2002-06-26: Kazarenth and Angelesth's Eggs Hatch (10th PC Clutch)


Candidate Cavern(#9488RAM$)
Huge in comparrison to the other two major caverns in this weyr, this series of interlinked caverns is the Weyrling Complex. Fashioned out of a multitude of hollows, it serves as a courtyard of sorts as well as classroom. A number of deeper pockets have been laborously smoothed to provide comfortable dwellings for the young dragons and their riders, away from the weather of the courtyard and affording them some privacy but not much. Above, the cavern opens to the sky, holding out the worst of the island's weather but allowing the young dragons an exit to the world beyond once their wings are developed enough to take it. Also branching off from this cavern is the exercise yard with its pool and feeding pen for the young dragons. Protected from the worst of the island weather, this cavern is a haven in day and night. Darkness has settled over the large expanse of the complex, paper lanterns light the pathways towards the sands and the carved passage leading into the commons. All around are the speckling of lights that accompany the occupied hollows, allowing the dragons vision for those midnight snacks and such. Autumn is difficult to tell from summer on this lovely coast as the trees in this tropical paradise are given to little change. The days are once again becoming cooler, but the storms are the worst during this season.
Through the open roof of the exercise cavern, high above you can see glimpses of the weather outside, though are safe from it. Cold rain pours from gray-black clouds driven by a howling northeast wind. The sky is brightened with the occasional flicker of lightening. The wind is howling from the north, shifting to northwest.
Firelizards: Green Rinna, Blue Sidhe, Blue Pox, Green Sunflake, Gold Grace, Brown Fox, Brown Luke, Blue Bukiyo, and Blue Opal
Players: Kyoninya, Jalenye, Calibrandi, Basil, Parlan, Ayashii, Kohana, and Natane
Obvious exits:
Carved Passage -cp- Exercise Yard -ey- Hatching Cavern -hc-

Nelali walks into the candidate/weyrling caverns, from the commons cavern.

Public Announcement from Espera: Kazarenth murmurs a sharp, surprised note, all her runes coalescing into a quick-silver spill, a dash of white feathers, then a vivid, questioning note. No words, as she nudges around the eggs. No explanation. Just a blink at a twitch in this shell, or that. She hesitates. Then she revs her voice appropriately. Thrum. / The Hatching is just about to begin at Eastern Weyr! Also, IC time of day — just early afternoon, Eastern time. ^^

Gwen walks into the Candidate Cavern for her normal check-in with the candidates, giving each a stern glare. "Has everyone finished their chores for the day?" she growls, eyeing to see if anyone is missing, "You've all been pretty quiet lately…no pranks…"

Natane has her fabrics spread out upon her cot, cool colors in one pile, and warm colors in the other. Her gaze lifts as Gwen arrives, and the rider recieves a merry, "Hello!" Then she's back to her sorting.

Calibrandi is folded cross-legged on his bed, tongue sticking out between his teeth as he causes grievous bodily harm to a length of white cloth. At Gwen's entrance, he calms slightly and goes back to being a good Candidate, absorbed in stitching his robe. "Chores all finished, m'am."

Nelali is a few steps behind Gwen, glancing around to note each candidate although she's quite for the moment.

Basil sits quietly on his cot, his note buried into a book. Nothing unusual there. Behind him sits one of the other candidate gals, who is busy shaving his head again, trying to keep the shaving goop from dripping onto his cot. The boy glances up from his book as the new arrivals come tramping in.

Gwen jerks her head around in the direction of the Hatching Caverns, a twitch of a smile on her face. She looks back over to the candidates as the rumbles of dragons humming starts to flood the room. "Well, seems it's time." Running over to the first cot, she tugs a sleeping boy out, stuffing his robe in his hands. "Everyone, get your robes on, the Hatching is starting."

A colorful mutterings is coming from locker at the end of Parlan's bed. A flutter of furs come blasting out the top like a volcano and land all over his body which is buried deep into the interior. "Where's that fur? Surely I dinna lose it?" The muttering returns momentarily before he springs up triumphantly, a bit of silver grasped in one hand.

Kohana sits on Ayashii's cot, looking quite usual for herself. Quiet seems to be her major ploy right now, as she rests up against Ayashii, nails starting to dig into the man's arm, especially as certain announcements are made..

Kyoninya glances upward, regarding the Weyrlingmaster and assistants warily before peering toward the cavern. "Again. Lovely. Just lovely," the ex-Renegade mutters before rising from her spot on the cot. Ducking behind the changing screen, she re-emerges a moment later with her robe on, tying her hair back and twisting it to get off of the back of her head.

Calibrandi's face falls. "But my robe isn'—" But he's a sharp one, this boy. He can see the look on Gwen's face and it's not one that calls for an argument. He promptly leaps out of bed, shrugging off his shirt and tugging his half-sewn robe over his shoulders. Pants go next, then sandles into feet — No, wait. Feet into sandals. And, in record time, he's ready. A messy, unfinished ready, but.. Well, he's decent. Let's leave it at that.

Nelali moves to drift through the candidates, watching as they pull out robes before eyes narrow at certain ones, garnering them more than just a quick glance.

Ayashii blinks slightly as he feels nails in his arms and then hears the announcement, "Eh, what.." he says through his simi-sleep foged mind as he stiffles a yawn, he glances down at Kohana, almost suprised for a moment to see her there, "What they talkin' bout?" he asks her…

Natane pauses, stares, and blinks stupidly. "What?" She attempts to gather her senses as she pulls together her fabrics, dumping them uncerimoniously upon the flooor. "They're hatching? Really?" Squeal. "Oh, that's wonderful! I finished my robe a few sevendays ago - those things are easy for weavers, you know…and I've been waiting for the chance to use it. Oh, I'm so happy!" Another squeal, before the candidate slips off of her cot and moves to uncover her candidate's robe.

Jalenye (who happens to be seated on a cot) glances up from her lap and the green 'lizard that rests there preening in newly-oiled splendor at the humming and Gwen's announcement. "Oh. Hatching?" wide-eyed, the woman nudges her firelizard off her cot and slides to her feet, kneeling beside her cot to find her robe, sandals and hair items. When she finds them, she slips into the robe without a modicum of embarassment, and then slips her feet into her shoes. She begins to fidget with her hair.

Basil eyes widen with…fear? Its certainly not excitement. Perhaps apprehension. He starts to say something to the girl, turning his head back to see..that she's gone? Already gone to get into her robe. He rubs a hand over his half shaved head and groans, "Of all the times…" Quickly, he pulls the towel from around his shoulders, rubbing the goop off of his scalp as he goes for his robe, dressing quickly, awkwardly.

Laise is nervous, before he turns to change into his robe, tugging the white cloth over his head and then glancing toward the weyrlingmaster, waiting almost then as he absently attempts to smooth out longstanding wrinkles in the cloth.

<EAW ALERT> The humming that began with Kazarenth spreads like wildfire through the Weyr, echoing through the caverns as more and more dragons add their voices. The eggs hatch, and they hatch /soon/.

Gwen has her hands on her hips, barking orders and pushing the more reluctant candidates along, "Line up when you're done so we can go out. Those eggs aren't going to wait forever!" She strides over to Nelali, whispering, "I'll take up the rear of the line, if you'll take the front."

Kohana looks down at Ayashii, half puzzled in her silence as she bends down to whisper "The Hatching is starting…" into his ear, before she stands, slowly, and seeming to be very relucant to leave his side to slip into her own robe behind a curtain, leaving her mass of red hair hanging down. Just one more thing to hide behind. No biggie, right?

Ayashii blinks and stands, his slow mind finally catching on, he ruffles around for his robe and finally finds it and quickly makes the switch in to it before sliding his feet in to his sandles and blinking again as he starts to look for where to shuffle towards next…

Calibrandi trots over to Kyoninya, flashing her a broad, happy grin as he steps into line. "Excited, m'am? This is just great! I sure hope m' knees don't knock too loud - I'm thinkin' my parents just might be up in those galleries!" And it's with joyful, boyish laughter that he waits, fidgeting as any Candidate would do and peering ahead, hoping to catch a glimpse of the World Beyond. Dundundun.

Nelali nods her head as she listens to Gwen, a glance toward the door. "Alright then, everyone needs to line up so we can get you out there, before the hatchlings arrive first." She waits then on a signal from Gwen to start the mass exodus.

Jalenye, deftly braiding her forelock into place against her forehead, scuffs away from her cot and towards the forming line. She's not too much into chatter at this moment, and soon finishes with that portion of her hair before tying the rest back. Her hands flop to her sides and she watches the Weyrlingmasters expectantly.

Basil tugs the hem of his robe down and erghs, flushing slightly as he grumbles to himself, "It fit when I finished it a couple of sevendays ago.." But there's no time for that now. He hurries to line up with the others, hugging himself anxiously. Not a happy camper.

Natane scrambles to slip on her robe, fingering the elegant hemming for a moment before diving under her cot to recover her sandals. Got one! She cries, flinging it triumphantly on top of her cot. And the other! She adds moments later, withdrawing her slightly dusty head from underneath. She slips them on her feet, and then looks around expectantly. Line upshe can do that. The candidate bounces over to the line, and takes a place at the end.

Kyoninya raises an eyebrow at Calibrandi. "Excited? Lad, you remember the last time out?" At his continued commenting, she mutters something obscene under her breath and shrugs. "Parents.. Ha. If I'm lucky, Siranea found a way to watch, but I doubt it." Her voice is quiet as she moves off toward the entrance, lining herself up near the front.

Parlan yanks the hem of the robe over his head and allows the cloth to settle around his knees. The newly reclaimed fur is dropped onto his cot, where Rinna immediately curls up for a nap. A quick tug pushes his black locks into place and the candidate scurries over to join one of the lines nearest to Nelali. He winks at the assistant weyrlingmaster, even more cocky then normal if that's possible. Corineal steps into line behind him and she belts he one on the center of the back. "Ooch, lassy. Dinna hit sa hard. I'm not but teasing anyway."

Gwen manages to get the last few candidates into what could be a line, waving Nelali to go ahead and start leading them out. The Weyrlingmaster looks somewhat pleased and stressed all at once, being just as ready for those eggs to Hatch as the candidates. "Go on, head on out to the Sands. And remember to bow or I'll have your hides after this is over!"

Nelali stands near to the door, appraising glance to every candidate as they move into a line and then a quick glance to the weyrlingmaster. "Alright, step this way and onto the sands. And get moving. Don't forget your bows when you get there."

