Oh What a Night!

Eastern Weyr - Jungle Path
Along this jungle path are the darkest of the residences tucked into the jungle of Eastern Weyr. Here quiet reigns, broken only by the song of birds and the occasional rustle from some small animal scurrying about the trees and undergrowth. Tucked away from the coast and protected from the worst of storms by a small rise, a multitude of huts are found along this twisting pathway that leads through the forest. A gently sloping pathway leads onto the top of the rise, which has been set up as a park with picnic benches and a cleared play area for the children. It continues on down the other side, meandering towards the ocean until it ends at an outcropping of rock that leaks steam from myriad cracks.

Were it not for the bright lanterns strung along the path, it would be far too easy to get lost in the jungle. The huts are cheery pinpoints of light in the gloom, and old-fashioned glows are scattered like stars all along the path leading to the top of the little hill. The cooler weather of winter has finally arrived on Eastern Weyr. Plants and animals resting and relaxing from their high production seasons and surviving through the late autumn early winter storms.

The cold northwest wind howls, blowing about the island in savage gusts. The sky is clear deep blue and the stars glitter, brilliant as diamonds. Weather has no bearing on the life of a Starcrafter, and Zahl has found her way out of her hut (for once) and on to the large open space front patio outside of her door. Sure, claiming a part of the jungle path means many passerby's may wander through, so despite her less than sociable mannerisms, she's got the area set up quite nicely. A few baskets of glows are set dimly handing from posts with hooks, and a various assortment of chairs acquired since moving to Eastern are huddled around a central fire pit. No two chairs are alike, some diner style, stiff and upright, some loungers with bucket seats, a long bench, a large stump etc. Zahl has only a smoldering fire in the pit, hot coals glowing like molten lava. She's got her far viewer out, lounging in a bucketseat style chair with a mug of rum punch in her hand, looking up at the brilliant display of stars and planets above.ure, claiming a part of the jungle path means many passerby's may wander through, so despite her less than sociable mannerisms, she's got the area set up quite nicely. A few baskets of glows are set dimly handing from posts with hooks, and a various assortment of chairs acquired since moving to Eastern are huddled around a central fire pit. No two chairs are alike, some diner style, stiff and upright, some loungers with bucket seats, a long bench, a large stump etc. Zahl has only a smoldering fire in the pit, hot coals glowing like molten lava. She's got her far viewer out, lounging in a bucketseat style chair with a mug of rum punch in her hand, looking up at the brilliant display of stars and planets above.

Najara is out tonight as well, despite that wind. She's got a shawl wrapped around her, wandering the jungle paths with a thoughtful look, and she pauses as she draws near someplace with seats and a fire's glow, looking for people and then waving to Zahleizjah once she notices her.

Gerazal is out as well and he's got a thick jacket that he made himself. He looks very warm and snug as he looks around. He spots Zahleizjah and Najara and gives them both waves, "Hello two you both how are you both doing?" He asks as he walks along the path towards them. He spots the farviewer, "Anything going on with the stars tonight? Any shooting stars?" He asks curiously as he moves closer towards the fire, "Doesn't the glow of the fire get in the way?"

Najara smiles to Zahleizjah, stepping closer to her. "It's… well, I suppose it's not the nicest of nights, but it's not a bad one, all things considered." It's apparently a popular thought, and she laughs a little as she waves to Gerazal and the unknown arrival. She looks back to Zahleizjah, and smiles. "Need some help bringing out glasses?"

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Gerazal smiles as he sees Tequoia as well and he waves to her, "Hey Tequoia how are you? I haven't seen you in a while I hope everything is going all right. I'm doing good." He says in response to Zahl's question and he ohs as he moves closer to look at the farviewer as he's not seen one up close before. He smiles at Najara, "I haven't seen you in a while either, what have you been up to?"

Tequoia grins at Zahleizjah "Thank you, I appreciate that." she states with a murmur and then there's a nod to Gerazal and she bites her lower lip a little and looks almost nervous. "I'm good." she murmurs "Everythings good. Really good actually, I guess. I've been on leave and well." she then trails off as he goes to look at the farviewer, which is just as well. She does come in closer to the group and sighs at the warmth of the fire. She'd been walking for awhile "The punch is just juice, yes?" she asks after a moment.

