Blind antics!

//Eastern Weyr - Main Clearing(#9861RJ)
The main clearing of Eastern Weyr is immense, a sprawling space carved out from the verdant jungle that is constantly threatening to encroach from the north and east. There are a few pathways paved with dark stone; otherwise, the ground is full of dust — or worse, mud, during the rainy season — due to the constant churn from dragons taking off and landing. The trees tend to be enormous affairs, sweeping the skies far above the heads of any dragons, with trunks bigger than a dragonlength around. Shaded by the surrounding foliage is the single feature that makes this area suitable for habitation: a series of large bubble caverns provide permanence and shelter for the inhabitants of this tropical Weyr.
At this late hour, electric lanterns with paper shades are lit, providing bright beacons against the thick tropical darkness. They highlight the main paths, and are strung festively from the rock of the main cavern. There's a faint glow from the doorway of the cavern, which is closed only in times of extreme weather. Springtime has arrived on Eastern Weyr, the flowers budding with wild abandon and all about new growth of the jungle seems to be the theme both in the animal and plant kingdoms.
It's fair and mild, with a few clouds in the sky. A faint glow falls upon the coast as overhead the moons appear to be in their full phase.

It's summer time at Eastern and a common activity when there are no storms, is swimming. That's what Ceresth and Vanessa have been doing all afternoon. Lunch time came and went so even though dinner is a couple of candle marks away, Vanessa is starved. So here she is filling a plate of sweets and fruits, dripping wet despite the towel draped over her bathing suit clad body

Swimming would be a nice recreation for most, but unfortunately Dominic cannot partake in that enjoyment. He does enjoy the summer, however, and he's clad in an airy white tunic and black breeches. His lute case slung haphazardly over his left shoulder and his walking stick carried in his right hand. He walks in the general direction of the juice, near where Vanessa is standing

Gerazal would have loved to been swimming and he has been working. He comes in and stretches out a bit. He moves to get something to eat and he fills his plate. He spots Vanessa and he heads over to her, "Hey Vanessa, it looks like you had fun today. Can I join you?" He asks as he nods politely to Dominic, "Hello there."

Vanessa ponders the selection as she's not quite sure what all she wants to snack on today. The easy part with the fruit juice she's already poured into a glass. She glances up as she hears others also approaching and both Dominic and Gerazal get bright looks. "Oh hello!" she inclines her head to Gerazal. "How was your day?"

Dominic turns his head to the side as he looks straight ahead. "Oh, hello." He inclines first to the man and then to the woman called Vanessa. "And hello as well to you." A pause. "Do you mind telling me where the juice is?" He asks, "I feel embarassed asking for a favor from strangers."

Gerazal smiles brightly as he moves to sit down next to Vanessa, "Mine was good, I got to spend some time on the loom today. My loom skills need some work, but it was great to sit down and make some cloth like that. I've also done up some drawings of clothes for you if you want to see them." He smiles, "It's right over there, I'm Weaver Apprentice Gerazal."

Vanessa takes a closer look towards Dominic, perhaps realizing she doesn't recognize him. "Oh..Eastern's duties sir!" she says quickly. "It's over there." she gestures to where the juice is. "I'm Vanessa." she also gives her name on the heels of Gerazal offering his name. To the Weaver she grins as she picks a place to sit after finally filling her plate. "Oh yes I would love to see them!"

"Ah…well it's nice to meet you both, Gerazal and Vanessa. I'm Dominic, Dom for short. Journeyman Harper." He gives a half bow. "Over where? If you would be a bit more specific?"

Gerazal smiles, "It's nice to meet you Dominic. Oh it's over by the food, they are in the jugs you can't miss them, there is wine towards the back and the klah is near the mugs." He offers directions and he moves to get the drawing pads out of his pack, "Here take a look." He flips open the green pad.

Vanessa assumed that her gesture down the table to where the juice can be seen was enough so his request for clarification puzzles her enough that he gets a second look. However Gerazal answers so she merely shrugs and returns attention to her food and drink. Popping in a slice of fruit she swallows quickly as she leans in close to see the open pad.

"Ah.. alright." Dominic tilts his head to the side as he walks towards the platters and reaches out with his left hand, knocking over one of the mugs of juice and having it clatter all over the floor and his feet. "Aaah, shardit." He says, his hand plantively touching to try and find it one the floor while he still looks straight ahead. "Where are you at?"

