah. I try to make myself conveniently unavailable when I get the feeling one'll go up. It's not always been successful." He admits, though, and sighs softly. "Z'tan doesn't believe me, y'know. Thinks I'm overreacting, but I never told him to evacuate the whole weyr. Just those that'd be hard to move if something /did/ happen." He mutters, and then looks to Wendyn, "Nice to meet you, Wendyn. Half Moon's been having some quakes lately, nothing too bad yet. But, you never know. You know?"

Speaking of smiths and jewelry, Reya's gaze briefly flicks back towards the counter to see if there's any progress on the polishing and packing. When he doesn't immediately appear, her brown gaze flicks back to the other two. "Over reaction or not, I think it's better to be prepared….when we had those fires a while ago it would have been easier if we'd done some things to prepare beforehand." She leans against the counter now before taking to studying the ceiling, "Have the quakes slowed down any? I hear there's a new clutch on the sands…." And even she looks somewhat troubled at thoughts of how that could go.

The Smith finally returns, a pair of boxes neatly stacked, the jewelry inside and ready for Reya to take home with her. Wendyn, for her part, nods at R'en. "My brother, he Impressed there. He was telling me about it.." A pause. "I was worried there was something else.. And I know they say Thread is gone, but if it was so much all at once.." Wendyn shivers a bit, despite the tropical air, before glancing back at R'en. "If you get an inkling, and you see me.. let me know. I'd rather not experience that again. Shards, I'm better off drinking half a dozen pints, than that."

"What'd you get, hmm?" R'en asks, now that there's a pair of boxes that he - well, he didn't really see what went in them clearly from when he came in. "You dressing up? That's. Hmm." He gives Reya a /look/, and then continues his thoughts in another direction. "That's all I was looking for, some preparedness. If he valued me as a Weyrsecond he'd have listened - but, I do hope that I'm wrong and nothing bad happens. I'd rather look like a fool." He says, and then laughs a bit at Wendyn's plead for a reprieve if Reya's gold goes up. "You're in a weyr, you best get used to it. Some go up like fire and fury, and take you along for the whirlwind whether you like it or not." His tone is commiserative though, considering how much he tries to avoid them himself.

"Some earrings and a necklace, Wendyn cut the gems actually," Reya slides the boxes over towards them for appreciation, "I figured they'd go well with a dress for the opening." And oh yes, she's already started dressing up. Her typical shorts and tank top combo has been replaced with an off the shoulder blouse and vertically striped pants. "Fuerioth of course would /never/ do any such thing Wendyn, fear not." Only - she does. "Better to be a prepared fool than buried under rubble without any way out." There's a slight shrug from the Weyrwoman as she purses her lips, "Still…maybe we should be ready to help just in case. Not sure if he'd accept if we outright offered our help right now but…" She may reach out and see!

"You should have -seen him- though.." Are Wendyn's whining words, a frown appearing on her face and creases between her eyebrows. "And he doesn't get it." A long, exasperated sigh, and she gives Reya a long look. "Right, maybe its time for a trip back to the Hall. Uhm, no offense." She give R'en a sidelong glance, and then they are talking about the situation at Half Moon, and she glances between the two. "Wait, you were the Second? And you.. are here? Faranth help my brother.." Failing on gossip, apparently - how is she suppose to be in the know, when her main Half Moon source drops the ball like that. "Surely, if it was really bad, they'd do something, right?"

"I'll escort you." R'en offers Wendyn, as he gives Reya another quick look over, and seems to be trying to decide if this is just how she dresses now - or if it's what he thinks it might be. Hard to know, with how long he's been away. "I was, then I quit so I could take some of the more vulnerable people here with me so if it /does/ get worse, there should mostly be more able bodied people to help." He says, and then lifts a shoulder, "Can't help if the Weyrleader insists on staying. I mean, he's not wrong - it /could/ be fine. But, yeah. I'm glad I came to Monaco to assure we could get the help needed if required. May have cost me being Weyrsecond, but I feel I did the right thing. I'm sure if it gets bad enough, they'll have to leave. Did you hear they just got a clutch on the sands?"

"Have you heard from him recently?" Reya frowns for a moment, glancing over towards Wendyn. "Nothing too terrible could be happening right now, we'd know - and surely they'd have taken some preparatory steps by now. Even if they don't wanna evacuate right now there are other things they can do." There's a slight eye roll for both of them when they talk about temporarily leaving Monaco, "Neither of you will be /that/ bad off, surely. Look, Fuerioth isn't even that bright yet." Nevermind that she never really gets that bright. "I did hear that though…7 eggs was it?" This brings a somber look to her features, and even her brows crease with worry. "You did the right thing and for everyone's sake hopefully things stay quiet…"

"They're my brother's, too!" Wendyn does at least seem proud of that fact, mentioning the eggs at Half Moons belong to A'she - or, well, Trix. "He just seemed.. worried a bit. About the eggs. But I guess it worked out ok. I mean, otherwise they'd have come here, right? Or somewhere else?" As Reya tries to reassure the pair, Wendyn gives her a long look, sliding closer to R'en. "What are you doing this afternoon?" She asks - only partially joking - even as she continues to watch the goldrider. "Because no, really, you didn't see him. Shards, -I- wish I never saw him, but he is impossible to miss."

