2008-02-08: Pagnisath and Osraebukath's Eggs Hatch (19th PC Clutch)


<Hatching Caverns> The Pitted Crater Moon Egg gives a gentle wobble within space. Hatching time is approaching for this one, too.

<Hatching Caverns> Earth and Sky Egg jolts, tilting from side to side and knocking into the shells surrounding it before drifting off to sleep once more.

<Hatching Caverns> Marbled Impersonation Egg shifts a little in place the tiniest bit of movement, but movement none-the-less.

<Hatching Caverns> Innocently Neutral Egg is still one moment and drifted to it's side the next, no one saw it tilt or try to make any moves! Shielded now by the shells by it's side in hiding.

With Forts Weyrlings finally able to get get away, R'ja is enjoying the freedom and news of the hatching at Eastern. R'ja is dressed in riding leathers with his Fort Weyrling Knot and his Bakers Patch on his arm. Sitting on his shoulders are the two green firelizards. The blonde greenrider climbs the stairs excitedly. Moving to take a seat so he can see the sands.

From the stairs up to the galleries, M'iri quickly runs up the steps; leaving a bit of a print behind from her wet clothes and hair. One must wonder what she must've been thinking to go through between soaked, but by some miracle, she's only a little cold. Probably from the dry rider's jacket around her shoulders. Sittering to a halt at the top of the stairs, the bluerider looks around, before picking a empty seat in the galleries, sqweezing her hair and leaving heavier droplets on the floor as she passes.

Jheina is sitting in some of the first tiers of the galleries, casually sitting with a shirt in hand, and a sewing kit next to her. A little girl whom almost echo's the look of Jheina except for blue-hazel eyes and a not-as-asian face is prancing at the bars before something is exclaimed. "Mama, Mama! The eggie wiggled!" Jheina peers up at this and smiles, noticing the humming. "Indeed darling. The eggies are going to hatch tonight, it looks like…" The goldrider looks around at the number of people filing in, before noting a face. "M'iri!" Is called out.

Following behind M'iri is C'yr who seems to have a bit of wet head as well. His clothing is quite dry however, and he takes a few long steps towards where M'iri is hurrying to.

<Hatching Caverns> Well, it's looking like it's that time. Heaving herself from the warm sands, Pagnisath gives a long and slow stretch, fanning her wings briefly to obscure the view of the eggs. Just kidding… her wings go back to her sides and are ruffled into place as she sits back to watch the hatchlings begin to emerge as the candidates begin to stream in with their white robes. Hopefully it's a tidy stream of candidates and they all mind their manners and where their feet go.

<Hatching Caverns> Marbled Impersonation Egg's mottled shell begins to crumble, wide cracks forming along it as it moves with renewed vigor.

<Hatching Caverns> With a lurch to the right followed by another lurch in the same direction, the Pitted Crater Moon Egg suddenly cracks as the force from within grows enough to break the surface containing it.

<Hatching Caverns> The Pink Jellybean Egg does a little wibble and a wobble on the sands, rocking from side to side until it settles for now.

<Hatching Caverns> Cherin moves awkwardly on the sands, before he's dipping in a bow to the mother protecting the eggs from view. Then he's backing up to get a good spot to watch from, and hopefully be seen.

<Hatching Caverns> Suletia tags along in the middle of the group of Candidates, no particular expression outside of mild boredom etched along her face, she offers a bow to the sire and the dam. She winces as she touches the hot sand with her bare feet, wiping her forehead with the back of her hand as the heat overwhelms her in waves. She glances up into the Stands, keeping an eye out for Farris, and she gives an inconspicuous wriggle of her fingers in the direction she believes her friend to be in. Otherwise, her face locks into that look of mild boredom, her attention wandering away from the Sands to the Stands, ignoring the rocking eggs and the nervous chatter of her compatriots.

Lysithea tries to look inconspicuous as she follows the crowd to the galleries. She looks a bit shaken up from the dragonride, but her green eyes still show excitement as they glance around for a secure spot to watch the event from.

A'ven arrives a little late, smoothing out his uniform. He finds a seat on the edge of a nearly full bench and looks down just as the Candidates enter. "Oh good, I didn't miss much.", he says.

<Hatching Caverns> Delynni walks clamly out onto the sands, she bows to the dam and sire. "Thank you for having me." She says courteously before walking onward to join her fellow candidates. Delynni's stance then becomes less formal. A giddy, excited smile comes onto her face.

<Hatching Caverns> Marbled Impersonation Egg cannot withstand the onslaught any longer and with a final rough shake that sends it toppling sideways, the shell splits and shatters, allowing the dazzling blue hatchling to tumble free.
<Hatching Caverns> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Winds of Change Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Hatching Caverns> Contrasts of light and shadow play over the form of this lithe, muscular dragon tracing over a short, round muzzle and the contours of his other features which are quite angular in comparison. Predominantly a bold sapphire, the hue seems to brighten along his back and windswept, sharply angled neckridges pooling over broad shoulders and chest whilst brushing beneath his belly. Brilliant azure sweeps along his sides and tail, accentuating his streamlined build and the promise of speed and agility that already seems evident at a glance. While his body is all brightness, his limbs provide a startling contrast, gradually darkening to a deep blue-black just along the clean lines of his gleaming talons. Spars of polished midnight blue bear wingsails of a lighter hue, membranes striated with softer lines that lend his otherwise startling appearance something akin to delicacy.
<Hatching Caverns> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

M'iri suddenly looks up as she hears her voice across the galleries, spotting Jheina and giving a grin and a wave. She steps quickly over to the goldrider and looks down at the child with her, "R'nel spawn?" Miir says wit ha grin, looking up at Jheina for a moment before sitting down and extending a friendly hand to the goldrider, "So, how is my brother doing, other then bringing the apocalypse to Pern by having children?" The tease is evident as Miir says this, turning her eyes just then to see the first blue hatchling come from it's shell. "Oh! A blue… Thats always a good color…"

<Hatching Caverns> Korislle moves from the barracks to the sands like she's done it all before… oh, wait! She has! With the experience that standing previously has given her, Kori dips into an effortless curtsy, a smile coming easily to her face — for both Mianyi and Pagnisath. But it isn't too long before experience is tossed to the wind and excitement takes the reins, her dark eyes moving to look over the clutch of ten.

Senkyou walks up the stairs arriving a few minutes after M'iri, and carrying a little girl who looks about 5 turns old. The little girl looks a bit like Senkyou, though her hair is a lighter dirty blonde, the child wears her riding jacket. Watching the eggs she smiles to M'iri and moves to a first tier seat sitting the little one in her lap.

<Hatching Caverns> Jaziera sashays behind her friends, moving easily in the back of the group as she makes her way onto the sands. The young woman glances around briefly, noting that there's a small section of people near the front making a total fool of themselves waving at her. As she approaches the clutch, she pauses to bow slowly to Sire and Dam, offering both a little grin as she takes a step back, moving on at a more lively pace as the first hatchling breaks shell. "My," She murmurs to her friends, lifting an eyebrow and smiling. "Handsome, that one."

<Hatching Caverns> Kessa doesn't dawdle as she hurries out of the candidate cavern, though she does seem to pause once on the sands, looking immediately up toward the galleries - trying to make out the face of a family member. A pause, a blink, and she notices Jaziera and Korislle way gone from where she was. "Stand tall, put your face down to the heat," she reminds herself, a hand absently running down the length of her robe. Abruptly she finds herself gasping as she notices a blue hatchling, hurrying her way back toward her friends. "Jaz, Kori," she starts - distracted then by the dragonet.

<Hatching Caverns> Barely able to get a bow in to the dam and sire, there's a hatchling on the sands and Marcus hurries to find a place for himself around the eggs in general. He does grab Jochi along the way to the spot he'd mentally picked out, not really giving the tannercrafter the chance to argue.

<Hatching Caverns> Delynni lets out a gasp at the brilliant blue that's just appeared. "Oh he's beautiful. He looks like sapphire brought to life!" She breathes as she moves a little bit closer, so that she's in the middle of the wall of white but somewhat closer to the front.

<Hatching Caverns> Amadeo follows along behind… someone? He's not really paying much attention to the 'who's at this point. He gazes up at the parent dragons with a thick swallow of dry-mouthed fear. He mimics the bows of his peers, but fears to look away from the muzzles. Yes, he was more accepting of the dragons, but still fearful. A cracking of a newly broken egg causes him to jump like a frightened feline. He peers out towards the new baby blue. Some situation he agreed to.

