2007-05-20: Avarinth and Treasath's Eggs Hatch (18th PC Clutch)

Eastern Weyr - Candidate/Weyrling Cavern(#9488RAM$)
Huge in comparison to the other major caverns in the weyr proper, this series of interlinked caverns is the weyrling complex. Fashioned out of a multitude of hollows, it serves as a central gathering area as well as classroom. A number of deep pockets have been laborously smoothed to provide comfortable dwellings for the young dragons and their riders away from the weather of the central area, and affording them some privacy but not much. Above the cavern opens to the sky, holding out the worst of the island's weather but allowing an exit to the sky above and providing natural lighting to the area. Branching off from this cavern is an opening that leads to the exercise yard.

Through the open roof of the exercise cavern, high above you can see glimpses of the weather outside, though are safe from it.

People: River T'lin B'rm Alvaren Feylin Jaziera Korislle Theresana Keziah Yana Lorien Katen Garirsam Vergil Cein Aerian
Objects: Muck Bin and Shovel QUESTIONAIRE Eastern Preference Machine Clutch Tapestry

Obvious exits:
Carved Passage -cp- Exercise Yard -ey- Hatching Cavern -hc-
Ratings Hidden Exit: Grotto -gr-

Pursing her lips, Korislle crosses her arms over her chest as T'lin fails to reply to her, specifically. Jhyri appears overhead, the blue 'lizard all wound up what with the way he's chittering and wriggling with excitement. "What's up wth you?" She asks, looking upwards at the blue.

River steps into the Cavern, its one of the few /day/ times she's actually seen here and not off doing other things. She settles her surfboard to the side of her cot and leans over her clothes trunk to dig in it for something, wiping away a bit of ocean water from her forehead while she's at it.

Alvaren answers T'lin with another nod, "Yes sir, Y'tan's son. I feel a little homesick but Y'tan says it's good that I'm here." He shrugs, "… it was all very sudden."

Yana looks over to Feylin and grins, patting the package on her trunk then holding a finger up to her lips. "All ready.." She murmurs to the girl before she sits on the trunk next to the package. She looks over to the Vintner rider then back to Feylin, "Who is that one? Teaching us how to make wine today?" She asks with a grin before looking about the cavern thoughtfully.

T'lin glances over at Korislle and he laughs to himself as he watches his mate slip out of the cavern, and he looks down at Aerian. "If thou asks, then thou shall receive. Remember that." He walks away from the boy and looks around to the cavern once more as he looks over at

Alvaren and laughs a bit. "Don't worry. Before I left, Y'tan told me to take care of you. So, I guess I have a job to do other then being a Assistant Weyrlingmaster, hm?" He over hears Yana and smirks slightly. "Sorry, but there will no wine making. I may know how to make it, but none of you are in the right state to drink any."

With a loud yawn, Garirsam rubs the blur from his eyes before giving himself a loud yawn, lingering in the door way for a moment, before smacking his lips. He offers up a quick smile to the group for a moment as he ambles towards his cot, swinging a shoulder to loosen it up.

Aerian arches a brow at T'lin, closing one eye as his brow furrows only to roll both and mutter, "Wisdom stunted at birth." It's irritated, but at least he's not shouting it or anything, just stretching again before he flops back down onto his cot, tucking his arms under his pillow and bending both knees, though one swings over the other. He glances over as Garirsam when the other candidate gets up, but doesn't exactly greet him, just jerking his chin slightly before he returns his attention to the others.

Korislle looks at Alvaren and strides to the young boy's side, slipping an arm around his shoulders reassuringly. She may be a bitch sometimes, but, she knows when she shouldn't be, as well. "We all know that he's Y'tan's son," she remarks, looking T'lin, especially, in the eye. "But, do you remember that he, also, is Alvaren?" She looks over at Aerian and surpress the urge to stride over and punch him in the face. "Ar you just going to let him disrespect you like that?" Korislle accuses T'lin, gesturing towards the lounging Aerian.

Katen looks rather amused as he begins to pick up on the conflict brewing between the weyrlingmaster and his fellow candidates. Having dispensed with the obligatory salute he retreats back to his cot, which is as good enough a position as any to watch the ensuing entertainment.

Where has Lorien been? Who knows. However he chooses now to appear, and wanders over to his cot. He flops down against it and sighs. He glances to Korislle and then to his brother Aerian and then over to T'lin. "Wait, what's going on?" he asks, brows lifting.

River is just going to dig around in her clothes trunk and listen. Oooh, some great word throwing going on here. She's quiet for now, having nothing at all to say to anyone at the moment. After a few, she stands up and goes to her surfboard, putting it safely inside a niche where its not going to get broken by someone, tripped over, or marked up by someone doing something to it on accident. Then she turns to watch the folks in the cavern, especially that T'lin guy. Who's he, anyways?"Not yet, anyway," she remarks to Aerian's snide comment, tossing him a coy grin. "Just wait until the hatching," she informs Aerian confidently.

Garirsam settles himself down into his cot, giving Aerian a quick 'what's up' nod of his head, before lifting up a brow curiously towards the others. Slowly, he crosses his arms over his chest, sizing up T'lin, then Kori' as the two seem to start to go at it, curiously wondering how this will turn out. With a quiet clear of his throat, he relaxes against one of his pillows, tucking an arm under his head, waiting this out.

"Nice," Feylin replies to Yana. She glances over at T'lin, then shakes her head. "Nah, he -" But T'lin beats her to the rest of it, and the girl pretends to be annoyed - not very well, and for a grand total of three seconds. Then she just grins up at him. "I take it that's not one of the things you'll be teaching us," Feylin comments dryly, standing back up. The blue lizard flares his wings, while the brown just sinks his claws into her shirt. It's looking a little beaten up on that side, in fact. Glancing over to Koriselle, Feylin smirks.

Lorien blinks once at Aerian's explanation and glances over to Korislle, one brow dropping while the other remains aloft. "Wait, did the eggs hatch and no one told me?" he asks, peering at the girl and ah's softly, giving a shrug before laying out properly on the cot that's been his sleep spot since he got tagged into the Candidate Race. "Over confidence often leads to disappointment sweetheart." he tells Korislle, folding his hands behind his head and closing his eyes.

Aerian's eyebrows arch up at Korislle once more before he smiles blithely and says, "Why? Going to cry when you get left standing? I can get by on looks if they pass me over, but then," and he shows his teeth in a light grin now, "at least you have your personality." When Lorien gets his back, he just shrugs over at the other youth, obviously capable of handling petty arguments himself but appreciating the side along. Still carrying a mild grin, he props himself up on his elbows.

Korislle can't help but chuckle and sigh, crossing her arms over her chest after removing them from around Alvaren's shoulders. "Ah, but my sweetlings, you seem to forget. I am not over confident. I am /just rightfully/ confident. I know my abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. I know myself. I can, and will, do great things," she informs them all, glaring especially at Aerian.

Alvaren is greatful for Kori's unexpected support. "That's right, just Alvaren. I'm not expecting special…" He trails off, looking somewhat uncomfortable.

As the afternoon grows blisteringly hot, causing a sweltering humidity to wash through the Weyr, the eggs have decided that enough is enough, and its time to greet their new lifemates. Barreling into the barracks, B'rm practically roars out. "Candidates! Front and center! You have at least a minute to throw your robes and sandals on, and follow me out onto the sands. It is /time/." He seems to be in a hurry, his hair frazzled a bit, his face in a sweaty mess. "Do not daddle. Make sure to bow to both the dam, and sire, and be on your /best/ behavior." He takes a moment to breathe, wiping the sweat from his face as he turns towards T'lin, jerking a thumb. Lets go.

Eyes darting up as B'rm enters, Korislle wastes hardly a millisecond in rushing to the peg where her robe is hung. Sliding it over her head, and sliding her feet into her thin-soled sandals, she buckles them and glares up at Jhyri. "No, you stay here!" She hisses, straightening herself and smoothing her robe. "Don't even THINK about leaving this cavern, Jhyri! Treasath will EAT you," she threatens, looking to B'rm for reassurance.

Alvaren quickly dons his robe which was hanging nearby and slips into his sandles. "R-ready.", he says, his voice shifting into the lower registers and cracking a bit due to the excitement and stress.

River is glad she was in the barracks at the time, because if she was on the beach, it could have been bad. As it is, calmly and without irritation, as she's been through this before, she slips out of her surf clothes and into her robe in a coodinated, slick move. Yep, look, River was ready. And then she eyes the caverns at the chaos for a moment.

Jaziera glances up from her sketchbook, looking pained at B'rm. But she's up and clothes are flying immediately, ad she'd dressed before any more orders can be barked. Sandals come a bit slower, but they're laced quickly and she's standing, ready to go.

T'lin glances over at B'rm ad he nods slightly as he then puts his hands into his jacket pockets. He's probably the most casual person there, and he's the least properly dressed. Shorts, boots, and a light jacket.

"Faranth." Lorien groans as B'rm comes in barking orders, able to hear the humming of the dragons moments before the guy came flying in. That was quick. Flipping himself off the cot, into the press at the foot he goes and unashamedly off goes his clothes. Next come on the candidate robe and then on goes the sandals. No rope round the waist for him, gunna be hot enough as is without it. He makes his way then to the door, looking for Aerian, taking the boy's hand if he allows.

Despite having been quite indolent so far, when B'rm shows up and starts raining down the brimstone, Aerian hops to his feet with alacrity and interest, kicking his press open smoothly and leaning in to grab up his robe, though it can hardly be called that. Without an ounce of self-consciousness, the older twin peels out of his clothes and yanks the robe down over his head. Little more than a pillowcase, it just barely comes to mid-thigh, and he just ties an extra strip of ragged white around his middle to keep it cinched there. Sandals and he's all done, back sitting on his cot and examining his finger nails.

Garirsam jerks his head up quickly and practically falls out of his cot. With a quick bolt to the wall, he tugs his robe over his head, and shoulders, taking in a big, deep breath. Confidence? Check. He bites his bottom lip for a moment as he glances to the others, then gives a big grin. "Good luck, huh?"

Despite all his tough words to the other candidates, Katen actually appears to be more than a little nervous. He quickly gets himself changed into the robe he snagged from the storage caverns, then makes his way toward the entrance, fidgeting. "Puts it in much more… frightening terms, eh? TO have it actually be here?" He remarks to nobody in particular.

As the call is given, Yana jumps off her trunk as if it suddenly grew really hot. Once she gets over the surprise of the call before she starts stripping down to her underthings not mindfall of anyone else. They are all no doubt doing the same. In quick order she digs into her trunk and grabs out a pile of white and pulls it over her head , securing it with a white belt around her waist. She looks around the room for a moment before she makes her way to Ica and Feylin, "Well reckon we stick together?" She does a piroette for Ica, "All white no colours today. So I am safe." She grins

First Kashet straightens up on Feylin's shoulder, and then Ryn lifts his head; the girl turns to catch B'rm's entrance, and grins broadly. She shoos the pair of lizards off in the direction of her cot, grabbing the white robe from its foot and putting it on, sliding her feet into her sandles. She glances back towards Yana with a smile, then moves over towards the stairs and B'rm.

Ica was sagging on her cot at the time of B'rm's abrupt arrival, one arm flopped off on one side, knee up in the air while other leg swings off the side. Generally all lazy like as the heat seeps to her bones and is making sweat seep from every pore on her body. Yet that all chances once that booming voice fills the candidate cavern and frantic eyes dart around as she flops off the side of her cot and quickly tears through her clothes to find her white robe. The transition between being in normal clothes and her robe is quick and done in all a blur and the sandals upon her feet are slipped on as she stumbles over to the line of candidates. Yana gets a shaky grin and she bobs her head, "Sure thing."

Standing from her cot, Theresana stays mostly quiet, keeping to herself, as she moves to slide the simple candidate's robe on. Don't forget the sandals! Slipping them onto her feet, she looks up and offers a smile. "Ready," she says quietly, to no one in particular.

Eastern Weyr - Hatching Sands(#9377RIJMQas)
The sand of the cavern stretches out to all sides, searing hot at all times of the day from the geothermal heat that this extinct vulcano provides. With only the very top of the cavern open to the elements, allowing vision of the sky and the occasional shower through, but little more. Thick with dark sand, imported and sifted for its extreme fineness and silken feel, this cavern is home to the Queens during their brooding and their multitude of eggs. Off to one side is a risen platform for the Queen's rider and her mate's rider, allowing them a rest from the heat their dragons endure.

===============================< Room Contents >==============================
People: River T'lin B'rm Jaziera Lorien Katen Aerian Saisri
Dragons: Treasath Avarinth
Eggs: Cloud of Dust Egg Mighty Cerulean Justice Egg Wasteland and Sky Egg Just an Ordinary Egg Bundle of Chaos Egg Messages from the Deep Egg The Weekend Warrior Egg The Darkest Night Egg Satire Of The Chickens Egg Magician's Hat Egg Fabled Duality Egg Omega Ambiance Egg
Obvious exits:
Carved Passage -cp-
Please see +Thelp for Egg Touching commands.
Yana steps out on the sands in between Ica and Feylin and gives a bow to the dam and sire before joining the line of candidates before the eggs.

