2008-02-21: Talisyth's Flight


Eastern Weyr - Commons Cavern(#9528RIJM)
A grand stairway leads downward into the cool rock of the commons cavern, a place for socializing and relaxing, as well as an area that provides solid shelter from the seasonal storms of this area. One of the few caverns at Eastern Weyr, the rock here has been worn away by centuries worth of water movement, leaving a nearly glass smooth polish over much of the room. Rocky shelves line the walls on which electric lights covered with paper lanterns rest, providing adequate illumination for the area. High above are further light fixtures, enabling a wide range of lighting options here. A natural pool occupies half of the far end of the cavern and is supplied with heated water piped in by an ingenious techcrafter. All about the room are balconies of rock with stairs leading to them and small dumbwaiters for the purpose of delivering food and drink to their heights.

Talisyth> Eastern Weyr - Feeding Grounds
Talisyth> You stand in the open pasture that serves as the feeding grounds for the dragons of the weyr. All around you are feeding animals of all types and sizes, kept in a huge corrall so that many dragons can feed at once without stampeding the entire mixed herd. Off to one side, up under a lip of rock, an area is picketed up with a large thick door. The barns, attached to the Commons cavern through a rough huen passage, this allows the herds to be protected even in the worst of storms and provides fresh meat to those sheltered within.

Jheina is sitting in a corner - yes, a corner - of the commons with a mug of steaming liquid at her side perched on the table, and sewing in her hands. The rider looks fairly content to be just where she is, alone and working.

L'ton shouldn't be as cheerful as he is as he departs from whatever meeting had claimed his time, but he's actually whistling as he snags an ale, and glances around the cavern, gaze settling on one rider who's rather out of the way. "Hey lil'bit." He offers cheerfully, lifting the bottle to her as he plops down at a chair with her, making no move to ask permission first.

G'rism walks into the Commons Cavern, from the main clearing.

Blink. HISS. Jheina's eyes flit up for a moment unguarded as L'ton just … sits. But then the chocolate eyes narrow and the embriodering stops for just a little bit. "That's Weyrwoman." She snaps at this person who has just invaded her rather large personal space and started *gasp* /talking/ to her. "And what do you want?" Snap, hiss, claw, RAWR.

L'ton arches an eyebrow as he watches her, a bit of a grin crosses his lips. "Okay, weyrwoman. Ah'd use yer name, but Ah haven't been given the opportunity ta find it out yet." He takes a drag on the ale, before clinking the bottle back down on the table. "Ah just thought that ya could use some company. Ya seemed lonely." Either L'ton is really oblivious, or really just doesn't care about the attitude, either way, he's not moving.

Talisyth> Knephyth lumbers into the feeding grounds, from the clearing.

G'rism arrives in search for a quick refreshing snack - honest! But just as the bronzerider serves himself a glass of water, his attention is instead turning towards the hissing, snappish remarks coming from Jheina. Intrigued, and no doubt against his better judgement, the young rider begins to slowly approach both the junior weyrwoman and the visiting L'ton. He doesn't say anything, for now, but instead keeps a rather slightly amused watch on the pair as he lingers nearby.

Talisyth> Dhonzayth lumbers into the feeding grounds, from the clearing.
Talisyth> Troyseth lumbers into the feeding grounds, from the clearing.
Talisyth> Cneneth lumbers into the feeding grounds, from the clearing.

Jheina snorts as she looks at L'ton again, picking up the steaming mug. For a moment a contemplative look crosses her face as she then gazes at L'ton, but that passes rather quickly. "You've no need to find out." She snaps again, and this time G'rism is spotted as well. Oh for Faranth's sake, her temper will know no bounds tonight! "And what in the bloody sharding world can I do /you/ for?" Grump.
I don't see that here.

Talisyth> Talisyth is prowling high upon the ridges of the feeding grounds, her autumn hide glowing more like the sun's surface as she sends the beasts below into a frenzy within their large and sturdy pen. The gold seems to just get a kick out of this as her maw hangs open in a grin, and the jewel-faceted eyes swirl maddly with hunger and desire. Oh which one… which one…?

