Hottub Time Machine

Eastern Weyr - Commons Cavern
// A grand stairway leads downward into the cool rock of the commons cavern, a place for socializing and relaxing, as well as an area that provides solid shelter from the seasonal storms of this area. One of the few caverns at Eastern Weyr, the rock here has been worn away by centuries worth of water movement, leaving a nearly glass smooth polish over much of the room. Rocky shelves line the walls on which electric lights covered with paper lanterns rest, providing adequate illumination for the area. High above are further light fixtures, enabling a wide range of lighting options here. A natural pool occupies half of the far end of the cavern and is supplied with heated water piped in by an ingenious techcrafter. All about the room are balconies of rock with stairs leading to them and small dumbwaiters for the purpose of delivering food and drink to their heights.//

It's that lovely time between lunch and dinner when the caverns are mostly empty of folks. There's always the stray resident or two, but today that mix also has a trader that's been hanging out of late. Can anyone really blame her? The food here's a bit better than what she gets at the caravan, and eating is the logical thing to do after you've dropped off some purchases..or at least it is for her. Feyran is sixteen, but she can't look more than fourteen as she stands there wearing leggings, a dress, and oversized jacket. It makes the full plate in her hands look rather funny really. Finally, food and drink in hand, Feyran decide that she's going to take her meal…by the hot tub.

Even when one is 17 they are prone to be found in here between meals obtaining food. Vanessa sits off on a table with paperwork and a few stacks of hides before her. Someone's been doing some reading! Now though she's needing a break and eating is on top of that list. Her smaller sized dainty queen is lounging outside. Stretching as she stands brings muffled pops from her back and she's off to obtain a plate of food. She passes by Feyran on her path towards food and she pauses to greet. "G'day to you!" she chirps brightly.

If there's one thing known about T'revs and Zahl, it is that they tend to avoid the busier times of day around the Weyr. If seen in public often at all that is! In the recent past, it has been decided by the semi-misanthropic duo to try and get out more. Today, this venture involves heading to the Commons, albeit post rush time, but still, at least they're out and about. Zahl is cozied up in the nook of T'revs extended arm, separating only to grab a tray, some food and some drink before heading towards the seating area. Recognizing the gal sitting near the tub she says to T'revs "Let's head that way.. I think I know her.." Walking towards Feyran, Vanessa receives a bow of the head and smile. As they reach their destination Zahl says "Hey! Feyran right? The blunt one.."

T'revs is following along next to Zahle, carrying said tray once she is off looking for them a place to seat. There is a touch of amusement and he smiles while following Zahle. A polite nod is sent to the pair. "Afternoon" There is a slight pause. "Or eveningish I suppose." Someone has been held up a lot lately with drills, don't ask him what time it is! Once There though, and if no one minds it he'll set said tray down and wiggles his fingers a bit. "Be right back." Is sent to Zahle as he is off to grab a drink that he seemingly forgot. Absent headed is he at the moment.

Feyran pauses mid-step and lets her gaze slide over to Vanessa. "Hey!" There's a bright smile for the woman and then a glance at her paperwork. That…earns a bit of a face. "Thaaat doesn't look the least bit fun. Kind of looks like torture actually." Oh yes, definitely blunt. Though she hasn't grabbed a seat yet, the trader girl grabs a roll from her plate and bites into it before a familiar voice catches her attention. "Yeah, that's it and you're…Zale!" So Feyran might not be the /best/ with names, but she usually manages to get some of the consonants right. The unfamiliar T'revs gets a smile and wave as well, just as anyone else she passes does. Friendly? Kinda, or Feyran's just plain weird.
Vanessa gives a simple shrug. "Comes with the job I suppose. I don't mind it much!" is said brightly. A few steps away she grabs food and returns to the other end of her table with the paperwork on it to ensure no food gets on it. "Care to join me?" she offers towards Feyran as well as T'revs and Zahl.

Zahleizjah places one quick smooch on the bronzer's cheek as he departs with an "Ok love.." Despite her noticing he's been much more scatterbrained lately than usual. A few more steps and now both she and Feyran are near Vanessa's table o'papers. "You said it.." there's a chuckle for Fey's comment and a nod "Yep.. that's me.." Close enough as she could ever ask for at least "S'good t'see you again… loving those items I picked up from the caravan. Spices and silks.. definitely makes a girl happy." As for the offer to sit a glance for the JRWW "Y'sure we're not a bother?"

"Sure, why not!" Feyran grins broadly at Vanessa's offer to join her and immediately drops down into a chair without a second thought. Elegant the trader most definitely is not. She tears into her bread roll again and cranes her neck at the papers and wrinkles her nose once more. "Still though…wouldn't you rather be in the hot tub or something? I mean…what other Weyr has a /hot tub/ in their caverns?" Feyran's eyes practically sparkle at the idea. "River Traders at your service, Miss Zale." The young girl winks slowly at the starcrafter while shooting her a smile. "Come back any time, we appreciated the business."