B'rm heads out onto the hot sands to take his place next to Saisri, leaning in to murmur to the gold rider quietly, before dipping his head to both Mianyi, and Hil, a hint of pride crossing over his lips.

As the candidates march out, Saisri is just making her way onto the sands, where she quickly makes her way over to stand beside Avarinth as the queen's eyes settle, malevolent and red, upon the line of white. A loud, warning hiss is given despite Saisri's attempts to reassure the queen as well as her mate as bronze Treasath lumbers his way in, carefully dodging eggs with his wide feet as he moves over to join his mate - especially the Just An Ordinary Egg, which shows the first movements.

Just an Ordinary Egg tilts to the side. The motion disrupts the carefully placed sand hollow, sending a small stream of sand grains cascading onto a smoother patch of sand. And then, following a swift vibration, the egg shell cracks.

Lorien does a rather overdone flourishing bow to the Dam and Sire, smirking at the both of them as he always had since getting candidated, and then makes his way through the eggs until he finds a spot to his liking.

Korislle steps onto the sands, hardly noticing the shift in heat from outside to inside the cavern. Offering a quick and respectful bow, she murmurs a quiet thanks to all. Waiting for the rest of her small group to do the same, Korislle moves to the side, taking her part in the small semi-circle of candidates around the eggs.

Garirsam finds himself stuck in the middle of the throng of candidates this time around, still slightly dazed by the sudden bustle and excitement when the dragons began to hum and the candidates were left to scramble for robes. There's his addition of a bow to both Sire and Dam of the clutch, before he seeks out a spot along one of the edges of the rows of candidates, his glance, for the moment, focused solely on the eggs that have just begun to rock and move. The candidate does his best not to look overly nervous, but even his smile seems to betray that. Here we go, no turning back now.

T'lin walks out onto the sands, and he looks over at the sire and dam; giving a small bow out of habit and stays on the edge. Watching the candidates for anyone who impreses, though nothing has happened yet.

Aerian walks out onto the Sands with his hand clasped in his brother's, pausing once they've actually moved onto the Sands in order to bow low at the waist to the dam and sire. Due to the shortness of his robe, unfortunately, this also means that the people in the audience probably just got flashed a little bit. He follows Lorien as he chooses a place to stand, just pushing his sable bangs from his eyes, licking his quickly drying lips, and shifting from one foot to the other to avoid getting overheated too quickly.

Alvaren arrives, walking somewhat by himself, although the rest of the group is close enough that he's not alone, really. He is smiling and walking carefully on the hot sands. A short bow, to the attending queen and her mate and then more hasty steps as the heat calls him forward into the ring of the others who wait and hope, on this day.

Keziah slips from the caverns with someone at her side. Following the line of candidates, she and her partner move to bow to dam, and sire, then the riders on teh Sands before she slinks towards the circle to watch the eggs.

The Darkest Night egg begins to slowly wiggle, a gentle shift within the sand as it starts to slope to one side lazily. Maybe it's just trying to get cozy?

Theresana enters the cavern, stepping out onto the sands a bit hesitantly. She does as she was told and bows to the dam and sire before taking her place in the semicircle forming around the eggs.

Jaziera comes out somewhere in the midst of Katen, River, and Korislle, moving quickly. She offers a low bow to the dam and sire, then steps back, glancing around with more anxiety than you can normally get out of the happy Candidate. "Shells." She mutters to those nearest, shaking her head and eyeing the rocking eggs.

Vergil walks out onto the sands, hurrying after everyone else, nodding a brief greeting to the Dam and Sire of the clutch. His hands fiddle with the ties of his robe, a short mutter on his breath as a flush rushes to his cheeks.

Coming in with Yana, Feylin pauses at the edge of the sands, bowing deeply first to Avarinth, then again to Treasath. After which she continues out into the sands with the rest, taking up a place not too far from the tanner candidate.

River slips onto teh sands with Katen at her side and Korislle and Jaziera in front of her. Shuffling across the hot sands, her short white robe flaps faintly, and then she stops to bow to dam and sire, then Saisri and B'rm before she slips off towards the circle and finds her place amonst the white robed sea.

With a massive shudder, the crack that spans from top to bottom of Just an Ordinary Egg grows, spiderwebs forming from a central point. Before long a glistening maw breaks through, only to disappear and be replaced with a talon that rips at the egg shell. Finally, the dragon claws its way free to reveal a dainty and pale dragon.

Katen follows out along with Jaziera, River, and Korislle, following tradition and dropping into a low bow to the bronze and gold and their respective riders on the sands once he's approached close enough. After that his eyes move to his fellow candidates, watching their expressions as they eggs prepare to hatch.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Stealthy Sneak of a Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It almost looks as though this young green dragon has fallen into a bucket of bleach, so pale and faded is her color. Once free of her shell, the tiny green glances about, scoping out the scene before she darts back into the safety of her shell with a light hiss. Her head peeks out and her rapidly whirling eyes take stock of the candidates. With all the movements of a feline slinking out to stalk prey, she leaves the shelter of her egg shell remnants and darts forth onto the sands. Her movements are clumsy and kick up sand, which results in her tumbling forward with a loud, indignant squawk. Righting herself and striding purposefully towards the candidates, as though it hadn't happened, she finally approaches a young boy named Petrel, who calls out, "Sylath? Is that really your name?"

The Darkest Night egg continues to wobble back, and forth, until suddenly, lines begin to spider web their way around the dark shell, soon creating a loud *CRACK* as nearly the top of the shell unhinges.

"Why does it seem hotter out here now, than it did back when we were feeling up the eggs?" Lorien asks his twin brother Aerian, already sporting a nice sheen of sweat across his forehead. His tone isn't whining but it's pretty close. His dark eyes dark over the clutch of eggs, keeping an eye out on those that hatch, especially so quickly. "Wow, all ready eh?" he comments, mostly to himself, his sandals keeping out the searing heat of the sands so far.

Ica is wearing a crisp white robe without one wrinkle.. wait, what's that? Ica's green gaze drops to her side as she spies one and a face is made as she shuffles along. Her breath is uneven and she tries to focus on the gold and bronze as she presses her hand against the wrinkle and tries to pull it out as she falls into a bow. Eyes wander past the eggs, over the eggs, and she might even just be staring at the sand at this point as she tries to control her breathing. It's only when the first egg hatches that she gives up on any attempt at calming down and concentrates on the wrinkles on her robe.

T'lin looks at the newest weyrling pair and he walks over to them. He glances down at the green and smirks slightly as he leads them off of the sands, and to the meat that's been set out for the hatchlings. After those two are situated, he's back to standing idle for another pair.

Garirsam's attention is so caught up with watching the eggs and the candidates standing nearest to him that the heat of the sands doesn't quite register yet. But, soon enough, he begins to shuffle a little bit, trying to ignore it for the time being. A brief glance is sent up to the galleries; however he can't make out faces from where he's standing. So, with a slightly nervous smile, he returns his attention back to the eggs.

Alvaren startles as he begins to hear cracking. Now, he's fully alert, looking to his friends on either side for support, wide eyed as he tries to follow where the sound might be coming from. Ah! There. He takes a deep breath, but dares not close his eyes.

Jaziera apparently has no problems with gaping — she stares openly at that first dragonet, eyes wide, glancing back at Katen and River. "Wow." Now, here's a first! They've managed to nearly shut Jaziera up. "She was pretty." Follows shortly, with a little grin, and hop-bounce. "Hot."

Korislle's eyes widen, hands clutching at Jaziera's arm. Amidst the first hatching and impression, it's hard to maintain any sense of composure and/or dignity. "Look!" She exclaims, pointing towards the hatched green and her newly-found rider.

River ooohs quietly with her friends, and she idly grabs Katen's hand, "Oh my gosh, this is exciting." And she turns to grin at Jaziera, "Yer right, she was a beaut." she comments her eyes going back and forth over the sands.

Theresana can't stand being along, and she sidles to Alvaren's side. "Isn't she somethin'?" She asks him quietly, smiling as she gestures to the first-hatched green. "Lucky boy," she comments, again quiet, as the green selects her rider as a small boy, who's name escapes her mind.

Aerian glances aside at Lorien curiously when he hears his sibling's borderline whining tone, quirking a faint grin before he shrugs haplessly, narrowing his sharp eyes at the sudden pair but not moved to shock just yet, "Because we're being watched? Because they got hotter? Who knows?" For his part, he suffers in relative silence, just folding his free arm over his middle while the other's hand remains occupied with Lorien's. He looks to the other candidates after a moment, forsaking the eggs in that time so that he can look them over, ultimately focusing his attention back where it needs to be.

Feylin draws in a breath as the first dragonling emerges, half-turning to watch her stalk over the sands. A soft chuckle at the green's stumble broadens into a light grin - anxious but cheerful. "She was quick," the girl observes, glancing over at the rest of the circle, then looking back at the remaining eggs.

Yana grins at the first egg cracks open and looks to either side of her at Ica and Feylin, "Look at that..look at how small she is…" She murmurs as her dark eyes go round with enjoyment and surprise. As it goes to the lad she grins broader, "Well she knew what she wanted…I was betting blue for him." She shrugs and looks back to the eggs.

As the lines continue to grow upon the shell of the Darkest Night Egg, it becomes more, and more fragile as the base of the shell tumbles around the hatchling within, leaving the ground in a shower of blue shards.

Katen grins brightly as he watches the first impression go by in a blur. "Wow… just like that. Heh. Yeah, he is a lucky one." He nods, looking over at River. "Hard to believe it's really happening, huh?"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Cold and Unforgiving Oil Rubbed Bronze Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Powerful muscles are evident beneath supple hide. Sinewy and toned, every fiber of this dragon's frame appears to have been carefully and deliberately molded. His muzzle is long, yet has a peculiar roundness to it that lends it the appearance of being stout. Headknobs are well-defined, yet smoothed over so as not to be angular. His neck is long and solid. Indeed, if there is one word to sum up this bronze it would be exactly that: solid. Brushed over his sturdy frame is a dark bronze hue that appears to have been rubbed and polished into his every last inch of his hide with particular care and attention to coat thoroughly and evenly. Marring this lovely shade of oil brushed bronze is a lighter patch of maple on his chest and a lighter circling of the same about his eyes that wraps around his head knobs and fades at the base of his neck. Wingsails are a dark and dirty color, as though a bottle of oil had been spilled upon the tissue there nearly covering up what might have been pure and undiluted bronze.

A soft, testing twitch is the first signs of activity from the Omega Ambiance Egg. A bit of a rock, a bit of a roll, escalating then into a shudder.

Jaziera giggles softly, nodding and gripping Kori's hand tightly. "I know!" She exclaims right back, shifting from foot to foot, staring raptly at those eggs. "I'm usually right." Is teased back at River, before the sound of cracking distracts her and she squeaks, crooning. "Oh, he's handsome."

Korislle inhales sharply, eyes widening as the bronze shatters his shell. "Jaz," she mutters, slipping her hand into the other girl's and squeezing in response. "He is handsome, he'll make some boy very envied," she surmises with a grin.

Garirsam's shuffling has increased, now that the heat is really beginning to sink in, but it's not something on the forefront of his attention or thoughts. As the eggs begin to crack and hatch, with the resulting hatchlings moving off to Impress or still wander, he keeps his voiced comments or opinions minimal and often so low they cannot be overheard except by those standing right next to him. Nervousness eases off a little and instead the candidate manages an actual light smile. There's no way he can fully relax - but maybe just a little.

River laughs softly and nods in return, "You are usually right, Jazi." Her eyes turn to the bronze and she softly ooohs. To Katen, she nods, grins, and squeezes his hand again. "Its exciting, yet terrifying.." she comments, and nods, "Always hard to watch."

Lorien shakes his head as another egg hatches, though for what reason is uncertain and he doesn't explain. Instead, the younger of the Kine twins gives his brother's hand a gentle squeeze. He blinks once after however, noting what Aerian was wearing, "What on Pern are you…" he smirks, chuckling and forgetting the fact he REALLY should be paying attention. "Nice Aeri." he approves, despite being so unobservant to this point.

Vergil gasps as the bronze emerges, shutting his eyes and sucking his breath in. He allows his lids to open slowly, forcing his gaze to look over the rest of the eggs, a set of white teeth biting his bottom lip. He steps next to Garirsam, nodding at the newly hatched, "He's handsome." he comments, his movements careful and calm.

Alvaren pales as the bronze arrives, even at birth much larger than he expected. "I'm supposed to dodge that?", he says in a low voice, shifting from foot to foot and wondering which way the bronze may go, so that he can go the other. His eyes shift downward to the sharp talons of the young dragon and he frowns a little, half fascinated, half terrified.

