1998-04-?: Tempeth and Corinth's Eggs hatch (3rd PC Clutch)

Eastern Weyr: Living Cavern
This is a large, hollow cavern in the mountainside. Obviously formed by a large, gaseous bubble, you can look up and see the untouched ceiling far above. The walls are pocked with tiny nooks and ledges, occasionally you'll see a firelizard tucked into one of the pockets, watching the goings on below with bright eyes. Trestle tables and benches enough to seat every member of the weyr are stacked neatly against the walls, although several remain set up permanently. A slightly raised area on the hard-packed floor is set with another table for the leadership of the weyr. Other tables have wings' insignias carved in the tops of them. A good sized hearth is hewn out of the rock, for cooking the large portions, and near the archway to the bowl is a smaller, warming hearth with an ever-full pot of klah and cauldron of something hot. Tunnels twist off in all directions to various inner rooms of the weyr.
Hanging over the largest hearth is a large tapestry. Expertly woven cloth depicts Eastern Weyr's badge of a midnight-blue diamond, with three silver spheres in a horizontal line across it. Indicating the three ships that brought our ancestors.

Jahon murmurs to Ariana, "/listen, love./"

Etheria blinks her eyes several times and just gapes at the noises. "Shards, what -is- that?" she questions, glancing nervously at the others.

Salia looks up in mid stride and looks over at the others

Krissira perks up. "Oh shells…" She starts yelling for the cooks to get a move on as she hastily gets to her feet and heads for the kitchens.

Tasha stands, taking enough time to wipe her mouth, standing her feet carrying her to the enterence

Lyre mimics "What is that?"

Tylynn glances about nervously, the hand on the klah pitcher shaking as she puts it down. "What?"

Ariana tilts her head obediently, listening "Yes…what /is/ that?"

Jahon jumps at Krissira's yell and he turns and dashes towards the lower caverns, grabbing Ariana's hand in his own and dragging her with him.

Jahon walks through the passage to the lower caverns.

Ariana walks through the passage to the lower caverns.

Salia says "Alright everyone, into you gowns!"

Rakeri says "oh boy time to go to the hacting grounds and get a seat."

Krissira makes shooing motions toward the candies. "Move it! Into your robes!"

Tylynn blinks at Etheria and looks at her before rushing to get hers.

Rakeri heads back out into the weyrbowl.

Jahon pushes aside the curtain leading to the public baths and steps inside.

Tylynn walks into the candidates quarters.

Candidates Quarters
A long, low room, with many cots, immaculately kept. There is a small press at the foot of each cot for personal belongings and a small table beside each cot as well. There is a chart on the wall, listing the current clutch.

Lyre walks in.

Tylynn grabs her yet to be altered robe.. She looks at the other candidates. "It's time.."

Etheria walks in.

Lyre runs to his cot and starts to rummage and grabs his robes.

Toblin walks in.

Alecki looks up, surprise mirrored in her eyes, "What? It's time, now?"

Tylynn changes as quickly as she can into the robe, hunting for one of her sandals under the cot. "It's time!"

A pair of dark blue eyes meet yours, a slightly brown tint making her eyes rather unusual. Her dark eyes add a paleness to her face, accenting it. Her face is quite young, having none of the lines that come from life and experience. A few barely formed lines mark the edges of her eyes and the corners of her mouth, indicating a willingness to smile. Her dark brown hair is thick in spite of its shortness, the edges brushing just shy of her shoulders. It's likely that she's 14 Turns, 0 months, and 25 days old.
Looking cleaner than normal, 'Lynn is pink from a vigorous sweetsand scrubbing. Her short brown hair is tied back with a leather thong, keeping it out of her face. Aside from that, her only attire is the sleevless white tunic of a Candidate. The tunic itself is immaculate, but most likely borrowed, since it falls slightly longer than to her knees. She also wears a pair of sandals to protect her feet from the heat of the sands.

Heinya blinks. Already? She thought it'd be soon, but … She stands up and picks up her robe off her cot, starting to change.

Lyre quickly gets dressed

Jubal glances up at Tylynn, thinking that Nadreck has incredible senses… he quickly strips off his clothes — modesty, where? — and slips on his cloak, wishing the sleeves were a bit longer, but…

Larissa flops back on the couch and stares up at the ceiling. She looks up again quickly and arches an eyebrow. "For the hatching?" She looks at her doubtfully with a frown. "Are you sure?" She listens for the dragons and nods jumping up to get dressed.

Tyne walks in.

Toblin runs to her cot, jumping on it to reach her locker as she searches for her robe, "Oh where did i put it!?!"

Calla frowns slightly. "It's time? You can't mean-" she cuts herself off and gives her poor robe one last look before beginning to change into it.

Yannah starts to look around for the materials to fix Alecki's robe, and looks up as Tylynn comes in, "Oh well… I guess I won't have time to do anythin with it."

Alecki smiles wistfully at Yannah, and gathers her robe up yet again. She slips out of her clothing right there and slips the robe that resembles a bag with three holes cut out of it, over her head.

Heinya takes off her necklace and tosses it under her cot.

Jubal smiles happily, and as he slips on his sandals says, "Well, let me be the first to wish luck to the rest of you!"

Tylynn frowns as she stands, her robe falling a bit long. She looks helpeslly at the others for approval.

Lyre has a moments trouble with his shirt but it is soon tossed aside in favor of the robe

Lyre smiles at Tylynn

Jahon dashes in, drops off their clothes and dashes back out.

Jahon brushes past the curtain to the hallway, follwoed by Jubal.

Etheria dashes about madly, gathering her robe and tossing it over her head, wriggling out of her close beneath, not caring who sees.

Yannah starts to get changed.

Larissa grabs her robe again from under her cot and slips it over her head quickly.

Tylynn smiles back and zips about as fast as sandals will allow.

Jahon forces himself to calmly put away the comb and to fold his clothing up into a neat pile. He's already berobbed, and his robe sticks to the back his shoulders, which are not completely dry from his bath yet.

Chrissa comes in to help Leah figureing their is only one of her and a lot of candidates so goes to help people make last minute adjustments on their robes and get them on. Her firelizard chirrup excitedly.

Leah says "Come hurry, Tasha will want to walk you all to the grounds, get dresssed!"

Lyre moves over to Tylynn and takes a seat near her.

Jubal stands ready and in his robe, and outwardly calm — that is, until you look at his leg which is shaking like a wherry

Etheria sits down on her cot and twitches for a moment, her eyes shifting nervously about the room as she smoothes the white robe she's wearing.

Jahon moves to stand next to Ariana, composing himself. Or trying to.

Heinya blinks, watching everyone. This seems MUCH more hurried than the last two times.

Tylynn bounces one knee nervously, biting her lip. She glances at Chrissa, still worried about her robe.

Ariana plops down on her cot, mildly dazed, and watches the mayhem, muttering something about confusion and chaos. Thankfully, she's already dressed.

Yannah very calmly gets into her robe and is ready to go.

Tasha walks in.

Jubal stands a bit stiffer and salutes the Weyrwoman.

Tasha comes in, she looks over everyone critically

Heinya jumps off her cot and salutes to Tasha, a grin on her face.

