Area Help: Graffiti

The public rooms throughout the weyr (except for the stables) have had the Graffiti code added. This is so that you may all add to or give alerts attached to the room descriptions. For instance, if there were a riot in the Common's Cavern, and tables and chairs were broken, this is the place where you would post what is going on so that other people just entering the scene would know what is going on. Also for ship wrecks and the like, this is a good place to post.

All I ask is that if you post something using this, you keep it rated -G- and when the scene is through or whatever is obvious is done with that you remove it. I have left the code so that anyone can use it, but abuse of the code will result in loss of privlidges.

+graffiti here=<Exactly the message you want seen>
+graffiti delete

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