A Bop on the Head

Eastern Weyr - Commons Cavern
// A grand stairway leads downward into the cool rock of the commons cavern, a place for socializing and relaxing, as well as an area that provides solid shelter from the seasonal storms of this area. One of the few caverns at Eastern Weyr, the rock here has been worn away by centuries worth of water movement, leaving a nearly glass smooth polish over much of the room. Rocky shelves line the walls on which electric lights covered with paper lanterns rest, providing adequate illumination for the area. High above are further light fixtures, enabling a wide range of lighting options here. A natural pool occupies half of the far end of the cavern and is supplied with heated water piped in by an ingenious techcrafter. All about the room are balconies of rock with stairs leading to them and small dumbwaiters for the purpose of delivering food and drink to their heights//

OOC Note: This portion of logging started part of the way through a scene- apologies that the beginning section is not complete.

R'en can't help himself, he bops Feyran on the head again and just says, "Enough already, you're not making anything better." He figures she needs to learn when to shut her mouth, rather than keep on babbling and making things even more exaggerated. He doesn't wait to see what happens, before slipping off to the infirmary to drop off the items in his arms where they belong. Who knows what vicious instruments he has wrapped in the towel he has in his other arm, but they won't find out - he's going to put them away where they belong. Maybe Gerazal's change of topic will assist, maybe not, he won't know until he returns.

Feyran sighs and rolls her eyes at the entire group. Light steppers! "Everything's going great for me…don't know if I introduced myself by the way, the name's Feyran. I'm from the trader caravan that camped out not too far from he—OW. Why do you keep hitting me?" The trader girl glances over to R'en and makes a face at him. Oh yeah, there's no taming this wild canine! "I'm…pretty much going to treat you how I treat everyone else, how's that sound?" This last part is said to Dominic with a wide grin. "So…what brings you to these parts?"

"Sounds dangerous." Dominic says, grinning a bit at that before he laughs softly and nods towards her as he scratches at his chin. "I'm a Harper, I play music for people." As if that would explain it all.

Zahleizjah is a wandering as usual, and alone, which is also pretty common for the Starcrafter. What is unique is the time of day. It is not typical for her to be out and about right before the dinner rush, and especially not in a place like this. For better or for worse, her tummy has lured her to the area for some meat rolls. That and a gaggle of hungry fire lizards who are currently refusing to hunt on their own. Schlepping in, she's not all that excited to see many a people gathered, but puts on a happy face, grabs a plate some snacks and wanders deeper in to the crowd to find a spot to sit.

"Seriously? Nice…what instrument do you play? You should come down to the caravan and show some of our players a few tricks." Feyran grins at Dominic before smirking over at Gerazal, "I bet it is!" Her attention wavers then, and the trader's gaze eventually comes to fall on the newly arrived star crafter. A hand shoots up in the air, and soon 'Zale' is quickly being waved over. "Hey, over here!" Join us..so you can get your ear talked off!

Dominic motions to the case behind him. "Lute, and yes seriously." The Harper grins at her. "I'd get lost if I tried to find the caravan. And then the other Harpers would write sad ballads about the Lost Harper of Eastern." He grins before he drinks the rest of his juice. "Ah, another person joining?"

Gerazal looks at the case behind Dominic, "Perhaps we'll get to hear you play then if you feel up for it." He nods, "Yes I think so." He gives a wave to Zahleizjah, "Hello there please come join us before the mad dinner rush begins."

Zahleizjah gulps as this is not her first meeting with The Feyran, and although she's become comfortable with the girl, she can only imagine what's being jabbered about with and to the group she's in. Despite the weariness, she's drawn in to catch up with Fey and the group, smiling to the whole lot of them as she approaches. "Top of the eve t'all of ya.. How's everyone coin tonight?" The thought of the mad dinner rush beginning makes her cringe slightly as she takes a seat.

"No problem, I'll lead you there if you want. Or I could send one of the boys to come and get you if you do want to check it out." Feyran grins over at Dominic before snagging a roll and tearing into it. Zale's words get a bit of a shrug as well as a salute…with her bread roll. "Not too shabby, just doing what I do best." Which is probably not a good thing. It's in fact a bad thing. "You?"

"Ah maybe when we know each other better, mm?" Dom asks, laughing a bit at that before he nods. "Good evening."

Gerazal hmms, "I think I can hear the harpers' writing the ballad all ready. Agreed to go with the trader lass who had flair, she said she's guide his steps, but alas that was the last we heard of harper fair." He teases a bit and nods to Dom, "Have a good evening Harper."