Nelali walks over to the Hatching Cavern.

Ayashii walks over to the Hatching Cavern.

Calibrandi walks over to the Hatching Cavern.

Jalenye walks over to the Hatching Cavern.

Natane walks over to the Hatching Cavern.

Laise walks over to the Hatching Cavern.

You walk over to the Hatching Cavern, entering the room…

Hatching Sands(#9377RJMa)
The sand of the cavern stretches out to all sides, searing hot at all times of the day from the geothermal heat that this extinct vulcano provides. With only the very top of the cavern open to the elements, allowing vision of the sky and the occasional shower through, but little more. Thick with dark sand, imported and sifted for its extreme fineness and silken feel, this cavern is home to the Queens during their brooding and their multitude of eggs. Off to one side is a risen platform for the Queen's rider and her mate's rider, allowing them a rest from the heat their dragons endure. The cool of night offers little release from the heat of the sands. Paper lanterns in a multitude of colors, covering electric lights, illuminate the caverns with a cheery air. Suspended over the galleries and ledges, it adds a comforting feel rather than the harshness of the unnatural bright light, to the scene that takes place here. Autumn is difficult to tell from summer on this lovely coast as the trees in this tropical paradise are given to little change. The days are once again becoming cooler, but the storms are the worst during this season.
Through the open roof of the cavern, high above you can see glimpses of theweather outside, though are safe from it. Cold rain pours from gray-black clouds driven by a howling northeast wind. The sky is brightened with the occasional flicker of lightening. The wind is howling from the north, shifting to northwest.
Seething Anarchist Egg Bloody Sunday Egg
Peace of Mind Egg She's A Rainbow Egg
Les Yeux Sans Visage Egg Foxy Music Egg
Champagne Supernova Egg Ziggy Stardust Egg
Rotten From The Inside Egg Bohemian Rhapsody Egg
Cirrus Minor Egg
CANDIDATES: Kohana, Natane, Jalenye, Calibrandi, Ayashii, and Laise
WATCHING THE EGGS: Espera, Kazarenth, Angelesth, Danae, Xe'n, D'lon, Zaria, Yu'i, L'rien, Syra, and Nelali

Parlan walks into the Hatching Cavern, from the Candidate/Weyrling Cavern.

Kyoninya walks into the Hatching Cavern, from the Candidate/Weyrling Cavern.

Basil walks into the Hatching Cavern, from the Candidate/Weyrling Cavern.

Gwen walks into the Hatching Cavern, from the Candidate/Weyrling Cavern.

Bloody Sunday Egg twitches gently, rolling down off its mound of sand before coming to a halt.

Kohana walks onto the sands, her nails dug into Ayashii's arm once again as she some how re-appeared by his side in the line. Reaching about midway on the sands she stops, bowing with a semi-deep curtsy to the dam and sire of the clutch with a /small/ smile, before resuming her half-worried silence as she moves into her spot.

Jalenye, in line with her fellow candidates, steps quickly onto the sands and offers sire, dam and respective riders each a bow. With her hands nervously twiddling with her robe's hem, she scuffs off and into place along the semicircle 'round the clutch. She forces herself to relax and leaves her hands at her side.

Ayashii enters the sands slowly, shuffling along, he turns briefly towards the clutch parents and bows deeply before he continues on to his spot to stand, a brief glance going in search of Kohana as a nervous look crosses the big mans face..

Calibrandi steps into line with Jalenye, looking nervously at her and risking a small grin. He pauses for a moment to sweep a dutiful bow to the clutchsires and dams before snatching up the girl's hand and pulling her with him, arranging the two of them around the eggs. "Y'nervous, Enye? Don't worry if y'are - I'm sure you'll be fine! Just stand 'ere with me." Because.. you know, Cali's the expert and all. This being his first time to a Hatching. /Ever/.

Natane steps out onto the sands, her movements light and quick, to prevent the heat from sinking in to the soles of her sandals. She pauses on her journey to bow awkwardly to the sire and dam, bending her slender body over in her gesture of respect. A salute goes to the riders in attendance, and then she scrambles off after the rest of the candidates, taking her place a few paces away from the rest of the group.

Laise moves to give both the dam and the sire a fairly deep bow before he moves to the line to stand somehwat near to Parlan, edgy as he glances toward the eggs. "They're moving alreadyl. Didn't expect that."

Gwen slips off to the sides of the sands, taking a deep breath and glancing up to the ledges for a glimpse of her own lifemate. The Weyrlingmaster settles in to watch for the first hatchling tomake an apperance.

Basil nearly trips as he comes out of the passage, steadied by the helpful hand of one of the larger candidates. For a moment, he looks completely petrified before he straightens his shoulders, a disturbing calm blanketing his features. He quickens his step then, sweeping a far too graceful bow to the clutchparents before moving over to stand near Jalenye and Calibrandi. They're safe, after all.

Parlan follows along the trail of candidates winding their way onto the sands. He hesitates just at the entrance, allowing his feet just a second to adjust to the temperatue before plunging full force into the heat. As he reaches his place in the semicircle, he drops a slow bow to Kazarenth, Angelesth, and their riders. This accomplished, the young man shuffles restlessly until he can find a more comfortable stance.

Angelesth eyes all those on the sands, huffing and eyeing Kazarenth warily. But, ignore her - she's just being a sand-cramped gold dragon. Or something. So, in good spirit and all, he gives a deep rumble. And he's supposed to be thrumming,t oo, right?

Kyoninya walks in a quiet, subdued fashion, wary for various reasons. The ex-Renegade pays her respects with careful bows, then trails toward the semicircle and finds a spot where she can keep a good view and stay out of the way of ravenous, evil hatchlings, should this clutch prove as evil as the last one.

Nelali nods as the candidates file onto the sands, before her steps take her over near Gwen and she smiles slightly before all of her attention goes as well to the eggs and then candidates.

Ziggy Stardust Egg trembles suddenly, the creature within now fighting to escape its confinement. The egg rocks violently with this force, and, already tilted precariously, it threatens to fall over. The shaking has a rhythmic quality, pulses coming at regular intervals, but growing stronger and more powerful each time. Momentum builds, and the egg does fall from its position high up on a mound of sand to roll a few feet away. A few cracks are visible as it slows to a stop, reaching out across the entirety of the shell. In an instant, the shell falls apart, the Unlikely Hero Brown Hatchling finally emerging into the light.

Unlikely Hero Brown Hatchling
A living testament to the inherent beauty of simplicity, this dragon's features submit willingly to the standard without any particularly notable anomalies. Hide stretches taut over keenly developed muscles, lending a lean appearance to his limbs and midsection, though in length and in girth he is a creature of textbook proportions. When he moves, he possesses a slinking, stealthy grace any other dragon of his size would find quite difficult to match. There is a complacency to his form, as though he fits the mold of the commonplace well. Shadows dance along the curves of his sides and over expansive wingsails, darker splotches of brown acting as the only decoration to otherwise perfect, unblemished ginger. Though the mingling brown hues of his hide conform peacefully to the norm, under his wings there lies a deviant beauty; bright, shimmering bolts of gold strike the inner membrane of each sail, an unexpected act of subversion.
<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Danae.>

Les Yeux Sans Visage Egg starts to rock, very lightly. Just ever-so-lightly. It's got neighbors, you see - and it shouldn't disturb them. It needs to be polite, and all - but, ah. There goes it's clutchsibling! Well, how about just a moment longer. It's sort of - ah - stuck between to others. And disturbing them would be wrong, riight?

Jalenye glances slyly and sidelong at Calibrandi, a twitch briefly curling the corners of her lips as she offers the boy a polite, though perhaps impatient: "Not nervous. Just apprehensive. I've done this a few times before, Cali." She holds out her hand for Basil, "Come on, Basil." The cries of a fellow candidate alert her to the brown Hatchling's arrival, and of course Jalenye chips in a generic, "Oh, lookit him!"

Kohana looks around, and with seeing the first egg crack open, realizes her shield isn't with her anymore. Looking around, an expression of fear writes itself on Kohana's face, before she clamps down on it as she spots Ayashii, promptly placing herself by his side. Finally there, her heart racing and feet starting to slightly notice the heat of the sands, she shifts closer, taking a stance somewhat behind her Ayashii-shield.

Calibrandi scans the galleries quickly, looking.. searching.. Ah. THe pair of humble farmers, clinging and mugging madly at their son on the sands. His parents. He waves wildly, to the extent that he should have a sign that reads 'Look, mum, I'm on the sands!'. The Brown steals his attention, however, and he politely oohs and ahhs. Nervously. "Nice.. uh.. fangs and talons and.. uh.. pointy bits they got, huh?"

Basil glances around as he hears a few gasps and cries from his fellow candidates. He cranes his neck, trying to see what he must have missed. Finally, he realizes that an egg has already hatched and there is a dragon on the loose. He quickly grabs a hold of Jalenye's hand, that facade of confidence slipping slightly, "Shells!" Terror again fills his gaze.

Laise looks from first the brown hatchling that just appeared and then back where he stands, moving so that he can keep a good eye on him but also be far enough away from wicked looking teeth and claws.

Britney was here all along, really. Eyeing her fellow candidates, she says - "Uhh, hey! Who was my partner again? Umm, did anyone even /tell/ me? Man, you guys! I thought I told you not to let me be the last to know about these things!" Whiine. "Someone take my hand!"

Natane gives a little squeal of shock and joy as the first egg hatches, and spills a…"Brown!" Natty glances from left to right, gesturing for the benefit of the candidates in the vicinity. "It's brown, see? Brown!"

Seething Anarchist Egg shivers ever so slightly. Once, twice. Then it stills again.

Bloody Sunday Egg twitches again, and the careful observer will note that crimson-lined cracks have begun to spiderweb directly down the center of the war-ravaged ovoid as it fights itself from within.

Ayashii glances over his shoulder, but hears the crack of an egg and the exclimations and turns to see the newly hatched Brown, a step is taken back as his face is covered in awe at the look of power even in one so young as the brown…

Kazarenth is in the grips of a restrained sort of delight, humming creeping up and sliding down the scale in a crescendo of noise. She doesn't seem particularly bothered by the candidates, for a change. She's just beginning to realize how tiresome this is. She lets out a sharp, pleased note — brown! — before leaning over to bump Angelesth unexpectedly. One down. Others to go. "Yu'i! Look! Look! Aw. Isn't he loveable." Espera's not here, she isn't saying any of this. She just stays on the little raised platform and watches on.