<Hatching Caverns> Cherin stands a bit diffidently back watching the first hatchling as it tumbles free of its shell before he smiles slightly, nervously shuffling his feet for a moment and then looking around at some of the others also standing here.

<Hatching Caverns> Cracked Marble egg begins to shift in the sands, tilting to it's side before settling in silence among the others once more.

<Hatching Caverns> Knobly Speckled Egg turns about its axis, rustling in the sand as the occupant within stirs.

<Hatching Caverns> Korislle makes sure that she doesn't stray too far from Jaziera and Kessa — she has promised them, after all, that she'd stand with them! Snatching Jaziera's hand in her own, squeezing it quickly for reassurance, she bobs her head and grins. "He is something, isn't he?" She says, her gaze darting back and forth between the two girls and the blue. "Oh, and yes, I did tell Panchali to get your father. He should be here, somewhere," Kori reassures Kessa with nod, reaching out to offer her hand to the girl.

"You're just biased." Jheina says to M'iri with a smile, offering the seat next to her. See, she's not entirely scary! Just … mostly. "And one would say he's furthering the destruction of Pern by fathering /my/ children." Is followed by a soft snort. Yes, devil spawn indeed. "Issa bluuuuue!" Well, at least the child doesn't seem intent on hiding in her mother's shoulder today as she bounces as the railing, hyper as only a child has the right to be. "Although his coloring is rather striking…"

<Hatching Caverns> Jochi gives his own deep bow first to Pagnisath, and then once more to Osraebukath he straightens up enough to at least not be off balance when Marcus grabs hold of him with a little yoink sound. "Oh wow. He's….he's already out. Oh wow. So handsome." He swore he wasn't going to say those stupid, cliched things that people say on the sands at these things. He wasn't going to really! Deep breath. Oh jays. "Is finally go to be over." He gives an excited glance to the techcrafter.

<Hatching Caverns> As the Pitted Crater Moon Egg leaves its hollow, fairly bouncing out of place from the motions of the young dragonet inside, the surface of the shell begins to crumble. Before long a wet hatchling tumbles out onto the sands.

<Hatching Caverns> Delynni trembles and moves towards Kessa and Kori and all, but she still stands a little bit away. Even though she's trembling in excitement Del's jaw is set, her eyes sparkling, her back straight and body alert. "Hey Kessa." She says quietly.

<Hatching Caverns> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Light and Petite Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Hatching Caverns> A small hatchling stands up from the remains of the egg, legs wobbling as she looks about at her surroundings. Her build is light and she is on the small scale of things, even for a fresh from the egg green. Adding to her ethereal appearance is her coloration: it's as though a light gauze in the hue of spring green has been laid upon her. Though she looks as if she could blow away with the snort of one of her parents, she begins to take increasingly steady steps towards the candidates present. She seeks out her lifemate: a thin, young girl with pale skin, large dark eyes, and white-blonde hair known to the other candidates best as 'Elle.' At first Elle shies back from the creature before her, but within moments she's flung herself about the dragon's neck. "Oh, Llianth, of course I'll love you forever!"
<Hatching Caverns> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"A blue" C'yr snorts a bit at that before he slides down into his chair and leans backwards and he looks at M'iri and laughs. "You would get all excited about that. Wait until a Bronze comes out"

<Hatching Caverns> Suletia shifts from foot to foot as the heat of the Sands sears the bottom of each tender sole. She picks one foot up, resting the burnt insole against her other leg. Ooops, that just means the hot sand settles over the other foot. Quickly reconsidering, Sule drops the cooler foot to shift back and forth again. It's still early, she knows, and there's a long time yet for the bottoms of her poor feet to start looking like giant blisters. She leans over to tug at the bottom of her robe, making a face that it doesn't come down any further then her knees.

A'ven hears all of the comments about children and turns to look. Lo! Indeed there are quite a few up here. He smiles and runs a finger along his Healer knot, chuckling to himself.

<Hatching Caverns> Winds of Change Blue Hatchling is spilled upon the sands for all to see much to his dismay. There's a disrupted creel coming from the young hatching as eggwet sails unfurl and stretch to draw in the heat, peering across with whirling eyes towards the blending wall of white. His bright blue tail sweeps from side to side, flicking grains of sand towards anyone who would be within range before slowly moving forward, one step at a time with head held low.

L'ya comes rushing into the cavern, still in flight leathers, not even bothering to strip them off in the warm cavern. "Have I missed anything yet?" She calls out as she rushes toward the railing overlooking the sands. Of all the people on the sands there is only one her eyes seem to focus on. The tall tannercrafter named Jochi. Her hands clench around the railing as she watches in anticipation, still divided over the outcome for her weyrmate.

<Hatching Caverns> With a triumphant cry the Light and Petite Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

<Hatching Caverns> Marcus lets Jochi go as soon as they get to where the journeyman had decided that they would stand and he gives the other an apologetic smile. "I guess that this is it, eh?" he says with a bit of that internalized nervousness slipping into his voice, swallowing it back down again as a green hatches and finds her lifemate. A deep breath is taken and slowly released before the computer crafter laughs shortly and nods. "Good to know I share a braincell with someone around here." Here meaning the sands.

R'ja is rather silent all alone. His bright eyes are wide in his head as he looks down at the sands. It feels almost like yesterday that the gggs at Fort Weyr had been hatching and Ashkalith bonded with him. He lifts a hand up to scritch one of his green firelizrds on the head. The fatter of the two gets the extra attention. The Blue is followed and then the green is hatched and bonds quickly. He smiles mumbling to himself, "Just like you Ashka. Not as adorable."

<Hatching Caverns> Jaziera smiles merrily at Kessa. "Lovely, inne?" She laughs, nudging the girl gently with an elbow. "Don't worry!" The young woman reminds in a low voice, peering around with half-narrowed eyes thoughtfully. "Mmm," She smiles at a few of her fellows, but glances back over as Delynni approaches. Kori's hand is gripped briefly with a wink for her friend, before she smiles at the girl approaching. "Hi," She murmurs, eyes roving to watch the green with a little grin. "Beautiful." She notes, grinning at the new Weyrling before turning to watch the first dragonet closely.

<Hatching Caverns> The Full Moon Egg gives a light shifting and wiggling in its spot.

<Hatching Caverns> Kessa bumps up against Korislle in her distraction, currently her eyes had been on the blue. She gives Korislle an apologetic look, laughing at herself then, "Sorry." Her hand takes a brave hold on Korislle's offered one, a determined bravedo to her expression as she straightens out those shoulders - she can't help that her chest is heaving uncontrollably though. A look to her otherside and there's Delynni, "Del, get over here some. Don't stand by yourself girl." She waves her over with a chin nod, peering back toward the pair that gets led away, "Who was that?

<Hatching Caverns> Amadeo's attention is brought to the shifting eggs now, shooting gazes around. More little fumbling creatures would be breaking loose any moment aswell. Is this… safe? Another youngling breaks loose, a delicate little green. Well, she's not so scary. He smiles as she finds her match, noting the apparent joy on both faces… okay… maybe this makes a bit more sense now. He casts a glance at his fellows, but quickly returns his eyes to the blue slowly moving towards them.

<Hatching Caverns> Cracked Marble Egg breaks the silence as a web of lines begins to grow at it's middle, spreading out across the shell.

M'iri gives a friendly wave to Senkyou's smile, eyes glued to the sands, even as she tries to pay attention to those around her. "True enough, I am sure there are a few that would condemn him for that," Miir winks at Jheina, "But I think he made a decent choice… Unless your just sucking up because I'm family.." She does a mock glare at the goldrider before suddenly hearing C'yr's comment and smacking him in the shoulder. "And what is wrong with a blue, hmm?" She props her hands on her hips, blush just tinging slightly as she teases her fellow Xanaduian. "Like Pern needs anymore big headed bronzes."

<Hatching Caverns> Cracked Marble Egg erupts and falls into two clean pieces as a long tail swings from side to side, revealing the Beyond Infinity Blue Hatchling. He creels, lashing from side to side as he views the world upside down until his movements tilt him over into a more comfortable position. He snorts, shaking his body about and finding his newfound footing atlast.

<Hatching Caverns> Delynni watches the blue eagerly, and eyes the green. "Oh yes, he's gorgeous. I mean…. he's just perfect all over. And no, I'll stand near because you're my friends, but I'm not going to bunch up. What if a hatchling rushes the lot of us? We'll all get hit!"

