2007-05-20: Avarinth and Treasath's Eggs Hatch (18th PC Clutch)

Eastern Weyr - Candidate/Weyrling Cavern(#9488RAM$)
Huge in comparison to the other major caverns in the weyr proper, this series of interlinked caverns is the weyrling complex. Fashioned out of a multitude of hollows, it serves as a central gathering area as well as classroom. A number of deep pockets have been laborously smoothed to provide comfortable dwellings for the young dragons and their riders away from the weather of the central area, and affording them some privacy but not much. Above the cavern opens to the sky, holding out the worst of the island's weather but allowing an exit to the sky above and providing natural lighting to the area. Branching off from this cavern is an opening that leads to the exercise yard.

Through the open roof of the exercise cavern, high above you can see glimpses of the weather outside, though are safe from it.

People: River T'lin B'rm Alvaren Feylin Jaziera Korislle Theresana Keziah Yana Lorien Katen Garirsam Vergil Cein Aerian
Objects: Muck Bin and Shovel QUESTIONAIRE Eastern Preference Machine Clutch Tapestry

Obvious exits:
Carved Passage -cp- Exercise Yard -ey- Hatching Cavern -hc-
Ratings Hidden Exit: Grotto -gr-

Pursing her lips, Korislle crosses her arms over her chest as T'lin fails to reply to her, specifically. Jhyri appears overhead, the blue 'lizard all wound up what with the way he's chittering and wriggling with excitement. "What's up wth you?" She asks, looking upwards at the blue.

River steps into the Cavern, its one of the few /day/ times she's actually seen here and not off doing other things. She settles her surfboard to the side of her cot and leans over her clothes trunk to dig in it for something, wiping away a bit of ocean water from her forehead while she's at it.

Alvaren answers T'lin with another nod, "Yes sir, Y'tan's son. I feel a little homesick but Y'tan says it's good that I'm here." He shrugs, "… it was all very sudden."

Yana looks over to Feylin and grins, patting the package on her trunk then holding a finger up to her lips. "All ready.." She murmurs to the girl before she sits on the trunk next to the package. She looks over to the Vintner rider then back to Feylin, "Who is that one? Teaching us how to make wine today?" She asks with a grin before looking about the cavern thoughtfully.

T'lin glances over at Korislle and he laughs to himself as he watches his mate slip out of the cavern, and he looks down at Aerian. "If thou asks, then thou shall receive. Remember that." He walks away from the boy and looks around to the cavern once more as he looks over at

Alvaren and laughs a bit. "Don't worry. Before I left, Y'tan told me to take care of you. So, I guess I have a job to do other then being a Assistant Weyrlingmaster, hm?" He over hears Yana and smirks slightly. "Sorry, but there will no wine making. I may know how to make it, but none of you are in the right state to drink any."

With a loud yawn, Garirsam rubs the blur from his eyes before giving himself a loud yawn, lingering in the door way for a moment, before smacking his lips. He offers up a quick smile to the group for a moment as he ambles towards his cot, swinging a shoulder to loosen it up.

Aerian arches a brow at T'lin, closing one eye as his brow furrows only to roll both and mutter, "Wisdom stunted at birth." It's irritated, but at least he's not shouting it or anything, just stretching again before he flops back down onto his cot, tucking his arms under his pillow and bending both knees, though one swings over the other. He glances over as Garirsam when the other candidate gets up, but doesn't exactly greet him, just jerking his chin slightly before he returns his attention to the others.

Korislle looks at Alvaren and strides to the young boy's side, slipping an arm around his shoulders reassuringly. She may be a bitch sometimes, but, she knows when she shouldn't be, as well. "We all know that he's Y'tan's son," she remarks, looking T'lin, especially, in the eye. "But, do you remember that he, also, is Alvaren?" She looks over at Aerian and surpress the urge to stride over and punch him in the face. "Ar you just going to let him disrespect you like that?" Korislle accuses T'lin, gesturing towards the lounging Aerian.

Katen looks rather amused as he begins to pick up on the conflict brewing between the weyrlingmaster and his fellow candidates. Having dispensed with the obligatory salute he retreats back to his cot, which is as good enough a position as any to watch the ensuing entertainment.