Toblin moves over to stand with Larissa in an effort to help the riders organise the candidates. They're both ready. She tries to gulp away her nervousness and figits more, quickly saluting Tasha when she arrives.

Chrissa smiles at Tylynn and whispers to her that her robe is fine then looks up to smile at Tasha straighting up.

Jahon nods politely to Tasha. He doesn't salute - he'd probably take out an eye if he tried.

Lyre practically leaps off his cot and salutes.

Tylynn stands as Tasha glances at her, hands clasped nervously.

Etheria looks over to the Weyrwoman, standing to her feet abruptly, her eyes seemingly distant as she appears to detatch herself from her mind at the moment. "Shards" she mumbles softly.

AJahon looks solemn, which shows the struggle in him to be terrified or to break out grinning.

Alecki jumps up to her feet, noticing the weyrwoman's critical eye observing her. She smiles, somewhat nervous at the weyrwoman and nods.

Yannah salutes to Tasha, standing with a calm reserve.

Larissa smiles over at Tasha standing a little taller in front of the weyrwoman. She smiles at her.

Heinya notices Jahon's look and gives him a quick pat on the back as if to say not to worry.

Calla pauses mid-stroke and drops the comb on her cot as the Weyrwoman comes in. Hurriedly she judt ties it back the way it is, not exactly neatly but still back. She picks up her sandles and watches the riders carefully, not wanting to miss anything.

Alecki moves over to stand by Jahon, and gives him a quick reassuring smile.

Tasha smiles to Leah, "You can go, I can take care of things from here."

Jahon grins nervously to Heinya and Alecki.

Leah nods, heading out. She brushes past the curtain to the hallway.

Chrissa brushes past the curtain to the hallway.

Ariana pulls herself to her feet with the aid of a nearby arm, casting a cautions glance around the room. Everything stopped…

The arm is probably Jahon's, as he's next to her. Jahon helps Ariana up.

Lyre figits

Etheria shifts about nervously, sweeping her gaze from Jahon, to Ariana and all of the others, finally resting on Toblin. "Oh dear" she mutters, stepping over to Toblin for a moment, holding out her hand. "Remember what we said?"

Tylynn glares at Lyre as he fidgets, more from nerves than anything else.

Lyre blushes as he notices the stare and tries not to figit anymore.

Toblin smiles over to Etheria and takes her hand, "Of course!" she looks to

Larrissa and offers her her other hand, "Larissa?"

Tyne keeps from pacing by flopping onto the nearest cot. As if they have a mind of their own, her feet continue their nervous shuffling.

Larissa smiles at her and takes her hand and squeezes it.

Etheria grasps her friends hand and holds tight for dear life.

Tasha brushes past the curtain to the hallway, followed by Etheria, Heinya,

Lyre and Tylynn.

Everyone walks up the tunnel from the lower caverns.

Jahon walks alongside Ariana, trying to breathe evenly. His heart feels like

it's hammering out of his chest.

Everyone heads back out into the weyrbowl.

Eastern Weyr-Bowl
This is the center of Eastern Weyr's bowl. Not as old or as big as the northern counterparts, it is much more rough-hewn and rocky. It has many natural caverns that laborers have spent many turns improving upon.
Dragonweyrs dot the sides of the cliffs, some going dizzyingly close to the jagged, uneven rim. A natural ledge, almost at the very top, serves as a station for a watchdragon.
To the northeast, the panoramic view is breathtaking, A section of the northeastern wall is totally missing, much like Ista Weyr's caldura. A Vee shaped opening affords a marvelous view of Monaco Bay. To the south, a thin trickle runds from a crack in the cliff about a dragonlength up and splashes its way down to a small, sparkling pool in the black sand of the weyr.

Everyone walks over to the hatching grounds area.

Tylynn walks over to the hatching grounds area, peeking inside the opening.

Eastern Weyr-By the Hatching Grounds
You are in the southwestern quadrant of the bowl, just outside of the hatching grounds. The wall of the cliff looms straight up from here, it isn't more than a few feet thick. One monstrous opening dominates the view of the southwestern portion of the mountain wall, large enough for the largest dragon to go through it with wings fully extended in flight, which is the only way anything can get through it, as it is over a dragonlength from the ground. Several smaller holes are in the wall, most of them smaller than twelve inches in diameter. There is a ground entrance that leads into the hatching grounds as well. You can hear the tinkling of the waterfall, which is slightly to the east of here.

Toblin steps over to the hatching grounds.

From center bowl, Tyne comes out of the living caverns to the north.

Ariana walks into the hatching grounds area, from the center bowl.

Everyone wanders over to the hatching grounds.

From center bowl, Vinteth lumbers over to the area near the waterfall.

Tylynn steps over to the hatching grounds, and gawks at the immense openings for a second.

Hatching Grounds-Near the Entrance
Just inside the hatching ground entrance, a patchwork of light falls onto the sand, from the jigsaw puzzle of holes in the entry wall, including one large enough even to allow the behemoth golds to fly through unhindered overhead. To the experienced eye, the cavern needed little help to become the ideal site for dragon eggs. Not as large, and certainly not as finished as the northern weyrs' grounds, it is very suitable. A few yards away, you can see waves of heat rising from the fine, black sand. Natural ledges jut out from the walls, of varying sizes and lengths, most large enough for at least one dragon to perch upon. Long rows of ridges have been carved out of the southwestern edge to serve as seating for guests attending the hatchings. A large ledge, adorning the bottom of a considerable hole in the northern wall, high up seems to lead to a tunnel.
Ruffling the waves of Monaco Bay and shivering among the greenery by the forest weyrs and the garden, rough winds whistle through the weyr this day, making the already challenging currents throughout the bowl an exercise in agility for any dragon crossing them. Unseen fingers tug at loose clothing and tickle through hair, shrilling down corridors and singing through the spires topping the bowl's rim.

Everyone steps into the hatching grounds from the entrance.

Leah walks with mincing, quick steps onto the hot sands.

Out on the sands, Leah walk-hops onto the burning sands from near the bowl entrance.

Etheria squeezes Toblin's hand again and stirs nervously about.

Chrissa and Tasha step into the hatching grounds from the grounds entrance.

Jahon squeezes Ariana's shoulder gently, then lets his hand fall away.

Tylynn clenches her own hands together, her knuckles white. She lets go and takes a deep breath.

Larissa nibbles on her lower lip watching the weyrleaders carefully so she does what she is supposed to do when she is supposed to do it.

Tasha says "ok lets go out there."

Ariana suddenly discovers that she needs more fingernails…

Calla hurries to catch up with the others, trying to keep one sandle from falling off.

Out on the sands, Tasha walk-hops onto the burning sands from near the bowl entrance.

Yannah clasps her hands behind her back and stands completely still.

Etheria blinks and follows.

Jahon takes a deep breath, then goes out.

Some candidates walk with mincing, quick steps onto the hot sands.

Out on the sands, Tasha comes out on the sands, moving to stand next to the large queen

Alecki looks around nervously, not wanting to be the first to step on the sands, but not wanting to be the last either.