Zahleizjah chuckles and nods "Not the worst either I could say.." Fortunately her duties and storms don't usually run hand in hand, but the wind is definitely biting at exposed skin. "That'd be great Naj.. I've got a few blankets too.." The pair will scurry in quickly to grab rum punches for those who'd like to imbibe and a few blankets to go around as well. The goodies are passed out or set down where appropriate and she'll sidle up next to Gerazal at the viewer. "Ever used one of these before?" seems like he hasn't so she gives a little guidance if he seems willing to accept. "Just close one eye, look through here with the other and let me know when it's clear." She'll toggle the focus until he says stop "It's set on the half moons.. but if you move to the left you'll see the Southern Cross.." A smile is shot back to Teq, catching her question somewhere in the shuffle of inside to out, she grabs a glass just for her. "This one is.. just juice that is.. the others have rum though if you care for any." A hand is extended with juice passing "M'names Zahleizjah.. but y'can call me Lei.."

Najara laughs a little to Gerazal. "Oh, well. I suppose it has been a bit. I've been at Xanadu a lot lately, spending time with C'yr and Anaya." She smiles, then slips in with Zahleizjah to gather the drinks and blankets for a nice little star-watching party. She keeps a drink for herself, taking a sip of it and then looking up at the stars… though she doesn't both with a farviewer, just waiting until Gerazal's in between views before asking, "What about you?"

Gerazal smiles brightly as he looks over his shoulder at Tequoia, "That's good to hear. You were on leave? Did you go anywhere exciting? I've been stuck in the weaver complex working on my journeyman's project as well as my studies. The clothing is really coming along." He smiles as he leans down and he follows Zahl's instructions, "Oh no looking at the moon is good enough for me I don't want to mess up your observations." He looks down and he oohs softly as he gives a good view at one of the moon. "It looks very lovely." He straightens up, "I'll have just one glass of the rum one. Apprentices are allowed that." He moves off to let others view.

Blankets are wonderful things. Tequoia greatfully takes one, along with the glass "Thank you, but no rum for me." she states with a grin. "I've never help my liquor real well." she nods a little to Gerazal "Well, it was exciting, but it was just nearby." she notes quietly and gets an almost sad or maybe wistful look in her eye. Course, that may have just been the firelight. Still, with glass in hand, she pockets whatever item it was she was holding. It really didn't look like much. Maybe a rock or something. "I'm glad that the clothing is going well. Are you going to have a show?"

For all that R'en is a healer, and pleasant to be around in the infirmary - he's a bit of a hermit when it comes to day to day life. He tends to wander off alone rather than towards groups. However, today he walks down the jungle path with a satchel over a shoulder and a bottle in his hand. Pausing as he sees a group of people, he tries to figure out if he should turn the other way or continue on forward. Soldiering on, he keeps heading forward and offering a light, "Evening.." To those that're gathered. "Something going on that I didn't know about?"

Zahleizjah's unique gaze settled on Najara "Anaya.." she repeats "Beautiful name.. and please accept my congratulations dear." There's a bit of blushing, though it is quite possible only Najara would know why. A warm beaming flash of pearly whites shoots towards Gerazal "Your journeyman project! How exciting.. that is wonderful." She won't mention blowing up half of hers recently, shrugging one shoulder as Gerazal is content with just the moons "Suit yourself.. they are quite a lovely site.. wouldn't be surprised if a few meteors pass tonight. Should be viewable and in plain site for all.." The wind tears through the jungle path again and Zahl settles back in to her spot, snuggling in a blanket and grabbing her mug o'rum punch as she does. A thoughtful nod is sent towards Tequoia "It's definitely not for everyone.." glass is raised her direction. The crackling fire has not even a flame to it, just an ember glow with a few people gathered around it in various styles of chairs. The newest arrival receives a tip of head and drink "Evenin'" she says more confidant than usual "Just a lil stargazing if y'care t'have a seat.."

Najara blushes a little, and nods to Zahleizjah. "Thank you," she says, then smiles as she listens to Gerazal, taking a sip of her drink and then looking up to R'en, waving to him. "It seems like we have have something going on whether we plan to or not," she says with a little laugh.

Gerazal smiles as he gets a drink and he eats some food first before he takes a sip, "Well I'm glad you enjoyed it. Everyone should have leave now and then." He ohs, "Maybe if there is one for me to participate when I finish with the clothing." He looks towards Najara and he gives her a smile, "Congratulations Najara." He takes a long drink of the rum punch and he nods to R'en as he comes waves to him, "Hello there, "Just an impromptu gathering I think. Lei has her farviewer out and is letting us have looks." He smiles at Lei, "I'll take a look at it on my next turn. Others should get a chance to see it too." He finds a spot to sit and he reaches for a little more food.