"Maybe Ah do." And L'ton glances over at G'rism, giving the other man a smile. "Ah dun suppose ya happen ta know this young woman's name, do ya? She's not being ta helpful - and she really dun like being called lil'bit." He chuckles softly, looking back to Jheina, shaking his head. "Maybe ya should have this, instead of that." And the ale is offered to her, in place of the steaming mug.

Talisyth> Dhonzayth hardly has the pickiness of the glowing gold, for he has long since spotted her hide while L'ton was in his meetings, and as she began to stir more eagerly, has taken to the feeding grounds where he has already pulled down a beast, draining it of its liquid energy, and dropping the animal. Pale wings are spread before the Istan bronze pulls over another beast, and again drops his muzzle to its throat.

G'rism's brows raise up in both a surprised and questioning manner towards Jheina's rather colorful remark. "Nothing, really." He says, adding in a bit of a light, forced smile to finish off his reply. "Just minding my own business." Yeah, right. And that's not his bronze out in the feeding grounds stalking her gold… The bronzerider then glances over to L'ton and frowns for a moment. "You know, funny thing is I don't either. And yet I'm from here." There's a pause, as he glances back to Jheina for a brief moment. "But even if I did, I believe it'd be polite for her to give it to you. Not my decision."

"L'tooooon!" is heard from across the caverns as a rather strange looking woman literally bounces into sight. Sure she's wearing normal riding leathers and the required knot designating her as a brownrider from Benden… but there's also other rather odd decorations pinned here and there on her jacket like medals. A feather, a mark on a ribbon, a few pieces of colored and patterned fabric, and a metal twist that resembles absolutely nothing. Her hair hasn't been combed in what must be months, and is in a rather lopsided pony on her head.

Talisyth> Knephyth fans in from above, a dark shadow in the sky. As he descends a great glow of coppery fire seems grow upon his belly until his limbs find the ground and hide it from view. He peers about to his clutchmate with a subtle rumbling growl and lash of his tail before loping over and knocking a beat over with a single flash of talons. With one whirrling eye on the glowing queen he sinks his teeth into the flesh so haphazardly.

Talisyth> Troyseth has already begun to eagerly observe the glowing Talisyth as she prowls high up on the ridges above him. Ever since he had arrived, the young bronze has chosen to linger among the sides or whatever meager shadows he can find that still affords him a good view while he plots. As the beasts within the penned grounds begin to panic, he launches himself into the air and soon has his first victim pinned beneath his talons and busily sets to work on it.

Jheina's hand rises to embrace and rub her forehead as the two just … talk over her. As if she's somewhat not really there. And it's getting more and more tempting to the goldlet to dispose of her steaming klah upon the two bronzers standing in front of her. "Faranth's sake… /Jheina/. If it gets you to stop calling me "lil'bit" and like I'm not here, /Jheina/." Even if that comment is minorly muffled by the palm of her hand. Maaaan is she getting one bloody headache. And at this new interruption to her solitude, Jheina recoils in her seat. "What is /that/?" Yes, what. Not who. This new person doesn't deign a 'who'.

L'ton nods slowly at G'rism, attention turning back to Jheina as she finally reveals her name, chuckling. "Well, then, weyrwoman Jheina. Well met! Ista's duties ta ya and yar queens." Now that wasn't that hard was it? But then, despite his earlier confidence, at the drawn out voicing of his name, his eyes widen, and he sinks a bit lower in his chair. "Faranth help me.." He mutters, shifting to try and hide behind G'rism, leaning to peer at the frizzy, blonde thing, who has been leaving a trail of feathers floating through the cavern air behind her. Gulp.

Talisyth> A rather small brown is padding around the edges of the feeding grounds, carefully eying up all the beasties as his oversized feet move him. Actually, his feet are perfectly normal in size for a brown, it's just that he himself is a little small. Cneneth streatches out like a rather absurd looking cat before launching himself over the fence and onto one of the herdbeasts that was making it's slightly paniced round. The blood speckled dust that flys blends in perfectly with the dragon's light tan hide.