Champagne Supernova Egg sits somewhere out there upon the sands. It no longer lays mostly buried, but finds itself nestled gently atop the hot grains. Such a long wait it has had, but the time draws nearer and a tentative wobble starts the egg upon a new road.

Parlan shifts a little closer to Laise as the younger boy eyes the arriving brown. "Time ta be on the watch again, ah?" His shoulders fidget, as if shaking his arms loose in preparation. "Ya watch that way 'n I'll this 'n hopefully we'll be safe." A firm nod accompanies this, but the look in his eye is not quite as assured as his voice sounds.

Kyoninya watches from her spot, wary still, but as before, intrigued by this annomaly of hatchlings. The candidate edges toward Calibrandi and the group he stands with, and settles in behind them, watching the eggs twitch and crack silently.

Unlikely Hero Brown Hatchling lifts himself carefully from the ruins of his egg, hide glistening in the light with residual liquid. With awkward — though calculated — steps, he moves carefully away from the rest of the eggs, closer to the throng of candidates. He moves with such patience it seems he's almost apathetic to the prospect of choosing from them, more inclined to remain isolated and undecided than to approach them. Still, he ambles onward, head hung in such a way that it seems it is actually the dark sands underfoot that attract him most.

Foxy Music Egg shifts to the left real quickly. Or was that even a shift? It look like a two-fourty twirl. Shaking a bit once more before finally going back down to a complete stand still. Nothing is going to stop this one from staying within the egg. Nope, not at all!

Peace of Mind Egg quivers ever so slightly, but then it lies still, patient and waiting for its moment to come.

Les Yeux Sans Visage Egg shakes some more, rocking more violently. This really isn't fair - you shouldn't stick it between things like this! Mrr. Now it's all mad, and stuff. No more Mr. (or Mrs.) Nice Egg! Suddenly, it starts bouncing, and begins rolling around the sands, until its upright again. Then, silently, the first few cracks appear - before BAM! Craaaack. It's come out of its shell (literally and metaphorically, y'know).

Daddy's Little Dark Angel Green Hatchling
Dark, swirling eyes suddenly stare out of nowhere, empowering the air around them to shift, slowly molding into the graceful form of a dragon. A slender dragonet, that is, with delicately folded wings posed in a shield about the body, and well-musculed limbs set in a crouch. The hatchling's body is but a silhouette, but that shadow slowly dissolves into darker shades of green, the eyes still standing out stunningly in contrast from the other colors. At last, the hatchling moves, the light creeping and crawling along its curves, and it slinks slowly across the sands, like a cat stalking its prey. So many pretty little ones we have here today - but which to choose? Cruel intentions hint in the glittering light on the green's facets, and its snout is curved in a draconic smile. The world is but a game of cat and mouse for her.
<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Yu'i.>

Kohana doesn't seem to step back with Ayashii, and the fear inside of her almost comes out again before she shoves it down in her being, willing herself to be calm. "Aya…?" Kohana ventures shakily, her hands abandoning his arms for a hand to hold and squeeze to death.

Natane leans over to poke the person nearest her - a few steps away - gesturing wildly to the Foxy Music Egg. "My favorite egg! The one I made the scarf for…it's shaking!" However, much to her disappointment, it ceases to shake, and she's left looking (as usual) stupid. "Well, it /was/ shaking!"

Britney starts fidgeting. It's a habit. "Oops! They did it again." They hatched, and stuff. "Umm… guys? I could use some moral support here!" Cry. "Some take my haaand!" Unless someone already has. "I'm scared, and— look! Such a cute brown, such a pretty green…"

Calibrandi beckons Ninya over, pointing out the Green. "There's a beauty for you, m'am. Isn't she just splendid? Real pretty-like." He goes back to watching the other eggs, seemingly more excited to see what they hold within than to watch those already hatched. "I like seeing which colors emerge," he muses quietly. "I don't want to leave here. I hope the eggs hatch forever."

Ayashii doesn't remove his eyes from the brown, but catches the green from the corner of his eye as it hatches and his eyes switch over to watch it, "Yes, 'Hana…." he says, voice trembling as he doesn't seem to be in any better composure than she is.. "It's.. It's going to be fine," he assures her though he doesn't quite buy it himself..

Jalenye rolls her eyes at Calibrandi and gives a brief nod and "Uh huh." As she glances over at her other side, Basil's fear registers with her and so she gives the boy's hand a comforting squeeze. "Don't worry about it. Anything bad happens, you're a healer," she tells him, offering as comforting a smile as an apprehensive person can. "Relax. Breathe…Oh!—" she jiggles the hands of those beside her, "Well, green. Rather a nice color and shade."

Kyoninya glances at Britney distastefully, reminded of another bratty girl she knew recently. "Do shut up, girl. They hatch. It's not all that upsetting. Get some spine." Kiya glances back to Calibrandi. "But you see, she stalks. A huntress, perhaps."

War-ravaged and quaking, the Bloody Sunday Egg can take none of this turmoil from within. Right down the middle split, cracks begin to web outwards from one central point that seems to be taking the brunt of the hatchling within's impact. Not long, not long—- CRACK. With a sickening noise that echoes through the cavern, the egg splits asunder, allowing a mass of thick limbs and a round, round torso to spill free. The little hatchling rolls over and over, the momentum from her precipitous escape from the shell that was her prison sending her a good ten feet forward towards the candidates. A moment's pause, and then with a groan she rights herself, blinking red-violet eyes bleerily. Great. Just great. Now what's a poor little green to do?

Shadowed Willow Green Hatchling
Pale, spring-time green tinted with a hint of baby blue ripples across the soft curves that dominate this round young lady. Perhaps she's too round for her own good: time in the egg has been much kinder to this hatchling than to most, for layers of baby fat cover what might eventually be muscular legs and an attractively curved belly, giving her an adorable, stuffed toy appearance. Too bad she doesn't like being cute. There's a harshness to her that goes beyond the purely physical, a hard quality revealed in the patterning on translucent, glass-green wingsails. Veins are obvious in those slender pinions, creating an odd, dappled pattern remiscent of the sun coming through long willow leaves. There are other spots on her body where close inspection would reveal that oddly shadowed quality: along the length of her tail, over her neck, and most especially on her right cheek will reflections of light create shadows instead of dispelling them. Blade-slender neckridges hold promise for future slenderness, though the darkness that melts along them tarnishes eternal springtime light as the night tarnishes the daytime. Perpetual darkness lingers over each of her paws, however, as streaks of malachate darken springtime shades, extending down over her hand until they meet dully gleaming onyx talons that curve, scimitar-like, to show off their keen edge even at such a young age.
<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Syra.>

Laise takes another step back as a different egg hatches, blinking at the shades of green that emerge out on to the sands and he forgets for a moment, in a soft in drawn breath. "Well, she's pretty." Still though, his attention filters back towards the brown that is moving now on the sands.

Bohemian Rhapsody Egg jerks almost violently in it's little niche before stilling. Nope, not quite the right time to make it's debut.

Britney pointpointpoints. "Look! Another green! You know, I bet they're /both/ gonna want me. I mean, as pretty as I am, all I can say is - hit me baby one more time!" Giggle. Okay, that made no sense, Britney - /shut up/.

Basil swollows audibly, his free hand rubbing over his partially shaved scalp. Again, he sets his shoulder's back, brow creasing with determination as he wills his hands to stop shaking. A critical gaze sweeps over the sands, a confidence filling his features and stance once more. Yeah. He is a healer. The other candidate is right and that jogs more sense into him than anything else. His chin lifts, defiant to conquer his fears.

Natane bounces, overly eager as usual. "Two greens!" That deserves a squeal, if anything does. "Oh, I wonder if one of them will like me? They're certainly pretty enough…not perfect, but pretty." But of course, Natty's really out for perfection.

Daddy's Little Dark Angel Green Hatchling creeps about the sands, and - well, there's not too many shadows to hide in, but she's fine with that. She sniffs about her first, though, and looks up at her parent-dragon-types - the Big Ones. Then, with a loud croon, she starts forward, eyeing all those available before her, and stalking slowly, slowly, carefully. Which is for her? Which will suit her needs, play on her fancies? We'll just have to see.

Unlikely Hero Brown Hatchling comes to a halt, abruptly abandoning the pursuit without indication of his intent. Ginger-washed muzzle gently touches the sand, and then his head lifts to regard the candidates for the very first time, faceted eyes sparkling magnificently. Still a considerable distance away, the dragonet carefully unfurls his tender young wings, displaying to all before him the unusual pattern of their undersides. He's ready to make his move. Graceless, still, but with more speed and determination than before, he marches onward towards them, this time his head held aloft to keep in his gaze the ones from whom he'll find his match.

Champagne Supernova Egg wriggle a bit more intensely. The hatchling within surely awake, and growing impatient. The tapping within becomes pulsating, energy gathered and sent out in strong icks, shortly rewards as fine cracks break across hte eggs surface.

Kohana doesn't seem to be aware of the sands anymore, letting the heat burn her feet as she stands there, still trying to keep her fear at bay as she hugs close. "How did N'andi do this, Aya?" She nearly wails, though in a soft tone, "I just don't understand… it's… /frightening/ out here!"

Parlan's turned in just the right direction to spot the hatching of the second green. His face splits into a wide grin and he calls out to Corineal, standing opposite to Laise. "Ooch, now there's a lassy!" The female Igenite just rolls her eyes at Parlan and goes back attempting to stay out of the way of snapping jaws and slashing talons. Parlan turns back to Laise and shrugs. "She's no up ta teasing I think."

Rotten From The Inside Egg moves and swirls, drifting away from its dam's attention, and resettles in the sand in all of its anti-glory. There's a tapping, twice, then silence — lost in the general din.

Calibrandi antses. Yes. He fidgets nervously, twiddling with the hem of his ruffled robe, digging his toes into the sand, looking from side to side. He peers carefully at the Champagne egg. "D'you think that'un'll hatch next, or— Ooh, a green. Isn't she just.. adorable. And.. gooey. And sharp. She might come over here, Enye!"

Ayashii starts to feel like a statue put on display in a traders wagon, just waiting for someone to come along and find some special quality in him that makes him 'the one', and like a statue he stands, only his head moves, trying to watch each individual Hatchling all at the same time finding them all too interesting not to try to pay attention to every last detail.. "I.. I don't know how anyone does this," a shiver shoots through him..

