A new Bronzer in town?

Eastern Weyr-Main Clearing
The main clearing of Eastern Weyr is immense, a sprawling space carved out from the verdant jungle that is constantly threatening to encroach from the north and east. There are a few pathways paved with dark stone; otherwise, the ground is full of dust — or worse, mud, during the rainy season — due to the constant churn from dragons taking off and landing. The trees tend to be enormous affairs, sweeping the skies far above the heads of any dragons, with trunks bigger than a dragonlength around. Shaded by the surrounding foliage is the single feature that makes this area suitable for habitation: a series of large bubble caverns provide permanence and shelter for the inhabitants of this tropical Weyr.
By day, this lovely jungle seems to display all of its glory in abundance to those who wander it. There tends to be quite a bit of activity, with dragons coming and going from the preferred launchng point. Springtime has arrived on Eastern Weyr, the flowers budding with wild abandon and all about new growth of the jungle seems to be the theme both in the animal and plant kingdoms.
It's fair and mild, with a few clouds in the sky.

It is a beautiful, crisp, clear morning at at Eastern Weyr - Particularly more beautiful now that A'se has arrived on scene, and the young - he's still young, right? - man is sliding down Jakith's side with an air of confidence, riding helmet tugged off and resting against his hip, head given a shake to fluff his dark hair, before dark eyes look around, seeking or something, mouth beginning to turn into the slightest frown. Jakith, meanwhile, is as still as a statue, wings furled, and tip of his muzzle stick ever-so up in the air - adopting the same air of 'waiting' as his human counterpart.

As the youngest and newest gold rider within Eastern, Vanessa is often up early with odd tasks. Whatever her task is that woke her up early is complete though so her destination may just be the common caverns for a bit of food. Ceresth though, perhaps sensing a new bronze within the area, lands with a welcoming croon. < Welcome to my Weyr!» she projects with an air of one who is claiming this all as /hers/. Vanessa turns quickly to look at the bronze rider and her mouth opens a bit in surprise before she remembers to close it and offer her own greeting to the rider. "Eastern's duties…" she trails off uncertainly for she can't see any weyr colors within his knot.

Jakith is the first to respond, the bronze swiveling his head to the landing gold, dipping his head and shoulders into a smooth draconic bow, a gentle rumble reverberating out from him as he does so. « Thank you, my lady. It is quiet a wonderful Weyr. » After a moment, it seems that A'se has associated the young woman with the young gold, the helmet remaining on his hip as he mimics his dragon, tipping into a smooth, well practiced bow. "Duties to Eastern." He replies, though a hint of pompousnes appears even the simple phrase, slight frown remaining as he straightens. "-Ace-, of bronze Jakith. Son of Lord Lemos." His name is offered as it is said, the word clearly defined, to leave no doubt in the mind of anyone. Vanessa's knot is glanced at, and it is then that his mouth twitches into the briefest of smiles. "Early for one as.. fortunate as you to be busy, isn't it?" Formalities seem to vanish, as A'se attempts to establish themselves as the same social level, despite.. well not.

Vanessa's response is a bit stammered as she is perhaps a tad overwhelmed with his smooth presence that he portrays. Still though she presses on with the politeness to put forth the assurance she's a properly trained Jr. Weyrwoman. "Well met then Ace." she says smoothly. "Perhaps it is early enough then that you will stay for a bit of breakfast with me?" she offers politely.

Ceresth preens a bit before the bronze, her golden hide shivering ever so slightly as she curls up a bit on the ground with her tail wrapping around her body much like a feline.

"Why, how could I ever turn down such an invitation?" Another inclination of his head, and the smile on his lips grows a little more, as a hand lifts to brush his hair back from his face. "And who is it that I have the pleasure of sharing a meal with this morning?" He inquires, quite the gentleman, sparing no glance for Jakith as the bronze attempts to play the same game with the young gold, tilting his head to watch her as she curls up, remaining looming ever so slightly, faceted eye whirling with tinges of purple as he regards her.