Gerazal blinks as he sees Dominic struggling and he puts two and two together, "Ah why don't you sit journeyman and I'll get you something to eat and drink, do you have any favorites?" He asks as he gets up and he offers the pad to Vanessa to take, inside are drawings of her in various dresses and outfits.

Vanessa isn't putting things together very easily and she stares in confusion. Meanwhile one of the kitchen workers has also came out and offered help. Trinity is a softly spoken young woman. "Don't you worry yourself, apprentice weaver. I'll be helping him." she moves to Dominic's side, touching his arm lightly. "That mug is just to the left of your hand sir."

"Thank you both." Dominic offers to the pair before he reaches out and touches the mug and he takes it in his hand. "If you could just guide me towards their seats, I think I can manage from there." The harper offers, bowing his head to them both. "And please, don't fuss over me. It's just some juice. I was more worried about breaking the mug."

Still looking confused, Vanessa's attention is suddenly divided between watching Dominic out of the corner of her eye and looking at the pad of the different designs. Finally she blurts out in a stage whisper to Gerazal. "What''s wrong with him? He acts like he couldn't see the mug or something."

Trinity smiles brightly to Dom as soon as the mug is safely in his hand. "Surely, sir. Right this way." her tone is light and cheerful with just a hint of properness within it as she guides Dom over to Vanessa's and Gerazal's table.

"Ah thanks again." Dom offers as he moves to sit down and place his things near the table. He sits the mug down carefully and uses his hands to find the edges of the table and then the seat to where he slides down into it. "Ahh.. now gossipping?" He hears the whisper, but doesn't make it out. "No fair if you don't share." He teases

Gerazal leans over to Vanessa and he tries to whisper to her, "He's blind I think." He looks over towards Dominic and ums, "Well I was just telling Vanessa the nature of your disability if you don't mind." He asks as he holds the drawing pad for Vanessa.

Vanessa's eyes widen first in embarrassment that Dom heard her whispering even if he didn't know what was said and then with realization of Gerazal's explanation. "Blind?! But how?!" that isn't quite whispered sadly enough and now she turns three shades of red and wishes that she could slip down into the ground and hide.

"I was born that way." Dominic offers to Vanessa and Gerazal. "And I don't have a disability. I just can't see as well as you fine folk." He grins at that and reaches down to grab his cup and lifts it. "To new meetings, both embarassing and not." He says. "Please don't be embarassed for me. I'm functional…just clumsy from time to time."

If a situation requires tact, it's best that Feyran not be there. Unfortunately for the tiny little group…she is. The trader girl looks just as young and just as frumpy as ever when she arrives in the caverns. A delivery of goods to a rider is what's brought her to the Weyr proper, and there's no harm in grabbing a bite to eat before leaving right? After piling a plate high with food, Feyran glances around and finds herself looking at two familiar and one unfamiliar face. "Hey there!" Shy she most certainly is not. "What're we talking about?" Obnoxious? Yeah, maybe a little bit.

Gerazal coughs a little bit, "Of course. I was clumsy enough plenty of times, it's nothing to worry about." He says as he tries to smooth it over, "Anyway I was showing Vanessa some designs that I made for her. I'm helping to get her some new sets of clothing." He looks over his shoulder and waves, "Hello Feyran."

Vanessa ohs softly now but is stll completely embarrassed. "Sorry.." she mumbles towards Dominic. She tries in vain to pull her attention back to the designs she is being shown but once more she's distracted by someone. This particular someone is a trader. "Oh hiya Fey!" she greets cheerfully. Evrer the cheerful one!

"Please don't be." Dom offers to Vanessa before he tilts his head to the side as he hears another voice. "Oh, hello and talking about my blindness." The Harper remarks. "Not that it's a big deal." He assures

"Nice, what colors are you designing them in? Dresses…right?" Feyran's questions are for Gerazal, but she's shooting Vanessa a grin not long afterwards. "Hey Nessa." Okay so maybe she's missing the first three letters of the Junior's name but it could sound just like a nickname! "Really? You're blind?" Really, Feyran could be considered rather rude sometimes…or maybe just straightforward. She leans over to the side and holds two fingers up in front of Dominic's face. "How many digits am I holding up?" If anyone would like to hit her on the head it's perfectly fine…maybe that would fix her!

Vanessa looks utterly shocked at the trader's actions before Dominic and she blurts out without thought. "Feyran!!" her tone is horrified.

