A Lunar Shoals Kind of Night

Lunar Shoals Pier

Nothing like a rowdy end of the week night for a trip to the Lunar Shoals Pier. It is many people's rest day tomorrow, and you can definitely tell by the boisterous banter and uproarious laughter in the air. The silk lanterns are dimly lit and many of the low-slung couches are inhabited by groups enjoying their night. Sure, some may be enjoying it a little too much- like the guy at the end of the bar all alone, drunk off his face and asleep with his head down. A passing drudge wiggles him awake and sends him on his way while taking a round of drinks to a nearby table. The game tables are pretty much full- winners, losers, bluffers, sharks and in betweeners. Many people are venturing upwards towards the 'adult' areas and the beverages are definitely a'flowin tonight. Mahlia isn't sure what flavor of fun she is feeling this evening, sidling up to the bar in the newly opened spot where drunky-mcdrunkerson just wobbled away from. "A rum punch." she says to the keep, handing him half a mark and leaving the change as a tip. Turning around to face the crowd, one arm props her lean, the other holds umbrella'd drink for some sippage, scanning the groups for familiar faces.

No bartender would ever serve Feyran, not with how young she looks. However, the trader girl can sneak a drink sometimes. After all, no one is paying attention to one short, frumpily dressed person in this sort of crowd. Feyran had been eyeing Mr. Drunk for quite a while, and when he's shoo'd off with a drink left completely untouched…well, she'd snagged it. After taking the glass in hand, Feyran begins to wander through the crowd to look for anyone she recognizes. Not that it keeps her from socializing. Nah, Feyran sips her drink and throws laughs and nods and smiles to completely random people. (And no she's not stealing from anyone's pockets as she moves around). Her attire is the usual combination of leggings, dress, and over-sized jacket so…anyone who's seen her before would know her immediately. Let's just hope no one thinks they need to confiscate her drink.

R'en has been sitting at one of the game tables, and while he's usually quite the shark - tonight he's off his game. He has drank a little too much to make sensible choices, slipped a few too many cards into the his hand and has won too many hands for it to be normal. Unfortunately, it wasn't going to last for very long even among drunkards and his tablemates catch him with a full house when there's no way he could have one. One large bronzerider, larger than R'en could even hope to be grabs him by his shirt and starts yelling at him while another of the group starts collecting the 'winnings' off the table. "Hey man, just take the money…" He tries to play it off as being even, but it probably won't leave him unscathed for long.

Mahlia would probably be the type of bartender who might have served Feyran had she had the gumption to ask, and she'd definitely pass her rum punch that way, but let's just pretend that is totally normal and ok by Pernese standards. She notices the 'less-than-welldressed' gal grab that drink and smirks at her slyness. A few riders, crew members and friends are greeted with nods and smiles, finally deciding to push off from her bar leaning perch and head out in to the crowds. She watches that young sneaky one, maybe just to be sure she isn't pulling any tricks on the locals and probably only because she's never seen her before and is intrigued by her tactics and interesting choice of attire. Coming up behind her she attempts a very official voice with "Hey little girl. Where'dya get that drink?" Emerald shaded eyes catch sight of R'en over there, hearing the tone in his voice and catching a bit of the altercation. "I'll deal with you later…" she's really just teasing when she says this to Feyran, quick to slide over between the large bronzer and R'en she bats her lashes at the aggressor and says "Hello there stud. You're quite the card player. Care to let me and my beautiful friend over there buy you a winning drink?" A flick of the head gestures towards a blonde friend of Mahl's at the bar, and while he looks, a glance is shot back to R'en with a quick wink.

Feyran's R'en radar is in full force tonight…that or she can hear the upset at the table and the trader's gaze immediately slides over in that direction. She'll study the situation for a moment and perhaps smirk juuuust a little at R'en's predicament. It's while the trader girl is paused in her step that Mahlia comes up behind her, and there's a shameless grin for the rider. "Same place you did." And there's a challenge in her eyes, just try and take it from me! But Feyran's overall demeanor says that she's also just playing around. However, that changes as she follows Mahlia over to the where R'en and the big bad bronzer are. Instead of saying anything, Feyran darts behind the bigger bronzer and pokes her head out from behind him. "R'en! Whose the ugly dude you're fighting with? The man kind of stinks…thought you had better taste in friends!" Fuel on the fire…whoops!

