Area Help: Homes

If you wish to make a home for this room, please follow these simple instructions.
1) @create <Your Name>'s Hut
2) @set <Your Name>'s Hut=Enter_ok
3) @link <Your Name>'s Hut=Here
4) @lock <Your Name>'s Hut=me
5) @desc <Your Name>'s Hut=<The outside description of your Hut.>
6) @idesc <Your Name>'s Hut=<The inside description of your Hut.>
7) @set <Your Name>'s Hut=Dark
8) &hut <Your Name>'s Hut=1
9) @set <Your Name>'s Hut/hut=visual
10) Drop <Your Name>'s Hut

And with that all done, all you have to type is '+huts' to see all the huts in the area and 'enter <Your Name>'s Hut' to enter and 'leave' to leave.

There is a Hut Parent for your convenience in the Free Code Room, or you can parent from a distance by using

@parent <Your Name>'s Hut= #9803

You can name your room Hut, Cot, Weyr, or whatever you choose to match your surroundings.

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