Gerazal hmms, "Well I was thinking green to accent her beautiful skin and her lovely eyes. A nice dark green compliments her coloring perfectly. A nice dress with some gently slashes of pink." He is more then used to Feyran's actions, but this is almost too much, "Really? Why would anyone lie about that?"

"I have no idea, but your hand is fairly close to my face." Dominic offers as his hand reaches up quickly to try and tap Feyran's wrist. "I can feel the bit of air you pushed on my face when you thrust them in that personal space." Dominic says, laughing a bit at that. "I don't mind, like I said. I've had it worse."

Just happening to wander by about the time that Feyran is pretty much taunting the blind Harper, the Healer arches a brow and pauses for a moment. It also just so happens that he has a rolled up cloth (which is clean) in his right hand and some other supplies tucked under the other arm. Just like a misbehaving canine, R'en thwaps Feyran on the top of the head with the rolled up cloth and then asks, "Didn't your parents teach you any manners?" Even though Dominic doesn't seem to mind, he just rolls his eyes at the young trader. "Next thing you know you'll be tugging on broken legs to see if they really hurt."

"What?" Feyran glances over to Vanessa and Gerazal before grinning at Dominic's response. "See? He doesn't mind, the guy's cool." The trader sounds as reassuring as she can for the horrified pair, but then promptly invents herself to a seat at their table. "I guess the rest of your senses must be really amaz— OW!" So maybe R'en's thwap on the head didn't actually hurt, but she's making a grand show of it. Heck, the trader girl even starts rubbing at her head. "Of course they did, and I know a broken leg when I see one! You never know…he could maybe just have been almost blind and not completely blind and if I got my hand close enough he could've been able to see it. Maybe. Better than whispering about it behind his back…right?"

"I wasn't whispering about it behind his back!" Vanessa says hotly with an embarrassed blush creeping up neck to her cheeks. Her attention refuses to leave the subject behind and her flush of embarrassment only grows deeper. Poor Gerazal's suggestions of colors and compliments are simply not processed at the moment. Her mood swing is abrupt enough to cause some concern perhaps for the youngest gold rider stands abruptly. "I have to go. Ceresth is up and demanding a bath and oil right now." which is strange considering the Gold loves to be dirty enough that you can't even tell she's Gold colored sometimes.

Gerazal takes a drink of his klah and he chuckles a little bit, "Well that's good that you have a line you won't cross, I'm just glad you didn't decide to throw something at him to see if he was blind or not." He frowns, "We weren't whispering behind anyone's back about anyone." He looks to Vanessa, "Do you need some help?" He offers.
"Ah, that's a shame. It was nice to meet you." Dom offers to Vanessa. "And sorry you had to go." He says before he tilts his head to the side at Gerazal and the others. "Ah, don't worry about it. People being more upfront is refreshing. You don't have to dance around my blindness. I certainly can't." Snerk

R'en gives Feyran a skeptical look, certain that the little thump with his rolled up hand towel wasn't going to cause her any pain at all. Maybe it might mess up her hair a little, but that's about all. "Now look what you've done." He says, lifting a hand to wave towards Vanessa who seems like she's going to scamper off in embarrassment. Certainly, he's not going to stop her if she wants to leave, none of his business where she needs or wants to go. "Asking questions is one thing, he seems nice enough and would probably answer any that you had about it. But, you're making a display out of someone who might prefer to be treated like anyone else." He leaves it at that, it seems, as he shifts the supplies he's carrying in the other arm a bit and figures he ought to at least drop them off in the infirmary.

"Whoa whoa, hold on…I didn't mean you were talking about him behind his back. I was saying that about me…like…it's better for me to just ask him than for /me/ to go around and ask other people about it, you know?" Feyran might not have a problem with being straightforward, but she can recognize when there have been hurt feelings. "Me. Guys, I meant ME not any of you…you lot are fine as you are. You were being nice and everything." She won't try to physically stop Vanessa from going, but the trader girl does look apologetically to the rider. "I'm not making a spectacle of him /Da/..look…he even said it's refreshing!" This is said with glances to Gerazal, Dominic, and R'en in turn. Someone reign in the terrible teen!

Vanessa isn't around long enough to hear Feyran's explainations as she's scampered out with a vaque look towards Gerazl. "No help needed..thanks!" and she's gone.

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