Keziah is at the front of her part of the circle, where she generally is. Her eyes are scanning the sands and she ooohs at the bronze just about the same time as everyone else does.

Cold and Unforgiving Oil Rubbed Bronze Hatchling stumbles out of his egg shells, then straightens himself up quickly, looking around boggle eyed at the commotion. With a loud noise in his throat, he squints at the army of white sheets, then begins to sniff the air.

Katen grins over at Jaziera. "That you are. You make a list of bets before this, hmm?" His eyes, of course, are drawn to the latest hatchling, just like all the other candidates. "Shards. He's sure an impressive one, isn't he? I had that egg pegged for a big one…"

As the Omega Ambiance Egg continues to shift, it rolls down off its small pedastal of sand, the impact sending up a sound not unlike a fireplace crackling, red-gold splinters racing along the golden surface.

Yana reaches out for Ica's hand, the light of the caverns dancing in her dark eyes, "For once leave those wrinkles alone and look up..they are so amazing." She murmurs to the woman at her side and grins before looking back to the bronze, "He is a handsome, looks like someone poured stuff on him…gives him a bit of character."

Korislle smirks, leaning into Jaziera so that no one else will hear her. "I bet that that bronze will go to Garirsam or Katen," she challenges, eyes sparkling with delight. "A quarter mark," she offers, grinning.

Gaze drawn to the next egg that hatches, Feylin blinks as it just shatters into pieces. "He's gorgeous," she agrees, turning and taking a half-step forward, quickly glancing over each of the boys in the candidate circle.

Ica presses her palm against that fold and tugs at her robe as she shifts from foot to foot on the hot sand. "Well some of them just know right? Like I said Yana, has to be the touchings. They have to get just as much out of it as we do." A half-smile is given before there is suddenly a bronze where there was once an egg. Green eyes light up and wrinkle is momentarily forgotten about as he makes a nose that makes her forget all about her less than perfect robe. Or perhaps it was

Yana's sudden instance that made her blush and dip her head, "Sorry Yana. I'll forget about it. I'm just very nervous!" Her hand is easily snagged by the other girl.

T'lin looks over at the bronze, and he smirks slightly as he mouths some words to an unseen listener. He lets out a chuckle as he's leaning against the wall, and he watches the bronze's path so he can see who he impresses.

Jaziera glances around, eyes finding Alvaren, then she's smiling merrily. "Don't worry eh?" She offers back at him, turning to watch the young bronze with a little chuckle. "He looks less sure than the first one." The young woman observes, before glancing over at Kori, lifting an eyebrow. "Bet." She offers softly, turning to watch the rest of the
eggs wiggle almost warily.

Cold and Unforgiving Oil Rubbed Bronze Hatchling continues to find his feet as he stumbles for a moment, then gives his small wings a bit of a flap, squawking out a confused trill. Finally, he starts his way over towards the candidates, cocking his head to one side, then the other, warbling lightly as he leans slowly in towards Jaziera, looming. With a light 'harumph', he resumes his pacing, dour in tone, thinking hard.

A loud, resonating SNAP is the final resistance of the Omega Ambiance Egg, the surface giving way to a rush of egg fluid and a dripping, radiant lady who screeches out her sheer indignation at plunging headfirst into the sand.

River smirks faintly and nods to Katenm "Well, wasn't that egg one of the bigger ones as it was?" she teases him before leaning towards Kori and Jazi, "I heard that, and I best quarter it goes to either Katen or Alvaren." she idly murmurs to them.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Chosen Child Of the Stars Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Like a nova gathered and given form, this radiant lady cuts a blazing figure, both on the ground and in the sky. Long and lean and built around a core of powerful, taunt musculature, this athletic looking creature is a monumental figure for her color, built large but built beautiful. Her color is the singular brilliance of a star, the center of each cell a blaze of white hot energy that builds outward into a burning green that almost gives her the impression of carrying around her own inner light source. Across her chest is a ragged insignia of lemon-bright sulphuric yellow, the very same color capping each back leg to mid-thigh and forelegs nearly up to her shoulders like gauntlets wrapped about her. A band of yellow encircles her middle, trails of sash rising up to play about the sails of translucent, white-hot wings and eventually dissolve within the heat radiating out from long, slender wingbones.

Aerian just smirks back at his brother, shrugging one shoulder with nonchalance as he says, "Not like I expect to wear it again." Even if he doesn't Impress, he'll outgrow it by the next time he Stands. Ah, teenagers. He nudges Lorien so that his sibling will go back to watching the dragons, pointing out the bronze and stating, amused, "That could be yours. Stop ignoring them just to look at my arse." Done teasing Lorien, he doesn't quite follow his own advice, watching the dragonet as well as this fresh new green but ultimately just trying to keep an eye on as many things as he can at once.

Alvaren seems reassured by Jaziera's smile and so he relaxes, looking over to his friend Katen and some of the other boys. Yes, his friends are all here. Whatever happens will be all right. He stands where he is for the moment, straightening. If the bronze walks over him, well, he'll do his best to heal quickly.

Katen rolls his eyes at the betting between Jaziera and Korislle, although a nervous smile stays on his face. "Heh. You two…" He stares as the bronze comes close to their group to look over Jaziera. "Well, that was something…" He catches the next green's emergence out of the corner of his eye. "Huh. Didn't expect that…"
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Vergil smiles at the greens arrival, "She wants everyone to know she's here" he comments, one eye still on the bronze, his chest rising and falling as his excitment increases, a basic human reaction to such an important event.

Jaziera has to pause in her eggwatching to eye that Bronze almost warily, blinking. "Err." A breath escapes as he moves on, and the young woman offers a nervous giggle. "Shells. I'd rather not die today.." Coughing lightly, Jazi turns, watching the goldish egg crack with a little half-smirk. "Oho! Well. Isn't she a beautiful girl."

Chosen Child Of the Stars Green Hatchling rises from the remains of her egg, face layered in sand and egg goo and drawn up in a most disgusted expression. Hissing, she curls up a few talons to scrape at the gunk on her face, but finding that slow and ineffective, just stands upright and gives herself a vigorous shaking.

Yana leans forward as well, looking down the line the other way before grinning to Feylin, "What you reckon, one of the twins?" She says with a nod to the bronze before giving Ica's hand a squeeze, "It is ok, I am right here." She says reasuringly, "Got my purple seams they will attack me first." She says with a wink of an eye. Of course the seams are hidden , but got to distract the girl. She looks up again as she spots a green moving around the circle. "Oh look at her.."

Cold and Unforgiving Oil Rubbed Bronze Hatchling starts to look a bit frustrated as he sniffs at Katen for a moment, then pushes himself between the two twins in a rather haughty manner, swinging his tail from side to side. Look out! With a deep throated hiss in his chest, he glances over to see his sister born, squeaking to her loudly. Over here! Over here! Food!

River is the one who's going to die today, she's so involved with the betting that she's not paying attention. Oh, look, now there's a bronze there and she squeaks, pulling slightly away from Katen and towards Jaziera and Kori, "He's so close!" Yes, girly responce.

Lorien suddenly bursts out laughing at his brother, but for what comment he'd just made isn't exactly clear, even if he clears it up a moment later. "I very much doubt it, Aeri. Can you picture me as a possible Weyrleader?" he asks, barely able to get the words out before he chokes on them with another stint of laughing. "'Sides, you got a really nice arse, if you didn't want no one checking it out shouldn't have worn…whatever that is." he points out indelicately, but his dark eyes still sparkle with amusement. He does however return his attention just in time for that bronze to push he and Aerian apart, managing to teeter and bounce on one foot and NOT fall over. "Ugh, watch it." he scowls. No, he's not in awe at all.

Garirsam breaks his attention away just long enough to fidget slightly with his robe before glancing back up. He's been silent for awhile now, however he does voice his own congratulations to any pair who've been lucky enough to Impress by this point when the time comes and also chips in a few more quick comments here and there on various things. But soon he becomes too distracted by the moment to be able to reply, instead content to watch - and wait of course.

T'lin watches the hatchlings and he chuckles slightly at them comunicate with each other, especially the bronze. "At least he isn't trying to leave the area, or anything," mutters the AWLM as he watches, them and the candidates as well.

Korislle holds her breath as the bronze makes his way towards her, no, them! He leans into Jaziera, almost as if he's using her as a post to steady himself while he thinks. She exhales sharply as he leaves them, turning Jaziera into her own leaning post. "Oohhh, oh, oh, oh that was close," she mutters, closing her eyes. She misses the green's hatching, but watches the radiant girl with amusement.

Chosen Child Of the Stars Green Hatchling looks over to her shrewd brother with a very similar expression, showing firsthand they take after their dam right out of the shell. With a low, noncommital noise, she begins to move from the glittering ashes of her golden egg with all the dignity that a queen might have. Apparently, she hasn't yet noticed she's of the wrong color for it. The line of white is regarded out of one reddened eye, a critical stare.

Katen looks just a touch nervous again as the bronze looks him over, then jumps a bit aside to make sure he doesn't get stomped on when it suddenly darts away. "Shards, he's an energetic one, too. And indecisive, it seems like."

Theresana purses her lips and crosses her arms over her chest. Oh, well, oh well. Alvaren hasn't seen it fit to respond to her but, well, that's okay. She looks at the green, the radiant lady, almost wistfully and smiles fondly.

Jaziera wiggles some more, eyeing that Bronze still with a mixture of wariness and amusement. "Yeah." She mutters, eyes flicking between hatchlings, eggs, friends, fellow candidates, the galleries — you get the point.

Cold and Unforgiving Oil Rubbed Bronze Hatchling finally comes to a stop, then jerks his head around, lifting it upwards. Swinging himself around, he makes his way in a quick, forward manner towards one of the dark skinned boys on the sand, quietly rumbling as he flares his chest out a bit. It takes a few moments of consideration, before his eyes loom upwards to catch the others, almost in a concentrated glare.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Cold and Unforgiving Oil Rubbed Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Feylin draws in a sharp breath as the gold egg snaps apart, revealing the bright green hatchling within. "Wow. … …Wow," the girl says again, shaking her head. She looks over to Yana, and grins. "Looks like, maybe…" Her voice trails off as she eyeballs the bronze, lips curving into a bright smile with his Impression. "They're all beautiful," Feylin observes.

Cloud of Dust is in no hurry at all, offering only a little wiggle and a wobble before settling down with it's fellow eggs upon the sands. It'll come when the time is right…

Garirsam continues to keep his reasonably silent observance of the hatching and would be standing still, too, if the sands didn't bug his feet so much. And with most Hatchings, when they get well underway, it's hard to keep your mind focused on one thing and one thing only. So the candidate soon finds himself trying to pay attention to too many things at once, until, suddenly … "Your…Troyseth?" he stammers, choking on his words slightly as he's overwhelmed, soon falling to his knees to reach out to lightly touch the hatchling in front of him. "Of course, we'll get you food. Yes." He murmurs, a wide grin soon finding its way onto his still surprised, but overjoyed, expression.

River gasps quietly and turns to look over her shoulder, jumping back to Katen's side to squeeze his hand again as she watches the bronze making that awfully happy noise. "Oooh, that was almost scarey." she comments to Katen before grinning.

Alvaren's eyes shift to the green. Now there's more things to take his attention. He begins to move. Yes, his feet still work, shifting a little bit towards Theresana, showing that he did hear her, even if his mind was elsewhere. He offers a hand, in case she wants to take it.

Aerian doesn't seem overly bothered by the bronze hatchling forcing its way between him and Lorien, merely snagging his brother's hand soon afterwards once more in order to draw them back together, just quirking a faint grin at him as he says, "A Weyrleader? No way." He glances back at the bronzelet and states, simply, "Good thing he wasn't yours." It's said placatingly, but he's on his way to losing interest in the bronze when he notices who it seems to be staring at. Eyebrows lifting sharply, he says, only just barely lifting his voice, "Congratulations, Garirsam… or… whatever your name will be now." He figures it's about sixteen percent possible that the other candidate even hears him.

Chosen Child Of the Stars Green Hatchling watches her elder brother select his chosen, but she is still yet unsure as she reaches the end of the line of candidates. One by one does she march her way up the line, sniffing and snorting as she utters soft grumbles to herself. No, no.. Jaziera is briefly regarded, but it's a No again and with a huff and a rustle of her wings the green moves on.

T'lin perks up at the sound of impression, and he looks around for the candidate and the dragon. Shard it! why are they all wearing white! He spots the pair and he starts to head over there. "I don't think think's a good idea to kneel on the sands. Come on, there's food over here." He looks down at the bronze, and then at Garirsam. He motions with his hand to follow him. "Come on."