"Well, I'm not really one to be given much information since I slugged Z'tan in the face before leaving." R'en says, trying to look innocent before sighing, "But, really, I'm just hoping for the best and if I look like a fool - that's fine." He mutters, because he won't particularly enjoy it either. "I think I'm going to go.. somewhere, like, maybe. Igen. Yeah, it's been a while since I went sand surfing." He says, and then arches a brow about whomever this 'him' is, but doesn't inquire.

"Hime being your brother?" She could be misinterpreting things, "A'she…I think I've heard the name but I haven't met him. It does sound like he was pretty shaken up." And sure she's a bit on the proddy side, but the quick squeeze she attempts to give Wendyn's shoulder is truly meant to be comforting. "It'll be fine, I'm sure they have some plans in the works. And if your brother is as concerned as you say he is, even /if/ Z'tan isn't doing enough," there's a glance to R'en at the mention of said WL being punched, "surely your brother is thinking of some other measures to put into place? Maybe you can check on him?" Though that whole bit about surfing at Igen produces a short laugh from the goldrider, "Go all the way there for that? But we've plenty of surfing here! And a resort that's /almost/ open!"

"Him being the absolute disaster of a.. person.." Wendyn doesn't even seem to be willing to give him the benefit of being called a man, "Who I found myself awkwardly in bed with after Szetamarith rose." Her voice is a harsh, low whisper, trying to make sure her words don't follow. "I don't even know what happened, but it -cannot- happen again." Looking vaguely ill - both at the memory, and at the talk of the situation at Half Moon, she sighs softly. "He's not the type to just.. sit by, so I mean.. I'm sure its fine enough. But I miss him, and I am a little worried."

"Was it some rider? Don't make me guess names until I figure it out." R'en says, though since he's been absent a while it probably wouldn't be long until he ran out of names anyways. He shrugs, and then scrunches his nose. "Maybe he does, maybe he's going to sit in the Weyr until it burns down. I don't know, he doesn't seem to make the best decisions." Says the person who punched a WL. He makes a face at Reya and then thumbs off towards the presumed direction of Igen, "Yeah, but it's far safer.. well, maybe I should take a trek back to Healer's.. It's been a while since I'd checked in." He teases, and then gives Wendyn a softer smile. "It'll be okay, one way or another. Though, I think I might go.. you know. Do something."

"Ah….oh…..you're talking about seeing /him/ after the flight?" Reya seems to /finally/ be getting the picture here and there's a bit of a cough and a sympathetic look shot towards Wendyn, "That can be pretty jarring, it does tend to get better though." Not that her words can honestly provide much more comfort. "And it'd be more odd if you weren't worried about your brother. He'll surely let you know if things get any worse though, right?" Which is about when she catches wind of R'en trying to /leave/ and that clearly isn't going to just slide. Quickly she reaches out, fingers catching onto one of his sleeves, "Alternatively, you could join us in looking around the resort! I mean, you've only been here for five minutes!" Sure it's been longer, but still!

Well, sometimes Weyrleaders deserve to be punched in the face - though too bad it seems as if R'en didn't actually manage to knock any sense into Zel's empty head. Wendyn rolls her eyes at R'en, "No, some Baker's Apprentice.. Pretty sure he must be the official taste tester. And now he things -I'm his girlfriend-." A pause, and she tilts her head. "So, Crom, on the way to Healer?" She asks hopefully, even as Reya is putting an end to the bronzerider's escape attempt. "You can help Reya pick out a dress to go with her jewelry." QUick, run.

"Was he at least attractive?" R'en asks, because certainly that's the most important thing, and then he adds, "Well, you should let him down if you aren't interested. He's in a weyr, he'll have to learn to get used to these kind of open ended relationships if he stays. As will you." He says, with the air of someone who's lived in them for far too long - yet, here he is trying to slip off to somewhere else because a gold might rise soon. "Fine. I can look around for a little while, but surely I should check in at Healer's to see if they might be ready in case assistance is needed in that way too." Yes, yes. Let's try and sound like it's real work and not just escaping. "I'll take you if you want, Wendyn, but it won't change much for the baker's apprentice until you talk to him."

"Just give him a good whack on the behind into a lake or something," Reya's less than helpful advice comes after R'en's more reasonable suggestion. "Or, alternatively, have your /brother/ scare the living daylights out of him - surely that will work." But there are also other topics and quickly the Weyrwoman is napping her fingers, "Yes, dress shopping!" Because things couldn't get any more miserable for R'en, right? "Alright alright, but you agreed to hang out for a little while." She's definitely going to find something else to stall the poor man after dress shopping. But distracting Reya is easy enough. For now though she's picking up the boxes of jewelry and heading for the door, "You're coming too, right Wendyn?" A very pointed look at the apprentice means she clearly hasn't forgotten her!

