Area Help: Leadership

Leadership within Eastern Weyr is a bit loose at best. ICly it is currently Weyrleader T'uz (NPC) and Weyrwoman Azura (NPC) who lead the Weyr. However, they do not act with an iron fist. Due to the stress traditionally put on the Weyrleading pair, the Weyr has begun to take up the slack that the stress causes and the result is that there is more of a Weyr council than a true WL/WWship. The WL and WW serve as a type of Chairman of the board to the council that publicly serves as their advisers, while privately, they serve as friends that help make the decisions when things are difficult.

ICly this Council is sat in on by all the members of the weyr management: the Headwoman, the Wingleaders, the Weyrhealer, the Weyrharper, the Steward and so forth. OOCly it is made up by those listed on the 'eaw .who/admins'. These OOC admins are generally referred to as the Weyr staff and will be able to help you with any information or problems you might have. While they do not have total authority in the Weyr they are a part of the leadership here. To become a member of this OOC staff, simply RP your best, be active and express an interest in helping out. It's not a big deal to become a Staffer, but it is a big deal to help make this Weyr a great place to be by helping others. For more information on staff requirements, check out +eawhelp activereqs.

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