Korislle can't help but shoot a grin towards Jaziera, poking her in the side. "Ha! Ha! I told you! I tooold you!" She teases, gesturing towards Garirsam as he falls to his knees, greeting and reassuring the bronze. A proud look plastered on her face, she turns back to look at Jaziera with raised eyebrows. "I just know these things," she tells Jaziera — and the group around her.

Ica sucks in her bottom lip and chews upon the edge of it as her eyes sweep between the two newly hatched, first bronze and then green. "I'll keep that in mind when they get too close they're really out to get you and not me." Is said offhandedly and Ica doesn't bring her gaze back to
Yana but instead clasps her hands together in one loud clap as the bronze finds his chosen. "He found Garirsam. Troyseth? That's a fine name for a bronze.. isn't it?" Finally she looks over at Yana and giggles, anything to keep her from running off the sands as all the colors, motion, and people drive her near the brink of panic.
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Katen grins and calls out toward Garirsam as he departs the sands with his new lifemate. "Congratulations!" He laughs, brightly, some of the tension beginning to melt away as he gets over his initial jitters. He glances to Jaziera again with a bit of amusement. "Guess you missed that bet for once."

G'rism takes a moment to jerk himself back up to his feet, soon finding the sand blisteringly hot. Distracted, he glances over towards the twins for a moment, before getting the firm nudge from Troyseth in his side. Yes, yes, Food. Ambling towards T'lin, he offers up a quick smile, walking with a hint more pride.

Jaziera looks nearly as if she might hide behind Kori for a moment, eyeing that happy dragonet warily still. Then she's smiling warmly over at Garirsam, nodding. "Congratulations." She offers, before *shells*, she's being regaurded again. The Green is given a flat look, controlled — she's not scared, really! But Kori's hand is gripped tighter until she passes, then she's shaking her head. "Oi."

River laughs and nods at Kori, "You're right, I owe you a quarter mark." she comments to the other girl as she just grins and clings a bit harder to Katen's side. "Congrats Gari!"

Theresana holds her breath as the green sniffs up and down the line of candidates, waiting to see if she's found as her rider. "I guess not?" She asks as the green moves on, rustling her wings.

Alvaren beams, smiling as Garirsam finds his lifemate. He starts to applaud, but decides that the noise might upset some of the nearer dragonettes. He shifts from foot to foot now, as standing in one spot makes things uncomfortable for him.

Cloud of Dust is silent no more as a loud crack sounds

Lorien cocks his head to the side as he watches the pushy bronze Impress to Garirsam, and smirks. "Like that one wasn't written in the stars. I woulda been surprised if it hadn't. Grats guy…" he says and then rolls his shoulder, taking his brother's hand up again, and keeping an eye out now for dragons trying to do what the last one did. "Call 'im guy or gal…that'll work till things are over here. Oh, hey, you wanna go for a swim after this? I'm flippin' hot." he groans, sweating to the point that his robe has started to stick to his skin in places.

Chosen Child Of the Stars Green Hatchling moves ever onward. Yana finds herself the recipient of a sharp shove of a bright green snout, perhaps the dragonet is testing the waters. Apparently, she finds them unsuitable, and without a second look given for the girl who she might have just bowled over, continues on her way. But then, wait? That voice, that smell, that -feeling-. With a more urgent step, she moves quickly down the line.

Korislle waves off River with her hand, "Oh, no, you don't owe me! You never bet me," she insists, turning to look at River, offering her a wide smile. She seems to not even realize as the green passes them by, but she turns as Jaziera grips he hand tightly once more. "Sheesh, we must smell good," she remarks with a snort.

Vergil smiles, and nods a congratulations to G'rism, his mouth slightly dry now. His mouth works as he swallows, his eyes now trying to settling on so many moving eggs. He gives himself a little shake, as it to resure himself that he is really here.

T'lin heads back out of the cavern, and looks at the candidates once more. "One down…how many more to go," mutters T'lin to himself as he then looks at the white robed ones again. Time to play the waiting game.

Cloud of Dust is done with waiting as the shards finally begin to fall away enough to allow the small green within to have a peek at the new world around her. What are those things? There's only one way to find out… She offers her croon in greeting to all that would hear.

Dark eyes glance briefly to the other wobbling egg, but inevitably, Feylin turns back to the nearing green. She moves back half a step as the hatchling shoves Yana. "Woah!" And then the girl steps forward towards her fellow candidate, to offer support of one sort or another, even if that does put her close to the pushy green.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Instantaneous Dust Magnet Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Once freed from the confines of her shell, this glossy green is hued in uniform moss with nothing more than a rich mottling of olive stretching from her nose tip down to tail. She steps out upon the sands and… tumbles over. Now covered with debris, shells, sand and every speck of dirt on the hatching grounds, she then makes her move. Not a flicker of wings or a shake of her average build to free her body of her 'gatherings'. Now she wanders about, head raised high as the green seeks among the faces of many before finally coming to the one she adores, a girl from Southern Boll who had been more interested in the placement of her hair to pay attention until the plume of sand and dust looms over her. Violet sends her gaze towards the hatching, blinking with a look of confusion before a nod takes place as well as a bright grin, "Come, Penneth! Let's get you something to eat and then a cleaning is in order!"

Yana grins as the impression is made, "Congratulations there G!" She calls out before she looks back to Ica, "Just focus on one.." She whispers to the young woman. She has gotten to know her and her habits. She looks over to the green to see where she will head and glances to Feylin, but before she can say anything she is suddenly shoved by the green and she drops back on the hot sands with a look of surprise. "Oh.." She leans her head forward to see if the green has moved on, then can't help but laugh nervously , "Told ya Ica.." She shakes her head, perhaps a bit shaken by the close encounter as she tries to stand again.

Chosen Child Of the Stars Green Hatchling skids to a hault in front of one brown haired girl, staring up into her eyes for but a moment, and in that the decision is made. With a loud, possesive hiss, the infant green curls herself up around the form of Feylin, nudging her head into the girl's abdomen as her wings spread to offer the girl a blazing cloak. Yes. This one, this one is /hers/. Now and forever.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Chosen Child Of the Stars Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

River laughs softly and just nods, "Alright, don't owe you, bot it." she comments, just smirking a little at her female friends to one side before glancing up at Katen, "That was amazing, did you see that green! Go Fey!" Its not really a question, as everyones eyes are swirling around and no one's paying attention to anything firmly.

Jaziera shifts from foot to foot, watching the dragonet wander down the line with a little frown. Then she's watching the Cloud of Dust egg — and then the newest hatchling move quickly off to find hers. Smiling brightly, Jazi giggles. "Aww, that's so sweet." She muses to herself, before realizing that the Chosen Green has stopped, and when she doesn't attack the girl, but curls up around her, Jazi whoops. "Ee!"

Keziah glances around, watching as the dragons quickly all pair off, one by one… Its rather an interesting thing, these squeals of joy that the dragons make. She'll hafta remember that.

Korislle claps excitedly, pointing to Feylin and her radiant green. "Awww!" She can't help but coo, for both Feylin AND the other girl and her green; Kori sees the other girl impress almost as soon as she'd seen Feylin.

Yana takes the offered hand of Feylin, but releases it just in time as it seems the green was meant for her. Yana grins at Feylin, "Congratulations." She gives to the young woman before she steps closer to Ica. Do not want to make this possessive green angry again.

Twitch twitch, goes the Satire Of The Chickens Egg, which delves into a jaunty little round of movement as the hatchling inside begins to seek a way to escape.

The Weekend Warrior Egg wobbles about on the sands.

Alvaren squats briefly, stretching his legs out as best he can without taking his eyes off the now very active eggs. Feylin's pairing does get some applause from the small boy, for he is genuinely happy for his friend who has been found, like so many before her, on these very Sands.

Aerian shrugs once more at his brother, lifting his free hand to rustle just under his hair as he says, "It is pretty hot… but if one of us Impresses, I imagine we'll be pretty busy." He contemplates this for a while before he smiles at him, "We'll go swimming when we can. My robe is sticking in bad places." With it already being short enough as it is, with the white robe clinging to him due to sweat, Aerian has crossed a line towards indecency. Cough. When Feylin Impresses to a green, Aerian looks largely unsurprised, not smiling but not exactly frowning either, though he does wind up calling out, "Congratulations, Feylin!"

Katen yells out another congratulatory whoop toward Feylin and her new lifemate, assuming the girl can hear him from within the embrace of the green's wings. "Another good pick… the dragons in this lot have good taste, that's plain to see."

Jaziera giggles back at Katen, nodding. "They do!" She offers softly, turning in a little circle to see /all/ that is going on around them. "This is madness." She mutters, shaking her head and grunting a somewhat strained bark of laughter. "Ugh, so hot."

The attempt to help Yana back up is aborted by the green's interception. In fact, the thought is totally wiped from Feylin's mind as she stares back into the hatchling's eyes. "Hellow, Rhonwenth," the girl answers with a grin, the congratulations from other candidates passing entirely unnoticed. "Let's go fix that, huh?" she says, setting a hand on the green's shoulder and starting towards the cavern, casting T'lin a bright, broad grin when he shows up to escort them.

The Weekend Warrior Egg shudders as a crack appears down its side.

Lorien slides dark eyes over to the newly impressed green pair, and then to the second set. "Lots of greens, but I guess that's normal." he says, and then pipes up with a, "Congrats, uh, you…gal…" he says, not knowing what else to call to Feylin, or perhaps he just plain can't remember her name. Whichever. That done, it's back to egg watching, "Maybe callin' them gal and guy ain't the best thing after all. I'll say congratulations and leave it at that." he says, and then redirects his attention to Aerian again. "Impress?" he asks, brows lifting. "I thought we were just in this for the fun of it. You actually want to have your freedom sucked away for two turns?" He shakes his head/

Ica is jerked down with Yana as she is knocked down and lets out a gasp and tries to haul Yana back up again, "Are you okay!?" Everything else is forgotten in favor of checking Yana out from head to toe and she only then remembers that there's a hatching going on when she hears Feylin say the haughty little green's name. "You're sure you're okay? Right?" She leans over to brush some of the sand from her friend's leg before finally looking back out to the eggs and trying to focus upon just one.

Korislle nods, agreeing with Jaziera — and the general consensus. "I think a swim at the beach is in order, after this," she states, plucking at the robe that is already beginning to stick to her sides with sweat.

Katen nods to Korislle and Jaziera, grinning. "I third that. Ugh, it's one thing when you're out here touching, but the heat is really… something else." Back to spying on the remaining eggs, peering for signs of movement.

A sharp sidewards jerk sends the Satire Of The Chickens Egg careening onto its side, a loud crack sounding as the impact side of the egg caves in and spills out the slimy, milky egg-goo out onto the sands.

Keziah takes a few steps towards Yana and offers a hand to help her up, "That was a nice one, need some help there?" She's sweet, see?

