Treetop Pathway
Pathways and platforms run between the tops of the larger trees that border on Eastern's caverns, creating an above ground network. Working within the natural beauty of this unique landscaping, the huts have been created to fit in with the surroundings. Many of them are constructed to catch as much of the canopy breezes as possible.
The darkness of night only adds to the beauty of this treetop kingdom. Lit by hundreds of papercovered electric lanterns, the pathways through the trees us something out of the harper tales. The cooler weather of winter has finally arrived on Eastern Weyr. Plants and animals resting and relaxing from their high production seasons and surviving through the late autumn early winter storms.

It's early evening in Eastern and the sun has just begun it's descent. Orange and red light cast themselves upon the tree top pathway, filtering down through the many leaves to hit a platform where someone has decided to splay out upon. It's an out of the way area and rather quiet, so Feyran's presence doesn't seem to be bothering anyone except maybe a few avians that aren't exactly pleased with his badly she sings. "Winter winter, come and go, my oh my let there be snow!" The tune sounds like it's been haphazardly put together, and it likely has. Though there's a bit of coolness in the air, winter here certainly isn't as bad as it is farther North after all!

Oh, the winters certainly can get much worse far north! Not that Narolor would know. Before coming to Eastern the young man had lived in Ista, which isn't exactly known for being the coldest place around. None the less winter brings a notable chill with it, one that he can't help but find himself enjoying. Maybe it has something to do with the general lack of cool weather he got in his tropical former home. He is looking for a bit of relaxation when he climbs up to the treetop pathway. However, if he does manage to find peace it will not be on his lonesome. As he approaches he is greeted by the sound of someone singing a less-than-perfect tune. A sloppy grin crosses his face as he calls out, "you made that up yourself?"

If Narolor's idea of peace is solitude or quiet? The poor guy's evening just flew out the proverbial window. Feyran grins at the sound of a voice and she sits up to look over at Narolor. "I did…bit of a musical genius, aren't I?" There's a smirk on the young girl's lips that make her look younger. The sixteen turn girl usually looks about fourteen, and sometimes younger when she's got such a bright expression on her face. There's a bit of a smirk that follows her words, making it clear that she's joking about her ability to be anything like a harper. "Think you could come up with a second verse?"

Even if solitude and quiet is the usual definition of peace Narolor is nothing if not someone willing to adapt. If he's having fun at least he likely won't make much of an issue of it, and this young girl doesn't look like someone prepared to completely ruin his evening. It seems that smiling is contagious right now for even though the young man is alreay smiling it manages to spread at her words. A soft chuckle leaves him as he remarks, "that you are indeed." Feyran is treated to a slight pause before he suggests in a tone that, while not horrible, is a bit off-key, "frost is short lived as summer is long, please lengthen winter with this song?"

"Thanks," Feyran smirks a bit at his agreement before falling silent for /just/ a few moments when he continues the song. "Can't say you're as talented as I am in the song department…but those lyrics are perfect!" A two-sided compliment from the trader girl, which is the norm when it comes to her. She means it in the best way though, really! "Winter winter come and go, my oh my let there be snow….frost is short lived as summer is long, please lengthen winter with this song!" Where Narolor is just a bit off key, Feyran is completely…but that doesn't keep her from crooning along anyways!

Narolor can't help but raise an eyebrow as he tries to descipher her odd hybrid of an insult and a compliment. In the end he seems to decide that it can't be anything too bad for he doesn't say anything on the matter. Instead he offers up a chuckle and manages to refrain from commenting on how her voice is utterly off-key. There's nothing wrong with a little white, lie, right? Especially when it's making someone this happy. "It sounds splendid," he claims in what many people would likely consider a complete and utter lie. Personally he doesn't think it's a /complete/ lie. After all, the sound of someone happy is rather nice. Even if his eardrums may not thanks him for it.

"Doesn't it just?" Feyran laughs and shakes her head before patting the spot on the platform beside her, "So what brings you up into the world of trees today? Have a seat, take a load off." The lack of knot on her shoulder might indicate that the girl isn't from around here, but…she basically acts like she owns the platform. Holding back? It's like the trader's never heard of such a thing. "The name's Feyran by the way, nice to meet you Mr. Songster." Since she doesn't have a name yet, that's apparently his nickname. Her attire might generally be considered frumpy…grey leggings, a navy blue dress, and a green jacket that's at least a couple of sizes too big. But boy does that thing have pockets and from inside one she pulls a wrapped redfruit that is quickly bitten in to.

Narolor is quick to take a seat, likely eager to get off his feet. Climbing all the way up here took some effort after all! Or maybe he's just feeling lazy today. No matter which answer might reveal the truth the fact remains that he's glad to get off his legs for a bit. "I'm just looking for somewhere to relax," is the simple explaination offered to the trader. A surprised look is her reward for the nickname before it melts into one of amusement. "Actually, my names Narolor," he corrects. "No second name, although Songster certainly is a creative one. What about you, Feyran? Maybe you're… Feyran Treesinger? Or something along those lines?" You know what to say, there's no better way to get to know someone than through frivilous nicknaming. Judging by the look of the farmer boy he isn't likely to be judging the trader for her outfit. He wears an old shirt, simple pants, and working boots. It doesn't look like anyone will be winning any fashion shows out of this duo!

Feyran digs into her other pocket, pulling out another wrapped red fruit which she offers to the farmer boy. "Nar…Narolor, got it." Only the thing is, she's terrible with names and next time she'll likely get it wrong by accident. The title of Tresinger earns a quiet laugh from the girl as well as a broad smile, "It probably would've been a better one than what I do have. Feyran River….of the River Traders. Not exactly the most aptly named group of people." So she may look young, but the words she says indicate she's not exactly on the level of a weyrbrat. "You should come down and check out the caravan one day, closer to the evening's probably better though…that's when the fun /really/ starts."

Narolor thanks her for the redfruit, accepting it happily and proceeding to take a bite. A grin is sent her way in regards to her second name. "I like it," he can't help but remark. "River… it seems to fit ya. 'M not exactly sure why but… ya seem to have a river-ish personality." It's a compliment, albeit a bit of an odd one. Then again it doesn't seem like either of them are the most 'normal' people out there so that probably works out. "Sounds like fun!" The words are practically a trill as he answers her invite to see the caravan. "I haven't seen many caravans, they always seem interesting though. Lookin' forward to it." And so, amongst the treetops, a new friendship begins to form through the magic of off-key song.

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