Vanessa’s eyes widen in surprise as she realizes she forgot to offer her own name. "Oh! Vanessa and Ceresth." a pause and she adds belatedly. "Of Eastern." naturally. To cover any nervousness she gestures towards the caverns. "This way then, Ace." she leads the way. Ceresth watches the slightly looming bronze with slow whirling eyes. She's not so easily charmed but she'll watch him!

Jakith's head turns this way and that then, then, posing and showing off just a little for the young gold. As the space around him is cleared of tiny human bodies, the bronze then spreads his wings, putting the lines of his body on display. Look at that, isn't he just so *handsome*? And not a humble bone in his body! Not that A'se is any better, for the bronzerider is inclining his head to Vanessa. "Lovely names for a lovely pair.." Comes easily from his lips, even as he offers the young woman an arm to properly escort her to breakfast. "You never did say how you drew the luck of being awake and about so early." He offers after a moment, conversationally.

Ceresth isn't openly impressed with the antics of the bronze right away but rather she's taken on the air of someone who is watching him as he displays himself to her. Opening her own wings shows off her smaller than other golds wingspan but she seems to be proud of that. The proffered arm of A'se is taken as Vanessa's reply is accompanied with a self conscious chuckle. "If you can believe it..early morning drills is what has us up earlier than some of the other weyrwoman." indeed the darker brown straps that Ceresth prefers can now be seen upon the golden hide though Vanessa herself has already changed out of riding gear into lighter weight clothing more suitable to Eastern's weather. "Which weyr did you say you were from?" she inquiries politely once they step inside.

Not impressed? That simply cannot be! As Ceresth seems to feign a certain air of boredom, Jakith is redoubling his efforts, spiraling a little even to show off his other, better, side. And then she is showing off her wings, and Jakith pauses in his display to sneak a peek, crooning appreciatively. "I can't believe they would leave you to do those by yourself, certainly, all of you weyrwoman should be equal?" He suggests, perhaps attempting to plant a seed of.. something.. in the mind of the young woman. As they step inside, he clears his throat. "My apologies.. Benden Weyr.."

Ceresth's eyes are whirling quicker with amusement and perhaps a bit of interest as the bronze doubles his effort for her attention. She shifts slightly so that she's more within a beam of sunlight to light up her dark golden hide. Vanessa snakes a peek back behind her at her queen and can't help but roll her eyes. "Be nice Ceresth." she says in a slightly warning tone but Ceresth's attention is fully on the bronze to see what his next move is. Like a game of chess, this young queen displays a patient attitude. Looking forward once more Vanessa leads the pair towards the tables though due to the earliness of the morning most of the food out is simple fruits and fresh baked breads. The aroma of fresh brewed klah fills the room. His seed of…something isn't planted too well with her next reply to him. "Oh well really it's all Ceresth's fault." she explains carefully. "She /wants/ to do drills with other wings and…well sometimes I simply can /not/ talk her out of it! It's far simpler to let her sneak into the wings. Today it was the Deluge wing for they were doing simply water rescue drills and thankfully she was able to be used to help sooth the 'injured' dragons." she gives a small smile of acceptance of her queen's slightly different attitude. There's a pause as she considers where Benden Weyr is at. "What brings you this far away from your home?" she asks politely.

Jakith it seems, does not play the game nearly as well as his lifemate, for the bronze is snagged by the gold's own playing of the game, intrigued as the sunlight brightens up her hide. A pause, and he makes his own move, shifting on to hindlimbs to stand, wings spread wide for balance, before he's settling back down to find a sunbeam of his own, patiently settling himself with a regal pose. "Well, certainly then, you must get some sort of reward, no? For taking part in duties that the other will not?" A'se tilts his head, eyes closing as he takes in a long, deep breath, appreciating the scent of fresh klah. "A dragon able to soothe others is always a valuable commodity. I'm not sure our own Senior's gold would be much use - they both are.. rather high strung." A long sigh, and hints of disapproval seem to slip into his tone. "I have business at Landing… Which apparently does not believe in keeping respectable hours for those of us who do not have all day to waste." And there is pure distain, for a moment, before he's quickly hiding it away. "Jakith will never decline a chance to socialize at another Weyr, though, while we wait."