The Weekend Warrior Egg cracks wide open and out stumbles a birth damp dragonet.

~~~~~~~~~~< Marching Triumphantly towards Victory Bronze Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~
Straight from the forge, brilliant molten copper glides over burnished bronze hues. The two colors vy for dominance, though eventually the red shade gives way and fades into near nonexistance. His tail and hind end are darker than his chest and forelegs, which are pale terracotta. His stomach is of a similar hue, though muted as if some cream had been added to dilute the red from his hide. Brushed over his slender maw is a dustier shade of bronze, a color which reappears in the thin tissue of his wingsails. The bones and muscles of his wings are darker, still, providing sharp contrast against the red-bronze hues of his hide and the pale shade of tissue that bones provide support for. His wingspars are nearly ebony, though there is the slightest hint of navy to it. However, his talons are a slate grey color with a faint mossy hue to them. Standing tall, long, and lean, his frame promises power and endurance.

Jaziera hadn't realized that a friend had fallen! "Eep!" She squeaks back at Yana, wincing. "Ouch." Is muttered — but she's pretty far away and already surrounded by people so Jazi remains in place, nodding. "Water. Mmm." Then, "Ew. That's…not very pre — oh! He is!"

River chuckles and nods as she glances down at her short robe. "You know, I think I'm glad I picked short over decent." she comments to Katen, Jazi, and Kori with a cheeky grin. And she oohs, "He's a beaut."

Yana rubs a hand over her chest where the green bumped her as she finally rights herself, "Yeah, just a nudge really." Ok so she might have a slight bruise later. She dusts some more of the sand from her other side. As Keziah replaces Feylin at her side she looks to the girl and grins, "Ain't nothing to it." She takes the offered hand anyway and does not let go quite yet, her other hand batting away Ica's fussy cleaning and attempts to grab her hand up again, so maybe she is shaking just a little. "There are more to watch."

Alvaren agrees, "I'd love to swim right now!", he says, with a mixture of young boyish enthusiasm and exhaustion coloring his words. He doesn't have much time to say else than that, as sharp cracks draw his attention again. He wipes the sweat out of his eyes so he can see, and wipes his hands on the hem of his robe, looking to the latest arrival, his size giving him a slight advantage as he peers through the circle. "Oh no, not again…" He giggles as he wills reluctant feet to move and be ready.

Korislle watches the Weekend Warrior Egg split, spilling forth /another/ bronze. "Wow," she comments, chuckling. "Treasath and B'rm must be gloating," she snorts, looking around for the pair to prove herself right. "Oh, and I bet he's for Katen. Alvaren, maybe," she bets, winking at Jaziera and River.

A final kick sends a large piece of the Satire Of The Chickens Egg soaring across the sands, and the first glimpse of the dragon inside is a squat, slippery, mucus-coated brown limb. The rest of the odd looking dragon is soon to follow as he plunks his rump down onto the sands to utter a rather high-pitched squack.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Bug-Eyed And Beetle-Winged Brown Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This rather small brown is very round, his body a bit rotund supported on slightly spindly legs that, coupled with his squat neck and tail and large, protruding eyes gives him very much the look of a very mutated sort of trundlebug. His mud-brown hide has a certain, almost irridescent cast, especially his wings that, when folded, encases his back with the slightest blue-purple-green shimmer like a beetle's wing cases. For all his insectile appearance, he moves with the slight bob and weave of a bird, and it is with this awkward shimmy that he ambles up to a young man who seems his twin in human form. Larson, a native Easterner, is a tall lad, made awkwardly so by his thin frame and long limbs, with a beak-like nose and those same, black, buggy eyes and a slightly greasy shock of black hair. He's quick to fling his twig-like arms around the dumpy dragonet, crying out, "Farsith!" before one of the assistant Weyrlingmasters leads Farsith and L'son off the sands.

Katen winces as he catches sight of the toppling candidates a little late. Thankfully, nobody seems to have ended up with a serious burn. Of course, the next things to catch his eyes are the newest pair of dragons to emerge from the eggs, the bronze and the brown. "Shards… lots of really amazing hatchlings in this lot. Look at them, they're huge!"

Marching Triumphantly towards Victory Bronze Hatchling sputters a bit as he practically slips, and slides in the goo of his egg, falling flat on his rump with a loud squawk. Rising up to his feet finally, the bronze looks around with a blurry squint, before plucking a bit of shell off his shoulder, taking a bite. Food? Not food! He spits it out quickly, then starts to sniff the air.

Jaziera glances back at River with a hight-pitched giggle. "He looks like a Trundlebug!" She whispers, giggling merrily. "Ew, poor guy. Eggshells probably don't taste so yummy."
River smirks faintly and eyes Katen, "Yeah, well, we should all be watching where they're going, but its hard, with all the confusion and stuff." she comments and then nodnods to Jazi, "Probaly not, kinda cute though." she teases.

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Bundle of Chaos Egg tilts to the side once, twice, thrice. It's as if someone from within is knocking on the shell. After waiting a few minutes, the shaking resumes, followed by a more violent jump of the egg.

Alvaren walks on his heels, low to the ground so he won't attract attention. His small frame serves him well as he moves closer to the remaining knot of boys, seeking support and perhaps, just perhaps, some safety in their numbers.

Lorien tilts his head as yet another bronze appears on the sands, crinkling his nose at the wet entrance. "That was kinda gross, actually." he points out needlessly to Aerian, and then makes sure to keep his eye on this one. Getting run over and pushed around? Both bad. His gaze dances over the rapidly decreasing amount of candidates and then looks back to his sibling. Now the sand had worked through his sandals and a little hopping back and forth was in order. Not enough to dislodge his hand from Aerian's but enough to warrant some movement.

Keziah grins a bit to Yana, "Glad to have someone to hold my hand now," she notes to the other girl as she grins, "Gah, so sweaty in here, nothing like Reaches.

Marching Triumphantly towards Victory Bronze Hatchling jerks his head up quickly, then flares his nostrils once more. What is this? Something has caught its eye. With a loud bugle, he begins to charge the Candidates quickly, at a full, barrel run. His head is lowered, eyeballing the white sheets as if they were bowling pins.

Vergil's eyes open wide, and he throws himself to one side, rolling ungainly out of the way, he twists around, looking over his shoulder at the chargnig bronze from the floor.

Aerian catches a glimpse of Alvaren when he looks over his shoulder and waves a hand to the other young man, motioning for him to come stand next to him rather than try to find a place to stand. He licks his upper lip slowly, watching the bronze and then the abrupt brown Impression, laughing quietly at what Lorien says before he mirrors the stepping from side to side as well, "It's not about what I want, it's about what they want, right? So just pay attention." So there.

Korislle shouts, "Jazi, River, MOVE!" She grabs Jaziera's hand, yanking the girl to the side as the bronze begins to charge. "Get out of his waaay!" She yells, warning anyone who's listening — but in such a large area, there are bound to be some who won't hear her.

Ica stops fussing only after she's swatted at and once again Ica's already red face goes a shade deeper. "Sorry, I just wanted to make sure you're okay. That was scary! I didn't realize they were like that." She inches closer to Yana's side, "Perhaps we should move out of their way faster. If you see one coming for you, I'll dive back and you can jump over to my spot if you want. Doesn't hurt to be prepared." Her eyes follow the arrival of the bronze before she focuses upon the
Bundle of Chaos Egg, brows crinkling.

Katen laughs, though not in an unsympathetic way, at the bronze chewing on the eggshell. "Oh boy, he's a… uh… er…" He then notices that the bronze is indeed charging at them. Following the example of others, he darts as quickly as he can out of the path of the hatchling.

Jaziera stiffens. And stares. "Oh, boy." Escapes in a gasp, as she spots that /charging/ little Bronze. She stands stock-still, apparently considering staying still more intelligent than running wildly around. After all — eek! Annnd she's yanked, squeaking loudly, ducking out of the path, if he happens to be charging this'a'way.

Bundle of Chaos Egg has been fairly active as of late, though for the past minute or two it has been absolutely silent. Therefore, there is little warning to precede the crack that appears in its shell.

River stares at the bronze, not sure which way to jump, so she ends up standing right there. Let us /please/ hope she's /not/ in the way, or she might fly like an actual bowling pin. Stare, gape.. "Uh…"

Yana eyes go wide as another dragon starts a charge, "Goodness these have an interesting way of finding their chosen.." Her hands loosen somewhat on Ica's and Keziah's should any of them need to duck out from the charge. Her dark eyes definatly keep a focus on the bronze to figure his direction. Noone told her it would be this ..exciting.

Alvaren looks up briefly at Aerian's gesture, and begins to move gratefully towards the lad, looking relived to have found a friend, when the bronze charges. He tucks his head down, looking like a small round lunp, grabbing his ankles. He sits, very very still.. hoping that he'll not be noticed. Only his eyes raise slightly, to keep an eye on the charging little dragon, though he's clearly hoping to be stepped over — because surely he can't move from that position very easily.

Lorien groans softly and nods to his brother, mostly because he knows what will happen if he doesn't. "If you insist, just…I think it's kinda pointless you know?" he shrugs, and tries to keep on his toes.

Ica is noted at last, remembering her from that time they met in the garden and he smiles a bit to himself. Dragons, right, not girls. Dragons. Focus. Alvaren wanders over and he eyes the little kid before glancing again at his sibling, "Picking up strays now?" he teases, dark globes darting over the sands mostly for his twin's benefit.

Marching Triumphantly towards Victory Bronze Hatchling continues to barrel towards the candidates, rushing through where the trio of girls scramble out of the way, then turns at a break neck pace, letting out a loud warble. Kicking up sand in his wake, he starts rushing towards the twins, and Alvaren. You can't hide from me! I see you! I /see you!/ The swirling colored eyes focus on his target as he raises his head, bugling. You! Don't move! You're doing good so far!

After the formation of a crack about its radius, Bundle of Chaos Egg continues to wobble intermittedly. Finally it manages to tip out of its carefully formed hollow and roll a ways, cracking further as it moves.

Finally, the hatchling inside can be contained no longer. Shell falls away to reveal what was growing within.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Bouncing Baby Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Although she appears to be of average length and wingspan for a green, she looks slightly larger due to pudginess. Not outright fat, some degree of baby heft lingers on her frame, resulting in a smoother body rather than a toned one. Over her smooth body and hide slides veridian ivy, coating each and every inch of the dragon from snout to the tip of her round and pudgy tail. Laid over the base of rich green are swaths of dark hunter green. One of her gently whirling eyes is surrounded by such a dark patch, while another one drapes over her left shoulder and trails up the bones of the left wing, eventually fading so that the wing spar is a lighter shade than the base at her shoulder. Both wingsails are a muted lime shade with faint marbling. Balancing out the coloration scheme is another dark spot on her right hind quarter that covers the entirety of her hip and some of her back. Large forepaws and hind feet are tipped with sharp alabaster claws.

Mighty Cerulean Justice is no longer the silence serene ovoid upon the sands as it begins to wiggle and wobble along side it's shelled brethren. With each movement it drifts towards another egg close by, tilting over and striking! Whoops! You didn't see that, it was a figment of your imagination. Nothing more than an illusion to thwart the minds of evil. It's biding it's time, waiting in the shadows of the shell as it's plan begins to unfold…

Lorien stares as that bronze as it stares to charge and without even thinking moves one giant step away. All he can think of from the looks of it is that one's got more mind for a maul then for pushing anyone around. "Get of the way, Aerian!"

Aerian eyes Alvaren curiously for a second until he makes note of the bronze barreling towards them, stepping backwards quickly and bringing Lorien with him while his free hand plants between Alvaren's shoulders so that he can get dragged along. Effectively, he's trying to yank the other boy to his feet in order to pull him out of the way, but he isn't exactly a bastion of terrific strength, so hopefully the other lad can be useful in this endeavor.

Ica lets Yana's go when the grip starts to loosen and the sudden arrival of the bronze pushing his way through. With a scream she dives back, hiding behind Lorien just briefly, clutching at his robe before she realizes what she's doing. Gaze goes up and she coughs, "Sorry." And then she's back at Yana's side staring at that egg until it falls away revealing the green."

Jaziera pants. And shudders. "Riv, Katen — Kori?" Check. Check. Check. All of her group is safe, presumably, and this realization has her shivering in the wake of the running dragon. "Shells and shards and sharding…sharding…" The young woman curses, eyeing that dragonet with mild annoyance. "Sure in a sharding hurry. Alvaren!" The boy gets a bright smile, though his dragonet has apparently annoyed Jazi, until she turns, eyeing the newest hatchling with some amusement. "Wonder if she'll be as hasty as /him/. Hmph."

Bouncing Baby Green Hatchling slowly looks up from the remains of her shell with an utterly bewildered look on her face. What in world just happened? Wait, is this the world? She doesn't dare move, hunkering her pudgy self down into the sand and shell and goo, tucking her wings to her tight. A brief bit of courage brings her to reach out a tentative claw to poke the neighboring egg, but its quickly withdrawn when her unborn sibling gives a wiggle of dissapproval.

Yana breathes a sigh of relief as the barreling bronze heads for the boys instead and clenches the hands at either side of hers again once more once Ica returns and gives Ica and Keziah a bit of a shaky smile, "Well..that was a close one. You alright there?" Her eyes then turn to the green now that crisis has been averted.

