Area Help: Weyrlings

A few general rules for playing a weyrling within this weyr.

1) Please remain in the Weyrling Caverns, Exercise Yard or Commons Cavern until you have been notified otherwise. Typically you will gain freedom to move about the weyr after the first three months, when the bond between dragon and rider has grown strong and the young weyrlings are capable of extended waking periods.

2) No Sex. We aren't going to do bed checks, but ICly anything that makes your young dragon question whether or not your total and undevoted love lies with them is a /bad/ thing. Remember they are in effect very young children who can get very jealous. ICly your weyrlingmasters would be watching very carefully for any signs of this so if you do feel it necessary to rp something of this magnitude out (such as having your gold firelizard's flight while you are a weyrling), have it okayed by the Weyrlingmaster well ahead of time.

3) No leaving the Weyr with or without your dragon until you are cleared to do so. No buts. This is especially so if the distance is great. If you must RP on the other side of Pern, you should be there with an NPC rider (who is likely on a mission).

4) No fighting or drinking. Yes I know, you can get away with that some of the time, but keep it IC. Your dragons would be upset by your state of mind and might attack someone or if you pass out from being drunk might go between on you thinking your gone forever. Keep it IC if you are going to break the rules, and please be nice to your Weyrlingmasters.

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