Beware of Ash-balls!

Cove Beach
Sparkling black sands are gently washed over with crystal blue waters, creating a playful blend of colors that twist and meld under the alternating rays of sun and moon. The cove stretches out from the mouth of the river towards the ocean, mixing saltwater with fresh for an invigorating rush that teems with life.

The coast curves eastward, the waters growing more quiet along the broad expanse of beach before finally meeting a large cove. Here there are few waves, the ocean's movement reduced to little more than slight swells. What might have been an idyllic and peaceful area however, is interrupted by a brilliantly gleaming structure that stands on the edge of the sands.

Large steel poles soar upwards, supporting a staircase that leads to a pair of water slides. The height of the structure is remarkable, standing at a height comparable to that of a small gold dragon. Pipes pump water upward, creating small pools at the entrance of both plastic blue slides. The rush of water moves with the slides, following their twisting course downwards while easing their passenger's journey. Parts of the slides are open and others covered, creating a thrill for each voyager before unceremoniously dumping them into the still waters below. For the safety of all patrons, a large net has been drawn across the mouth of the cove to prevent any accidental drifting away.

Not far from the slides is a small stand that also seems to have been built just recently. A menu is posted on its side and displays a variety of drinks and snacks for beach goers.

Despite Deluge Wing claiming that the worst of the island volcano's torment /should/ be over, but despite those words Monaco's skies remain crazy and hazy. Despite that, many of the Weyr residents have ventured out to try and enjoy summer as best they can. The temperature is rather pleasant but the usually clear waters are slightly darker than usual. Large piles of ash are set up at intervals along the beach, but flecks remain scattered in the black sands. Enjoying the day, despite it all, is Reya. The slight woman's black locks are tied back in a long ponytail and she sports a one-piece red bathing suit that's quite bright in color. There's a sarong tied around her waist but her shoes lack feet as she wades in the shallows. Fuerioth is in the skies overhead, her glistening body one slight point of light amongst all the darkness.

Overcast though it may be, it's still summer, and Etinei seems determined to go out and get some sun. Or she's been told to go out and leave her work alone. Yeah, probably that. The young woman pads quietly onto the sands of the beach, eyeing the closest pile of ash warily. Skirting that, her feet carrying her closer to the water, she can't ignore Reya in the shallows, the bright red bathing suit making the woman stand out. A glance upwards gets Etinei a glimpse of Fuerioth. Then, with a little nod as if steeling herself, the woman continues closer. She's dressed more conservatively than the older woman, in a pale blue blouse and tan three-quarter-length trousers. Etinei doesn't venture into the waters though, stopping at the edge and letting her sandal-clad feet sink into the sand a little as she watches the woman. "Good day, Weyrwoman," she says simply.

Reya's gaze shifts immediately from the waters at her feet over towards Etinei, but her expression is inscrutable for a moment. It's perhaps a mix between confusion and well…it's mostly confusion. But seconds later Fuerioth has her snapping out of it and soon there's a grin for the apprentice, "Reya is fine really." Unfortunately for the apprentice she's walking right up to her and sticking out a hand, "I'm not sure we've actually met before, but I think I've spotted you around." /Probably/ when she was sneaking around the tech crafter's area attempting to 'borrow' a laptop for who knows what reason! "You know, the ash won't kill you…kind of fun to jump in actually!" There's a look in the gold rider's eyes that could only be considered devilish.

Etinei doesn't seem to have expected such a welcoming response. After an initial blink of surprise, the girl looks down at the hand being offered. Oh right, handshake. Yes. She takes Reya's hand with her small one, pressure ever so light. "Probably," she admits to having been seen around the place. "I'm Etinei." Beat. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you." The formality seems a little difficult for the girl - or maybe it's the socialising that's the tricky part? She gives an ash pile a dubious look when Reya extols its fun benefits. "Oh. Doesn't it stain, though?" She continues to stare at the pile, with a more thoughtful air now. Though she doesn't look like she's about to run and jump right into it.

"Well met Etinei!" Reya continues to grin broadly at the woman, but once she's been given the hand the Weyrwoman certainly doesn't let go. In fact, she's got a significant (but not painful) amount of pressure to her grip…probably because the next thing she's doing is attempting to /drag/ the poor apprentice towards one of the ash piles. "It washes out just fine!" Which may or may not be true. For such a slight woman, she has a surprising amount of strength and eventually the two end up standing in front of one of the ash piles. "C'mon, try it!" PEER PRESSURE. Which is probably not something a Weyrwoman should be doing, but she is. "It'll be fuuuuuun!" Her voice turns sing-songy and a pleading gaze is turned towards the apprentice.