"Ugh, No. He was terrible. That's what I am saying." Wendyn's hands get throw up into the hair as she rolls her eyes, pushing out of the shop past the bronzerider, following in Reya's wake, pausing in the sunlight to turn back to stare at him. "There -was- no relationship at all. That's what I tried to tell him. I never even met him before, and I would rather never meet him again. But its in one ear, out the other.. Though I'm starting to wonder if it is a male trait." A look of pure exasperation lingers on her face, before she just shakes her head again, setting course for the closest clothing shop, and a source of distraction.

"Okay. So the guy is terrible, and he keeps /saying/ you're in a relationship but.. if you're not, who cares?" R'en really just isn't getting it. "It's not like he's touching you, you could punch him. You can deny it. But, really, nobody cares." He says, because, well, he doesn't care so obviously nobody does. "Wait, I agreed to dress shop? I don't remember that. I remember saying to /look around/." He makes a sound that's displeased but follows along anyways, he's nothing if not a man of his word. "Are you both getting dresses? Is there going to be some large party?" Yeah, someone clue him in, he's had his face hidden somewhere.

"Sounds like my dropping him in the lake idea is the best one so far!" Reya calls this out in a sing-song voice. Her steps pause briefly as she looks skywards, basking in the sun for a brief moment before finally stepping into one of the boutiques. "We're going to have a grand opening party for the resort in a bit here, so of course we need dressed for that. Well, /I/ do at least." She's quickly flitting among the dresses and fortunately for R'en this /isn't/ a long drawn out affair - or so it seems. Fuerioth seems to be taking the lead here and within a matter of a couple of minutes the Weyrwoman already has half a dozen dresses draped across her arm. "She says these match the best - both with her and the jewelry."

"Because, he is just always like.. there. Half the time I am enjoying myself and he comes creeping up, and scares off some -actually hot guy-." The problems of being a young adult. As Reya mentions the lake again, Wendyn pauses to glance at her. "Could you like, just have Fuerioth take care of that? I'd ask Trix when they visit next, but I'm afraid he might actually like.. drown him." Leaving Reya to shop, she just gives R'en a long look. "I don't know, maybe. If I see the right one." After all, she has a pile of marks burning a hole in her pocket. "But, I don't know."

"Ah, okay. I see what you mean, glad I don't have those problems." R'en says with a laugh, and then motions towards Reya. "Have Fuerioth drop him in the water." He agrees, "Nothing like being dropped by a gold to say that he should cool off." He then peers at the dress choices - and well, he can't complain about them at all - Fuerioth does have good taste. "Maybe have her make a suggestion for her too?" He thumbs towards Wendyn, and then looks to see if there's a place to sit. There best be a place for bored people to sit while women try on clothing, or it's a poorly designed shop.

"If Fuerioth doesn't do it, I certainly will. Might be small but I've got some strength in these arms!" Reya shoots a grin over her shoulder to Wendyn before holding up a bicep to show off! A moment later she's disappearing into one of the various dressing rooms. When she emerges she's in a knee-length affair that's cinched at the waist. There aren't any straps to speak off, but it'd certainly hi light the necklace well. As for Fuerioth's suggestions she is on top of those for Wendyn! A couple of sapphire dresses are picked out as well as a few deep green. "How about these?"

"Uh.. Thanks!" Wendyn blinks, rather surprised at the suggestions curated by none other than the Senior gold, giving R'en a wide-eyed look of appreciation as he finds somewhere to settle down, before she is taking the suggested garments to follow Reya's lead, though it takes a bit longer for her to finally emerge, wearing a rich sapphire sundress with sheer flowing sleeves, giving it a twirl experimentally as she watches herself in the mirror.

R'en gives Wendyn a quick knowing smile, as dresses are picked out and he's getting himself settled on a bench nearby to wait and see if they're actually going to /show/ him how they look in these picked out dresses. "I'd like to see you drop someone into the water, you still haven't managed to dunk me yet." He says with a laugh, waggling his brows and then pointing towards the dressing rooms. "You know you have to try those on, right? I don't know how many times I've heard people complain about how things LOOK good, but as soon as they put them on it looks like a right mess."

Reya lets out a quick wolf-whistle when Wendyn emerges and immediately she's going over to examine the sleeves. "I /love/ it, it's all so flows and….well, it just looks amazing! Is it comfortable? It's definitely flattering." The Weyrwoman glances back over her shoulder, mischievous gaze falling on R'en, "Well then I'll just have to try again soon, won't I? Good thing there's a river just outside the doors." She's disappearing into the dressing rooms again then, and when she emerges her next dress is quite the opposite from the first. Tight fitted and falling to just mid-thigh, it somehow makes Reya look even shorter than she already is. Still, it isn't /too/ terribly uncomfortable and it has got a certain shimmer to it.

"I'm geetttttting there…" Wendyn rolls her eyes at R'en, taking one more twirl in the blue dress, enjoying Reya's assessment of the dress before she is ducking back into the fitting room and the rest of the dresses that wait there. "Oh, shards, definitely not this one.." Can be heard after a moment, and the miner stays hidden, missing the short dress that Reya has tried on.

