Gold Flights and their Consequences

Month 2 of Turn 2720

West Clearing
This clearing finds itself nestled into a hook of the pale sanded beach, between the wide mouth of the Paradise River to the east, Monaco Bay to the north, and the ancient rubble of the extinct vulcano. Warm sand can be found in this sheltered cove where the winds find it difficult to whip through, providing hot sand for basking dragons in nearly any weather, as well as shelter under a lip of stone, worn away by centuries of crashing waves, that juts from the main body of the Weyr. The land has been terraced up from both river and ocean, and a seawall put in place to protect the clearing from storm tides and heavy rains.

Tucked away from the wind, this serves to make the warmth of this sheltered cove feel even more intense. But it's not unpleasant, and apparently not to Etinei. The girl has tucked herself away here, sat on the edge of one of the terraces and looking out towards the ocean. Her air is contemplative, gaze distant as she sits there as still as stone, without even a breeze to stir the hair that flows loose just past her shoulders. Her hands are held in her lap, one clasping the other, tension across her shoulders and the top of her back.

Reya is the exact /opposite/ picture of Etinei at the moment. The slight and short woman is currently walking along the seawall, each foot kicked forward in an exaggerated manner as she walks. Her hands are held out to both sides for balance and occasionally she throws a little hop and skip into her little performance. It takes her a while but eventually her dark gaze finds its way over to Etinei and soon eyebrows are raised. "Who turned you into a statue?" Because that is /clearly/ the only explanation for this. Her words carry easily, covering the distance between them without any loss of volume.

It's not the movement of Reya walking that catches Etinei's attention, but the question aimed directly at her. Blinking, bringing her focus back to the present, there's only a flash of surprise as the girl recognises Monaco's Weyrwoman. "Weyrw - Reya." Acknowledgement done, she offers up a very small smile, seeing the humour in the woman's words. "I was just thinking about things. The journeyman I've been shadowing is pregnant…do crafters get time off for babies?" This is a whole new area for the girl apparently, given the naive air it's delivered with.

Reya hops down from the wall, making her way over towards Etinei with easy and promptly inviting herself to take a seat as well. "It kind of depends, most decide to take some time off but if they /really/ don't want to it isn't mandatory or anything. Honestly….I'm afraid we're going to have a shortage of crafters, workers, and riders in a few months here." Because EVERYONE is pregnant apparently. "This is exactly what I call being irresponsible." NEVERMIND that it wasn't their fault that two golds went up almost at the same time (in different locations). But Faranth…the hormones.

Etinei seems to just now realise that Reya was walking along the seawall, but…she probably shouldn't question why the Weyrwoman was doing that. At least, not now, since the Weyrwoman is offering some useful insight into the whole pregnant crafter thing. "Oh." There's a pause as Etinei seems to put a few bits of information together in her mind, and then a slow nod. "That explain what the other apprentices were whispering about a few nights ago." She has an oddly serious look on her face at the prospect of the Weyr being down on workers. The tech crafter seems to be being diplomatic about any involvement by Reya's dragon, at least. "But it might not end up being a shortage? If people don't choose to take time off?"

"Yeah, but….I think it's pretty rare that someone decides not to take time off." Reya grimaces a little bit before glancing sideways at Etinei and chuckling a bit. "Were they talking about all the pregnancy rumors? Or their own inability to control themselves?" She's got a mischievous look on her face before she attempts to elbow Etinei slightly. It's quite easily avoidable! "How about you? Any boys…or girls…that you were eyeing?" This is Reya…asking inappropriate questions to people that she barely knows!

"Ummm." Etinei seems a little unsure whether she should answer that. Is it ratting them out? She's not mentioning any names though, and Reya doesn't seem cross or anything, so…. "A little of both." There's a flush to her cheeks as she recalls what bits she did make out of their hushed conversation. "They seemed to think it was quite…fun." Her poor pale cheeks go even more red when Reya elbows her and starts asking about her love life. "N-no," the girl mumbles awkwardly. "I'm - my studies - I want to make journeyman." Excuses, excuses.

"Of course that sort of stuff is fun, kissing is great!" Reya at least /tries/ to ease the uncomfortableness by referencing something a little more benign than sleeping together! There's a raise of the eyebrows when Etinei mentions journeyman though and the Weyrwoman tilts her head, "But…those things aren't mutually exclusive you know. In fact, I'd be worried you'd burn out if all you do is focus on your studies."

Etinei's eyes widen despite Reya's rather more polite way of putting it. "So the other apprentices say," she continues to mumble, not seeming completely convinced despite the respectable source of this information. "Um." Reya has caught her in a bind here, and the girl's response is a little shaky. "I - well, there's a lot to do here to keep me from burning out? Maybe - when I've got journeyman - maybe then I'll think about it." The wind seems to go out of her as the sentence struggles along, and she looks a bit slumped by the end of it.