Tylynn tries not to walk like a drunken wherry as the heat sears her feet through her shoes.

Hatching Grounds-Sands
This is the hatching cavern at Eastern Weyr. Being so near active volcanic chains have given this old mountain much heat, especially this quadrant of the cone. With some help from the Techcraft, the heat does not make the rest of the weyr this burning hot. The sand is fine, powdery and very black, but it shimmers in the light like millions of tiny diamonds. The queen's ledge is about half a dragonlength up one of the far walls.

Orange Swirled Egg
Creamy Butter Egg
Blue Mottled Egg
Forest Green Egg
Black Soot Egg
Yellow Patched Egg
Tan and Sand Egg
Dull Pewter Egg

On the ledges, Corinth shifts impatiently, a deep hummm eminating from him.

Jahon bows deeply, respectfully, to Tempeth, and then to Corinth.

In the Gallery, Kyburk hugs his Dad's neck, then squirms to look out over the Snds. He points. "Look!"

In the Gallery, Lilia clears her throat as the candidates walk onto the sands, not because she wants attention but to draw attention to the candidates instead.

In the Gallery, Sh'n murmers something to Kris and points out to the sands.

In the Gallery, Namika's gaze turns towards the sands immediately and she streches her neck to see over the person in front of her.

In the Gallery, Chrissa scales the small stair to the gallery.

In the Gallery, Kylar smiles at Gerand. "Well met, sir! Oh, I think they're about ready to start! Lets sit down so we're not blocking anyone's view any more than we have to."

In the Gallery, Telira sucks in her breath.

Etheria smiles towards the golden queen for a moment. "Well you won't have too much time left sitting around here" she whispers softly, taking her place next to Toblin.

In the Gallery, Kylandra zeros in on the Candidates heading out onto the sands and smiles roadly as she spots a certain person.

Tempeth lets out an ear splitting trumpet, as the candidates come in

Jubal looks first at the Queen, giving a respectful bow, then another bow for the Weyrleaders. Then he looks at the stands. He gives a wave and smiles, then looks at the eggs.

In the Gallery, Chrissa carefully navigates down to the entrance.

In the Gallery, Nadreck waves to Jubal down on the sands, but keeps quiet.

In the Gallery, Krissira nods her agreement with a proud smile as the candidates arrive.

Tylynn tries to find a place with candidates she knows, chewing her lip nervously.

Tyne follows the other Candidates in, fingers clutching nervously at her robe. Pausing before the queen, she sweeps a respectful bow to both her and her rider before joining the rest of her group.

In the Gallery, Gerand smiles to Kylar and Kyburk, "Pleased to meet you both." he says, before looking at the activity on the sands and starting to feel like he should sit.

Leah walks off the sands.

In the Gallery, Amiqui flickers her fickle glance towards the Candidates. "Mmm," she murmurs noncommitally as she studies them most critically.

Yannah gives a deep curtsey to the Queen and weyrleaders.

In the Gallery, T'burk catches sight of Telira. He sends his good wished to her and to Jubal who is out on the Sands.

Lyre silently salutes the Queen as he moves out across the sands.. his eyes filled with awe at where he is.

Heinya covers her ears a moment when Tempeth trumpets. "Oh!" After it's over she curtsies for the gold.

Larissa bows down to the dragons and then to the weyrleaders. She looks down at the sand and takes a deep breath.

Tylynn folows suit and cursties shyly to the Gold and the weyrleaders.

Ariana respectfully bows to both Tempeth and the weyrleaders before hugging herself nervously, trying to balance on the calloused balls of her feet. Withstands heat more effectively…

Jahon stands quite still for a few moments, then shifts his weight. Through his boots this sand was hot - he wonders if he forgot to put sandals on an p'raps strapped on paper by mistake…

On the ledges, Myrrath sighs deeply and opens his eyes half-way to peer around.

Alecki looks solemnly toward the beautiful queen and bows to her and then to the two weyrleaders.

Jubal takes a deep breath and separates himself from the other Candidates, in an effort to spread out.

Jahon's eyes widen at Tempeth's bugle and he bows his head in a shorter, but still respectful, form of the bow he executed when he first touched foot to the sands.

Across the pile of eggs there are several movements, jerks her and there

Heinya looks upwards for familiar faces … Yes, there's one!

Calla comes to a quick stop when she reaches the queen. She takes a moment to bow to the Gold and to the Weyrleaders before moving along again. She's in the way and besides, that sand is hot!

Jahon's ears ring.

Toblin blinks at the bulge and quickly follows suit and bows to the leaders and their dragons, she's a little shakey, but her bow is respectful.

Etheria shifts about and winces slightly as Tempeth buldges. "Oh look" she whispers, watching the jittering eggs. "Toblin" she says softly, squeezing the girl's hand again, unable to think of anything else to do.

Ariana doesn't /want/ to spread out! She wants to stay hidden withing the little knot of candidates…unfortunately the people surrounding her /do/ spread out, affecting that little dance-hop that tells you how hot the sands really are…

Lyre whispers to Tylynn as he passes her on the sands "Luck"

Tylynn smiles faintly and nods to Lyre.. "And you"

Yellow Patched Egg rocks a bit in the sands.

Alecki let's her gaze sweep across the gallery as she looks across the gathered eggs. Her face lights up with hope and happiness as the eggs start to jerk.

Lyre glances at the motion.

Toblin's attention is taken by the jiggling eggs that Etheria points out. She grins with excitment despite her nerves and moves over with the others to stand before the eggs.

Heinya blinks as she watches. So many loud thoughts in her head. She shifts feet slightly, trying to think clearly.

Jahon moves reluctantly away, then takes a deep breath, lets it out. He glances at each of his fellow Candidates, silently wishing them luck. And then his attention is taken entirely by the eggs.

Jubal tries to take a deep breath, but it comes out more as a stuttering shudder, as he sees movement in one of the eggs.

Tylynn shifts about on her feet, trying to find a cooler spot. She scans the watchers for a familiar face before turning her attention to the eggs.

Yannah quietly looks around the sands and then towards the yellow-patched egg, watching it carefully.

Yellow Patched Egg sends a small shower of sand up as it jerks to one side.

Larissa does not even notice the hot sands under her feet…not yet anyways. Her eyes do not even blink as she watches the eggs not wanting to miss anything.

Tyne finds a nice spot between two burly-looking Candidates. Nice view? Nah, protection from… something. Movement flashes from the corner of her eye, sending her head swiveling to seek the source. An egg. It /moved/. *quiver*

Yellow Patched Egg cracks, spilling a Intelligent Brown Dragonet to the sands.

An intelligent looking set of eyes scan the candidates. With it, a tan colored muzzle sniffs the air, as the rest of his body attempts to stand. With wobbly effort, he looks around him as if he is taking in all the information his eyes and nose can give him. His wings stretch to balance himself as he moves, showing off the light patterns in his wing membranes. his tail swishes lightly as he is unsure of all the crowd's noise.

Jahon's heart thumps in his chest. Are they terrified, he thinks, or just lonely and hungry? His breath catches as he sees the brown.

Tylynn gasps softly as the brown hatches, watching the dragonet.