Well, at least someone is wolf-whistling even if it's not R'en. "It is flattering." He says, looking between the two and then glancing towards the river when it's mentioned. There's a slight pfft sound, like he doesn't believe she could dunk him no matter how hard she tried - maybe true. "If you wore .. what do they call them. Those shoes that make you taller. That would look /really/ nice." He says quietly, maybe a little distractedly. "Ah, yeah. Wait. I'm not going to have to dress up, right? Because, I'm just skipping." He already has decided this, yep.

Reya is /not/ looking over the top of the dressing room or around the curtain to peek at the dress Wendyn is trying on. So mature! "I /could/ do the heels…I'll probably take them off halfway through the night, but why not?" She goes up on her tiptoes for a moment before eyebrows raise in R'en's direction, "Why good sir, I do believe that sounded like a challenge. And why do you want to skip anyways? It's going to be fun." Now she's stepping a bit closer to R'en and she eyes him expectantly for an answer. She certainly hasn't forgotten about Wendyn though, "How about the red one? Oh oh…are /you/ going to be wearing any of the gems you cut? Because we could pick something to match them."

"I think you would look absolutely -amazing- in a nice, dark red dress." Thankfully, Wendyn is still in the fitting room, because you can be sure she isn't keeping a straight face as she makes that comment. As she finally pops back out - in the red dress mentioned by Reya, she makes a little bit of a face. "Its so…" Small? "You don't make any money, if you keep gems for yourself.." First rule of business, right?

"Because, those social events are never that interesting to me. You'd have to /like/ people to go to them." R'en answers, pushing himself to his feet and then tugging at his clothing to get it resettled. "She might look good in a red dress, or, maybe she might look good in nothing at all." He teases, winks at Reya and then laughs. "I joke. I think I'm going to go check on some things in the infirmary. Surprise me with what you choose? Maybe I'll slip in to the grand opening just to see who's there and what people are wearing. Don't expect me to dress up though." He adds, and then grins at the pair of women.

"It's cute!" Reya grins broadly, though Wendyn's next words result in a quick smattering of laughter. "You say that, but….you didn't sell /everything/ earlier, right?" There's a knowing room from the Weyrwoman before distraction arrives once more in the form of R'en. "Look good, indeed!" She can't help but pout just the slightest when R'en decides to go to the infirmary, but one quick sigh later she's nodding. "Fiiiiiiine, if you must! But we'll hold you to that promise of coming to the grand opening!" Never mind that he didn't /actually/ promise anything.

"I mean, I sold everything he bought.." Wendyn counters quickly, even as she is ducking back into the dressing room, to hide that guilty look, as R'en takes his leave. "Don't forget your promise!" Rescue her, take her away! Or well, really more like abandon her to her fate once more, but that is future-Wendyn's problem. "Shards, Reya, are any of the rest of these -not- short?" Cause short dresses will definitely not solve her BubblyPie Baker problem.

"I'm not going to rat you out," Reya chuckles for a moment. She'll wave a final goodbye to R'en before disappearing back into the changing rooms. "Some of them are a little longer than others? But honestly, hiding your legs isn't going to do you any favors! This time when he emerges it's in a fake-sheer affair. There's a light colored slip beneath golden laciness. It's not near as tight as the other dress, but still quite shiny!

"I would have thought my brother dropping someone between for looking at my legs during the opening would be something we'd all prefer to avoid." Wendyn counters from the dressing room, even as she emerges in an emerald green, empire-waist dress that falls to mid-thigh - certainly not too short, but short enough that her fingers are plucking at the hem, trying to tug it down a bit. "Ooh, I like that one." The miner's complaints about her own dress are forgotten as she spots Reya's newest attempt. "Check it with your jewelry!"

"Well we could stand to lose one or two people, he can't do that everyone." Reya is joking, really, she is! "Honestly though, that cut looks /very/ nice on you, and it's a tad longer than the other one's, right?" She leans back for a moment, without actually stepping back, and looks down at the hem of the dress. "I think it should be fine if you need to lean down or anything too." Blunt as always Reya! She nods to Wendyn's suggestion though and soon she's pulling out the pieces of jewelry. For now she'll just put on the earrings though. "What do you think?"

"I mean, I don't know. He might try." Other brothers, man. Wendyn shifts to glance in the mirror, turning a little this way and that, biting her lip. "I suppose it isn't -too- short.." She admits after a moment, even as she bends tentatively to make sure Reya is actually right. Catching site of Reya in the mirror, she turns to get a better looking, nodding quickly. "I think you have your dress." Look, R'en is missing all the fun.

"They could always dump the men in the river! It'll be open by then," Reya adds with a chuckle. "I think so too!" Her fingers run down the dress and after a couple of moments she nods. "And how about you? /I/ like that dress, but would you prefer another color? Anything longer would be doing you a disservice I think." But that's honestly just her opinion!

Midmorning, and despite the resort not being officially open, it seems that Reya and Wendyn are doing some damage to their mark pouches, for both of them are currently attired in rather lovely dresses, and the fitting rooms beyond betray many others waiting a decision. Turning back to the mirror, Wendyn turns this way and that way, considering the dress for another long moment, before she is nodding. "I think this might be it.." She agrees, even as she is ducking back into the fitting room to return to her own clothes. "Can you tell Fuerioth thank you?" She asks after a moment, even as she emerges, green dress in one hand, the others ready to be returned to where they were found.