Where has Lorien been? Who knows. However he chooses now to appear, and wanders over to his cot. He flops down against it and sighs. He glances to Korislle and then to his brother Aerian and then over to T'lin. "Wait, what's going on?" he asks, brows lifting.

River is just going to dig around in her clothes trunk and listen. Oooh, some great word throwing going on here. She's quiet for now, having nothing at all to say to anyone at the moment. After a few, she stands up and goes to her surfboard, putting it safely inside a niche where its not going to get broken by someone, tripped over, or marked up by someone doing something to it on accident. Then she turns to watch the folks in the cavern, especially that T'lin guy. Who's he, anyways?"Not yet, anyway," she remarks to Aerian's snide comment, tossing him a coy grin. "Just wait until the hatching," she informs Aerian confidently.

Garirsam settles himself down into his cot, giving Aerian a quick 'what's up' nod of his head, before lifting up a brow curiously towards the others. Slowly, he crosses his arms over his chest, sizing up T'lin, then Kori' as the two seem to start to go at it, curiously wondering how this will turn out. With a quiet clear of his throat, he relaxes against one of his pillows, tucking an arm under his head, waiting this out.

"Nice," Feylin replies to Yana. She glances over at T'lin, then shakes her head. "Nah, he -" But T'lin beats her to the rest of it, and the girl pretends to be annoyed - not very well, and for a grand total of three seconds. Then she just grins up at him. "I take it that's not one of the things you'll be teaching us," Feylin comments dryly, standing back up. The blue lizard flares his wings, while the brown just sinks his claws into her shirt. It's looking a little beaten up on that side, in fact. Glancing over to Koriselle, Feylin smirks.

Lorien blinks once at Aerian's explanation and glances over to Korislle, one brow dropping while the other remains aloft. "Wait, did the eggs hatch and no one told me?" he asks, peering at the girl and ah's softly, giving a shrug before laying out properly on the cot that's been his sleep spot since he got tagged into the Candidate Race. "Over confidence often leads to disappointment sweetheart." he tells Korislle, folding his hands behind his head and closing his eyes.

Aerian's eyebrows arch up at Korislle once more before he smiles blithely and says, "Why? Going to cry when you get left standing? I can get by on looks if they pass me over, but then," and he shows his teeth in a light grin now, "at least you have your personality." When Lorien gets his back, he just shrugs over at the other youth, obviously capable of handling petty arguments himself but appreciating the side along. Still carrying a mild grin, he props himself up on his elbows.

Korislle can't help but chuckle and sigh, crossing her arms over her chest after removing them from around Alvaren's shoulders. "Ah, but my sweetlings, you seem to forget. I am not over confident. I am /just rightfully/ confident. I know my abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. I know myself. I can, and will, do great things," she informs them all, glaring especially at Aerian.

Alvaren is greatful for Kori's unexpected support. "That's right, just Alvaren. I'm not expecting special…" He trails off, looking somewhat uncomfortable.

As the afternoon grows blisteringly hot, causing a sweltering humidity to wash through the Weyr, the eggs have decided that enough is enough, and its time to greet their new lifemates. Barreling into the barracks, B'rm practically roars out. "Candidates! Front and center! You have at least a minute to throw your robes and sandals on, and follow me out onto the sands. It is /time/." He seems to be in a hurry, his hair frazzled a bit, his face in a sweaty mess. "Do not daddle. Make sure to bow to both the dam, and sire, and be on your /best/ behavior." He takes a moment to breathe, wiping the sweat from his face as he turns towards T'lin, jerking a thumb. Lets go.

Eyes darting up as B'rm enters, Korislle wastes hardly a millisecond in rushing to the peg where her robe is hung. Sliding it over her head, and sliding her feet into her thin-soled sandals, she buckles them and glares up at Jhyri. "No, you stay here!" She hisses, straightening herself and smoothing her robe. "Don't even THINK about leaving this cavern, Jhyri! Treasath will EAT you," she threatens, looking to B'rm for reassurance.

Alvaren quickly dons his robe which was hanging nearby and slips into his sandles. "R-ready.", he says, his voice shifting into the lower registers and cracking a bit due to the excitement and stress.

River is glad she was in the barracks at the time, because if she was on the beach, it could have been bad. As it is, calmly and without irritation, as she's been through this before, she slips out of her surf clothes and into her robe in a coodinated, slick move. Yep, look, River was ready. And then she eyes the caverns at the chaos for a moment.