Shadowed Willow Green Hatchling rises akwardly, wobbling with typical hatchling grace as she tries to get the feel of those baby-round legs. And she almost has it, too, until an injudicious flick of her newly-discovered tail takes out her left leg, dropping her down to the ground once more with a low, smokey creel. /Oww/. This isn't supposed to work this way. But try and try again she must: legs are gathered once more, this time both fore and aft, until she can lever herself up onto all fours and move a tentative pace forward, canine-like, towards the wall of whitethings that waits.

Laise moves in place, a shift from foot to foot as he keeps a wary eye on all the hatchlings before nodding his head in Parlan's direction. "I can tell. Just be nice Corineal. No need to be mean to us."

Seething Anarchist Egg twitches again, a barely perceptible movement. It's biding its time, waiting for the perfect moment. Soon.

Jalenye smiles at Basil, "That'a boy. Keep that chin up." And as if taking her own advice, she lifts her own chin before glancing at Calibrandi. "Any of 'em might come over here, Cali," she laughs and then purses her lips shut, as if she was about to say something more but decided against it. She glances down at Basil and squeezes both hands beside her.

Britney considers all this activity, and hums a song to herself, "And they say, I'm so lucky, I'm a star, and I am, am, am, don't you know that I are, 'cause there is nothing missing in my life, and that makes me special-er than you…" Nod. Ditzy head-tilt. Giggle.

Natane shuffles, a mixture of anxiousness and pain. Her sandals aren't working as well as she thought they would - a design flaw that she'll have to work out next tiem…if there is a next time. "Tsk, tsk," she mutters, shaking her head. "That green fell over."

Champagne Supernova Egg slowly give. The fine lines spread across the eggs surface, shattering odd illusions with crisp reality. Where they meet true cracks grow, sharp white lines against the surface until the whole egg is riddled with ever growing cracks. There comes a point where an egg just CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE and fizzlesnappop it gives crumbling to pieces.

Dancing in the Moonlight Hatchling
Ridges curl out above whirling eyes. They are marked with a frosty green, an accent which serves its purpose to draw attention to the multicolored facets. It is brushed atop a hide that is altogether much darker, painted of the jungle depths and carrying a whisper of mystery. It isn't one solid color, nor is she really patched across her surface. In fact it is hard to mark just where one shade ends and another begins, and yet when you look her way, such variation is all too apparent. It slips across the gentle taper of her muzzle, down slender neck and curving chest. It filters with an occasional lighter tint, the sun dappling through the canopy high above, across her back, neckridges, and down the topside of her lengthy tail. The sun does not reach the bulk of her body in any such sense, and here the highlights are shadows, slipping across well muscled haunches, and helping define slender arms and their dagger sharp moss green claws. She seems a little smaller than the average green, though isn't the tiniest of the bunch. Leanness can not be mistaken for a petite build in this case, and there is a soft power that lies under the ripple of muscle. One that promises as she spreads her wings to dry, of flights to dazzle and display, of power enough to pull off maneuvers any sane creature would avoid. Yet the thin membrane will support, will be pushed to the extreme, and the sun true to bring the jungles colors to life, for untouched the membrane is an even pallid green, yet when the light shines through life comes to the sails, and the world knows endless possibilities.
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Kohana takes in a deep breath as she finally turns herself back towards the hatchlings, each breath she lets out shuddering with the controll she's exerting to /try/ and hold down the major part of her fear which would merely leave her on the ground, shaking. But she stands tall, shaking instead. "W..we can do this… right Aya?" She asks quietly. "Faranth.. why does there have to be such a /crowd/?"

Yu'i is on the platform, and all, too. Y'know. A nod to Espera. "Ahh! At last. Finally, Angelesth can move back to Danae's weyr -" a wink to the bluerider mentioned "- and I can live without interruption. All he did was complain while he was chained out here by Kazarenth." That's how Angelesth put it, at least. "And, at last, I won't have to see /you/ as often. Ha - ha - ha - ha! But I'm sure you'll miss that, won't you?"

Basil shuffles his feet just once, awkward in his sandals which are too small. His observant gaze seems to be taking note of all of the activity around him and filing it away for later review. He pauses in his observations to wonder of the candidates beside him, "How long do they normally take to hatch? Will this be over quickly? Or will it take awhile?"

Kyoninya shakes her head in continues disgust at the antics of the ditz, then turns her gaze to the three hatchlings, watching silently from behind Calibrandi. Each is regarded in turn before attention is taken with the fourth hatchling, yet another green. The ex-Renegade wipes her brow free of sweat, then takes in a long breath and lets it out slowly, unwilling to let nerves show.

Daddy's Little Dark Angel Green Hatchling stops suddenly, halting in front of the long row, and lowers her head to sniff the ground petitely. Oh, she's just the epitome of innocence, now isn't she? She then raises her head slightly, lets off a soft crown, and turns her head back to where she came from, pondering. She is reborn anew from what she was - born into something stronger, better. Trumpeting into the air, she heads to her left, then suddenly swerves to her right, pace beginning to pick up. Is it this way?

Calibrandi takes this moment to be his normally observant self: "Shards, but there's a lot of greens out there. Is that normal?" He can almost hear his mother now, harping about her son on Green. He knows how she feels about that particular color. And he can hear her fussing, and harassing his father, and.. Wait. All of that /is/ happening. But he can't hear it, so he'll just have to imagine.

Unlikely Hero Brown Hatchling steadies his pace as he nears the white-robed group, giving himself a moment to cast one final sweeping glance across the sands. There! Without further ado, the little one deviates from his straight-ahead course to head for a group of candidates, his eyes alight with a keen sense of belonging. He has been quiet long enough; jaws separate suddenly, and with a fierceness uncharacteristic of a newborn, he lets out a roar of greeting that carries across the din. Not another moment is wasted, as the little brown lunges forward to stop, his head startlingly close to one special candidate, for whom another bellowing call is emitted: Basil.

Ayashii squeezes Kohana's hand in his and nods, "Yea… we can do this.." he studders out trying to sound strong, and starting to feel a bit more able as Kohana takes a stand beside him, he briefly glances at 'Hana and offers her a smile 'fore his eyes turn back to the sands, now starting to pick up on the almost imperceptable shaking of the other eggs…

Foxy Music Egg finally does manage a complete twirl, but a quick one that is. Just enough movement to draw some hopeful attention towards it. Hello!? This little eggie is around here too! It's prettier! Twirling once more before going back into a frozen stature - nevermind not /that/ important right /now - ha!

Laise blinks as another green emerges from the shell, a glance to the the dancing hatchling before he steps back into his place in line, attention fractured as he tries to keep a wary eye on every hatchling moving on the sands, prepared to quickly get out of the way if needed.

Parlan's stunned into silence as yet another green breaks shell on these dark sands. His moss eyes widen and his mouth actually drops open for a split second. But remaining so would be undignified, so the trap shuts and he winces the express of shock away. Laise's sleeve is given a warning tug, while Parlan points one finger towards the newest hatchling. "Beware."

Jalenye gently shrugs her shoulders. "I haven't the slightest, really, just…" There's no time to answer Calibrandi's question as she gapes at the dragonet standing before Basil. She releases the boy's hand and steps a bit closer toward Calibrandi. "Oh, goodness!"

Natane's gaze slips to the brown, and she squeals loudly as Basil impresses. "That one impressed! I know him! He's a candidate!" And she's the master of the obvious. Her attention is quickly stolen again by the Foxy Music Egg, which is once again playing tricks with her mind. "My pretty egg moved! But they it stopped! Why did it stop? It should hatch!"

B'sil stumbles back a half step at the loud noise, confusion clouding his features, breaking into his mask of confidence, tearing it down in peices as he shudders, gasping, "Erixelth? Oh..my…" For a moment, he looks like he might feint, but he manages to hang onto his senses.

Laise stops before his voice calls out his congratulations to the healer turned candidate and he straightens up as he watches, attention momentarily diverted from those greens that still mill around.

Calibrandi gasps as Basil is approached, and then.. "Congratulations, Basil!" It seems he has nothing more to say, really. He just clutches tight to Enye's hand and grins.

Shadowed Willow Green Hatchling spares barely a glance for her elder brother — no, she could care less what he's doing, except… well. That looks interesting. Another moment is taken to gather oddly-shaped limbs together before she moves forward at a painstakingly slow pace towards the candidates. Several boys are peered at, spring-hued nose going even so far as to sniff at one, but none apparently meet with her credentials for naught but a sneeze is given before she moves on. But this… she pauses at Britney, crimson-eyes narrowed to mere glowing slits. /Certainly/ not. This will never do. Scimitar claws flash out with a grace at odds with her appearance, aiming a slash to mar those too-pretty features.

Gwen smiles as Basil Impresses, waving the new pair over so the little brown can eat. "Congratulations, B'sil. Erixelth, as well, a nice name." She startes over to the corner of the sands where meat is waiting.

Britney squeals! "Oh my Faranth! Oh my Faranth! I'm bleeeding! Someone get me a band-aid!" Sniff. "No! I'll stay on the sands, but I need a baaand aid." Right, for that.. humongous slash.

Rotten From The Inside Egg, a silent, reserved presence since its first intial wriggles, suddenly gives a violent jerk and falls to its side. Sand spills out around the shell when it commences a brief roll, swerving, stopping, then rending with a claw sharply through it. The shell cracks, shoved away from the egg-wet dragonet that pulls herself free, shaking shards from her hide.

Mellifluous Monarch Gold Hatchling
The lightest end of the golden spectrum, a near white gold, has etched itself securely with a faint feather pattern across her bony shoulders and chest, darker aureate streaks calling suggestion to the shapes. It melts into an unbroken wash of the color over back and haunches, rounded with baby-fat, but seeps darker in her undersides and awkwardly pronounced forequarters. A swoop of corn-yellow outlines wingspars, wings far too large for the small body, and burnt bronze tones curls around her headknobs and deep-set eyes, creating the illusion that the mercurial gaze is much larger than it is. Onyx-edged talons curve half-moons from her toes, keen, starting the zebra-like stripes of white and antiqued tones that stripe her elongated forelegs. The coloring is very unpretentious, but manner is arch and proud for all her fresh-hatched being; arrogance never came packaged so awkwardly.
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Syra steps into the Protected Curve of Sand.