"That I can most certainly do!" Reya grins, before also disappearing into the dressing room. When she emerges though she's not in the clothes she was in earlier. Instead the vertically striped blue pants are paired with a mint colored blouse that doesn't match but does seem to fit her quite well. When did she get it? Unclear. But her purse strings are looser for clothes now that she's already making one purchase it seems. "You know what this place needs? Some champagne for while we shop. Just to make it even /more/ entertaining!"

A rather unsatisfied growl can be heard from a nearby fitting room. Someone in there is not as happy with the whole shopping experience as these two. There's some faint muttering, too quiet to make out individual words. After a few minutes of this, the door pops open, just in time for Reya to suggest champagne. K'ren stalks out, her hair as wild as ever, barefoot as ever, and wearing a rather spectacular red dress that would probably look quite elegant on someone about four inches taller. Or maybe if her hair were two inches shorter. "Oi, you ladies," she declares, pointing a finger first to Reya and Wendyn. "This looks stupid, ain't it? Tell me it looks stupid." She crosses her arms and waits impatiently for the answer.

Reya can be blunt at times and at other times less so. Right now? She's falling somewhere in the middle. "I wouldn't say stupid, but….I don't think it's exactly /you/." The Weyrwoman moves closer then, blatantly invading the woman's personal space to look K'ren up and down. "How about a deep purple? That might go really well with your hair!" Or so says Fuerioth, because honestly she's the one with the fashion sense. It's right about then that green and gold flits pop out from *between* with champagne and a set of four classes (in case of others joining!).

With the dresses that didn't make the cut dropped onto a bar to be rehung later, Wendyn's attention turns to K'ren as the older woman appears from one of the other fitting rooms, pursing her lips as she considers the dress, and then the rider as a whole. "I think she is right, maybe a dark purple.. Or something like a dark grey, it would set off your hair." Wendyn agrees, even as she gives a little snort at the appearance of the firelizards. "Shards, that's a handy trick.." She mutters, even as she glances back at K'ren, before beginning to wander through the racks, ponderously.

K'ren wrinkles her nose, not entirely satisfied with the responses, but apparently mollified enough to take some of the champagne. That was not offered to her. She has a swallow, then gestures around randomly with the glass as she explains, "I ain't wearing /none/ o' this nonsense. Rather set m'hair on fire." She snorts and has another swallow. "Jaykith thinks a fire dancer oughter have a costume, but I tol' him… I /tol'/ him, y'see, no one's bout to be lookin' at me when there's fire, y'ken? It's the fire that's the act."

"Courtesy of Fuerioth, she was much more patient than I was with them." Reya grins a bit, but does nod because it /is/ a very handy trick. "A dress probably /isn't/ a good idea when you're fire twirling, could catch on fire, right? Though we're going to have the resort grand opening pretty soon and that /would be a good place for a dress." As for the costume though, the Weyrwoman purses her lips in thought for a moment. "Well it'd have to be something more form fitting! Could still be stylish, maybe some colors that complement the flame?" Her gaze is already darting around to see if she can find something fitting!

"I mean, if you find something in dark colors, you'll blend in, and everyone's focus will be on the fire, so maybe that too.." Wendyn counters the fire dancer's argument, shaking her head as she snags a glass of champagne and goes on her quest, popping out a moment later with something that looks rather like a sleeveless jumpsuit in black. "How about this?" She asks, holding up the outfit - complete with a tucked waist but slightly flowing legs. "I mean.. or do you hate it?" She is suddenly a bit hesitant, looking from outfit to K'ren and back to the outfit, before looking around to try and find Reya for backup.

K'ren nods a little at Wendyn's idea, still sipping the champagne with a deeply thoughtful expression. "Aye, that," she finally decides, and raises her glass a bit to the woman. "Dark colors. That's what I'll do. Black leathers, I bet—" Then Wendyn is returning with the black jumpsuit thing, and her interest piques. "Oh, wha's that, then?" With the hand that is not holding the glass, she reaches to take the outfit and hold it up. "Better try it, though." She glances over to Reya with an amused smirk. "Eeeeeh, I don't do dresses, grand op'nin or none. Don't encourage 'im."

At some point or another Reya wandered back among the clothes, and upon Wendyn choosing an outfit and asking for opinions, the Weyrwoman's head pops out from between a rack of clothes. It's perhaps a bit disconcerting and the store employees would prefer she /didn't/ do that - but oh well. "That looks /perfect/!" There's an enthusiastic nod from the woman before she's snapping her fingers, "How about a pant and blouse with a vest? Fuerioth's suggestion, not mine. But if you braided your hair the right way, toss in a dark colored vest and pair of pants…." K'ren may already be in the dressing room, but Reya's voice is loud enough to carry!

Was that a little dance by Wendyn? As the garment is passed to K'ren and it seems to go over okay, it is indeed a little sashay dance that Wendyn does, lifting her glass of champagne towards where Reya lurks in the racks. "See what you can find?" Because the miner is too busy waiting to see how her pick actually looks as she settles down on the bench that once held the very bored observer that was R'en, before he fled.

