He's the Weyrleader?

Eastern Weyr - Commons Cavern
A grand stairway leads downward into the cool rock of the commons cavern, a place for socializing and relaxing, as well as an area that provides solid shelter from the seasonal storms of this area. One of the few caverns at Eastern Weyr, the rock here has been worn away by centuries worth of water movement, leaving a nearly glass smooth polish over much of the room. Rocky shelves line the walls on which electric lights covered with paper lanterns rest, providing adequate illumination for the area. High above are further light fixtures, enabling a wide range of lighting options here. A natural pool occupies half of the far end of the cavern and is supplied with heated water piped in by an ingenious techcrafter. All about the room are balconies of rock with stairs leading to them and small dumbwaiters for the purpose of delivering food and drink to their heights.

It's mid-morning in Eastern and since the previous day several unfamiliar faces have been wandering around the Weyr. Knotless traders from a small caravan have made their way to the shore-side Weyr and quite a few have found their way into the caverns. The only one currently present however, seems to be Feyran. The young woman looks younger than her years, fourteen if you squint really hard. Her attire contrasts with the baby-face she sports, consisting of gray leggings, a navy blue dress that falls to mid-thigh and a green jacket that's far too big and makes her look a bit frumpy. She's piled up a plate of meat and fruit which she is currently digging into at a table near the edge of the caverns.

Zahleizjah has been up from the night before, her journeyman project taking her through the wee hours of the morning, and now to the commons where basic human needs must be met. Klah, check, food, yes please and definitely a large glass of water. She's got a full spread, and bags under her eyes below slightly droopy lids. She's looking for a good place to sit, and the starkly empty caverns puts her in a weird position. Does the slightly timorous Lei sit far away and come across as rude to the person whom she's never seen around here before (granted it's only been a little over a turn) or does she gather up the courage to cop a squat nearby. She settles for somewhere in between, heading that direction slowly, and if their eyes should meet and it seems inviting, she'll sit closer. There will be some head nods and a smile from the Starcrafter, but if the opposite should happen, distance will kept, back turned. Social situations are always a roll of the dice for Zahl.

Feyran is spearing some meat for herself when she glances up and catches sight of Zahleizjah. There's a friendly smile for the star crafter and a tiny dip of her head. "You've got terrible dark circles, hard worker huh? Why don't you have a seat!" As far as two-pronged compliments go, Feyran's certainly a master. But that childish face of hers combined with the pleasant voice make it clear that she only means it in the best way. Of course, a frumpy looking kid that no one's really seen around the Weyr before yesterday might not be anyone's first choice of company, but that's never kept Feyran from bothering other people.

Zahleizjah catches the friendly smile from the dark haired stranger. There is something unique about the new face, the way brown eyes and wispy hair accentuate her youth, facial features soft like that of adolescence. It is her words however, that make her think she may be a bit older than her years. "Well, thanks for noticing eh? M'sure I look like something a feline dragged in, graveyard shift. Trying t'make up lost time for blowing half m'journeyman project up last week. The glass is the most important part to a farviewer. Zahleizjah, or Lei, Starcrafter.." She will indeed have a seat, and since the fashionable gal has struck up a conversation she decides maybe a seat at that table might be alight. She sure is talkative for being tired "New around here?"

And so, S'rok enters. But if one is expecting a well dressed and charming Weyrleader, that is not what they are going to get today. He's usually well groomed, proper and the diplomat, but the figure that shambles in is something like from a horror story. Okay, not quite. But he looks five years older than he actually is. He at least has his boots and pants on, but his fly is down. His shirt is over his shoulders but left unbuttoned, and one side is tucked in and the other hangs down; exposing abdomen and pectoral. He has his eyes fixed on the coffee and breakfast table and woe to anything that gets in his way. S'rok is also not wearing his knot, which is usual for him, but unusual for a Weyrleader.

"Yeah, you sort of do…but it's not a bad look on you. Besides, who cares about looks when you're working hard on something." Feyran again provides that two-pronged type of compliment, which seems to be a thing when it comes to her. "Nice to meet you though Lei, the name's Feyran. And…I guess you could say that, haven't been to Eastern since I was a kid." There's no knot to mark her of a craft or anything, but the girl quickly clears up any confusion. "I'm with the traders, we just made camp not far from the Weyr yesterday and I figured I'd take a look around here." She shrugs and grins before letting her gaze slide over towards the arriving S'rok. Fey's got absolutely no idea who he is, so the girl that looks like she's maybe fourteen or younger…well, she proceeds to do what she does best. "Hey you! Your fly's open…it's ruining that nice scruffy look you've got going!"

Zahleizjah could totally pull of that dark gothic baggy eyed and heavy eyeliner thing if she wanted to, wearing all black all doom and gloom. "Thanks.." again she says with a smirk before adding "You sure are outspoken.. or something.. Feyran. Well met and Eastern's best to ya. Is it like you remember?" She may be prying a little bit, noticing there's no sign of a knot. "Ahh.. I see.. what's in your caravan? Any scarves?" Ok she may want to shop a little too. Cue the barely holding it together half-dressed, unzipped pants guy. Also no knot, and Zahl is starting to feel a little panicked. She think he kinda resembles someone she's seen around in passing, but she can't quite place it. A glance is shot to Feyran, Zahl could totally take her, but that guy? Hopefully she's not bait. Then the girl starts to heckle him too, which elicits a Shhhh face from Zahl, not necessarily wanting to attract that kind of attention.