Heinya blinks as she watches. She smiles softly. The first one is out!

Larissa stands perfectly still as she watches the brown dragonet break out of its shell.

Etheria spreads out, reluctant to give up her friends hand and stands on the sand, her feet burning like there was no tomorrow. "Luck" she mouths to the others, turning her face and her deep blue eyes back to the eggs. A gasp escapes her lips as she looks at the little brown, then her eyes sweep back to the others.

Ariana backs cautiously away, before resuming her shifting of feet. Right, left…right, left. Passage! Her eyes go wide as the first egg losses it's patience and hatches, and backs up another cautious step.

Jahon tries his best to radiate welcome and comfort and the promise of food. Love is not a problem - the dragonet is /gorgeous/.

Jubal has already begun to ignore the heat of the sands, doing a lizard hop from one foot to the other, causing a bit of a sway… and so it is that he falls down when the brown breaks free!

Yannah shifts back and forth on her feet, to keep them from getting too hot, without really noticing she's doing it. Much less, moving back away from the other Candidates.

Intelligent Brown Dragonet creels lightly, he looks over the tight knot of candidates

Calla hops a couple times to get out nervous energy, then manges to stand almost perfectly, eyes watching the eggs intently. When the hatchling comes out, she can't help but take a few steps back in her suprise. That ends quickly when the candidate behind her objects to being bumped.

Alecki jumps slightly as the brown hatchling cracks his shell. She chuckles softly at her reaction and moves awkwardly from foot to foot entranced by the lovely dragonet.

Jahon moves away to one side, seeking to make space so that the dragonet sees all the options here.

Toblin's are as wide as ever as she is finally /here/ and the eggs are moving and look! her smile brightens her face as she watches the Brown hatch.

Lyre looks at the Dragonet as it approaches.. smiling slightly.. but trembling as well.

Jubal stumbles back to his feet and plants them firmly this time, at a small distance from the other candidates.

Intelligent Brown Dragonet moves past one of the boys, sniffs them, tilts his head, then moves, stopping in front of a group of girls

Tylynn forgets her quest for a cooler spot and watches the dragonet curiously, and with more than a little awe.

Etheria watches the brown silently, her eyes following his glistening hide. "First hatched" she repeats, her head darting with the hatchling's every move.

Tyne clasps her hands together as a brown hatches, smile spreading bunching chubby cheeks into flushed little balls, "Oh, the first… he's so…" Pretty? Brown? "… wet."

Heinya hmms and cocks her head with interest as the dragonet seems to take a preferance for females. She smiles at it, wondering what's going on in its mind … then jumps suddenly, remembering to shift her feet … ow ow ow …

Forest Green Egg rocks a bit in the sands.

Jubal stands still, and gazes at the dragonet and the eggs, and emulates love and caring towards them, and… well wishing, no matter what.

Alecki absently tugs on her braided hair, still enchanted by the purposeful meanderings of the little brown.

Larissa holds her breath quickly turning red int he face. It all escapes her at once. "Breath Larissa." She says to herself.

Jahon shifts his weight again, seeking relief from the sands, and takes another deep breath to calm his heart. It's that calm he wants to radiate, too - hard to do when you're not calm yourself.

Toblin watches the brown move amongst the candidates trying to choose, she smiles and takes a deep breath as she hears Larissa beside her.

Jahon thinks, Lucky, lucky, lucky : look at all these people waiting to love you! No fear…your lifemate is here and you will be well-fed and happy.

Yannah watchs all the movement around her on the sands from her point back and away from the others.

Forest Green Egg rocks violently on the sands, rocking into other eggs.

Etheria slowly turns her gaze over towards another egg as it dares to move, her belly all but doing turns on her. Absently she raises her hand to the side of her head where a little blond spring of hair has escaped the tight bun on the back of her head.

Jubal notices the Green egg rocking, and shifts part of his attention towards it as well.

Ariana idly notes that her heart is beating a bit to fast for comfort…odd what you think of in times like these. She continues her little dance, eyes glued to rockings and the wanderings of dragonets. Her thoughts are her own.

Forest Green Egg cracks, spilling a Protective Blue to the sands.

Stumbling over the shards, he shakes his head as if getting his wits about him. His dark blue hide, shimmers as if it has its own life independent of its keeper. On his muzzle is a suprising flash of lightest green which is visible as he scans the candidates in front of him.

Larissa glances over at Toblin and smiles as she does slow easy breaths concentrating on her breathing as she watches. You'd almost think she was giving birth.

Another one…Jahon remembers to breathe.

Intelligent Brown Dragonet moves in front of a blonde girl, stopping dead in front of her, gazing at her in deep thought

Calla's eyes move quickly back and forth between the hatchling and the egg that's moving now. After a few seconds of this she has to stop before she gets dizzy. With a small sigh she concentrates on the egg, not as startled when that one hatches.

Lyre eyes move from the first Dragonette to the second. A smile still on his face as he moves from foot to foot ont he hot sands of the hatching grounds.

Heinya raises her eyebrows as a blue hatches. She tries to look back and forth between the two dragonets … oh! Shift feet! shift feet! hot!

Jubal smiles at the Blue, then the Brown, and silently tells them, "Good luck, young ones!"

Tylynn's heart pounds up into her throat, practically bursting as another egg hatches. Her nervousness forgotten with the dragonets hatching, she almost takes a step towards them, hoping.

Larissa smiles at the blue and the rest of the dragons on the sands before watching the brown infront of one of the other candidates. She again holds her breath hopeful for her.

Alecki turns quickly hearing the crack to the side of her. She whistles softly at the wonderful, beautiful blue that has just hatched. She nods at the young guy, to show her respect.

Toblin's eyes dart to the blue as he hatches, then she blinks and looks to the brown before her. Her eyes widen and she stands tall as she watches him.

Jahon shivers a bit, despite the heat. It's ferociously difficult - he wants to look at /everything at once/, radiating awe and wonder as much as welcome.

Etheria watches the little blue out of the corner of her eye before looking back to the brown, and then the blue again. She desperately wishes she could reach out for Toblin's hand again.

Jahon's eyes widen as he sees the brown in front of Toblin. He grins widely before his attention is distracted again by the blue.

Ariana is having no problems breathing, it's the ice-cold state of her hands she's trying to remedy. Strange, when you consider how blistered her feet will be in a bit…

Jubal thinks about moving — that sand really is /HOT/ — but can't seem to move… he seems to have taken root.

The Brown leans over, placing his head onto Toblin's

Tyne looks from wiggling eggs, to the newest hatchling, and back to the searching brown. Her breath catches in her throat. Has he chosen?. Glance flickers to Toblin.

Jubal smiles and hopes for Toblin's sake…

Larissa lets go of Toblins hand and steps back watching the brown looking over her friend.

Alecki smiles affectionately at Toblin, a thumbs up gesture, "Good going!"

Tylynn grins wide as she sees the brown and Toblin, holding her breath for the girl.

Lyre glances at Toblin and the Brown, still smiling and hopping on the sands.

Toblin's hand goes to her mouth amd she stumbles forward to touch Cheyoth, "Oh yes Cheyoth there is food .. food .. food." she grins a single tear running down her check as she looks into his eyes.