Alvaren responds to Aerian's hand on his shoulder. That simple touch shakes him out of his fear, and quite likely saves his life. He stands up straight, surprised by how close the bronze is to him. He just manages to turn his shoulder, eyes wide… this is surely the end.

Katen takes a deep breath, relieved to discover that nobody was apparently hurt by the bronze's mad dash through the sands. "Whew… had me worried for a second there." His attention is momentarially stolen by the latest green to emerge, but his attention returns to the rampaging bronze. "Uh-oh… let's hope he knows when to stop."

Marching Triumphantly towards Victory Bronze Hatchling slides to a stop and stares at the three boys for a moment, having kicked up a tidal wave of dirt, and sand upon them by accident. Sorry! Sorry! He glances between the trio of them, warbling out a bit in confusion, before he finally jerks himself upright. This one will do. He leans in and grabs up the young boy by the shirt in his muzzle, giving it a fond tug.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Marching Triumphantly towards Victory Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Bouncing Baby Green Hatchling remains looking slightly terrified of all the activity and the noise and lights rushing siblings and *gasp* monsters in white! The little green gives a squeak of alarm as she catches sight of them, though as she remains there huddled in her safe place, something else begins to stir. A loud grumble echoed from the pit of her stomach, and it seems to drive the newborn to bravery as she plucks herself up and begins inching towards the candidates.

River gasps softly as she watches the Imporession and then stands back and leans towards Katen with wide eyes. "These Hatchings are way more excitable than the ones at the last hatching…" she mumbles to her 'group' and just… stares really. "Or violent. Yaye!"

Lorien is dazed for a moment as he tries to go one way and Aerian pulls him another, almost careening into Ica during the process. "Oh! Hey beautiful." he smirks, and snags up one of her hands, the one that was a second before clutching at his robe. "You liking the show so far Ica?" he asks, showing her that indeed he remembered her from the one night in the garden. Aerian is given a look, though, guiltily. He shouldn't have been swayed by those pretty green eyes. "Everything in the right place?" he asks, peeking just past to see Alavern impressing. "And, another bronzie is born. Grats and stuff kid." he says to the boy, eyes then training over the sands. Anything else incomming? He sees the green and nods. Okay.

Katen looks quite relieved as he sees the bronze manages not to cause any destruction beyond some sand splashing. "Whew. Congratulations, Alvaren!" He calls out, grinning, then looking back to River again. "Energetic is certainly a good description… I dunno about violent. Nobody's actually hurt, right?" Yet.

Jaziera is now soundly annoying the ohsorude Bronze, peering at the little Green with furrowed eyebrows. "Aww." She murmurs, elbowing Kori. "Lookit her. Poor baby." Is offered with a headshake, and a little grin. "Doesn't look hasty like him, I don't think."

Theresana watches this pudgy green with amusement, her eyes following her actions as she moves towards the candidates. "Oh, it'll be alright," Theresana quietly reassures the green, who certainly look terrified amidst all the action.

Yana grins as another impression is made, perhaps some releif there as well as the crazy dragon finds its mate. "Well good thing he found his mate before anyone else was bowled over." She gives the hands another squeeze and looks to the young green, "She does not seem as …forward as her siblings…we could be safe this round."

Keziah snorts faintly and nods, "Well, I most certainly hope so, I don't feel like dying today." she comments, grinning at Yana as she keeps the hand. Se, no flinching in the face of crazy.

Korislle ignores the bronze (he was so rude!) and turns her nose up in the air, pointedly looking /away/ from him and his new rider. "No, she looks content to take her time," Kori observes, relief washing over her. At least they won't have another game of chase on their hands, not with this one.

Ica starts wiping her hands off on her robe before giving a headbob or maybe that was three headbobs, "I'm good to go. I guess I should have jumped the other way and not behind Lorien." She reaches up and uses the back of her hand to wipe at her hot forehead before flipping them over and pressing sticky fingers to her cheeks. "Oh! Hi Lorien, uh.. it's.. uh.. uh.. going by really fast! They keep charging out. Are you scared? My heart won't stop thumping."

The eggs surrounding are not safe from Mighty Cerulean as it trembles, creating a series of flowing fractures and one finely made crack from impact. Crack, a crack?! There cannot be a crack about this glorious shell! Not while there's a life cradled within it, safe from the world and all it's wrongs and deceit! It shall be fixed! When the time is right, now isn't the time. No, it's not the hour.

Alvaren looks deeply into the bronze's eyes, after a moment of confusion. In that moment, two lives change and the history of this place is written with the others who Stand this day. "Glyith? Glyith! Yes, yes, we'll get you some food… I know you wouldn't have knocked me over. It's okay now, you found me, slow down… slow down." The heat is forgotten, but not his friends. He leaves them now, reluctantly, but smiling.

T'lin perks up once more at the cry of impression and he pushes off of the wall. He spots Alvaren and smirks slightly as he starts to head over to him. "Congrats, can't think you couldn't have gotten a more handsome bronze." He offers his hand and says, "Come on. Let's go get some food." With that, he leads the pair off.

Bouncing Baby Green Hatchling scoots ever closer to the candidates, occasionally pausing and making as if to tuck her head under a wing and hide, but the growing hunger in both her stomach and her heart drives her on with a soft warble of uncertainly. Oh, who to pick? So many choices, but so few… right! Augh!, she creels out in frustration. Why didn't someone give her some directions, or notes?

Aerian smirks when Alvaren Impresses, not bothering with a congratulations simply for the amusing circumstances of the situation, shaking his head and turning to make sure his brother is all right only to see him flirting with Ica. Rolling his eyes, Aerian only responds to the guilty look with an arched brow before he focuses on the Hatching at hand, not bothering to answer Lorien. Ha. So there.

Bouncing Baby Green Hatchling sniffs at candidates as she begins to move down the line. Occasionally, she'll stop and pluck with a claw at a robe or nibble a hem, but no, not right. A boy is looked at, but then sneezed on. Ica is given a close, curious stare, but then she quickly looks away and seems hurried to move on. Oh! Wait! She skids to a stop and in a sudden rush all but climbs back over herself to race back down the line to a candidate accidentally passed up, creeling loud notes of apology as she nearly crashes into Yana.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Bouncing Baby Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Jaziera apparently realizes that the sands are hot and starts wiggling again, foot to foot, hands fidgetting. "Shells." She mutters softly, probably to herself. Her eyes stray back to the young green and the young woman frowns slightly. "Mm, mm." Clucking to herself, Jazi smiles, then turns to peer at the eggs — and then back as the little green speeds up. "Oh! Well." Seeing as how the Green isn't attacking Yana, it's safe to assume: "Oh, Yana! She's beautiful." Now, she might be making a fool of herself again, but…so? This is Jazi.

Lorien grins and shrugs, "Nah, not really. Aerian and I only said yes cause we thought it'd be a laugh honestly." he tells the girl without much apology, catching Yana impressing out of the corner of his eye. "Grats!" he calls over and then glances over at Aerian, pouting a little before shaking his head. Aerian knows how he is, so the ignoring thing gets ignored. Weird how that works out isn't it? He does however, give his sibling's hand a squeeze. "You hanging in there though? It's sharding hot, and all I want is a bath."

Wasteland and Sky begins to twitch a little as it rests within the sandy cradle beside it's shelled fellows and it tilts one way to the next before it rests. Not a second later, it rocks violently to the side and teeters towards the end of it's private earthen mound where it dares a breeze to send it off the edge.

River snorts faintly and just gasps a bit, "Oh goodness, I think Energetic is definately the word for it Katen." she leans towards him more. Very runny and crashy and dodgey dragonets.

Korislle grins, sticking her tongue out at Jaziera. "Oh, look at that! Right again!" She cries, eyes sparkling with triumph. "So, that's a whole halfmark we're up to now," she checks her winnings, smirking. Her eyes dart away, however, and she grins as Yana seems to have found her lifemate. "Oh, Yana! She's adorable!" She can't help but praise, but then her gaze turns back to the eggs. "Oh, Jazi, mine's rocking," she clutches at her friends arm, pointing to the Wasteland and Sky egg excitedly.

Oh! But the time must be now that we unfurl our hiding shells, sending the pieces and shards to scatter about in an explosion! She raises her head high as she lashes out upon the unfortunate direction of the blurry white things! A triumphant cry is sent out across the sands! No fear for this hatchling has arrived unscathed! Now, she must search for her partner in crime, her sidekick… Ooh, what's this? There's… THREE. Off this pale hatchling wanders to inspect the scene before her.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Nonsensical Battle Cry Gold Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The hide of this dragonet is reminiscient of a striking pallor that can only be compared to rays of fallen moonlight, defying all tawny shades in order to give her the look of honey coated ivory, the color deepening along her strongly defined muzzle as well as over the exceptional length of her delicate tail. Long, elegantly refined wings are given a tapered look, ending in drops of gold that splash across the wingtips and spread over the wings themselves, moon giving way to sunlight that gleams with purity over the sails. A faint blush of copper flows across wide, powerful shoulders that lead into stout, muscular limbs and forepaws awash with cream. Such a darker hue attempts to claim dominance over this deceptively fine-boned queen, warring with the paler shades on her tail only to mottle it and color the spade in entirety. Headknobs and neckridges are the pinnacle and greatest allotment of truly golden shades that are burnished to a heady luster, the same darker color leaving a trail of freckles down the center of her forehead, squarely between large eyes outlined in rich, speckled amber.

Katen looks almost amused for a moment. "Well, congratulations, Yana! Heh, an energetic and bubbly green for Yana. That seems appropriate, doesn't it?" He grins back at River again. then looks to the eggs. "How many are left? One, two, three… er, oh." He then notices the gold which has popped onto the scene. "Well, that's sure interesting." He glances to Kori, the apparent betmaker. "Half a mark says she picks you, Jaziera, or River."

Yana nods to Keziah, "I ain't got my masters yet so surely ain't ready to be disemboweld by dragons." She gives a half grin to her before looking to Ica and giving her a comforting smile. "You are doing…" She starts to say before the nervous green stops in front of her and nudges her. Her eyes blink a couple time, "Oh you sure?" She kneels in front of the green releasing the hands at her sides and nods, "Of course you are Mhaemoth.." She murmurs before rising and looking to a weyrlingmaster, "I need some food.." She says with surprise in her voice and looks to her dragon, "Sure about L'ya?" The green bobs her head and L'ya nods, "Ok lets get you fed.."

River snorts faintly and shakes her head as the gold appears, and with that exploding, River slips her hand out of Katen's and rivets herself /behind/ him. And she says nothing, only watches the gold with wide, pale eyes over his shoulder. Stare.

Jaziera isn't done watching Yana and her cute little Green, but turns to roll her eyes at Kori, laughing. "Do I, now?" She asks, lifting an eyebrow. Then something prompts her to peer towards the long-rocking Cerulean Justice egg — and not find it there, only a Dragonet. A pretty one, but no egg. "Hey," She offers stupidly. "She…from that egg. Well." Then she's glancing back at Katen with a sharp snort. "Me? I think not. Hey! Lucky." Lucky old River gets the hiding spot.

Nonsensical Battle Cry Gold Hatchling tumbles out of her shell, then rises up swiftly for a moment, dripping goo off the tip of her muzzle. She blinks her eyes curiously for a moment, before thrusting her chest out proudly. I. Am. Here! She looks quite smug, and full of herself as she stares out over the sands, then starts to strut her way in a rather confident manner towards the line of white sheets. With a light bugle towards the kids, she obviously wants their attention.

Messages from the Deep Egg gives a soft shake before it begins to violently quiver in place. Just testing out the waters and range of motion, that's all. Nothing to see here… see, it will even go back to being quiet. It can be ignored now.

Ica has a split-second staring contest with the little green before she's moving on and Ica hides a chuckle behind her hand. "At least this one isn't pouncing on us." But apparently she spoke too soon and the green is doing a quite impressive u-turn and making her way back to Yana. "Oh! Oh!" And that's all she can get out of her throat before stepping back closer to the twins. Shes gulps and nods slowly, "A laugh? I guess that make sense. I'll trade, this is horrible. I hope it stops once all of this is over. Not sure how much more of this I can take." She clutches at her chest and looks almost sadly at Yana, no, L'ya.

Korislle looks over her shoulder at Katen, smirking. "You're just saying that 'cause we're your friends," she teases. But she can't help but gawk, watching the gold, unable to speak while watching her. "Oh, Riv, Jaz," she manages to mumble. Still unable to take her eyes off the gold, however, she grasps for both their hands — reassurance and support!

Katen glances back over his shoulder at River, grinning with a bit of amusement. "Oh, c'mon, Riv. No sense in hiding. After all, they can smell fear." He teases a bit, then looks back to Korislle and Jaziera. "That mean you all aren't taking my bet?"

T'lin walks over to Yana, or rather L'ya now, and he says, "Follow me, and we will get Mhaemoth some food. She must be rather hungry." he smiles a bit as he starts to head to the weyrling stop off zone.

Korislle nods assuredly, looking back at Katen. "You're on," she accepts his bet with confidence, a grin spreading across her face. "C'mon girls, we've got a bet to win!" She smirks and squeezes both their hands, determined and hopeful.

River shakes her head a bit and stays stock still behind Katen, "No, no, no.. I'm good back here. And its not fear." she adds as she continues to just watch over his shoulder. She also manages to grab the back of his robe at the shoulders and just…hold on for dear life. "You go girls!" She stays there. Chicken.

