Area Help: Mating Flights

Attached to the feeding grounds are two dark rooms set aside for mating flights for those of you who wish to do the flight on camera. Please use them if your flight is going to have posing of anything above a G rating. The doors are locked so that no one with an NR, G or PG rating can get through or send a puppet through them. Please do not allow people to teleport in if they have been blocked out by this lock. If you find yourself blocked out by this and wish to set yourself so that you will be allowed to see NC-17, R, X, or XXX rated poses, please type &rated me=<your rating>.

Parents: Ratings can be Wiz locked at your convenience. Please contact a Wizard if you wish for this to be set on any character of your child's and it will be done and will not be unset without your express permission (Please send them a password or an email address that you wish to be used as a confirmation should a request be sent to them.)

As to the rooms:
Go to the Feeding Grounds in the Southern Clearing.
UP is for the Dragons and Private is for the humans. Please clarify with the rest of the riders as to the rating of this flight so as not to offend anyone if they are expecting an NC-17 flight and you're posing XXX. Also, use the code in these rooms to post the preferences of the female's rider. When in the rooms type +help rating and it will show you the commands.

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