K'ren gives the idea of pants and a vest some serious thought before wrinkling her nose. "Ain't braidin' anything," she announces. Then, surprise of surprises, she adds, "Y'know how much time it takes t'keep it like this?" Given that it looks like she got attacked by a hurricane, one must wonder! But in any case, she throws the jumpsuit over her arm, swallows the last of the champagne, and leaves behind the empty glass as she disappears into a dressing room.

"You did that on /purpose/?" What filtering Reya had learned through the years with Fuerioth apparently starts disappearing with the onslaught of a slightly glowing dragon hide. "Alright alright, no braids, but should I still look for the clothes?" She's apparently not actually going to wait for an answer! The Weyrwoman takes Wendyn's offered glass and brings it to her lips for a quick sip before she's disappearing into the clothes rack once more. It's after a bit that she emerges with a white blouse and a deep violet pant/vest set. "What do you think, Wendyn? Fuerioth said blue might be better but I'm /particularly/ fond of this color. I think she'd look good in it!"

Thankfully, K'ren is disappearing back into a dressing room, because while Wendyn is able to stifle the snort at Reya's comment, she isn't able to hide the look that appears on her face. Silent mirth, the girl's shoulders shake, and it takes a few moments to regain her composure, eyes flicking up to check out Reya's find, pursing her lips. "Maybe a gray for the blouse. Not too dark but.. darker so she doesn't glow." After all, as she said the fire is the real show.

There's some muttering and general sounds of changing clothes from inside the dressing room, before K'ren finally emerges, wearing a jumpsuit that miraculously almost fits. The legs are a bit long, but it's not a terrible thing that it almost hides her feet. "Hmm. Dunno," she remarks, but at least she's not instantly against it, as she was with the dress. She glances toward Reya's choice and headtilts, considering it thoughtfully. "Very bright, ain't it?" A pause, then she adds, "Think that suits Jaykith, though."

Admittedly, Isaija doesn't actually work at this particular shop, but that won't stop him from doing what he does best: showing up at random shops throughout the day with an assortment of delicacies on offer. For today? It's a predictably meat-heavy charcuterie board (well, tray, but c'mon) with an array of cured meats, cheeses, olives, pickles, and other such things. A couple of bottles of wine are holstered at his hips in a contraption clearly designed for this purpose. Add in an apron with plenty of pockets and secret snacks and you have yourself a human snack cart that's entirely too happy to deliver deliciousness directly. And, just like that, he's wandering the racks like he belongs there, chatting up the salesfolk and patrons alike

"Oh I guess she will be performing at the opening huh? Unless you don't want to K'ren?" As for the color choice, there's a quick nod before she's stepping into the racks once more. After rifling through them for a moment she spots an ash colored combination and holds them up above her head, "How about theeeee- MEAT MAESTRO!" Is Wendyn having flashbacks of Reya's previous reaction to R'en's arrival? Because it's practically the same. Clothes still in hand, much to every employee's unhappiness, she's quickly making her way over to Isaija and /peering/ and the array of snacks. "That looks /delicious/!" With all the time spent shopping mid-day is already upon them and it's right about now that Reya's stomach lets out a very loud /very/ un-lady like growl. "Perfect timing! Unless they aren't for sharing…" But she's so hungry!

"I'm sure they could take it up.." At least Wendyn doesn't suggest high heels or anything to the brown rider - she may have similar opinions on the blasted contraptions, but as K'ren argues that it may be a little bright, she laughs softly. "You started with bright, that is just lovely." Any other arguments she was going to make are lost though, as a walking snack cart appears, and Wendyn's eyes are widening - both at Reya's enthusiastic greeting, and Isaija's offering. "Shards, what is -that-.." She murmurs, creeping almost shyly from the bench where she was sitting, edging closer - though letting Reya draw the attention so she might snag a bite - or two. Or ok, a whole bunch of them.

K'ren affects a vague disinterest in the snack tray, for reasons that must be clear to /her/, if no one else. "Well, didn't say I didn't like it," she murmurs, snagging the outfit from Reya before she can rush off. She spends a moment holding it up in front of herself in the mirror, before tossing it over her arm with a sudden decisiveness. Then, she wanders after the other two women with not-quite-concealed curiosity.

"Ah! Weyrwoman! What a pleasant surprise!" Isaija's all bright smiles and genuine cheer, right down to the playful wink fired at Reya. With a little bit of a flourish, he presents the tray - with its toothpicks and salami and sausage and cheeses and all - directly to her. "All of this, every last bit, is yours for the taking." He does manage some straight-faced seriousness for those words, but it breaks a moment later into a wide, boyish grin. "And your company, as well! Come, come," he spears a bit of salami and cheese and attempts to use it to beckon Wendyn closer. What's that? Trying to sneak up on his stash? Not on his watch! "None of this will- oh, wait, no, the pepper cheese and those sausages probably will bite, but everything else is safe." Spicy. Somehow, a second meat and cheese stick is procured and likewise waggled at K'ren with a similarly tempting waggle of brows.

