Area Help: Wings

The wings of Eastern Weyr

Joining a wing or leading a wing in Eastern Weyr has little to do with color but rather with IC ability and OOC planning. Any color is allowed in any wing as all colors are needed. On camera wings are wings designed to foster group activity.

Please take a few minutes to read through the wings and familiarize yourself with what they do and what uniforms you can identify them by.

Current Wings:
Terra Wing - Administrative
Flame Wing - Fire patrol and sweeps, land based rescue.
Deluge Wing - Meteorolgy and sea rescue.
Zephyr Wing - Transport, shipping, and courier.
Phantasm Wing - Crafters and maintenence
Chaos Wing — Weyrlings

To see the information on each wing, simply type +help 'first name of Wing'
If you think of others (NPC) to add, contact Staff via @mail and suggest it.

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