Talisyth> Not one to usually follow the crowds, Talisyth eyes her gathering of suitors with annoyed glee, before she unfurls her wings and shoves herself off of the ledge. One buck is quickly pinned beneath her talons, and another is whalloped - and pinned - with her tail as she sinks her teeth into the neck of her first buck, quickly draining it. One could /swear/ there was a sigh of estacy as the gold's hide brightens a little more, a forearm snaking to the side to bring the stunned herdbeast towards her… which promptly is drained of its blood as well. As two are down, she desively goes for a third. After which she takes painstaking care in cleaning her talons of any gore they might have collected with pleasure. Fly? Now why would she?

First the colorful remarks and now he's a personal shield? How lovely! However G'rism seems less then amused at the sudden arrival of a rather offbeat individual. As to what or who it is, he doesn't seem too interested and leaves the others to solve that for themselves. While L'ton shifts to move behind him, the young bronzerider turns his focus back to Jheina. "Pleasure meeting you too, Jheina." He murmurs, not bothering to hold off the slight hint of sarcasm in his tone of voice. After a brief pause, he adds in a quick "Eastern's duties to Ista." Towards L'ton.

Talisyth> Dhonzayth rumbles to the other bronzes as they continue to congregate around the gold - the gold he is convinced he spotted first - spreading his wings wide to protect the beast his has claimed, living his muzzle to lick it clean as the last bit of the herdbeast's lifeforce drips into the ground below. And then, as the gold calmly takes to cleaning her talons, he settles back on his haunches, turning his head to watch each and every glowing movement with a faceted eye. Lean length is compacted, as he remains low to the ground, ready to launch whenever the golden queen should decide to act upon her instincts.

Syrita is ignored? How rude! But luckily (or unfortunatly) she doesn't entirely seem to realize this fact. G'rism is danced around to latch onto Pal, grabbing onto his upper arm and promptly shedding small downy feathers on him as her chin plops onto his shoulder. "Oh how lovely you're here, I thought I'd be all alone! Who are your friends?" Her voice is rather high pitched and jumps all over with a little too much energy pumped in. Suddenly her voice and attitude drops. "Oh…" Oh what? Well, who knows. Does she? Maaaybe. Jheina gets a look for a moment and tilts her head before beaming with amazingly perfect teeth. "Are you my bronzie's new girl?"

Talisyth> Troyseth doesn't seem concerned with the arrival of more suitors, even though he considers every last one of them as equal competitors and possible threats to his plans. For now his attention is solely on following Talisyth and waiting. With his first kill drained, he lashes out for his second and makes short work of it as well. By now the dark bronze's muzzle and, throat and talons are tinted crimson, but appearance means little to him at this point. Unfurling his wings, he flares them open briefly, only to resettle them loosely against his sides as he crouches down, kills forgotten as his body tenses up as he prepares for the glowing queen to finish her preening and take to flight. Aside from the occasional twitch of his tail tip, Troyseth is practically holding still on his spot in the feeding grounds.

Part of Jheina is /really/ enjoying this as L'ton gets latched onto when it's clear it's anything but what he wants. However, the other part is a bit repulsed at the woman standing in front of her, even if said woman does have perfect teeth. That doesn't make up for the rest of her appearance. And the repulsion is quickly replaced by her cold attitude. "Hrmph. As /if/." Is all that's said in response as she scoots her chair a little backwards. Maybe they'll get the hint? But probably not. G'rism is given another look. "Eastern's duties, huh? How come I never see you around?" She snipes. But then again, she /has/ been gone for four turns, and she isn't exactly Miss Social either…

Talisyth> Cneneth gives a quite feesible example of why he is so undersized at this point. Sure it's only a blooding, but he seems to be dissecting the carcass with careful movements of his talons. Better to find the arteries right? Sure enough, blood spurts all over his muzzle and there's a gleeful trilling. Finally draining the body he bounds onto another and follows the same meticulous pattern. He at least does manage to let his eyes dart to the shining gold on occasion, not as often as he should be quite possibly.

Talisyth> Knephyth emits a purr-like rumble, as he tosses the beast aside in a morbid fashion. He sprints after another beast being chased by some dinky brown, the color of weathered driftwood, who he bodily removes from contest. The beast is grabbed from the side by the volcanic bronze and again, without much thought and a sinister growl, he digs his teeth in once more. Long after the beast has stopped twitching, Knephyth resurfaces, swinging his head about to stare long again the the gold. The body lies forgotten before him as he shakes his muzzle to send flecks of red spraying over himself and the dead beast.

