All the flowers..

Eastern Weyr - Garden Terrace
Neat, even planks form a boardwalk set approximately two feet above the ground. Unfolding to either side of the walk-way flourish the lush tropical gardens of Eastern, either brilliant colors and green well kept with Eastern's near eternal spring. Rare trees mingle amongst interestingly formed as well as common yet attractiver trees dot the terraced landscape. Brightly blooming flowers are abundant, their colors ranging from lavender to blue to white and even startingly shades of pink. The large tropical flowers cast their sweet smell over the little alcoves scattered about the garden and heavenly cloying scents waft about. Towards the center of the gardens is a large terrace enclosed with lattice fences, over which blooming vines have been draped. A large dance square and a quiet bar, with a few high tables, have been set up in the gardens as an escape from the hectic rush of the main cavern.

Glorious days at Eastern seem to be plentiful, even if someone like Zahl isn't one who often appreciated them. Today is no exception, although it is exceptional. Ceruleans and azures are painted across a mostly clear sky, a few dispersed puffs of cloudy whites seem to weep at Rukbat's proud presence, providing no obstruction of the warm rays that beat down on the Weyr. It is not ridiculously hot, yet no chill is to be felt either, just a pleasant middle of the road temperature for a particularly beautiful day. Zahl is just coming out of a long and deep sleep, having stayed up through the night and in the day of the one just past, working to refurbish her journeyman project that she destroyed earlier in the seven day. The Starcrafter is looking refreshed in comparison to when she was seen last, and has wandered towards the gardens for some blooming enjoyment. She's always loved the flowers, and one thing about the day time is the way light illuminates the petals, so it makes it worthwhile to abandon her midnight love for the time being. She strolls, a waterskin on hip, stopping to smell a strikingly aromatic bushel. *snifff* Ahh!

Funny enough, the more females expand outwards, it seems that the more their tempers shrink inwards. At least if you ask S'u. For, while Aliona is reaching the very end of her pregnancy, it seems that the bronzerider has reached the very end of her nerves, and now, he is settled in the garden, alone. It isn't as if he didn't make an effort, though, for the bronzerider is on a blanket, a basket and a skin of something settled next to a pair of empty glasses, one hand thrown over his head to hide his face. And the other party for the carefully planned picnic? Nowhere in sight.

Zahleizjah wanders deeper and deeper, nearly sashaying through the rows as joyous momentum and carried away reveling begins. There may even be some laughter to be heard, messy bun bouncing atop her head as she skips by plant after plant of awe-inspiring foliage. She does, of course, think she's alone! Faranth forbid a Starcrafter get caught actually enjoying the daylight, especially a slightly timorous one like Zahl. She's surprised the area is rather bare when it comes to other Weyrfolk, but it isn't long before she'll pass by the area where the red headed gent has set up what seems t'be a picnic. Reeling it in, giggles are hushed and skips become regular ol' steps, approaching while fighting her inner resistance to go the other way she'll ask "Waitin' fer someone?"

There is a shift as there's the sound of laughter, and S'u is lifting up his head to glance around, and so it is that he spots Zahl, laughing a little and shaking his head and he sprawls back on the blanket, staring up at the sky. "Have a feeling she won't be coming back." The dejection is evident in his voice, though after a moment he pushes himself into a seated position with a groan, waving a hand. "There's cakes and sandwiches and juice, if you want any."

Zahleizjah puts her hands on her hips and head shakes "Y'made her mad?" It's pretty clear by his tone, but Lei is really good at stating the obvious. "Why don't ya send a 'lizard with a flower chasing after her? Angry women love to be chased after.. suppose it makes them feel important.." Not that she knows very much, but what ever. Since he seems to be welcoming, Zahl will pick a small white blossom to put behind an ear before taking a seat, on the edge of the blanket. "Well that is kind of you.." She'll look to the basket and ask "Sure y'have enough? In case she does come back y'don't want to have to explain that y'gave it away to another woman.." Oh no, that doesn't seem like it'd go over well at all.

"I.. I have no idea. Honestly. You know how them queens get all… broody and angry at anyone who bothers them, and they don't care who it is?" A hand is gestured in the direction of the main weyr. "That would basically describe my- I mean, Ali. Not that I blame her. I guess. I mean. She has to be miserable." At least S'u has the sense to look slightly guilty at that. "She said she was going to soak. And Tzet and Izzy say that's exactly what she's doing so." He shrugs a little, and flips the lid of the basket open. "Oh, well, we ain't. I mean. We are, but."

Zahleizjah ahhs, nodding, knowing all too well what queens can be like, though her level of understanding is likely far below that of which S'u has experienced. "Well.. whyd'ya bother her?" Is asked simply "I mean all y'gotta do is say sorry, acknowledge her feelings and what y'could've done different and move on.. right?" Sounds logical enough, if there is such a thing for a perturbed queen. "Flowers always help too.. unless they're allergic." Her personal inexperience shines via ramblings, despite philosophizing. "Why's she miserable?" Lid of basket is flipped open with offers, so Zahl shyly helps herself to half a sandwich and half a cake, nibbling like a mouse on the sandwich first. "Maybe she just needs to relax.. a nice massage is always a good way t'make up for making a lady mad." Oh Zahl, she just doesn't understand the complexity of these things.