<Hatching Caverns> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Beyond Infinity Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Hatching Caverns> The darkest night itself is captured and tamed by the hide of this small hatchling, dominating the infinite depths throughout it's lithe and delicate form. Midnight blue engulfs his body from the head to the tip of a long tail only to be disrupted by the frosting of steel specks that adorn the back of this creatures neck, swirling out and fading into high neck rigids and stunted headknobs reminiscent of the Stars' formations above. The same pale tones collect at the small paws and tail tip as if this hatchling walked upon the glistening lights themselves, trailing in faint whisps up to his muscular thighs and hips where they appear to twinkle as if reflecting a constant light. Even the brightest hues on his hide sport shadows, with raven talons arching from those dextrous paws, and heavy, dark patches reside over each swirling eye, giving this hatchling a visage to mirror the evening sky in its mix of silver and shade. Proportions are well crafted throughout it's average form, save for the long sails mottled with the soft flow of periwinkle as though his movements capture the clouds before it.
<Hatching Caverns> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<Hatching Caverns> Cherin continues to stand back just slightly, watching both the other candidates and the eggs as they rock back and forth on the sands. A quick step or two one way and then another as he fights for both a good view and to stay just a little distance away.

<Hatching Caverns> Korislle looks over at the green appreciatively, admiring her coloring — and yes, she's slightly envious when the green moves to someone other than herself — but, that information is privvy to Kori only… except for the longing expression that she can't keep from her face. Kessa is a welcome distraction — "Don't apologize," she insists, smiling. "Ooh, another blue!" Kori

<Hatching Caverns> Delynni lets out an ooooooh noise at the second blue. "Forget the last one! That one's so handsome. I mean lookit him." Delynni's eyes are flicking all over the hatching grounds now. "He looks real cool." She grins.

<Hatching Caverns> Winds of Change Blue Hatchling rumbles lowly as he peers from one blur to the next, slowly going across each candidate that stands still long enough for him to get a good wiiiiiiffff. *sniiiiffff!* He huffs, shaking his head from side to side, ugh, too stinky. One less for him to fret about and the little blue folds his wings neatly at his sides and raises his tail high as he continues down the line. I wonder what white tastes like?

"Suck up? Me?" Jheina asks, batting her eyelashes at the Xanaduian Bluerider. "Never." Well, almost true. "Anyways, of the two of us I am /far/ more … unpredictable." Her eyes go back to the sands and she stands up briefly, collecting her child away from the railing, who then wails "But maaamaaa! I wanna watch!" And the child struggles in her mother's deathgrip. "You can watch from back here with Mama and Aunt M'iri, huh?" Is said back firmly as the child Raina gets propped on the bench. Jheina then turns to the pair of Xanadu riders. "Two blues and a green. I think Hil's bronze is loosing it!"

<Hatching Caverns> Brown eyes, closest to black dart away from the sands just once in all the excitement and humming, flicking and searching the ledges briefly before they come back down again. Pointing at the newest blue to start wandering about, he nudges Jochi gently to get his attention. "There's another one Jochi." he says, not about to start cooing and gushing, but wanted to make sure his friend had seen it.

<Hatching Caverns> Beyond Infinity Blue Hatchling gives himself one final shake that threatens to topple him before he steps from the remains of his egg. There's nary a glance spared for it nor his egg shell. There's a mission that has been set to him he must find his One who will not only save him from this horrible ache in his incredibly empty stomach, but will remain with him the rest of his life. But where is that One? Among those white clad figures is where this blue's other half must be, and towards them he strides, ignoring his blue brother for the time being. He's not so interesting right now. More pressing figures demand his attention.

<Hatching Caverns> Heaven's Winged Weaponry Egg has a feeling that its time to shine. A small quiver starts at the base of this egg, shaking those ruddy hues like there is no tomorrow. Its violent, threatening to send the egg splintering in every direction but before stability is lost… silence. Perhaps it isnt time yet. But that time will come soon and if one stares at this egg enough they might see it quiver from time to time. Someones is impatient.

<Hatching Caverns> Hidden Glimpse of Dawn Egg starts to rock in its little nest of sand, a shiver of excitement as it begins its journey towards release.

The little one on Senks lap watches the hatching excitedly, pointing out every hatchling and naming the color. Senk smiles and watches C'yr and M'iri. "You two didn't dry off before coming did you?" Asking with a small smile that wavers as Serenity wiggles around and bounces up and down on her lap. "No brown yet, I guess we save the best for last."

<Hatching Caverns> Kessa regards Delynni, "Alright. Safer yes…" she doesn't move away from Korislle or Jaziera, grinning toward Jaz, then back toward the newly hatched dragonets. Of course, she can't help but turning her eyes back toward the gallery, trying to see over the shadows the faces that could be those she knows - hoping to see a couple in particular. Closing her eyes, she puffs up her chest, squeezing Kori's hand, "Uh oh…" she points to the blue wandering down the line, "should we get out of his way?"

<Hatching Caverns> Amadeo absently hears Delynni's comments about getting run over and gulps, casting another wide eyed look out at the hatchlings. Another blue… now two. He eyes them with frightened suspicion, inching back from teh lot as one comes down the line a'sniffing.

<Hatching Caverns> The Pink Jellybean Egg does a little shimmy and a shake right into the next egg beside it! A crack begins to form on it's surface, lines engulfing half of the now silenced shell.

<Hatching Caverns> Jochi laughs lightly at Marcus, mismatched eyes twinkling and nods. "Is too frightening to think about. Sharing a brain with my self is bad enough, eh?" There's another little chuckle and he starts to look all around. Take it all in. Eggs and candidates and now /two/ handsome blues on the sands, the lovely little green having already been hustled away. Breath Jochi. Breath. He lifts his head, eyes skipping along the galleries, looking for that one he finds most fair in all the world. Where is she? Where? Ah! A goofy smile spreads on his face and he bows toward his weyrmate. It means that he missed the closer inspection of the first blue, the Winds of Change Blue, until Marcus brings his focus back to the sands. Right. Focus. Dangerous to loose focus. "Hai-ah!"

<Hatching Caverns> Jaziera's feet drum a faint pattern on the sands as she shifts from foot to foot, occasionally hopping to add a little flavor. "Huh," She grins over at Delynni. "You've a point." There's a nod, before she's focused on the eggs and dragonets once more, watching closely. "I wouldn't worry /too/ much."

<Hatching Caverns> Hidden Glimpse of Dawn Egg continues to quiver, the motion slowly shaking it from its little nest before it finally rolls from its mound onto its side as cracks start to streak like lightning over the egg's surface.

<Hatching Caverns> Korislle shakes her head, laughing. "We aren't in his way, yet," she says. But nevertheless, she keeps the blue in her peripheral vision, rocking slightly on the balls of her feet, ready to make a move if the blue seems to move in her direction with a manner she isn't comfortable with.

<Hatching Caverns> Suletia comes back down to Pern for awhile, finally letting her attention come to the Sands themselves. With one last yearning glance at the much cooler Stands, a preferred vantage point, Suletia forces her attention back down to gaze over each of the remaining eggs and the Hatchlings. As the Hatchlings come into view, Suletia shifts a little more, the mask of boredom shifting to wariness. She leans backwards, even shuffling a pace or two in that direction, letting the remaining Candidates close in. As each Impression is made, Suletia grants the lucky new riders a smile, for all their too busy to notice her. Every now and again, she tugs at the bottom of the robe, still unhappy with its short length.

<Hatching Caverns> Delynni shakes her head. "Only get out of the way if you're going to get hit by one." Replies Delynni as she eyes both blues. "The first looks eager, the second just flat out single minded." Delynni grits her teeth and fidgets from foot to foot. Then she sets out, pacing back and forth along the white line, though keeping a wary distance from the two blues.

C'yr chuckles softly at that before he shrugs. "I dried off. Just not my hair. That's why I've got a helmet." He points to M'iri. "Scaredy here got her clothing wet, so what are you going to do?" he barks a laugh before he looks down to the sand. "Come on, your a Bronze!"

<Hatching Caverns> Cherin fidgets again once more, fingers clutching nervously at the cloth of his robe and adding a thousand more wrinkles to the fabric. Another slight jog to his left as he positions himself for a better view, nodding along with some words of wisdom that he hears. "Yeah, it'd be wise to move if they're right there."

<Hatching Caverns> The Pink Jellybean Egg sways to and fro, the dark cracklings upon it's surface spread to let free the glistening form of an eggwet hatchling upon the heated sands.