Zahleizjah is surprised by the lackadaisical response from Feyran, expecting something witty and blunt from the gal who's outspokenness she secretly admires. "Glad t'hear it Feyran, n'always good t'see ya. Things are good here as usual.." a half lie as /things/ have been kind of drab in the lonely nights of Starcrafting lately. "How's the trade been treatin ya?" A head nod towards Dom, she nibbles on a meat roll and asks "A Harper you say?" She giggles at Gerazal's ditty and offers up a hand to the other gent "Well done Gerazal.. maybe you're in the wrong craft! M'names Zahleizjah, Sr. Apprentice Starcrafter."

"What? You think I'm going to drop you in a ditch somewhere? It's not like I'm asking you home to marry me or something. Just saying that if you're interested in stopping by the caravan, it could be arranged." Feyran smirks at Dominic, not that he could see it anyways. "Maybe you should be a harper, not a waver." There's a grin for Gerazal before Zale's getting exactly what she wanted. "Zale's about as sweet as her name is long. Way too many consonants in there." Somehow, it doesn't sound too mean coming from that innocent smiling face. "I'm doing alright, the caravan's been good. You look tired."
"A harper indeed." Dominic says before he nods. "Nice to meet you Zahleizjah." He almost doesn't quite butcher her name, but does anyway. "Nice to meet you." He admits before grinning at Feyran again. "I wonder how someone can look tired."
Gerazal chuckles, "I am happy being a weaver I've worked a lot of years to get this far and I don't want to have to start over again as a harper's apprentice, besides it only sounds that good because my voice has changed. Before I had a squeaky pipsqueak of a voice." He hmms, "There was was someone who was looking for help from a starcrafter a couple nights ago, give me a moment to try to remember their name."

Zahleizjah was waiting for that two pronged kind of compliment she's come to expect and appreciate from Feyran, smiling doltishly as if the length of her name and pronunciation of it seems like no great feat. Pay no mind to the fact that practically no one calls her by the elongated version, typically settling for Zahl or Lei or some version of that, which she doesn't mind at all. Oh yes, Feyran may look sweet and innocent, and Zahl may not know much, but she's sure there's pure mischief that pairs with her forthright comments. "Why thank you.. I think.." brow raised, she giggles and shrugs "Nothing like the first time y'met my sleep deprived self dear. Don't ya remember the mess I was? Glad t'hear thing are good and nice to meet you as well Dominic." A warm smile shows appreciation for his honest and close attempt at her crazy long name "Lei, or Zahl, or whatever is fine too. Nice t'meet you as well." More chuckling at Gerazal's statement, she nods and assures "You've grown in t'your man self rather well Ger.. and oh please do. I'm definitely up for some new things.. night shifts have been.. kinda dull lately.."

R'en has been gone for a fair bit, having taken the time to put the instruments he returned with from the healer hall into the infirmary where they belong. His pale eyes glance over the cavern, right back to where he left Feyran with her company, and is hopeful that she'll be too distracted to call him over. Right? He's invisible. He even goes so far as to skirt behind some groups of people in an effort to be not noticed. A group of his wingmates come in, however, and call him over to chat for a moment before he wiggles away from them as well. If he's lucky, he'll make it to the exit without being noticed. Honestly, he should have just went another way out - but he wasn't thinking that far ahead.

"Bags under the eyes, that's the main bit when it comes to looking tired. And I think the name was Zorro." Feyran definitely did not get that name right, not at all. "You're welcome!" The trader girl smiles brilliantly at Zale before laughing. "True…those dark circles were amazing really, massive. But they didn't ruin that pretty face of yours two much." There's just something about the star crafter that makes it easy for Feyran to give her two pronged compliments. But there's some fondness behind that mischief. But oh…oh R'en, R'en who thought he could get away. Feyran seems to have a sort of sixth sense when it comes to torturing the poor bronzer. "Hey, healer man!" She'll shout over at him in a way that makes it VERY obvious who she's addressing. "Come on back here!"

Gerazal inclines his head to Lei politely, "Thank you Lei, I think it was a Western Rider. I'm sorry I knew I should have written his name down. His name started with your name. Let me think. I think it was something like Zu'to. He was looking for lenses and I thought you'd be the best person to talk to, since you use lenses all the time." He nods his thanks to Feyran as her name jogged his memory. "Well I'm sure it can be tough staying up all night to have to do your craft, although I'm not sure why you just don't flip and sleep during the day, although with how it gets around here that could be pretty hard."