Jaziera glances up from her sketchbook, looking pained at B'rm. But she's up and clothes are flying immediately, ad she'd dressed before any more orders can be barked. Sandals come a bit slower, but they're laced quickly and she's standing, ready to go.

T'lin glances over at B'rm ad he nods slightly as he then puts his hands into his jacket pockets. He's probably the most casual person there, and he's the least properly dressed. Shorts, boots, and a light jacket.

"Faranth." Lorien groans as B'rm comes in barking orders, able to hear the humming of the dragons moments before the guy came flying in. That was quick. Flipping himself off the cot, into the press at the foot he goes and unashamedly off goes his clothes. Next come on the candidate robe and then on goes the sandals. No rope round the waist for him, gunna be hot enough as is without it. He makes his way then to the door, looking for Aerian, taking the boy's hand if he allows.

Despite having been quite indolent so far, when B'rm shows up and starts raining down the brimstone, Aerian hops to his feet with alacrity and interest, kicking his press open smoothly and leaning in to grab up his robe, though it can hardly be called that. Without an ounce of self-consciousness, the older twin peels out of his clothes and yanks the robe down over his head. Little more than a pillowcase, it just barely comes to mid-thigh, and he just ties an extra strip of ragged white around his middle to keep it cinched there. Sandals and he's all done, back sitting on his cot and examining his finger nails.

Garirsam jerks his head up quickly and practically falls out of his cot. With a quick bolt to the wall, he tugs his robe over his head, and shoulders, taking in a big, deep breath. Confidence? Check. He bites his bottom lip for a moment as he glances to the others, then gives a big grin. "Good luck, huh?"

Despite all his tough words to the other candidates, Katen actually appears to be more than a little nervous. He quickly gets himself changed into the robe he snagged from the storage caverns, then makes his way toward the entrance, fidgeting. "Puts it in much more… frightening terms, eh? TO have it actually be here?" He remarks to nobody in particular.

As the call is given, Yana jumps off her trunk as if it suddenly grew really hot. Once she gets over the surprise of the call before she starts stripping down to her underthings not mindfall of anyone else. They are all no doubt doing the same. In quick order she digs into her trunk and grabs out a pile of white and pulls it over her head , securing it with a white belt around her waist. She looks around the room for a moment before she makes her way to Ica and Feylin, "Well reckon we stick together?" She does a piroette for Ica, "All white no colours today. So I am safe." She grins

First Kashet straightens up on Feylin's shoulder, and then Ryn lifts his head; the girl turns to catch B'rm's entrance, and grins broadly. She shoos the pair of lizards off in the direction of her cot, grabbing the white robe from its foot and putting it on, sliding her feet into her sandles. She glances back towards Yana with a smile, then moves over towards the stairs and B'rm.

Ica was sagging on her cot at the time of B'rm's abrupt arrival, one arm flopped off on one side, knee up in the air while other leg swings off the side. Generally all lazy like as the heat seeps to her bones and is making sweat seep from every pore on her body. Yet that all chances once that booming voice fills the candidate cavern and frantic eyes dart around as she flops off the side of her cot and quickly tears through her clothes to find her white robe. The transition between being in normal clothes and her robe is quick and done in all a blur and the sandals upon her feet are slipped on as she stumbles over to the line of candidates. Yana gets a shaky grin and she bobs her head, "Sure thing."

Standing from her cot, Theresana stays mostly quiet, keeping to herself, as she moves to slide the simple candidate's robe on. Don't forget the sandals! Slipping them onto her feet, she looks up and offers a smile. "Ready," she says quietly, to no one in particular.

Eastern Weyr - Hatching Sands(#9377RIJMQas)
The sand of the cavern stretches out to all sides, searing hot at all times of the day from the geothermal heat that this extinct vulcano provides. With only the very top of the cavern open to the elements, allowing vision of the sky and the occasional shower through, but little more. Thick with dark sand, imported and sifted for its extreme fineness and silken feel, this cavern is home to the Queens during their brooding and their multitude of eggs. Off to one side is a risen platform for the Queen's rider and her mate's rider, allowing them a rest from the heat their dragons endure.

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