Lunch at the Watch Tower

Summer - Month 1 of Turn 2720
Monaco Bay Weyr - Watch Tower
Standing on this tower, you can see an unobstructed 360 view of Monaco Bay Weyr's territories. The dragons landing just below the enclosed peak. Inside the peak's tower. there are a number of bunks, a few lounge chairs and one or two stools nearest the windows. This area serves as the meeting/onduty area for the Weyr's police and patrol squads and for the fire safety. Beyond that common area far to the back lies the Armory and the Cell block for what few criminals this weyr collects.

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Inching towards lunch time, J'en can be found at the top of the watch tower, a pair of binoculars in hand as he surveys the entirety of Monaco Bay. A few people lingering as they finish the last of their morning tasks, but the majority of the staff have moved to the common cavern for the midday meal. It's overcast with the threat of rain, weather reports giving a eighty percent chance of afternoon thundershowers, and the soft rumble in the distance certainly suggests that number might just be one hundred. "Don't forget to eat, sir," One of the flame wingriders calls over towards her wingleader as she too takes her leave, to which J'en grumbles something incoherent before continuing his scanning.

"He'll eat," comes in a friendly but authoritative tone, Sev taking the steps two at a time to finally reach the top. A tip of his head to the wingrider as she leaves, and he slides into the space beside J'en, plate of food in hand. "Hey," comes in a murmur as he leans in to plant a kiss to his weyrmate's cheek before eyeing the surrounding area. Devoid of binoculars, he can still see that thunderhead in the distance. At least the rain might help in washing away the remaining ash and put an end to the small wildfires still plaguing Monaco. "Share with me," he insists, indicating the plate with a tip of his head.

Whether or not J'en hears that authoritative tone is debatable, but that wingrider sure does, pausing in her path to come to attention and snap off the kind of crisp salute that undoubtedly her wingleader had a hand in helping her master. He wouldn't have had it any other way. "Sir!" And as soon as S'van is past her, she relaxes and heads off with a few of the others, leaving the watch tower relatively barren. Well, except for a certain pair of bronzeriders. As soon as the Weyrleader is at his side, J'en lowers the binoculars, golden eyes sliding towards his mate first as he receives the kiss dropped to his cheek. "…'ey." he replies, as was customary for them, his gaze easing down to the plate of food being held up between them. The hesitation as he looks at the food as if it were something in his way and line of his shoulders says the last thing he wanted to do was stop working, but all it takes is one look into grey eyes before he relents and sets his binoculars aside. "Looks like rain, ya wanna brave it up 'ere…" A thumb is jerked towards the small table with two chair not the far off, "Or 'ead inside the tower?" Either way, they'd be alone, everyone else was off to the caverns.

A shrug, and Sev decides, "Whatever, really. I don't mind a bit of rain." Lies. He fucking hates rain. But living in a tropical paradise? He's kinda had to get used to being soaked. A lot. "Let's eat out here. I'm sick of being inside." And once the words are out, he pushes up from the railing to do just that. Plate in one hand, the other snakes around his weyrmate's hips to ensure he stays close as they head for that little table. "How're things looking?"

Brows lift for that statement, and while the wingleader's lips twitch upwards at the corners, he doesn't comment. Reaching overhead, J'en stretches his body out a bit before dropping his arms to his side, having been in that position more or less since arriving shortly after dawn. He might have taken off his jacket (it was hung up in the tower alongside the jackets of those on watch duty), being as muggy as it was outside today, but he still wore those impossible pants when he was working along with a matching tanktop. A tanktop that's tucked back down over his midsection before gesturing towards the table as the Weyrleader suggests eating where they already were, chuckling softly for the hand to hip escort, but certainly not minding it in the least. Any excuse really to be in physical contact with his weyrmate, even as short lived as it happened to be this time, leaning into him some. "Couple smoke plumes overnight, and a few this mornin'. Nothin' we couldn't 'andle, but 'opin' the rain's gunna give the win' a bit of a breather, dun think any of 'em 'ad much time to relax since this shit started…" he admits, sliding into one of the chairs, ensuring that it's as close to Sev's as possible. Long legs are crossed at the knee with a soft creak and groan of the leather encasing them, plucking a thermos of iced lemon water out of his bag and placing it in the table. There was only one cup, so they'd have to share that as well, the cap is unscrewed and the liquid contents poured.

As if Sev would bemoan sharing a cup. He's swapped enough bodily fluids with his weyrmate that sipping water from the same canister isn't even on his radar. Settled into his seat, he spends a moment making sure the plate is positioned for appropriate sharing, and then slings an arm over J'en's shoulders before reaching for a crisp, crunchy veggie stick to chomp on. At least it's mostly finger foods, of the healthy variety, so there's no need for utensils. "Can hope," he agrees, once he's swallowed. Squinted grey eyes seek out the clouds on the horizon, as if assessing the impending storm and its ability to dampen those fires. But there's a bit of a snort and a dry, "just another day in Search and Rescue," for the lack of relaxing. But whatever Sev might be feeling, he lets it go with a shrug and another bite of his vegetable of choice.

