Sudden Decisions

Month 4 of Turn 2720
Beach path
A rather roughly formed path that leads on down to the beach. Not the safest to travel at night either, with the many twists and turns and small places to turn a foot that it has.

"T'san, like it or not, I am actually your boss now." The lanky woman with short cropped curls and sea green eyes notes to a somewhat taller but equally lanky man with similar eyes standing across from her, leaning against the hide of a dusty green who has closed her eyes and pretended to ignore the whole affair.
"Would you relax cousin? It will not kill you to be away from the weyr for a few hours, and besides - No one will recognize you here save maybe Jaz and S'van and you owe the dear weryleader a visit anyway." Green eyes glittering as the taler male makes his point. "Besides spending all that time in the heat is making you cranky as hell."

Etinei comes round a twist in the path, making her way up from the beach. Dressed in shorts and a light shirt, her sandal-clad feet look moist and sandy - evidence of a dip in the sea, perhaps. When she spots the green dragon, and then the two people stood with her, the teenager's steps slow as she openly stares while she gradually approaches.

T'san is the first to notice, or rather Sarendaeth notices but only offers a soft rumble of warning. Tanit's sea green eyes shift - presumably at the green's rumble or perhaps something the creature suggests. "You are supposed to tell T'san - that's his job not mine. I get all the wonderful joy that comes from chasing the buggers off."
T'san shakes his head with a soft chuckle, "She doesn't bite, my cousin on the other hand." Tipping his chin at the woman wearing a Dolphineer's wetsuit. "Well she's just always cranky. You can pet her if you like." He frowns. "My dragon not my cousin."

Etinei has totally walked into something that's going way above her head. Her big eyes blink at the two people; T'san's offer seems to have thrown her entirely. "Oh." Dragons aren't anything new to her, but invitations like this are not in Etinei's day-to-day life. She doesn't smile at the dragon/cousin thing, but does continue to approach. "What's her name?" She asks politely, nodding towards the green. Her attention is mostly on the humans though, trying to work out who they are, whether she's met them before.

Tanit says, "That - would be Sarendaeth." Tanit offers, elbowing her cousin in the ribs. Or attempting it at least. "Of Half Moon Bay." The woman herself wears no knot other than the Dolphineer's shoulderpatch.
The knot at T'san's shoulder however does indicate a wingrider of the Island Weyr. "And this is my cousin, Tani - well I get to call her that at least. She's -" Another elbow this one sucessfully landed leaving him to grunt before chuckling. "Taking the tiniest vacation at my request. Saren's favorite spot is under her chin or just behind the eyeridges. She's a rather sweet soul all told.""

Instructions - Etinei can do instructions, even implied ones. Getting closer to the dusty green, she reaches towards a spot behind the closest eyeridge, small fingers aiming to apply a decent pressure to the hide. "Sarendaeth," she echoes the name, the better to remember it. She seems intrigued that the nickname may not be this woman's actual name, and given the elbowing going on, she can't help but suspect there's more to this than she's seeing. "Oh." The woman's lack of knot isn't helping her much. "So you're visiting…?" She asks Tani, soft voice polite.

Tanit nods, "I'm a close friend of the Weyrleader here, but I should be getting back sooner rather than later. I'm going to go say hi to S'van, will you be ok on your own? And not pick up any strays?" The woman calls as she makes her way deeper into the jungle in the direction of the weyr proper.
T'san grins to the teenager nodding. "She says you can scratch harder if you wish, there's not a chance that your tiny talons can hurt her hide." He studies the teen now with keen interest, it isn't quite a leer but not entirely not either. "You lived at Monaco for long?"

None the wiser as to the woman's identity other than 'possible dolphineer', Etinei watches her head off towards the Weyr. At T'san's instruction, the crafter scratches harder, shifting her feet so she can lean into her hand to apply more pressure. "They do say dragons have tough hide," she comments, as if reciting some interesting fact from a book. She's looking at the green's eye and missed the way T'san watches her; it's only when he asks about her living situation that she turns her head to talk directly to him. "Um…about a Turn or so. I was at Landing before."

Sarendaeth rumbles happily under the scratchings one set of lids opening to show the faintest hints of the happy blue green swirls beneath. T'san smirks a little, "I don't suppose you'd be interested in one of these." Tossing a small tangle of white ropes in her direction. "Chauth's laid a massive clutch - given her prior performance they might all be blues but - there's ten eggs on the sands that whether that gold likes it or not will need lifemates. It's a terrible messy job, no drinking no sex, though you look a little young for the latter." He shrugs, "But there's flying involved - usually."
"And I can't promise Chauth won't try to eat you. She's terrible protective of those eggs."

Instinctively, Etinei catches the thing tossed her way. Smoothing it out with her hands, it's quite clear what it is, and she looks at T'san with a blank expression. She looks back at Sarendaeth, to see hints of blue-green in the facets of the dragon's eyes. This must be her doing! "I-" Many things are flashing through the girl's mind, but she looks entirely nonplussed by the idea of not drinking or having sex. "I-" She's still trying to find words, the knot white in the palms of her hands. "I think I'd like to try," she says, very softly, fingers curling around the item which is now…hers? Her blue eyes stare at T'san, as if begging him to confirm she's made the right choice.

T'san grins at her. "Now that is a sweet lass. I never regretted it personally. My cousin might some days but we won't tell her just yet. I think Chauth's dislike of candidates bleeds over some into Tanit's own preferences - She's not one to be handing out knots - unless she's drunk. You might get one from her if she's drunk." He grins, "So keep that a secret between us for now. Do you need time to gather your things? I can take you back once she's done with S'van. Or if you'd like I can take you now while the grump is away."

Etinei glances in the direction of the Weyr, as much at the mention of Tanit as getting her things together. "I - don't have a lot. I could go get it and come back…." Her little tech crafter brain is doing logic things and putting two and two together. "Chauth - your cousin Tani - it's her gold?" She looks back at T'san to confirm if she's got it right.

T'san presses a finger to his lips. "Shh, she's trying to be all sneaky since she made weyrwoman, most folk don't clamber around a dolphineer wanting a white knot when she's out visiting." He grins, "Technically I promised her I wouldn't search anyone this trip but what she doesn't know won't get me grounded."

Etinei's mouth closes shut as if she's worried she's said something wrong. But T'san's grin is reassuring, and she returns it with a little smile, finding herself more at ease. It's a big decision she's just made, sure, but…she's made it. "I'll be quick and get my things," she promises, giving Sarendaeth a final good scratch before her hand leaves the green's head. "I'll run, and meet you back here?"

T'san grins. "We will be waiting."

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