"How old are you? 15?" Etinei obviously isn't but Reya probably knows that. She leans over, placing an elbow on the apprentices shoulder, "Don't hold yourself back just because you've got something you want to reach career-wise. There's a way to balance both and it's good to start learning. Priorities are priorities, but love is a /great/ thing. And so is kissing!" The Weyrwoman chuckles before taking her elbow back. "But that's only if you have someone you're interested in…no need to go throwing yourself at people you don't like."

Love lessons from the Weyrwoman! Etinei would probably be honoured if it was any other subject, but as it is, she's trying to will herself into another plane of existence. No luck with that, though. She remains there, slightly squished under Reya's elbow, and going an increasingly brighter shade of red. "Um - if I meet the right person, sure." She's either ignoring the age question, or is treating it as some kind of rhetorical one. "I can't even choose what speciality I want to take, let alone a - a boyfriend." The word sounds alien coming out of her mouth.

"That's because a specialty is a /much/ more important choice than a boyfriend. Boyfriends come and go….most of the time. Though I /guess/ you could pick your soulmate on the first try." Reya isn't oblivious to the poor girl's red cheeks and general uncomfortableness, it just doesn't stop her! "What specialties /are/ you torn between though?" Thankfully she's distracted by something else going on in the conversation. At least…for now!

Etinei nods with more conviction as the conversation strays towards the far more comfortable (for her, anyway) topic of crafts. Specifically, her craft. "Um. All of them, really." She sounds almost as if she's about to sigh over it. This, it seems, is her equivalent to the dilemma some people probably face in choosing a lover. "Were you a crafter? Before you Impressed?" She asks Reya directly, looking at the woman with frank curiosity.

"Nope, I was a trader with my caravan, worked as a guard for a bit and when we found ourselves here…well, someone decided that it'd be a good idea to Search me. Monaco might be regretting it now though." Reya chuckles a bit, clearly not serious about the regret part though. The Weyrwoman leans back now, using both hands to prop herself up as she extends her legs out in front of her. "What made you choose your craft?" She /maybe/ forgot what Etinei does.

"Oh." Etinei has to process this. A Weyrwoman who's come straight from a trader caravan…apparently, it wasn't what she was expecting. Though maybe it does explain the woman's more laid back attitude to things? Indeed, she seems very at ease on the edge of the terrace, and Etinei tries her best to look relaxed, too. Look, her hands are being placed on either side of her! She can't quite bring herself to lean back, but one leg will twitch as if she's considering it. "Well. My dad's in the tech craft, too. I spent a lot of time with him and…I really liked it."

"I don't understand any of that tech crafty stuff….it's all kind of…." Here she wiggles her fingers, which makes absolutely no sense. Maybe she means magical? In any case she clearly doesn't know the first thing about tech craft type things. "But I'm glad that you found something that you're passionate about, sometimes people wander around doing things for a /long/ time before they find where they're supposed to be and what they're supposed to do." The way she smiles it's clear that she's also referencing her own past.

Etinei has definitely seen that response before, if her understanding nod is anything to go by. "I suppose…I never worried about being like that. I always knew I'd join the craft. Nothing else interested me like it did." Which may well be why she got sent away from Landing and somewhere with lots of things to distract her - er, enrich her. "Did you ever feel like you didn't know what you were supposed to do?"

"You never thought about anything else? And I mean not just to do for work, but for /fun/. What /do/ you do for fun?" Reya looks over at Etinei with a raised eyebrow before chuckling. "Of course, I never really gave much thought to the future…did what I wanted. Maybe too much of what I wanted. Just happened to work well with the guards and," there's a slight shrug from the Weyrwoman. "But things just ended up falling into place, like they usually tend to."

Fun? Awkward. Etinei looks out at the ocean again. While the redness has begun to fade from her face now that the topic of relationships seems to have been put to bed (ahahaha…ha), she has another tricky topic to explain herself on. "Um. That's what I'm figuring out. My dad was happy for me to study and tinker with things but…I can't do that all the time here. I…I might try swimming in the sea. I didn't get to do that at home." Woahhhh, them's some big dreams. "Maybe…maybe that'll fall into place, too?" She adds, with a hopeful glance at Reya.

"Swimming?" Reya grins and nods, her gaze turning out to the ocean. "You could try swimming, and surfing, and water slides and all sorts of things." The Weyrwoman chuckles a bit before nodding. "I think that'll fall into place. Some things will just click and other things won't. But you're still young, there's plenty of time for all of this. You might even make /mistakes/ and it'll work out ok too."

Surfing. Now there's a thought. "I have seen some people surfing…maybe I could…." Of course, could and will are two different things, but at least Etinei looks and sounds like she's considering it. Reya's mention of mistakes causes a tremble to go through the teenager. "Oh. Mistakes are - all part of learning, I'm told." With some effort, she manages to kick one leg, then the other. Look, she's practically carefree!

"THEN!" Reya grins, standing up and snapping her fingers. "I'll arrange a surfing teacher for you." She's /definitely/ taking this too far too fast. But…such is her nature. "You seem like the kind who hates mistakes." She glances down at Etinei with a bit of a grin before stretching. "Well, I best get on that. See you later, Etinei!" And just like that…she's gone! What a strange woman!

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