L'ton is latched onto, and its all that L'ton can do to not yell and shake her off his arm, instead his awkwardly pushing her hands away, trying to detach her - the shower of feathers are the least of his worries for the time being. As Syrita's attention turns towards Jheina, he finally manages to pry her fingers off his jacket sleeve, quickly, scooting around to the other side of the table, after the retreating Jheina. "Ayep, Syrita. This is weyrwoman Jheina - Ah've really been enjoying her company lately.." While it is unlikely the brownrider will take a hint, its worth a shot - and to make it more believable, L'ton risks the maiming of life and limb to rest his elbow on the back of Jheina's chair - at least his arm isn't around her!

G'rism apparently fails at being a form of hiding spot as Syrita dances around him and the young bronzerider pointedly moves as far away from her and the one she latches on to. Jheina's comment earns her a bit of a cold glance from the bronzerdier, before he does that same, half-hearted smile again. "Duties and all that tend to keep me from the social scenes." He remarks, however he bites back a return comment to ask where /she/ has been. And he doesn't seem to get the hint to leave either, as neither Syrita's spontaneous arrival or Jheina's obvious black mood has failed to have him move away.

Oh but Syrita's not the sort to get any sort of hint at all, the frizzy hair is too dense to let things into her head. Really. G'rism gets a little bit of a once over by pale brown eyes "Oh no looking at her like that, just cause she chose my bronzie isntead of you." She'll be digging people into holes, free of charge. Speaking of her bronzie, he gets to escape for now as she flounces herself down into a chair, the last of the feathers falling from her hair with this. A trinket is pulled out of her pocket and twirled between two fingers. Don't look to close, it look like a scaly tail of some sort. There's absolutely no jealousy on her face from L'ton's claims and instead he positively beams.

Talisyth> Lick, chew, lick. Talisyth looks over her shoulder at the four main suitors who she's bothering to pay any attention to. A young blue who has been sneaking forward, hoping to get a paw on the gold is promptly hissed at. She bunches up and then uses the poor young blue as a springboard. «Unworthy!» Is hissed in a blazing gold thread of thought, the usual pleasant smell of autumn sizzling. A howl of pain is given from the blue as Talisyth unfurls her wings once more, using a tree a little further off as another springboard to further herself in the sky as she bugles in challenge. «Catch me if you dare, /males/!» is taunted as the powerful wings flap, lending her height and distance.

Deeeaaaaath. Jheina's head slowly turns as L'ton acts all friendly with her, putting an arm on her chair and all. Suddenly the Ice Princess cracks a smile, though not exactly a pleasant one as she nudges L'ton's arm /off/ the chair with the back of her head, which can't exactly feel good. Funnybone, scraping and all. "Oh yes, positively /relishing/ in my company." No, there's no sarcasm dripping from that statement at all …. /really/. Then her head snaps towards the door of the commons and her lip snarls in a low growl. "Absent as usual…" She grumbles under her breath. "Hrmph!" Is grunted, louder.

Talisyth> Dhonzayth cringes just a moment, as the blue is chased off, as the edges of the blazing thought sizzle at the edge of his own mind, and he croons rather pathetically from his crouched position. As the blue howls much more loudly, and flees, Dhonzayth hesitates for just a moment, regathering his bearings and seemingly distracted. And then, slowly his mind recovers from the firey blast at the other, and he's crouching down further, wings taking that first crucial downstroke once he's clear of the ground, scattering a few more of the beasts before he begins the pursuit of the gold, each wingstroke taking him further from the safety of the ground, and closer to the danger zone that is Talisyth.

G'rism slowly turns his attention towards Syrita, giving her a questioning glance and then simply shaking his head. "I'm not looking at her like that for that reason." he remarks, only to frown a little at his choice of words. Confusing, much? The young bronzerider seems to remember his neglected drink at this point and takes a simple sip of it before setting it aside on the table nearest to him. And he's not the only one looking towards the cavern entrance. "So it begins." he mutters under his breath as his frown deepens.