Parlan was not very close with the shy, newly impressed weyrling but he sends a grin over towards Basil in congratulations. The grin is quickly swallowed by a worried frown. "Did ya see that green?" He eyes the shadowed willow nervously, adding under his breath. "I dinna like her much either but that was a bit fierce."

Kohana barely catches Ayashii's smile as she continues to look out at the hatchlings, forcing herself to keep her eyes open and not shut, though her trembling doesn't stop in the least. As one candidate gets chosen, she looks his way, before squeezing Ayashii a little more for confidence. "Why can't it just go that quickly for us?" She complains softly, jumping as she half jumps, as she barely catches the Shadowed Willow's Green's paw move.

Kyoninya chuckles lowly at the brown's call, gaze following the newest hatchling to the first Impressee. Out of the corner of her eye, though, she catches a glint and spins back around, "Why didn't you get out of the way, dolt?!" The ex-Renegade speaks in annoyed tones while she darts through the crowd toward the girl, those old instincts kicking in.

Erixelth has left.

B'sil calls to Erixelth and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

Gwen steps into the Protected Curve of Sand.

Britney cries. "I couldn't stop it, stupid dimglow tomboy Kyoniya! I thought it was liking me!"

Dancing in the Moonlight Hatchling shakes herself lightly and takes a look around as wings flick away the last bits of clining shard. To the soft plopping of those shards to the sand she surveys, drinks in the energy and anticipation which laces the air and finally settles upon the moving throng of white clad candidates. There is where her attention focuses in a curious tilt of the head, there dagger sharp claws begin to move, step tentative as she figures herself out without ever wavering from the ones she knows she must go to. No, not ones, only one. There can be, only one, for her.

B'sil steps into the Protected Curve of Sand.

Daddy's Little Dark Angel Green Hatchling creels high-pitchedly, glaring at her sister. She rams into the opposing green slightly as she passes her and heads for Britney. This poor, neglected thing - now very injured. Hrm. Well, for the sake of at /least/ getting it to shut up for the moment, the green sniffs the nancy-girl, then looks up into her eyes. Ah, it'll take a while to convert this one to the dark side, but it could happen: and Britney she chooses!

Ayashii just shrugs lightly in response to Kohana, for the moment his eyes are too caught up in the shaking of the eggs, his gaze centering on one egg inparticular, but then another wiggles and his gaze shifts to it, though when the gold hatches his eyes move to rest upon it, "She's lovely," he mouths, barely audable as he stares in rapture.

Jalenye nervously clenches Calibrandi's hand in her own, her knuckles turning white as she grips the boy's hand…hard. "I knew he could do it! He's lovely, B'sil!" She shifts slightly in the sands, shuffling her feet from nervousness and hot feet. Thus begins 'Enye's hatching shuffle. And she spots the gold Hatchling. "Oh…Look, Cali, it's a gold…and my, they're all taking a long time to choose."

Natane's next squeal is even louder than her first few, as her green eyes widen in pure adoration. "It's /gold/!" Another obvious factoid from the queen of them. "Look, look! Isn't she wonderful?" The girl tilts her head, surveying further. "I mean, she's not perfect, and she could certainly use a scarf to spruce her up, but otherwise, she's alright!"

Kyoninya rolls her eyes. "Liking you? They aren't nice, you idiot! They're hungry, evil creatures! Were you at the last hatching, girl?" she asks in an exasperated tone, the newest hatchling completely slipping from her notice. Course, there comes a new green and she steps back, rather wanting to stay out of the way of any nearby dragonets.

Gwen picks up a bowl of meat and hands it to B'sil, "Feed him slowly, okay. After that, you'll have to oil him." Her smile is wide as she pats the new rider on the shoulder. "And congrats."

Laise watches, first as the girl is harmed and then chosen. "Oh my. I'm definately staying out of their way. Much too dangerous not too." He gives his head a shake, nodding back then to Parlan as he gives himself a hug.

Shadowed Willow Green Hatchling withdraws, head tilted in a disturbingly cute fashion to study the mayhem she has wrought. Amusement throws pale blue sparks through her gaze, but it's short-lived. Green sister is eyed a moment before that disdain returns and with ever-increasing grace she moves away, towards that one who needs her. Vein-lined wings flare open, providing balance as the pace is picked up towards that one she can sense there, in the back of her mind.

Calibrandi chuckles at Enye, loosening up at the Gold's appearance. At least she won't be coming his way. "Yes, a gold - Ugly little things they are! And so many greens, now that the Brown is gone. Interesting, really. And yes.. It seems we've been standing here forever. I take back my earlier comment - My feet are getting hot!"

Britney oos and squeals, and quickly shuts up. "..Don't do that? Oh, okay. I have a real voice? Wow. Use it? I can do that. I'm Britney! And.. you're Caoisgath? Oh, what a pretty name!"

Vague whisps of haze infiltrate on your vision, not enough to cause alarm, but just… there.

Kohana nods towards Ayashii as her eyes take in the gold. "She is pretty…" But see? She only called it 'pretty'. Not 'beautful'. 'Hana at least knows that golds aren't for her. One hand still squeezes Ayashii's hand hard, as the other now takes a position on his arm, trying to keep herself up, her legs shaking so much. "Can I go back to the caverns, you think, Aya?" She whispers only loud enough for him to hear.

Mellifluous Monarch Gold Hatchling pauses to nose through the remaining shards of her egg, shaking her head like an oversized canine to get rid of the crown of shards. She nearly overbalances. Limbs. These are new things. New and exciting and something to be gradually perfected. She noses at the remainders of her shell, lipping at a few of the pieces — no, nothing of interest, or pretty enough to be a gift. She flops back on her hunches, sprawled grandly for all her baby-fat, and eyes the candidates from a distance. Oh so critical.

Laise claps his hands, calling over to Brittany and smilling. "She's lovely, Britney." He is silent then again, feet moving to lightly shuffle on the sands, keeping him moving all the time.

Natane juts out her lower lip, and looks distinctly miffed. "I should've brought some pretty fabrics out on the sands," she whispers to another candidate, causing the boy to eye her suspiciously. "Maybe the dragons would like me if I had some fabric." You know, because dragons always wear clothes. "That gold would look good in my scarf, y'know." Beam.

Jalenye nods at Calibrandi, "Aye. Hatchlings. They're newborn. 'course they're gonna be ugly." She wrinkles her nose and glances between the Shadowed Willow green and gold. "But…" she glances over at Britney and calls out: "Well, congrats, there!"

Parlan notes the arrival of the gold and he even spares a moment to send a calculating glance at the females closest to himself. But she is not for him obviously, so as the heat begins to soak up into his robe and dampen the shoulders, he goes back to a general watch on all the hatchlings. "Those greens can move fair quick, Laise. Britney? Is that her name? She's an odd one, but looks like her new friend is lookin ta fix her up."

With a resounding crack, amid jagged lines that streak wickedly across the surface of the Cirrus Minor Egg; a large portion of the shell falling free by a determine kick from within. It rocks fiercely now, sand all but thrown up by its motion. And finally, with a sharper crack that echos about it, the green hatchling inside is thrown free onto the sands. Eyes whirling redly in hunger, she spreads her wings, and with a croak that rumbles from a staving frame, she toddles forwards to find her true chosen one. Searching here and there, it doesn't take her long to find the one that was meant for her — and she stumbles forth to press her head against the girl's knee. "Yes," little Trimini smiles, rubbing the dragonet's eyeridges. "We are meant to be, you and I, my Cirrith." And that said, she leads her lifemate off to find some food.

Ayashii shakes his head only slightly so his view of the gold isn't disturbed as he watches her antics, "No, I don't think you should leave," he responds, holding her hand a little tighter and stepping closer to her as he tries to swallow his fear of these magestic beasts and have some backbone, Kohana may want to just walk out now, but Ayashii has half a mind to run…

Kazarenth seems intrigued. She had a gold thing. All of her usual reserve is lost when she goes to sniff her daughter, who ducks her muzzle and scuttles away, all dignity forgotten. Wearily, from Espy, "I don't believe that *twit* Brit Impressed. Shows that dragons have no taste. And— wow." Too many things to keep track of at once, and she doesn't even have to dodge them. "Nice gold. Guess we know Angel's a bronze, now, and not just a poser. Surprise."

Dancing in the Moonlight Hatchling catches a glint of another hatchling, gold to the side, but she will not be distracted. She could really care less what others may think of her, because there is only one that matters. Let those lesser be distracted by such shiny things, what interests her she reaches in all to short a time. There, there is one before her, tall, and head tilts up, she even takes a step back to get a full view. Silly girl, not that one, the way nose wrinkles at the green's approach, no she'll find her admirer, but not here, maybe over there, and along the line of candidates she begins to trot.

Kyoninya makes it back to a more isolated spot several paces behind Calibrandi and Jalenye and settles back down to watch the proceedings, glancing up toward the stands, hoping to catch a glimpse of someone inparticular, but when no one is recognized as the certain someone, the ex-Renegade turns back to the sands. A breath is caught on the gold, before she finds herself amused by the moonlight green.

Shadowed Willow Green Hatchling pauses, nose drifting upwards as if to catch a scent on the wind. There— there. That person she was homing in on has been caught in her sights, now, and with another smokey cry she switches direction, barreling at breakneck pace towards the pair that were contemplating running. No— no leaving. Not without /her/. Sand is sprayed everywhere as she backpedals desperately to avoid a collision, save weak newborn limbs don't take too well to backpedaling. Down she goes, nose grinding into the sand squarely between the legs of her beloved: Kohana.

And the battle's just begun… but who has lost and who has won?
There is a battle, to be certain: sounds of steel and leather creak all around you, followed by what first sounds like the wind creeping through skeletal trees. But no… it's whispering. Someone's watching you. Many someones. They're talking about you, invisible fingers are pointing, gesturing, accusing you of something you can't quite understand. It's quite maddening, really. But wait— hope is not lost. From the cacophony rises one voice, husky and alto and strong: « Enough! Enough of this. You. You hear me, do you not? » A pause in that definitively femenine, british voice oddly reminiscent of a certain granddam. « Kohana, you hear me? Me? Iraslenth? » Ah, yes. The whispers have been silenced by curls of violet smoke that twine up around you, enwrapping your mind in comforting warmth. « Good, yes. This will do. Come, now, and we will begin our battles together, my Kohana. »

It has waited long enough. The occupant of Seething Anarchist Egg seems to have decided that now is just the perfect time to make itself known to the world. With a loud -pop-, one large crack appears, zigzagging through the flashy, mismatched colours and splitting down neatly in two uneven halves to reveal the dragonet inside. Free, at last!