Etheria smiles brightly at Toblin, watching the the girl and the little brown, her eyes blurry with tears of joy for her friend. "Toblin!" she calls out joyously.

Heinya looks around. She grins when she sees the brown with Toblin then looks around, wondering if any other eggs or gonna hatch now.

Protective Blue hops on the sands he seems interested in the same knot of girls, he heads there like his brother

Ariana nervously lifts her finger to her mouth before remembering that there isn't anything left to chew. The hand is dropped, almost guiltily "Toblin? TOBLIN!" Ari /beams/.

Jahon looks over again and the grin is even /wider/. He laughs, delighted.

Calla manages a nervous smile directing towards Toblin, not that she expects the girl to be looking somewhere other than towards her new lifemate. "Congratulations!" she calls out.

Yannah offers only a quick smile to Toblin, before her reservation returns completely.

Tyne beams a bright smile to the newly Impressed. /Toblin/. Wonderful choice.

Etheria turns her head back and watches the blue nearing the circle of girls. She shifts about uncomforably on the sands, drying her eyes so she can clearly see everything that's going on around her.

Larissa giggles to herself almost throwing her arms around her with excitement. She can't do that… "Congradulations." She smiles at her so proud of her.

Protective Blue moves looking at several, then gives a look at a pair of girls together

Jahon grins as he watches the blue in front of the girls.

Alecki shifts awkwardly from foot to foot as she realizes her feet are /extremely/ warm and she has been standing still, while watching Toblin and her brown. She looks carefully at all her friends, smiling at those whose eyes she catches.

Tylynn grins, keeping in a shout of joy for the other candidate. She glances over to see where the blue is going, clasping her hands tightly again.

Jubal smiles happily at Toblin and murmurs congratulations, then returns his attention to the eggs and the blue hatchling.

Lyre turns his attention back to the blue and the other eggs. Many thoughts seeming to flicker in hsi eyes.. and the smile still on his face.

Heinya fans herself. Where'd that blue go … ? Oh! There he is. She smiles and then looks around just to make sure she didn't miss anything else.

Jahon thinks: that's it, they're all wonderful - they'll take /great/ care of you.

Toblin regains her sences and nods, "Yes, yes, this way."

Toblin calls Cheyoth closer to herself..

Protective Blue moves, nearly running over Ariana, then stops just short of stepping on her, he sniffs then calls out to her quietly

Toblin leads Cheyoth over to Leah and the food, the grin on her face huge.

Jahon sucks in his breath, /deeply/, eyes about popping out of his head. Then he grins hugely. That little blue guy has /excellent taste/.

Etheria claps her hands together with a bright smile towards Ariana, her heart fluttering for each of her friends.

Jahon silently urges the blue on. She's the one! Pick her!

Ariana blinks once and peers down curiously, still shifting from side to side, face still.

Heinya blinks and looks over at Ariana. That was close … She smiles.

Tan and Sand Egg rocks a bit in the sands.

Tylynn fidgets suddenly as the sands under her feet become unbearably hot, watching Ari and the blue.

Jubal again quietly hopes for Ariana and the Blue… is it impression?

Jahon's feet are forgotten completely as he waits, standing on the tip of his toes.

Jubal glances over at the sandy egg — one that attracted him from when he first saw it…

Calla watches the new pair move away, then turns her gaze towards the blue that's seemed to stop in front of Ariana. It swept away again just as fast when another egg moves though.

Tylynn catches movement in the corner of her eye, and glances from the two moving eggs to Ari and the blue.

Tan and Sand Egg sends a small shower of sand up as it jerks to one side.

Tyne shuffles to the left, then to the right, peering out from behind various Candidates to get a glimpse of who the blue might be considering. "Is that…" she trails off, standing on her tip-toes.

Alecki beams happiness and approval at the little blue's apparent choice. She nods happily towards the new pair. Looking out across the sands her attention is riveted to the rocking Tan and Sand egg.

Tan and Sand Egg cracks, spilling a Feisty Sky blue Dragonet to the sands. totally coming out of his shell head over heel, he straightens himself to standing. "Did I do that?" you can almost see him saying. His sky blue body shakes the sand off himself, as he looks over the crowd. Then he notices the robed figures. His wing, shaded darker than his body, trips him up again as he moves to look at the candidates.

Jubal continues to look at the tan egg, thinking at it, "Go on, break free!"

Protective Blue rumbles to the dark haired girl, suddenly putting his wings about her, as if keeping the other candidates from touching her

Yannah still backs off away from everyone. She closes herself up a bit, to keep the feeling that she just doesn't belong out here, not matter what the dragons say to herself.

Larissa paces from foot to foot her eyes moving to the newly hatched dragonet.

Jahon smiles gently as he watches the blue being protective of Ariana.

Etheria nervously twirls the lone curl by the side of her head and eyes the blue for a second, before glancing back over at the eggs as yet another one cracks open, and another blue is revealed. "Breath taking" she whispers softly, before looking at Ariana and the blue in front of her.

Lyre beams at Ariana.. for a moment not noticing anything else on the sands.

Ariana tilts her head and regards the blue, curiosity alive in her features "Kayloth? Food? It's somewhere…" momentarily dazed, she peers about the sands.

Tylynn grins at the dragonet's protectiveness.. She sighs wistfully and watches the new blue, wondering at him.

Heinya awwwws as she watches Ariana and the blue.

Larissa clenches her robe in her hands resisting the urge to clap as another person impresses.

Jahon's shoulder slump with relief. He goes down on one knee from the sheer release of the tension.

Jubal smile happily at what the energetic young blue did, and tries to move closer to help move its wing out of the way… but his feet still seem rooted.

All he can do is offer mental comfortings…

Calla watches the latest hatchling come out of it's shell, then gives Ariana a quick smile and a "Congratulations!" Then it's back to watching the new blue.

Jubal glances over to Ariana, and smiles, again wishing congratulations.

Feisty Sky blue Dragonet pops his head up, looking around, he decides to go another direction, he heads out towards the sands enterence! But a call from

Tempeth brings him back

Heinya smiles brightly and then notices the other blue. Where'd *he* come from?

Jahon blinks. Uh…the sand…it's /HOT!/ He'd forgotten that. He leaps to his feet and shakes out his legs, then shifts uneasily. His eyes are still on Ari and Kayloth.

Tyne giggles through her nervousness as she peeks between two candidates and spots Ariana, "Oh, how wonderful!"

Yannah sighs, knowing that sort of happiness, that mannor of companionship just isn't for her. She glances back to the entrance, wondering of anyone would notice if she simplely left.

Etheria watches the little blue, her eyebrows quirking into little golden arches as she smiles. "Where is he going?" she mutters softly.

Jubal takes another breath, this time a bit calmer, deeper, fuller.

Ariana's smile breaks free just now, and she edges off to where she saw Toblin dissappear, beckoning to Kayloth

Tylynn claps her hands to her mouth at the poor wandering blue, unable to keep the giggle in.

Alecki realizes she has been slouching and straightens her back suddenly, glacing towards the stands. Did anyone notice me she wonders. Then smiles as she watches the antics of the feisty blue hatchling.