Talisyth> Troyseth feels a fleeting bit of concern and sympathy for the blue used as Talisyth's personal springboard, as the young bronze has been used in such a fashion before himself - not that he personally remembers or would openly admit if he did. But it's survival of the fittest, is it not? So he falters but for a heartbeat before regrouping his thoughts. The glowing gold's taunts are returned by silence from him, although if he could visibly wince, he no doubt would have. Instead he puts all his energy behind his bounding leap into the air. Springing up into action, his wings snap open again and begin to sweep down and up in powerful strokes as he picks up the chase. But Troyseth knows better then to gain too much speed and chooses his spot among the pack somewhere bellow and a little behind Talisyth and his competition, biding his time for now at least.

Talisyth> Knephyth emits a trumpet, starting in an almost rockstar-like growl and ending in a higher bugling yowl. He lopes forward a step and leaps skyward with a snap of his tail like a whip on that same driftwood brown. Rising like a plume of ash, Knephyth's mindvoice explodes upon not just the brown he's addressing but all others in the vicinity. « Don't even bother, dude. She's mine! » As if feeding off the fire of her mind, Knephyth wings into the sky after. Be not afraid… Only believe. As he gains height he conciders the cry of the blue as an afterthought. He casts one glance back, conciders… « Poor idiot. »

L'ton almost topples over as his elbow is nudged off the chair, and as he'd been leaning that way, his weight continues to carry him over the side of his chair and down to the ground, even more in Jheina's personal bubble now. "Hey!" He protests a bit from the floor, before he arches an eyebrow. "Ah'm not absent though, Ah'm just down here." An attempt at humor, perhaps, and then L'ton's moving to back into his seat, elbow going back to Jheina's chair without really any thought as Dhonzayth rises after the fleeing gold. Least Jheina's teeth and talo-er nails - are slightly less damaging, right?

Talisyth> Cneneth seems facinated for a moment with the springboard action happening, now does that actually increase one's speed launching off of another who would be launching if they could? Sadly he doesn't really have the opportunity to test this theory out himself, only the dusty grass under his feet. One has to go with what they have though, and speckled hide stretches over lean muscles as the brown launches himself into the air as well, wing's membranes straining as he pumps them.

"Oh, but she's pretty! Why /wouldn't/ you look at her for that reason." Right then, here's Syrita joining in the talking over Jheina bit. Sad thing is, Pal could attest to the fact that this actually isn't odd behavior due to the flight crazies, she's just odd herself. Luckily whatever that was has disapeared though and she tilts her chair back but instead of staying that way it gets dropped back to all four legs, then tipped again. Over, and over like an excruciatingly slow metrinome. "Ooh, they're going up!" Oh no, she's not bothered.

Talisyth> Talisyth's large wings still pump with intent purpose until she catches a thermal, which takes her to where she longs to be: high in the sky, soaring free. Well, until she realizes once more that she has chasers. A slightly menacing chortle flows into her suitors' minds, trailing that thread of gold, and the sizzle of autumn once more. «I do not tolerate idiots.» She gives as she manages to steer towards another thermal. «Nor do I tolerate fools!» An entering brown who didn't bother to blood more than he could before *betweening* from his own Weyr is slashed at with both fore and hind claws as she tilts to the side in a near miss. The brown cries out like the blue, and continues on a downward - though controlled - spiral, his side bleeding.

Talisyth> Dhonzayth takes a long moment to scout the area, dipping this way and that, sliding from side to side as he rises after Talisyth. And then, he finds what he's been seeking, and his limber bronze form slides into a tropical thermal that's rising upwards from the ground, letting the force of the thermal lift him upwards quickly, and allow him to conserve strength. « And yet, you attract fools and idiots with your fiery mind. Each of us is a fool in your presence. » As the brown spirals downwards, Dhonzayth banks to avoid the spiraling brown, and then he's rising upwards again. An occasional wingbeat continues to propel him upwards after his goal, undeterred by the sizzle of autumnal hues assaulting his mind.