OH FARANTH THIS ISN'T WHAT ETINEI WAS EXPECTING. Go out in the sun! Take a walk! Get away from your workstation! Where, exactly, did 'get dragged around by a goldrider' factor into this? She weighs practically nothing, and is easily dragged - her alarm also helping with that as she's too shocked to put up any resistance. It's only when she's come to a stop in front of an ash pile that she seems aware of what the heck is going on again, looking wide-eyed at Reya. "Ummm." She looks at the Weyrwoman's outfit. Then hers. One of these is going to be easier to clean. "It washes out in the sea?" She asks querulously, still not convinced.

Reya's smile seems to get even /more/ toothy…somehow. At the apprentice's apprehension and arm is sliding around the girl's shoulders and she's giving them a casual squeeze. "Of course! Though the weaver's can also do wonders." There's complete and utter confidence in her words, her tone meant to be absolutely reassuring. "And you know what, afterwards we can try the water slides, it'll be the perfect!" Because yeah, there's a giant water slide on the beach and this totally makes sense. There's another quick squeeze of the apprentice's shoulders and she tries to steer poor Etinei even /closer/. She's horrible really!

Torn between trusting a Weyrwoman and trusting her gut instinct, Etinei is probably noticeably tense beneath Reya's squeeze. "Oh." It does sound like there's a nugget of truth in it - going down a water slide would totally help wash off any ash, right? She stares at the ash pile, feeling rather like she's damned if she doesn't, damned if she does. The ash pile that's…getting closer?? It's hard to dig your feet in and stop being pushed around given they're stood on sand. Decision made (you can always get more clothes, right?), Etinei lets the momentum of Reya's steering topple her forward, turning as she falls so that she lands more or less on her back. There's a puff of ash in a cloud around her rather delicate landing, and then she's laying on the pile and blinking up at the Weyrwoman as if silently asking 'like that?'

All that cunning and mischief on Reya's features turns to pure delight as Etinei goes toppling into the pile of ash. "That was perfect! Now watch /this/…." The Weyrwoman takes several steps back so that she has enough space to make a running leap. "INCOMING!" Hopefully Etinei will prepare herself for a shower of ash because that is /exactly/ what's coming in her direction as Reya dives into the large pile. She's careful not to hit the apprentice, but is close enough that when the ash settles she can reach out and gently elbow the apprentice's side. "So? What'd you think?" Because /she/ had tons of fun, clearly…such as selfish woman!

Etinei isn't used to this sort of thing at all, and it's only at the last minute that she realises what consequences the Weyrwoman's wild leap is going to have. Flinging a skinny arm over her face, she manages to block her eyes from the ash that flies her way. The rest of her is not so lucky, and her upper half is showered with the stuff. Lowering her arm, she turns a little to better look at Reya when the woman nudges her. "It's…it feels softer than I thought." Since she's not getting any cleaner, she picks up a handful of the stuff and lets it run between her fingers. And a question has to be asked: "do you do this a lot?"

Reya sits up, her head shifting so she can look over at the girl. "Right? And it isn't cold like snow, so even /better/!" She watches the ash run through those fingers and picks some up herself, suspiciously forming it into a ball. "This sort of thing doesn't /usually/ happen around here…but I figure I should take advantage of it." At least now that there aren't forest fires threatening the holds and the Weyr itself. She's surprisingly quick and within moments there are 4 ash-balls sitting in front of her, all in a row. Perhaps she means to do something nice with them…or just peg random passerby's. OR ETINEI. Who knows, but she at least isn't throwing them yet!

These are all valid points. Etinei nods sagely, and then begins to carefully sit up - a trickier task than expected as the surface beneath her shifts as she moves. The back of her blonde hair is more grey than yellow; her blouse is distinctly dirty. But there's the beginnings of a smile on her pale face, her eyes light as she copies Reya in patting a handful of ash into something resembling a ball. "What are you going to do with it all?" She seems oblivious to the possibility of the Weyrwoman's ash-balls being used against someone, too innocent for her own good. "Is it all just going to be left here?" She adds her now perfectly round ash-ball to Reya's set with a pleased look.