Jaziera takes a moment or two to watch the imperial creature, rolling her eyes. "Mhm." She mutters, careful to watch her tone. Then she's quite happy to go on daydreaming about water again, eyes distant. "The 'falls near Fort…mmm. Cold and clear and…ice! Oh, my ice will be melted by now." She speaks of her previously forgotten fruity drink, pouting. "Hey —" Kori gets a glare. "I'm /not/ betting on that. Too /much/." Groan.

Lorien laughs softly, "Just take deep breaths. Is this your first hatching?" he asks Ica, nudging Aerian to point out the Gold as she graces the sands. "Now THAT is a dragon." he points out, nodding approvingly before he flickers his eyes over the eggs that are left. So few now. But thankfully his favorite seemed to remain, which in all the confusion he'd missed moving. Ah well.

Nonsensical Battle Cry Gold Hatchling makes her way slowly, and regally through the sand as she flicks a bit of shell off her wing as she shifts it to one side. The boys? Practically ignored, save a slight hiss or two to those who linger their gaze for too long. Making her way towards the girls, she stops before Kori' first, sizing her up, looking her up, and down. For a moment, she seems hesitant. Leaning in, she butts her shoulder firmly. Better luck next time, kiddo. From there, she starts down the line, peeking over at River, rumbling to herself in thought.

Aerian returns the squeeze only to give Lorien a mild smile, barely there but existing all the same. He lifts his free hand to rub the sweat from his forehead, noting the gold's hatching with interest but only his usual amount. How very shiny of you to join us. He nudges Lorien back to point out that he isn't blind only to remind Lorien, teasingly, "They all are."

Whereas it was previously doing nothing beyond sitting there, giving the occasional shake as the creature within stirs and pushes against the egg shell, Messages from the Deep Egg can no longer retain its integrity. With a violent shove from inside, that sends the egg rolling from place, small cracks begin to appear in its surface. Not much longer now.

Keziah gasps, but dosen't move from where she's standing, rather, she just watches the gold move around.

Korislle rolls her eyes. "I swear, the /more/ you talk about water, the /hotter/ it gets in here," she insists, plucking at the robe that is now definitely sticking to her skin — in several spots. Groaning, she looks down and wrinkles her nose. "This is disgusting," Kori can't help but… Oh. OH! Oh, oh, oh. Kori holds her breath as the gold approaches, looking her up and down. She bites her bottom lip, nearly crying out in anguish as the gold simply butts her in the shoulder and moves on. "Jaz," she whimpers, reaching out for her friend's hand. This whole… rejection thing? It doesn't feel good.

Katen goes wide-eyed, edging out of the way to make certain that he's not in between the gold and River, if River is indeed the one the gold wants to inspect. He's heard terrible, terrible stories about people who get between gold hatchling and what they want, and he knows better than that.

River gapes at the golden head that stares at her and just stands back a step, though, so far, she hasn't let go of Katen's robe yet. Nope, she's just staring up in awe at that gold. Stare right back at it.

Jaziera doesn't bother to stop her jaw slouching. "Err," Okay, so maybe she isn't so wary of the big shiny. Actually, she kind of is, but tries /hard/ not to let it show, squeezing Kori's hand hard, frazzled right out of speaking. So close. Flee?

Ever since the egg shell began to crack, Messages from the Deep Egg has been far from quiet. It continues to shake and shiver, and then finally, with great effort, the shell is pushed into two pieces, revealing a hatchling from inside of it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Watery Shades Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Once the small blue is free from the confines of his dark egg, he sits a moment and shakes, giving the impression of panting with the effort it took to extricate himself from the hard shell. After a moment the youngling steadies himself on shaky legs before he takes steps towards the candidates. A soft croon is issued to those gathered as he looks mournfully down the ranks. Where, where, where? Ahhh.. there, there we go… his watered down and faded blue form finds its way over to an older girl - or would it be woman at her age? - from Monaco Bay Hold, and gently rubs into her stomach. Norrella, reaches a hand down to gently touch his head, looking stunned as she softly says, "His name is…" and then pauses to announce louder, "he says it's Orenth!"

Ica fidgets a bit, going back to that wrinkle now that Yana has been snagged again. "Yes. First hatching. First time at a weyr. Oh, maybe this was a bad idea!" Wrinkle is wrestled with, pushed at, tugged at, squeezed at. Whatever will help to keep her mind off everything going on. The gold gets hardly a glance before one of the other eggs catches and holds her attention. It's not moving, or quite as bright so it gains her attention.

Nonsensical Battle Cry Gold Hatchling continues to stare at River for a moment, before letting out a terribly loud yawn. Mm. Nope. Stick to building sand castles. She lifts her chin up a bit, and does a quick gallop forward, and past her, this time making her way in a slow, lazy circle about Jaziera. She stares at her slowly for a moment, peering thoughtfully, before making her way past, aiming for Theresana and Keziah.

Katen lets out a sigh of relief as the gold departs without mauling him. What was he thinking, surrounding himself with a bunch of female candidates while there's a gold on the prowl. Still, he does look a bit disappointed as she charges away. This could mean a lost bet, after all.

Lorien rolls his eyes himself, "Well, obviously." he says, but then he gets hissed at and he blinks once. "Okay so changed my mind."

Keziah is watching that gold carefully, attempting, actually, to slip away slightly and glances again at the gold, then stops in her tracks, staring as it bears down on her and Theresana.

Jaziera /breathes/, oh glorious lungs working! "Shells and shards and wherries and…" She babbles, thrusting her arm up. "I have wherryflesh." She mutters, shaking a bit. "We aren't dead!" Is then cheered softly, offered with a happy whoop.

Theresana watches the goings on with bated breath, hands clenched at her sides. Was the… Was the queen coming this way?! Feeling as if she might faint, Theresana takes a step backwards, maybe she thinks she can escape?

Aerian couldn't tell exactly why all the dragons seem to hate him and his brother, but it's likely he hasn't put much thought into it. Why would he care? He yawns expansively in the heat, likely the pressure of it causing him to require more air than actually being tired - hopefully, anyway - then turns his head slightly to watch the dragonets move around, only smirking slightly at his brother yet again.

A deep shiver seem to wrack the Fabled Duality Egg, a quiver that makes the mirrored surface ripple and warp, though it does not yet break.

Wasteland and Sky doesn't wait for the breeze, it proves more daring as another violent nudge from within brings the egg to shift and move from it's perching spot. It settles onto it's side and trembles until a fine crack begins to form upon it and slowly spreading throughout this shell…

Vergil is doing the patented Candidate Hot Foot Shuffle as he watches the hatchlings go this way and that, and the candidates move out of harms way.

Nonsensical Battle Cry Gold Hatchling stops before Theresana and Keziah, looking between the two of them for only a split moment, before nudging them to the side as she wades in the middle of them. Finally, she finds her pick, her chosen one, and she thrusts out her chest as the sun catches her golden hide, causing quite the blinding ripple along her form.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Nonsensical Battle Cry Gold Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Five, curving claws rip through the shell of the Fabled Duality Egg as though it were delicate as a dead autumn leaf, crumbling away the glassy surface in a great chunk that is big enough for a bulky muzzle, dark and wet and dripping, to stick itself free of the egg and draw in a deep, rattling first breath through flared nostrils and bared teeth.

Ica shifts from foot to foot, tapping her sandal to knock free the sand that's managed to wiggled beneath said toes. "I mean really, we must all be crazy or something. They're all big and so rough and who knows when one could just come up and mau-" Ica's jaw goes limp before she finally snaps it shut and stares down at the gold. "Hardships and trials? There will be hardships? Are you sure, Xhekuith?" She then turns to look for the Weyrlingmaster, but before leaving, to Lorien, "My heart is going to burst." She doesn't look extremely happy, just extremely nervous as she leads the gold off the sands.

T'lin perks up once again at the sound of the gold impressing this time and he starts to head towards the new weyrling that was chosen. He walks closer to Ica and he leads the weyrling and dragon off of the sands.

Lorien frowns this time, noting that the gold hatchling seems to want to sniff every single candidate. "She gunna stick her nose on everyone?" he asks, shaking his head then at Ica. "Naw, it's only bad if you get mauled. At least that's how I see it. Though this heat is…wow. It's bad. I don't think I'd ever want to do this part again. Next time, big fat no." he claims, being his usual opinionated and mouthy self. Then, Ica has to go and Impress that picky gold, not that it's a bad thing. Or rather, the gold finally picks Ica? Whichever. "Whoa, um…grats an' stuff Ica." he says, backing off that one pretty quick and nudging Aerian out of the way as well. "So yeah, just you and me now bro." he grins wryly at his sibling, having long since released Ica's hand. "Okay so not JUST you and me, but…yeah. Looks like these dragons don't like us after all. I so thought you'd get the gold." he teases Aerian, winking.

Wasteland and Sky shatters into a cascade of shards, freeing the wet and glistening hatching from within. The little one raises his head and belts out a strong bugle that ends up more of a honk as he trips over his own wings and falls face first into the sand beneath his feet. You didn't see him do that, really! Slowly, he situates his limbs, peering at each one before he's certain they wont betray him a second ti- Oooh, white things! He'll remove the remnants of his former home from his skin later.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Double Dollar Bounty Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This blue is far from the average mold of others with a long tail behind him and long neck with pointed muzzle before him. His build is lanky and slender yet the lines of a muscular from underneath presses fine lines over his dominantly azure rich body. Those piercing hues are attractive to wandering eyes with cobalt shadows sweeping across his slender chest, floating over the underside of his tail with faint tendrils wrapping around is circulature fashion. As if carried by the wind… The same darkness resides over highly placed head knobs and neck ridges before blending into the light of his back, still trying to take hold as the darker mottling trails back to his hind quarters and down to shadowed larger forepaws. The image of shifting light taking on a form of opalescence throughout save for the flat hue of sky adorning wingsails when unfurled around him. His wings and well rounded eyes are all that are average.

Katen grins and applauds as it becomes apparent who the gold has chosen. "Woo! Congratulations, Ica! You sure…" He trails off as he realizes that this means he's out half a mark, and winces a bit, glancing sideways at Korislle. Perhaps she'll forget. His attention returns to the remaining eggs. "Ooh. There's a pretty one."

Its strength revived by that first breath, the hatching inside the Fabled Duality Egg shoves itself against the walls of its prison, snapping shell and then sending it flying away on the edges of dripping wet wings that flare into existance. Red eyed, the Ancient Son Of the North Wind explodes from the confines of his ruined shell, digging talons into the sands under his feet.

Jaziera giggles merrily, shifting from foot to foot once more. "Oh, Ica!" She calls, laughing happily. "My condolances!" Is teased, before she grins impishly back at Katen. "Told you so, mister."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Ancient Son Of the North Wind Bronze Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A hunter born, this bronzen dragon is a giant of his kind, like some ancient monster given cold breath and hot blood and cast down upon the world with the glow of an untamable hunger burning behind fierce, narrow faceted eyes. His body is designed for endurance and strength, not beauty, with heavy fore and hind quarters packed taunt with long sinews and tense muscles surrounding a lean, tucked in belly that makes the strength of his deep, expansive chest all the more pronounced - to the point of oversized when he draws in deep, heavy breaths. His muzzle is thick and heavy, with teeth strongly prounced and tight lips that show the slight curve of fangs underneath. His color is that of a frostbitten, arctic mountain; a grizzled blend of granite greys and dark, bark browns. The colors are overcast with a metallic shimmer of pale winter sunlight and the clinging green of persistant moss as well as the sparkle of blue and even faint violet of light off snow, though instead of the colors adding a mark of warmth, something about the way this dragon carries himself instead makes his form all the more warding and unapproachable, as though he carried the cold of Between with him wherever he goes.

River just nods and sighs softly as the gold struts off and she continues to stand behind Katen, her eyes of the Sands. She'll jsut watch the last.

Double Dollar Bounty Blue Hatchling leaps out of his shell with a quick sprint, sending eggs, and goo flinging every which way as the sun kisses the bright blue skin. Sliding to a quick stop, he ducks his head mysteriously, glancing around, jerking his head from left to right, before starting to sneakily make his way through the sands.

Ancient Son Of the North Wind Bronze Hatchling lashes free with a whiplash crack of his tail, sending further shards and egg slime flying. With a deep, gutteral growl does he rise from the sands and turns to regard his blue brother. Curling back his lips to show his teeth, he stands taller to his full height, puffing himself out in a dominating pose. His height? Oh, it might not be impressive now, but oh.. just wait. Just wait. The figure of white are watches as the bronze lowers his head between shoulders that arch, shift side to side. With slow steps, does he begin to move forward, slow step by slow, stalking step, his faceted, wicked eyes glowing bright and scarlet with hunger.

Katen blinks in surprise as he sees a third bronze emerge from one of the shells. "Wow… this is quite a clutch. Don't think I've ever seen this many metallics in a single lot before." He grins back at the female candidates still near him. "Hey, at this rate maybe there'll even be a second gold." He jokes, then looks back at the bronze and blue, watching close.

Jaziera watches the last few dragonets curiously, smiling still. "It's sharding hot, Riv." She mutters back at the girl, anxiously bouncing in place. "But oh…aren't they lovely." The girl offers, shifting to stand beside Katen and River, instead of in front of them. "No kidding. So many! And what a handsome Blue."