Talisyth> Troyseth makes use of thermals or other little tricks here and there to gain altitude and speed when possible, yet makes no daring move to approach Talisyth too closely, instead choosing to stalk her from his previous spot, although slightly higher in the back now as the bleeding brown spirals out of the chase. Too bad, but that's one less threat for him to worry over. Her words echo through his thoughts, but still he keeps to his silence as pleasantries can be exchanged later. It's business first for this young bronze. His wings work in a steady beat, keeping him now within the heart of the pack, but still he keeps his speed and altitude in check, cutting corners where he can to keep his position.

Oh someone just kill Jheina now. Please. The junior just /looks/ at Syrita with the Glare of Death. "I am /right/ here, woman." Is snapped at the brownrider before she sighs, looking at the now not-steaming mug of klah. "It's cold…" Is now half-pouted before the icy attitude resumes. "It wouldn't matter if /you're/ absent or not, /you're/ not the person I was talking about." Snap. At least this time she doesn't shove L'ton's elbow off her chair.

If G'rism's dark skin didn't hide most of it, it'd be clear that the bronzerider blushes a little from Syrita's comment. Whether in anger, embarassement or both, only he would know, as the brownrider's comment isn't returned. Instead, he pointedly stares at the floor for awhile in an almost brooding manner. Him, oogle a goldrider? Hardly. "Absent or not, staring or not…should we be lingering in here much longer?" G'rism finally remarks, his gaze moving from Jheina, to L'ton and then Syrita.

Talisyth> Knephyth drifts left… and right, until he, too, catches the warm air with a hot ashen crackle of projected delight. His sails of metallic umbar strain pleasantly with the updraft, rising higher. He's so caught up in the pursuit, again, the maimed individual, brown, is an afterthought. An afterthought that nearly ploughs into him. He pivots out of the way and out of his thermal. Most of the crowd rise around him, causing the red glow of frustration to rise in a loud snarl. With rapid wing beats, he drifts back and forth again to catch a similar pillar of warmth.

As Syrita tips back and forth in her chair, L'ton turns a glare of his own on her. "Will ya stop that infernal sound?" He finally pipes up, before looking back at Jheina. "Ya were the one that left it, Jheina. It ain't mah fault it got cold." The ale bottle is offered to her, then, because that's suppose to be cold, and he shakes his head. "Well, clearly the person ya are talking about is a fool, if'n he's not here." Or perhaps they are the fools /for/ being there.

Talisyth> «Well then how do you tolerate yourself?» is managed with pure innocent from Cneneth, it's his lack of social graces as displayed earlier with evidence of a strange twisted mind. Or it could quite possible that the brown knows exactly what he's saying, meticulous as before. Either way, despite his best efforts he isn't within striking distance of the gold, though he is using his smaller form for it's benefits, narrowly missing a talon as he weaves through some other flying forms.

Talisyth> Talisyth seems to be growing agitated with her followers, as she keeps glancing under her shoulder at them. A growl rumbles forth from her chest as she suddenly pumps her wings once more flipping herself over and reversing the direction that she was going, heading straight towards the clump o' four. «Too. TAME!» She roars, cutting through the heart, aiming for the silent one that is Troyseth her fore-talons extending and retracting as if she's already imagining her talons grabbing a chunk of hide and letting go to ease her restlessness. Cnenth is spared only a venomous hiss. Ohh, goldy's angry now, not just lustful.

Maybe the blush is hidden, but the glace to the ground isn't missed by Syrita. "See?" And the goldrider gets another grin, the chair rocking paused. "Yep, you are." And then Thunk. Pal is the only one who gets more than a couple word response to his own statement. "What infernal sound? The chair hitting the stone is more of a…" she ponders this for a moment. "Well, infernal would be the fire cracking, but it's too warm for a fire."

"I don't feel like going anywhere just yet." Jheina snips in G'rism's direction as she firmly settles herself into her chair, actually taking a pull from the ale offered without thinking before handing it back, giving L'ton an equally irritated look. "He wouldn't ever /intentionally/ miss Talisyth rising." However, duties always seem to pull him away when said gold is rising. Oh well, not like browns ever have a real chance of winning anyways. Whole thing about inferior clutches and such might inhibit the arrogant gold and rider.