<Hatching Caverns> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< On The Trail Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Hatching Caverns> Lifting it's oversized head off of the sands, shaking it to free the granules from it's form, On The Trail Green Hatchling creels pitifully before fluttering overly long wings at her sides. Over to mom she gazes but being a big girl now, there's no sympathy this time, atleast not yet. As she trys to continue on her newfound journey, the hatching stumbles over it's own limbs right at the feet of an older candidate from Kahrain Hold. "Woah there…" Pon, says as he kneels down to dust off her nose. "P'neer? Wagonth?" Slowly it all settles within his mind, a wide and proud smile spilling upon his face until it forms crookedly with a brow raised in question. "I'll lose eight days if I don't feed you? Shards and shells, lets get something to eat!"
<Hatching Caverns> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<Hatching Caverns> Winds of Change Blue Hatchling rumbles loudly once more, only the sound comes from the stomach of the great beast. The young blue's movements begin to quicken, nudging and nosing candidates as eyes begin to whirl red with anticipation until… Down on to the sand it stumbles, over it's swishing tail no less onto the feet of a young man. The blue creels, raising it's head as it peers into the eyes of it's chosen.

<Hatching Caverns> From the sands down below, not far from the galleries is the bronzerider with hands in pockets as he raises his hand up to wipe free the sweat from his brow. Hil pauses, brows narrowing as he turns on heels to send a narrowed amber gaze towards one particular goldrider up on the galleries. "Losing it, eh? I'll show you who's losing it come the last shells drop!" A brief shake of the fist before the Weyrleader redirects his attentions back on the hatching.

<Hatching Caverns> Marcus shakes his head, through talking to someone seems to have calmed his nerves a bit at least for now, and a crooked smile pulls at one corner of his mouth. He's still paying attention though, he'd seen some of the damage hatchlings can do and he wasn't interested in joining that particular club. He doesn't try looking again for that special someone among the array of faces arranged high above. "Another pair." he tells Jochi, pointing out the newest green hatching and her chosen one. Admiring her color, but not feeling necessary to add to the buzz of emotion already making the sands feel unbearable. Crowds aren't really the computer crafter's thing.

<Hatching Caverns> Beyond Infinity Blue Hatchling moves along the line of candidates with determination in his barely steady stride. Some hatchlings know instantly, others take their time in finding their rider, and still others decide in a manner that is neither snappy nor dallying. It is to this latter category that this young blue belongs. He simply walks down the line of candidates until he finds his partner a candidate with dark brown hair worrying his candidate robe something frightfully.

<Hatching Caverns> With a triumphant cry it seems that the Beyond Infinity Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

<Hatching Caverns> With a triumphant cry it seems that the On The Trail Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

M'iri laughs at Jheina and nods, "You might be right, R'nel is too subdued to be chaotic, he's still a nutcase, though," the bluerider nods assuredly, smiling at the little girl that is with Jheina is dragge back to them. "She's getting big, it's amazing how quickly they grow… Samira is about ten or so, and it feels like she was just turning one a few days ago…" Turning to respond to Senk, M'iri nearly misses the next hatching green, "Well, atleast my jacket wasn't wet, some of us don't like exposing ourselves with a vicious bronze loose under the water…" And then she glares at C'yr, taking her hair and flicking water at his face from her hair. She huffs at C'yr once more before turning again to Jheina. "Hil? Remind me to go shake his hand, with all these blues and greens coming out of the eggs.. The lower colors are always a useful bunch."

<Hatching Caverns> With a triumphant cry it seems that the Winds of Change Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

<Hatching Caverns> Kessa restrains herself from double checking over her shoulder, shifting her weight onto one foot while the other flicks at the ruffles of her robe. She looks considerably bemused at the pairs that are quickly forming. "After all these sevendays, they better not hatch too quickly!" She makes a playful nudge to Korislle, winking at the other girl, finding time to wipe her brow.

<Hatching Caverns> Delynni veers away from the newly hatched green. And because the first blue also seems to have chosen his lifemate, she avoids him too. It would seem, however, that Delynni's path takes her inwards towards the clutch and outwards from the clutch, as she veers to avoid the second blue impression. Now she's stuck in the middle of the crowd of candidates. "uuuug, right in the spot I didn't want to end up in."

<Hatching Caverns> Hidden Glimpse of Dawn Egg suddenly stops quivering as a bit of shell of slowly tapped along a crack, until it falls away showing a little the end of dark muzzle. There is a pause before along another crack a shiny talon pushes through. Again a moment's breath of pause before the egg starts quivering in earnest as the dragonet starts to force its way out. Egg shells fall apart at the seams before standing in their midst is the slimy form of a Lit by Moonlight Midnight Blue Hatchling.

<Hatching Caverns> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Lit by Moonlight Midnight Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Hatching Caverns> At first, this egg seems to boast no special pattern or hue to make it stand out among the rest - simply keeping to a seemingly perfect, untouched and pure off-white and smooth shell. Only a keen eye and, perhaps, some luck, would show that there is indeed more to it then it seems. Along one side, a ghostly rosy hue peeks through, gradually sliding down to the bottom of the egg's shell and spreading outwards as it goes. Closer to the bottom, the rose becomes more of a diluted pink with highlights hinting at traces of hidden oranges and yellows among the more dominate off-white hues that still hold strong.
<Hatching Caverns> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As Jochi bows to her L'ya's face brightens with a smile and perhaps in that moment more than any she truely wishes him to impress despite what it will mean for them. Her eyes grow intent as they shift from her weyrmate to the dragons out on the sands. "Everything will be alright.." She murmurs.

<Hatching Caverns> Ch'y doesn't move at all hardly at first, hardly daring to breathe before he moves forward and then reaches out to touch the blue dragon there in front of him. "Etoth?" is asked, questioning for half a second before he announces. "His name is Etoth." Then he moves forward, reaching out to lean on the blue even as the dragon is looking around for the nearest source of food for his hungry belly.

<Hatching Caverns> Ch'y calls to Etoth and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

<Hatching Caverns> With another tottering movement, the Knobly Speckled Egg shifts out of its carefully prepared hollow. The sound of tapping from within precedes the appearance of a crack along its ovoid surface.

<Hatching Caverns> Ch'y steps off the sands and through the Carved Stone Archway.

<Hatching Caverns> Innocently Neutral Egg tilts back up to it's orginal position following the sound of a clean crack forming at it's middle and snaking it's way around, almost been caught! Someone stepped on a twig, that's it!

<Hatching Caverns> Amadeo is getting a bit faint. Out of fear? More likely the heat below him which he hasn't thought too much about. He wipes his forhead on his shoulder and looks back up just in time to come face to face and mind to mind with the little blue before him. "I… er… I'm… Okay, Xaventh. I'm sure we can get some of that around here… er… somewhere?" He looks around.

<Hatching Caverns> Amadeo calls to Xaventh and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

A'ven marvels as several Impressions happen at once. He tries to follow them but its hard to know where to look, "Didn't take them long did it? Good… good!", he says approvingly of the choices and their speed. Then, he slinks a little lower in his chair until he sees L'ya and he too greets her, "Finally someone I know…" he says with relief.

<Hatching Caverns> There's a light noise of crinkling and crackling as a shell becomes cracked. Closer inspection reveals that among those that were not previously cracked, the Full Moon Egg has been changed.

<Hatching Caverns> Jaziera doesn't look too anxious, but her eyes do dart here and there somewhat warily. She offers a grin back at Delynni, but remains quite still, not moving. It wouldn't do to not have noticed a hatchling and fall right atop it, right? The Impressions she notices are congratulated with cheerful waves and bright grins. "Good for them," The young woman notes happily, wiggling from foot to foot.

<Hatching Caverns> Suletia breaths a sigh of relief - it seems the Hatching is nearing its close, and Sule's at least excited that she can give her poor feet a rest. She sheds the mask of boredom and discomfort to actually pay closer attention to where the Hatchlings are, and indeed, who they're going to. It's busy enough at this point that she can't keep up with who is Impressing where, or even which Candidates are missing from the line. Again, she glances eagerly in the direction of the exit, where at least her feet will be able to rest, then she brings her attention back to the Hatchlings. Well, if they're here, may as well at least watch'em!

<Hatching Caverns> Korislle watches the goings on with now-restrained interest, chewing on her bottom lip thoughtfully. Turning her gaze from Kessa to the pair of blues, she catches their Impressions /just/ as they happen. "Oooh! Good for them," she says, laughing a bit wearliy as she hears Jaziera say nearly the same thing.

<Hatching Caverns> With another violent quiver, the crack in the Full Moon Egg deepens and soon enough the egg splits down the middle, releasing its dark occupant in a pool of smaller shell fragments and goo.

<Hatching Caverns> A'deo steps off the sands and through the Carved Stone Archway.

<Hatching Caverns> Lit by Moonlight Midnight Blue Hatchling raises his nose high in the air as he takes a deep breath and…! Nothing. Not quite the time just yet it seems as this hatchling begins to shake the remnants of it's former home from it's body before shifting on unsteady feet. The blue croons, bobbing his head as he parks his rear right back down on the heated sands and watches the white things.