Vanessa hesitates only slightly before shaking her head. "Oh no I don't need a reward…" she moves towards the klah pots to help herself. "I'm sure the Queens at Bendon could be soothing. Aren't all queens?" she asks with a side long glance to her companion. "Oh I love visiting the Landing!" her tone is excited. "It is a good thing though you had to be here so early so that we can dine together." she's so cheerful and always seeing the good in everthing.

"Aw, certainly you have to enjoy being rewarded for your.. exemplary performance? After all, putting in more work." He shrugs a little as he pours a mug of klah, holding it to pour her one in turn. "Certainly, I look forwarded to seeing where the two of you end up, perhaps sooner than later. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders." He offers with a wide smile, even as he turns to gather a plate of fruit and breads. "Some goldriders shouldn't be in charge of a weyr, much less a Weyr." The word is stressed to indicate the difference. "If you haven't run into the sort, you will."

"i'm sure they notice my work." Vanessa says devoutly though there's just the smallest hint of doubt in her tone. Sipping on her klah she watches A'se curiously. "Everyone here is so very friendly I can't imagine there being any of us who couldn't do our duties properly." she clucks her tongue a bit. With a plate of her own fruit as well as her klah secured she moves to find an open table.

"I'm sure they do." A'se repeats after her, though his tone holds doubt of its own, and he shrugs a little. "Most of them can do, but haven't you heard of that one at Western? A few short of a bushel.. and that was before her accident." He shakes his head as he secures a table, pulling a chair out for Vanessa and motioning her into it with a little bow. "Miss.." He offers politely.

If the tone of doubt is heard within A'se's tone, it's certainly not mentioned by Vanessa. Instead she simply flashes a bright smile as a chair is pulled out for her. Settling into it she says. "Thank you kind sir." her head shakes at his question on those at Western. "I've not heard anything I don't think. What happened at Western?"

From outside Ceresth lingers in the light and simply lounges with the out of weyr bronze nearby.

Once Vanessa is settled, A'se is moving to settle himself, a piece of fruit speared with a fork, and twirled for a moment before replying. "Well, I've heard she was always a little… off. Not sure how she Impressed, to be honest, but there is always that one that slips through - You know, that you never think will actually Impress.. And then they do. To a gold. And you just hope that *they* aren't the next to rise." Fruit and fork are waved around before he takes a bite, letting those words sink in before continuing. "Well, -something- happened. An accident. Or, maybe someone was afraid she posed a threat.. I heard she was trying to claim she was rightful Senior. Now… Now that child probably has more wits." And a toddler in the arms a passing nanny is motioned at. "She just didn't have it in her, to stick to her guns, though."

It's hard to resist the lure of gossip for some and Vanessa is no exception. "Really?" she asks in a subdued voice. "But..the dragons always know." she says dutifully with the sun is always shining way of hers. "What kind of accident though?" she asks curiously. Her own plate of fruit is momentarily forgotten as she listens. Absently she sips on the cooling klah that resides in her mug.

It is a quick, nonchalant shrug that rolls off A'se's shoulders as he settles back in his chair. "Someone said a fall. Someone said she was attacked.. Her lifemate was on the Sands, too. Not a gold fight, that we would have heard about. Though, the story would be better." He contemplates, before glancing at her. "Just because a dragon knows that a person is for *them*… doesn't mean they know a person is for a Weyr. And, its really chance who is in charge overall. I mean.. It could be you, or one of the others, just chance." And then he's settling in to work on his breakfast, finding the fruit quite interesting as he spares quick glances at Vanessa now and then.

"Is she..is she okay?" Vanessa dares to ask in a breathless voice. "I thought there would be no difference though. The dragons know what makes a person good. They can't pick a wrong person. Can they?" she seems unsure as she nibbles on her fruit.


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