Roguish Rebel Without A Cause Brown Dragonet
Bordering on scrawny, the wiry frame of this young one is drenched in shadows, from the very tip of the thin muzzle to the end of a whip-lash tail, dark sienna woven through with polished mahogany. Here and there, light shines through in brandy or hazel flashes, highlighting high-cut cheekbones and accenting his raking profile. Hints of sepia dance over rounded headknobs and angular neckridges only to dissolve again in the swirling darkness at the meeting point of wings and body. Jaunty wings angle proudly over, the sails richly colored with swirls of ginger and freckles of nutmeg, offering a lively contrast to the sombre earthen body below. Over all of this, the final touch of burnt hues of crimson and russet-brown, flickering and curling like birchwood bark set ablaze. Lanky and thin, yes, but otherwise well proportioned for one so young and possessing a surprising agility. There is inherent poise in the posture, an effortless sort of grace and vanity that is belied only by the chaotic, passionate whirling of multifaceted eyes.
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Yu'i makes little chit-chat signs with his hands as Espera talks. "Well, I think Britney is a /fine/ little girl - might I add, fine in the— err. Fine in the way she.. cleans the tables. I mean.. right." Oops. Then a snort. "I guess we know now that Kaza's a real gold, and not just a overly large green - which she is, actually, anyhow. Sans the green part, because she's gold, and just— oh, bah. Forget it."

Kohana frankly couldn't run, even if she had wished to. In fact she'd probably have to be carried out at this point. There is a /good/ reason why she's clinging to Ayashii as she is. Looking around she notices the Willow green speeding ahead, and falling down. Her grip then fails itself, and what do you know, she's kneeling on the hothothot sands! "Iraslenth?" She murmurs, just /sitting/ there.

Laise ohs very softly and then calls out to the rather shy girl. "Congratulations, Kohana. She's lovely, very lovely." He turns back then, a surprised look as another Brown is now on the sands.

Nelali moves quietly across the sands until she is near Kohana. "Why don't you come this way, you and Iraslenth? We've got food waiting for her."

Ayashii glances over at Kohana and smiles, "Congradulations," he offers her as he looks between the two and takes a step to the side leaving them to get to know one another, his eyes going back to the eggs and hatchlings..

Roguish Rebel Without A Cause Brown Dragonet slowly rises to his feet between the colorful shards of his egg, gingerly stretching out his wings. His head tilted to the side, he regards his audience with barely hidden interest. People are staring at him. Very good. Basking in the attention from Candidates and onlookers alike, the young brown steps forward with confidence, pausing only after two steps to glance towards his golden clutch sibling. He lets out resonant creel in protestation — The silly yellow one is stealing the spotlight! Hmph.

Bohemian Rhapsody Egg moves slightly, getting into the mood now that so many of it's clutchmates have broken shell. Just a little bit longer…

Natane claps a whoops loudly for the newest impression, simply because she can. "Good for you, Kohana!" So she's never really talked with the girl - what does thahat matter now, anyway? The weaver continues to beam, shifting her gaze from hatchling to hatchling.

Jalenye eases her death grip on Calibrandi's hand to a barely-there grasp, offering the boy an apologetic smile. Then, she glances over the clutch and Hatchlings, offering a "Congrats, Kohana!" and then excitedly jiggling Calibrandi's hand, "Look! Another brown!"

Calibrandi eyes the Gold carefully. "I can't see what all the fuss is about, really. She's kinda.. plump. And gooey. And /large/." Yes. Ooh. "Congratulations, Kohana! And another Brown, yes." YEs, he repeats everything Enye says like a good Male.

Kohana looks up to Nelali first as she seems to be just a little involved in Iraslenth at the moment. "Food? Oh. Food. You'd like that wouldn't you, Ira?" She asks softly, casting a brief, apologetic look to Ayashii. Before she somehow stands up, both the new green and new Weyrling toddle off towards the sidelines.

Mellifluous Monarch Gold Hatchling notices, verily, that people are looking at her. She has admirers. It takes her a few moments, granted. Kazarenth is terrifying when she unexpectedly sticks her face at you. Trotting along the outer edges of the sands, scanning, she puts her front paws up at the edge of the galleries. She isn't long enough to get up there, but she does stand and stare for a moment, double-checking what's available. Hm. She cranes her neck for a few moments longer, making an inquiring tone, then drops back to all fours and stretches. No, nothing up to her standards Up There. Guess she's stuck Down Here. Again she hesitates, then pads determindly towards the white things to nose at Calibrandi. Hi! I don't like you because you're saying bad things, but hey, I'm going to throw them off for a while.

Iraslenth bounds to your side, and falls into step behind you as you move.

You step into the Protected Curve of Sand.

Parlan siddles a little closer towards Laise. "'s gettin hotter out here." One hand raises to wipe the glitter of moisture collecting on his forehead. Said forehead is begining to furrow as the heat wilts out of hint of crashness. "Canna believe the dangerous one chose that quiet girl." His attention drifts back to the rocking eggs and arriving brown and he gives a little grin. "There's another fiesty one. Sands are littered with 'em."

The Bohemian Rhapsody Egg stills suddenly from it's wiggling and jiggling, faint poundings sounding from within, the distinct sound of a hatchling trying to get out. With a loud pop, the tip of a muzzle appears, clearly green. With one last heave the egg shatters, the colors fall onto the sands, leaving a little round green on the sands.

Sweet and Sour Apple Green Hatchling
Ripe apple green is the color of this little lady's muzzle, a shade that wraps around her cheeks and headknobs, framing her glittering eyes. Unlike all the other hatchlings, she seems to suffer from more than just baby fat, her entire frame being a little more than rotund. Despite this, she moves gracefully, her thick little neck twisting and turning this way and that, showing off her apple green, which darkens into more of a viridian in her chest. Her ripe color becomes a little too mature in her translucent wingsails, spots of brown and black flecking the sails and spars, a unique pattern that almost enhances her beauty. Even her strong haunches are dipped in apple, marked with sprinkles of brown until the colors cloud over into he tail, fading to a strong sage in the spade tip, curling coyly along paws tipped with obsidian talons.
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Ayashii eyes the Brown Rebel for a moment, then back to the gold and then back to the brown as if indecicive of which one should get his attention, he bites his lower lip now that his emotional shield has been escorted away from him.. A brief glance away from the hatchlings causes Ayashii to realize that he's a little alone so he takes a few quick steps towards some of the others…

Kyoninya is able to grin when Kohana impresses, though not particularly a strong grin. Peering at Calibrandi, she takes a step forward, "Watch out, Calibrandi, she'll hurt you." she mutters, rigid in her stance. She may not admit it, but she is a bit fond of the boy.

Natane stomps her foot in pure annoyance. "Look at that gold! She's looking at the /wrong/ people! I'm a girl! That's a boy!" She glares in over-exaggerated annoyance at the hatchling. "Golds pick girls. It's a rule - like the rule that we have to keep these sharding robes white!" She doesn't approve of rules. They ruin the fun.

Dancing in the Moonlight Hatchling pads along the line of candidates. Dark her coloring may be, but ther eis a lightness to spirit which shines out as she wrables and croons to some, chin up all. A few she slows and peers more closely at, but alas, they are not the one she is looking for, one she reaches out to and comes to an abrupt halt. There, there she felt nad there she goes, pausing before two candidates which cling to eachother, giving them a chance to slip before she slips through and bounds the remaining stride to a lad who laughs. "Shoulda know I couldn't hide from you Hniath" Yes, here is her admirer, strong and steady, silently watching but Tyremen.. Ty'rem was found. Then the pair move off, to food, to sleep, to eat and dance and play and live the life they are meant to, together.

Calibrandi should've seen it coming. He's wearing a dress, after all. Dropping to his knees, he peers quizzically at the gold. "I think this is the part where you tell me your name. I must admit, I didn't expect you to come over here - I've always thought Golds were for girls." But he preens, nontheless - Especially once he hears Natane's whining. "Hear that? She's jealous. She thinks you're doing the wrong thing! Isn't that silly?"

Jalenye glances at the gold who, well, has stopped in front of Calibrandi. "Um, is there something you need to tell me?" She bites her lip, and then nods approvingly at Kyoninya. "Yeah, step back, Cali. Not a good thing to, well, stay in front of her like that. Um…"

Sweet and Sour Apple Green Hatchling kicks the shards of her shell away distanfully, managing to stagger to her feet. Bleary eyes survey the candidates before her carefully, a few shaky steps taken towards them. Letsee what we've got to choose from…

Mellifluous Monarch Gold Hatchling blinks at Calibrandi, once or twice, then leers with all her teeth in place. No, I really don't like you. Sorry. Just to play it up, she kicks up sand at him and bounds theatrically — almost — over to the person whining. So arrogant, so pompous, so like her. She shoves her face up at Natane's. Hi. You hollered?

Calibrandi looks mildly upset. He really thought that was it, that time.. He.. He really loved her, and now all that's left is.. is a few tattered memories. Sniff. And sand in his eyes. "Well.. Well, then. Congrats, Natane.. You Goldstealer, you! She was so coming here first." Humph. So there. Though he is glad she moved on - Those teeth were anything but ladylike. "Oh, well. You were ugly, anyway."
ain ;):)

Roguish Rebel Without A Cause Brown Dragonet takes another moment to glare pointedly at his sister, then apparently decides that he's much better off ignoring her. He takes a few wobbling steps forward, eyeing the Candidates appraisingly, all the while making sure he's getting one paw in front of the other. It wouldn't do to topple over gracelessly, would it? He stalks forward, stopping at one end of the Candidate semi-cercle and examining the first White Thing in front of him. Hrm. No, that one won't do. And thus he continues along his way, pausing for a secong or two in front of each Candidate like a Wingleader looking over his troops. He'll find the right one, just you wait.

Natane bounces from foot to foot incessantly, keeping in time to her own rhythm. Inexplicably, she halts as something comes to greet her - or more accurately, someone - and suddenly her world is turned topsy-turvy. She blinks for a moment, started from reality by the sound of another voice in her mind, and then she's tossed back to reality, crazy smile splitting her face. "Fenillanth!" She cries, adding her patented squeal of delight. "Oh, you're so perfect! Very aesthetically pleasing, and oh, youre just perfect!" Eloquence is not always her strong suit. "Oh, I'm so glad you found me, Fenillanth!"