"I.. I didn't think I did. I mean, she was moody before, but now." S'u shakes his head, helping himself to a sandwich, though it sits uneaten in one hand for a moment. "I thought I was being sweet, taking her mind off things. And then.. I don't even know. I guess she wasn't a fan of my name suggestions. Apparently I know nothing." He shrugs a little, looking hopeless. And then he laughs, hold a hand out in front of his stomach. "She's out to about here, if not worse. And she is convinced its never, ever going to end. And its all my fault."

Zahleizjah finally starts to put things together when S'u speaks of name suggestions. She ahh's and asks "She's got one in the bun?" Stating the obvious again, then stupidly also asks "It's yours?" from behind sammich bites. The intoxicating colors in her eyes swirl like the finest bourbon, flecks of gold reflecting the sun as they transilluminate. Zahl will sit there, proper like, legs tucked beneath her and off to one side. There's that giggling again, light and airy in a higher octave that is not annoying in any way. "Y'gotta give her a break and don't take it personal.. seems she's not her usual self right now.. and it will end.." a pause "Though it is your fault.." hopefully.

"At least one… Hopefully she doesn't pull an Izzy and somehow pop out a dozen." There is a smirk on his face that at least will show that S'u is joking about that aspect. "Well, as far as she swears, its mine. I guess." Any doubt that S'u has is hidden with a bite of sandwich, which stills his talking for the moment. After a swig of juice, he shrugs a little. "I try. Its harder than it seems. I want to help, but then I get… well, abandoned. And if I don't everyone looks at me as if I'm terrible."

Zahleizjah's eyes go wide "A dozen?!" What is she a dragon or something? "That sounds awful.." the Starcrafter reaches free hand for her stomach. "I dunno if I'll let something like that happen t'my body.." because getting pregnant is totally a choice for someone with a Weyrmate. At least S'u thinks the whole thing is kind of funny, brow raised shows she's doesn't quite get it. "Y'guess?? Seems like.. a sticky situation.." She'll shrug and nibble more of sammich, figuring that bit is really none of her business anyway. Wterskin is reached for from hip, uncapped and sipped from, nodding while she listens. "Aye.. things can often be harder than they seem." Thinking for a moment she adds "Have y'ever just asked her what she needs from you?"

Zahl's reaction is totally worth it, and it sets S'u to laughing, the bronzerider flopping backwards once more, taking a long moment to regain control. "I'm kidding, really. Her gold was all worried, at first, that there'd be as many of *ours* as there was of hers. Thankfully, she has figured it out." The last bite of sandwich disappears, and he shrugs a little. "Tried, but." He shakes his head. "No offense, but ain't never got a straight answer out of a woman."

Zahleizjah lets out a sigh of relief "Oh… a dragon! Gotcha!" The image of a person and a dozen babies was mortifying! Head shakes and she chuckles with the rider. What S'u says next is probably a common conundrum for men, attempting to understand women's wants and needs, a task that will probably never happen. "Hmm.. she sounds like a fickle one.." Hopefully an astute but not rude observation. "Welp, I'm still gonna vote flowers for this one then.. and when it comes to names.." She's curious "What was your suggestion?" A small piece of the half cake she set aside is ripped off and nibbled on.

"She…" And S'u sighs while making a face. "She's Ali. I guess. Ain't gotten any easier to figure her out over the last dozen turns, either." He shrugs, and leans over to rummage until he's finding a little cake which is examined before it disappears more quickly than the sandwich did. "I may take you up on it, when I go. Not sure I'm going to brave it now but, perhaps after she's had a bit of time." He roles his eyes. "Erlion, for a boy. But *apparently* she's told me before, if its a boy, it'll be named after her… father. Or grandfather. Or.. something."

Zahleizjah nods and mouths "Ali.." thinking about what it must be like to spend that many turns with someone. "Well y'made it this far so y'must be doing something right I suppose.." Her cake is savored much more slowly, sweets not being a usual treat, though rather enjoyable, it disappears nibble by nibble. The Starcrafter will lean back on one arm, Virikas fluttering in from above, looking rather egg heavy herself. "It must be going around.." head shakes while the demanding green squawks for food and luvins. There's a nod of agreement "Yeah a lil cool down time s'probably a wise choice." She'll chuckle at the eye rolling, one shoulder meeting ear momentarily. "Well, I guess that's a reasonable request on her part.. I mean sh'did hafta carry that thing all this time.." Probably not the most fond reference to a baby, but it's the best Zahl can do really.

"I am -so- sure she had never said anything about it before." Which, honestly, most certainly means she has. Likely over and over again. "I mean, I guess it makes sense. But Erlion would elide to such good names! Like.. E'on.. Or, Er'on! Or, uh.. Er'i." And S'u's arguement is clearly weak, though perhaps he didn't have time to fully develop it.

Zahleizjah hmms and wobbles that little head of hers "Well.. maybe she just though she did.." erring on the side of caution she adds "Does it really matter anyway?" As for what S'u speaks of next, an alternative perspective is provided "What if he never becomes a rider though?" It seems clear he hadn't thought of that yet. "'Sides maybe she just wants to maintain some aspect of her lineage y'know? Carry on her father's name.. again though.. would either of you love him any less should the name not be the one you chose?" What's in a name anyway? This has been postulated before.

The day fades away, snacks and conversation enjoyed before the two depart back towards the Weyr.

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