Talisyth> Dhonzayth drops wings to duck out of the way of the diving, hissing, venomous Talisyth - he's the one that should be snagging her with his talons, not the other way around! A loud trumpet escapes from his maw as he tries to spiral back around and rise back after the gold, trying to put the situation back in order. « We are only as tame as you think we are. » Dhonzayth replies, for then he's moving to drop down after her, trying to turn the table high above the ground. He offers a hiss of his own at Cnenth as the brown happens to enter what he feels is his path, and then the Istan is straining wings to rise once more, still giving a good chase.

"Things happen, ya know." L'ton offers, as he takes the ale bottle back from the goldrider without recoiling from the irritable look. "Ya shouldn't be mad at him, ya know. Ah bet he tried his best." But Jheina and Talisyth are just too scary, really. And he just glares at Syrita, sighing softly, and letting her ramble.

Talisyth> Troyseth isn't just silent, he's got a bit of a wild streak too and while he was hoping to keep to a low profile until the very end, Talisyth turns the tables on him - much to his secret glee. She wants action? Oh, he'll give her action, all right. The once silent bronze now snarls and there's a brief flash of his teeth as he sticks to his head on collision course with the fiery glowing queen. It's in the last possible second that he darts around her as best as his size and speed will allow, hoping to throw her off balance or at least slightly off course. However he isn't left unscathed by his stunts and the long, angry, slightly bleeding, set of scratches on his haunch proves that. Hissing his displeasure at such a blow, he doesn't strike out against her, although he takes all his strength not too. Instead, he attempts to circle back around now that he's off course, growling in frustration as Dhonzayth gets in his way and he has to maneuver around him as well to regain his position, his wings straining to deal with the cost of his stunts.

G'rism can only hold his hands up slightly in a helpless manner towards Jheina's remark. "Alright then." he mutters, before his expression contorts a little and the young bronzerider almost seems to wince, a hand instinctively going to one of his legs. Then, just like nothing has happened, G'rism relaxes a little again and finds a chair to sit in, although he hardly looks comfortable.

Talisyth> Oh, so Cneneth is being hissed at? All Dhon gets in response is a quick lashing of a long narrow tail at his flank. The little brown is at least keeping up with the bronze for the moment, a low rumble growing from his chest. «The boys are just reflecting their mistress, can't be more than tame when chasing a tame lady» Mauling multiple dragons tame? Why not. The slightly grainy voice sifts into any mind that it can reach just like the sand his hide resembles. Wait, how'd I get sand /there/?

Talisyth> Knephyth is most unfortunate to have located a thermal right as Talisyth shoots back downwards through the pack. Knephyth spirals out of the way and plummets after with bugle. It's mostly ineffective, for she's moved off by the time he's managed to catch up. He emits a bugle if irritation, sprays of blinding red and gold lurching into the minds of those around him « I'll show you tame! » He beats his wings furiously, drifting into the same draft he'd had to abandon and speeding, for a bronze, after. It's a tiring stunt, but it makes him feel a little better as he surfaces in the group, somewhere near the front. Here he drifts back and forth on the air to find his best possible 'launching' spot, should he need.

Syrita is totally oblivious to the glare, she has anti-glare blinders on twenty-four seven. She's started to hum to herself with a tilt to her head. "Maybe you scare him when you're like this?" Wow, actual coherent thought or even (gasp) wisdom coming out of the woman's mouth? Though admittedly, that usually wouldn't be enough to keep a weyrmate away. And the chair has started up again, though it's not intentionally to grate on Pal's nerves… at least not on Syrita's part.

Talisyth> Talisyth hisses in annoyance - though in the trail of color and smell her mind leaves, she is most definitely amused by Troyseth's stunt. However as her talons leave the silent bronze's hide, she swerves to make up for that stunt of his, and finds herself face to face with Cneneth instead. With an astonished cry, the gold flails, raking her talons along the brown's shoulders and forearms, her hind legs pushing him away. She manages to seperate herself from the brown, though her bulk is hard to get moving again, and her energy is wanning. At this point Talisyth's whipish 'tongue' leaves her, and she half-panics starting to fly blindly off away from the pack. Sadly - for Talisyth - that 'out of the pack' leads straight into Knephyth and his launching spot. The gold balks, backwinging furiously, giving the perfect opening. «You are NOT supposed to be there!» She cries, not wanting a full head-on collision

Talisyth> Dhonzayth manages to dodge Troyseth, but unfortunately in doing so, he's also dodging Talisyth, and the gold barrels headlong into his clutch sibling instead, and this Istan bronze is left spiraling to the ground. Least he's not maimed.