"I've never seen one." admits Vanessa right before a bit of fruit is popped into her mouth. "But then I guess I've not been in many weyrs either to tell the truth. Eastern here is the best by far really!" she's a bit biased though. "I really don't mind the work though." is stated honestly. "I want to learn all that I can if I ever am needed to be the Sr. Weyrwoman!"

Zahleizjah swallows hard as Feyran's forwardness goes for it, her own apprehensiveness never allowing for such flippant interactions. Less surely, the Starcrafter will take a seat, especially since Vanessa seems to be welcoming a little bit of distraction. "It is pretty cool.." she agrees of the hot tub in the caverns that she's never dared use before. "N'you guys got some of the best pieces I've seen pass through in awhile.." As for Eastern being the best, there's a nod of agreement, which turns in to a little bit of head shaking as she thinks about what it takes to get through the endless piles of papers. "Hope it's not all research and paper stacks for ya Vanessa.. though ya seem rather on top of it if it is.."

T'revs has wandered on back to where the others are, mug of spiced cider, and a plate of sweet buns for everyone, isn't he nice? He smiles to the others while settling down next to Zahle. He catches a bit on the talk of paperwork and makes a slight face at the thought. "Paper work huh?" Is questioned with a shake of his head. "I've decided that I am allergic to paperwork." This said while he grins a bit and sets the plate of sweetbuns upon the table before taking a long sip from his mug. A curious look is sent to Feyran and he sends a nod her way. "Hey there." He can't recall this one before.

"I've visited a lot of them, Fort's nice…but they don't have a hot tub." Feyran glances at said fixture in the caverns and beams before finishing her roll off in a rather unladylike manner. Something Vanessa says catches her attention, "All fun and no play will give you dark circles…but you sound like you're a hard worker, that's good!" Aye, the girl never seems to be able to give a straight compliment. "I think Zale's man has the right idea of it…allergies to paperwork." The trader shoots a nod at T'revs. It's no wonder he hasn't seen her before really, the girl hasn't got a knot of any sort. "The name's Feyran, nice to meet ya."

"Oh those papers are past clutch records and hatchings." clarifies Vanessa. Which could count as research for her but her eyes sparkle as she explains what she's been reading. Someone likes reading a bit too much. Vanessa casts a worried look towards T'revs. "Allergic to it? Oh dear. Have you seen a healer? I imagine they can give you something for that yes?" she's completely serious in her concern over the bronzers allergy. A smile is cast towards Zahl at her agreement of the hot tub being cool. "I've never actually used it though." she adds shyly.

Zahleizjah was just looking over her shoulder to see what happened to the bronzer when he returns with cider and a plate of sweets. "Well now aren't you just as lovely as a bubbly.." assuming the pile of buns isn't all for himself. A chuckle and nod regarding paperwork allergy and Lia quips "Gotta remember t'get clearance from a Healer for that one!" It's a good excuse! Finally feeling a bit more settled in her seat, a meat roll is nibbled on. "T'revs this is Fey.." she stops as introductions are already being passed. "She's that trader I told ya about.. got all that stuff from her caravan the other day.." The sparkle in Vanessa's eyes is noticed, though she doesn't get what can be so interesting about past clutch records. She can't help but chuckle a bit when the gold rider takes his 'allergy' so seriously and tries to offer up solutions. "Me neither.." she says of hot tub, leaving the joke revealing up to T'revs.. or better yet, Feyran.

T'revs smiles and nods to Feyran. "Nice to meet you Feyran. Staying around Eastern for long?" This questioned with a curious tone before sending a look to Zahle. "While I am very able of eating them all, no they are for everyone my dear." This said with a warm smile sent to her. There is a slight nod seen about the bit on things that Zahle bought. "Very lovely silks." Especially when on Zahle, but onwards! He looks to Vanessa and is quiet for a touch before chuckling. "I'm just joking, no real issues with paper work."

Feyran blinks for a moment at Vanessa's interpretation of paperwork allergies…and then laughs. The sound isn't meant to be mean, but who knows how the bright expression might come off. "I don't think I could hold a candle to you where smarts are concerned…but we've got to get you out more I think. You should stop by the caravan." The trader dips her head at Vanessa before turning her attention to 'Zale' and T'revs. "For as long as we get business, and so far it's flowing so probably for a while more. You should both come down again…evening time though, that's when things really get going."
Vanessa's smile is a trifle uncertain at Feyran's laughter and comment. "I get out some.." she says thoughtfully with a brief glance and an unfocused look as Ceresth is no doubt putting in her own thoughts on the matter. "A joke..I knew that." she says weakly as T'revs explains. "What kind of stuff do you have for sale?" is inquired politely of the trader.

