Sindrieth the Feyran Tamer

Eastern Weyr - Paradise River Beach
The mouth of the paradise river is broad, the water sluggish, as it finally reaches the sea. Though the far shore is relatively wild, with trees marching nearly up to the sandy banks, the near shore has been cleared and tamed. Stands of rushes dot the bank, intersped with low shrubs and dune-crawlers. The bank itself is gently sloped, with a well-lit stone path running the length between the lazy river and the great stone dome of the Weyr's caverns. There are several places where the bank has been scooped away altogether, presumably by draconic means given the regular shapes, to form shallow pools of warm, brackish water. One of these, nearest the exit from the weyrling barracks, has been roped off for use solely by young dragons and their new riders. There's even a lifeguard stand built up to allow a weyrlingmaster to keep a careful eye on the draconic playground, and a mesh net erected across the mouth of the pool's inlet to keep most things from being accidentally swept out to sea.

It's evening at Eastern and a pleasant breeze blows through the air. The sun has just begun its descent which makes for a rather wonderful sunset. Unfortunately for some people, they're missing it because dinner is in full swing back at the caverns. However, a certain trader girl has filled her pockets with all sorts of food and taken it out to the beach to enjoy the view. Feyran seems to have sculpted a sofa-type structure out of the sand and is currently lounging on it. Her attire? That usually frumpy combination of dress, leggings, and jacket.

There aren't many dragons that lounge around this area when there aren't weyrlings in the barracks, however there is a fairly decent sized dark coloured dragon that has managed to merge two smaller dug out holes into one large enough for him to rest in and enjoy a bit of a sleeping pool just for him. It's difficult to tell with the fading light if his colour is brown or bronze, and he isn't shifting around to let anyone guess. R'en comes from the direction of the weyrling yard - could it be that he's trying to avoid a certain trader youth? However, he seems fairly sure that he's managed to evade her and heads towards where the seemingly sleeping dragon lays. He's not coming from the direction that'd let him see Feyran there, and he's not exactly looking for her /here/. This place is safe, surely.

Feyran isn't /look/ for R'en, but since he's the only other one on the beach it'd be kind of hard not to miss him since she's just sitting around. The trader girl doesn't just call out to him this time. Instead, she hops off her sand-seat and circles around until she's stalking him from behind. For someone so loud she's actually very stealthy. It's…kind of odd really all things considered. But then again, this is part of what she does for her caravan. She'll only play this game for so long though, and suddenly R'en has a Feyran-head at his side. "Whatcha doinggggg?"

Feyran should count her lucky stars that R'en isn't easily startled. Not /very/ easily, at any rate, even if he seems surprised that she's beside him - she's not got a fist headed towards her. "Shards! You really shouldn't do that!" He's quick to say as he stops, giving her a look like she'd just stolen everything he owned. "Someone else and you might be laying on your back looking at the stars floating over your head." He doesn't /think/ he was that out of it, anyways, to not notice her. She obviously snuck up on him all sneaky like. The dragon in his makeshift pool flutters a jeweled eye open, but doesn't seem interested in moving from his spot. "I was going to head back to my weyr." Is the healer's answer, before he asks, "What are you doing?"

"They could have tried, I'm a bit tougher than I look." Of course, Feyran doesn't advertise that she's a guard for her caravan. The element of surprise is always one that's good to have on your side. The trader girl falls into step beside R'en then, hands slipping into both of her pockets. "Besides, that was fun. You should have seen the look on your face!" Her eyes go all wide and mouth o-shaped in an obvious exaggeration of his expression. "Sunset," is her answer and accompanied by a finger pointed in that direction, "Why would you go back in when it's so nice outside? You're going to start looking pale and sickly."

"I didn't look like that." R'en says with a narrowed gaze at her, then rolls his eyes a bit. "Get out of that pool of water, you're just going to complain about how bad it itches later." He grumbles at the dragon, who just gives a huff of air through his nostrils as his response. Throwing his hands in the air, the rider just sighs. "I give up. You win. I'm going to be pale and sickly and certainly that'll make me even /less/ fun. It just begs me to wonder why you even bother with talking to me." For all that she claims he's going to look pale and sickly - he actually has a decent tan. Everyone has their own secrets, right?

"How do you know? It's not like you can see your own face!" Feyran grins before letting her gaze turn to Sindrieth and then sliding it back to R'en. "How come you're such a hardass to your dragon? He's just having a bit of fun." No, the trader girl doesn't have a filter. She's essentially here to bother R'en because it's entertaining. "No, you'll be pale and sickly and then your healer buddies will have to treat you all day and I'll just have to come and visit you…poor lonesome soul that you are!" The trader girl sighs dramatically before letting out a quiet laugh.