Larissa notices Yannah glancing towards the entrance a little longer then she should, knowingly she frowns at her. "No." She whispers to her. "We are all in this together." She smiles reassuringly at her.

Feisty Sky blue Dragonet dances over, tripping again, then landing right at the red haired girl's feet.

Yannah says "You kids maybe…."

Jahon watches Ariana and Kayloth leave, then looks back rather dazedly. He blinks, seeing the sky blue dragonet for the first time, and watches where he lands with another grin.

Alecki looks down at the tripped up blue, a look of concern on her face at the heaped up blue, she looks up at the others, what should she do?

Jahon makes motions with his hands: help him up!

Dull Pewter Egg rocks a bit in the sands.

Jahon's eyes snap around at the dull pewter egg.

Feisty Sky blue Dragonet looks up at the red headed girl giving out almost a mew

Yannah distracts Larissa to Alecki, "What've we here?"

Etheria watches the little blue but is turned around as she stares at yet another shaking egg. "Oh shards, this is all happening so fast" she whispers over towards Jahon.

Tylynn hears movement on the sands and moves, giving her feet a break. She glances towards the new egg, biting her lip slightly.

Dull Pewter Egg sends a small shower of sand up as it jerks to one side.

Jubal smiles at the dull pewter egg's motion.

Alecki bends over and reaches out carefully to help the discombobolated blue up to his feet.

"It'll be all right, Etheria…it'll be all right." But is Jahon comforting himself or her?

Dull Pewter Egg cracks, spilling a pewter Dragonet to the sands.

A whirl of green comes fluidly out of the shards, as you look, you are certain, some power must have had left over pieces of green dragons and decided not to waste a one. Her silver sage green head bounces up as she hears the chatter of the gallery. She snorts, then in an act of defiance, she turns her back to the gallery, showing off even more of the colors of green that is her hide, Her tiny head moves to look at the robed ones, are they laughing at her?

Heinya watches Alecki and the blue, then turns suddenly when she sees the egg

Larissa grabs her hand and squeezes it quickly. She drops it again to look at the newest arrival on the sands with a smile across her face as the green appears from her shell.

Lyre eyes turn and he glances at the Green.. a look of wonder crossing his eyes.. a hand going to his mouth for a moment.

Jubal smiles at the pretty little green.

Jahon closes his eyes, then opens them. He gets a bit of calm and radiates his amazement and welcome to the green.

Tyne tugs at the hem of her sleeve, lifting it upwards to dab at a bead of sweat dripping towards her eye. Eyes remain in a constant state of motion as she tries to keep her attention focused on everything.

Yannah pulls back from Larissa, and crosses to the other side of the sands, perhaps she's just getting a better look at the pretty sage and silver young lady…..

Alecki on her knees beside the blue, looks up a look of surprise on her face,

"His name is Rath!" She scoops the blue into her arms and heads him towards the waiting food, "This way Rath. Of course I'll feed you!"

Pewter Dragonet stands almost glaring at the candidates, snorting again she moves slightly not too happy with any of this.

Etheria takes a deep breath and nods at Jahon as a little green enters the world. She thinks of something to say, but her lungs are frozen solid at this point. She whips about to Alecki and smiles wildly.

Jahon shifts his weight from foot to foot, then looks around at Alecki's cry with a bright smile.

Jubal glances over at Alecki and smiles happily. "Congratulations!"

Calla winces as the blue falls, then looks away when yet another egg moves. He'll be taken care of. She can't help but grin at the green hatchling when she comes out. She hops a couple times to get a good view, then pauses to smile at Alecki. "Congratulations!"

Alecki walks off the sands with Rath.

Tylynn creeps up closer for a better look at the green, admiring her hide.

Lyre glances at Tylynn, smirking slightly

Jahon looks back at the pewter dragonet, who seems displeased. He tilts his head, curious.

Tylynn shrugs slightly- Defensively, actually- at Lyre.

Pewter Dragonet sits back she is not going to any of them! well? she sees who might come to her!

Larissa feels guilty for a moment as she watches Yannah cross the sands. Her concern quickly fades as she watches the eggs her excitement building as more and more activity happens on the sands.

Lyre looks back up at the Green, still smiling..

Heinya raises an eyebrow as she watches the green. What is she waiting for?

Jahon's eyes widen, and then he takes a step forward, then another. He snags the shoulder of any Candidate he passes, tugging them forward gently before releasing them.

Jubal grins as all focus is drawn on the green. Probably what she wanted all along…

Etheria peers at the little green hatchling and stays where she is, unable to move. Nervously she looks over at the others, mouthing a 'well?" expectantly, waiting to see who steps forward.

Lyre moves up to Tylynn, and encourages her to try to get closer.. waving a hand gently in the Dragonetes direction

Blue Mottled Egg rocks a bit in the sands.

Yannah raises an eyebrow at the green, a touch of a smile quirking at her lips for just a monet before she remembers herself.

Jahon's eyes are caught by the motion of the blue egg.

Jubal glances over to the remaining eggs, seeing that another is rocking and shaking.

She tries taking another step. Worst would be it wasn't her…

Tylynn stops self-consiously in her movement forward, and glances at Lyre. Why not.. She tries taking another step. Worst would be it wasn't her…

Tyne quirks a brow at the little green and chuckles. But she's not moving. She might fall. She would, you know. The image of sand plastered to her sweat-glossed face and her robe flopped over her head is not particularly appealing.

Blue Mottled Egg slowly rolls to show a large crack accross it's side

Jahon looks back at the green and smiles gently at her.

Heinya ooo and turns to the blue egg, noticing it as if for the first time.

Blue Mottled Egg cracks, spilling a Serious Bronze to the sands.

His head turns catching every noise about him as he slowly stretches from his prison. His entire body is mottled like his shards, though it is light bronze upon darkest green. He greets his Dam with respect before turning to the robed ones.

Pewter Dragonet waits til all are over to her that are coming then decides they're all too silly, she heads straight to the one that stood still, nearly marching to the blonde curly haired girl.

Jahon glances back over at the blue egg - its pattern had captivated him so, wanting to recapture that pattern in his clay glazes. He knows he'd never, even as a potter master, be able to recreate it.

Jubal draws more of his attention on the young… Bronze! His mouth drops open a bit and he looks at it more carefully.

Calla raises an eyebrow at the green, almost involuntarily taking a step forward when she stops, but instead her gaze moves to the bronze when he hatches.

Jahon blinks as a bronze dragonet spills forth from the blue egg. He's forgotten to breathe again.

Lyre continues to watch the Green.. his eyes rivitted

Tylynn shakes her head and half-chuckles, stepping backwards towards Lyre. She sighs and smiles, watching where the green goes.

Jubal pinches himself, hard, in the leg, to try and snap himself out of it. pewter Dragonet moves so she is face to face with Etheria, her eyes all orange and unsure

Heinya looks over at Etheria, smiling …

Jahon blinks again at the pattern in the bronze's hide. Incredible - mesmerizing…

Serious Bronze looks over at his sister, then back to the males, deciding he should look there

Etheria looks down at the little green and manages a giggle. "Oh my" she says softly, looking at the little girl. She starts to move to the side for a second, thinking her chosen must be standing behind her and stops, blinking her eyes down at the little green. "Not me, you don't want me. Surely there is someone else."