"Yeah?" Reya's attention flits from snack tray to K'ren and when the woman holds the clothes up to herself there's a quick wolf whistle from the Weyrwoman. "Even if you don't use it for work, I think that looks absolutely /amazing/!" When she does turn back, it's just in time to catch that wink which is quickly replied with one of her own. "Well, our dear snack laden savior, we are forever in your debt!" There's a grand curtsy (that doesn't look quite right given her pants and blouse ensemble) before she's quickly going for the pepper cheese! She's certainly not afraid of a little bite. Though now that she's taking two or three…she might regret it later. Her gaze flits back to K'ren and Wendyn then, "So? Are we thinking the jumpsuit for most performances and….vest and pants for special occasions? Or we could just toss those out altogether…." So many options!

"I think you should get both of them." Wendyn declares to K'ren, even as she inches closer, drawn in by Isa's offer, snagging a bit piece of sausage and then a cheese, before her hand darts out quickly to snag another piece before she can be stopped. Eyes lift to Isa's daring him to stop her - after all, she isn't Reya - but if no reprimand comes, she will happily settle down to make short notice of anything except the spicy portions. "There's already an open bottle of bubbly.." She offers helpfully, glancing back at the table where the partially finished bottle awaits. "I mean, if you want any. Can you drink, if you are working? Are you working?" At least, maybe someone would be, since none of the women clearly are.

K'ren shrugs and claims some spicy sausage, without even seeming to consider that the invitation might not have been extended to /her/. She chews it for a moment, nodding slowly, then finally declares, "S'good. Oughter have more of it." With that matter-of-fact praise, her attention returns to Reya. "Guess t'all depends. M'I gonna work days at somethin'? Think the black works best for nights, y'ken?"

There's peppered and then there's peppered. The cheese definitely has some heat, but it's the good kind that doesn't overstay its welcome. The black pepper sausage, on the other hand, might be a little more of a risky venture, but hey. Isaija enjoys experiments. And don't mind him! He's a perfectly fine being a pretty face dispensing treats, let's be honest; the man's not about to run roughshod over anyone's shopping trip! "It's entirely my pleasure," he reassures Reya, then tips his head to Wendyn when she snitches a few bits. She gets a wink and a further tilting of his grin. When Reya's taken her fill, he nudges the tray a bit closer to Wendyn in encouragement; he sees that shy reluctance! "Is there, now?" He glances to the bubbly in question with a purse of lips. "I am working- well. Sort of. But, I'd hate for it to go unfinished." His grin widens when K'ren takes some of the spicy sausage, too, wordlessly encouraging her to indulge freely. "Why, thank you! I'll make note of that." Later. When his hands aren't full.

"Let's say….up to you! If you feel like working days that's fine, though it /would/ look best when the sun's going down. I can picture you against the setting sun," her fingers make a square and she frames K'ren in it from the far, "looking absolutely gorgeous while spinning flames left and right." There's a grin from the woman as her hands drop, "Think about it and just let me know, we can be flexible." Annnnnd then Reya is going for the food that is perhaps /too/ spicy and she's quite quickly realizing it. "Faranth that is /hot/…and GOOD…but also /hot/…where's the alcohol?" And off she goes to make quick work of that champagne. Good thing Isa brought wine too!

With Reya distracted, Wendyn is left on her own with Isa and K'ren even as the brown rider seems to consider the spicy food, Wendyn continues to make a wide circle around it. "Thank you.." She trails off, leaving an opening for Isa to introduce himself, adding after a moment, "Since I assume you don't actually go by Meat Maestro.." The miner adds after a moment, though her initial hesitation in helping herself to the snack tray is evaporating as quickly as the snacks themselves. "You should get both, though, just in case. So you are prepared." Enabler? Sure.

K'ren takes some more of the spicy sausage. She doesn't seem to react to the spiciness of it. Go figure! "Sunset, eh?" She ponders over that, while considering the two outfits. Then, suddenly, she looks off vaguely into the middle distance, with a look of pure annoyance. "Oh for— Jakyth, leave that poor fellow /alone/!" She shoves the last sausage in her mouth, grabs her leathers, and sketches a vague salute and those presence. "Gotta go. Trouble's a'brewin'!" Then she's off. Presumably she pays for those clothes on her way out.

"Master of meats, mister of mutton, lord of- lard? Sorry, that one is terrible," Isaija chuckles and gestures to dismiss it. Reya's hasty departure to pilfer the rest of the champagne doesn't escape his notice, though there is a grimace as another mental note is made. Maybe there was too much spice in that one! "Ah, right. I'm Isaija. Mysterious meat chef, extraordinaire. And what do I have the pleasure of calling you?" The exchange of introductions with Wendyn is momentarily derailed with K'ren's equally abrupt departure - though, thank Faranth, it's not due to a rare culinary misadventure! "Clear skies, rider!" He offers a salute that's downright comical, as it does involve his hand with the cheese and meat toothpick. "Goodness."