<Hatching Caverns> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Dark Emerald Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Hatching Caverns> Dark shades of hunter green and emerald swirl together over the small, sleek frame of this young green. Hints of jade appear along the contours of her angular features and down along the curve of her back and wings. From the moment she is free of the shell that confined her, the green creels as loud as her voice will allow before darting towards the sea of robed candidates as fast as her lanky and awkward build will allow. Just as she begins to stumble from tripping over her own feet in her haste, the small, and dark hued green lightly bumps into the legs of a tall, dark haired candidate. Their eyes meet and what was once a shocked look upon Elyiae's face soon changes to one of pure joy as she reaches down to embrace the green in front of her. "Don't worry about it, Izeneth. Let's see about getting you some food first!"
<Hatching Caverns> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<Hatching Caverns> Kessa caught some motion out of the corner of her eyes, her breath caught, "That.. Amadeo! He impressed!" She looks terribly too excited, a bounce made with her heels as she grins toward Jaziera and Korislle, "And another one? Who was that? I couldn't see, they left too quickly." She wets her lips in time to see another hatchling spill out of an egg.

Jheina smiles, actually seeming to be enjoying herself, which means she's more or less going to act like a human being today. Also, the kid seems to have toned her temper down a little bit. Minus that first episode back. "From here, darling. Mama doesn't want you becoming Hatchling Food." And amazingly the little girl stays in her seat, although still dancing around. Jhei notices this exchange between L'ya and Jochi as well and lets loose an exasperated sigh. "Some of the Weyrlings are going to be in for /loads/ of fun." Jhei's attention is then drawn elsewhere for a moment and she goes back to the railing. "Yah, you produce that bronze or gold, /then/ you can talk!" However her sharp words are tampered by a huge grin. "All I'm seeing are blues and greens, you Brownrider!"

<Hatching Caverns> And lo and behold someone Marcus actually spoke to finds his match and the crafter almost missed it distracted by Amadeo's Impression. He offers both his congratulations. though likely they are a little too enthralled at the moment to notice. He's happy for them all the same, and pauses to wipe the sweat from his brow before he twitches just once. "You know they tell you it's going to be hot, but, they never exactly tell you how hot." he tells Jochi and shakes his head, probably imagining that his feet are burning despite the nice thick sole of his footwear.

<Hatching Caverns> Delynni finds her way back to Kessa and Kori and company just as the green hatches and the blue starts to wander. "I saw." She says simply, getting nervous now. She quirks a smile. "A lot of blues huh?" She asks. "That one's just sitting there." She points.

<Hatching Caverns> With a triumphant cry the Dark Emerald Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

<Hatching Caverns> Korislle chuckles, answering Kessa, "It was Cherin." Another egg decides right /then/ that it is time to hatch, and Korislle turns to watch the dark green spill from her egg. "Ooh, she's a pretty one," Kori comments — to no one in particular, but Jazi, Kessa, and Delynni are all within earshot.

Senkyou watches the impressions and grins, "I'm not sure I approve of this clutch yet, a clutch isn't complete without a brown." At the flick of water she shakes her head, "You are going to get sick going between wet." Her attention is back on the hatching grounds as her little girl pull on her clothes to get her attention back.

<Hatching Caverns> Jochi's eyes dart around, trying to keep up with all the dragons and now, as they start impressing their riders faster and faster the dusty tanner swipes sweat from his eyes, understanding a little better what it is that L'ya cannot explain. It's different watching from here, than watching even from her current position in the galleries. "Two more impressed - Cherin and Amadeo. I don't think even in Igen in the hottest day I was ever /this/ hot." He nods to Marcus, agreeing. "Hai-ah, how did I get myself into this?" It's never like you expect it to be, is it? Don't mind the slicking back of his black hair or the racing heartbeat or rapid breath. There's an adrenaline fueled flicker in his fingers, nervously paying with the callouses there.

<Hatching Caverns> Earth and Sky Egg begins to shift once more as a dark crack begins to from from bottom to top, letting a single shard fall away revealing the frustrated sanguine hues to anyone close to see…

<Hatching Caverns> Delynni shrugs. "Its okay I suppose. I liked the blues, that one's just sitting there, and the other two were gorgeous and showed real personality." Delynni quirks her lips a little, chewing on the lower one as she peers directly at the stubborn little blue sitting on his eggshells. "He's just sitting there."

<Hatching Caverns> Jaziera doesn't bother to clap — no need to draw attention to herself from that stationary dragonet. He looks a little odd. "What's wrong with him?" She murmurs with a nosewrinkle. "Silly-looking."

<Hatching Caverns> Lit by Moonlight Midnight Blue Hatchling glances around once more as he rises from his perching spot from the urging of his father… in fear of his mother. The little blue moves quickly at first before his speed catches up with him in a clumsy charge! Clear the way!

<Hatching Caverns> Suletia shifts in her spot, picking her foot up and shaking it a little in the air, turning her head to watch the hatchlings as they wander about the sand. Though, she's rather uninterested in them, as they are with her, so they only get a quick peek before she's examining her feet once more.

<Hatching Caverns> With a final shudder, the shell of the Knobly Speckled Egg breaks apart, falling in pieces to the sand below.

<Hatching Caverns> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Little Ragdoll Gold Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Hatching Caverns> Wrapped around her small, light frame is a base of buttercream which sets forth a smooth velvety texture and background onto which a darker burnished gold is streakily, almost hastily brushed unevenly. Here and there are other minor imperfections: a light streak of pale white-gold just beneath her right eye, a blotch of saffron on her chest, and a darker spattering of yellowy topaz that spills down her rump and onto her blunt ended tail. Despite all these flaws of coloration, a light layer of honey-copper glaze is set on top of it all almost as a finishing touch to her coloration. Compared with other golds she is smaller and yet rangier, almost as if she were perpetually stuck in an awkward phase of adolescence. However, she is by no means weak, possessing powerful muscles in her haunches, at her shoulders, and in her chest. Pale gold, in its most pure and undiluted form, colors the thin membranes of her wing sails through which small veins of ichor can be seen when the light shines through them. The coppery glaze that coats her body is most evident in the thin bones which assist in the spreading of those wings, standing out only because of the close proximity of pure gold.
<Hatching Caverns> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<Hatching Caverns> Korislle shrugs. "He just doesn't know where he's going, yet," she hazards a guess, glancing to the stubborn — or perhaps thoughtful? — blue, who looks rather adorable, just sitting there on his eggshells. "I dunno. He's kinda cute," she says, folding her arms over her chest and smiling. Aaand there he goes! Up suddenly, dashing into a clumsy charge, Korislle can't keep a giggle from erupting.

<Hatching Caverns> Heaven's Winged Weaponry Egg gets that feeling again. That one where stars collide and planets are born. Theres silence, and then with a loud pop a thin sliver cuts this egg jaggedly from top to base. Thick goo squishes out the crack, sending sticky globules dripping down the eggs shell before it puddles on top of the sand in a thin film. But just like that and there is silence, peace before the big finale. One has to make a grand entrance, right?

<Hatching Caverns> "Brownrider?!" Hil turns again, sending his gaze filled with acid towards the direction of the goldrider in thought with hands clenched into fists. A crooked smile begins to form on the corner of those pressed lips as he begins to laugh quietly at first before erupting into a full volume of sound. "You can talk now all you want! You'll be cleaning my office for a sevenday! It's a bet if you aren't afraid of a little challenge should a bronze show up, too!" Hrmph!

<Hatching Caverns> Delynni jumps at the sudden charge, swinging away on a heal and jumping back a couple of times, /really/ jumping as if she'll trip doing anything else. Then the gold appears and poor Del falls on her butt. "ack…." She she tsks. Then she's scooting back on her rear trying to get up. Standing she manages to get out of the way of blue and /away/ from the gold with a shudder.

M'iri turns to Senk and shrugs for a moment, "Eh, I'm pretty good at not getting sick… And if I do, S'ver is gonna kill me.." She grumbles, before suddenly seeing the gold hatch and cheering, "There ya go, Jheina! Your gold." No bronze, yet… Unless the missed it? A tongue is stuck out at C'yr.

<Hatching Caverns> "How?" Marcus laughs, that nervousness starting to melt away as long as he has something else to think about other than hatchlings, the possibility of Impression all around him, and of course throwing up. Yes that was rapidly becoming an issue that the computer crafter was bound and determined to beat right down into submission. "You said yes right? That's enough to send anyone packing off to the candidate barracks." he muses just as the Gold hatchling reveals herself not from the egg he'd put some marks down on and the man sighs, "Lost some on that one." A groan and he once more admires the color of the flesh stretched over the young female hatchling and nods his head once. "She's a beauty."