The nice thing about being exhausted, gruff and a little on the grumpy side is that it doesn't matter how old someone is, when you have a retort you say it. "Yeah." He says, looking at Feyran for ten seconds or so. "Well, the only brain that is working now needs air." He slides past her, and stands mute and motionless in front of the serving table for a minute with undecided and bleary eyes, not bothering to do up his fly. A minute stretches into two, as he just stares at the table. Then his head turns, eyes locking on Zahle. His brain is obviously working because he remembers her. Or maybe it's because she's a member of the fairer sex and the other brain that is working remembers her. Who knows. "Starcrafter." He says blearily. "Welcome back to Eastern. Are you going to run another one of those events? It was a good party." He lifts both hands to run his fingers through his hair, then turns his head by placing his fingers at his unshaven jawline and manually moving his head. A little crack sounds from his neck and he looks a little more awake, but not much. "What do I want for breakfast?" He's asking Zahl this, the exhausted eyes boring into her a little too intently to demand an answer.

"Scarves, random trinkets, my family does jewelry for the caravan if you're interested." Not that Feyran seems that intent on dragging Zahl anywhere, much less her caravan. Then again, there's a reason she's not a salesperson of any kind. "What? It's true…the scruffy look isn't bad, but going around with your fly down sort of messes with it." Feyran grins before glancing to S'rok and shrugging. She goes a bit silent then, nibbling on her meat and letting the other two talk. Cheeky and quick to speak, yes, but she's not /that/ crass to barge in on something she hasn't got any idea about. Well…not yet. It's likely Feyran will at some point though.

Zahleizjah's indomitable eyes are staring at the mess standing by the serving table, until he turns 180 and his, sienna colored face with green eyes. Brow raises and her gaze is looking away, being called by craft drawing them back for a moment to confirm "Yes.." with slow questioning inflection, and then it hits her, only when he draws her moment back to that whirlwind of a party so many turns ago. "Oh.. yes. What a night.." So many faces, but the less tired turns younger image of his is recalled. "Eastern would be well receiving of something like that here then.." She can't seem to remember the name.. so many meet & greets that night. She feels like she's on the spot, shrugging and thinking he probably needs protein. "Sausage and egg breakfast roll?" she pauses then adds "Side of potatoes, mug of klah, and water.." since he looks a little dehydrated. "Well I do hope your group sets up for awhile so Eastern may stock up. I'll try to stop by over the next seven day. Any spices?" Polite enough conversation, maybe she's not about to be ransacked. She'll let the scraggly gent stock up, cuz he clearly needs to eat, going back to her meal, taking sips of klah and water along the way. At some point she asks Fey "Seen some fun places on your travels?" Zahl probably doesn't get out that much.

S'rok stares at Zahle still, his eyes seeming to become more and more intense. "If it bothers you that much, do something about it." He says over his shoulder to Feyran. Then his eyes are fixed on Zahle's again, not deviating, staring out past a series of crows feet. Obviously, he's still able to read people because he volunteers his name. "S'rok." He says. Which may or may not ring the bell of recognization. Then, after another thirty seconds of visually boring into her, his head slowly turns around, and gives Feyran almost as long of a look, and then he picks up the entire tray of sausage rolls and the serving pictcher of klah and shambles towards the door muttering something or other about forgetting to eat again. What a strange encounter. A short time later, a well dressed man enters, wearing the knot of some far reaching hold. "Excuse me." He says. "Has anyone seen Weyrleader S'rok? I was told he was here, and I simply MUST discuss a clause in our trade contract! Pilgrim Bay Hold is /offended/ by ovines, how did he not know that we find such beasts an affront to our dignity! We deal in pork and beef only! Where is he??!"

"We should be around for a while, been ages since we've come around this way. Spices we've got too…we've got most everything to be honest. You should come by in the evening, things are more fun than during the day." Feyran grins at Lei and nibbles some more meant before glancing up and letting her gaze rest on S'rok. "Nah, you can do something about it if you want. I'm just here to provide commentary during meal time." There's a tiny bit of a smirk, but she matches his long look with one of her own before shrugging when he disappears. "Ehhhh, I think you just missed him. Shabbiest Weyrleader I've ever seen though, which is a shame really because he seems interesting." Half-compliment, half-insult, and all delivered with a wonderfully childish smile and innocent look. Hmm…time to eat more now!

Zahleizjah ahhh's the name tying him to series of events in their meeting so many moons ago. "S'rok.. aren't you.. Weyrleader here?" She hasn't seen him since then, a lot could happen! Her returned gaze is no match for the intensity in his, and she will look away multiple times. Fortunately, as stumbly as he arrived, he departs, the distraction of the dapper looking arrival pulling attention off of Zahl as that man confirms this for them. Speak of ovines and trade contracts are way beyond anything Zahl would want to deal with, so she plays stupid as S'rok makes a break for it and shrugs both shoulders as if she did not just ask him that very question. "Soo.. yeah.." she'll turn attentions towards Feyran to make a disconnect between herself and whatever business that man has with the Weyrleader. "Evening.. got it.. I will definitely head your way soon.." Pushing to a stand, the last few nibbles are taken, mug o'klah to go and she bows her head "If you'll excuse me. I should clean m'self up and take a nap. Well met Feyran.. you sure are a funny one. M'sure our path's will cross again." Glass is raised and she heads for the door.

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