Zahleizjah snickers and leans the bronzer's direction. "Figured they were for sharing.. thanks hun.." She finally finishes nibbling on that first meat roll and works on a side of tubers and veggies. "Mmm.. crispy.. just how I like em." Is said to no one in particular about the tubers. A brow unintentionally raises at Feyran's laugh, swallowing her mouthful, clearing her throat and shifting awkwardly in her chair while watching Vanessa's reaction. "Getting out is good.. she agrees, "She's got all sortsa great stuff" though this may not prove very helpful. "You're quite the saleswoman Fey.. I tell ya, I left with double what I intended t'get, but am happy with each item no doubt.. So is T'revs here.." who gets to taste all the nummy dishes made with the assortment of spices purchased.

T'revs is chewing on a bite of one of those sweet buns, and looks a touch amused as he hears Zahle. "Oh I see… Not that I'm going to complain mind you. It was all very quality things." s the offer for him to tag along next time he smiles and soon nods. "Sure, I don't see why not." He smiles to Vanessa to show there was nothing to worry about.

"Some is good, a lot is better!" Feyran bites into another roll before continuing, "My folks sell jewelry but we've got others selling books, clothes, spices, plants even…We're smaller than most caravans, but even if you don't buy anything it's worth a look." The trader glances at Zale before grinning and shaking her head, "That's the others' doing not mine…if you think I'm convincing you haven't seen /half/ of what they can do." There's a grin when the bronzer agrees to a trip out to the caravan with 'Zale'. "If I tell the folks they'll pull out all the stops…it's basically a party at night!"

Vanessa just now notices the plate of sweet buns brought over by T'revs. A bright smile is cast towards the bronzer as one is taken. Before a bite is taken she promises. "I'll certainly take a look then!" a bite is now taken as she eats and listens to the others talk.

Zahleizjah finished her food and tears a sweet bun in half, taking a sip of klah before starting on that. "Well, truth be told a small n'well stocked caravan s'bettter than a large and lacking one." A lean towards T'revs and there's a nod with a shrug "You don't gotta convince me t'go shopping.. I could pick up a few more things for the Weyr.." Ears perk up at party, looking to the bronzer she comments "We're up for a party!" speaking for both of them. "Maybe you'll join us for that too Vanessa? If y'can get away for a little bit that is.." The four of them sit and chat at a table nearest the hot tub, Vanessa with her stack of papers and the other three with mostly empty plates. It's post lunch pre dinner and the commons is otherwise pretty empty, unlike the plate of sweet buns T'revs has brought to the table.

T'revs ohs softly while hearing what Feyran's folks sell. "Jewelry huh? Well nothing wrong with looking." A faint glance is sent to Zahile and he winks at her. "Perhaps I could find a special something for someone there." It would be for dear Zahle of course. He nods while Feyran goes on, and pauses a touch once Zahle answers for him and he smiles warmly. "Of course, sounds like it will be fun to me." The invite to Vanessa from Zahle makes him nod. "I think Vanessa should come for certain. Escape the papers before she become allergic to them as well."

"Take a look and stay for the party too. I'm sure you could talk off a few hours, right?" Feyran glances to Vanessa while in total agreement with everyone else's words. "I promise it'll be fun!" She snags a sweet bun from the plate T'revs has brought and tears into it in a way that's about as unladylike as you can really get. "We haven't got harpers or professionals or whatever, but music and stuff's great!"

With a whole table full of people suggesting she get out and do something fun, how can Vanessa resist?! A bright bubble of laughter emerges from the teen. "Of course I could come out!" is said with honest enthusiasm for the idea. "I'd hate to see if I develop allergies to paperwork." is said jokingly. She pauses a moment as Ceresth interjects another honest opinion. "My apologies though but I must attend to Ceresth!" this is said hastily as she scrambles to stand and gather her stacks of reading up.

Zahleizjah finishes her half a bun a bit quicker than her meal, still nibbling on little pieces of it as she does. "Then it's settled.. a caravan party with Feyran is definitely happening." Maybe it's not exactly what T'revs and Rynn had in mind when they talked about throwing a party, but it will be a good primer to get the semi-reclusive gal socializing again. "The days best t'ya Vanessa.." a nod for the Jr. WW as she departs. "We should probably get going too.. remember that thing we have to tend to T'revs?" Vague, yes, that's just Zahl's style some time. She'll push to a stand, grabbing the other half of sweet bun, smiling to Feyran "S'good t'see y'again. Definitely looking forward to the party.." A moments wait for T'revs before heading out the door arm in arm.

Feyran is being abandoned! Well, not really but she does look a bit put out that everyone's heading off. "Nice meeting and re-meeting some of you folks, I'll see you around later then." She finally shoots them another bright grin and waves her sweet bun at departing folks. And once they've disappeared…she goes back to the table for seconds!

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