Jubal nods and smiles at Etheria and the green dragonet, then returns most of his focus on the bronze and the other eggs.

Lyre nods to Tylynn before looking back to the Green and Etheria

Tylynn watches the green and smiles for Etheria, clenching her hands tight and hoping for the other girl.

Pewter Dragonet creels to the girl, laying against her

Tyne clutches at the arm of a nearby candidate as more hatchlings make their way into the world. They're /all/ wet. And gooey. For some reason, her stomach decides that this is an appropriate time to grumble. Flashing and wide-eyed glance to her tummy, she pokes, "This is not the time… really."

Jahon looks back at the bronze, astonished at his fluid motion.

Heinya giggles as she watches the pewter dragonet.

Calla glances away from the bronze to give Etheria a quick smile and a nod. She doesn't pay much attention to what the girl is saying. "Congratulations!" Eyes go back to the eggs, with a quick look at the bronze.

Jubal pinches himself again, hard enough that it'll leave a mark, and his foot FINALLY gives a jumpstart movement. Unfortunately he now notices the heat as well.

Etheria blushes and leans down towards the little green, embracing her neck gently. "Of course Padrith, we'll go get you something to eat" she whispers softly, following the others off the sands.

Tylynn glances at the bronze and the remaining eggs, then to Lyre. Her expression almost asks him why he isn't trying as well…

Lyre looks around and notices the Bronze for the first time.. blinkingly

Jahon looks at the bronze, at the illusion of movement in his hide.

Serious Bronze knows what he wants and goes straight to it, he stands before

Jahon as if he is expecting him to say something.

Jubal takes jerky steps, but is moving… he shifts again to be more accessible to the eggs and the hatchling.

Heinya looks around and around. Did I miss anything? … Oh … She grins at the bronze …

Lyre chuckles to himself as he watches the Bronze and Jahon

Jubal smiles /extremely/ happy for Jahon, hoping that it might be true…

Jahon has forgotten the sands again, standing stock still and not minding the head at all. He blinks at the bronze, head tilted in shock. Then he kneels down to be at eyelevel and regards him. "Hh-hello," he says, voice shaking.

Creamy Butter Egg rocks hard to the right

Yannah watches the bronze, knowing that's a safe enough thing. She smiles.

Actually smiles when then bronze stands expecanatly before Jahon.

Serious Bronze looks on Jahon, then pushes him gently

Creamy Butter Egg nearly bounces from the sands as it's contents seems eager to get out!

Tylynn's eye is caught by the rocking egg and bites her lip, wondering if she should try again..

Heinya blinks. Ip . .. there's another egg …

Lyre eyes turn tot he comotion

Calla follows the bronze till he gets to Jahon. Giving him a grin, she calls out a congratulations.

Creamy Butter Egg bursts apart, sending shards everywhere, there in the center of this explosion is Delightful Golden

Her head lifts from her shards, she looks as if some is still on her muzzle til you see that /is/ the color of her muzzle! Lifting her wings she lets out a good sized trumpet as if announcing to Pern she is atlast here. you can see that her hide is again velvety even though still wet from her egg.

Lyre moves a wee bit ont he sand to get a better look… to see what will happen.

Heinya eeks inside her head! There's the gold …

Tylynn's eyes widen and she gasps as the gold dragonet hatches.

Tempeth answers her daughter

Lyre eyes widen at the arrival of the gold.. he almost instinctively gives the new gold a bow.

Jahon rocks back with the nudge and his eyes go wide, blinking. It's as if, in closing his eyes, he opened them to some other world. His knees go all weak and he puts his arms around the bronze. "Anguth. Anguth." He flinches, almost doubled over with hunger. "Yes, food…"

Heinya looks over at Jahon and smiles brightly … then looks back to see what the gold dragonet will do.

Jahon is dizzy from the sudden /doubling/ of himself. The sensation is at once amazingly familiar and strange.

Calla actually stumbles backwards again as here gaze moves back to the sands and meets the gold hatchling. With a fast apology to the candidate behind her, she hopples forwards a few steps before standing still, eyes darting between the gold hatchling and the remaining eggs.

Delightful Golden flaps her wings , as if getting the circulation in them, she then decides to scan everything, the gallery, her dam, oh and what funny creatures in the white robes?

Yannah sighs, fiannaly feeling her heart skip a beat. She curtsies to the new-hatched queen, feelng the hope, the fear starting to overwhelm her resolve to be distanced.

Larissa gasps as she see the gold and again holds her breath. She clamps down on her lower lip and watches the golden dragonet.

Tylynn bites her own lower lip, watching the dragonet with a kind of awed respect.

Delightful Golden looks down , trying to inspect the lot, she goes slowly past them all, as if very curious about them

Heinya turns away from the gold dragonet, feeling guilty for even looking. She glances around at the other candidates.

Tyne sidles out from behind a tall lad as he begins to waver. Don't wanna be back there if he decides to faint. Eyes scan the sands again and, for a brief moment, sweep up towards the galleries. Sweat. Ack, can't see.

Jubal calls out a congratulations to Jahon, happy that his friend impressed.

Larissa giggles as she watches her scanning everyone on the sands. Oh she is so beautiful. She looks over at the weyrleaders and their lifemates with a smile. The dragonet is more beautiful then she had ever imagined.

Lyre calls congratulations after Jahon.. as he moves a wee bit on the sand.. to be able to better watch the Gold Dragonette as she moves on the sands.

Jubal actually enjoys this part of the Hatching — he can actually be guarranteed to be just a spectator until another egg hatches.

Tylynn glances around, sharing Heinya's sentiment. Her cheeks flushed, she sneaks a glance back.

Calla's eyes dart back and forth between the hatchling and the other eggs, not sure where to rest. After a few moments she gives a frustrated hop and just looks straight ahead, at whatever she -can- see.

Yannah notices the golds gaze and tries all the more to cut off the feelings, to make herself as blank as a clean slate. It doesn't work too well though. She has moments of control, and as the sweat rolls down her face, she has moments of self-depreciating terror.

Delightful Golden leans down, and starts to nibble at the rope holding onto the dark haired girl's robe

Orange Swirled Egg rolls over in the sand, just avoiding a candidate or two.

Orange Swirled Egg makes a loud crack as parts of the egg visibally starts showing cracks

Jubal looks at the orange egg and wonders where it's decided it wants to roll to…

Delightful Golden warbles, making a soppy wet mess of the corner of Larissa's robe

Orange Swirled Egg bursts open as what looks like a large brown form moves!

Gentle Giant Brown moves from the shards.

Pulling from its shards looking way to large to have fit into its egg lifts a large sienna head, then, velvet wings spread slowly almost in reverence to the candidates that are near him. He stands shaking, his legs unsteady as he takes his first step into the world.

Heinya grins at Larissa then … oh … there's another egg.