"I think I'd know if I opened my mouth or eyes like that." R'en says, keeping his gaze fixed on the dragon that seems content to leave him to his torture. Sure, Sindrieth moves a little - enough to seem like he /might/ move out of the puddle, but not enough to actually do it. "I'm tired." He admits, though the idea of having to get up in a few hours to deal with a dragon with itchy hide from laying in a puddle for hours just isn't appealing. "I'm not pale, or sickly. I'm fine." He assures, trying to have an attempt at a normal conversation with the girl. The bronze finally pushes himself to stand and plods a few feet closer to the pair.

"Ha! I /like/ him." This is Feyran's declaration about Sindrieth after seeing his fake out where the pool is concerned. "Been in the infirmary all day?" For a moment, just a moment R'en might see a bit of concern in her features and a hint of sincerity in her voice. But that glimpse is gone just as soon as it arrived. "True, you aren't pale and sickly now but one of these days…who knows. Haven't I warned you about ruining that nice complexion with those excessive dark circles and wrinkles you're prone too when you go sleepless?" Because she's seen him like that so many times? Who knows what goes through Feyran's head. But…then there's a bronze approaching. "Heyyyy, big guy."

"I don't have dark circles around my eyes, and when I do - I don't work." R'en isn't the sort of healer that would work himself to exhaustion and then start making mistakes. No, not at all. He then realizes he's explaining himself to what is practically a child. "I went to Ista in the morning and worked my shift in the evening. If it were any of your business." He says lightly. Sindrieth seems more interested in R'en companion than himself, so -this- is the annoying person that he hears about sometimes. Drawing in a sharp breath, the bronze shifts so his large head is nearly level with the young girl to give her a /good/ look over. "He says you should stop bothering me." R'en decides, though the snort in his direction shows that to be a lie.

"Oho, then you're not one of those crazy healers that works day and night without a moment's rest, huh?" Feyran grins a bit before shoving her hands into her pockets and pulling out a red fruit to bite into. "Man? All the way to Ista? Just for fun? You should let me tag along next time, their beaches are fun!" She's not asking him to give her a ride, she's practically inviting herself along…even though she knows perfectly well that /that/ isn't going to happen ever. "Really? Is that what he's saying?" Fey hasn't been up close and personal with many dragons, but she doesn't seem to be having any problems with Sindrieth. She just kind of stands there and grins a bit. "You're handsome, and…your buddy is lying about leaving him alone, isn't he?" Buddy being R'en.

"I'm not." R'en answers to the first question, rocking on his feet a little as the bronze seems less interested in helping him escape and more interested in the trader girl. The bronze flits his wings a little, and for all the darkness of his hide, the underside of his wings seem to sparkle with hidden torchlight of bright bronze. Perhaps the dragon and his rider are more similar than they appear, less than spectacular on the surface but there's a glimmer of something interesting where it's difficult for most to see. So far, the dragon is keeping out of arm's reach, but he's not moving away either. "I like Ista, and I go once in a while. Sindrieth likes the beaches too." He says, and decides to just take a seat since they're going nowhere fast. "He says you ask a lot of questions." Well, she does, that much is true.

"Good, those are the worst kind." Feyran grins a bit at R'en, but her attention is quickly caught by that glimmer beneath Sindrieth's wings. Before she can say or do anything else, the trader girl flattens herself to the ground and rolls over onto her back so that she can look up at them. Really, sometimes she's just like a canine puppy. What Fey sees earns a soft whistle, and she'll lift her head to look over at R'en. "He's drop dead handsome." It might be the first compliment he's heard her give that doesn't involve a backhand type of comment thrown in somewhere. But then, it's back to fun and games. "Guess it's not so long a trip with a dragon. And there's nothing wrong with questions…it's the quickest way to get information."

R'en shakes his head as she gets right on the ground and scoots closer towards the dragon to get a look under his wings. Even Sindrieth gives the girl an odd tilt of his head as she does it, shifting to step a little further away but shifting his wings so she can see another glimmer. They must be a spectacle to see spread open, but for now, he seems content in keeping his secrets to himself. "He appreciates the compliment." R'en confers, shifting so he can rest his head on his knees and just watch the two shift and move but never actually touching. "Sometimes asking too many questions strips layers off a person until they just feel too raw to talk to you anymore." He doesn't know if she'll understand, but in a way that's how he feels. "Takes away all the mystery." He adds after a moment.

Feyran seems to think this is some sort of game, because when Sindrieth steps back she laughs and wriggles that way a few inches. It's never enough that she'd actually be close enough to touch. No, the trader isn't /that/ bold. "I guess, but I don't see the fun in mystery that everyone else does. Unknown variables could have anything up their sleeves. Those are the ones you have to be careful about because anything could happen." That's how Feyran's world view is, and her words are…surprisingly sincere. It really is almost like an actual conversation. If it weren't for all that wiggling on the sand of course. "That's how it works in the caravan."