Jheina bites her lower lip as she looks at Syrita and then snorts. "He knows how to deal with m-… me." The last word is paused as Jheina realizes what's about to happen outside finally. The rider thought her dragon'd last longer than this! "And.. and I'm not mad… Not really." Her voice has lost a lot of it's iciness as it /finally/ dawns on her just how bad of a position she let herself get in. Her long-forgotten sewing is dumped on the table and she stands aburbtly, looking at the three surrounding her, and taking side-steps away. ;)

Dhonzayth may have missed catching Talisyth, but L'ton's not about to let an opportunity slip through his fingers. And so, as Jheina moves to slip away, he's following after her when no one else does, moving to wrap one arm around her shoulders before moving to scoop her up the rest of the way, and half stumble, half jog off with with. Evil man.

Talisyth> Knephyth trumpets! « Bingo! » Comes his rebel yell of pluming magma. It swirls about her mind as Knephyth launches himself, with no reserves, reaching out with dark gleaming wing and copper-lace limbs to excompass the fiery gold. With a throaty, raspy croon, he twines his neck about hers in a very clear victory.

Talisyth> There's a definite screetch as claws rake into Cneneth's hide, his own refelxivly going out to grab the gold's form. Even through a maiming he's intent on his goal as the air hisses out of him. Finally as she slips through his claws he tumbles downwards. Ooh look! He got caught! By a rather unhappy bronze. In fact there's a bit of a domino effect as a handful of dragons are knocked off their flightpaths.

Talisyth> Troyseth couldn't have asked for a better distraction to not only tire Talisyth, but distract her enough to perhaps sneak in and avoid most of her fury. No matter if a few get bumped or rendered to pieces in the process, right? His own waning strength is pushed to the limits as he pours all that his has into his wings, picking up as much speed as his bulk will allow in such a close call. But it's all in vain, it would seem, as he's a second too late and Knephyth is the triumphant one. So with a cautious dip of his wings, the dark bronze circles away and into a lazy downwards spiral back towards the clearings below, the last of his strength now used to carry him home.

Syrita's chair cracks back to the ground with an echo around the caverns as a result. There's a definite grimace of pain but the woman seems to recover rather quickly. As 'her bronzie' grabs the weyrwoman and runs off with her she grins. "See? Told you she was my bronzie's girl." And with that she's getting up and floating over to where Jheina had been sitting. Floating being wandering in reality, but it has that sort of feeling to it. The embroidery that was left behind gets plucked up and casually continued. Jheina will have an interesting surprise when she returns to it.

"Hu.. AUGH!" Comes forth from Jheina as she's scooped up by L'ton. "H-hey!" Given this is all /very/ half-hearted on part of the goldrider. "You're not R'nel! Put me down!" She starts to carry on as balled fists lightly beat on a shoulder of the 'kidnapper'. Yeah, this is all /real/ dignified, as flights tend to be, y'know… "DON'T TOUCH THAT!" Is screamed (poor L'ton's ears) as she's exiting the doorway via Arms, as she sees that woman pick up her embriodery.

G'rism can only watch has L'ton makes his move to snare Jheina, not gathering his wits quick enough to protest over the bronzerider's actions. Instead, the younger bronzerider is left looking slightly confused before eventually snapping out of it enough to slowly get to his feet. Syrita is given a long look. "So it would seem." He mutters, before quietly slipping out of the commons area and back to his hiding hole.

Talisyth> Talisyth tries to fight it for just a little longer, but she's tired, and her wings don't want to propel her anymore anyway from her chasers. She lets herself be twined about, hissing when her captor hits the shallows gashes Cneneth left on her hide. «Don't get too cocky. That was accidental…» The gold grumbles as she works with the bronze to settle towards the ground.

If it was anyone else, Jhei might have been dropped after yelling in her 'napper's ear, but its L'ton and he's probably used to it. Her fighting is dealt with as he steals off with her.

* END RP *

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