It's a small whisp, nothing more than a faint hint in the Weyrwoman's features but there's relief when she sees the smile slowly start forming. She was /hoping/ it'd turn out like this, or at least that Etinei wouldn't get angry. "The dragons will eventually take it all between." The key word here being /eventually/. Her fingers gently wrap around a ball and she passes it from one hand to the other. "As for these…" Well, there's a person passing by now and she swings her hand back. Only, instead of the ash-ball going flying in the air towards that person it gets squashed /right/ onto Etinei's head…if the apprentice isn't quick enough. She could quite easily dodge! "Gotta enjoy it while it lasts!"

Etinei 's next has an air of disappointment. "Oh." Perhaps she will miss this stuff when it's gone? Not that it seems likely to happen any time soon, if Reya's implying what she thinks she is. When the Weyrwoman's hand goes back, Etiney stares at the passing person - and that distraction, her concern for the possible involvement of the innocent wanderer, earns her a head covered in ash. A startled squeak escapes her, and she sinks down into herself, looking at Reya with big, betrayed eyes. But only for a second, before she smiles broader. "I'm very glad it's not cold." She doesn't seem to have the balls to return the favour to Reya though, so she settles for scooping up another handful of ash. She looks at this while she notes, with quiet amusement: "you're not what I was expecting of a Weyrwoman, you know?"

Reya breaks into loud laughter at Etinei's response and she even goes so far as to nudge her with an elbow once more, though not painfully. "Not going to retaliate?" She's taunting, though it's in a good-natured fashion. She grabs another ash-ball before getting to her meeting and threatening to throw it at the apprentice. She doesn't /actually/ do that though, at least not yet. Instead she looks almost proud at Etinei's comments, "I get that a lot, but….I like that." Because Reya is /definitely/ not the best person for this job, but she's trying. "Besides, if I act all hoity-toity no one will tell me if I'm making stupid decisions for the Weyr, and I don't want that." Because even she recognizes that she needs guidance sometimes!

There's not a lot of Etinei to nudge, and she actually moves a little from that elbow's force, light though it is. The girl doesn't look pained though, face still bright with that smile as she finds herself enjoying this social moment. She's interested in Reya's response to her comment, watching the woman thoughtfully as she talks. There's a little flinch as there might be a threat of another ash-ball coming her way but it doesn't materialise. "That makes sense," she says carefully, still considering Reya's unique position. "I suppose it's a lot easier for, say, a Master to tell an apprentice their work is wrong than…well." She indicates Reya with a flick of an ashy hand.

"Yup, but I'm wrong all the time….not that it means I'm going to /listen/ when someone tells me I'm wrong. I might, I might not." There's another fiendish look as she swiftly turns around and instantly throws the ash-ball. This time it /does/ hit whatever passing unfortunate stranger is making their way down the beach. "Duck!" She states this /far/ too late and doesn't seem even the least apologetic about it. "C'mon…give it a try!" The encouraging words for Etinei pertain to throwing ash-balls at people, her or strangers. "It's harmless and not in the least painful." Doooooo iiiiid!

Etinei doesn't seem to know what to say to that admission. "Oh. Well, I suppose that's - " she's distracted by the poor stranger's fate as an ash-ball gets hurled their way. She seems to shrink into herself, as if worried the victim is going to blame her for the attack. "Um - I should probably be going back to my work, actually. But this was fun!" She adds hastily, as if worried she's going to offend Reya by having to leave. "I…I might need to change clothes first." As she peels herself off the pile and into a standing position, she looks down to take stock of her very ash-covered attire. Oops.

It turns out that stranger? They're not a stranger…at least not to Reya, and right now they are looking VERY ANGRY. "You little piece of…." Words turn into inaudible cursing as the Weyrwoman looks oh so sweetly in that direction. "I think this is a great time for you to exit, let me know if the clothes are ruined though…I'll compensate." And then she is just flouncing over to wrap her arms around the stranger's neck and hop onto his back. "Missed me, Ci'fer?" Apparently he has not because he's stalking over to another ash pile and quite forcibly tossing her into it. Soon all that remains in the air is the gold rider's laughter…and then a groan as the poor man is attacked yet /again/.

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