How to Post New Logs

The steps to posting a new log:

1. Go to the correct page for the year the log is from.
2. Put the log name in the 'add a log' blank, name should be in the format MMDDYY-#. If there are already logs from that day, you will need to check how many and use the appropriate number.
3. It will be automatically added to the list of logs with the name 'Log Title!'
4. Click on the link.
5. The first four lines will look like this:

[!-- OOC Date --]
[!-- Cast List --]

Drop your edited log after these lines. Do not remove these lines.
6. after the OOC Date line, put in the Date
7. after the Cast List line, put in the list of characters in the scene
8. there are a few things you'll need to manually add to the tags. The underscores (_) are very important.

  • _<three letter month> this will have to be the three letter month, so apr for april, sep september, etc
  • all of the PC participants in the scene will need to be added as _<name>

After this, everything should show up properly, if you have any trouble or are uncertain, please contact staff for help.

To have the system automatically put your logs on your character page, you need to use this code:

[[module ListPages separate="no" category="log" tags="_<character's name> +<year>" order="name" prependLine="||~ Title ||~ OOC Date ||~ Cast ||"]]

For those of you who impressed while here, use your post-impression name. If you have any trouble, please feel free to contact Fi about it.

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