A hand is lifted as K'ren is suddenly in a hurry to depart, the brown rider's words delaying her own response to Isa's question. "Wendyn, miner apprentice and apparently shopping buddy to Reya." At least, that is how this morning went. The meat tray is eyed again, and she is reaching for something else, even as she tilts her head to watch the champagne disappear. "Well, shards…" She mutters, "Though, I bet you could come up with some good ale pairings, with these." She waves a hand at the board. "I know, wine is the thing but.."

"Wendyn, miner apprentice and shopping buddy. Now that is a fine set of skills to have." Isaija glances at what remains on the tray - which, fortunately, isn't all that much. There's a vigorous nod for that, Isaija glancing down to his holstered wine bottles before he looks to Wendyn again. "If I could haul around a good flight or two of ales, I definitely would. A lot of this is much better with those," he admits. "Or with a fresh pretzel." Or both. He's all for both.

"Especially when you managed enough marks in your own pocket to do some shopping of your own." Wendyn agrees, even as she is closing the distance to pay for the dress -she- picked out, arranging to swing by and pick it up later, returning after the brief exchange. "You should meet my brother.. I'm sure you two could come up with something amazing.. Maybe for the grand opening." And then he does it - he mentions pretzels. "Ooh, that's sounds so good." After the briefest moment, though, her face falls. "Ugh, but that would mean facing the bakers." And likely, one particular baker in general, who R'en and Reya got to hear alllll about.

To which Isaija offers a crooked grin and tip of his head. "Even better, especially if it's the kind of shopping you want to do, not the kind you have to do." He shifts the contents of the tray around slightly to rebalance it - for both weight and visual appeal. "I- you know, that could be interesting. What's your brother's name?" Curious, though he'll quickly be derailed by the shift in talk to bakers - and her apparent dismay. "Ah! Wait. Do bakers have a reputation I've not heard about, my dear miner? Because every baker I've met has been both gracious and… strong." It's all the kneading, really. "Or does one have a reputation with you?" Curious, more than cautious, with raised brows and all.

"Well, I think Reya sort of.. urged me along to my purchase, but.." There are things you don't do, and argue with a slightly proddy Weyrwoman is definitely one of them. "A'she! He's a bronze rider at Half Moon.. I.." Pausing, she bites her lip. "I mean, he lives there now, but, I don't know how he feels about… Everything." At the question of bakers and their reputations, Wendyn is abandoning the tray to drop dramatically to the lowest bench, groaning a little. "Just one. He thinks I'm his girlfriend. Because he doesn't understand Weyrs. Or gold flights. Or.. well anything." Making a face, she lifts her hand to rub at a cheek. "I've been avoiding the kitchen, so he doesn't think I am looking for him."

There's a chuckle for that and a knowing nod. "She seems to have that effect on people," Isaija replies with a tip of his head. The rider's name is noted with a further dip of his chin, "A'she of Half Moon. I'm sure I'll be heading that way soon enough," though for what and why, he doesn't elaborate. Nor does he seem inclined to, when Wendyn ditches out on the snacks to take a dramatic seat, instead. His brows lift a tich more before he's soon shifting things around to sit next to her, tray in lap and all. "Ahhh," is drawn out with understanding, his head lifting just a little. "I see. One of those, then," though there's nothing really judgey in his tone. Just observation; a matter-of-factness that just is. He sucks his teeth, silent for a few moments, before, "Well. If you want, I'd be happy to set him straight, so you don't have to. You shouldn't have to avoid the kitchens just because one lad doesn't understand how Weyrlife works."

As Isa moves to settle next to her, Wendyn at least has enough courtesy to sit a bit more upright and stop hogging the whole bench - particularly as he is still laden with the tray and wine. "Shards, would you?" A pause. "I mean, it wouldn't be so bad if like, -I'd had any idea- but like, Szetamarith is just -so loud- and…" A sigh and she shakes her head. "Trust me, he would -not- be my first choice. Shards, he wouldn't be my any choice." And then she is dropping her voice, "I think he thinks if you do that, then you get 'fasted, cause that's what happened at home." A hand moves to potentially rest on Isa's arm, as she looks sort of hopeful. "You have no idea what I would do for a pie." Well, clearly, she wouldn't do Mr BubblyPie himself, but.

He's just as mindful of the space situation, at least. The tray is shifted a bit away from her, so she's not being crowded out by all the salty and brined deliciousness there. Isaija's posture is comfortably straight, though he does have to lean a bit for the sake of conversation. "I said I would," the cook replies with utter seriousness. No smile here; the man's all business in this moment. "And I absolutely will." There's a slight, but definitely sympathetic, grimace for that; he might not say it, but that's the look of a man that's had a similar experience a time or three. "Shells, the poor fellow. I'll be gentle on him, as holdfolk can be delicate about it." His arm is firm and ripe for the touching, at least; he'll not shrug her hand off and, if anything, he'll lean in a bit more. "I'm sure I don't," he admits, "but I can probably guess. So! C'mon. Let's go get that over with and see about getting you a nice pie while we're at it, eh?" And if she doesn't feel up to doing that? There's a nice cafe they can go to instead!

Clearly, Wendyn will owe Isa for this one, but considering he is willing, why put it off… Because now? Pie. Definitely pie.

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