"Ah, well I see." Dominic says.. "Kind of." He grins wryly at that before he offers up a "Right then, Lei?" He nods at that before he beams. "I'm sorry that I did soo poorly on your name, it is quite unique." He reaches down into his case and pulls out his lute. He strums his fingers across it slowly, letting that soft lyrical sound flow from it. "Anyone like music?"

Zahleizjah takes it all with a grain of salt, retorting "You are just too kind with those sweet compliments Fey.. really with a friend like you.." she trails off and winks, showing it's merely a playful response and a failing attempt to be on par with the trader's lashing wit. Then Feyran is distracted with shouted orders to some poor passerby, a familiar face, one whom she hasn't seen in quite some time though. More throat clearing and nibbling. Is it possible to pretend like she doesn't know /her/ even when sitting at the same table? "A Western rider.. something with a Z.. hmm" index taps thumb "Zu'to.. I do believe we've met in the distant past." Some blushing ensues at the genuine (not double sided!) compliment. "Why thankya Gerazal. That means a lot.. glasswork is m'specialty so I appreciate the referral. Will have to send Ztyrian out with a letter to him.." she makes a mental note and nods. "Truth.. I guess I've come t'enjoy the nights, despite living in one of the sunniest areas areas on Pern." A flick of the wrist towards Dominic "Oh no worries.. it's more than a mouthful!" that same hand raises "I like music! Will you play for us?"

R'en narrows his eyes as Feyran calls him over. So much for being unseen, though he wanders closer for a moment to give a polite - "Ahm. Yeah, I have to go take care of Sindrieth so… He needs some help with his wing." Yep, the dragon excuse - he's pulling it out in an attempt to scoot away from the group. He gives a quick smile to Zahleizjah, but if he remembers her it's not easy to tell. "Enjoy the music though." He says with amusement, letting the group carry on with their conversation without him mucking it up and being a stick in the mud when there's fun to be had. He /will/ get away this time, unless someone is going to follow him out of the door, which is doubtful.

"I try, I really do try." Feyran grins broadly at Zale before she's catching the rest of the conversation. "Music sounds great! Play us something fun, nothing too sappy." Because sappy stuff is not what the trader girl is into. She's also demanding, if people haven't noticed. She tears into another bread roll before turning to R'en again with a narrowed gaze. "I'm going to have to go stalk him in the infirmary or something." Because that is going to be so. much. fun. Poor R'en!

Gerazal smiles, "I would like to hear you play if you don't mind." He smiles at Lei, "You are welcome Lei. I'm always happy to help a friend." He nods in agreement, "Yes please something to keep the mood light and happy please." He waves to ren, "See you later."

Dominic nods his head at the request and he begins to play softly, as to not drown out those speaking to each other. It's evident very quickly that he's really good at it. And that his blindness doesn't hold him back in the least when it comes to playing. He plays softly, his head moving in time with the beats and notes of the music.

Zahleizjah smirks at Feyran and head wobbles. There's definitely something unique about that one! It isn't long before her plate is finished, not as though much was on there anyway and flock of fire lizards arrive for /their turn/. A loud trio of squawks and croons arrives, all three of them landing on her shoulder and looking at her with that *mine?* kinda seagull like expression. She'll sit for a few and enjoy the music, quieting them with scritches which will not suffice for long. A few more chitters and she's pushing back from the table. "Excuse them for being so rude.. they act as though I starve them!" Clearly not the case as shown by rotund belles. "Dominic, your music is beautiful and Gerazal your friendship always appreciated." As for Feyran, what does a girl say. "Fey, m'glad you're still around these parts and keeping things interesting. M'sure our paths will cross again soon but I must depart of now. The evening's best to all of ya.." With that she's grabbing some fresh meat from the kitchens on her way out and headed home.

Feyran also sticks around to listen to the music, but while she does the trader girl is making quick headway on her plate of food. Zale's departure earns a grin as well as a wave, "Good luck with that, pretty little things will give you a headache I think. I'll see you around." Sheesh, this girl. But now, now her plate is empty. "I should start heading back to. You guys try and stay out of trouble." Though really, isn't that what they should be telling her? Either way…the girl is outta here!

Gerazal listens to Dominic's music as he eats and he nods to Lei, "See you around lei and you too Feyran." He finishes up eating and nods, "Well I better get going I have some work I need to get done, it was nice to meet you Harper Dominic, have a nice night."

Dominic nods to the rest of the departing. "Take care, all." The harper says, still flicking his fingers over the chords. "I'll be here for a bit."

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