Lyre turns his attention from the gold towards the new dragonette on the sands. His feet shifting back and forth

Heinya gasps at the brown. He's so handsome …

Jubal smiles at the rather striking brown… really a wonderful color…

Larissa hesiatates unsure of what to do. She keeps eyecontact with the gold and laughs at her. "If you want food I will give you food." She coaxes the dragonet.

Tylynn turns to watch the brown as he moves, biting her lip. Does she even dare to hope? He's a beauty..

Calla grins at the hatchling by Larissa, eyes moving with lightning speed towards the orange egg when it moves. She looks back towards Larissa in order to give her a big grin and a loud "Congratulations!" Then it's back to the brown hatchling her eyes go.

Jubal glances away from the brown and calls out to Larissa a Congratulations, but doesn't think she heard him.

Yannah backs up, all the closer to the entrance. She hesitates a moment, she turns her body half way, not wanting to be rude to the dragons, but not really wanting to stay.

Lyre glances up at the size og the big brown.. very impressed ..

Tyne rubs at her eyes and squints towards the gold and her chosen. It's all a blur. Sweat plasters her robe against her skin, limiting her movements. "Shells, it's hot enough to roast a wherry out here… Congratulations!" she calls out, not sure of who's she's congratulating just yet.

Gentle Giant Brown gets his legs, the stretches out , it was crowded in there, hmm I see , well , what are those? he moves closer to the last of the candidates

Jubal returns his attention to this pretty brown

Lyre chuckles at the approach of the brown..

Tylynn holds her breath as the brown nears the others, half caught between taking a step back and taking one towards him..

Heinya stares at the brown with curiousity, totally in awe. She smiles softly and tears her gaze away a moment.

Gentle Giant Brown eyes them , then decides to look at the smaller and more delicate of these strange things

Lyre looks to where the Brown does.. eyes following

Jubal smiles, radiating respect and caring for the brown.

Heinya watches the brown, cocking her head in curiousity to see just where it will go.

Larissa says soothingly to the golden dragonet. "Yes Samanth, I will feed you." She throws her arms around her lifemates neck. Tears streaming down her cheeks. "I will feed you."

Tylynn takes one small step forward to admire the brown, biting her lip nervously- She's only doing it to see where he goes, she tells herself.

Yannah takes a step sideways, a step closer to the entrance.

Lyre grins widely and calls out "Congratulations!" to Larissa and the brown

Gentle Giant Brown moves carefully, not wanting to bump into anything, he stops in front of the girl with the ill fitting robe.

Heinya blinks. He's stopping in front of me??? … His heart skips a beat a moment. She looks down at him admiringly. "uhh … Hi."

Black Soot Egg sends a small shower of sand up as it jerks to one side.

Jubal grins at the large brown and little one, then turns his attention to the last egg, the black egg.

Lyre shifts his footing on the sand again.. peering over at the hatching egg

Black Soot Egg cracks, spilling a Happy Green Dragonet to the sands.

Slowly uncurling from her former home, a small green head lifts up, smelling the air. Extending her wings , she stretches herself fully, taking her first step only to trip over her own tail. Her light green form goes head over heals onto the sands right to the feet of some candidates.

Calla takes a quick look around, noticing that the number of candidates seem to be getting smaller and smaller. Very quickly her gaze is brought back to the brown though. Over to the black egg as it moves, back to the brown. Where to look?!? The sand is hot!

Lyre moves to help the dragonette as it rolls towards them.. but stops short.

Jubal can't help but grin ear to ear at the countenance of the green dragonet.

Lyre seems to whisper something to himself.. it could be "How beautiful" as he looks at the green.

Happy Green Dragonet straightens herself, looking back at just who's tail had the nerve to trip her!

Happy Green Dragonet looks like she almost shrugs it off, then looks at what is in front of her

Visioned restored, Tyne looks over the remaining hatchlings and candidates. It's almost over. Relief is apparent in her slumped stance, but her eyes reflect a touch of sadness.

Lyre watches the Happy green, smiling and coaxing her..

Jubal realizing that he's no longer under the 'spotlight,' shifts leg positions, bending them at the knees to get a kink out.

Happy Green Dragonet 's eyes are bright blue she seems pleased to be here, at least so far

Calla's eyes don't have anymore trouble darting back and forth, they go straight to the green hatchling. She does her very best not to hop from foot to foot.

Tyne quirks a brow down at the little green and smiles, "Am I in your way?" Stepping to the side, she looks on down the line, wondering who the little gal is trying to get to.

Happy Green Dragonet tilts her head and follows Tyne as she moves away, happily following her

Lyre watches the Green.. very happy

Tyne seems to have a shadow. A green one. A sudden recognition widens her eyes and legs wobble until her knees fall to the sands, "Oh my… Kayshoth? Yes, of course… beautful Kayshoth."

Tasha watches all the time, leaning against Tempeth, good to see this clutch is a good one

Heinya looks over at Tyne, grinning.

Calla giggles at the green, smiling and nodding at Tyne. Then she looks around the sands again. Is it over?

Jubal smiles, and says, "Congratulations, Tyne."

On the ledges, Myrrath pushes off from a ledge and launches into the sky.

Tempeth rumbles in return

Lyre looks about.. wondering if he should be leaving the warm sands.. or staying.. obviously unsure.

Calla glances around quickly, then makes a dash off the sands, hoping to spare her feet.

Jubal notices Nadreck by the entrence and steps off the sands.

Tylynn casts a glance at the shells and sighs, but hugs the other girl. "Congratulations.."

Lyre follows behind Calla, looking back to Tylynn

Tylynn tries to have some dignity as she hurries off the sands.

Jubal nods hello to his Uncle. "Hello Nadreck, Hello Weyrleader."

Gamaliel comes down from the spectator seats.

Lyre hops away from the hotter parts of the sands.

Tylynn smiles shyly at those she passes, bowing slightly to T'lynn.

Gamaliel walks outside to the weyrbowl.

Tylynn leaves the unrelenting heat of the hatching grounds.

« Tylynn makes her way back to the Main Cavern and into the …»

Candidates Quarters
A long, low room, with many cots, immaculately kept. There is a small press at the foot of each cot for personal belongings and a small table beside each cot as well. There is a chart on the wall, listing the current clutch.

Candidates Rules

Dwane has left.

Toblin brushes past the curtain to the hallway.

Lyre walks in.

Tylynn peels off her candidate's robe with a sigh and glances around the room, changing into her travelling clothes.

Lyre wanders in .. whistling

Alecki gets up from a cot and walks to the center of the room.

Tylynn picks up her pack and carefully folds the robe up, packing it back inside. "Wonder where I'll live now.."

Lyre comments "Why not here? Or the guest chambers?" He shrugs to himself and begins to get changed slowly

Tylynn smiles and nods. "Exactly.. I don't know where. This was a candidate's place."

Lyre nods slightl. "Well, you should have a home" "Me.. I am not so sure" he says as he tucks away his robe

Tylynn mmm's and kicks her feet slightly. "I don't know anymore.. I want to stay here, if only for my f.. ah, T'lynn and Tasha and Chrissa."

Lyre stids down next to Tylynn, mostly dressed "Then why don't you?"

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