"Just a minute while I deal with this here cheating bastard, sweetheart. Then me and my buds will be happy to show you two a good time." The large bronzer says with a large grin, shifting when Mahlia tries to get in the way, deciding that R'en needs to learn his lesson none the less. A sharp tug and R'en's shirt rips and he gets a swift hard punch to the face before he's let go of to stagger to the floor and then gives a glower towards the girl that's giving him lip. "What'd you say, kid?" He isn't entirely sure he wants to take a swing at a kid, but there's a moment where it looks as though he might - who knows when it comes to drunk guys. "Fey, leave 'm alone." R'en says as he regains his balance and gets himself back to his feet properly.

Mahlia chuckles at the boldness from the small Trader girl, head shaking with a wide smile as she asks. "N'you're old enough t'enjoy it I suppose?" It is clear she's no enforcer, though she'd have no problem calling over someone who's job depends on making sure minors aren't drinking, but instead she follows that up with "Just askin cuz if y'want another, I can get ya one that wasn't slobbered all over by some oaf who's had way too much tonight."A wink is shot the frumpy girl's direction and she takes in her appearance, instantly undressing and then dressing her up in her mind as any clothing loving greenie would. It is less insinuating than it sounds- mostly. The altercation between the riders and ultimately herself and the youngin' who seems to know R'en definitely just got interesting. There's a coquettish giggle for large bronzer's use of sweetheart- a sucker for flattery she is! -and Mahlia raises a brow. "A cheater you say? I know a few guards who'll take care of that that so we can get on our way and I can introduce you to Milia so you can both get to this good time having you speak of." She knows Milia really, well and this jerk is definitely her time. Alas, she is too late, ducking just in time for the blow to make contact with R'en. "Oh my." She says and couple guards rush over to handle things.

Feyran watches R'en go down with a bit of a frown. "Well…that wasn't very nice, was it you big idiot?" Only, something else catches her attention. "You called me Fey! As a reward, I'll take care of this big boy for ya R'en." She shoots the bronzer a thumbs up, sticks out her tongue, and winks. Really, who in the world would think this silly girl could do anything? "Course I'm allowed to drink, you can buy me one after I take care of…THIS!" And with that single syllable word, Feyran uses her position from behind the big bad bronzer to throw a swift and painful kick to right between the legs. Guards schmards, this bronzer just became Feyran's amusement for the night. And as soon as he's writhing in pain? The trader girl is laughing her ass off, and she /still/ has a drink in her hand.

The bronzer is about ready to reach and grab for Mahlia's arm to take her up on that offer she so graciously proffered, about the time that the little trader brat is proclaiming how she's going to take care of R'en's problems. "Come along babe, let's go meet that girlfriend of yours." He says gruffly. But, rather than get a prize of a girl on each arm for his trouble, he gets a foot right between the legs. The guards are right on the heels of the kick, reaching to try and get a hold of Feyran as the big bad bronzer is yelling and groping at his family jewels. The glare on his face is one that betrays that he won't be forgetting it anytime soon, and he groans, "You better watch your back, little girl." R'en lifts his hand to his cheek which is already swelling pretty well, and reaches to try and touch Mahlia's shoulder. "Let's get out of here." He mutters, as if they'll have a choice - it won't be long until the whole group'll be escorted out.

Mahlia is… IMPRESSED! That little rabble-rouser sure is something else, and when Feyran sends a swift kick to the gonads towards the bronzer she cannot help but laugh. The group has a lot of attention of them now, especially as yelping and junk grabbing is paired with guards coming over to break up the shenanigans. She's secretly glad things have taken a turn this direction, not really looking forward to entertaining and passing that guy off on Milia. Mahlia may have protested the 'buying' the youngin' a drink, but after that one she snorts. "You got a deal scrappy one!" and a round of fruity melon flavored shots are ordered as doubles, just in case they are to be thrown out as well. Reaching out for R'en in return, she places a hand gently over his on swelling cheek, making sure to send off for a bag of ice to be returned with the promptly delivered drinks. There's a nod at his suggestion "We should take these, the ice and ourselves and definitely am-scray towards the docks I'm thinking."

Feyran doesn't try to struggle or dance out of the reach of the guards. Instead she just stands there and /laughs/ at the not so bad, bronzer. "That's rich! Figure out if you can still have kids first, and then come and try to have your revenge alright big boy?" She snickers in his direction one last time before there's a beaming smile to Mahlia. "Lady, you flirt a lot. But you've got good ideas sometimes I think. Nice call!" Is that really a compliment? In Feyran's book it is. She'll turn her innocent little face to the guards and ask them to let her go. And hopefully they do because there are /shots/ calling her name and apparently the party is moving outside. "The name's Feyran by the way." She probably shouldn't have said that while still in front of the bronzer. Ah well! And R'en…poor R'en. "See? I took care of it!" Or made it worse.

