A Storm's a Coming

Monaco Bay Weyr - Watch Tower
Standing on this tower, you can see an unobstructed 360 view of Monaco Bay Weyr's territories. The dragons landing just below the enclosed peak. Inside the peak's tower. there are a number of bunks, a few lounge chairs and one or two stools nearest the windows. This area serves as the meeting/onduty area for the Weyr's police and patrol squads and for the fire safety. Beyond that common area far to the back lies the Armory and the Cell block for what few criminals this weyr collects.


All along the watchtower- Zahleizjah is pacing. A late spring storm is a brewing over the horizon and she's got something on her mind that she just can't sort out. A cloud of firelizards float about overhead, chittering and crooning as if giving advice and trying to soothe. Her stature is hinged forward at the hips, hands latched behind back, paces long for someone so short. The rains are still a ways out, and this is definitely one of the Starcrafter's favorite spots for watching them roll in. A grumbly guard snorts at her fondly during a pass. Apparently this isn't the first time Lei's posted up at the watchtower. "At it again girl? All that pacin' is makin' me nervous. What is it this time?" The stout guard asks the girl. She smiles and responds "Oh you know me, contemplating the perplexities of life like there's no promise for tomorrow."

There's rarely a time that Breton isn't walking around with his arms full of something. Sometimes it's books. Sometimes paperwork. Sometimes both. As he makes his way up the watchtower, he has a single, broad-paged journal beneath one arm and a satchel slung over one shoulder, weighted down enough that his body slightly leans that way. Unruly curls of brown flop over his eyes, and he pauses upon reaching the last step to stretch his back after exhaling a heavy breath. "I'm getting too old for this," murmurs the young man as he readjusts the weight that pulls upon his shoulder. He's made it! He looks out the windows with an expression of satisfaction, nodding once to himself before he moves towards one of the stools that resides near the windows. "Pardon me," he says, bypassing a guard and flashing a polite smile to him and anyone else nearby. "This stool isn't taken, is it?"

Gerazal climbs up the stairs last as he was on the beach relaxing when he saw the storm clouds starting to roll in from the distance. He decides to come up to the watch tower to see it and he spots Breton and Lei both here as well. He gives them as a wave, "Hello you two. Glad to see you both, how has your days been?"

The guards are… not really all that friendly, as can be expected from a guard, and the studious looking floppy haired gent receives a gruff response. Knitted brows and tight lipped, he looks at the stool, then the young man, then the stool. "Doesn't look like anyone is sitting in it to me.. does it look like anyone is on there Firk?" The other Guard jests "I dunno, I think I see the tiniest blue rider right in the middle. Don't you see him Tirk?" They are obviously brothers who like to pick on others and each other. "Give em' a break.." Zahl comments to the meat-head-esque pair. "Any seat not currently with a tush in it is an open one. Take your pick." Not many others are at the watchtower, because not many others appreciate the thunder and lightening the way Zahl does. A distant symbol crashing rumble is hear and a faint flicker of light streaks across the sky over the bay. "Gerazal!" she says back with a smile and wave "Good t'see you. Days have been.. days. You?" A hand offered to the guy who's name she's now picked up. "M'names Zahleizjah, or Lei. Senior Starcraft Apprentice of Monaco."

"Have you boys been stuck with night duty /again/?" That is the question that announces Miyan's presence in the watchtower. "Luckily for you, I won't laugh quite as much as J'yn." She shoots a quick grin to two of the guards, apparently friends of her weyrmate, and then offers a basket laden with bubblies to them. It's only after the off-duty Wingleader has passed them off that she notices the rest of the crowd in the watch tower. One eyebrow raises faintly, but there's a nice enough smile for the entirety of the group. "Enjoying the evening skies?"