With a gentle shiver, Peace of Mind Egg rocks upon its nesting mound of sand, even still a epitome of harmony and balance. There would be no violent birth for this dragonchild, no fierce struggle to come into the world in snarling rage. For when the pastel egg shatters, it does so with peaceful calm, almost seeming to slide apart in halves, its occupant exiting forth upon the sands in almost perfect patience. But yet, red eyes signal hunger as the dragonet goes forth in search of food and life partner.

Truely Enlightened Saffron Bronze Hatchling
Dollops of amber-hued bronze streak across a narrow muzzle, splotched shadows of darker bronze molding over prominent headknobs and dribbling off down a lithe lengthy neck. It is there, at the base of his shoulder where iridescent strands of aureate gold blend and swirl together with the molten hue of true bronze; melding into a tawny tint that sweeps down shoulder and flank; stretched taut over a lean rangy frame. No trace of baby fat mars his body; rather it makes him appear leaner, more symmetrical and in blanace with every aspect of his body. Lean, sleek and aerodynamic, he is less bulky than some dragons might be, but yet powerfully molded muscles bunch along the curve of the shoulder where it meets the neck, adding graceful power to his frame. With a lean tucked up belly leads to broad flanks, well muscled with along strongly-shaped haunches, he's no reedy-thin dragonchild, but rather a martial artist in build and shape, every aspect of his form enchancing his balanced frame, including his long narrow wings. Citron and saffron shadows dapple over the semi-transparencies of his wingsails, shrouding wingbones and joints in gentle pools of darker amber-bronze. Almost more gold than bronze he may seem, but there clings to his form, that definate maleness and a feeling of harmony in his stance, a modest tilt to his chin that may perhaps hint of humble pride.
<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by L'rien.>

Sweet and Sour Apple Green Hatchling wanders throughout the white robes, checking each one for that something special, and not finding it. Green wings fluttering, she starts to croon pitiously for her person, her little green behind plunking to the sands.

Calibrandi looks up as the Bronze hatches and gasps. Another Gold.. for him? Or.. Not. A bronze. Well, poop. "Look, Enye, a Bronze! Hey, if the Gold can almost Impress me, maybe the Bronze can Impress you? He kinda looks Gold, too. Yeah. This one's for you, I bet a million marks!"

Ayashii's eyes are instantly stolen by the newly hatched bronze as he reaches out a hand for the hand of the person next to him, who ever that might be, he's not really paying attention right now, he's shaking probably worse than some of the eggs out there, a brief glance is thrown down towards Natane, "Congrads!" he calls as his eyes trail back over the brown and to the bronze…

Gwen motions for Natane and Fenillanth to follow her to the side of the sands, "There's meat over hear, dear. And congratulations as well."

Truely Enlightened Saffron Bronze Hatchling totters upright, tail held stiffly to blanace him as he blinks his eyes, almost sleepily. His jaws gape wide in a yawn, and his body shakes, one quick shudder, and then he is still. He sniffs, scenting the air before a step is taken, and then another, and another, all carrying him closer to the white robed Candidates.

Parlan clears his throat as it's impossible not to have heard Natane's call. "Fenillanth. Well." He grins down towards Laise, hoping any visible nerves will be sidetracked by the concious attempt to keep relaxed on these hot sands. "Ooch. Watch out fer the guard cap'n there." Chin nods towards the rogueish brown marching down the line of candidates. "'N a bronze?" His eyes quickly trace up after Ayashii's call, spotting the newest arrival as well.

Jalenye laughs softly as the gold chooses Natane, "Oh! Congratulations Natane! She's lovely! You'll do Eastern proud!" At Calibrandi's insistence, she glances across the sands and bites back a guffaw. "Bronzes go to boys, silly. I bet he's for you, even if you're a bit dense sometimes."

Laise grins and calls his congratulations to the former weaver before his attention goes back to the green brown and bronze hatchlings on the sands, attention much more on them now than anything former.

Kyoninya continues to watch the goingson curiously. An eyebrow is raised when the gold Impresses to the weavergirl, but none beyond amusement. The bronze, however, is gazed at intently before she glances back toward Calibrandi, pondering.

It may not be the time for a rainbow, everything may seem dreary, but She's A Rainbow Egg won't admit that. Rocking back and forth on the sands, the cheery colors stand out against the sands, shimmering as tiny cracks angle their way across the shell, growing larger and more greatly number by the moment before a dragonet snout pushes it's way through.

Oceanic Shoreline Dragonet
Oceanic hues crash over the night darkened shore, mossy boulders marching in a haphazard line that is half hidden in shadows, the hide of this dragon shimmering as the water reflects the first light of the sky blue heavens. Turquoise darts across his flanks, faint traces of a murky green hidden in the seascape of his body and down his reef-engulfed belly. A cheery tone of cerulean spreads, twisting around his feet, before wave splash across his legs and over the coiled length of his tail, eventually beaten back by the edge of the shadowy boulders that claim the obsidian talons and outline the brightness that resides in the fork of his tail. Midnight blue swims with his headknobs, the deep color fading slowly on his neck like the dark depths of the ocean as dawn takes over the sky, sun-warmed teal cliffs, and the horizon that is his neckridges. Even navy dominates his wings, sapphire highlights pinions, reminiscent of the night sky reflecting on the smooth ocean, spreading out along wingsails where patterns become lost in the depths of color, sparkling in faint translucence.
<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Susia.>

Roguish Rebel Without A Cause Brown Dragonet is getting just a little bit impatient. So many of those White Ones, and not one that will do! Slightly irritated, his long tail swishes from side to side, effectively knocking a tall Bitran boy off his feet. "Hey, watch— Ommph!" The Hatchling doesn't seem overly bothered by this and keeps going, his hunger whirling in red tones within multifaceted eyes. Where /is/ that lifemat— Ooh. There you are. The brown comes to a sudden halt, tilts his chin up and sits back on his haunches in front of a tall boy, reaching forward to hook a talon in the hem of his robe. Parlan. You're mine.

Calibrandi looks even more hurt, if possible, but brushes it off. Bad for his karma, or something like that - Can't hit girls. "I am /not/ dense, you wherryheaded girl. Don't you believe in impossibilities? Miracles happen. Besides, how do I know you're not just a man with long hair and a nice body? You /might/ Impress Bronze and surprise us all." A pause, and then: "Not that you look like a man, of course.. Not at all. You're.. quite pretty, really. But I'm just /saying/."

Sweet and Sour Apple Green Hatchling whines loudly for just a moment before her head jerks over to the side of the sands. She's on her feet, plodding forward as fast as a fat little hatchling can go, sending candidates scurrying to get out of her way until she stands infront of a quiet black haired boy, Fremeddie from Eastern. The little green eyes tilt upward to meet his and the boy drops to his knees. "Rhyeth! Oh, Rhyeth!" He gets to his feet and staggers towards the Weyrlingmaster, now Fr'eddie, his Rhyeth by his side.

Espera steps sideways and attempts to latch onto Yu'i's arm, peering at him through steamed up spectacles. "Did you see that? Did you? I have an underling to beat on! *Yes*! Oh, I'm going to be so *glad* to be rid of you again, Yu'i." Kazarenth just huffs her amusement, puffs a breath at the newest blue, then stretches out to loom above the Foxy Music Egg wistfully. Can't I keep just *one*? For, like, a memento?

Truely Enlightened Saffron Bronze Hatchling was heading towards the opposite end of the cluster of Candidates, but there's something there that just seems to catch his attention. He pauses, one foot raised as he glances about. But as he puts his foot down, he slips, falling back on his haunches with a thump, hindlegs /almost/ crossed. Whoops, he's not supposed to do that.

After a long wait Foxy Music Egg begins to twitch, twirls, and tip back and forth. A wiggle to the left can just barely be noticed and a wiggle to the right. Administering another three-sixty before finally a tiny crack appears at the top of the shell. The crack widens until there is enough force to burst through. Within seconds a goo-covered dragonet pops out..

'X' Marks The Spot Blue Hatchling
After the rays of sunlight, which turn his hide rainbow looking, pass over this small dragon, a deep royal blue coloring appears. The royal blue appears on his hide with glimmering bits of forget-me-not-blue speckled all over his back and stomach. The speckles fade into a picturesque view of the sky; light blue starts at the bottom and becomes a darker sky blue as it moves across his chest. Large splotches of crystallized hide, which looks to have been sugar coated creating a light baby blue color; the splotches resemble clouds in the sky. Azure vines twist and twine about his neck, leading up to his eye ridges. Large oval orbs stare out curiously, the colors of the rainbow swirl together in pure happiness. The nape of his neck is of a teal shade with navy blue glittered upon it; the glittered navy blue continues on down to the tip of his tail. Each of his legs is composed of a mosaic of all different shades of blue such as: azure, navy, baby, royal and sky. The blue continues on down to his large talons, mixed together with a bit of silver and gold to create a unique coloring.
<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Zaria.>

Oceanic Shoreline Dragonet just sits amid his eggshells for a moment, head swivelling this way and that as he tries to get his bearings. Odd, this. Eventually, cerulean pinions flare out behind him, splattering egg goo as he lets them float in the slight breeze that ruffles the hatching sands floor. With an odd sort of grace, he gets to his feet and begins a leisurely shuffle forward, digging toes deep into the warm floor. Mmm. Nice.

P'rlan maddy's hands go first to his head, in almost an instinctive protective measure. Then a stillness enters the long face and those moss eyes begin to widen. As he lowers his palms again, one shakily drops to the head of the brown in front of him and a smile breaks across his face. "Ceannath! I'm sorry ta make ya search so."

Calibrandi peers and snorts as the Bronze falls over. "See? Crosses his legs just like a girl. 'S /obviously/ at least half gold, and therefore is obviously for you." Plbbbbt. "Ooh, a Blue - The first one so far, am I right? I do like the coloring.. Perhaps that one's for you, Enye? Or perhaps me.. Or even Ninya here!"

Nelali lets her steps carry her on toward Parlan, waiting to hear what the name might be for the brown hatchling. Glancing up at the boy for a long moment before she smiles. "P'rlan. How about you and Ceannath follow me over here, where we have food waiting?"