One hobbled bronzer, and a pair of his friends are escorted out - the others in his group didn't seem as interested in getting into the brawl for whatever reason, but they shoot glares at Feyran none the less. Mahlia, on the other hand, gets tugged closer to one of them before they leave and something whispered in her ear offering her to come find them later after they take care of their comrade. Maybe the bronzer won't be so interested in flirtation, doesn't mean they should have dry spells. R'en blinks a couple times as he watches what happens, but he doesn't seem so eager to move. It could be because he's drunk, it could be because his equilibrium is off a little. But, it takes some work to get him moving towards the exit. "I think I need a drink.." Yep, that's right, the drunk bronzer needs more alcohol. That'll fix things right up. "Who /are/ you?" He asks of Mahlia, before focusing his gaze on Feyran, "Shouldn't be drinking, you."

Mahlia is glad she's friends with those strapping guards who come to escort the whole lot of them out- they at least let her and anyone else who want's to partake have their shots. As for the bronzer's threat on the little girl receives a shake of the head and a click of the tongue. "No point in holding grudges… but geeze girl! Don't encourage him! He is really… big!" The statement of the obvious from Feyran has lashes batting, not skipping a beat she bows her head and says "Why thank you. Mahlia, greenrider of the indomitable Seracenath. N'we appreciate you noticing." A wink tops off the flirty tones. " Well met Feyran. I was just trying t'help your friend not get the daylights beat out of him." She looks at the remaining bronzer and squints with one brow raised. "R'en right? I remember you. You Impressed with Trevares and were posted to Phatasm." She's got a good memory after all those turns as Wingleader. The tugging and whispering elicits a coquettish giggle and a nod to the gent as if some understanding has been made. She links her arm in to R'en's and starts to tug him out as the Guards somehwat politely shoo them towards the door. Mahl gives one of them a kiss on the cheek and whispers to R'en in response "Mahlia, currently adventuring Wingleader of Flame." She's still kind of in that position. Sort of. Enough to claim it at the moment at least.

"You're to drunk to be drinking. I'm not drunk yet and I'm old enough so I can drink all I want." Feyran smirks at R'en and gives his back a push. "Come onnnnn, you're going to pass out and you're too sharing heavy to carry to the door." She'll shoo him along from behind while Mahlia links arms with him. The guys from the bronzer's gang earn another smirk and cheeky little curtsy before she leaves them alone. "Nice to meet you…Mala." Close enough, yeah? "Life would be boring if I didn't egg them on. If they want a fight, I'll give them one they'll remember for the rest of their lives!" Confident, or silly? It sounds mostly foolish coming from a girl that looks as young as she does and is the size that Feyran is. Before they leave the door, she'll take her shot and leave the empty drink glass on the table. But drunk? She most certainly is not.

"I'm /fine/." R'en says, and tugs his arm out of Mahlia's reach. Unfortunately for him, it also makes him stumble and almost knock over a table in the process. "Don't touch me." He certainly is standoffish, considering that he's just been saved. By girls. Will he ever live this down? Not with Feyran around, for sure. He glowers a little, and gets himself back to his feet properly and slowly walks to the door without any assistance from anyone. "Mahlia.. Right…" He says in such a manner that betrays the fact that he doesn't remember who she is from a hole in the wall. "I'm just gunna.." He scrunches his nose a little like he's going to sneeze, but at least it doesn't look like he's going to lose his dinner. "Go to the infirmary." Yep, sounds like the best idea for him. "Don't fight them, kay? Just leave 'em be."

Mahlia snickers at Feyran's sound logic. Between the two of them, she hopes they can get him somewhere safe before any more trouble is to be had. "Mahlia.. or Mahl.. or Lia." Apparently it is important she know her real name or some slightly more accurately shortened moniker of it at least. There's a head shake regarding the amusement Feyran seems to get from meddling in this type of trouble, but she's entitled to do whatever she wants, so this is pared with a shrug and an "I guesso." Though she prefers to be remembered for much more alluring types of things. Shots are taken, with a toast to the girl before it goes down the hatch. R'en's arm tugging provokes a crinkling of the nose, letting him go with a "Fine, suit yourself." A few people grumble as their table is knocked in to and Mahlia apologizes for the bronzer leaving a few marks to replace their spilled drinks. She isn't far behind the staggering bronzrider as they all head for the door. "Good idea." is agreed about the infirmary while assuming he'll go anywhere but. She'll walk along with the two until R'en won't have it any more, then she'll head for the Ivory Tower as opposed to meeting up with the guy at the table who whispered to her on the way out.

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