Breton pauses with a look to the empty stool, then to the guards with an expression of unsureness on his face. Messing with guards doesn't rank highly on his list of Things He Wishes To Do. Some of them can be quite … barbaric. And thus while the two of them go back and forth, he merely stands there and watches them, patiently awaiting a clear answer while the satchel's sling slips slightly lower on his shoulder. He readjusts again, then turns his eyes to Zahleizjah. "Thank you," he says, nodding his head lightly and promptly heading to a stool not-too-close-to those aforementioned guards. Can't be too careful! He plops his bag down and sets the book upon the stool, claiming it as his own. Gerazal is greeted with a smile and nod, as is Miyan. "Good to see you again," he offers to Gerazal. "I took your advice!" he says, nodding to his bag with a broad grin. "Swimming books are now a thing of the past, hopefully."

Another is wandering on up the steps to the top. Once T'revs is there he glances around a few moments before catching sight of the ones here, and the sight of Zahle does make him smile. "Evening." Is offered as the bronzer makes his way on towards where the others happen to be. A curious look is sent upwards for a moment before he is looking back to the ones before him. "How is everyone doing?"

Gerazal nods, "Hopefully they will get better, it looks to be a wild night tonight, although I doubt it will be a good one for stargazing with the clouds that look to be rolling in." He nods politely to Miyan, Brenton and T'revs, "Good evening to you all. I'm glad to see that you did. Did you have to pay for the book that you dropped in the hot tub or did it dry out enough so that the letters didn't smug?" He wonders curiously as he leans against the wall and has a light smile on his face.

Firk and Tirk are regulars on this shift, mostly because the transition between post dinner and morning time is the least likely time for them to be able to cause any (more!) trouble or heckle people. One of them sticks a tongue out at Miyan, the other jutting an elbow in to his side when he shows disrespect to the respectable lady. "You know us Miyan ma'am." He chortles happily reaching for a berry bubbly. "Thank you for the treats. Always so kind." The 'elbowed' oifs and loses his breath, doubling over to catch it while weakly reaching for a treat with a "Sorry Mimi" shortening the name in a lackadaisical manner. Lei's pacing has finally stopped, tough a foot continues tapping as if her nervous habits cannot be squelched at the moment. A brow raises "Swimming books?" She's intrigued, gaze flickering out to the skies as the next reverb of thunder promises an explosive sideways tearing bolt of lightening way out there. "Miyan, ma'am." She says with a bob of the head and a smile. "You are too good to those oafs.." a wink sent the guard's directions from their adopted lil-sis. Cue the entrance of T'revs, and thoughts are able to stop even if just for a moment when she lays on him. "Honey!" she exclaims, one hand reaching for him. "Just watchin' the storm roll in. How're you?" A chuckle for Gerazal "You said it! No stars in the forecast tonight."

Miyan shakes her head at the guards and shoots them both a smile, "You have J'yn to thank for that of course." But soon, her attention turns to the rest here. Though some don't know her, the Wingleader certainly knows them. Names and face of those in her wing are a personal hobby of sorts. "Did you lose some books, Breton?" Yes, creepy woman knows your name! "My evening is going rather well, how are the rest of you?" Somewhere in the mix of conversations and greetings, it seems the greenie heard that much at least.

"My guilty conscience had me paying out of pocket," answers Breton to Gerazal with a woebegone sigh. "It was far too gone to hope for repair, and I couldn't find another copy in the caravan. I don't think informational reads on weather is particularly their style to carry. Graciously, it wasn't too much. I think the book keep took pity on me, which in and of itself is a miracle," he stage-whispers to Gerazal, but his chuckle is good-natured as he rummages through his belongings, shifting parchments and papers around. Some are pulled out and eyed. Notes and sketches litter the paper. Clouds and diagrams drawn upon maps. He glances out to the sky with a hungry look flashing in his eyes. Or maybe, it's just the gleam of lightning. Hearing his name tears him from his reverie, and hazel eyes turn to Miyan. "I…yes, unfortunately. I…uh.." he furrows his brows, peering at her face. "Do I know you?" He probably does! Likely seen in passing. But details like that tend to get lost in his scattered brain!