Tequoia raises her glass back in response. She's happy enough with her juice. She grins as she spots R'en and waves at him, seeming pleased and yet surprised he hasn't retreated. "Come join us." she nods in response to Najara's response "Yeah, just an impromptu gathering and I guess stargazing." she notes and then shakes her head a little at Gerazal "Nah, you should host it, get people to model the outfits." she notes and takes a sip of her juice. She's found a spot herself to sit down in. Close to the fire, but a little offset from people.

Another is wandering in on this little scene it would seem. T'revs just got off some time a go from sweeps and thus is making his way down through the paths with a half yawn escaping him. His not tired, nope, alright perhaps a short bit. Still he knew a certain Starcrafter would be out thisaway, mostly thanks to a certain bronze that was keeping some tab on Zahle. A curious look is sent to the ones here, along with a slight nod and warm smile seen. "Evening." Is soon heard as his gaze drifts over the ones here to see whom all has showed up it would seem. Though in all honesty he catches sight of Zahle and sends her a wink. "Found a fallen star." He said with an amused tone while moving on towards where she happens to be.

R'en purses his lips as the crowd seems to be growing even still, though he does offer a quick smile and a shrug of his shoulders. "I'd really like to, but.." He pauses, trying to think of an excuse before adding, "I have something I need to do." Yep, vague as ever and he doesn't appear like he's willing to stop for much more than a brief greeting. The bottle he brought with him gets tucked into his satchel before he lifts a hand. "Enjoy your night." He offers, and seeks to worm his way through the gathering to the other side towards deeper into the jungle.

Zahleizjah's cinder illuminated smile travels from Najara who receives a 'you're welcome' nod and a chuckle in reference to the gathering, then to Gerazal to whom she states "That is very thoughtful of you.. just lemme know and I can adjust it after." She offers about spotting a few other sights in the night sky. The wind has died down for now, and for those who are looking up a streak of light rips through the midnight backdrop. Long tail and flaming lead, a brilliant shooting star is a sight to behold. "Ooo.. look!" she points. "Lucky us.. glad y'all wandered out.. despite the wind it's a rather lovely night for an impromptu patio party." Another nod has her agreeing "Here here, no fun unless y'get t'see em modeled right?" That'd be like making far viewers and never looking at the stars. Trev's arrival has her jumping out of her seat the moment his voice is heard. "T'revs! Finally!" She'll trot over, place a big kiss on his cheek and pull him to the set nearest hers. "You're the sweetest.." She says, looking towards R'en and frowning a bit as he departs as suddenly as he arrived. "Not even for rum punch and shooting stars I suppose.."

Najara smiles, listening to the others. "It is a rather nice night," she says, then waves to R'en as he he departs. She has another sip of her drink, then smiles to Gerazal and nods. "It's been a while since I've had a chance to do anything properly with clothing. But everyone likes to look nice, don't they?"

Gerazal hmms, "Maybe, but I'm just doing clothing for a family, father, mother, sister, brother, a big show isn't really needed. Maybe it could be part of a bigger show if there is one coming up I'll have to check. I just want to demonstrate my skills as a tailor and designer I don't need a big show. I want to make clothing that will be good for every day use, nice durable clothing so that it feels like you are wearing your gather best even when you are not." He looks up as he sees the streak of light race across sky and he grins, "Quite a sight we got lucky." He turns back to Najara, "Well if you'd like my help you have it, just let me know."

Tequoia watches as R'en heads off and purses her lips. "Somedays I think he lives only for the infirmary." she murmurs and then shakes her head a little before turning back to the group "Well, tis your project" she notes and shrugs a little as she looks up at the sky in time to watch the streak across the sky. "Ooo, beautiful." she murmurs "Somedays I think that this would be something to do all the time. But then I remember I get antsy when I sit for too long." she admits with a laugh.
"Sorry for keeping you waiting had a few things to finish up with." T'revs offers with a warm smile to Zahle while he goes about hugging her back, along with a kiss back to her cheek. Well they are around people after all, no reason to get all smoochie. "So what did I miss with the sky show?" This questioned to Zahle while he sends a curious glance after R'en and ponders before looking to see whom else is showed up for the show.

Zahleizjah's honeyed gaze settles on Najara for a moment, nodding in agreement and stating "One in the bun will do that to ya.." without thinking it through before she blurts. Darkness will hide her blushing, and the conversation about Gerazal's list of family members is sure to steer the conversation away from her comment quickly. "Wow Gerazal.. maybe I could commission you for a new outfit some day? Talented and humble are good qualities.." she notes about the way he speaks of his craft. She'll catch that bit about R'en, empathizing with it in a way not many would understand, but for her, it is the night. What Tequoia says next tickles her fancy and she offers "You're welcome t'come out with me any time.. it's not all sitting.. promise." That offer will stand for everyone. "Pern's outer space is truly magnificent. As is Pern.. spent a little time at Yokohama once. Truly spectacular perspective.." As for T'revs, she'll stay close, but not uncomfortably so for him or anyone else around, smiling and reaching to interlace fingers. "We were just looking at the moons.. had one passing meteor thus far.. kinda mellow night in reference t'showers as the Perseids are way past by now.."