Angelesth gives a trumpet to encourage HIS children (thank you very much), and nudges a few of them along - especially that one bronze who looks juust like him, y'know. "Suure you will, Espera. That's what they all say at fist - then comes the traumatic episodes once they realzie I'm gone for good. Most register into therapy." And an eye at that arm-latch. "And.. ah. I suppose I have some people to, err, boss around, to? Some Yu'i-heirs, I'm sure. Or Angelesth-heirs. Whatever and what have you." Nod. "And Angelesth's already chosen his favorite— oh, wait. Can they have favorites? Well, I guess it's not exactly nice…"

Kyoninya gazes at the shoreline blue for awhile, then blinks and looks over at Calibrandi, "Nah. They're big messy lumps. I'll stick with runners, thankyouverymuch."

P'rlan calls to Ceannath and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

Ayashii chuckles lightly as the Bronze falls on his rear, some of his tension melting away, poor little Bronze is as clumsy as himself so Ayashii can empathize, his eyes turn to look out over the rest of the sands and the shrinking number of Hatchlings and to his suprise the lack of uncracked eggs…

P'rlan steps into the Protected Curve of Sand.

J'em glances to the remaining candidates and dragonets curiously, wondering which one will go where. The weyrleader shakes his head briefly as the bronze falls down, chuckling just slightly.

'X' Marks The Spot Blue Hatchling peers up at Kazarenth and quickly begins shaking goo all over the place, especially close to his sire and dam. Oops! What more could he possibly do when his private shell was being sniffed upon! Did no one want him to hatch? How rude! Wobbly legs manage to stay steady enough for him to get into a nice sniffing pace. Muzzle digging into the sand and inhaling tons of different scents. Interesting world it is. Now who could he possibly find to be his? Or is there anyone out there? Maybe he should go solo?

Truely Enlightened Saffron Bronze Hatchling hauls himself upright, legs uncrossed and wetly gleaming wings outspread for balance as he pauses long enough to gain his composure. With a quick shake of his head, and a deep breath, he moves forwards once more. He takes another breath, letting it out slowly before a soft croon is given forth. He knows his is out there, he can sense him. With that, he paces towards a trio of Candidates — two girls and a boy. There, that's the general location.

Laise is stunned, not even calling out his congratulations to his friend before P'rlan has already moved away from the line with Ceannath. He sighs softly although his attention is quickly captured again by the milling hatchlings.

Jalenye quirks a brow at Calibrandi, "It just won't happen. Women are never on bronzes." She releases the hand she's been squeezing and wipes her sweaty palms on her robe. "And, well, I can hope, right? About the blue?" She glances at the blue, and bites down hard on her lip.

Calibrandi glares fretfully as the Bronze comes over, stepping in front of Enye quickly. "No! You can /not/ maul her! Impressions only. No scrapes, bites, broken limbs, black eyes.." And so on and so forth. He doesn't let go of Enye's hand - /his/ Enye - for hell nor high water. "Now you just.. you just carry on there, little Bronze." See? He's so brave.

Ayashii eyes back and forth between the blues and the bronze still not quite sure where to look, but wanting to look at all of them at the same time, the little bronze one does end up winning more of his attention as he returns to his feet and starts his journey again.

Oceanic Shoreline Dragonet continues his lazy shuffle, though he does pause a moment as a paw crunches over an eggshell. Interesting, this. The paw lifts, then sets back down atop it experimentaly, and at the resulting crunch he lets out a husky warble of delight. Amazing! Forget those whitethings — this is far more interesting. Back is turned to the remaining candidates as he turns to study the shell, picking it up in sand-coated paws and turning it over and over again. Wow… amid the remaining line, an older boy from Eastern fidgets anxiously, running a tanned hand through bleached hair. "You want… what?" Soft words are spoken to nobody… or perhaps to the very blue that shoots a look over his shoulder, directly at Eryik. "Of course, Mardeth. I think it's pretty, too." And without another word, the boy trots over to his new lifemate to peer at his treasure.

Kyoninya peers past Calibrandi and Jalenye at the bronze, pine eyes settled on the saffron dragonet. A defensive set forward is taken, though she stays carefully back.

He's hurt, really he is. See, look at those eyes. Why, the Truely Enlightened Saffron Bronze Hatchling wouldn't hurt a fly. With a croon of dismay, the hatchling plunks himself down in front of Calibrandi, glancing up at the boy.

'X' Marks The Spot Blue Hatchling comes waddling over to Calibrandi finding that boy getting all the attention. Hey, you! Yes, you! Look at me! A nice handsome blue for you! Snorting a bit and sending goo about once more once he catches something about a /bronze!/ A bronze of all the things. There are soo many more Candidates for him. He doesn't need some bronze-loving Candidate. Ick! Anyways, moving on towards the others. Sniffling over a few females and a few males. Stopping to look just plain confused. Who should the chosen one be?

Laise glances from first one blue to the next, even giving some scant attention on the bronze for a moment before he is quickly back to watching the blues, smiling just a bit as they move across the sands.

Ayashii eyes the final hatching and smiles as he stands there among the other remaining candidates, the heat of the sands slowly starting to sink back in to his memory..

Calibrandi drops to his knees. "Can you what now? Oh, eat? Sure. Just don't hurt the girl, okay? And then you can go on and Impr… Wait. You said your name was Seiryuth? Dragons say their name when they Impr.. I IMPRESSED!" Happy arms are flung around the Almost-Gold-Bronze's neck in a tight hug. "Aww, Seiryuth. You want /me/!"

Espera just tugs at Yu'i's arm again. Hesitates. Lets the arm drop and pulls what dignity she has left around her shoulders. "Pardon. I thought you were someone else." Kazarenth makes mopey large eyes at the last blue, grumbles audibly when she's splattered in egg goo, then withdraws enough for Espera to have a leaning post. "I know, I know, you just wanted the egg, not him. Yu'i, if any of those dragonets take after Angel, I'll have to go scream and run and whatnot. There can be only one." She watches the Eastern boy Impress, then admits to Yu'i, "He can have a favorite if he wants. But if it's that ditzy one, I'll kick him." Kazarenth swings her head around to look at Angelesth sidelong. -She'll- kick him. "It's almost done. Thank Faranth." She swipes her brow, energy trailing away, lips turning down: thinking.

'X' Marks The Spot Blue Hatchling settles finally upon a clump of Candidates though it seems now that several of the Candidates nearby a certain someone have all left. Snork! That's not fair to that one Candidate. Finally reading his mental map correctly: two steps left, thirteen woddles to the right, a side-step to the northeast and "X Marks the Spot!" Nearly pouncing upon Laise and sniffling all about from head to toe. Oops! A bit of goo in his ear now but oh well! He found his treasure, Laise!

Jalenye steps away from Calibrandi and the young bronze, a smile touching her lips. "He's wonderful Cali. Congrats!" She glances at the remaining blue just as he chooses Laise. "Congratulations, Laise!" Her hands clasp behind her back and she picks up her feet one by one as she waits for instructions.

C'andi calls to Seiryuth and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

Kyoninya smiles vaguely, stepping away from C'andi and the bronze, falling in place beside Jalenye, waiting for instructions. Wiping sweat beads off of her forehead, she chuckles idly. "Definitely ready to get back to real life..," she trails off, another thought forming and she grimaces.

L’ae ohs, almost going to his knees as he stares straight into the eyes of the blue hatchling in front of him. "Of course. Adventures we shall find, Loraenth. Just for the both of us. And I will tell you all about everything." Slowly he straightens, a hand never leaving that blue neck, touch needed to convince him that Loraenth is real and there with him.

Ayashii lets out a sigh and almost smiles as he looks between Enye and Kyoninya then starts to wonder just what to do now….

Yu'i pouts. "What's wrong with having another Angelesth? And what /if/ he likes Caoisgath?" Yu'i's got that one remembered for sure. "She obviously takes after her daddy - /maybe/ her mother - and that cute little rider…"

L'ise steps into the Protected Curve of Sand.

Espera puts her hands together as the last blue finds his partner, straightens away from Kazarenth — who shifts backwards, waiting for the permission to get the shell out of them — and glances over the Sands. No more eggs. The few remaining Candidates. She removes her glasses, swabs at them with the edge of her shirt, then steps over the Sands towards them mincingly, gathering them in with 'come here' sort of gesture. "Hi, folks. Seeing as all this is over for the meantime, if you folks don't have any particular plans with what to do afterwards, you're welcome to stay at Eastern. Our Headwoman will find work for you. If you have a home to go back to, I wish you all well." Another little pause. "You know, just because you didn't Impress this time — that doesn't mean you won't. Some just have to go through a few times before their lifemates find them. But they -are- out there." She hesitates again. "Anything you folks need, right this minute? I'd be glad to help."

Ayashii shakes his head and smiles, "No, thank you.. I just need pointed in the direction of the exit from here 'fore my feet burn off," he offers a wink and starts hobbling towards the exit..

Jalenye glances at Kyoninya and nods, "Aye. Back to my real life it is then. Home at last." A goofy grin applies itself to the girl's lips, covering up the teensy amount of disappointment for not Impressing. She glances at Espera and nods at the woman's words, offering a meak, "Thank you. I, think I'll go get something to eat? Eastern's food is always…spectacular." And off she goes.

Jalenye steps off the sands and through the Carved Stone Archway.

Kyoninya shakes her head, eager to get off the sands and find out if Sira came - unlikely, but still. The ex-Renegade makes way for the exit quickly, hoping to catch up.

Angelesth gives a snort and amuses himself with crushing the remaining egg shells. What fun. You should try it, Kazarenth.

J'em nods quietly to each remaining candidate. He then turns to Syra with a wink and a smile.

Nelali relaxes slowly as the hatching winds to its close, giving a sad smile to the remaining candidates before she glances over towards the newest weyrlings.

"If it's really bad," Espera calls after Ayashii, "you can stop in the infirmary. They have lotion for that sort of thing. Or you can just go soak your feet in ice water. Both work." And then, with a remaining glance to the dragons, she follows them out.

Laise steps off the sands and through the Carved Stone Archway.

Kyoninya steps off the sands and through the Carved Stone Archway.

You step off the sands and through the Carved Stone Archway.

P'rlan and Brown Ceannath
B'sil and Brown Erixelth
C'andi and Bronze Seiryuth
Kohana and Green Iraslenth
L'ise and Blue Loraenth
Natane and Gold Fenillanth

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