T'revs smiles warmly to Zahle and moves to take hold of her hand and leans close in order to give her a hug. "Nice place to watch such things after all." This said with a sight nod while sending a faint glance out towards the water. No stars, that'salright, storms are good at night as well really! He looks over to Miyan and offers her a smile and nods. "Hello Miyan, how goes everything?" Though there is a pause while she goes on asking how one of the others is doing.

Gerazal ahs and nods understandingly, "Probably not, but you never know a caravan needs to know what signs of weather to watch for then most other people would, I'd think a book on weather would be worth carrying around. I am sorry to hear that the book was unsavable." He leans over to look at what Breton is doing and he hmmms, "Recording what's going to happen tonight?"

Tirk and Firk flick bubbly crumbs at Zahleizjah who bats them away with chuckles and then catches one particularly tasty morsel in her mouth with a playful 'Mmm' and belly rub. Another brilliant symphony of trembling skies resounds, the flash of lightening occurring more quickly and closer signifying the storm's making a move and definitely headed their direction. Lei squees with delight "I love that feeling.." and takes a big whiff "…and that smell." The dampness of the impending storm arrives in scent first. Noticing a few doodles on Breton's papers, one brow arches slightly. "Y'seem as fascinated with that which is above us as I am." Head cants towards the curly haired gent who's title she is unsure of at the moment and she's about to ask a similar question that Gerazal covers first. T'revs' hand squeeze and hug is returned at the same level, nodding with "S'one of my favorite spots after all. Stars or not."

"No, I don't think we've met…but I make a point of knowing the names and faces of crafters." Miyan smiles faintly at Breton before turning dip of the head towards T'revs. "Busy as usual between work and Lyria, but I'm managing. How have you been?" Her own gaze moves to the skies above then, and while other seem excited there's a distinct shudder that runs up the greenie's spine. It takes a moment of closed eyes and deep breathing before she's a bit more relaxed. "I take it that's what most of you are up here to see? The storm?" It isn't hard to tell that she thinks everyone's a bit crazy for liking the weather!

"Perhaps my inquiry has informed them of a need and the caravan will collect weather books in their future travels," muses Breton. "I hope to be helpful more often than not. If my book catastrophe is beneficial to someone, then I can't complain too much of it." The optimistic fellow smiles, and the look soon strengthens to a grin as he pulls out a folded parchment and extends it to Gerazal. "Recording is part of what I do, yes. Though tonight is more of a … recreational activity." He unfolds the paper, showing him a drawing of towering clouds. "Towering vertical. I like to illustrate what I see, and sometimes what I hope to see. It's helpful in my studies, but also a reliever of stress," he explains before looking back to Miyan, nodding to her explanation. "Good to know you're not a stalker," he says, straight-faced. "I'm hardly interesting enough!" He looks to Zahleizjah and nods in answer. "Perhaps even more so. Weather is my craft of study."
Gerazal smiles, "Well when you come out with your book let me know and I'll buy a copy." He looks back up at the sky and he hmms, "Too bad you couldn't just fly a dragon up there and observe all this first hand from up there. Weather from a dragon's point of view. So to speak. That's really be something to put in a book and lots of people would love to read about it."

Zahleizjah nods to Breton,listening to his explanation with a smile and adding her own opinion of "S'a good craft of study if ya ask me." Even though no one asked. As a fan of weather watching herself, her sparkling irises travel out to the horizon again where churning clouds start to condense and roll in. It is plain to see the greenrider is not as stoked on the weather as the rest of them are. "Ayyup.." head nods and she asks "N'you are just delivering bubblies to Guards who hardly earn their keep?" A teasing wink is sent their way, and this time they both stick their tongues out back at Lei, real mature like!"I wouldn't jump to any conclusions.." she jokes with the Weatherman, apparently on a bit of a roll tonight. At Gerazal's comment she shrugs and figures "Could always hitch a ride m'sure." The ear-splitting boom overhead settles directly over them and lightening strikes much much closer this time as tiny droplets start to pelt the surface of the watchtower floor. Fortunately there are enough overhangs for people to take cover under, the pitter-patter of rain starting off slowly.