<Hatching Caverns> Suletia lets out a quiet huff as yet another egg hatches, revealing a gold, turning her head away in a uninterested manner. She looks over her shoulder, wrapping her arms around her waist and tapping a foot against the ground, just wanting to get off the hot sands to tend to her hurting feet.

<Hatching Caverns> Delynni closes her eyes and inches closer to her friends. "not gold not gold not gold not gold." She pleads. "not gold." She tries to hide behind Kessa, Jazi, Kori, anybody. "Hi there." She says, acting like she never said 'not gold' nope, not her.

<Hatching Caverns> Kessa regards the events going on around her, it all goes by in a melded blur of color and motion. She feels herself breathing but she doesn't remember doing it. Her eyes are on the blue, the eggs, her friends, then back again. It's a perpetual motion she carries, not sure what else there is to do than watch. The girl cannot help but be overwhelmed by it all. Her heart has long since become loud in her ears, the voices of the crowd behind her a distant murmur. A glance to Jaziera, then Korislle, and finally Delynni makes her smile. "Stand tall, brave the heat." She does that.

"No bet, Hil. You'll have your drudges in forms of misbehaving Weyrlings!" Jheina calls back out over the railing with a wave as she retreats from the railing. "Anyways, he doesn't seem /completely/ hopeless." Rejoining M'iri she grins. "Oh, me and Talisyth, we'll love this." Eeeevil smile. "Keeping an eye on the new goldlet and the younger goldlet around here.." Jheina sits back down, shifting the squirming Raina into her lap. "There, better?"

<Hatching Caverns> Jochi grabs for Marcus, eye on the Lit by Moonlight Midnight Blue as he makes his charge. "Hai-ah! Look out! Charging blue!" He calls out in warning, like he used to do in the round up oh so long ago. Another lifetime it seems. Shards and shells, life before the candidates knot was a lifetime ago at this point. The gold is sadly not given the attention she is rightly due, even if she is fresh out of the shell.

<Hatching Caverns> Jaziera winces as the young Blue starts to charge, but she stands her ground — after all, not much chance he'll run right into her, right? And jumping around might cause more harm than good. "Delynni," The young woman lifts an eyebrow at the candidate, turning an appreciative eye to the goldling. "She's cute. Why so excited?" Then she's grinning at Kessa. "Excellent plan, mmhm."

<Hatching Caverns> Little Ragdoll Gold Hatchling flops rather ungracefully on the sands for a moment, getting a hang of this whole coordinating the limbs thing. It's a necessary skill to master if one intends to stand up and move somewhere else. Once her legs are in the right position, the gold hatchling shakily stands up, her legs sinking into the sand and collecting grains. After a light stretch to work some of the kinks out of her little body, she gives herself a mighty shake, flinging goo and bits of shell and sand from her drying hide. Now that all that is taken care of, she takes off in a loose lope towards the candidates, only to tumble and fall down. Good thing that sand is soft and has a lot of give.

<Hatching Caverns> Delynni shakes her head. "I just don't want a gold." She says as she watches the gold stretch and flex. "They're not my style. I'd honestly rather get mauled than get a gold." She shakes her head. "But that blue……" She looks way more interested in him.

<Hatching Caverns> Lit by Moonlight Midnight Blue Hatchling can't seem to find the breaks on these new found limbs and the poor blue creels his warning with wings opening to slow it's movements. Finally a favorable patch of sand acts as a crash pad, catching the blue off guard before it stumbles to a halt. Pffffft! With a huff to free those granules from it's nostrils, it's reached it's final destination in interception, sending whirling eyes to one he would claim as his own kin… minus the wings and the tail. He's got enough for both!

<Hatching Caverns> Suletia shuffles from foot to foot, swaying in her position and peering at the sand, a hand lifts upwards to tine at her hair, letting out a soft sigh as she watches the hatchlings. She lets out a loud yawn, seeming bored with the whole thing.

<Hatching Caverns> With a triumphant cry it seems that the Lit by Moonlight Midnight Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

<Hatching Caverns> Korislle moves in sync with Delynni, it seems, skittering back from where she previously stood. Eyes focused on the clumsy blue, she doesn't notice the gold hatch… at first. But then, it seems as though Kori only has eyes for the gold. Looking her over, more intently than any hatching so far, it isn't hard to determine what Korislle is thinking. "Faranth," she mutters, looking around for Jaziera. It's only right that she find her friend and spend their last few moments on the sands, together. "Jaz?" She calls out, looking around, but it seems as though she's lost her friend while moving out of the blue's path. Frowning, Kori looks back over her other shoulder and spies Delynni, Kessa, and Jaziera. All right there. Behind her. Rolling her eyes, Kori is loathe to move away from the gold, especially since she's just fallen… But she takes a few steps towards Jaziera and the other two.

<Hatching Caverns> Heaven's Winged Weaponry Egg has teased the crowd long enough. The slime that has slowly been trickling out of that crack has stopped just in time for the entire egg to cave in. Pop, pop, pop. The top crumbles and flakes, sending pieces of shell raining onto its owners head yet the bronze muzzle that forces that crack wide only glances around calmly. Beauty sleep disturbed, Whisker-twitching Bronze Hatchling has no choice but to fully step from his discarded home and see what all this fuss is about.

<Hatching Caverns> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Whisker-twitching Bronze Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Hatching Caverns> Swirls of brazen brass bubble, churn, and froth across the flawless hide of this young dragon. Intricate swirls and flecks of buttered russet writhe beneath the swirls of rich copper that coats his lean back. The bold brassy hue runs thick down his broad chest before it cools, darkening as it slinks down his thick neck and across his well-formed belly. The inky blotches appear black but upon any type of scrutiny the color is ousted as a violet void that engulfs the golden nuggets of color that are try to hide. The shadow of amethyst quickly dissipates past his lanky hind legs just in time for a long slender tail to sprout. Clad in the same vivid sheen of brass that makes up the crisper color of his body, his tail is more deceptive, holding hidden strength in those lurking muscles. Long sails hang uselessly at his sides, their pale gold-streaked underside neatly hidden in the leathery folds. Every move the hatchling makes has the overcoat of his wings shimmering gloriously with their sharp copper glint. His limbsarms, legs, and wingsall appear much too long for his body, slender while waiting to fill in making the lack of a right pinky toe, gone, never there to begin with, all that much more prominent. If that wasnt enough of a betrayal, his muzzle, sleek, long, and narrow, conflicts with the rest of his decidedly masculine form. Thin headnobs sprout up with their golden pixie dust dappled tips before bronze forces its way through and slides over his protruding eyeridges and down his smooth nose.
<Hatching Caverns> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Serenity leans forward and is pulled back by Senkyou who shakes her head, "I'm not going to have you get eaten, your father would kill me." Loking out at the gold she shakes her head, "Congratulations." She says to the weyrwoman, "I'm sure you will have your hands full." The bronze hatches drawing her attention again.

<Hatching Caverns> Whisker-twitching Bronze Hatchling raises his head from the sands with paws kneading into the granules beneath him. This bronze hatchling rumbles deeply before turning his gaze towards the galleries and the blurs of white surrounding him. Onto it's feet it lifts, shifting from side to side until a balance is found and forward the hatchling nudges only to fall right smack on his face with that rear in the air. Look ma! Waving with no hands!

<Hatching Caverns> Jochi swoons a little, hand dropping from Marcus. "Yes. Yes….Families feed each other Tehkeleth." There's a funny little 'huhn' as he shakes his head and moves towards the blue, utterly thunderstruck. "So hungry! Is time to do something about this." Yes. Hai-ah!

<Hatching Caverns> Good thing that Jochi was there to save him because Marcus was just not paying attention, "Whoa. Where?" he startles and is easily pulled whichever way the tannercrafter wanted to yank him. That'll teach him to be gawking at hatchlings and not paying attention. Then of course Jochi has to go and get himself Impresses to the very hatchling that the he saved him from. "Well then. Congratulations —" he starts and then just steps aside to let the new pairing take a moment to let things settle and see them off the sands. It was now very lonely over there by himself, and there was a new addition to the sands that catches his eye much as the gold had upon her appearance. There is a heartbeat that the computer crafter admires, and then forces himself to get moving a bit, edging closer to Jaziera and her lot over there. Safety and numbers and all that.

