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Clutch Father No.
Impressees Date
14 Apr 2017 Bronze Tzettenvonth (S'u) 6 Bronze Alexandrath to A'ron (Aaron)
Brown Attilath to H'un (Houn)
Brown Carth to H'al (Hannibal)
Brown Charlemath to P'pin (Pepin)
Brown Napoleoth to T'ina (Tsovinar)
Blue Cadizath to Dr'ak (Drake)
12 May 2018
12 Nov 2017 Bronze Marzoth (S'dny) 9 Gold Szetamirath to Jazhira
Bronze Raketh to V'ira (Vorira)
Brown Trudeauth to T'io (Tario)
Brown Zirath to S'in (Sovrin)
Blue Fabulath to Will'em (Williem)
Blue Hauruth to Vyvienne
Green Adaleth to Lacey
Green Ryneveth to Jiasle
Green Audith to C'pa (Celpa)
10 Dec 2017
04 Mar 2017 Bronze Tzettenvonth (S'u) 10 Bronze Choth to K'bal (Kimball)
Bronze Wayth to R'gsby (Rigsby)
Brown Jeyjeth to L'roch (Laroche)
Blue Janeth to P'trick (Patrick)
Green Fryeth to Kristina
Green Galeth to B'tram (Bertram)
Green Hitoweth to Maddy (Madeline)
Green Lisboth to Theresa
Green Loreleth to M'rtin (Martin)
Green Vanpelth to Grace
01 Apr 2017
30 Oct 2016 Bronze Granaeth (L'gan) 11 Bronze Booneth to M'cus (Marcus)
Bronze Tetsudoth to R'yo (Relyo)
Brown Corsoth to Ja'ce (Javace)
Brown Mosseth to D'rik (Derrick)
Brown Varrikth to K'al (Merkal)
Blue Neroth to A'rax (Alerax)
Blue Talth to Devon
Green Kolbuth to Emily
Green Portiath to Lin
Green Harpeth to Nyx
Green Truffath to D'laney (Delaney)
1 Dec 2016
05 Mar 2016 Bronze Marzoth (S'dny) 8 Brown Bourdaith to T'ony (Anthony)
Brown Firith to E'vyl (Trayvel)
Blue Flokith to R'nar (Ragnar)
Blue Reedusth to Carol (Caroline)
Blue Tuulikkith to Sh'y (Shay)
Green Adrith Impressed to M'kai (Makail)
Green Haeyaneth Impressed to Krysa (Krysalia)
Green Verenath Impressed to Tevla
01 April 2016
30 Oct 2014 Bronze Tzettenvonth (S'u) 10 Bronze Casleth to R'card (Richard)
Bronze Espoth to J'vier (Javier)
Brown Ryanth to K'vin (Kevin)
Blue Royath to M'nty (Monty)
Green Bekketh to Katherine
Green Gateth to Vic (Victoria)
Green Heath to Nikki
Green Lanieth to Paris
Green Lexith to C'sel (Cassel)
Green Marth to R'ger (Rodger)
01 Dec 2014
12 Mar 2014 Bronze Tzimisceth (V'lad) 10 Gold Esameth to Alyane
Brown Jekinnith to Ga'ran (Garawan)
Brown Kryteth to R'mer (Rimmer)
Blue Oracith to A'von (Alavon)
Blue Leobeth to Kara
Redemereth to R'eyn (Eygran)
Blue Marvinth to Tril
Green Hypatiath to Al'ex (Alenex)
Green Evalleth to Crea
Green Nunieth to Renne (Reanna)
12 April 2014
25 Feb 2013 Bronze Tiwazth (I'ro) 10 Brown Ducth to M'llar (Mellard)
Brown Leroth to J'thro (Jethro)
Brown Geeth to T'my (Timothy)
Blue Antoth to D'noz (Dinoz)
Green Macyath to Lara
Green Paloth to Rosa (Reynosa)
Green Rivkith to M'ka (Michael)
Green Sciutoth to Abigail
Green Sheth to Jenny
Green Zivath to D'vid (David)
25 March 2013
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