"Stalker I'm certainly not, Miyan…green Rhieyeth's." The greenie smiles a bit at Breton and then proceeds to look horrified at Gerazal's suggestion. "Riding a dragon? In this? I'd leave that to Search and Rescue if I were you…ask them if you're keen on it." Which Miyan is /not/. They could get hurt or something else terrible like that. And the overhangs may be for covering, but Miyan will take to a bit of cowering. "J'yn, the next time you talk me into bringing things up…middle of the storm…" Mumblemumblemumble almost shriek at the lightning!

Breton visibly shivers. "Dragons and me? Oh, no, no. I've never aspired to become a rider, and I'm grateful no dragon has ever seen anything in me worth seeking!" He gives another little shudder at the thought. "Besides, being out in a storm is unwise! As thrilling as it might be to fly within the clouds…" There's a slight note of wistfulness in his tone, but it lasts only a second. His parchments are packed away, seemingly changing his mind about drawing. At least, for now. A light smile is offered to Zahleizjah. "I'd agree with you. It's an interesting craft." His attention shifts. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss Miyan," he says to the green rider as he reshoulders his bag. "If storms make you nervous, I'd suggest you find a place closer to the ground to be. Lightning tends to strike tall structures." Way to ease the mind, Breton! "I'll be doing much of the same, myself. A ground's eye view may be best for this particular storm. It was nice speaking with you all."

Gerazal hmms, "I don't mean to become a rider I mean to just take a ride on a dragon. You could ask search and rescue they fly in this stuff all the time. Speaking of them I hope that nothing bad happens in his storm." He jumps a bit as there is a loud boom and he watches the rain start to come down, "I hope we don't have any flooding."

Zahleizjah smirks at Miyan and sends a wink her way to indicate she was just joking regarding questioning stalker-ness otherwise. She'd be a welcomed stalker for most people is silently concluded, realizing this may be awkward to say, she chooses to keep it to herself. Breton's physical and verbal protest about dragons has browns raising again, knitted in the center and paired with a frown. Sensitive subject maybe? So many responses flush into her busy mind, though everything sounds somewhat pitiful to say so she chooses not to say anything at all. "Wear yer rubber boots.. that's for sure." Another glorious show of nature's fanfare erupts overhead and this time it even makes Lei jump and squeak a little. Breton's expression is reflected back and she asks "Maybe I can see your books if you have some time t'chat in the future? I'd like t'see if you have any tips for the upcoming patterns and fronts. M'working on a project but need at least three clear nights to fine tune the finishing touches." His suggestion to Miyan has her own focus wandering towards the uneasy greenrider. Tirk and Firk can't help but snicker at the Wingleader's cowering, having braved insanely harsh storms up here with no serious problems to date. "In the case of flooding this is one of the best places t'be." One of them scoffs before shifting to lean back on the wall. "No slackin'" says Zahl with impish accusations. "Speaking of. I really should get back to my project and down to the Weyr before it starts really coming down." The trickle has already started to pick up its pace. A tug for T'revs' hand is given. He is a little distracted by the storm. "Walk me home? The two of them turn to leave together and with a smile and wave it is said. "Nice to see.." for Miyan and Gerazal "and meet.. you" for Breton. "Please excuse me." The departing play-wrestling goodbyes with the guards before heading down the stairs are not as prim and proper.

Miyan /should/ respond, she really should. But she can't because there's a sudden crash of thunder followed by several flashes of lightning that have the usually composed greenie huddled against the wall. She just /barely/ manages not to squeak but looks like she might lose it any second. Only…she doesn't. It seems like someone has come to pick Miyan up because she's suddenly dashing towards the door with an ear-piercing, "RHIEEEEEEE!" It has been far too long since the glass crafter failed, this counts doesn't it?

Gerazal watches the others go and he looks out at the storm, "Well I better get down, there is probably something that I can help with." He gives a wave to the others as he starts to head down into the rain.

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