Lorien glances about, having missed more eggs hatching in the fact that on one side a bronze Impressed, and then on the other a gold was Impressed. "Hey, when did…" he starts, and then points to the bronze. "Where did HE come from?" The skulking blue is overlooked, mostly because he's being so sneaky. "Is that like, the third bronze?" he asks Aerian, blinking a few times.

Double Dollar Bounty Blue Hatchling zig zags slowly through the sands, peeking around a dune, then.. tumble rolls himself to one side, before glancing around. Anyone see him? No? As his eyes begin to whirl playfully, he sneaks himself slowly around behind the twins, since their attention seems to be caught up by the bronze. Inching himself closer, he looms his head over, dropping it down next to them, as if he was joining in on the conversation. Yeah, did you check out that Bronze?

Ancient Son Of the North Wind Bronze Hatchling watches them all with a blazing, critical stare. The girls? No, something there does not stir him, does not whet his appetite. They're all to fragile, too needy. No, they are not appealing at all. Hissing briefly, he gives a sharp turn and begins to stalk down the line. Each male is paused at, sniffed, occasionally even licked on the hand or even face, but each one is promptly dismissed. All the while, though, one suspicious, even challenging eye is kept on his blue brother. No sooner has the blue settled himself between the twins, than the bronze marches right past them, as if ignoring them by the company they keep.

Aerian blinks. That's his only real gesture of surprise as he looks to his brother and shrugs helplessly, about to respond when something big and blue shows up, "Gyah!" Unsettled in a rare moment of actually, truly being startled, Aerian jerks away from the strange blue, yanking Lorien with him if only by the fact that he failed to let go of his hand. He pulls his brother forward, away from the blue, since that's where he's moving.

Lorien can't help it as his eyes widen a touch, slowly turning his head as that blue parks himself between himself and Aerian. "Uh, yeah. Hi there." he says, and then makes a weird sound as he's yanked away. "I don't want to be mauled!" he simpers, and the truth comes out. Lorien is a big fat whimp right? Well, being taloned to death was something anyone could safely say was not the way to go.

Hello? Anyone out there? A soft tapping starts at the Magician's Hat Egg. Rat-a-tat.

River snorts faintly at Katen, "No queen has or will ever lay two gold." she notes flatly, then grins a little at the goofy bit of blue between the boys.

Double Dollar Bounty Blue Hatchling blinks his eyes and starts to follow after the twins. Hey guys, where you going?! Wait up! Oh, hey bro! He looks over towards his big bronze brother, offering up a cheery draconic smile, nervously, before trying to duck himself back down behind the two. That one is scary! After a few moments, he tilts his gaze up at the two, then looks confused. Wait, wait. Is he seeing double? Craning his head from one side to the next, he seems completely taken off guard. He makes a light warble in his throat, then parks himself right on the sand in front of them, tail thumping.

Katen grows jittery again as the bronze makes his way over to the candidates. At least the blue seems to have found another group to occupy himself. "I was just kidding, River." He manages as an aside. "Of course, you know they say to never say never…" He continues to watch the dragons left on the sands, eyes wide.

Ancient Son Of the North Wind Bronze Hatchling seems increasingly annoyed by the lack of anyone suitable, and for a hair-raising moment, he rears up on his hind legs with wings flared to give the galleries above him an inspection. A sniff is sent towards the stands, but no. Not a single appealing smell among them. /Where/ is he? Seems to snarl the bronze in an open mouthed bellow, spittle collecting at the corner of his maw as saliva gathered. He is /hungry/! But wait? THERE. With an almost howling roar, he erupts into a sprint, plowing -over- one poor young candidate and driving him into the sands, the young lad crying out in pain at the claws that cut him. But the bronze doesn't care, even as his nostrils twitch with the scent of blood. No, what he needs is here, right /here/, as he comes to a stop before Katen and rises up to his hindlegs again, staring into the boy's eyes. Yes. You, you will do.
With a triumphant cry it seems that the Ancient Son Of the North Wind Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

River takes a few steps away from Katen then, sidling over to grab Jazi's hand. "So, what're you doing after this fiasco?" she asks softly to her friend. "Yaye for Katen!"

B'rm makes his way across the sands quickly to help the poor candidate back up to his feet who just got ran over by the Bronze. Waving a healer over, he plucks the poor boy up in his arms, then starts to carry him towards safety. "You'll be alright kid, its just a flesh wound." Right.

A dark claw pops through the yellow spot of the Magician's Hat Egg, though it quickly withdraws itself, followed by a shell-muffled squeak as the surface is quickly splintered like a rock hitting a windshield. Oh! My bad, I broke it! Sorry!

Aerian just tugs Lorien close enough that they don't fall over each other trying to get away from the weird blue. When the hatchling parks himself in front of the pair like a giant canine, Aerian can only look from it to Lorien and back, his eyebrow arched while the other furrows. Uh. With them both in white and lacking any other particularly outstanding markings, it is pretty much impossible to tell them apart physically. Rather than wait around and share in this lovely moment, Aerian simply backs up, pulling his brother along with him. Oookay.

Jaziera gapes. She can't help it. "Oh — oh no!" She whimpers at the sight of the mauled Candidate but stands rooted where she is, unable to move. Then the beast is upon Katen and her eyes widen, fearful. "Ka — Katen!" Apparently forgetting the fact that that, there, is a creature who stomps over Candidates, Jazi beams, unmoving, offering the Bronze only a little frown. "Oh, I knew it!" Is giggled, before she's peering over at River. "/I/ am going somewhere /cold/. Think I can borrow a board now? Sounds /infinitely/ more fun than this. Poor Katen." Grin.

Lorien peeks from where he's ducked behind his older brother, checking on that bronze and then glancing back to the blue again. "Whoa hey, why is he following us?" he asks Aerian, and then he'd back peddling with a nervous kind of laughter. "Okie, then, bah-bye." he finger waves over his sibling's shoulder.

River chuckles and nods, "After this, we'll both go out and take a dip in the ocean, I got plenty of boards." she comments softly, leaning close to Jazi and just clinging to her hand.

Double Dollar Bounty Blue Hatchling looks startled, crooning out in a sad tone. No, don't go! I can't make up my mind! He follows after the pair quickly, looking to Aerian first. You! Wait.. Lorien? You! Wait… The poor dragonet chirps out again, unsure of which path to take. With a shake of his head, he reaches out to snag Lorien by the sleeve, starting to give a bit of a tug. Tug of war! He can do this too! Tilting his haunches backwards, he digs his hind legs into the sand, creating a heavy blue anchor for the twins.

Katen looks completely stunned as the bronze looks into his eyes, taking a very deep breath after a long moment passes. A smile crosses his face, although it's definitely touched with a serious edge. "Bixseth. Of course…. and… K'ten? Alright. Food. Yes. Right away. Let's go." The smith breaks into a brighter grin, excited now, departing the sands with his new lifemate.

Jaziera waits impatiently, leaning against River, looking almost tired. It's hard work, keeping away from crazy dragonets! "Nice cold water." She muses for the hundreth time, glancing only momentarily between Aerian amd Lorien. "Hm."

Aerian blinks as the blue suddenly catches hold of Lorien, not sure whether he should try and help his brother or leave him, in case it's exactly like what they were talking about earlier. Ultimately, he grips his brother's hand and pulls at him, "Let go!" He doesn't want his sibling being mauled, after all, and who knows? It'd suck to be wrong about Impression and wind up having him get mauled by some sociopathic dragonet. Cough.

Lorien winces at the sad tone, not sure exactly why he should care but hey. He frowns as the blue seems so focused on him and his brother, clutching at Aerian harder in the process. Nononononono! Go away! Then the dragonet is pulling on him and all poor Lorien can do is protest. "This isn't sewn together very well little dragon. You better let go or maybe the galleries are gunna get more of a show than just some eggs breaking open." he comments, and looks at Lorien with teary eyes. "Make him let go."

Saisri snarls out from her place beside Avarinth, the gold echoing her rider's stress in a loud, ringing bellow. "Aerian, let go of him you fool! Do you both want to be hurt?"

Double Dollar Bounty Blue Hatchling relents and lets go of Lorien's arm, letting out a crooning, sad warble. He's being rejected by two of the same person?! How confusing. Glancing quickly over towards the girls, and his departing Bronze brother with Katen, he chuffs out a bit, then swings his tail side to side, creating a rivet in the sand. Flexing his wings out a bit, he huffs out in disappointment, before he gives a loud, frustrated grunt. He starts to worry himself in circles, glancing around at the remaining candidates, though something doesn't feel right.

Alas, the Magician's Hat Egg is beyond repair, so the hatchling inside tries to make the best of it with a leap and a rush to burst onto the scene!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< The Last One Standing Brown Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

With a startled yelp, a gangly brown dragonet tumbles from the remains of the Magician's Hat Egg, landing spread eagle on his back. Ta… da? Oh wait… all his siblings have hatched already? Aww-man! He's the last one! He's primarily a dark brown in color, but from his shoulders up his neck and even his face are a much paler shade, as though he'd tried to cover his color with old white paint and ended up a sort of smeary old whitewashed walnut. He takes his time in sorting out limbs, tail, and wings, though he spends most of his time tripping his way towards the candidates and inevitably just falls into his chosen with a disgruntled huff. Maybe Vaughan of High Reaches, now V'ghan, can help him get this crazy 'being born and alive' thing in perspective. "His name is Yorickth!"

Jaziera's attention is caught by the distressed Blue, a little frown offered. "Poor guy." She mutters, eyeing the twins with a lifted eyebrow. And the little Brown? Ah, he's the last, isn't he? There's a grin back at River, now. "Looks like we're free soon. Wait for it…waiiit…" Giggle.

When Saisri starts yelling at him, Aerian just glances in her direction before the Hatchling winds up letting go, anyway. He relaxes his grip on Lorien's arm now that there's no danger of the blue trying to tear into him. What? She wanted him to give up Lorien to save his own hide? That didn't make sense.

River laughs softly and continues clinging to her friends hand, feeling better and just watching the boys and the sad blue struggle. and she puts a comforting arm around Jazi and nods, "Whenever yer ready, I'm set for the beach again." she comments softly.

Lorien didn't like being grabbed and pulled about! When the blue finally lets out, the younger of the twins is shaking, as if he had been terrified, perhaps, because of his obvious fear of being mauled. "Was he going to eat me? Do they do that? I mean, I thought they didn't!" the boy replies in a nervous and frightened tone. He glances over at Saisri and blinks once, confused. "I don't like this."

Double Dollar Bounty Blue Hatchling looks distressed, and upset, creeling at the pair of identical twins, white eyed, and turning a bit grey in color. Shifting himself in the sand, he continues to look towards the others, then back to the pair. Finally, he steps up, pushing himself between the pair of twins, and giving Lorien a butt to the chest, ushering him back a step. HOLD STILL WILL YOU! He huffs out in a rather frustrated, upset tone. Flop. He falls to the boy's feet, dropping his head over his sandals. You are not going anywhere.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Double Dollar Bounty Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Korislle has been quiet for quite some time, yes, but she isn't anymore. "Cut that out!" She shouts, echoing Saisri. Striding purposefully towards Aerian and Lorien, she's got both fists clenched, and one raised, as if she's about to knock one of them out. "I swear," she says through clenched teeth, with tears welling in her eyes. "If that blue betweens, I will beat you both senseless," she threatens, unable to keep her composure. But then, the blue does find his and
Korislle, still angry, lets her fists fall. "I'm not done with you," she hisses at Aerian, however.

Aerian can only stare as the blue effectively seperates him from his brother and sets his head on Lorien's feet, looking from the Hatchling to his sibling while his expression starts to look vaguely sick. As
Korislle has the audacity to storm over and threaten him, he looks askance at her long enough to seethe between clenched teeth, "Shut off before I shut you off." He looks as though he'd probably kick the girl in the face right then and there, but his attention wanes on her in the time it takes him to actually say that, looking back over at Lorien and his, apparently, new lifemate.

Jaziera rolls her eyes, sighing. "Drama." She mutters to River, leaning. Then she peers towards B'rm and Saisri, lifting an eyebrow, offering a little half-smile.

Lorien blinks as that persistent blue once more returns, the the boy goes ashen white. "Ack!" he cries as he's dislodged from Aerian and topples back a bit and then onto his butt. Apparently with a dragon on him. Weird. "Wait, oh….Nivaath?" he says with a measure of fleeting uncertainty. "You sure you want to call me O'ren cause it's like…" he continues and then throws his hands up. "Okay, okay…" He gives up.

River nods slightly and tugs on Jazi's hand. "Well, there's no time like today, lets go surfing." she comments softly and starts to slip off the Sands slowly.

B'rm lets out a deep breath as he rubs the back of his neck, glancing to Saisri for a moment. With his gaze slowly making its way back to the remaining candidates, gives Jaziera a slight nod, then starts to usher them off the sands with a motion of his hand.

Saisri breathes out a loud sigh of relief now that it all over, though she appears visibly shaken and pale, and steps forward then to begin the long-practiced speech. The sands are nothing but shards and mud which a thin Avarinth, calmed now her last son has impressed, regards with a satisfied snort before she plucks herself up and walks right past the line of remaining candidates, her own eyes glowing as red as her hungry hatchlings. "Thank you, all of you, for standing here. It is hard not to find your lifemate, but, there are many more chances for all of you, so do not lose hope. Each and every one of you was Searched, and each and every one of you can Impress. You are all welcome to remain at Eastern, or we can help provide transportation back to your homes or places of choice. Everyone is invited to the hatching feast in the caverns."

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