<Hatching Caverns> Kessa loses grip with Korislle's hand as the girl dodges a blue that Kessa certainly didn't see coming. She herself has to make a quick step to avoid any harm. She pins a hand on her hip as she stares at the blue, her brows knitting, "Wasn't that nice…" her tongue clacks as she leaves the dragonet to do his thing, keeping an eye on him just in case though. She does manage to see the bronze fall flat on face, "Wobbly, aren't they?" This to no one in particular as she remains loosely standing around her friends.

<Hatching Caverns> Delynni starts to shake at the blue's crash and claim of Jochi. "Silly goose! Look out." She grunts. "Oh that is classic." She indicates the bronze. "Rear in the air. He's so cute that way." She smiles as she relaxes just a mite at the bronze's predicament.

<Hatching Caverns> Jaziera glances around to seek out the source of Kori's voice — when she finds her she smiles. No words are really needed as she reaches over to squeeze her friend's shoulder, watching the young gold take a faceplant onto the sand with a wince. When accompanied by the blueling nearby taking a dive, and then his brand-shiny-new brother, it's quite a catastrophe! "Faranth," She laughs. "They're all so clumsy! It kind of offsets the menace of it all, eh?" The last is noted towards Kessa with a wink. Marcus is offered a little welcoming wave, before her eyes stray to find his former companion, and she grins. "Oh my."

<Hatching Caverns> Whisker-twitching Bronze Hatchling lifts his nose and settles his rump for a moment as those whirling eyes peer down at his limbs with a level of scutiny. How dare they betray him! No worry, try and try again as someone once said and onto it's feet once more the bronze goes. Slowly but surely it's moving forward, tail kept high as well as wings to eliminate the trip hazard as best this hatchling can. With a triumphant bugle he rejoices! I'm moving! I'm moving! I'm-THUD.

<Hatching Caverns> Jochi calls to Tekheleth and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

<Hatching Caverns> Jochi steps off the sands and through the Carved Stone Archway.

<Hatching Caverns> Delynni snorks, covering her mouth with her hand at the clumsy bronze. "I'll say, that one toppled twice!" She giggles at the bronze. "I mean, look. He ran and, kathunk."

<Hatching Caverns> Suletia arches a brow, tilting her head to the left as she watches the hatchlings wander around the sands, turning her attention to her fellow candidates, watching their reaction instead and shuffling on her feet once more. The sands being a reminder as to how much her feet hurt.

<Hatching Caverns> Little Ragdoll Gold Hatchling is back on her feet in no time at all, really. There's a bit of sand clinging to her knees, but she's certainly no worse for it. Her progress continues towards the candidates, though her gait is slow and she shuffles through the sand. It's best to take it easy and not have a second mishap. Clearly she's not as good at this walking/running thing as she thought. Pausing for a moment she cocks her head this way and that, eyes whirling with anxiety as she regards a group of girls. Towards them she heads.

<Hatching Caverns> Earth and Sky Egg explodes upon the sands with shards and shells flying out of it's way as a pair of dark tiny wings unfurl from the opened void, dripping of ooze once shared in the confined space as Dream Waiting Green Hatchling is revealed perching in her last half of the former resting place to the world before it.

<Hatching Caverns> Isobel has totally been here the entire time. Her player never had to work or anything. Nope. Entire time. She's currently standing a bit off to one side, her foofy hair up in sort of a topknot runnertail, arms folded behind her head as she tries to keep cool. She's watching the hatchlings carefully, expression pensive, but otherwise, she just seems to be curious about the whole thing.

<Hatching Caverns> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Dream Waiting Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Hatching Caverns> Breaking from it's shell in great fury before the creature once in the depth of slumber stirs, Dream Waiting Green Hatchling rumbles deeply, sending it's darkened gaze across the sands as it seeks out through the infinity of white for the one to conquer as her own. She steps out on large paws, raising her wide head and fluttering overly small wings behind her as she drags her tired short and squat form over the heat before her. The green pauses, shifting in silence at first as she takes in a deep breath with protruding rib cage heaving before letting out one ear splitting cry to echo throughout the caverns ending in a *squawk!* With a rough shake of the head and flick of an irriated tail, Dream Waiting Green Hatchling finally approaches one brave soul, the one that didn't flinch at her cry or show fear and roughly she shoves the young man from Ierne over with her massive head, hoarding as her own. "Alright! Alright, Cthulhuth! We'll get something to eat! No, no you can't eat candidates. No. No, there's fresh meat waiting for you. No, I said!"
<Hatching Caverns> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<Hatching Caverns> Korislle reaches back out for Kessa's hand, her nerves suddenly getting the better of her. But, with a few deep breaths, she's able to keep any signs of her internal anxiety and struggle. Jaziera's comforting shoulder-squeeze also helps; Kori turns to look over her shoulder at the other woman, smiling a bit wearily. "They are wobbly," she mumbles, responding to Kessa. "See! First she fell, then him, and then him /again/!" She exclaims, pointing from the gold to the bronze. "She's coming this way," Kori says, mostly as warning to Kessa and the others. That blue already charged them earlier, so no doubt the quartet of girls (Kori, Jazi, Kessa, and Delynni) are all on their toes… But it doesn't hurt to warn.

<Hatching Caverns> Delynni groans. "Oh Faranth no." Delynni moves as fast as she can to the back of her little pack of friends. "Someone else can have it." She looks desperately over at the 'Innocently Neutral Egg' "That one, come on. Come on." She whispers. She glares at the last egg as if trying to mentally prompt it to hatch. "Hatch already. I'm probably just going to be left behind like before." She says in a low voice. "So it doesn't really matter, the gold can find her girl, the bronze his man, and soon it will be all over."

<Hatching Caverns> Marcus is there too, but not particularly in any danger of getting anything but run over by said gold, and so he returns Jaziera's waves however half-heartedly as the numbers dwindle. At least of the people he came to know. He frowns a bit over at Delynni, but just shakes his head rather than making a comment. He was still feeling sick after all. It had to be this heat.

L'ya lets out a whoop of a yell as the blue impresses her Weyrmate, "I knew you could do…" She says even if she was scared that he would. Her eyes are bright as she watches Jochi bond with his lifemate, no doubt remembering her own impression in that moment. "He is a little dear…" She murmurs as her gaze falls on the little blue, already accepted as part of Jochi.

<Hatching Caverns> Kessa notes the direction of the gold dragonet, spying a green that approached too quickly for her to be considered a target - pity that. Kessa smiles slightly, considering Korislle and Jaziera in turn. The women seem to be bred for this, she, herself remains a little fidgety but firm nevertheless - clearly not. "Face the heat.." she tucks her head down a little as the dragonet starts toward the cluster of women, clearly her heart about to skip a beat or two.

<Hatching Caverns> Suletia turns her head towards the last two hatchlings, watching their plight across the sands. She continues to tap her foot against the ground, lips pursing ever so slightly as she remains quiet.

<Hatching Caverns> Jaziera can't help but giggle at the antics of the dragonets. "Poor things," she snickers, glancing sharply over her shoulder at Delynni. "Oh, stop!" Her voice is playful, but she wrinkles her nose. "They're all ugly and wet and nasty. She's just another baby." A stout nod is offered, before the young woman notes her approach with a lifted eyebrow. A concerned glance is tossed Marcus's way, but she can't focus — all dragonets are dangerous, and they must be watched. Even if they can't seem to discern toes from tail.

<Hatching Caverns> At the green's impression, Hil frowns a bit and begins to shake his head. "I'a! I'a! You better not bother the others at night! Keep those crawlies and sea things OUT of the barracks! I'm warning you!" Hesitantly he turns back to the remaining hatchlings out before him and the shells surrounding the area. Here's to hoping there's no greater disaster than /that/ green pair. Perhaps he'll get lucky and get a reasonable and responsible lifemate.

<Hatching Caverns> Little Ragdoll Gold Hatchling is only shuffling towards the girls. There's no cause for alarm there. Timidly the hatchling's head snakes out and peers, body stiff and hesitantly held away from them in this moment of indecision. Or is it, perhaps, decision? With a jerk of her body she moves forwards suddenly, feet stamping at the sand and kicking some up as she plows slowly but steadily towards one of the girls. When a woman makes up her mind, there's no getting in her way. Straight she heads towards the taller of the two black haired girls and then pauses, regarding her for a moment before she gently rubs her muzzle into the woman's stomach.

<Hatching Caverns> With a triumphant cry it seems that the Little Ragdoll Gold Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

<Hatching Caverns> Isobel lifts up one foot, then the other foot, then one foot, then the other foot, puffing her cheeks up and then huffing out as if this would somehow alleviate the heat that tries to work its way through her common sense. She drops one hand and wipes sweat off of her forehead, turning her attention momentarily towards the others before she pokes her toe at the sand and focuses on the dragonets, sucking her lower lip into her mouth to bite on it.