Najara smiles a little for Zahleizjah's comment, then has a sip of her punch. She listens to Gerazal, and nods. "Perhaps I will, it's nice to spend some time looking and feeling good." A little laugh, and then she waves to T'revs as he looks around. "Nothing wrong with a bit of quiet… though I suppose I should likely be getting toward my sleep before long…"

Gerazal smiles at Tequoia, "Thank you for thinking that my work could be in a show though. I will do my best to live up to that." He looks to Zahleizjah, "I'd be happy to, but if you do need clothing there are plenty of journeyman weaves who make great clothing too. I've just recently been allowed to do work that is worthy of having a journeyman review it and ptu their mark of approval on it." He looks towards Najara, "Would you like an escort back?"

Tequoia tilts her head a bit "Well I just might take you on that Lei." Teq remarks "Once I find time after getting caught up with wing stuff after being gone." she remarks. She rolls her eyes a little at Gerazal "You've got to aim high. You shouldn't ever settle for mediocre." she states. Course, this is a familiar argument for Teq.

T'revs has little problem showing affection out in public, so thus he stays close to Zahle, one arm curled around her as his hand from that arm rests within her hand, his fingers twining with hers and giving a little squeeze. The comment from Zahle makes him look at her curiously a touch and he smirks but don't comment on buns in ovens at the moment. "The Yokohama is a rather great place to be around, or well on. I got to help a few turns ago fix a few things that needed to be worked on." That was a few turns before he impressed a dragon. He glances over to Najara and offers her a smile back. He glances back to Zahle a moment more. "Well that's alright, I'm sure interesting things could be found by just watching the moons." There is a pause while he ponders. At least that is how he thinks on it.

Zahleizjah is glad she didn't irk Najara with her statement, standing as she mentions the S word. "Shall I send Virikas to follow you home dear?" is offered, though she'll gladly leave space for her to take Gerazal up on the offer. Virikas is a feisty one and will gladly peck out th eyes of anyone who messes with anyone under her watch. An encouraging smile is sent towards Gerazal and she shrugs "I'unno I mean.. when it come from someone y'know it always seems t'have more meaning and a better look y'know.." Catching sight to Teq's head tilt there's a smirk shot back "Please do.. we can climb trees, stand on cliff faces, paddle out to the Emerald Isles.. commission a rider..whatever adventure y'wish." See, it's not all just sitting and staring. A brow raises towards T'revs, learning something new about her gent. "You did? How wonderful.. maybe we can go back there some day.. the moons are glorious, but nothing like being in space.." She doesn't mean to downplay Belior and Timor's beauty, it's just the first thing most Starcrafters stare at and something they will continue to stare at throughout their studies.

Najara smiles to Gerazal. "Oh, if you want, but I expect I shan't be that good of company on the walk back. Fall asleep before I get there, more like." She laughs a little, and waves to the others, smiling to Zahleizjah. "Oh, I'm sure Riel would come meet me if I need a lizard, don't you worry. I'll be fine." With that, she heads off toward her cottage and - presumably - bed, though she'll take Gerazal's company if he's inclined.

Gerazal smiles at Najara, "I'd be happy to walk you home." He looks towards the others, "Thank you for letting me use your farviewer Zahleizjah and for the drinks and food. I had a great time. I hope we can do it again." He moves off with Najara and he offers his arm to escort her home.

Tequoia grins at T'revs "The Yoko is pretty nifty, though have you ever had a chance to go up on the Deluge? Now there's something to see." she notes and then there's a funny look on her face. "I think I'd better get back to Ylvath." she murmurs as she removes the blanket and folds it and sets it down. Along with the glass. "She shouldn't be, not at this time of night." she murmurs and then she's quickly heading off down the path, muttering under her breath.

T'revs glances to the ones leaving and nods to them. "I do hope you all have a good night." This offered with a friendly tone and soft smile before looking to Tequoia and chuckles. "Yeah it was fun while I was there. The Deluge?" There is a ponder for a moment. "No, don't think so actually." He glances to Zahle and offers her a smile. "It was just a few days, I mostly got to hold a screwdriver and look all important." This said while he grins a moment at the thought. "Of course, I think that would be a great thing to do some time."

Together they gather the remaining items and head in to Zahl's hut to sleep beneath the stars.

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