Once again, J'en leans into S'van, just moments after that arm is rested over his shoulders. Any semblance of tension is decidedly missing, the fingertips of his right hand idly massaging through the soft fine hairs to be found at the very back of his weyrmate's neck with gentle pressure as to not induce any shivers or unwanted sensation. Seeking contact and the pleasure of touch. His left hovers over the offered selections and chooses something at random, ferrying it towards his mouth without further ado. "Indeed," he agrees. They could hope. With a crunch, J'en masticates the vegetable with the faintest twitch to his brow, following the mouthful with a healthy sip of water. He'd been trying to eat better lately, expanding his palate with fresh veggies and the less sweet of fruits, but he was already eying the rolled slices of meat. At least cheese was easier to get past his lips these days, as long as it was cheddar. At mention of Search and Rescue, golden eyes slide back towards S'van, "…'ow're ya doin' on yer end?" Paperwork, meetings, and negotiations. Oh my. "Miss meh yet?" A grin tugs at Jae's lips, just before he pops an olive past them and chews on it contentedly. He really liked those.

There's nothing on that plate that wouldn't meet J'en's strict standards of approval (or at least, everything on that plate would be termed 'healthy' by discerning folks). Sev has even forgone the fried-death he's so fond of, opting for mostly raw veggies, some fruits, cheese… things that could be eaten with fingers and won't go bad if they sit for a little bit. "Fine," comes for the question of his work, shrugging it off with a very literal shrug of his shoulders and another squinty-eyed look toward the coast. It's the follow up that has him sliding his gaze back to his weyrmate, the grin inspiring a hint of one in return; something vaguely lopsided and smirky. "Of course," he decides, taking the opportunity to lean in nice and close and steal a kiss. "I always miss you." Hence, lunch at the watch tower. A retreat from the daily grind, and a totally not-innocent excuse to stalk his weyrmate.

With the lack of deep fried death, there was no long disapproving looks from J'en, not that they had ever bothered S'van in the history of their knowing one another. Not even when he really, really, REALLY had meant them. Though for his weyrmate's single worded response, he tilts his head to the side anyway, dark lashes lowering. While he might have wanted to press for more of an answer other than the four lettered one he'd gotten, he doesn't, merely strokes his fingers along the back of Sev's neck firmer before helping himself to a square of cheddar. Oh. Yum. He's about halfway through chewing that when the Weyrleader looks back towards him, swallowing shortly there after so that he can lean just a little into that kiss, so that it can linger rather than drop. "It was frustratin' sometimes…" For VERY obvious reasons that had nothing to do with his weyrmate's performance as a wingrider, "…but I miss 'avin' ya under meh."

A smirk, and Sev murmurs a low, "You can have me under you any time you'd like," in tones that make it perfectly clear what he has in mind. "I love when you're on top, and I can watch you. The way your body moves, the look on your face…" A deeper breath and a throaty exhale, a flash of his eyes that is anything but innocent, but Sev settles with that and turns back to his plate before his mind can truly wander to inappropriate places. And despite his suggestions (and vivid imaginations), he does know what J'en was talking about. A press of his lips into a line, a little shrug of one shoulder, and he decides, "It is what it is. Can't change it." Which is basically another brush-off, even if it's rather more self-preservation than anything else.

It was pure dumb luck that J'en hadn't popped that fingerroot into his mouth yet, because while it was poised before his lips, he stops the moment that S'van begins to speak. In no time at all, his cheeks color noticeably darker as newfound tension leaks into the muscles surrounding his spine, finding it impossible to look away as his weyrmate describes that particular bedroom activity. Not realizing that he'd ceased breathing throughout, J'en inhales sharply and quickly casts his gaze off elsewhere, resisting the urge to press the coolness of his palm against the heat he felt plaguing his face. "Well," he says with the clearing of his throat, popping that veggie into his mouth, "I know what we're doin' later…" It was a date. Eventually his eyes do wander back to the Weyrleader, noting the expression that went along with those words and shrugging shoulders. Studying him for a time, J'en looks off again in silence, but he does nod once as he begins to chew.

That smirk of his ain't going anywhere fast. Sev looks pleased as punch (among other things) for the response to his words, happily crunching on his veggie and eyeing up his weyrmate like he's the next course. It's certainly preferable to talking about his job, that's for sure. For a while silence reigns, the quiet interrupted by the steady crunch-crunch-crunch of raw fruits and veggies being systematically consumed by the Weylreader. Until with a sigh, he's pushing himself up from the table. "Gotta go back," comes in murmured explanation, his tone matter-of-fact. A lean in, and he steals a kiss that is just a hair deeper than 'chaste'. "I'll see you tonight."

The continued eying wasn't helping the heat or color of Jae's face any, notably slowing when it came to eating but nonetheless getting plenty into him to sustain him until the next meal time. There's a sip of water now and again, pointedly not looking back at S'van as to avoid all that smug for obvious reasons, meaning that there is a whole lot less talking than there is chewing. It's the sound and motion of that chair moving back that has Jae's eyes lifting, looking up and over as his weyrmate prepares to take his leave, "But…" he starts, silenced by that kiss very effectively. Just how long had the Weyrleader been looking at him like that? A glance towards the food shows that it's all but gone, and all too soon so is S'van, leaving J'en sighing heavily. Tonight it would have to be.

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