<Hatching Caverns> With a triumphant cry the Dream Waiting Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

<Hatching Caverns> Delynni's eyes bug. Because the gold is right there, and she's picked the /other/ black haired girl. She gets /away/ from that one as fast as she can, letting out a small squeak as she moves away. She gulps, looking sidelong at the two. There is a hint of envy, but it passes immediately.

<Hatching Caverns> Whisker-twitching Bronze Hatchling begins to flail back onto his feet and with a rush of determination begins to move with a more rhythmic step. One, two, one, two… Anything to keep the hatchling from eating sand any longer and the grains make his nose itch! Ugh! The itching is beginning to be more than he can bear, with a series of huffs and puffs the bronze begins to search through the wall of white for his chosen softness to bury his nose in. There's plenty but he needs that -SNOOF!- The bronze rumbles his apologies towards the young man, lightly rubbing his nose to wipe sand stuff off of that robe and off of his nose. This one will do nicely.

Jheina was thankfully in the same Clutch as her Weyrmate, though the poor fellow got abused all the way through it… But the junior sits, gazing intently at the sands, her chin lightly resting on her child's head, with her arms curled about Raina as well. Senk is looked at, as well as M'iri for a moment, before she just goes back to looking out at the sands. There's a gold and bronze out there afterall… Although it looks like the gold has found her partner. "Tell you what sweetling. Tali said Papa just got home, so why don't you scamper off and have him play with you, huh? Mama needs to keep watching this.." The child suddenly brightens up at being let free, and bounds over her mom's sewing kit to bear-hug M'iri, before zooming out of the Galleries at a breakneck pace. "CAREFULLY!" Is bellowed after the child. "Faranth.." She mutters..

<Hatching Caverns> With a triumphant cry it seems that the Whisker-twitching Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

M'iri was watching so intently of the hatching that the sudden bear hug by Raina brings Miir out of her hatching trance. "Ouuff!" She exclaims, grinning down at the girl and giving her a brisk hug before she runs away. "Well there ya go, Jheina, plenty of Weyrlings for you and R'nel to harass." A wicked little grin passes the blueriders face, before she sees the gold stop infront of a girl on the sands, and her attention is diverted once again.

<Hatching Caverns> Jaziera can't really do anything other than stare as, well, the plodding Goldling doesn't…exactly…stop. The quickest expression of horror crosses her face before adoration takes its' place. A sigh of relief is offered, and a hand placed on the dragonet's head. "Keonath?" Her voice cracks and she chokes a little on the word, glancing around with wide eyes at her companions. "Keonath," She repeats, gesturing down at the Gold with an almost-stupified grin. Then she's turning back to her lifemate, nodding with renewed brilliance. "Food! Of course, loveling. Right away."

<Hatching Caverns> Marcus turns an approving smile upon onto Jaziera, but that doesn't help the wave of nausea that washes the expression clean off his face. He said he wanted a posting somewhere warm, now was the time that the crafter was thankful they hadn't given him Igen as Jochi had suggested. Luckily for him that the gold decides about then to come over and pick herself out a Jaziera. That was nice of her to distract him from his upset stomach. Of course in that time the bronze that'd been goofing around had snuck up on him. Startled, again, the computer crafter jumps and looks down into those eyes. "Isseith?" he echoes and his brows furrow, wincing for some reason. He stands there staring, adjusting and then a blink. "Oh. Right. Food. None for me though eh?" And with that, he leads the hatchling from the sands and towards the barracks. This was going to complicate things.

<Hatching Caverns> Innocently Neutral Egg can't hide any longer, the crack deepens and out spills a shapeless blob of an eggwet hatchling upon the sands for all to see! Atleast it was here a second ago…

<Hatching Caverns> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Clad in Black Brown Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Hatching Caverns> Innocently Neutral Egg is of the stealthy variety. Slowly but surely that egg is a cracking, splintering from the bottom up before theres nothing left but Clad in Black Brown Hatchling crouching in the shards. His hide is a rather solid dark earthy hue with only a slash of black across his muzzle that tends to draw attention to his bright faceted eyes. Hes lean and trim with a rather stubby tail. Not a single noise is made as he slips his way across the sands, using the other eggs as cover before finally darting out and snaking around a young seacrafters legs. The girl, Rapiratea, lets out a loud cursethat gets her several looks from some of the other candidatesand reaches to her side only to remember her knife is gone and shes very much defenseless. "Ho there, little beast." She holds out her hands as if the brown would attack her even after hes made his choice. "Ninjath? I suppose I can be yar Pirate, but I hope ye got some strong sea legs. cause I aint no land lover!"
<Hatching Caverns> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<Hatching Caverns> Marcus calls to Isseith and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

<Hatching Caverns> Jaziera calls to Keonath and she bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

<Hatching Caverns> Kessa smiles as she side steps out of the way for Jaziera to find her lifemate. As to the others as well, Marcus impressing on the other side of her and then the last egg. Abruptly it's over. A look given over the shards shattered every where, her hands dusting off on her robe. "That was different," she laughs a little, looking toward Delynni and the other girls left standing.

<Hatching Caverns> Delynni smiles in relief as Ninjath finds his Pirate. "And there we go." She sighs in relief. "Congratulations Jazi!" She says cheerfully, still staying a little ways away from the gold. She /is/ rather big. "What was different?" asks Del as she looks over at Kessa.

<Hatching Caverns> Korislle is unprepared for the sudden surge in confusion she feels — should she be distraught that, once more, she's left standing? Or should she be happy for Jaziera, now that the woman, one of her closest friends, has Impressed? Smiling, Kori remains silent, allowing Jaziera her moment with her dragon. Instead, she turns to Kessa and shrugs. "We can't all Impress," she says simply.

<Hatching Caverns> Pagnisath tilts her head this way and that, looking at the mess of egg remains on the sands. Is that all? Is it really over? It must be unless the gold has buried a few more eggs away — unlikely. Mianyi eyes her Weyrleader standing next to her and gives him a sharp elbow in the ribs before she turns to look at the candidates left standing, wetting her lips. "First off, I'd like to congratulate all our new pairs. To the rest of you, I'm sorry that you were unable to find your lifemate here on our sands today. I'd like to invite you all to the celebration afterwards, and also welcome you to stay at Eastern." The last bit is directed at the candidates left standing.

<Hatching Caverns> Marcus steps off the sands and through the Carved Stone Archway.

<Hatching Caverns> Suletia stands still barely long enough to listen to Mianyi's closing speech before she's almost flying off the sands, her hands tucked modestly down over the bottom of the robe so it can't flap, nursing her blistering feet as soon as she hits cooler stone. Ah, yes, beautiful non-heat! Sule doesn't seem in the least non-plussed that she hasn't Impressed - if anything, it's the least she expected. She swipes the loose strands of fuzzy hair away from her face, and then heads off in the direction of the Infirmary, and assumably numbweed.

<Hatching Caverns> Korislle goes home.

<Hatching Caverns> Delynni smiles. "Sounds good to me." Delynni says with a shrug. "Kessa, wanna see what kinda things they cooked up? I think I'm going to try a drink. I never did have alcohol." She asks as she makes for the door. "It doesn't matter, Kori right?" She struggles to find a name.

Jheina stands up at this point in time, gathering her sewing kit. "It was good seeing you again Mir." She says, then bends to give the woman a gentler hug than her daughter did. "You'll have to swing by again soon, or stop by the hut and say hi to R'nel." She pauses a moment before a mischievious grin breaks out on her face. "I have a feeling I might be under Weyr arrest for a little bit after tonight…"

<Hatching Caverns> Jaziera steps off the sands and through the Carved Stone Archway.

<Hatching Caverns> Suletia steps off the sands and through the Carved Stone Archway.

<Hatching Caverns> Kessa smirks at Delynni, "I've never been to a hatching. It was .. quite something. Went to fast for the amount of work we put in though!" She chuckles as she watches the last of the pairs head off to the weyrling cavern. Toward Korislle she nods, "Right. We're not all supposed to be dragonriders." Another fleeting moment passes, she considers Mianyi's words with a resolute nod, "Thank you." A beat later she turns to skitter off the sands behind the rest of them. "I think I'm hitching a ride straight away to the Weaver Hall," she says in the last beat to Delynni, "but I think I'll spare a moment to have a drink."

<Hatching Caverns> Kessa steps off the sands and through the Carved Stone Archway.

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