Sindrieth seems entertained by the girl as well, stepping this way and that - but never close enough to her to cause any fear of impaling by those seemingly blood tipped talons. A flutter of his wings here and there, he seems to enjoy the 'dance' even if it means that Feyran is covered in all sorts of sand from wriggling about on the sand. R'en seems entertained enough as well, though he's not quite smiling - he doesn't seem quite as standoffish as he usually does. "You should respect those that don't want to be questioned so heavily." You know, people like him who aren't exactly eager to lay themselves bare for her inspection or questioning. "Are you planning on staying with the caravan forever?" He wonders, is it -him- asking her a question now? How turnabout.

Feyran doesn't seem to mind the sand one bit, though she's going to have to take a /very/ long batch afterwards to get rid of all the grime. She squirms about on the ground, laughing brightly every time Sindrieth allows for a glimpse of his wings. "I would…but it's fun to see them get worked up." Like it's fun to see R'en get worked up. She sounds so sweet when she says it too, it's terrible really. "Hmmm, me? Don't know…probably, they're family you know. I've got a job to do there, even if it looks like I just sit around all day." That sentence is followed by a very unladylike snort of laughter. If she sat still Feyran would look like such an adorable little doll…maybe that's why she doesn't.

Sindrieth is pleased to keep the girl entertained, it keeps her attention off his lifemate and has made it so R'en isn't so antsy to leave as he was when he arrived. A swish of his tail causes a fan of sand to spray Feyran's direction, so she's about to get dirtier unless she moves out of the way quickly. "It won't make you friends with them, though." He admits, since he doesn't think of the girl as a friend at all - just an annoyance that has to be avoided whenever he can manage it. Mostly, he does alright on that front. "When are you guys leaving?" He wonders, oh yes he did, asked when he can expect the girl to pack her things and carry on to her next place where they're going to do business.

Feyran laughs and rolls out of the way of the sound shower with surprising agility. Under that frumpy appearance there seems to be /some/ muscle tone. In retaliation, she takes a handful of sand and throws it over at the bronze. "That's alright, I don't need friends. I have my caravan, and I'll be moving off later anyways." Which, in some ways, is actually a really sad thing. Man, this girl is all sorts of weird! "Don't know, probably won't be for a while though actually. We're getting good business here and with the weather changing moving would be pretty stupid. Don't want to get caught in the middle of any storms once we start moving again."

For all his bulk, the bronze is fairly agile on the ground - but he doesn't move out of the way of the thrown sand. There's no need to, he doesn't mind it one bit. R'en seems surprised a little that Feyran moves as quickly as she does, but doesn't say anything about it. "I see." He says, though he doesn't ask any further questions. Instead, he seems content to watch the dragon and the trader play. "We really should get back to the weyr, I do need some sleep." He says, lifting a hand to rub at his eyes and even though he doesn't mind /this/ hanging out, it's only because Sindrieth is keeping the girl mostly entertained. The bronze gives a huff, and spreads his wings more fully as though to stretch them out for getting back to the weyr, and giving the girl a great view of the sparkling underside of his wings. "He thinks you're entertaining, though."

Feyran seems a little put out that R'en and Sindrieth will be heading out and glances away from the dragon to look over at the healer with just a tiny pout. "Guess you have to do all that important healer work huh? That needs rest." SIGH. Man, all these super adults and their duties. Not that she doesn't have any of her own. The hours are just a bit different. But whatever disappointment there was at their departure quite quickly disappears when Sindrieth displays the bottom of his wings. For a moment, Feyran's breathe catches in the back of her throat and all she can do is stare. Really, she's never seen anything like that in all her turns. "I'll uh… see you guys around." Well, something managed to silence her finally!

R'en pushes himself to his feet so he can approach the bronze once he's settled, and gives Feyran a broad grin. "Yes, important healer work." Among what other hobbies he keeps secret from her - one never knows what the healer does once he makes it to his hut. "Behave." He tells her before resting his hand on the dragon's hide and giving it a bit of a rub. "Let's go, shall we?" He asks Sindrieth, figuring the bronze would like a good few laps around the weyr before settling down for the night - who knows how long he's been lounging around here at the beach alone and entertaining himself with his wallowing. Now the healer knows how to make the youth a little more manageable - just too bad that the bronze doesn't fit in the living caverns to distract her.

Feyran blinks at R'en, and just as he's disappearing…."YOU SMILED!" And then she's just waving after the pair.

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