Spreading Like Wildfire

Spring - Month 9 of Turn 2720
Monaco Bay Weyr - Meeting Chamber
Though fairly small this room is still sufficient enough to hold a round table with twelve chairs about it, and there is electric lighting in the room to provide plenty of illumination for the meetings held within. The table is a rich deep mahogany, looking of an age to almost be an original furniture piece of this weyr. The chairs are newer but done still made in a way to match the style of the table. Cushions with the device of the weyr upon it, three silver roundels on a midnight blue field, are set upon each chair for comfort.

It is no secret that Sev went to discuss the Zombie Apocalypse? erm… strange rumors of rashy-child sleep-walking with Risali. It was even more important that he do so when some of Monaco's own children began presenting symptoms. It might only be two, maybe three, with a "suspicious" looking rash, but it was enough to send Sev on a "friendly but also totally official" trip to Xanadu. But now he is back. In fact, he's been back for about a day now, and is ready to tell the tale… or, you know, fill in Reya. If she wants filling-in. There will be coordination efforts and as such, it's probably a good idea to… coordinate the stuff. At his desk, which is cluttered but only with the normal things (like paper, and pens, and stray wingrider knots, and NOT giant, dead sea-creature skeletons), he's bent over his laptop and type-typing away like a mad chicken (peck-peck-peck).

Reya is…in possession of a diseased child. It is not any of /her/ children. No…it's is a 3 turn old boy that she somehow has the strength to carry around by his shirt like a tiny rag doll. "SEV!" Here she is, tiny totally non-dangerous woman, presenting exhibit A for the Weyrleader's convenience. "Look! I found another by the beach!" Someone would think she was talking about shells or fish, but NOOOOO she is talking about a diseased child. She at least seems to have taken safety precautions, aka she is wearing rubber gloves and a mask over her shorts and t-shirt. "Did Xanadu say what to do with them? Like…do we throw them in a room? Make them fight to the death?" She's probably joking.

Either S'van is just that tired, or he's grown accustomed to Reya's ways because there's barely a flinch for her sudden delivery of a sick child. There's a bit of a blink, perhaps because she is carrying him by his shirt, but no real shock to be found on the Weyrleader's face. "Is he asleep right now?" he wonders, eyeing the boy in question. "And general consensus is that we take them to the infirmary and let the healer's handle it." Fight to the death? Definitely out. Poor Sev. He is wearing neither gloves nor mask and looks like he might wish he were. "Is that the fifth or sixth now?" Hell, it might be the tenth for all they know.

"Infirmary?" Reya looks at the child, who might be asleep….his eyes are mostly closed but you can definitely see the whites. "That's not quite as fun." But apparently she's just going to plop the sleeping kid down on an empty space on S'van's desk. Poor Weyrleader! "Fourty-sixth I think." That is a blatant lie. Even once the child is set down, she'll keep her protective gear on as she considers S'van for a moment longer, "So…how the situation looking?" Is that a hint of seriousness in her voice? Maybe she doesn't actually want the children dying.

Poor Sev. Looks like he'll be taking yet another bath (it will be his third today) given he's got a currently-safe and 'let's please keep him like that' kid at home. Maybe he should be wearing a hazmat suit when out of the office? Hm. But while he might lean a bit back from the not so fortunate child that is now on his desk, there's no jumping and running from him. "Hm." That's for Reya's made up number, eyebrow arched as he regards first the kid, then the Weyrwoman who brought him. "Pretty sure it's not." The forty-sixth. "Bleak." Is the short but rather serious answer to that question, though. "Got Jae working with Meion from Xanadu to try and crunch all the numbers. Got the healer-notes from Risa's group," and promptly handed over to Monaco's healers, "and they're… working on it. But. At least there's no de— erm. D-E-A-T-H-S yet." And yes, he totally spelled that out because there's currently a sick child on his desk, and he does not want to scare him (Even if he is apparently asleep).

Reya purses her lips for a moment before dropping down into a chair (because surely there are some in the office). "And I guess the only thing we can do is….watch them." Perhaps contrary to popular belief the Weyrwoman /does/ actually like kids, and that may be one reason why she brought the child here instead of the infirmary…seeing all those sick kids and not being able to do anything? It isn't fun. So she'll bribe someone else to do it. Avoidance is healthy, right? "Are the numbers or the healers telling us anything yet? Maybe we /should/ keep them in a separate room so they aren't wandering around the Weyr." Because it could be dangerous.

There are definitely chairs in Sev's office. Probably squishy, comfortable ones. And no worries; Sev will totes tote the kid down to the infirmary for Reya. He needs an excuse to poke his nose in there, either way. As he (the kid) seems to be no worse for wear currently sitting on his desk, he's welcome to stay for the moment. Sev will… talk around him. "Xanadu offered to send some assistance, but I hate taking them up on that when they're already so… strained. But if some of the nannies could rotate in, that would help. Someone the kids are familiar with…" to help keep an eye on them. "I don't know about a separate room. I like the idea," he adds, hesitantly, "but I'm not sure how… parents will feel about it." A pause, and he tap-taps his fingers on his laptop without actually striking keys. "Igen has offered a safe harbor for uninfected children," he notes. "Something about the desert climate being less likely to spread disease. We… might want to take them up on it." It's a question, disguised as a statement. Would Reya want to consider it?

"As long as it's a nice room, no restrictions on visiting and plenty of the things for the children to /potentially/ do," because let's face it, most won't given the zombie-state, "maybe the parents will be ok with it? But, honestly…it isn't a top priority." Reya's fingers move to her hair, beginning to braid and then un-braid it. There's a slight pause at the mention of Igen though and the Weyrwoman looks up, a hint of a frown on her face. "I'd rather not…we're dealing with it fairly well here, only six so far right?" She is keeping count after all! "Maybe if we get desperate later but, I think it might cause too much panic if we ship out the children. And the parents of the sick children? It might make them think the worst." She bites her lips for a moment, eyes eventually moving to the ceiling. "What if we make a make-shift room off the sands? Maybe it could replicate the Igen climate?" She's just throwing out random ideas now, because it isn't any fun not being able to do anything about sick kids!

"Mm, that's not a bad idea," agrees S'van. "And I don't see why not. There's no clutch there." Yet. Shoving up from his chair, there's a glance at the sick child and a bit of a sigh before he's scooping him into his arms (proper-like) to take to the infirmary. "If you could coordinate that, that would be great. We can use the galleries, too." And the more he thinks about it, the more he likes it. "I'm gonna take this one to the infirmary. But if we could get the 'sands going as a temporary relocation for the not sick children, we could turn the regular nursery into a temporary housing for the sick ones. So they have somewhere familiar to stay."

"Could…make a temporary playground of sorts?" Reya taps her fingers against her cheek for a moment while nodding as S'van adds on more. "That sounds good…." There's a sad little smile as S'van scoops up the kid, and she'll stand up, moving over long enough to drop a quick kiss (mask still in place) on the child's head. "I'll let you know when I have some updates on that front." Of course…he's left this plan in the hand's of PURE CRAZY so this can only go well, right? Thankfully he'll be there to water down and ideas that are /too/ over the top!

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